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[ September 24, 2017 ]

LIVESTREAM VIDEO: Berkeley Free Speech Rally

[ September 24, 2017 ]

Breitbart News Coverage on Berkeley Free Speech March

[ September 24, 2017 ]

Photos/Video: Free Speech Rally at Berkeley #WeOvercame

[ September 24, 2017 ]

Breitbart News: Milo Announces Troll Academy Tour, Publishing Pamela Geller’s ‘Fatwa’ Under Dangerous Books

[ September 24, 2017 ]

WE WILL MARCH ON BERKELEY today despite cancellation #weshallovercome

[ September 24, 2017 ]

South Africa: Muslim twins plotted jihad attacks on Jewish institutions

[ September 24, 2017 ]

Austria: 4,364 asylum applicants vanish

[ September 24, 2017 ]

Australia: Muslim boys gang-rape 12-year-old girl in Sydney park

[ September 23, 2017 ]

FATWA! Hunted in America: Pamela Geller’s New Book from Milo’s Dangerous Publishing House

[ September 23, 2017 ]

YOUTUBE Suspends, Deletes Pamela Geller’s Account

Phoenix mosque caught lying about membership status of Texas Jihadis


The imam to the jihadis claimed he was shocked — that they were gentle fellows. Are we just going to take his word for it? Now that we know he is a liar. There needs to be an investigation of what it is being taught at that mosque.

Are we supposed to believe that they learned Peaceful Islam at the mosque but were “radicalized on the Internet”?

Again, why aren’t the supposedly peaceful teachings of Islam that are supposedly taught at American mosques not able to withstand the jihadis’ appeal?


The mosque even posted his $100,000 bond when he was arrested, although now they’re lying about that, too. Will authorities investigate this mosque, or are they too busy drawing up the latest condemnation of Pamela Geller? “Phoenix Mosque Caught Lying About Ties to Texas Would-Be Jihadist Killer,” by Patrick Poole, PJ Media, May 7, 2015:

…Most of the conflicting accounts have come from mosque president Usama Shami, who has been regularly featured in multiple press reports following the events Sunday evening….

For example, a Dallas Morning News article quotes him as saying the pair were not regular members:

Usama Shami, president of the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix, said Simpson and Soofi attended prayers at the mosque but were not regular members. Simpson started attending Friday prayers at the mosque about 10 years ago, he said, but visited the mosque less frequently after he was arrested.

But in fact, a video posted on the ICCPA Youtube channel in 2012 features Elton (“Ibrahim”) Simpson and identifies him as a member:

vlcsnap-2015-05-07-15h59m57s170…The above quote by Shami asserts that Simpson stopped frequenting the mosque after his 2010 arrest. Another account by a local spokeswoman published in the Arizona Republic claimed that the mosque had shunned Simpson:

Deedra Abboud, a converted Muslim and a former community activist-turned-lawyer said Wednesday that members of the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix were scared and that “everybody’s being pressured by the FBI.”

Abboud also said that while the FBI’s case bothered Simpson, so did a sense that the mosque turned its back on him.

“It was a combination of the two things: harassment by the FBI and the Muslim community avoiding him like the plague,” said Abboud, who helped raise money for Simpson’s bail and knows many of his closest acquaintances.

“It was the isolation,” she said. “My theory is that he was upset with the Muslim community and he became more susceptible to radical ideas.”

However, mosque president Shami stated several times that it was only within the past few months that the pair stopped attending:

Simpson had worshipped at the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix for about a decade, but he quit showing up over the past two or three months, the president of the mosque told The Associated Press….

That account was repeated by the LA Times:

Usama Shami, president of the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix, remembers Simpson as “a pleasant kid” who taught his jump shot to younger children at basketball courts near the mosque. Simpson attended the mosque beginning in his high school years, Shami said, and was active until just months ago.

“We didn’t see him too much lately,” said Shami, whose mosque is about two miles from the apartment shared by Simpson and Soofi.

So we see Shami giving two very different versions of Simpson’s attendance at the mosque.

Shami also tried to distance the mosque from Simpson’s 2010 arrest:

Shami disagreed that the mosque shunned Simpson. The mosque did decline to raise money for his legal defense, he said, concerned with not knowing where the FBI case would lead.

“Our first priority is to protect the mosque. It cannot be part of any federal case,” he explained, adding that Simpson was always welcome to attend even after his conviction.

And yet, multiple media reports quote Simpson’s attorney Kristina Sitton saying the mosque posted $100,000 cash bond after his arrest:

The Islamic Community Center of Phoenix posted $100,000 cash bond to release him from custody, Sitton said.

Again, from the LA Times:

Simpson was placed on three years’ probation and fined $600. His mosque in Phoenix had posted his $100,000 bail….

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  • R Hill

    I thought Geller believed in freedom of speech, so how does what they teach have anything to do with anything, unless she is simply terrified at her brush with a close call moment, and grasping for straws to figure how did these two nuts decide to attack her event!:-) I think freedom of speech is pretty much what she does even though its racist, hateful, she does have the right and apparently she has reaped what she has sown!

    • Shwayz

      Why has she reaped what she sowed? Has she attacked a mosque? Killed cartoonists? Cut the heads off Christians? Only the region of barbarism acts in this way. The facts are clear.

    • jimbo

      what she does isn’t racist RHill you loser !! she talks of the actions and ways of evil islam. those moderates hide behind lies and put up a false face. truth is what they want is islam to dominate all over the world.

      you are a fool and idiot. Pamela tells the truth. if you find that racist, you are truly an apologist dhimmi and a co-conspirator in islams grand plans to take over the world.

      they only openly state it, yet idiots like you could never ever see it. too much left wing rhetoric blinding you from seeing what is truly there. good god leftist fools like you get up our goat !

    • chris wolf

      R Hill, you’re a coward and a disgrace.
      Get a job in the media sniveling and shilling for the triumph of mob rule and jihad tyranny in the United States — that’s where your diseased heart is.

    • Cate

      Always ready to argue, nothing more. Worthless.

    • tryingtopickaname

      Dingbat. Then the jihadists reaped what they had sown, right? You really can’t discern between issues of free speech and sedition? Really?

    • Covadonga

      She’s not complaining about their abstract theological teachings. (Even though those are bad enough.)

      She’s asking for them to be investigated for preaching death of anyone who insults their dear Mohammad or his sock puppet Allah, death of the Jews, death of the gays, overthrow of the Constitutional order, etc.

      And also, more recently, for making false statements to investigators of the terrorist incident in Garland.

    • Well Done

      Conspiracy to commit murder isn’t protected speech, trolling twit.

    • dfw63

      What race are they?
      And for future reference, the saying is “grasping at straws”.

    • Magnus Atheos

      Why do we constantly have to remind you leftists that Islam is not a race. Muslim is not a race. I know that labelling is the typical leftist fallback, but this one just isn’t working for you. Besides that, what Pam is doing is exposing truth, both about Muslims, and as a thrown in bonus about you leftists as well. The mosques on the other hand are most likely teaching hatred towards the country and culture in and among which they are in and need to be investigated. Pam isn’t teaching or urging anyone to kill even though you leftists are trying very hard to spin it that way. Why you leftists are so self-loathing and opposed to your own country and culture to the point you want to see it destroyed is both unfathomable and disgusting. I do take some comfort in the fact I see people waking up to both Islam and you leftists. Thanks to heroes like Pam Geller, Geert Wilders, and everyone else who isn’t afraid to speak up against Islam and the disgusting left.

      • Janette Miller

        True Christians would be having revivals all over the world to convert the musies. They are afraid to because the musies will kill them. Pamela is NOT a Christian she is a Jew. She is doing all she can to inform the world of who the monsters are. Musies are worse than Hitler. Their books ,like the koran teaches them to kill any non-musie. Mohammad is a dead baby rapist, pedophile, killer and mad man. He does not deserve any respect at all.

  • chris wolf

    obama hasn’t been caught lying about the Texas jihad yet because he hasn’t said a single word about it yet — the evil cowardly traitor.

  • Shwayz

    Typical Islamic double standards, lying is permitted to achieve its goals.

  • Rocinante44

    where are the trial lawyers? there is a fortune to be made suing these well-financed mosques and their imams for aiding and abeting terrorism, being accessories to murder and terrorism, inciting riots, seditiion, blah blah blah….oh, i forgot, the lawyers are democrats and the muslims are an untouchable sect of the democrat party

  • chris wolf

    obama hasn’t said a word about NYPD Officer Brian Moore, either. He can’t seem to shut up about a dead heroin pusher in Baltimore or a 300-pound thug who tried to wrestle a cop’s gun away in Missouri. But a 25-year old white cop who tried to do his job by approaching a lifelong criminal scumbag, who never drew his gun but got shot in the face by the dirtbag — obama hasn’t seemed to notice. On the day that 30,000 cops from across this country gather in solidarity for the respect for each other and their fallen brother in blue that they know they won’t get from the black racist thug president — the chief law enforcement officer of this criminal administration is in Baltimore threatening every street cop with bogus prosecution if they try to defend themselves in the war they’re fighting against the black mob on the streets every day — if they literally do anything but NOT draw their weapon and NOT defend themselves and NOT come home to the families at the end of the day. I prayer this racist jihadist thug purporting to be the president of the United States gets his justice very, very soon.

  • Claudia Costa Chaves

    The mosque’s representatives have to lie. It’s called al-taqqyia, the obligation to cheat and deceive the infidel dogs.You should know that already.

  • roccolore

    The terror mosques will always make excuses for jihadists.

    • Magnus Atheos

      So will Obama and every damn self-loathing leftist.

  • Candace Zingg

    According to one group who is trying to EXPOSE USA MUSLIMS, says 3 out of 4 Mousque preach hatred. The BIGGEST MEDIA FAIL, has been the dead silence on OBAMA’S MUSLIM Brotherhood appointee’s through out his admin, and questioning the President about the fact the MB is a known supporter of RADICAL ISLAM.

  • Well Done

    We need video surveillance outside ALL suspect mosques, and audio from inside. If they’re preaching Jihad, whether in English or Arabic, that needs to be seen as a military threat. These are acts of war and we must stop pretending they’re just the same as mere crooks planning a bank heist.

  • Magnus Atheos

    “Our first priority is to protect the mosque. It cannot be part of any federal case,”

    Of course it can’t be part of a federal case, because I’ll bet if it was, many terrorist activities would be uncovered there.

  • Perfect man not mo’

    Past time to remove islam from religious classification in the US.

    • Nostradamas

      Exactly. It isn’t a religion. It is a hate group and a sponsor of terrorism. Classify them as a terrorist organization and ban them from the country.

    • JUILLE

      I agree, Islam lingers like flatulence in an elevator.
      Islam= submission =bad fit in a free society.

  • Candy Kay

    i would really like to know why a homicidal ideology is allowed to run rampant in our country ? if the fbi knew of these terrorists, how were they able to get guns and explosives ? how were they allowed to travel ?? has the fbi become impotent under obama ????

  • mjazzguitar

    RICO charges should be applied to any mosque that preaches the overthrow of America and all their funds should be seized.
    Convert the mosques into pig sties.

  • Nostradamas

    We need a cartoon contest in every town in the USA every day. We flushed out 2 with just one contest; just think what we can do with one per day in every town. Before long we’ll be Muztard free.

  • Tom

    Mosques in America are outposts for these rotten brainwashed psychopaths. From them they lead excursions into the battlefield on American soil and slink back into the protective arms of their imams to regroup for the next atrocity. EVERY mosque is a haven for these filthy retrogrades.

  • Jim

    The “peaceful”, silent Muslims are ALL liars. If they are making a living here in America they won’t speak out for fear of reprisal from us or their terrorists brethren. So, if they profess being “moderate” and stay silent concerning the slaughter of innocent people whose faith is different from theirs, then they have no heart, no compassion for human life. And if Sharia law gains dominance integrating into America culture they lose nothing. It is a win-win for them. Ergo, they too believe that the killing of “infidels” is what must be done. These “moderate” Musloids are nothing but selfish cold heart OPPORTUNISTS, who have everything to gain by remaining silent. And of course, the MSM smears anyone else who may be called an OPPORTUNIST, (hence redistribution of wealth), but has nothing but heart felt pity for Muslims.

  • Linda

    Does anyone know where this mosque is in Phoenix?

  • pamisapig

    Its,a,staged event dumb ass. Do you not know a lie when you hear,one? Guess not because you live a lie. The only ones,who should be prosecuted,are the TERRORIST zionist who made it up. And FBI AND LAW ENFORCEMENT who carried out this horribly scripted event. The event with no witness interviews no tears and no fear. The ones you trust have duped you again and they will have your,ass in the end. Pay attention. The real threat is NOT ISLAM OR MUSLIMS. ITS THE VERY ONES YOU TRUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE A MEAT BASED DIET AND YOU DONT READ WHICH MAKES YOU GULLABLE AND STUPID AND BRAIN DEAD. CANT YOU RECOGNIZE A FAKE STORY THAT MAKES NO SENSE? MY 12 YEAR OLD,DID. RESEARCH “STAGED EVENTS” “FALSE FLAGS” CRISIS ACTORS” “FLORIDA CRISIS ACTING SCHOOL” “FAKE NEWS” ..RESEARCH AND PAY ATTENTION!!!!! Your GOV “NSA” SPYING WAS JUST RULED ILLEGAL BY A 3 JUDGE PANEL..YOU STILL TRUST YOUR GOV?

    • QuanellEleven

      This fellow, who by the way, is obsessed with swine ( check his name ) is another paranoid Muztard robot. Liar, liar, gutra’s on fire.

  • Fred Sawyer

    Arrest the imam for obstruction of justice and accessory to murder.

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