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[ October 20, 2017 ]

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[ October 20, 2017 ]

Hamas-Supporting CAIR Leader Nihad Awad to Lecture Harvard Student Group

Netanyahu Says BDS is Reminiscent of the Nazis…. As Edith Everett Supports Deal With Iran & The New Israel Fund Continues Boycotts


A major wacko left-wing extremist donor to The New Israel Fund is Edith Everett.  Not surprisingly, she also rants and raves about how great a deal America got with Iran – a deal which across the political spectrum Israeli politicians say endangers the survival of Israel.  Everett claims Obama is the best friend Israel has ever had in this op-ed in The Jewish Week – and naturally is a major funder of NIF  who continues to support a boycott of Israel.


Everett – a board member of The Jewish Week – foolishly says that: “If President Obama could not demand of Israel, our closest and most dependent ally, a cessation of settlement building, a relatively simple request, can he make demands on China and Russia, our generally unreliable negotiating partners? In reality, how much can he demand of Iran? The idea that the United States, however powerful, can pull all the strings is a kind of arrogance that needs to be tempered with reality. No other nuclear country, including Israel, would even consider observers of their facilities. The fact that Iran has engaged in this dialogue is a credit to Obama who, before proposing a military option, is intelligently and sensibly trying first to negotiate an arrangement that would limit Iran’s ability to build a nuclear weapon.  Among his predecessors, American presidential scholars agree that President Obama, both in word and deed, has been the greatest friend to Israel. He has no equal in terms of financial support and intelligence sharing. Whatever the outcome of the negotiations, the president has pledged to do whatever is necessary to protect Israel. Yet there are those who will find a word here or there that help them confirm their preconceived notion that the president is untrustworthy. It’s time to get over it. It’s time to support President Obama’s effort on behalf of all of us to continue working to achieve the best path to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons capability.”

An American Jew who thinks a deal with Iran is great and boycotts of Israel are permissible is clinically insane.

In Israel traitors are facing an unsurpassed backlash. Today, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that BDS’ers who seek to boycott Israeli goods was reminiscent of Nazi Germany’s campaign against Jews. He noted that, “”The attacks on the Jews were always preceded by the slander of the Jews. What was done to the Jewish people then is being done to the Jewish state now,” Netanyahu said. “In those days we could do nothing. Today we can speak our mind, hold our ground. We’re going to do both.” Also, the Minister of Culture and Sport, Miri Regev said “Anyone who wants to defame Israel will do it without the government’s help or funding,” and she added, ““What is all the fuss about? That the Government of Israel and I, as its representative, thought that a sane government should not commit suicide? What is the shouting about? That we expressed a clear stance, that the Government of Israel will not use its cultural budget for plays or institutions or artists who boycott Israel? Is there something immoral about that or does that harm freedom of expression?” she asked. “Whoever wants to defame Israel can do it alone. We won’t block it, but we won’t fund it,” she concluded.

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  • Fred Smith

    This lunatic is not Israeli. She isn’t even Jewish. She might claim both, but she is working for the destruction of both. Not going to happen. Not now. Not ever!

    • NoTroll Zone

      Everett is a modern-day Jewish capo.

    • sandra schmidt

      Is she like that woman who claimed to be black to work for the NAACP?



  • Dr. Doomsday

    Moronic monkey band…


      Dr. Doomsday AKBAR!

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  • DefiantJewess

    I guess everyone’s a definition of friend. To me, he is a Jew hater pure and simple.

  • NoTroll Zone

    Wow, an intelligent president that does for his country what needs to be done.
    How refreshing.

    • Obama is Insane

      Obama is clinically insane.

      Obama’s days are numbered.

      • BonniePrinceCharlie

        But make sure he isn’t replaced by Clinton or any other Dumbocrat.

        • knight

          You really need to have a President for all non-Muslims that will deport all Muslims and those that are for supporting Muslims.

      • bill reitzes

        Thanks, I love good news.

      • NoTroll Zone

        He is the most successful American Caliph.
        Leftists would vote for his 3rd term if they could (or ban elections and appoint Sheik B. Hussain 2nd to his kingdom).

      • Rob Porter

        Pamela’s comment about this fool, Edith Everett, that “An American Jew who thinks a deal with Iran is great and boycotts of
        Israel are permissible is clinically insane”, is spot on target and quite funny in an ironic way. It seems to me that there must be quite a number of “clinically insane” Jews in North America. I can only imagine that they are equivalent to what a Jewish schoolmate in Cape Town told me many many years ago, in effect that some Jews (probably because of persecution Jews have suffered over the centuries), go through a stage where they wish to distance themselves from their Jewish heritage. Many in North America, horrible, cowardly traitors like this Edith Everett – definitely not intelligent and a disgraceful rationalizer – goes so far as to support the enemies of their people in order to appear good, impartial individuals. (Evidence of the insanity that afflicts liberals!). This Everett supports Obama who is no friend of Israel and supports Islamic groups like the Muslim Brotherhood that has stated its desire to “destroy Western civilization from within” – and this president, this sub-grade president – allows the Muslim enemy “within”. There are none so blind as those who will not see and as deaf as those who will not hear.

        • knight

          I wonder if she is putting money before his homeland.

          • Rob Porter

            Which one, Kenya? Okay, joking.

  • abdullah bin jihad bin shaeed

    As so often is the case…Israeli women have bigger balls than the vast majority of Israeli “men.”

    Perhaps the “men” are a little tired or…deflated…after Israel’s sodomy Olympics or whatever it was.

    Miri Regev: A 2015 Esther.


      Then it follows that Arab “men” are pussies since they can’t even defeat a bunch of Jews over 67 years.

      • bill reitzes

        1.6 billion, including POTUS Hussein Obama, awake each and every day, curse the Jews, plot for the Jews demise, attack them time after time, and yet those 6 million Jews are still proudly standing, thriving and surviving in the miracle on the Mediterranean.
        Your comment is oh so true.

    • sandra schmidt

      You loser Arab males still aren’t weaned at age 14. No wonder you hate women so much. It must be humiliating to be so dependant.

      • knight

        They need a Israeli woman to kill the weak Muslim males that they cannot get a female without raping. Send them to hell so they do not get the 72 Virgins or heaven. Their heaven is in the lake of fire.

  • sandra schmidt

    All BDS supporters, Jewish or not, should be barred from Israel for life. It is time to take off the gloves.

    • Rob Porter

      Pamela needs to get someone to draw up a list of companies that are boycotting Israel and Israeli products and then we must boycott those companies’ products.

      • sandra schmidt

        At a minimum.

      • steiner

        let us take another route. Find out if they are paying to bevsharia compliant and tyen advertisevthem on busesvand billboards as enemies of this country and free people.

        • Rob Porter

          Yes, I also like this idea, but suggest that both routes are a way to go.

    • BDS Morons

      BDS supporters should also be barred from using Israeli medical inventions. The stent was created in Israel. So if any of these BDS morons has a heart attack they should not be permitted to have a stent inserted let them go the the ISIS doctors.

  • Israel is Heaven

    The people in Israel are heaven and so is the weather.

    G-d gave Israel the most beautiful country and the sun shines everyday.

    I am here in Israel and I have met the nicest people all over Israel. I thanked the IDF for protecting Israel. I met IDF from the communications and intelligence unit and they were the sweetest and most polite 18 & 19 year olds. Thank you again IDF for protecting Israel.

    Israel Forever and ever!

    • Betty4440

      sure wish I could be with you. love to visit Israel. but to old. and would never have that kind of money.

      • Hi Betty

        Please visit Israel!! You are never to old to visit Israel. I am not rich but I was so taken with Israel I found a way and this is my fourth visit.

        I hope to have a fifth visit. Israel is beautiful and the people are the nicest in the world. I really hope you find a way to visit Betty you sound very sweet and Israelis are very warm and appreciate to visitors.

    • Ken Sandale

      “The people in Israel are heaven and so is the weather.
      G-d gave Israel the most beautiful country and the sun shines everyday.
      I am here in Israel and I have met the nicest people all over Israel. I thanked the IDF for protecting Israel. I met IDF from the communications and intelligence unit and they were the sweetest and most polite 18 & 19 year olds. Thank you again IDF for protecting Israel.
      Israel Forever and ever!”
      You write as if you were 12 years old. Twelve years old and stupid.

      • Shalom from Tel Aviv

        I love Israel!!

        I am not stupid both of my mother’s brothers are doctors and my father has enough degrees to be a professor.

        Jewish people have superior intelligence. Israel is superb!!

        The people in Israel are heaven and so is the weather!!

        G-d bless you Israel and your babies and thank you for the wonderful time and warm welcome.

        Anti-Semites can’t stand the fact that Jews are superior in every way. They have survived even though their enemies have tried again and again to destroy them.

        Long live Israel the only democracy in the mideast!!!


        • Ken Sandale

          “I am not stupid both of my mother’s brothers are doctors and my father has enough degrees to be a professor.”
          Stupid, at best that would show that your family is not stupid. (It actually does not even necessarily show that.). Ironically, arguing that your family is smart proves you could not be stupid…is further proof you are stupid. And your post yesterday sounded like you are 12 years old.
          Also, Stupid, saying that your father has enough degrees to become a professor suggests you have not been to college–you only need one more degree than one to become a professor.

        • Ken Sandale

          “Jewish people have superior intelligence. Israel is superb!!”
          Jews do indeed have superior intelligence. For example, American Jews score (tied) for the highest IQs on IQ tests, but more importantly, have made a hugely disproportional contribution to science. Israeli Jews though do not score especially high on IQ tests.

      • Shalom

        Take a hike you jealous anti-Semite! FYI I am planning a fifth trip to Beautiful Israel!!!

        • Ken Sandale

          “Take a hike you jealous anti-Semite! FYI I am planning a fifth trip to Beautiful Israel!!!”
          How did you determine that I am an anti-Semite?
          What does you taking an nth trip to Israel have to do with whether I am an anti-Semite?

      • Crystal Waters

        “Israel Is Heaven” is obviously experiencing something glorious that you are not. The fact that this rankles you so much speaks volumes.

  • AlmaRBaker

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  • Cora

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  • bill reitzes

    I have always asked myself, why would BDS single out Israel, and Israel alone?
    There are two sides in this conflict, Palestinian and Israeli.
    Where is the boycott against the Palestinians?
    After all, they have refused statehood offers 4 times now.
    Israel, who BDS boycotts, has said YES YES YES to a Palestinian state, 4 times already.
    The Palestinians, who BDS supports, has said NO NO NO to a Palestinian state 4 times already.
    One says YES, and is the victim of boycotts, the other says NO, and continues to be the BIGGEST welfare recipients in the world.
    And BDS claims to be not anti-Semitic?
    Go figure?
    Would Israel be in this same situation, if the Arabs were Christian, and not Muslim?

    • Rob Porter

      You have, of course, answered your own question. BDS and those who support it are anti-Semitic, and they are gross liars and deceivers. Many who claim to want a Palestinian State do not, they want the destruction of Israel and the whole of Israel Arab and Muslim. Some fools and gullible cowards in the now cowardly West imagine that a Palestinian State would bring peace to both the Middle East and the West after the end of Israel defuses Muslim hostility and incessant anger – at just about everything! Nothing truly defuses these irrationally hate-filled people. Why? Because there is no peace within Islam and thus no peace within its adherents, their beliefs based upon an ideology that is satanic and thus creates within them a spirit that is evil, angry and hate-filled. Islam creates a sick state of mind within serious beleivers, but meanwhile within the West we have irresponsible imbeciles, wishful thinkers and rationalizers who are out to ‘save their own bacon’ at any cost. They have no understanding of the Qur’an and its direction to bring the entire world under Islam and sharia. Cowards and rationalizers in the West don’t wish to accept this because it then calls upon them to fight for their freedom from domination from an ideology that is supremacist, bigoted, Judeophobic, Christianophobia, Hinduphobic, Buddhaphobic and just a phobia driven mess of an ideology. As Sam Harris, author, neuroscientist, philosopher has stated on tv, not least on Fareed Zakaria’s Sunday show on CNN, Islam is just “a mother-load of bad ideas”.

      • bill reitzes

        I like that “a mother-lode of bad ideas”
        Thanks for your comment.

        • Rob Porter

          Thanks, Bill, I now get some enjoyment out of heaping ridicule on these people – Muslims and those too gutless to condemn their behaviour, idealogy and ideas.

          • bill reitzes

            But Rob, heaping ridicule on these people, is going to bring us any closer to solving the problem.
            That is just creating animosity, and results in name calling etc.
            It may make you feel better, but does that good feeling help achieve our goals?
            By the way, I don’t pretend to know the answer.
            But, I think that Pamela is going in the right direction, by using our God given rights to free speech.
            You see, if we are successful in opening the door, and take away the fear of discussing mohammed, then we can attack Islam’s most vulnerable point, which of course is mohammed.
            We have to take away that fear, from the MSM, and moderate Muslims, in drawing cartoons, openly making jokes, and discussing the disgusting life of mohammed.
            Today, Muslims have been successful through violence, to blocking any discussion of the life of mohammed.

          • Rob Porter

            No, heaping ridicule on these people isn’t going to bring us any closer to solving the problem, but you tell me what is going to solve this problem other than defeating them and thrashing them for their sadistic savagery. I have no illusions of ‘bringing us closer to a solution’ because I know that when dealing with people of their mindset there is no reasonable chance of dialogue, reason and logic, so the best I can do show my utter contempt.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Islam and musswein, just like Nazis and Nazism deserve no respect whatsoever.

          • bill reitzes

            Well then, when you are bashing the f*ck out of them, give extra special attention to my favourite, that sleazy, sweaty, stinky camel herder mohammed.

          • Rob Porter

            Thanks for giving a chuckle. Mohammad has special place of contempt in my heart. Just a vile, filthy mass murderer, robber, rapist and pedophile. No doubt he’s rotting in hell, was just a vile liar and deceiver, other than in his demented hallucinations he never went to Jerusalem, never ascended to heaven, descended down to hell and never found a virgin, let alone 72, there.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Why don’t the BDS loonies — or the mythical “moderate” musswein — ever call for boycotts of Izlamic states? After all, if any state is an apartheid state, it’s any Izlamic states, which are, minimally ALL religious apartheid states and many of them are gender apartheid states as well.

      • bill reitzes

        1.6 billion Muslims rise each and every day, curse the Jews, plot their demise, and some actually commit jihad atrocities against the Jews, for being…..Jews.
        60% of the Koran, is dedicated to how the supremacist Muslim is to deal with the non-believers.
        The first of the non-believers to challenge mohammed, were the Jews of Medina, and therefore the Jews held a special place in mohammed’s hate filled heart.
        His first land thefts were of Jewish lands, and oddly today, the Muslims cry “look at how the Jews are stealing our lands”
        Today, we see that the other regular anti-Semites, who mostly don’t know why they are anti-Semites, are taking advantage of the situation, and are joining in on the free-for-all against the Jewish State, called BDS.
        Of course, all of those involved are 100% hypocrites, 100%, as, yes Israel does have some warts, but BDS is genocidal and won’t be satisfied without total destruction of the Jewish State.
        Apartheid was a very special situation, which is dishonoured by comparing it to any other world situation.
        Yes, the Muslim world, on the whole, and that means, ALL of the Arab world, is guilty of the most disgusting of human rights violations, such as their treatment of women.
        Churchill once said “that Islam is a disgusting religion, where every woman, be it a wife, daughter, or concubine, is the sole possession of a man”

  • Millionmileman

    Apparently some Israel Quislings never learned what happened in Norway during WWII.

  • casey377

    People championing evil while think being deluded into thinking they are doing good.

    Modern brown shirts come in all colours and shapes.

  • knight

    I think it is about time if one has friends that enjoy the company of Muslims cut them away as they may infect your family if you have any.

    One has to decide what side of a fence one is on.

  • Jean Anderson

    I wish Pamela, that you would refer to Iran as the Islamic Republic of Iran. I would think that calling Iran by its true name would get more people’s attention. Just a suggestion.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      A “republic” eh? Well that was good for a laugh.

  • BDS Losers

    People like her who support BDS usually have very low intelligence and nothing better to do in life so they obsess over Israel. Get a life loser!

  • Patrick Roy


  • Israeli Medical Advancements

    I have just come back from an amazing vacation in beautiful Israel.

    Israelis have superior intelligence. They have made medical advancements in Parkinsons, dementia, breast cancer and technology.

    There are more educated people in Israel than anywhere else in the world. Israel has the most brilliant scientists.

    Everywhere I traveled in Israel people were warm and friendly maybe its the beautiful weather and Israel’s incredible history.

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