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[ August 21, 2017 ]


[ August 21, 2017 ]

Officials from largest US Islamic charity promote anti-Semitism on social media

[ August 21, 2017 ]

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[ August 21, 2017 ]

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[ August 21, 2017 ]

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[ August 21, 2017 ]

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[ August 21, 2017 ]

Robert Spencer: UK Gets Tough On Terror

[ August 21, 2017 ]

KIndergarten children “radicalized” in Belgium

[ August 21, 2017 ]

Terror in France: Muslim rams police car shouting “Allahu Akbar”

[ August 21, 2017 ]

France: Muslim strangles woman who lit a cigarette in front of his mosque

Muslim Rampage in India: 3 Naked Women Raped, Dumped on Street by Devout Muslim Politicians, Massive Muslim Attack On Hindus In Burdwan District


My colleague and Hindu human rights activist Satya sent me this story and the photos:  “W Bengal is a state in India with nearly 30% Muslims and here is genocide in action.”

I have seen these atrocities of fanatic Muslims in several districts of West Bengal. We have been closely working with people to help the victims of this carnage. Recently 3 Hindu women were raped by TMC politicians and were dumped on the street side. Please notice this picture where 3 Hindu women were raped, killed and dumped roadside by fanatic Muslim TMC politicians.

“We are sitting on the top a Volcano”

— Justice Bhagawati Prasad Banerjee, retired Judge of Kolkata High Court.

My Hindu friend Narayanas writes me:

Below is more carnage in West Bengal including pictures of police helplessness while poor (Hindu) homes and shops are gutted.

“This continuous war like situation with people live under dreadfult fear will continue until Islamists gain upper hand and do the final ethnic cleansing in the next few years. People close to the ground are saying village by village are slowly being ethnically cleansed.

The media bastards are completely ignoring the dangerous situation. Does suffering has a religion? They report incidents in Haryana for riots caused due to planning to build a Mosque next to Hindu temple but the situation affecting 400 blocks spanning multiple districts for last two decades that will very soon lead to partition of India gets zero attention. (All details are in email trail below along with links to pictures/videos. There is also a kidnapper note to a hapless mother saying he took a bet with his friends and kidnapped her minor daughter and challenged her to find him, given below).

Where is India going to be as Muslims percentage increases? Does not the country need a debate on addressing the root of the issue, what Western nations are openly saying, ‘poisonous Islamic ideology’? Why are we allowing Saudi fascists invest in Mosques and spread Wahabbism? An Islamic country like Egypt is closing down the Mosques, Austria banned middle eastern funding and spread of hatred into Mosques, UK is bringing in laws, US monitors most of the Mosques, Russia and many other countries are evolving firm policies but India sitting on a volcano has no debate or discussion. Whose country is this?

Muslims attack Hindushindus attacked by MuslimMuslims attacked Hindusmudlims attack hindus3

The news reports not covered by the American enemedia:

Massive Attack On Hindus In Burdwan District

Yesterday (4th June) evening Muslims attacked Hindus at Samudragarh rail station market under Nadanghat Police Station in Burdwan district.

Houses of 10 poor Hindus have been gutted. 30 plus Hindu shops fully looted by the Muslims of nearby Dangapara.

The rampaging mob looted many Motorbikes and cycles from the garage at Samudragarh railway station.

Muslims damaged the railway properties in a large scale. They broke all lights, mikes and glasses at the Samudragarh rail station.

Many cars & vehicles including 2 Police vehicles severely damaged by the mob.

Both rail and bus routes are blocked. Passengers facing extreme difficulties.

Few thousand Muslims captured all the 4 platforms of railway station. When Hindus trying to proceed to the market, Muslim mob throwing stones from rail line.

Few policemen standing as mute spectators.

MLA of this area is influential state minister Sri Swapan Debnath. Local TMC workers are frantically calling their MLA, but his phone is now switched off.

The incident started today noon when some Muslim drank wine is local wine shop owned by a Hindu and they refused to pay the price. Then there was a scuffle. The Muslim consumers left that time. In evening they came in thousands and attacked the Hindu houses and shops.

At night 12.00 pm, RAF deployed and situation brought under control and rail traffic resumed. No arrest still now.

No protest from any pol party or any organisation.

For other news/reports visit :

Muslims attacked Hindus

Today Muslim mob looted and gutted 9 Hindu houses at Goalpara- 1.5 km south of Samudragarh.

Prior to that Hindu mob damaged 1 motorbike and 1 motor-van owned by Muslims when they tried to pass through the blockade put on by the Hindus on Kalna-Katwa state highway. After that RAF chased and lathi-charged the Hindu protesters.

Now situation is extremely tense there. Prohibitory order Sec.144 imposed in the area. Market fully closed. Normal life totally collapsed.
Hindus who live near Samudragarh rail station and station market – are extremely panicked. They are shifting their female members of family to elsewhere because of their last night experience when rampaging Muslim mob had a free run and police administration was totally defunct.

Today police arrested at least 10 Hindus, the easiest way to maintain peace. We did not get any report of arrest of any Muslims.
N.B.- The whole area is predominantly Hindu majority area and famous for hand-loom sarees. Many East Bengal refugees of Tangail dist live here. RSS and BJP are quite strong/influential in this area.

  • Marco

    Coming to your western city soon, very soon

    • R.s. Moffatt

      They will die here in my town.

    • WTHisgoingon

      Already in NYC

    • MattBracken

      They should not try to start it in Texas.

  • Kett

    Unbelievable! These monsters have to be stopped! Where is the outrage?! The silence from the media is deafening. Pamela, you are our only light in these dark times.

    • Magnus Atheos

      The outrage is being silenced by the left.

      • Randy

        Just how stupid are you? The U.S. media and most of the western media are owned and controlled by 6 corporations that are run by wall street and .01% republicans, Rupert Murdoch et. al. I’m a liberal and I love Pam. I despise muslims (all muslims, secular or fundamentalist) I own guns but don’t care who you have sex with. I am not a christian but don’t care if you are or are Jain, Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist, or anything except muslim. I despise Hilary but also despise all the republican candidates as well. The only politicians I’d vote for are Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren. It’s not the liberals that are ruining this country it’s the .01% of the super rich that are buying the damned politicians for their benefit and screw the rest of us. The ultra rich used to divide us with racial politics and now they use conservative or liberal. Do a little research and follow the money.

        • Eat a Metaphor, Call It ‘god’

          *** The only politicians I’d vote for are Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren. ***

          Thereby proving your utter insanity

        • Mike McCormack

          Hello… blame media matters … they think they can negioate with diplomacy … heck John Kerry is trying to craft an agreement with Iran…Liberals are stupid. and they own %80 of televised media . Fox is hardly conservative .. fau

        • Mike McCormack

          Hey I did some research .. and followed the money.. wow can’t believe how many Islamic extremist groups donate to Clinton’s “charity” more like laundering and income hiding.

          • pamelageller

            Write it up!

          • Gordon Miller

            Hi, Pamela, and happy birthday on the 14th!

        • donemyhomework

          You are definitely right about the money. And there is a lot of money to be made by chaos. Kind of like the rich people buying up everything cheap after the stock market crash in ’29. The Kennedy children didn’t learn about depression in America until the they studied about it in College. Joe Kennedy shorted the market at just the right time. Funny how that works.

          • Leslie

            Joe Kennedy was a prohibition booze runner, that’s where he made his money,

          • donemyhomework

            Yes! The fact of the matter is he was involved in all of that. And…that gave him the financial backing, the platform to do insider trading to load up and short the market big time. Do you know anything about investing and insider trading and the “stops” they didn’t have in place back in 1929? Do you have any concept of the kind of money you could make with that kind of information? It’s the difference between riding a bicycle as opposed to racing in NASCAR.

        • Leslie

          Obviously you don’t live in MA or VT like I do. Both are totally insane…your liberal candidates are part of the .01%. Warren gets $350,000 for two classes at Harvard a year and cries about how much interest the “nation” makes on school loans, when half of the loans are in default. That’s our money, maybe Warren should take a pay cut. Major income inequality. Also a whiner subject for the liberals.

        • Magnus Atheos

          You could have said all that without being a dick. But I guess you just can’t help it, so best of luck Randy. By the way I don’t completely disagree with you, however the leftist mindset is doing more damage than you will allow yourself to see….whatever mixed beliefs you may claim to have…dick.

        • Colorado

          Wow u are super un imformed….fyi- liberal billionaire owns the so called main stream media….


          the federal reserve

      • MattBracken

        Step by step, we are waking people up to the danger.
        Share memes with your non-reading friends. Sadly, most Americans today only learn by looking at pictures and videos. We readers are a diminishing minority, irrelevant, just preaching to one another. Kick memes over to your non-newsie friends if you want to move the ball down the field.

        • sandra schmidt

          Good points.

          • Michael Brown

            Islam is a religion of (more than one) piece.

        • Magnus Atheos

          Every chance I get.

    • Nina

      The outrage is there. It just needs a bit of organization with Pamela as the spearhead.

  • atl slayer

    Could never happen here,,,right???
    naaaaaa, :/

  • IndigoRed

    Pamela always asks people to check her facts. I did and this time I think someone gave her false information.

    “Recently 3 Hindu women were raped by TMC politicians and were dumped on the street side. Please notice this picture where 3 Hindu women were raped, killed and dumped roadside by fanatic Muslim TMC politicians.”

    I don’t know about the TMC politicians raping 3 Hindu women because I can’t find the story in any Indian or Hindu news sites. However, I did find the photos with a different story from July 2014. The photos and story here (as given to Pamela) have been (deliberately?) misattributed and conveniently blurred in an attempt to hide the truth of the pix and story.

    This article (and others) from India, make clear that the bodies are not “3 Hindu women” dumped on the street by politicians. Rather, the bodies are of the three Hindu Tantra sect followers who were suspected of raping a 7 y/o girl and hanging her in a tree. The three suspected child rapist were beaten by the villagers. The bodies in the clear photos are unarguably those of bearded men.

    • defcon 4

      Yeah and the Godhra train burning was just an accident wasn’t it?

      • IndigoRed

        No. The Godhra train is unrelated to the rape story that Pam pulled.

        • Rajesh Nayak

          No, as an Indian let me tell you that this is a very true story. The English media did not publish it as usual, it is very pro-Muslim. Hindu Samhati is the Hindu organization working on the ground. Everyday there are attacks on Hindus in West Bengal. Tapan Ghosh is the leader. This news is very true. They were Muslim Trinamool Congress leaders who did this.

          • IndigoRed

            I’m sorry, Rajesh. The source I used is an Indian media. The photos shown in the article linked in the original comment shows clearly the “women” are, in fact, men. Look for yourself, please. As I said, I don’t know the story behind the Godhra train incident, so I didn’t say yea or nay.

          • Proud Kafir

            You are expecting coward indian media to show this who already surrendered (as Moslms are around 15-18% of total population) and same thing has started in US at their 1% population …US media wont show winning Mo cartoons…equally cowards !!

          • IndigoRed

            I have provided the actual photos and the original article from India. If you don’t want the truth, I have nothing more to convince you.

          • Proud Kafir

            Ofcourse I stand with truth & there are other sources as well in their local Bengali languages available (not in english) on the internet which u wont understand ….

          • knowTheEnemy

            I do not doubt that Muslims attack others in WB on a daily basis. However, Hindus need to refrain from deceptive reporting! Fabricating falsehoods like “3 women raped and dumped” and accompanying it with manipulated pictures is wrong and unacceptable.

            We want to set ourselves apart from Islam-followers, not become like them!

          • Jaskaran Dhaliwal
        • Jaskaran Dhaliwal
  • Sorry Money

    I met a September 11 terrorist in the late 90’s and I get terrorist’s and Democrats confused when they screw with me at whatever job I have. Islamic competitiveness and union pack mentality is godless.

  • desmond
  • defcon 4

    Muslims go on a rampage in India and Hindus are arrested? Insane. Long live the Hindu Nationalist party. May all the izlamic collaborating scum in India get their just desserts — a one way trip to Pakistan or Bangladesh.

  • me

    If Someone Comes to Kill You, Rise Up and Kill Him First – so says the bible and the rest is up to you.

  • Abood1971

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  • R.s. Moffatt

    This kind of thing is now commonplace with Islamist s. Any one see the people being burned to death in a small cage? Now this….raping and tossing 3 innocent women into a side street. Gee, what tough guys. Some people need their throat cut.

  • knowTheEnemy

    Pamela, this is false, manipulated, and exaggerated report. Crime by Muslims is rampant in the Indian state of West Bengal, However, the reported rape and dumping of women did NOT happen. At least it did not happen recently.

    You need to have some trusted person judge the credibility of reports coming from Hindu groups, and whoever passed you this report is not doing a good job! (This is not the first time that Hindu groups have passed inaccurate reports to you.)

    Posting inaccurate reports like this one only hurts your credibility and makes your already hard work, harder!

    • Proud Kafir

      No its not & we know that Pamela (PBUH) has guts & courage to say what mass media wont say or show to public….



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  • Rajesh Nayak

    Joint electorate system is what makes politicians in India appease the Muslims. On 27 February 2002, 2000 fanatic Muslims brutally roasted 59 Hindus including 25 women and 15 children in India in Godhra in a train. The horrific photos can be seen here. But all political parties except Shiv Sena and BJP tried their best to save the brutal attackers ie. Muslims by denying that Muslims roasted the train and claiming that it was an ‘accident’ or saying that ‘Hindus themselves burnt the train to put the blame on Muslims’. This was in Godhra in Gujarat where Muslims are 10%. In West Bengal Muslims are 30% almost and they vote en-bloc. For their votes all parties except BJP (at times even BJP) will support them.
    100 years ago, there was only one Bengal. In 1905, the British partitioned it as East Bengal and West Bengal. In East Bengal Muslims were to be in a majority. In 1901 Hindus were 34% in East Bengal ie. today’s Bangladesh. In 1947 India was Partitioned with a separate Muslim state of Pakistan carved out. East Bengal became East Pakistan. Hindus were 29% in East Pakistan in 1947. They are now 8.5% only in East Bengal, now Bangladesh. Even in West Bengal which had a Hindu majority, the Muslim population rose from 18% in 1947 to 28% now. Within 50 years Hindus will become a minority even in West Bengal and will meet the same fate as Bangladesh. The media-politician combine will continue to bash the Hindus and talk about ‘Hindu communalism’ while the Hindus will get extinct even from West Bengal, as they have almost become in East Bengal. Media is full of cowards, they keep a safe distance from the mad dog, and go on kicking the dead dog.

  • Khun Chen

    and they said myanmar’s budhist are the bad man…

  • Rajesh Nayak Godhra pictures where Muslims brutally roasted 59 Hindus including 25 women and 15 children. Non-BJP, non-Shiv Sena politicians used every trick in the book to try to defend the killers and let them go scot-free. Some politicians said BJP itself roasted these Hindus to put the blame on Muslims. Even these horrific killings were not enough to melt the heart of the media-politician combine in India and abroad, when they continued to blame the Hindus and defend the Muslims who did this.

  • LivingBlack

    Kill the MUSLIM Bastards or send them back to Pakistan/Bangladesh!

  • And yet the Indian Government had the audacity to ban my blog!

  • disqus_TMUuvLNywq

    Islam shuld be forbiden all around tej world

  • LimeyAL

    Forbid muslims to gather in groups, if they do let them face the consequences. These hindus are the poorest of the poor come on India defend your own, expel these muslims send them to Pakistan where they belong.

  • carol

    when theres beheadings , rapes , beatings or stonings in any country the filthy muslims are always there in crowds ,kids as well ,cheering them on . what a blood thirsty sick lot muslims are. the most hated people in the world and the leaders sit by and do nothing. it realy is time for civil unrest. as more and more of these invaders are allowed into our countries to breed like rats to enlarge thier population its time we started planning for OUR future and what we need to do to keep these muslims down and in thier place in our countries and in our towns , bring out the lynch mobs, be heard by your traitorous leaders .let them know you wont put up with it. its millions against some weak ,greedy, corupt leaders that need taking out of power.. dont forget ,this is NOT a religion , its an ideology and a sick evil archaic one at that. you dont let invaders take your culture ,your country without a fight. this is as good as a world war against islam and we have the enemy in all our countries gradualy spreading thier hate and convincing the weak that thier sick ideology is good when we know its rotten to the core.

  • indian atheist

    The intense gun control in India only makes this situation worse.. Poor Hindus have no way of defending themselves..

  • Self-Defence Classes for Women

    Indian women need to take self-defence classes to empower themselves against these Muslim savages. Its a good idea for women everywhere to invest in self-defence classes so they will feel empowered and free.

    • Statesman

      Well! This is NOT the SOLUTION!!

  • Rob Ch

    it is time to end this disease called isl@m..

  • pappurao

    why more than 60% of rapes and 40% of crimes committed in India comes from followers of the religion of Islam did they inherited it from pedophile rapist Muhammad ??? why most of the India media never shows the truth about the crimes committed in India and only show hand picked crimes ??? because our Indian media is in control of pisslam followers and christian missionaries huge funds are injected in our Indian media big house by Vatican and mecca sponsored terrorists organizations to destabilize our country…

    • pappurao

      Christianity and Islam are two sides of same coin…you people are never going to change your mindset and you people always lives in a delusion world….

      • knowTheEnemy

        I am afraid it is you who is living in the delusion that “Christianity and Islam are two sides of same coin…”!

  • What more proof do you want? The devil exists. I salute PG. Despite the daily deadly threats she faces, she risks her life by speaking out and defeating these evil monsters! Remember- the devil feeds on fear- the more we speak out, the more weak they become. Team PG!

  • gregkliebigsr


    • Media Radar

      The state government is that of a known islamist supporter. Central government cannot do more than ask them to act, as there’s only 1 police, and that’s state. Center only has the Army and Special forces, that are restricted by law. Very hard times for folks in West Bengal.

      Sure we can say they were guilty of getting bamboozled by islamists into not voting at election time, but then water has flown under the bridge. This is the same situation in 2 other states.

  • gregkliebigsr






  • Michelle

    Army, guns cocked ethnically cleanse areas where these muslim bastards live and kick them out. It’s the same old story Hindu live peaceful life with others , muslim use this as weakness to take control. This is India for crying out loud, tell Pakistan to take them or nukes aimed at the ready . There can be no peace with muslims just evictions to a muslim country or shoot them not attack and arrest Indians living under fear for their lives and women. Sod it shoot to kill! This seems to be the only way to get through to them and a show of strength and punishment is the cure. Only 30% muslims yet the majority Hindu s have to live in fear? No way get media set up to witness and expose these muslims to the world and get the UN or international people in to kick out for them if their own government won’t act for its own people and shame them into action

    • Media Radar

      Hindus are unfortunately very meek people. We’ve been slaves for 600 years, so people are afraid of taking up arms. Wherever, in small pockets, they’ve done so, the politicians immediately cracked down on them. The smell of petrodollars is heady, my friend.

      This race, with all it’s good traits, is doomed to perish, being strongarmed both sides by Islamists and from the top by China.

      • Michelle

        Their government needs to act before it’s too late.and get on to the UN for troops

  • Media Radar

    This is not an exception. If you reach Tapan Ghosh (a social activist), Tathagata Roy (an author) or Taslima Nasreen (Bangladeshi author,living in asylum in West Bengal state), you will realize the horrors that people in the 2 states adjoining Islamic Bangladesh are going through on a daily basis.

    The state regularly fails to protect citizens, democracy has been subverted by huge influx of illegal Muslims from Bangladesh attacking Hindus and rigging elections, and the center is struggling to somehow tackle the situation, while courts & media continue to pretend it’s all business as usual, and continue to hand out pro-islamist decisions, “on benefit of doubt”

    This was an elected politician from West Bengal speaking and this an often enough act, that goes unreported most times.

    Hindus, Buddhists and Indigents are being killed and their women raped at an alarming frequency, changing the demography to suit islamists even more.

  • sunder

    See this !

  • dr.viraj pradhan

    I have no idea how serious is the problem in the U.S. and U.K. but despite being staunch Christian nations,many young women have converted to Islam.Is there any valid reason?

  • Dutta Debasis

    What the central home ministry doing?

  • dr.viraj pradhan

    Thanks,Saurabh Adhikari for up voting me.

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