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LIVESTREAM VIDEO: Berkeley Free Speech Rally

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Breitbart News Coverage on Berkeley Free Speech March

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Photos/Video: Free Speech Rally at Berkeley #WeOvercame

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Breitbart News: Milo Announces Troll Academy Tour, Publishing Pamela Geller’s ‘Fatwa’ Under Dangerous Books

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WE WILL MARCH ON BERKELEY today despite cancellation #weshallovercome

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South Africa: Muslim twins plotted jihad attacks on Jewish institutions

[ September 24, 2017 ]

Austria: 4,364 asylum applicants vanish

[ September 24, 2017 ]

Australia: Muslim boys gang-rape 12-year-old girl in Sydney park

[ September 23, 2017 ]

FATWA! Hunted in America: Pamela Geller’s New Book from Milo’s Dangerous Publishing House

[ September 23, 2017 ]

YOUTUBE Suspends, Deletes Pamela Geller’s Account

Pamela Geller EXCLUSIVE: The UK’s Rape Jihad: A Survivor’s Tale


Another in an endless line of horror stories hit the UK media today about yet another Muslim child sex trafficking gang. Thousands of young girls raped, trafficked, tortured with nowhere to turn.

Members of a “horrifying” child sex ring abused two schoolgirls, taking advantage of their vulnerability on a “massive scale”, a court has heard. One girl, who was aged 12 or 13 at the time, alleges that throughout the period she was abused, she was passed between 60 men who had sex with her Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.
Eleven men are on trial accused of committing sexual offences against the youngsters, who had allegedly been conditioned into believing that what they were being subjected to was “normal”.

I spoke to a victim — here’s her story:

vicitms sex gang Muslims

“The UK’s Rape Jihad: A Survivor’s Tale,” By Pamela Geller, Breitbart, May 22, 2015

For years now, Muslim rape gangs in Britain have operated with impunity, preying upon non-Muslim girls while terrified authorities stood by and did nothing, for fear of being accused of “racism.” One of them recently contacted me and told me her harrowing story:

I was the victim of Muslim grooming gangs for well over a decade.

I was very young when it started. I have a very fuzzy memory of the very beginning. My childhood friend remembers me being picked up from a primary school by an older man and being given ketamine, coming home completely out of it, with lots of new underwear, so it began earlier than I remember. My parents worked a lot, so they weren’t really around to notice anything. My friend did at some point tell my parents, but I’m not sure when she did that.

We ended up moving areas, but not too far, now my earliest clear memory starts at 14, we had moved house. I was waiting to be accepted into a school, from what I remember. This man, the very same man picking me up from primary school came to my parents’ home while they were out working, and while my brother was at his school. It was a morning. His name was Jason, I don’t know if he was a Muslim. He was 28 or in his early 30s.

I was quite naive. He had come to take photos of me for a modelling portfolio — at least that’s what he said. They ended up being pictures in my underwear. Eventually he said we needed a different environment and asked if there was a bedroom we could use. I took him to my parents’ bedroom. I thought nothing of it, I didn’t realise it would get worse.

He took more pictures. Then he told me to take everything off and gave me some stockings to out on. I remember the feeling of my stomach turning over, I was really scared. But I did as I was told.

As far as I am aware, I had never been naked in front of a man before then. It’s hard to know with what my friend has recently told me about the ketamine.

Anyway, more pictures were taken. After awhile, I heard my brother come through the door with his friends. It would have been school lunchtime. I panicked, jumped up and held the door shut, I shouted to him not to come up the stairs as I had just got out of the bath. By the time I turned around Jason had taken off his clothes. Again I was shocked. I’d never seen a naked man before. In fact, I’d never even kissed a boy.

I felt myself going red with embarrassment. I told him he would have to go as soon as my brother left. He told me I had better be quiet or my brother would hear me and my parents would find out what I had been up to. He forced himself into me and raped me. I remember him laughing and saying to me, you’re a virgin, aren’t you.

I’ll never forget the smug look on his face in that moment. When he was done with me, he threw money into the bed and told me to buy some nice underwear and that he would be in touch.

The minute he left, I ran a hot bath and just lay on the floor crying while I waited for it to fill.

I felt so ashamed and dirty.

Everything changed that day. I didn’t come out of my room unless I had to. I barely ate. I hated myself.

It wasn’t long until he was back in touch, demanding that I see his friends. The majority were Pakistani Muslim men. If I objected, he threatened to show my parents the photos of me.

I was terrified of them finding out, so I did as I was told.

When the pictures didn’t bother me anymore, and I objected, I would get beatings instead. My ribs were kicked in several times, leaving massive bruises. I was hit with a chain. I was gang raped. I became very compliant, because saying no always lead to much worse. The lives of my family were threatened by Jason and his friends: they said my house would be burned down while we slept, or people would come with baseball bats. I didn’t want my family hurt, so I just did everything I was told.

I have seen some horrendous things, heard some disgusting things when they talked amongst each other about the evil things they do to their wives. The men often spoke in groups about the horrific things they did to their wives and other women. I had to sit and listen.

I was made to talk to their wives on the phone while they raped me, on many occasions. They found it funny, the men.

I have also been through some unimaginable things. I have had a knife held to my throat while I was raped and told by my rapist that he could kill me then put me under the floorboards of his home and no one would know because he was going to Pakistan in a week. I was 16 or 17 years old.

I have had a drill held to my knee while I was sat in a lounge room with around 6 other men, who all laughed and talked in their own language. All of these men were Pakistani Muslims. This all happened while they were waiting for their turn to rape the girl in the other room. This is how they worked. It was a bit like a production line.

I remember it all very well. I would be taken to one of many places, the back of a shop, a takeaway, a taxi office, a barber shop, wooded areas or countrysides very late at night, which was terrifying (they threatened to leave me there once). Most of all I was taken to houses or flats, on the odd occasion a hotel. A lot of the time I was taken to flats they were renovating.

After some time I was no longer having to see just one man at a time as standard. I would be taken to a flat by 2 or 3 men, and when we got there, most often there would be more men waiting inside — on average around 8 men one after the other.

I’d be put in a room and told to take off all of my clothes. I would have to lay there and each man would take his turn one after the other, sometimes some of them would come back again. Sometimes more would show up.

I wasn’t allowed to move, clean myself up, until they were all finished with me. I was not allowed to leave that bed even to use the bathroom until they said so, and most of the time there was no running water or toilet paper, at very best there was cold running water. None of the men used protection, so I caught multiple STIs several times. I wasn’t allowed to use protection. I felt disgusting, so dirty.

Each time I was taken off with these men, sometimes this would happen two or three times a day. Whenever they wanted me, I had to go, whatever time of day it was. I missed a lot of school because of this.

It didn’t matter if I was crying while they raped me, they would laugh and do it anyway.

Just to list some of the things they did to me:

I have had a razor blade squeezed into the palm of my hand.

I have had a knife to my throat more than once. Also a knife held to my stomach.

I have been told how I could be murdered and put under the floorboards by a Muslim man while he raped me, holding the knife in one hand, my wrists pinned to the bed with the other.

I’ve been taken to the woods after midnight and threatened to be left there if I didn’t do as asked.

I’ve been peed on, spat on, slapped, kicked, punched, called a white whore.

They tried to get me to marry Muslim men into the country.

They wanted to take me to Pakistan a few times. Luckily for me, I didn’t have a passport.

I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve been passed to Muslim groups.

There were other girls. I wasn’t the only one. There was a lot they did to us. None of them were ever nice.

I was told if I ever told anyone what was happening to me, I’d have acid poured down my throat.

I remember one afternoon being taken into a room by two men, one being quite drunk. I tried to leave and he threw a vodka bottle at me and flew at me. His friend stopped him beating me and started to talk to him in their language and before I knew it I was pinned between them both and they both raped me. They were laughing as I cried.

They then made me sit with them while they finished their drinks. Eventually they allowed me to leave. I walked 2 miles to get home.

I self-harmed a lot, so I am now covered in scars. I did it at first to make myself less attractive to these men, hoping they wouldn’t want to touch me. That never worked, one of them wanted to cut me some more, for blood play.

I tried to commit suicide several times, as I saw no escape from this. I have no idea how I survived the last overdose, I took 630 mg of codeine, along with sleeping pills and a bottle of alcohol.

These men find it ok to rape non-Muslim girls. It’s in their culture. It’s a brutal cult and needs to be stopped. I still see these men today, they still recognise me, I have moved several times but it’s ineffective.

They are all still free. The English “justice” system is crap. When I was around 15, my mum called the police. The officer sent to deal with me was a well over 6 foot tall built up black man who I found intimidating. He seemed angry with me, asking me very intimate and upsetting questions. When I asked him to stop, he said I had to get used to it, as this is what I would have to deal with in court. He told me that if I were to testify, I would get no protection. For that reason, I never took it further.

The police told my mother that I was a known prostitute and to leave me to it, that I’d stop when I was ready.

In anger, my mum took my phone and rang Jason. He laughed and told her what he did to me in her bed, and that I loved it and couldn’t keep my hands off him.

After a while, I would have been just about 16, my mum had to kick me out because it was all getting too much. My mental state was bad, men were showing up at our home, hanging around in gangs outside the house in cars. It was too much for her and she had to protect my brother too, so I had to go.

I went to live in a youth hostel, where things went from bad to worse.

I was eventually controlled by a Muslim man in his forties or fifties. His name was Yusuf.

I have records dating back about 14 years of me trying to get help, telling medical professionals. And them not believing me. All but one.

Some still see me today and talk brazenly about the things they did, and still do. The police haven’t been helpful. I am utterly disgusted at the lack of interest from the police and the lack of protection they have given me despite the information I have given them. These people do know where I live, so I just hope the police do not use my name in their reports, like they said they may have to.

They ruined a big part of my life. Now, I am angry. I can’t let them win. I’m afraid, yes, but I am now doing what I can to get the message out there of what goes on with these gangs.

What kind of country, what kind of civilization, allows this to happen to its young girls? What deep sickness has overtaken Britain, that the authorities will not act to protect girls in this situation? Britain, and the West in general, is entering a dark and savage age.

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Police Ignored Victims of Muslim Child Sex Trafficker who recruited
non-Muslim child “prostitutes”; Detective: “the worst case I’ve ever
had to deal with in my 22 years of service”

Groups decry bogus “Asian” label

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to girls tortured by ‘medieval’ savage predators, but chief constable
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Gang of Muslim men ‘groomed girls as young as 11 for sex, trafficked them across the UK and attacked them with meat cleavers and baseball bats’

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  • wibbys1

    Our good for nothing women’s movement and all the bleeding heart liberal cry babies are no where to be found with this very real threat to young girls and women!
    Pursuing this would not further their cause of chaos and destruction of the American family.

    • sandra schmidt

      Feminists are the main providers of battered women’s shelters. Where was the fucking Church of England? Why are you blaming the “women’s movement”? Blame the raping, paki scum and the white British men and the islamicized aristocracy who allow the paki savages to get away with raping and demeaning their girls.

      This happened in Britain by the way, so I doubt the American women’s movement has anything to do with it. If your family is in chaos and destruction that is your own fault, stop looking for scapegoats.

      • wibbys1

        Nope, stand by my statement.
        There is no purpose for the American women’s lib except mayhem in the society. Proven time after time. They really are either cowards or they have a different agenda.

        • sandra schmidt

          Whatever. What have you done to help battered and abused women?

          • paendragon

            What have you done to help all the battered and abused men?

          • sandra schmidt


      • Non Western Infidel

        The harm the FemiNazi movement has inflicted on our Great White Race which is manifested in the devastation of the traditional nuclear family unit of Infidel White society and voluntary sterility on the part of White FemiNazis in pursuit of careers is only overshadowed by the harm that has befallen our race courtesy of the historical brutal, systemic, institutionalized forced impregnation of White women by Arab and Seljuk and Ottoman Muslim male invaders.
        Down with feminism!!!

        • sandra schmidt

          You are a certifiable nutjob. If you can’t get a woman to marry you and have your children that is your problem and your fault, not the fault of “FemiNazis”.

          You sound like you would be happier in ISIS land where you can treat woman as breeding stock .

          As far as your “Great White Race” goes, if you are an example of it, I would say the “Great White Race” is indeed doomed. By the way, go to hell.

          • paendragon

            Go to Syria. Please.

          • sandra schmidt

            No thanks. ISIS is much more your style than mine.

      • paendragon

        If there were no muslim-battered women, their funding would be cut off.

    • paendragon

      Because the white girls were guilty of being white, and to accuse the swarthy people of their crimes would be “racist!” It all fits perfectly with liberal dogma.

  • Non Western Infidel


    Please read and disseminate Carol’s suggested
    Western-Civilization-salvaging strategies in her comment on the below-linked
    BNI story as widely as you can; for they need to be implemented ASAFP
    throughout the entire Western world—for the sake of our very survival:

    I’d suggest that those of you who take issue with what Carol
    has proposed shut their ‘effing pie holes and neither interact with nor report
    her comment and, for that matter, mine unless they could come up with a sound,
    fact-based counter-argument which, to their discontent, would never come to
    fruition—that’s for damn f*cking sure!

    Did you know that Mad Mo’, the founder of Islam, not only
    gave head to his cousin’s DEAD son but also banged his DEAD aunt?

  • John Duly

    I get that this girl and many other girls were horribly abused and the punishment for the abusers should be a swift end, BUT where the F were the Fing parents?!

    • Stop Statism

      I am told by many Brits that these girls dont know who their fathers are or if they do,its a tenuous relationship at best. A sad commentary on the state of British culture.

  • themacabre

    What has happened to British men? If something like that happened to a member of my family I would have taken out every one of them…but slowly…then posted the video so other crazies see what will happen to them next…would that be illegal?

    • sam

      I dont know what is happening. But they operate in gangs. A lot of muslim males originating from countries such as Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, Pakistan, Europe etc. go out in groups (gangs) to night clubs in US (California), Germany, Sweden, Belgium etc. The members of these gangs do a coordinated grooming of mainly young white girls for fun/relationship/marriage. In their pursuit they act as agnostic, cool-hippie to seduce and win over these unsuspecting young girls (some still in high school). Some of these gangs do use alcohol and marijuana to intoxicate and take advantage. Some of these characters get indirect support from HALAL HIPPIES within our countries. Also, sometime, muslim women help in grooming these young victims, since they know the victims as friends/class-mates. The whole coordinated effort is also called LOVE JIHAD.

  • Guest

    In western societies pedophiles and rapists are outcasts, but in Muslim communities this behavior seems to be normal and encouraged, at any rate when the victims are non-Muslim. There are so many perps and so many victims that the only conclusion is that a large proportion, perhaps a majority, of Muslim men are vicious predatory pedophiles. What’s the connexion with Mosques? Do the Mullahs encourage gang-rape as a form of jihad in their sermons? Or is it just taken for granted as something the Perfect Man would do?

    Would CAIR like to comment? We know you’re reading this…

  • Michael Copeland

    Islamic sex-slave-taking is not sufficiently recognised as such. The tabloid media are stuck on their term “Asian grooming”, which to Americans means Oriental hairdressers.

    See their faces, all over the world, including USA:

    Concerning the local authority failures, there is probably something deeper and more sinister going on than just fear of being called racist. There is an organisation called “Common Purpose”, which operates expensive “leadership development courses” for local government and police personnel. They promote unspecified “change” and “leading beyond authority”, and other opaque terms, and seem to induce some kind of tyrannical political correctness: “ their hidden networks and political objectives are undermining and destroying our democratic society”.

  • Paulla

    There’s only one solution. Take whatever savings she has and Emigrate.

  • Feet2Fire

    Don’t they have any MEN in England? Where is her FATHER???

  • Stop Statism

    If the police will do nothing its time for the fathers and men of the community to take matters into their own hands. Muslim grooming gangs will stop when they know that they will get severe beatings for abusing girls and young women. If that was my daughter who was abused like that, I would unleash hell on the perps. At 6ft 3in 230, and in good physical shape the average Muslim male would be no match for me.

    • Apu Nahasapasapeemapetalon

      If I was the father of the girl I’d have put a bullet in at least one head; I’d take the rest of my life in prison knowing that I hadn’t let someone get away with treating my daughter like that.

  • roger

    If there were ever the case for the Castle Doctrine – this is it. “come to my house you muslim rapist and you will not leave alive”

  • paendragon

    Possible solution:
    (Hey, if we can’t laugh at least a bit at muslim crime, we’d be crying all the time)!

  • michaelwarden

    Totally agree with many of the correspondents. A few good men with baseball bats would soon stop this horror. The problem is, of course, the police would take the side of the muslims. It would be worth it.

  • Patriot girl

    These filthy savages have been at this for decades! I was living in London when the first of dozens of savage sex scandles broke one more horrifying in its scope than the last… And these pigs got but slaps on the wrist.. They in the press and police use the code word ASIAN OR YOUTH to depict the paki savages and all the rest to define who are raping these children… They should all be deported after sentence served them and their families as most often the wives know what their up to.. These savages don’t work but collect benefits so have lots of free time to persue and rape all white children! It’s a disgrace what BRITAIN has come to but lest we become too smug.. It’s happening here in dearbornistan, minneapolisastan, anywhere where large unemployed savages congregate there is where you’ll find the savages preying on our children!! Stop importing the savage now!

  • BonniePrinceCharlie

    Under the ‘Hate Speech’ laws being proposed in the USA, these rape victims would probably be charged with Islamophobia and racism.

  • Apu Nahasapasapeemapetalon

    This is one of the most heart-wrenching and sickening things I’ve ever read; I’ve no doubt the left-wing media in this sorry country won’t report it. We had 13 years of Labour for this; no justice will be served, the men are doubtlessly still ruining lives because their book tells them it’s their right.
    Sarah Champion the Labour MP who let all this happen funnily enough got re-elected as did the Rochdale MP whose only policy was to help Bangladesh (I kid you not).
    I challenge any Labour voter or lefty in general to read this and not change their views. I’ll not hold my breath though.

  • Jaem

    The UK government and social system is corrupt. Fire all the idiots that let these animals get away with attacking these girls, put them in prison for aiding and abetting child rape.
    I can’t even believe the evil that has resulted from Muslim immigration. It is a huge mistake thinking that these “men” that believe they can commit horrendous crimes against anyone that is either non-Muslim or a women can live in civilized societies. They have no conscience or ethics. Their beliefs have made them feel themselves gods. Their evil is a testament to their real master.

  • LindaRivera

    I blame Tony Blair, Jack Straw, Brown and Cameron who colonised our tiny island nation with Muslims, mostly from Pakistan. I also blame the politicians, the police, social workers, CPS (Crown Prosecution Service), care homes and local councils. They are all 100% responsible for every gang rape, every torture so horrible it can only be described as satanic ritual abuse, every forced prostitution and sex slavery of Britain’s non-Muslim little white girls. Targeted by the Muslim monsters – the Spawn of Satan, because the children are non-Muslim and white. And therefore, should be punished to the utmost because that is what the Quran teaches. The authorities are neither ignorant or naive. They know all this and ALLOW it. A father discovered were the filth Muslims were keeping his beloved child. The father was arrested by the police for trying to rescue his little girl. You Satan worshipers! The children’s bodies belong to the children themselves, and to God who lovingly created the children. The children’s bodies belong to God, NOT ISLAM!

    The desperate pleas for help from the sex slave child victims were ruthlessly ignored by the authorities. One sex slave child victim went begging for help to the police station bleeding all the way through to her crotch. The police refused to help and told her not to be ‘naughty.’ The prime ministers, politicians, police, et al aid and abet the Muslim savage gang raping, demonic fiends who call themselves, *humans*. God is a forgiving God. He is also a God of Great Wrath.
    God sent the children as gifts to their parents and not just to the parents but gifts to the nation to be loved and protected. And this is what they have done. On Judgement Day, God will give back for all eternity, to the evil, demonic Muslim monsters and the authorities who have been protecting them for decades, what they have done to the girls.

    Bible, Proverbs 12:14 The deeds of a man’s hands will return to him.
    Romans 12:19 VENGEANCE IS MINE, I WILL REPAY, says the Lord.

    I’m waiting for Judgement Day.

    British Schoolgirl’s Testimony Muslims Threaten Children With Violence Rape Outside School Daily YouTube

  • LindaRivera

    Muslims constantly hold what can only be described as huge ‘Victory Parades’ in England. Britain no longer looks like Britain any more. In this street demo, are the Muslims screaming for jihad against our people? They look like they are engaging in some kind of war cry. Our tiny island is criminally overpopulated with Muslims who have been imported in such massive numbers that Muslims are excitedly looking forward to the day when they are the majority and Britain will be theirs. And our people enslaved. A HUGE CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.
    Join EDL and PEGIDA street rallies! Join Liberty GB patriotic, anti-Islamisation party.
    We dare not lose the battle waged against us.


  • donemyhomework

    Time for shotgun law…double riot shotguns. I read about that crap…it’s called “Easy Meat” by Peter McLoughlin…333 pages and most of the information wants to make you puke at the British people. They’re feeble minded and disgusting. And the only thing that is more disgusting than the British people are their leaders who deserve nothing more than to be dumped into a cesspool and burned. The leaders aren’t just filth, they’re way beyond filth. And that goes to the Police. Their Police are way more than pussies, they don’t deserve to be called Brits. They’re cowards all.

  • sam

    A lot of muslim males originating from countries such as Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, Pakistan, Europe etc. go out in groups (gangs) to night clubs in US (California), Germany, Sweden, Belgium etc. The members of these gangs do a coordinated grooming of mainly young white girls for fun/relationship/marriage. In their pursuit they act as agnostic, cool-hippie to seduce and win over these unsuspecting young girls (some still in high school). Some of these gangs do use alcohol and marijuana to intoxicate and take advantage. Some of these characters get indirect support from HALAL HIPPIES within our countries. Also, sometime, muslim women help in grooming these young victims, since they know the victims as friends/class-mates. The whole coordinated effort is also called LOVE JIHAD.

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