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[ November 20, 2017 ]

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[ November 20, 2017 ]

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[ November 19, 2017 ]

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UK’s Cameron: “I wish the BBC would stop calling it ‘Islamic State’ because it is not an Islamic state”


Why is it that every time there is a jihad attack, the more gruesome, the more savage it is, the more Western leaders apologize, grovel and proselytize for jihad.

The Netherlands is not at “war” with Islamist extremists, Prime Minister Mark Rutte said on Sunday.

President Obama at Ramadan White House Gala decried “very distorted impression” of Muslims.

The Pope says it is wrong to equate Islam with violence.
Tell it to the millions of Muslims waging jihad and citing Islamic text and teachings.

UK’s Cameron: “I wish the BBC would stop calling it ‘Islamic State’ because it is not an Islamic state” By Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch, June 29, 2015

As if the BBC were telling anything remotely close to the truth in its reporting about the jihad threat. Like the rest of the mainstream media, it retails  politically correct fictions that prevent us from understanding what the jihadis themselves tell us about who they are, what they intend to do, and why they are doing what they’re doing.

Why did the Islamic State jihadis behead Herve Cornara at the Air Products factory in Grenoble? It may have something to do with the fact that the Qur’an says, “When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks” (47:4).

Why did the Islamic State jihadis strike a Shi’ite mosque in Kuwait? It may have something to do with the fact that the Islamic State is a Sunni entity, and regards Shi’ites as heretical. The Islamic State recently called on Muslims everywhere to make this Ramadan “calamity for the infidels … Shi’ites and apostate Muslims. Muslims everywhere, we congratulate you over the arrival of the holy month. Be keen to conquer in this holy month and to become exposed to martyrdom.” This has nothing to do with Islam?

The Islamic State said that its mass murder at the resort hotel in Tunisia was an “attack upon the nests of fornication, vice and disbelief in God.” This has nothing to do with Islam?

David Cameron continues to counsel willful ignorance and a refusal to understand the stated motives and goals of those who have vowed to destroy us. He is, of course, just following the established line. London Mayor Boris Johnson just said the same thing, and virtually every other Western leader has said it as well. Obama, Tony Abbott, Manuel Valls, Angela Merkel, all of them know that all this Islamic jihad carried out in the name of Islam and in explicit accord with the Qur’an and Muhammad’s example has nothing whatsoever to do with Islam. No one has broken ranks or declared that they’re going to be realistic and call the jihadis what they call themselves, and endeavor to understand them on their own terms so that they can fight against them more effectively. And so the West’s response to the jihad threat remains blind, uninformed, and based on falsehood.

“‘I wish the BBC would stop calling it Islamic State’ – David Cameron unleashes frustration at broadcaster,” by Matt Dathan, Independent, June 29, 2015:

David Cameron has expressed frustration at the BBC over its use of the term Islamic State, saying it gives undue credibility to the “poisonous death cult” that is “seducing” young Britons to go and fight for the terrorist organisation in Syria and Iraq.

He urged the broadcaster to refer to the terrorist group as “Isil” – the abbreviation of the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

The Prime Minister was speaking after the number of Britons feared dead from the murderous attack by an Islamist gunman on a beach resort in Tunisia on Friday reached 30.

“I wish the BBC would stop calling it ‘Islamic State’ because it is not an Islamic state,” he told the Today programme.

“What it is is an appalling barbarous regime that is a perversion of the religion of Islam and many Muslims listening to this programme will recoil every time they hear the words.

“‘So-called’ or Isil is better,” he added.

He warned that the fight against the barbaric terrorist organisation was “the struggle of our generation,” adding: “We have to fight it with everything we can”.

Except the truth, apparently.

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  • Voytek Gagalka

    Mr. Cameron! It IS Islamic State (sorry for little redundancy between this third-person singular present tense and acronym of the IS (ISIS). Using the name which they use themselves does not mean one must *recognize* them as a state, i.e. have diplomatic relations with. During WWII your countrymen used to call Hitler’s Germany as “The Third Reich” (name he devised) even though they fought total war against it. So stop be such a sissy do not be afraid names!

  • Kett

    Semantics are not needed at this point. Cameron has to go!

    • Tommy Guns

      Unfortunately Brits had their chance to get rid of Cameron in their most recent elections, but failed to use their vote wisely. Now they’re stuck with him for another term. It boggles the mind!!!

  • The Dutch PM Mark Rutte (VVD) leads a government coalition VVD/PVDA. The PVDA has many Islamists. The new trend for the Islamist supremacists is to get a seat riding on the PVDA train and then split off and start their own political party based on Islam.

    I am getting increasingly worried about Muslims in key positions. Take for instance the much celebrated mayor of Rotterdam Ahmed Aboutaleb. He scored big when he told the Muslims to pack their bags and leave if they do not like freedom:
    That sounds good, but Mr. Aboutaleb also says he is a devout Muslim and I did not hear him explain what this actually means. He is an intelligent man and with a large Muslim population in Rotterdam he would be a fool not to read Islams religious texts. Of course he knows what is in the Koran. I never heard him say something like there is a problem with a book that claims to be the word of Allah himself and is written for a large part in the imperative; if one actually does what Allah commands and one is put in the same dock as the Nazi criminals at Nuremberg, one will be convicted on all four counts of the indictment and hanged like Keitel, Jodl and von Ribbentrop to name a few. Mr. Aboutaleb must be aware there is a problem, but I never heard him say anything about it.

    My website (address in my profile) is designed to enable visitors to take a closer look at the Koran and draw their own conclusions before reading mine. The Koran is not just another religious book as many people probably assume, like I did. If you think it is, spend 10 minutes and you may get a surprise.

    I never heard a prominent Muslim say anything like certain aspects of Islam are causing trouble. They always talk about discrimination, cultural identity, poverty, etc. as the cause of problems, never as a result of the failure of Muslims to integrate into society. They never point to Islam as a probable cause of Muslim immigrants failure and unwillingness to integrate.

  • Roger

    Britain just put Cameron back in…
    He reminds me of a little fat, very unhappy, spoiled brat about six years old. I’m sure at one time he was. Man, he is such a little sniffling worm.
    Oh wait, I forget for a moment, our guy is just like him..

    No government anywhere is doing anything about ISIS or the other Jihadist, (with the possible exception of Syria and Obama is against them)..
    It’s like we’re in the Twilight Zone and we can’t wake up and we’re too afraid to save ourselves.

    The only hope we have is the election next year.

  • Max Publius

    Every time a quisling politician says its not Islam, he just cancelled out another atrocity in the minds of his sheeple, and let Islam off the hook. Reset, start again, do over, take 25K. This is a form of the memory hole. The last heroic politician, if there is one left, must call for the censure of these disgusting political censors.

  • DVult

    A rose is a rose is a bullet in the head.

    • MRHapla

      Same shit,,different name,,,,,problem not solved

  • American Eagle

    Pouting little baby face! Cameron and the like are nothing but sissies and sold out shills. they are utterly assinine and stupid to think everyone would buy their verbage on Islam. Its’ time to face the facts that even moderate Muslims want the fall of the west so Sharia can dominate. the only answer is to admit muliticulturalism has failed and stop all immigration of Muslims into the west and deport all radicals out of the west. its time to realize that oil and water do not mix well.

    • Gordon Miller

      Yes, the UK has failed to heed this advice and look what happened. In the USA, unfortunately , we seem to be be going down the same path.

  • livingengine

    He means its not a Muslim Brotherhood state.

  • kathy kalb

    Sounds like the pope has been bought out by the Islam! There title is Evil, Satanic, Cult! All Muslims are this!

  • Dennis

    This commentary only reinforces my belief that our world leaders, and particularly here in America, are fools. We are so hung up by our fear of insulting any culture, that we have now become a people whose leadership cannot even suggest that certain conduct needs to be identified by its right name, and recognized for what it is. Today, the media is all over Trump, who had the courage and tenacity to say that we need a southern border wall to keep illegals out, and to stop the flow of drugs and the criminally intent. The fact is that he is probably correct in what he said, but the culture that is insulted is turning his comments into a “cause celebrare.” This kind of conduct reminds me of the ostrich that puts his head in the sand to avoid the truth. We are living in a world that is on flame. We ALL need to face up to the building conflagration, and avoid putting our heads in the sand. If we avoid the reality that the scourge is there, we will end up beheaded. It is as simple as that. The only issue that I see, is what will it take to face the reality that they are coming for our heads.

    • knight

      Where we have gone wrong is keeping our politics a two horse race and all other horses kept in the stables. We have to give other parties a run to break the system that has given us this Obama and his goons in control.

      • Dennis

        I agree. Our electorate needs to demand that whoever chooses to run for any government position, has quality and successful leadership experience in some proven manner in business the military or professions, etc., and is capable of making hard decisions and living by them. The electorate needs to expect that whoever is put up to run for any elected position has those qualities and savvy, with the courage to make hard decisions. Right now, I do not see anyone in the Democratic party with those skills, and the truth is I am a registered democrat, who recognized from the get go that Obama had known of those qualities and was a person that I could not support. I have been proved right. Sad. The point is that we, the electorate, need to ask the right questions to determine whether the candidate has great leadership qualities, and not vote for a “pretty face” or a person who makes inane promises and lacks those leadership skills, but also cannot understand what the greater good requires for this countries citizens.

        • knight

          It should not be dictated to by wealth but open to all.

      • Mike Kevins

        Trump…Fiorina for 2016. Or Carson. Anybody but another politician. They are all compromised.

        • knight

          I just hope who ever wins does it for the good of the USA

        • JohnnyB

          Trump is a progressive phony. Are you too young to remember him cavorting with the Democrats after he pulled out of the last election he claimed to be running for? Complete phony. He’s just mouthing things he thinks conservatives like to hear so he can pull votes away from real conservative runners in the primary. He’s another phony like Ross Perot. A plant, a Pied Piper. No wonder rank and file lose. They are so stupid.

          • pamelageller

            Trump excoriated me after Garland jihad attack – protecting his sharia investments, me thinks.

          • donemyhomework

            Follow the money.

          • Dennis

            You are accurate in this comment. The point I was making was that America has become a country where stating things as they are is the exception, not the rule, no longer accepted by the government or the media. I invite you to read my comments to the article in which you set forth your complaint against the DC transportation system, as I believe much of what is happening is related to the anti-Semitism that permeates so many citizens around the world. Trump may not be your candidate, but at least he is willing to speak out in a manner protected by our Free Speech rights, even if it causes a culture to react, and causes others to try to destroy those with whom they do not agree.

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      They’re not fools, they’re compromised, corrupt izlamic collaborators following an agenda.

      • joe

        ok i have several problems here. first your username: islam does not in any way “down press” humanity IS does and they are not Muslim. one of the first tenants of IS is to not kill ergo the second that they kill someone they are not Muslim. For them to be considered Muslim the entire qur’an would have to be wrong. second: They are not “izlamic”(what? if your going to spread hate please learn how to spell correctly) collaborators in fact THEY ARE FIGHTING THEM. Please for the love of all that is holy READ about what IS is and what Islam is

    • Austurias

      Geller, Spencer and Gabriel are the new Churchill’s. Derided and scorned at until it is too late. (hopefully not).

    • I agree Dennis. What we need in next year’s election is somebody with balls to do what’s right for our country.

  • EJO

    Like any other addiction; gambling; smoking; alcohol. This cowardly imbecile is addicted to sucking up to his Islamic masters.

  • Demsci

    It’s so irritating that these Western leaders keep exonerating Islam, after each Jihadi atrocity. But I suspect they reflect the majority Western view; after all, they WERE elected.

    So it is up to anti-Islam parties to come up with a strategy that eventually can become a majority view about Islam and Democracy.

    Freedom Party and PEGIDA and EDL etc are already trying to defend against Islam. But perhaps they should challenge Muslims more with a positive approach as well. There now ARE Ex-Muslim Organisations (EMO’s) and these they can support by expanding them to Ex-Muslim SUPPORT Organisations (EMSO’s), with also Non-Muslims in it.

    They can challenge Muslims by saying; look, every time jihadists do something violent, you might protest against it by apostasize, which will punish them and discourage them. And we will support you with all we have got if you do. This is an appeal to young, smart Muslims.

    Also they can say; you cling to Quran-Hadiths-Sira which is so vague, multi-interpretable, that is very usable for these violent jihadists. That clinging to those criminally multi-interpretable texts, for that we hold you accountable!

    And you stay in the “ummah”, in which organisation we cannot distinguish the peaceful from the (potentially) violent Muslims and for that we hold you accountable.

    and one way or the other you should SECEDE from that organisation. We are more than willing to refer Muslims to “Muslims for secular Democracy” which already exists as an organisation Muslims can join as alternative.

    But in THAT organisation you do not get the deathpenalty when you leave it, but instead you are expelled from it when you deviate from democratic principles.

    And we in future aim to only let immigrate into our countries Muslims who have the quality mark of that organisation, and they can only stay as long as they have this quality-mark.

    THAT could be a beginning of a different approach to Muslims, that gives them 2 positive alternatives; join Ex-Muslims or join “Muslims for secular Democracy”.

    And the jihadist and theocratic and also the still “neutral” “moderate” Muslims, clearly are not to be trusted and allowed to immigrate anymore.

    Maybe such a rational reasonable attitude and policy is one that the majority and hence their chosen leaders can accept.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      You’re completely naive.

      • RalphB

        Demsci would be Naive if he or she thought this was an approach for ameliorating the disaster of jihadist Islam in more-or-less westernized countries like Jordan, Turkey, or Egypt, because devout (Sharia-compliant) Muslims hold real power in those places and the work of bringing secularism into a dominant role will require country specific solutions on the part of those secularists who despite the mullahs are undoubtedly an important, educated minority.

        But without endorsing the specifics of his proposal — and there are many others like it — it is too early to rule out the powerful influence of what is left of Western Enlightenment values on the children of Muslims who have immigrated (‘invaded’) Western nations. They are leaving Islam all the time and others are bound to be looking for a solution to their dilemma of being heir to (another) savage religion while valuing both enlightenment values and their family traditions. But non-Muslims can not expect to make an Islamic Enlightenment. The best we can do is to make the attempted practice of Sharia-compliant Islam as uncomfortable as we can — and ultimately ensure that it is impossible for Islam to be practiced in the West as Muhammad would have liked. This is nothing new. The time came when it was impossible for us to practice the kind of religion God apparently requires in Deuteronomy 20:16-18 ( ) as well.

        Islam is tyranny today, but it takes a completely naive short-term historical view to think that social change is impossible. Let me quote from one of my (long) previous posts here:

        “But why was there a successful Enlightenment in the West? I maintain it was a combination of the explosion of information made possible by movable-type printing (c. 1440), leading to the explosion of sects and intellectual ferment that came with the Reformation (c. 1517-1750) — making all heresies possible, leading finally the exhaustion of the many contenders in the European Wars of Religion (c.1525-1650) when it became abundantly clear that faith was neither the guarantor of truth nor of victory. In the the wake of what can only be described as the shame of European Christendom, with the death toll reaching possibly 45 million souls — all in the name of Jesus, meek and mild — European thinkers, artists, writers, philosophers, and other persons of good will took a hard look at the utility of faith as the solution to human distress and turned instead to reason. Many contributed ideas. Locke published his Essay Concerning Human Understanding in 1689 and the movement away from faith and towards reason has continued to this day. Christians and Jews continued to look to their scriptures for guidance on the spiritual and moral order but no longer looked there for scientific truth or advice on creating the social order because all scriptural advice presumed a totally authoritarian social order — an order that had failed catastrophically.”

        Today’s movable type is the Internet and today’s Wars of Religion are a long way from over. But everything moves faster in the 21st century and with an historically-informed policy they won’t take 125 years as they did in the 16th-17th century. Plus the Enlightenment need not be reinvented — it is already here, if we can keep it. All it takes is wisdom and courage.

        And patience.

        • Demsci

          Well said Ralph B, and thank you!

          I get the “naive” comment all the time when I propose a more positive approach, From people from my own side. But I try to be optimistic.

          even if it is only to AUGMENT what concerned Westerners, under leadership of people like Geert Wilders, are already doing. Which at the moment does not seem to get enough result.

          Everything must change, mustn’t it? We are indeed in the midst of an “information-explosion” (Big Data) and even “intelligence-explosion” (doubling of Artificial Intelligence every 2 years).

          Perhaps it should be the Muslims who should become worried.

  • Islamisevil

    Yes Mr Cameron it is an Islamic state.

  • oic

    Its like those who say, don’t call National Socialist, National Socialist, call them Nazi. So what does ISIL stand for? Islamic State. Cameron treat people like idiots.

    • David Cameron

      War is peace!

      Freedom is slavery!
      Ignorance is strength!

  • Shwayz

    And now I see 30 Brits have been killed by these scum in Tunisia. RIP. Hopefully this kick in the ass will knock some sense into Cameron. It was, of course, done in the name of ISIS, and not Greenpeace.

    • knight

      No, not even with the terrorist attacks in London, and around the world our leaders are dense than ever with horse manure for their brains.

  • RevnantDream

    The delusions of the appeasers & left leave me stunned.These politicians can’t even see evil when its a bullet in the face.They would rather believe that human nature is mutable not what it is. That some cultures are inherently obscene with hatred of mankind.That to them human beings mean nothing. They made the same mistake with the Nazis as they do the communists or progressives as they now call themselves. These folks glory in the blood of multi millions. Feeling there ideology, or creed is above human decency. Even if it fails every time.Our leaders are babes in the woods against true evil.

    • munchenfez

      When did we in the West stop calling this for what it was? Russia has always had issues south and west with them. We stopped it in 1683 at Vienna. Even then it took a couple of centuries to partially cleanse the Balkans. (Thanks Bill). Then we had Ataturk abolish the caliphate to calm India. We knew what we were dealing with then. When did we stop, how and WHY? Anyone please?

  • Demsci

    It’s so irritating that these Western leaders keep exonerating Islam, after each Jihadi atrocity. But I suspect they reflect the majority Western view; after all, they WERE elected.

    So it is up to anti-Islam parties to come up with a strategy that eventually can become a majority view about Islam and Democracy.

    Freedom Party and PEGIDA and EDL etc are already trying to defend against Islam. But perhaps they should challenge Muslims more with a positive approach as well. There now ARE Ex-Muslim Organisations (EMO’s) and these they can support by expanding them to Ex-Muslim SUPPORT Organisations (EMSO’s).

    They can challenge Muslims by saying; look, everything jihadists do something violent, you might protest against it by apostasize. And we will support you if you do.

    Also they can say; you cling to Quran-Hadiths-Sira which is so vague, multi-interpretable, that is very usable for these violent jihadists. That clinging to those criminally multi-interpretable texts, for that we hold you accountable!

    And you stay in the “ummah”, in which organisation we cannot distinguish the peaceful from the (potentially) violent Muslims

    and one way or the other you should SECEDE from that organisation or we hold you accountable for membership of it. We are more than willing to refer to “Muslims for secular Democracy” which already exists as an organisation you can have as alternative. But in THAT organisation you do not get the deathpenalty when you leave it,

    And we in future aim to only let immigrate in Muslims who have the quality mark of that organisation, and they can only stay as long as they have this quality-mark.

    THAT could be a beginning of a different approach to Muslims.

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      Your concept is ludicrous because musswein are taught to lie to advance the cause of izlam.

      • Demsci

        Yes, they lie. And Islam is strong. But not invincible. We just haven’t found a successful strategy to overcome it’s threat yet and are exploring ways. My idea was to augment our current approach with the positive approach of creating an even stronger lifestyle than Islam. As Islam really is very obsolete and ridiculous, yet all many of us try to do is letting Muslims give Islam up with no alternative. I say; provide a good alternative for them. Genetically they are not different from us, many of them are smart enough. Many of them must be disillusioned by Islam AND by Fellow-Muslims

  • Roger

    It’s been a good week for the sicko liberals; the RumpHumper’s can get married, the illegals don’t have to prove they are US citizens to vote, ObamaTrade was passed,
    Ramadan is In in full swing and the killing is at an all-time high.

  • Germani

    It is just that easy for such appeasers to talk such bullshit because they are living in noble city areas with own security guards and even never can imagine the reality how the islamic face shows up in the streets. Send him one night through Berlin Kreuzberg, he’ll never talk such again (maybe because he won’t come back)…

  • Reich Minister Joseph Goebbels

    That’s the way to do it Dave.
    If you want to tell a lie, make it a big one!

  • vonrock

    Cream toast, soon they’ll be calling your country anything they want.
    And you’ll agree. They don’t seem to give up like you do. What’s the plan junior ?

  • Lia

    I agree that it is not a state, but it is a religion, a system of law, a political movement and a money-gathering enterprise. Can we call it the islamic mafia?

  • romain reuter

    In the context of the Tunisia-massacre, Cameron also reiterated his repetitive and ridiculous claim that “islam is a religion of peace”.
    This man is making a fool of himself! Nobody in the UK believes him.
    ISIS today behaves exactly in the same way Muhammad’s henchmen behaved 1400 years ago!
    Go figure, idiot!

    • munchenfez

      Unfortunately there are too many of our people still willfully asleep. How do we awaken them in the face of beer and circuses?

      • DVult

        Why doesn’t Cameron show how safe it is and lie around on a beach in Tunisia on his next vacation? No bodyguards allowed.


    Didn’t the Brits recently re elect Cameron with a majority? they might as well have voted for Anjem Choudary, , more Islamization of the U K is a sure thing.

  • Apu Nahasapasapeemapetalon

    Funnily enough the BBC don’t actually call it what it is; they always refer to them as the so-called Islamic State. But hey, anything to whitewash the real problem in society because we me offend people by tackling the real problem.

    • SoTrue

      And while we’re at it, let’s pretend that BBC is not an acronym for British Broadcasting Corporation which is located in the so-called Great Britain.
      So let’s all stick our heads in the sands of the desert and call it ISIS but forget what it means even though it comes from “al-Dawla al-Islamiya fil Iraq wa’al Sham” and there is an Islamic State in there somewhere.

  • conan_drum

    As I have said many times I would like our ‘leaders’ to explain how it can be a religion of peace when its two main branches have been killing each other since the beginning and do the same every week in the 21st century.
    Not to mention killing any other small factions that does not follow their interpretations

  • DJ Black

    Cameron’s statement seems eerily similar to Neville Chamberlain’s head-in-the-sand proclamation: “…Peace in Our Time”; the outstanding difference, of course, is that Cameron has no paper to wave ’round!!

  • David Cameron

    Because of its potential to cause guilt by association, an influential group of Muslim MPs has demanded that the Islamic State should no longer be known as ‘The Islamic State’, but instead as ‘The Jewish State’. The territory formerly known as Israel will henceforth be known as ‘Iranian Test Site #1’ .

    I shall, of course, comply with their demands immediately, because if we keep being nice to them, they’ll eventually start being nice to us. Then, in the words of my role model as Prime Minister, ‘We shall have peace in our time’.

    • J. Neville Groff

      no, you will have piece in your time. A piece of ya here, a piece of ya there, ha cha chaaa…

  • J. Neville Groff

    Ah yes, one may endeavor to polish the turd of islam to a high gloss, and yet, be left with a strange pungency to your shining hand.

  • Gordon Miller

    But it is the”Islamic State” and that’s what I’ll continue to call it.
    Both Cameron and our Dear Leader are cowards, among other things.

  • knight

    The name I would like all to be known as the Muslim Brotherhood, lump them all under this, basically terror. Muslims cannot escape it as Muslim mentioned each time Muslim Brotherhood and links this to every Muslim.

  • Roger

    Stand up to the Islamist now or kneel on the filthy rug later!

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      What’s an “islamist”? What’s the difference between an “islamist” and a muslim?

      • Roger

        My understanding is Muslim is a race and Islam is the religion that most of them are part of. .

        • Cate

          Roger – there is no specific Muslim race. There are Arabs, but they comprise all different religions. All races are part of Islam. I personally think that Islamists and Muslims are one in the same. And I would also say that there are no moderate Muslims. They all read the same evil book and adhere to the same evil texts.

          • Roger

            As long we know to whom to keep our eyes on.
            How are ya Cate?

          • Cate

            You are indeed, correct! Hard to know the difference between Muslims who want to do us in, and those who don’t. Because the “alleged” moderates (and I use that term loosely) won’t stand up, gotta keep our eyes on all of them!

            I’m well, thanks! I trust you are, too! Planning on having my weapon locked and loaded for the local July 4th festivities!

      • Cate

        One in the same!

        • donemyhomework


      • munchenfez

        An Islamist is nothing to do with Islam and Sunnah, and a muslim is a valuable contributing member of our peace loving society.

  • Mike Knox

    Cameron is a craven coward just like all the Western politicians. Will any brave person stand up? Time is running out…

  • arcturus

    If it is not now, it will be later.

  • Cate

    Actually, they need to be called daesh. As the word implies, the group is a bunch of murdering bigots intent on crushing everything in their path.

  • michaelwarden

    My apologies to the civilized world for our delusional Prime Minister. We have a rather delightful saying here in England that applies to the idiot : ” Don’t pxxx on my back and tell me it’s raining “.

    • Thanks for your comment Michael. It may be hard in these days but try and keep the faith

  • IslamDownpressesHumanity

    I read that @ some point in Cameron’s political career he was receiving #10K a month in bribes, er, payments from a Saudi oil company.

  • Walter Sieruk

    Mr. Cameron is saying such a fool statement about ISIS not really being Islamic has shown that he is in strong denial not only about the really nature of ISIS but also he’s in denial about the actual violent and deadly essence that composes Islam with its violence and killing of its militant jihad. For example the Koran in 9:11 instructs “The believers fight in Allah’s cause they slay and are slain ,kill and are killed.” Likewise, the Koran in 47:4. teaches “Whenever you encounter the unbelievers strike of their heads until you make a great slaughter among them…” Lets face it using firearms and group drowning,as the ISIS villains do, can sure make a greater “slaughter among them” the a sword can. Mr. Cameron really needs to have a reality check and wake up to the true nature of both Islam and ISIS.

  • burt

    I am sure real English men/women realize Mr. Cameron is full of it.

  • IslamDownpressesHumanity

    Izlamic terrorism and brutality existed before ISIS and will continue even if ISIS is completely annihilated.

  • KaffirsUnite

    It seems as though the Islamic State is this world’s Lord Voldemort…pretty soon the name will be “taboo” but lets remember that there were people who were not afraid to speak his name just as there are people who aren’t afraid to call ISIS the Islamic State.. and in all sincerity, we should all take a page from jk rowling’s book and throw down the gauntlet to this evil. We do have enough people who are willing to fight back

  • vox populi

    .. and what would be the brilliant alternative name that cameron has in mind for a group that:
    – has only members that are 100% muslims & follwos islam
    – whose ideas are supported by an increasingly vast majority of islam followers worldwide
    – who uses the quran to support and justify its acts
    – who consistently applies sharia rules
    – whom proclaims itself islamic & kills in islam name
    – who constantly screams about islam & allah
    – who has proclaimed a caliphate and has a caliph
    – who reintroduced the dinar as legal tender, which is the old unit of monetary measure of islam

    maybe we should also suggest BBC does not call cameron “prime minister” anymore, but “parabungo”.

    • The Greatest Freedom

      Just call him for what he is..A modern politician..spineless and greedy

  • The Greatest Freedom

    Cameron’s remarks are diluting our resolve and focus on the war on terror..A spineless and dangerous leader..

  • The Greatest Freedom

    The sad truth is that our media and leaders no longer can be trusted. Acting in only their own dubious “good for all” and PC interests they no longer represent the best for our people.

  • The Greatest Freedom

    According to Cameron we should care what we call ISIS or IS. If IS choose the name Islamic State is not our worry but the Islamic community’s to oppose it. If they don’t, it’s not our concern. We have more important tasks in front.. As to keep our people and democracy safe.

  • Mike Kevins

    I wish they would stop saying the sky is blue….the sky is not blue. As Bugs Bunny would say, “What a maroon!” If our so-called leaders do not awaken soon, they will find them selves at the gallows, or worse, in a cage, on fire!!! I, under penalty of torture, cannot even begin to comprehend what these people are thinking. The evidence is VERY clear, yet they deny it. To what end? The only end can be their own destruction.

  • Gerald

    This picture from the Sheik at WoJ says all you need to know about Daud Camoron.

  • Austurias

    Watch from 1:00 till 3:14. In particular 3:08.
    Sounds familiar?

  • Kenn Daily

    Rather than ISIS, just call them “Muslims”

  • Tommy Guns

    I wish David Cameron would stop calling Great Britain, great. Under his leadership, the UK is no longer great. Now it’s been turned into a cesspool of Western-hating, middle eastern immigrants. It’s my understanding that ISIS follows the strict Wahhabi interpretation of islam, which is the major form followed by Saudis. Mr Cameron, does that mean Saudis aren’t muslims either??? Your statements are idiotic and untruthful. Do you think Brits are that stupid?? How you ever got re-elected is beyond me!!!

  • tommo2

    Cameron is desperate to isolate ISIS and terrorism from Islam and refers to most Muslims as being ‘ordinary’. Ordinary Muslims who don’t condemn or offer sympathy for the victims of Islamic mad men.

  • Sean

    More politically-correct drivel from our so-called Prime Minister.

  • Herbert

    First of all, the Islamic State calls themselves that. I’ve heard it in their snuff videos. So, is Cameron stupid, ignorant, or is he trying to fool someone? Who would he be trying to fool? The Jihadis? They know they are Islamic. Having read the Koran and Hadiths myself, I know they are Islamic. So-called “moderate” Islamists know they are Islamic. So who is left to fool? His countrymen? I don’t get it. He’s not fooling me. He just looks foolish and stupid. So does Obama. I’ve read the Koran, you can’t fool me. We are living in a world of complete, absolute, dangerous morons.


    UK populous, why on earth did you vote this clown back in as pm? Why?!

  • Stuart Stephens

    Yes Davey boy it isVERY Islamic

  • Gordon Miller

    What’s wrong with these people? They, the jihadists themselves, call it the “Islamist State.”
    And while we’re at it in attaching names to groups, why do we have to say “radical Islamist terrorists?” They even use this phrase on Fox news. All you need to say is “Islamists.” The other words are redundant. And while we are on the subject of words, please look up the word “Muslim” in the dictionary. Note how “Muslim” is defined and then think on it a bit. More later.

  • FredsRant

    They should be called the Barbaric Islamic Terrorist State (BITS). That’s what they are.

  • MRHapla

    oh pish-posh IS/Daesh is Islamic and is a state,,,so double positive word score

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