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Anti-Israel Leaders Hosted at State Department Seek to Drive Wedge in U.S.-Israel Alliance

An Insider Account: Obama’s Jihad Against the Jews


In my 2010 book, The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America, I meticulously documented Obama’s antisemitic upbringing and the resulting allegiances, alliances and ‘friendships.” I unequivocally warned the disastrous consequences of a jihad-supporting commander-in-chief. Specifically, the chapters entitled “The indoctrination of Barack Obama,” “Obama and the Jews,” “Obama and Israel,” and “Obama and Iran” foretold what was to come. How right I was.

I believe that Obama’s deep-seated hatred of Israel stems from his Islamic studies as a young boy in Indonesia. According to fellow classmates, Obama excelled in Quran classes, and Islamic Jew-hatred is in the Quran. The Jesuits boast, “Give me the child for his first seven years, and I’ll give you the man.”

Former Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren, a center leftist, in his latest book spills the beans on Obama’s treachery and blatant Jew-hatred in his dismantling of the US-Israel relationship.


Commentary: I don’t know that I’ve ever read a book quite as eye-opening as Michael Oren’s Ally, the bestselling historian’s stunning new memoir of his four years as Israel’s ambassador to the United States. For what Oren has written is an account of serving as a diplomat during a Cold War—the Cold War the Obama administration launched against Israel upon coming into office.

It turns out that, as bad as things looked between the Obamans and the Israelis from the outside, it was even worse on the inside. The sheer unfriendliness of the administration is startlingly present on nearly every one of his memoir’s 374 pages of text—and runs far deeper than the problematic relationship between the president and Oren’s boss, Benjamin Netanyahu. Oren’s first meeting at the State Department with then–Deputy Secretary Jim Steinberg sets the tone: “He was a dedicated angler renowned for tying flies in his spare time. Fittingly, Steinberg’s attitude toward the Jewish state called to mind the old Israeli adage, ‘He loves us like a fisherman loves fish.’”

Oren is later verbally abused, and irrationally so, by another State Department official, Tom Nides, when Palestinian efforts to seek recognition of UN statehood threaten to trigger long-standing legislation passed by Congress to shut down Palestinian diplomatic and economic relations with the United States. “You don’t want the f—king UN to collapse because of your f—king conflict with the Palestinians, and you don’t want the f—king Palestinian Authority to fall apart either,” Nides rages at Oren.

Even the administration’s gestures of affection or acts of support were often loaded. Oren uses the Hebrew word for hug, chibbuk, to describe cynical efforts to “keep us close” and restrain Israeli freedom of action: “American contributions to the IDF’s missile defense, for example, diminished Israel’s case for striking Iranian nuclear plants preemptively, and generated more time for talks.”

His dealings with the elite media were likewise unpleasant. He called the New York Times editorial-page editor, Andrew Rosenthal, after the paper published an op-ed by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in which Abbas effectively suggested the Arabs had accepted the UN Partition Plan of 1947. The conversation went thus:

“When I write for the Times, fact checkers examine every word I write,” I began. “Did anybody check that Abbas has his facts exactly backward?”

“That’s your opinion,” Rosenthal replied.

“I’m an historian, Andy, and there are opinions and there are facts. That the Arabs rejected partition and the Jews accepted it is an irrefutable fact.”

“In your view.”

“Tell me, on June 6, 1944, did Allied forces land or did they not land on Normandy Beach?”

Rosenthal…replied, “Some might say so.”

“It turns out that, as bad as things looked between the Obamans and the Israelis from the outside, it was even worse on the inside.”

And keep in mind Oren himself fell for the Obama Romance in 2008.

But this was before he understood the deep and profound coldness within Barack Obama, “a chill” that “distanced him from traditional American allies—not only Israel—whose ambassadors complained to me of the administration’s unprecedented aloofness. ‘Obama’s problem is not a tin ear,’ one of my European colleagues lamented, ‘it’s a tin heart.’”

But it is not his tin heart that has led Obama to engage in this Cold War with Israel. It is his tinpot ideology.

An Inside Look At How Obama Killed The U.S.-Israel Relationship” Adam Kredo, WFB, June 19, 2015
Oren book reveals Iimmense hostility, anger at Israel

In his new memoir, former Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren documents the rapid dissolution of the historically close U.S.-Israel alliance under President Barack Obama. Oren recounts being threatened and intimidated at multiple junctures by Obama and his senior officials, marking many firsts in a relationship that has long been the cornerstone of American foreign policy.

The memoir, Ally: My Journey Across the American-Israeli Divide, has already rushed to the top of Amazon’s bestseller list. It provides a window into the daily stresses and strains Obama and his allies heaped upon the Jewish state—from placing unprecedented demands on Israel regarding the peace process to fabricating crises in the U.S.-Israel alliance.

“Prophecy was not required to foresee that an Obama presidency might strain the U.S.-Israel alliance,” Oren writes in the early pages of his book.

Obama stacked his administration with senior officials hostile to Israel and pursued a policy of “daylight” with Jewish state, Oren recounts.

“The first thing Obama will do in office is pick a fight with Israel,” Oren recalls a confidant as telling him in the early days of the administration.

Below are a series of passages that reveal in detail how the U.S.-Israel alliance hit historic lows under the Obama administration.

1. ‘I know how to deal with people who oppose me’

The tension between Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel began during their first meeting at the White House, Oren recalls. While the meeting appeared to go “smoothly,” behind the scenes Obama outwardly threatened Netanyahu.

“Face-to-face, I later heard, Obama had demanded that Netanyahu cease all building not only in the territories but also in the disputed areas of Jerusalem,” Oren writes. “‘Not a single brick,’” the president purportedly said. ‘I know how to deal with people who oppose me.’”

Obama and Netanyahu / AP

2. Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Commanders Never Trusted Obama

Oren recounts listening to Obama’s 2009 speech in Cairo while stationed in the IDF’s headquarters. “Their reactions typified that of a great many Israelis.”

These commanders “scoffed at what they regarded as Obama’s inexperience with the Middle East, where magnanimity is often seen as weakness. They cringed at his tendency to equate America’s moral foibles with the honor killings, human trafficking, and the suppression of women, foreign workers, and indigenous minorities rampant in many Muslim countries,” Oren writes.

Their opinions only grew dimmer when Obama “linked that legitimacy [of Israel] to the Jews’ ‘tragic history’ in the Holocaust. That linkage seemed to me to be the most damaging part of his speech.”

3. The Anti-Israel State Department

Oren’s first meeting with then-Deputy Secretary of State Jim Steinberg was fraught and filled with demands that Israel consent to Obama administration demands for a total building freeze in Jerusalem. Such intimidation and threats would be a cornerstone of Oren’s meetings with senior officials at Foggy Bottom.

“Discord indeed mired my initial meeting with Deputy Secretary of State Jim Steinberg,” Oren writes.

“Under the administration’s policy, a Jew could only build his home in certain Jerusalem neighborhoods but an Arab could build anywhere—even illegally—without limit. ‘In America,’ I said, ‘that’s called discrimination.’”

Later in his tenure, Steinberg would again upbraid Oren. State Department staffers apparently “listened in on” the angry meeting and “cheered,” according to Oren.

4. Congressional Democrats Scold Oren

A handful of congressional Democrats berated Oren during his first trip to Capitol Hill as ambassador.

“In our first conversation, Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida caught me off guard with a letter from a constituent alleging ‘Israeli economic apartheid’ in the territories,” Oren recalls.

Later, “Senator Dianne Feinstein offered me a glass of select California wine and said, ‘I am a peacemaker but you are a fighter.’”

Later in the book, Oren recalls taking a call from Sen. Barbara Boxer (D., Calif.), who “railed at me so furiously [about Israeli criticism of Obama] that I literally had to hold the phone form my ear.”

IDF tanks / AP

5. Obama Tells Off Prominent American Jewish Leaders in Private Meeting

Obama’s first meeting with a delegation of top American Jewish leaders was tense, according to Oren.

While such gatherings “had become standard” for previous White Houses, “for Obama … the briefings were less a means of garnering support than of muting opposition. Indeed, what many American Jewish leaders saw as the placing of undue pressure on Israel, the president regarded as displays of restraint.”

Obama invited the anti-Israel fringe group J Street to participate in these private meetings, a move that angered more mainstream Jewish leaders.

6. Rahm Emanuel’s Angry Outbursts

Former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, notorious for his profanity-laden outbursts, woke Oren one morning with an angry call.

“I don’t like this f***ing shit,” Oren quotes Emanuel as saying about Israel’s refusal to stop building Jewish homes in disputed territories.

“Rahm, I knew, was not enamored of my boss or of the American Jewish leaders whom he faulted for backing Netanyahu unconditionally,” Oren writes.

Later in the book, Oren recalls Emanuel referring to a settlement dispute between Israel and the U.S. as “a pimple on the ass of the U.S.-Israel friendship.”

7. White House Orders Senior Officials to Criticize Israel

In addition to privately embracing the anti-Israel fringe group J Street, the Obama administration sent top officials to speak at its first national conference in Washington, D.C.

Oren, who refused to participate in the event, reveals that Obama administration officials had direct orders to criticize Israel publicly.

Hannah Rosenthal, the administration’s former adviser on anti-Semitism, “issued her first denunciation not of anti-Semites, but rather of me for boycotting the summit,” Oren writes.

“Hannah eventually became a friend and I never took her comment personally,” he adds. “Nor did I believe that she acted on her own, since I later learned that some of the criticism emanated directly from the White House.”


8. Hillary Clinton Refuses to Meet With Oren

Oren reveals that in the early days of his tenure, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton refused to meet with him in person.

“I reached out to Hillary Clinton, asking for a private meeting, only to be rebuffed,” Oren recalls.

9. Hillary Blows Her Top

When Secretary of State Hillary Clinton learned of Israeli plans to transform a slum in Jerusalem into a ritzy tourist mall, “she nearly blew her top,” according to Oren.

The slum was deemed controversial due to its location in an East Jerusalem neighborhood the administration considered as disputed.

“We practically had to scrape her off the ceiling,” according to a senior American official who spoke to Oren.

10. White House Wrongly Accuses Oren Of Interfering in U.S. Politics

When U.S.-Israel tensions hit a high point in 2010, Oren frantically sought to diffuse the hostility by setting up a meeting with then-Senior White House Adviser David Axelrod.

“I urged him to find a way out of a situation that I feared might become dangerous for Israel, but Axelrod calmly brushed this aside,” Oren recalls. “Instead, he accused me of urging congressmen to hold on until [the] 2012 [elections], that Obama would never get reelected. That charge of interfering in internal American politics could have rendered me persona non grata and resulted in my expulsion from the United States.”

11. Obama Withholds Vital Arms From Israel

After working furiously to secure a deal with U.S. officials for 20 F-35 Joint Strike Fighters, Obama cancelled the arms sale, according to Oren.

“The impact, for Israel, was calamitous,” Oren writes. “Editorials—apparently fanned by official sources—suggested that the F-35s has been an Israeli demand, rather than an American offer.”

12. Robert Gates Has A ‘Visceral Dislike of Netanyahu’

A $60 billion U.S. arms sale to Saudi Arabia in 2010 sent Israeli officials scrambling.

U.S. and Israeli leaders saw the sale as an affront to the Jewish State’s Qualitative Military Edge (QME), a longstanding deal in which the United States has assured Israel’s military supremacy in the region.

“Such concerns [about maintaining the QME] unnerved Netanyahu in a July 6 meeting with [former Secretary of Defense] Robert Gates,” who had “long harbored a visceral dislike of Netanyahu,” according to Oren.

“The animus” between Netanyahu and Gates “was discernible in the Blair House reception room, where Netanyahu promptly took Gates to task for the Saudi sale.”

13. White House Orders Israel to Hold Off On Iran Strike

As the Iranian march for nuclear weapons hit a critical point in the summer of 2009, the Obama administration publicly affirmed Israel’s right to defend itself.

Behind the scenes, though, the White House ordered Israel to lay off Tehran.

“Off camera … the message was ‘Don’t you dare,’” Oren recalls. “Washington quietly quashed any military option for Israel.”

14. Obama Destroys ‘More Than 40 Years of American Policy’ Toward Israel

On the eve of a critical vote at the United Nations on a Palestinian-backed resolution to condemn Israeli settlements, Obama held a 50-minute phone call with President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority .

Obama, during that call, promised to “renew America’s demand for a total freeze on Israeli construction in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.” He also promised to lend his support “for a Palestinian state based on the 1967 lines,” an unprecedented call from a U.S. president, Oren writes.

Israel “was never consulted about this conversation nor even informed,” Oren writes, claiming that the White House even lied about the conversation. “The White House spokesman insisted the subject was Egypt.”

“The Prime Minster’s Office had learned of Obama’s offer to Abbas from U.N. sources, not the United States, and was outraged,” Oren recounts. “The White House has overnight altered more than forty years of American policy” and “Israel felt abandoned.”

15. Susan Rice Yells At Oren

Following the White House’s move to leave Israel in the dark on the U.N. vote, Oren met with then-U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice.

Rice sat in her New York office “brooding and peevishly tapping her forehead with her finger,” according to Oren.

“Israel must freeze all settlement activity,” Oren recalls her saying. “Otherwise the United States will not be able to protect Israel from Palestinian actions at the U.N.”

“’If you don’t appreciate the fact that we defend you night and day, tell us,’ Rice fumed, practically rapping her forehead. ‘We have other important things to do.’”

16. ‘The President is Going to Take On the Prime Minister’

Ahead of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s (AIPAC) annual conference in Washington, a senior U.S. official told Oren that Obama was out to “take on” Netanyahu directly.

Both leaders were scheduled to give talks at the pro-Israel lobbying group’s annual confab.

“The president is going to take on the prime minster in front of AIPAC,” former White House Chief Of Staff Bill Daley told Oren. “And if he gets booed, so what?”

17. Obama Officials Embrace ‘Israel Lobby’ Canard

Writing in the New York Times after Netanyahu’s address to AIPAC, columnist Tom Friedman asked if “Netanyahu understands that the standing ovation he got in Congress was bought and paid for by the Israel lobby.”

“I called Tom the moment the article came online and urged him to retract it,” Oren recalls. “You’ve confirmed the worst anti-Semitic stereotype, that Jews purchase seats in Congress,” Oren informed him.

Friedman’s response: “For every call I’ve received protesting, I’ve gotten ten congratulating me for finally telling the truth. … Many of those calls were from senior administration officials.”

18. Senior State Department Official Curses at Oren

Disagreements between the United States and Israel reached another boiling point when the Palestinian Authority moved to gain unilateral recognition at the U.N.

Congressional law mandated that such a move should result in the closure of the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s Washington office, the cut off of U.S. aid to the PA, and the termination of all U.S. funding to any U.N. organization that recognized Palestine.

“Israel strongly endorsed all three repercussions, which the White House just as vehemently opposed,” Oren writes.

While pushing Israel’s cause at the State Department, Oren was chastised by Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.

“You don’t want the fucking U.N. to collapse because of your fucking conflict with the Palestinians, and you don’t want the fucking Palestinian Authority to fall apart either,” Nides purportedly said to Oren.

19. Obama Hearts Erdoğan

During a meeting at the White House with Israeli leaders, Obama allegedly expressed great support and faith in Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, a notorious critic of Israel who has promoted anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

“He’s not living in the sixteenth century,” Obama told the Israelis present in the meeting, according to Oren. “We could do much worse than have a bunch of Erdogans in the Middle East.”

20. Obama Keeps Israel In Dark About Syria Strikes

When the United States first decided to launch airstrikes against Syria, Israel was left in the dark, another first in the U.S.-Israel relationship, according to Oren.

The ambassador learned about the strikes while listening to the radio.

“The razor froze in mid-shave,” he writes. “Wiping the foam from my face, I rushed to the embassy. The once-sacred principle of ‘no surprises’ in the U.S.-Israel alliance had fallen into desuetude during the Obama period, but never to this depth on an issue so vital to our immediate security.”

21. Obama Only Backs Israel ‘Because That’s What the American People Want’

During yet another meeting between Obama and Netanyahu, the president attempted to reassure Israel that it would defend it in any war with Iran.

Obama revealed that he only backs Israel because a plurality of Americans demands it.

“If war comes, we’re with you, because that’s what the American people want,” Oren recalls Obama saying.

  • wildjew

    “But it is not his tin heart that has led Obama to engage in this Cold War with Israel. It is his tinpot ideology…..”

    I think it is both. What they mean by his tin heart, Obama is a particularly bloodless (insensitive) and soulless man. Otherwise what can explain the callous manner he looks on as his fellow Muslims do unspeakable things to non-Muslim minorities in the Middle East, North Africa, etc.?

    13. White House Orders Israel to Hold Off On Iran Strike

    As the Iranian march for nuclear weapons hit a critical point in the summer of 2009, the Obama administration publicly affirmed Israel’s right to defend itself.

    Behind the scenes, though, the White House ordered Israel to lay off Tehran.

    “Off camera … the message was ‘Don’t you dare,’” Oren recalls. “Washington quietly quashed any military option for Israel….”

    What are Obama’s polling numbers? Approximately “47% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Obama’s job performance.” One day when Iranian nukes are in America’s cities and aimed at America’s main cities and we have many millions more Muslim-American citizens, Americans can thank this Hussein nightmare they elected and supported. When the slaughter comes to this once great nation one day in the future, there will be people (like the author of “The Post-American Presidency”) who will say, “we tried to warn you.”

    The vigilant will keep their passports up to date.

    • Covadonga

      >”The vigilant will keep their passports up to date.”

      True,… but where would we go?

      • Lia

        Israel. I’m sure they’d take us in, though we’re not Jews.

        • Bert

          It would also be in order for you to help Israel expand its boundaries to accommodate its friends.

          • Lia

            I’m 72-years-old, but whatever I can do, I shall. (I am a very good teacher … and learner, so I would start by learning Hebrew.)

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Hebrew looks to be a difficult language to learn.

          • Lia

            I think so, and though I’m a good teacher, I’m not the most clever of persons …

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            They do have Hebrew schools you can go to. I’d probably go to one of those.
            But, just imagine, you’re going be writing and reading from thgir ot tfel not left to right. But anything worthwhile is going to involve some effort right?

          • Lia

            And remember to read from r to l! But yes, I’d gladly attend H. school. As a matter of fact I’d be willing to go to Israel simply for the sake of learning the language, effort or not.

      • Cliffhild

        —believe me, I’ve been wondering the same, and I live in England! Maybe Christian Russia???

  • James

    Obama’s middle finger salute is for you Mr/Miss America and for the Jews.


    (Time is running

    There is nothing in this country the government will not
    give away!

    The main point is this. Our president is a socialist muslim
    and a good part of our government are muslims. Their intent is to bring the USA
    down dividing the country along racial lines and destroying the economy. All that is required is enough strife and law
    lessness in the country and there will be excuse to declare marshal law.

    (Notice to all countries) We have been infiltrated and the takeover
    in our country is imminent.

    No visas for Christian immigrants in muslim countries
    because they are Christians. (Muslim immigrants accepted).

    The destruction of Israel as a nation making it totally

    There is a RFID chip in your future so government can track
    and control you.

    Persecution of Christians and the Christian military
    personal that exhibit and practice their faith.

    Perversion is readily acceptable and practiced while being
    forced into the military by government.

    Division of the country along racial lines (Divided and
    Conquer). Open borders.

    Total disarmament of the people is being pushed politically
    from the president’s office down.

    ISLAM, GOVERNMENT and the socialistic UN and NWO.

    War and the failure of our economy guarantees (EVERYONE)
    will be affected. No escape and nowhere
    to run.

    A radical socialistic UN and a bought and paid for Republican
    and democratic government (Rep. and Dems) want to import muslim people from
    Syria and other failed muslim countries (to the USA) by the Hundreds of
    Thousands. Open borders divide the country racially. They will slander anyone
    who disagrees with their agenda and I disagree. Furthermore I am saying enough
    is enough.

    It is past time to stand up as an Americans (UNITED) and ORGANIZED
    and put government in its proper CONSTITUTIONAL rightful place. NO MORE LAW
    LESSness. Freedom is not free and if the people fail to protect their God given
    rights they will have no more rights.

    If I had my way I would tell the UN to go to hell. It is the
    UN forcing these immigration issues in America through our treasonous government.
    Who are your representatives working for?
    (You or the UN)?

    Then I would round up
    every one of these Dems who are forcing this invasion on the American people
    and demand they are tried for treason. Those who were not convicted I would
    send to Syria or some other failed muslim hole. Let us see how long before the
    muslims remove their heads.


    I do not promote
    Islam in any country and for sure not in my own country where islams only
    concern has been to corrupt the system with more (TERROR) like sharia law and
    their barbaric RELIGION and political principles.

    You better wake up people this is nothing less than an
    invasion with the intent of destroying the country, (USA) the Christians, Jews
    and your way of life while promoting the socialistic NWO using Islam in the
    process of producing a world socialistic caliphate. .

    You want to face a knife at your throat or watch them rape
    your wife or daughter, just ignore these warnings and do nothing.

    Keep your guns, stock
    up on ammo and pray while growing in faith.
    If you do not have guns then buy one and get plenty of ammo with it. The
    first step to bringing down a country is to disarm as many of its people as
    possible. Unarmed people are helpless to stand against tyranny.


    Country these people have come into, (our) country and other
    countries are now being forced to accept duel government with islam and sharia
    law dividing the countries they immigrate into.
    Their intent to the host country is for the host country to support
    them. They do not assimilate into the countries they migrate into but settle
    separately often taking up to four wives. They procreate like rabbits letting
    the welfare systems take care of them. When they become strong enough
    demographically they infiltrate the political system and demand the countries
    adopt their life style and laws. Always the intent has been to divide and

    THIS stinks to hi heaven, AND I SAY ENOUGH. PAST TIME TO

    A muslim president and government are not acceptable or
    compatible in a Constitutional republic or democratic society. Muslim will not
    accept Constitutional law, as muslims they considering themselves
    to be above it.

    Your law and you yourselves are considered inferior and
    therefore you are to be subjugated as a slave or killed. (YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS

    I am a Christian and if this government thinks I will set
    quietly by and let them destroy my country and eventually destroy my family and
    myself I say NO!

    (ENOUGH) I am going to say lock and load America.

    I am not and animal and I am not going to be slaughtered
    like and animal or forced to accept islam or pay as a slave to live in my
    country. Nor am I going to set ideally and do nothing while my family is set up
    for this satanic system.

    Americans for Americans.

    Jesus Christ is Lord.

  • Oren Tells it Like it is

    Ambassador Michael Oren is one of those rare people who actually tells it like it is. Obama was raised in a Madrassa, and then sat at the foot of the Anti-Semite, anti-American Reverend Jeremiah Wright for 20 years. What fools we were to elect him.

  • wildjew

    I posted over at the Forward:

    I am guessing Obama-supporters will try to discredit Ambassador Oren in the weeks and months to come for exposing not only Obama’s antipathy toward Israel but what a few brave souls have described as an animus toward Jews and especially a certain ‘kind’ of Jew.


    Michael Oren Played Don Quixote — and 18 Other Quirky Things About Him

    Aaron Steinberg-MadowJune 22, 2015Image: Getty Images

    • The Forward is a muslim lite publication.An Obama Loving JStreet ,JVP paper

  • wildjew

    Washington Post, in the service of Barack Hussein Obama?

    ‘Al-Ahram’ Editor: ‘Washington Post’ Waging A Vicious Campaign Against Al-Sisi Regime In Service Of Muslim Brotherhood

  • wildjew

    I believe South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley did the right thing today, calling for the Confederate battle flag to be taken down from out in front of the state Capitol.

    When is Obama going to follow suite by ceasing his support for racist organizations like Muslim Brotherhood and their offshoots?

    • Nina

      …when pigs fly…

  • Rocinante44

    an illegal alien muslim president who loathes america, christians, and jews, and half of america loves him. our disgust should not be aimed at him, but the ugly monster that america became in the last generation

  • Robert Hudson

    What’s wrong with anti semitism? Can you I mean I Can I be ant muslim and anti semitic? You’re all as bad as each other. there are 3 Jews and 6 Catholics on the Supreme court of the USA. I can’t see Sharia law coming in any time soon. Getting rid of the ten commandments and and other Jewish tripe out of the courts and government buildings will take another 50 years. I’m proudly anti Catholic, anti Semitic and anti Islam. You’re all APES.

    • Israel’s Miracles


      Israel’s contributions to the world are medical advancements, agriculture, technology etc.

      Muslims contributions = zero , death and destruction as they murder people all over the world.

      • Nina

        Robert is just jealous. He wishes he were Jewish and is angry that G-d didn’t choose him.

        But don’t cry Robert, you can always convert.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Sharia law is already being forced in fact, if not name, by izlamic-nazi apes such as yourself in Dearbornistan, Michigan. There’s only one religion persecuting and murdering people of other faiths (and even no other faith) all over the world today: pi$$lam. ESAD.

  • Dennis

    The most reasonable conclusion that I would expect us U.S. citizens to take from this commentary is that the democratic party has lost its way. I am a registered Democrat, but I have also come to the conclusion that the democrats should no longer lead this country. Although I saw this man’s total lack of ability, I was mortified that the American electorate voted for this man twice. He had no leadership experience in business or military. He had no lawyer like qualities of success. We never really knew he was raised under significant Islamic tutelage. Maybe some of the blame should fall on the Republicans who failed miserably to bring those negative or lacking qualities to the electors attention. We know that the give away mentality of the Democrats has ruined this country, and now they are enabling a Middle Eastern country, who hates our culture, to move closer to access to nuclear strike capability. We also must admit that few countries still see America as a supportive ally. I pray that those who were fooled by this man twice now have or will see the light, and will elect someone with the kind of qualities and experience we will need to lead this country back from the brink.

  • patriotpatone

    The Lord God Almighty has spoken “I will bless those who bless you (Israel) and I will curse those who curse you”.

    • Bert

      Yes and Obama is due for big punishment. Unfortunately Innocent Americans will also have to pay a price because Obama is betraying America along with Israel.

      • patriotpatone

        That’s right Burt.9/11 was due to God lifting his hedge of protection from our nation.Because of unfaithfulness, He allows our enemies to achieve victories. The masses are deceived by the media, the educational institutions and secular science. The future will only be worse without true repentance!

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Is a country which not only facilitates the spread of izlamic-nazism but funds it (i.e. Hamas, Pakistan) a leader of the free world? Or an enemy of the free world?

  • Lia

    I seriously want the f—— UN to implode: that would keep its to-the-core rottenness contained, while an explosion would spread it. The PA is not worth retaining, for it’s under Hamas’s thumb & Hamas is coming under the new salafist group’s thumb. Out there, it’s truly the survival of the strongest.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Is Fatah any better? I don’t think so…

      • Lia

        No, it’s not: in islam I think one only gets bad, worse, & worst, but we need a fourth degree of comparison. Worser nor’ worst?

  • Steve Brown

    I spoke to a bishop of a large black baptist church and he told me that he did not support Israel. No wonder Obama got 99% of the black vote. Here is proof. These major black christian denominations are on the the side of the people that have vowed to destroy Israel.

  • Gordon Miller

    Can Israel (and America) withstand Obama’s brand of Jew-hatred for another 1½ years? It’s problematical isn’t it?

  • Bert

    Note those U.S. Jews who strongly supported Obama against Israel. Oren’s revelations are shocking and should be widely read by all Americans including every Jew. It is blindingly clear that Obama is maneuvering to place Israel in a non-survivable position while also establishing his narrative that Israel is evil and deserves to be punished.
    Our Torah warns that in the future Israel will find itself isolated and alone among hostile nations. Our Torah also shows the Israel can win if it follows G-d’s Law and that Israel will suffer if it does not. The problem is that Israeli leaders are almost all secular with little or no regard for the instructions in our bible. We Jews are in for very big trouble.

    • Lia

      I’m non-Jew and non-American and even I’ve bought a copy to read …

  • marlene

    I believe that obama would have turned out the same even without his islamic upbringing. His evil comes from within him. He has hatred for too many peoples, a hatred that comes from his demonic soul. Jews, christians, whites, heterosexuals, America, Americans, democracy, conservatives, and on and on. He’s evil to the core – period.

  • CoolTolerance

    His entire administration was hand-picked for a reason: they all share the same ideology, that of hate towards Israel. Only two exceptions – Kerry and his use of McCain. Both of the latter, in my opinion, have mental health issues due to their age (obvious traces of Alzheimer) and thus are easily manipulated. The greatest traitor would be Hillary since she performs for power and money.
    Hope the book becomes the no. 1 best-seller.

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