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[ October 21, 2017 ]

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Fifth Muslim arrested in connection with Brooklyn ISIS plot


“Federal authorities have arrested a fifth man in connection with a group of ISIS sympathizers from Brooklyn who are charged with plotting to join the terror group and wage jihad on the United States.” There are plots like this all over, while our law enforcement authorities are conducting “outreach” to mosques. A comprehensive investigation of mosque teachings all over the US is long overdue.

Isis ramadi

“Fifth arrested in connection with Brooklyn ISIS plot,” by Selim Algar, New York Post, June 12, 2015:

Federal authorities have arrested a fifth man in connection with a group of ISIS sympathizers from Brooklyn who are charged with plotting to join the terror group and wage jihad on the United States.

Akmal Zakirov was charged Thursday with conspiring to provide material support to the notorious organization by funding overseas-travel plans for several alleged cohorts, according to Brooklyn federal-court ­papers.

His arrest follows the busts of Abdurasul Juraboev, 24, and Akhror Saidakhmetov, 24, both of Brooklyn, for plotting to join the group abroad.

The feds claim the suspects planned to attack NYPD officers back home in New York City if their overseas gambit failed.

Two additional associates, Abror Habibov and Dilkhayot Kasimov, were also arrested for helping raise travel funds….

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  • Philip


  • gerard

    Is on its way
    ‘bama say
    Hey hey hey!
    Bang your head
    Upon the floor
    Brain Is dead
    But welcome…
    Shariah Law!

  • Satans Wulfe

    Oh man, come on! The ISIS is not something to lose a nanosecond of sleep over. We’ve seen their theatrics far too much to believe they are legit. Even the al-Qa’ida (another fake impostor group) was better at acting.

    • Satans Wulfe

      ISIS is nothing but a CIA/Mossad collaboration. Anyone thinking otherwise is a brain dead twit not worth living.

      • JT

        No! ISIS created the CIA and Mossad too. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT DUMB ASS???

      • Brain Dead Twit

        Your well-reasoned comment has not stopped me from thinking otherwise. If ISIS is just “theatrics”, shouldn’t they be using rubber knives and fake blood in their videos?


        Brain Damaged Moohammeds Wuss sez what???

        • Satans Wulfe

          You guys are the perfect trio of losers! You can’t use your ass-located brains ever.

          1. Brain Dead Twit – The video is a fake one and is clear. The executions of various people was to agitate the brain dead American morons into an anti-Muslim frenzy. Then using this opportunity, Iran would be blamed for WMD links with ISIS. So they can initiate yet another war. But oops… China and Russia are awake and aware. So there goes your case right out through the window.

          2. JT – I know you can NEVER think on your own. ISIS created Mossad/CIA??? Now that bullshit deserves a
          Moron, you should know that Toyota produces its cars, not vice versa.

          3. SCREW SOCIALISM – As for you, you are not even worth wasting a nanosecond over. You can only SLANDER SLANDER SLANDER.

  • pennant8

    National Geographic has an excellent documentary titled “Inside 9/11.” It details all the pre-attack preparations made by the hijackers while they were living here in the US. The documentary calls attention to a particular mosque in Brooklyn that was a contact point for the hijackers.

  • geirsmith

    Hi everyone,

    You know, there must be a bigger picture of evil here than just this tit-for-tat daily bickering. Islam has got to be part of a bigger design of evil wrought upon Earth.

    Look at Obama. He’s part-Muslim. But look at the bigger picture: on the day he was elected, the next day the lottery in his hometown Chicago drew 666. Anybody who reads the Bible knows that’s the Mark and Number of the Antichrist aka the Mark of the Beast.

    I mean we’ve got to see that Islam is part of a greater evil still which is of Satanical background.
    It’s important to give it’s bigger backdrop. Not just a limited vision. It’s part of the prophetical vision of the end times and that.

  • If it’s the “Religion of Peace,” why do the feds arrest Mooslim after Mooslim after Mooslim?

  • Ron Cole

    Jus add them to the list of enemies of the Constitution and America:
    1. kongress,
    2. kourt of supremes
    3. wh

  • Walter Sieruk

    This fifth Muslim man arrested in Brooklyn might have ,along with the others who are sympathizers to ISIS, caused murders and destruction. So it was a very good thing that he was arrested. This shows two things .First, the evil influence of the brutal and deadly jihad entity ISIS has along reach. .Therefore, we all need to keep aware of our surroundings and be on the outlook for anything that seems to look wrong As in “What wrong with this picture ?” Then is something wrong is seen then go as tell the right person about it As,for example that Tee-shirt vendor at Times square NY.NY. who saw some smoke come out of that parked van and then told a police officer about it. As it has been said “If you see something, say something.” Second, all of those five Muslim sympathizers of ISIS might in their own kind warped, sick, and deluded Islamic way of thinking could have had “good intentions” Therefore ,this may serve as an example the the old saying must be true. Which is “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

  • Walter Sieruk

    All of those five Muslim arrested who are sympathizer to ISIS could have cause much harm In their Islamic cause. Of all the strange and odd things it could be that from the Koranic worldview were dong that they felt was the “right thing” This may serve as an example the just strong “feeling something is right” and acting on it is folly and foolishness. For the is Right and there is Wrong.For as just a “strong feeling” can be wrong if in reality it is wrong aid thus in terrible error.. Such feeling only show how powerful and awful such a delusion may be about seeing evil and “good.” The Bible does teach “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil…” Isaiah 5;20. [N.I.V.]

  • Up Huff

    Should he be found guilty treat him as a Muslim would a Christian or Jew- take him out and decapitate him.
    So should perish ALL Muslim’s who follow the ideology of this one.

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