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[ August 23, 2017 ]

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[ August 23, 2017 ]

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[ August 23, 2017 ]

Crooks and Liars Stokes Leftist Outrage Over Pamela Geller Protesting Ban From PayPal

[ August 23, 2017 ]

Christian Teenager Who Survived Muslim Raid on Substation Faces Death Sentence — For Blasphemy

[ August 23, 2017 ]

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[ August 23, 2017 ]

Hindu Youth Stabbed to Death by Six Muslims in Delhi Mall After Minor Scuffle

WaPo: JFK offers no apology after Lee Harvey Oswald shoots him in the head


It is unimaginable. The descent of the mainstream media into out-and-out pro-jihad agitation is complete. Two Islamic jihadists attempt to murder hundreds of people at our free speech event in Texas, and the Washington Post says that I “offer no apology.”

I offer no apology? What apology exactly do I owe for almost being murdered?

“Abraham Lincoln offers no apology after John Wilkes Booth lodges a bullet in his brain”

“Julius Caesar offers no apology after Cassius and Brutus stab him to death”

“Jews offer no apology after Nazis kill six million”

“Event organizer offers no apology after thwarted attack in Texas,” by Sandhya Somashekhar, Washington Post, May 4, 2015:

Pamela Geller, the woman behind the Texas cartoon contest attacked by two gunmen late Sunday, knew what she was doing when she staged the controversial event featuring irreverent depictions of the prophet Muhammad in Garland, Tex.

Yes, I knew what I was doing. I was standing for the freedom of speech in the teeth of violent intimidation. What the WaPo thinks I was doing, that’s another question.

The collective has submitted, caved to the demands of Islamic savages. And as egregious as that is,  it is not enough. They attack, punish, and libel patriotic Americans who refuse to submit and grovel to the destroyers. They are cowards, and attempt to destroy brave individuals who refuse to be sniveling cowards, as they are.

The Dallas suburb had hosted a pro-Muslim conference in January, about the time Islamist terrorists killed a dozen journalists with the satirical French publication Charlie Hebdo. Geller, a blogger and fierce critic of what she calls the “Islamization” of America, wanted to make a statement.

So she sponsored the Jihad Watch Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest in the same exhibition hall as the earlier conference. She and her associates invited 200 people and hired 40 heavily armed off-duty police officers and security guards to protect them.

This is inaccurate in almost every detail. Jihad Watch was co-sponsor of the conference. The American Freedom Defense Initiative was the main sponsor of the conference. We didn’t invite anyone. People bought tickets, and were buying them up to the minute the conference started, so that the Curtis Culwell Center had to set up extra tables for the overflow crowd.

And then they unveiled the pictures: A drawing of Muhammad on a unicycle. A picture of the prophet with a beard of snakes. An angry Muhammad wearing a turban, holding a sword and yelling: “You can’t draw me!” — a reference to the fact that depicting the prophet is considered blasphemous by many Muslims.

If the contest was intended as bait, it worked. Police say two men drove 1,000 miles from Phoenix, shot at a police car outside the event and were quickly killed by one of the hired guards. The shooting has been condemned by Muslim leaders, and Geller, too, has come under fire for staging an event many viewed as purposely provocative.

Putting a crucifix in urine: that’s not bait, that’s art. But Muhammad on a unicycle? That’s hate! Bigotry! Islamophobia! Call the police!

“Pamela Geller has every right to hold this event. And she should be able to do that — as ugly as others, including me, think it is — without facing any type of violence,” said Heidi Beirich of the Southern Poverty Law Center, which has Geller on a list of extremists.

The Washington Post, true to form, doesn’t explain why the far-left SPLC is an authority to which anyone of good faith should pay attention. Who designated the radical left hate group a legitimate authority? The SPLC is not a neutral, impartial source. It’s a far-left hate group that smears and defames every group that deviates from its far-left line.

Still, “I think decent people would say: ‘Why would you need to do that?’ ” Beirich said.

In an interview Monday on CNN, Geller defended the cartoon contest, the latest in a series of her incendiary campaigns against Muslims in America.

Incendiary? Was “Piss Christ” incendiary? No, it was “art”! And no Christians killed anyone over it. The mainstream media admonished us that free speech was paramount in those days. Now, not so.

“My event was about freedom of speech, period,” she told host Alisyn Camerota. “We need to have this conversation, and the fact that we have to spend upward of $50,000 on security speaks to how dangerous and how in trouble freedom of speech is in the country.”

That “those that were going to be slaughtered” by the gunmen are being maligned by critics “speaks to how morally inverted this conversation is,” she continued.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Geller said she and her fellow organizers were “prepared for violence” this weekend. In tweets immediately after the shooting, Geller appeared almost gleeful that she had been right.

Libel. I was right, yes. Gleeful? No! Just “almost” gleeful. The “almost” protects these snakes from outright libel. We were prepared because over the past 10 years we have received hundreds of death threats. One only has to be a casual news consumer to know that those that criticize Islam put their lives in danger.

As one of the nation’s fiercest online critics of Islam, Geller, a former journalist and housewife from Long Island, has long embraced her role as a provocateur. Her inflammatory rhetoric has landed her organizations, the American Freedom Defense Initiative and Stop Islamization of America, on a list of “hate groups” maintained by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Here yet again, the WaPo presents the SPLC as if it were an unimpeachable source.

On her blog and in interviews, Geller has accused President Obama of being beholden to “Islamic overlords,” according to the center. She was a leading opponent of a mosque planned for construction near Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan.

He isn’t beholden to “Islamic overlords”? Ask the Jews of Israel, the Coptic Christians of Egypt, the Christians of Nigeria, Niger, CAR, Congo, Libya et al. There should have been a triumphal mosque at Ground Zero?

And last month, she drew headlines and an unsuccessful lawsuit for sponsoring an ad campaign that featured a quote her organization credited to the Palestinian militant group Hamas: “Killing Jews is Worship that draws us close to Allah.”

We didn’t credit it to them. It is really from Hamas. The WaPo can’t do any research? It isn’t hard to find that this quote comes from a Hamas music video. Evidence and details here.

Geller insists she is not an “Islamophobe,” and that she does not believe all Muslims are violent. But critics note that some of her associates are bluntly anti-Muslim. The keynote speaker at Sunday’s event, for instance, was Geert Wilders, the Dutch parliament member who has called for the Koran to be banned in his country and suggested a tax on Muslim headscarves.

Whenever the mainstream media says that someone “insists” that he or she is not something, it wants you to believe that he or she really is what is insistently denied. Wilders’ positions are presented as if they were self-evidently false and wrong. The Dutch voters who have made his party one of the largest in the Netherlands obviously know from direct experience that Islamization is a real problem in their homeland.

Why the cartoon contest? Geller said it was a direct response to a January conference in Garland, titled, “Stand With the Prophet in Honor and Respect.” The purpose of that event was to raise money to combat negative depictions of Muslims and their religion in the media.

No mention, of course, that this was just after the Charlie Hebdo jihad massacre of Muhammad cartoonists. The Stand With the Prophet conference against free speech came just after that, demonstrating a sense of timing that was truly grotesque.

In the past, the conference had been held without incident, said Alia Salem, executive director of the Dallas-Fort Worth chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. This time, however, with the bloody attack on Charlie Hebdo still fresh, the event triggered protests.


Salem said the local Muslim community has been on edge ever since. Controversy has also flared around a private arbitration service for Muslims that opened in Dallas last year — called an Islamic “tribunal” — and in connection with the shooting death of an Iraqi immigrant shot outside his Dallas apartment in March as he photographed his first snowfall.

“The North Texas Muslim community has been very nervous and scared,” Salem said. “Tension has been very high since January.”

This is the quintessential evil: Muslims try to commit mass murder, and the WaPo tells us that Muslims are “nervous and scared.” They’re not the victims. Those who are standing for free speech were the intended victims. The mainstream media is desperately trying to spin this. Their desperation manifests their dishonesty.


  • wildjew

    No surprise. I see a hit piece over at the pro-Barack Obama Jewish Daily Forward (recently re-named “Forward”) website:

    “Pamela Geller’s Strident Voice Sparks Debate — and Violence

    Paul Berger
    May 05, 2015

    Unfortunately, in addition to the name-change the Forward disabled readers’ comments. So much for free speech over at the Forward.

  • Lacouray Too

    Ms. Geller you’re a hero for standing up to islam.
    The fact that you don’t tell these ‘people’ where to get off in ‘extremely descriptive
    English’ makes you even more the hero.

    • hoomer

      what happened is sad. but why offend something that hasn’t done wrong to you when the ones that you have issues are simple irrational humans which use it as a cover

      • Bobbie M

        You have NO clue what freedom and the 1st Ammendment are about. I guess you would also agree with the Islamist that gays need to be stoned. If you are going to submit to their demands to not draw their pedofile leader, than you must follow all their demands.

        • Personally I don’t care what muz do to their gays and women, what concerns me is what they have planned for Americans and their sharia imported here.

      • Atikva

        Sad? Why?

        It would have been “sad” only if the 2 would-be mass murderers had performed the massacre they had anticipated.

        • 4True

          May Islamic terrorists all likewise perish.

      • Lacouray Too

        Why is what happened sad? Who is sad?
        The ‘simple irrational humans’ were/are that way because they follow/ed islam.
        Isn’t it offensive to me that they are commanded to kill me because I don’t subscribe to their irrational book/s or profit?

      • Aeffesstoo

        I bet you feel the same way about homosexuals seeking to offend Christian bakers.

      • Pray Hard

        Thanks for your input, Mohammed. We’ll take it under consideration and get back to you.

      • RonW

        You’re so clueless I have no words… Sigh….

      • obamediawatcher

        Make a list of what provokes them and what doesn’t then see which list is longer.
        Geller is a hero.

      • Do your research on :
        1. ) Geert Wilders
        2.) Prior events in Garland Texas and
        And thirdly do your research on sharia and if you understand why the residents of Garland Texas don’t want sharia there, you might figure out why the event took place.

        • empiresentry

          unfortunately, the Texas culture is live and let live. The culture is people should be able to go do what they need to as long as it does not interfere or encroach on anyone else. The Creeping Encroachment will occur but, once it leaves the compounds, Texans will not take kindly to it…perhaps too late.

          • How much of this happened due to Perry’s term? From what I understand he helped bring certain shaira compliant studies into the public school system.

          • empiresentry

            Not so much. That rumor comes from a hit piece. That was titled Rick Perry: The Pro-Sharia Candidate?” cutely ending in a question mark while hoping no one would read it looking for facts.

            Here is the debunking of the Salon hit piece:
            But the statement still holds true. Muslims are welcome in Texas as is everyone else…just don’t expect to throw stones at us or expect us to obey the rules and penalties in a religion we do not belong to.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        So your fellow musswein kill people (i.e. Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack) and try to kill people (the instant matter) for insulting Muhammad and all you’re concerned about is the hurt feelings of musswein?

      • empiresentry

        So, using your thin logic, the only time anyone should use their free speech is when they have been wronged. Go walk around on cornflakes.
        Nobody dreamed this up out of thin air to offend. This death threat has been going on for ten years. Comply or else.
        Isn’t clothing a form of free speech? If you are not aware of the assaults because of what people were wearing that was not in accordance to their version of some Sky Wizard, you need to wake up and turn off MSN.
        A short list of OFEENSIVE items I am sure you comply with. Which ones are you prepared to die for?:
        Not having you head covered
        letting your girls go to school and on dates
        electing to go to another religion
        putting a cross on your grave
        wearing shorts or sleeveless shirts
        attending a funeral in another religion

      • BillMiller66

        “Sad”? Two jihadis put down before they could commit their intended massacre is what I’d call a happy ending. Don’t mess with Texas!

        • David Sinclair

          Oh good! A head shot.

          • Will

            Taxpayer relief shot!

      • Lilithwept

        Have you actually read the Quran, the Hadiths, Sira and Reliance of the Traveler? Do you know what Islam is about, what Muslims believe?
        If you had read the Islamic texts you would know how violent many of the verses of the Quran are,
        you would know what a bloodthirsty warmonger Muhammed was
        and you would know that there will never be an end to the violence caused by muslims until there is no god worshipped but Allah.

        One of the first things Muslims do after immigrating to a country and yheir population grows large enough, is to attempt to stop all opposition to Islam by punishing anyone who speaks out against Islam or “disrespects” Islam, Allah or Muhammed. This can be accomplished by blasphemy laws or acts of extreme violence against the people speaking against Islam, Allah or Muhammed.

        This is sunnah or following Muhammeds example as he has assasians kill several people who spoke against him, mocked him and his ” religion ” or wrote poetry against him and his religion. Muhammed would speak up while in a mosque and say ” Who will kill so and so?” Someone would pop up and say they would do it, they would kill the person Muhammed wanted dead. And the asasian would gomkff and kill that particular person.
        An exellent easy to read , interesting biography of muhammed is ” It’s all about Muhammed” by F.W. Burleigh

      • Reflx

        homer, you are clueless about Islam (or are practicing taqiyya.) Read the Koran and the hadiths, then come back and comment.

      • Demsci

        Why? You see a disadvantage; the feelings of innocent people are going to get hurt. You don’t like that and want to protect those innocents; in this case Muslims. But they won;t get hurt physically and they can avoid the offensive pictures and speech.

        And …. we clearly have good reasons to offend sometimes, we see the advantages. We explain them a lot. Can’t you imagine that it is sometimes good to “offend the bad” (from the perspective of the good)?

        Geller reacted to Islamic teachings, in contradiction to Western laws and values. And to threats coming from Muslims who wanted to stifle freedom of speech. With violence, which she never will use or incite to.

        We look global and we know that in Islamic countries offending Jews, Westerners, Kuffars is done very often and very vicious.

        You can’t stop that. Muslims should know that their co-religionists also hurt the feelings of non-Muslims.

        And they and you should try to stop both sides or neither.
        People like Pamela allow both sides “offensive speech”.

        And you should realize that plenty Westerners, including the president also say many supportive and praising words. So why would anyone want to limit reactions to a religion and it’s followers to ONLY support and praise or silence? Please allow balance.

      • ted1959

        Please, don’t embarrass yourself further. You have no clue and there is nothing “sad” about what happened. Just WTF are you implying? I would be even more pleased if more hadji’s died. I’m not alone and no thanks to you.

      • PhilLC

        you say ”but why offend something that hasn’t done wrong to you ” – Islam and its so called prophet has done and is doing a LOT of wrong…are u from our planet? Drawing a cartoon can be offensive, but where is our free press condemning and asking for apologies from multitudes of Islamic leaders who constantly offend our freedoms?

  • Bobbie M

    Thanks for standing strong, Pamela.

  • Prinz Eugen

    Heard one sound bite of a CAIR henchman, he expressed annoyance at the shooting, but methinks he was disappointed because his holy jihadists and not the patriotic US citizens were sent to their big brothel in the sky.

    • MattBracken

      Next time they should try a blue state, or another European city. Pamela was very wise in her choice of venues. Texas ain’t France, or New York.

  • MattBracken

    The MSM is composed of cowards who rationalize their cowardice by calling it sensitivity to Muslim desires. They had no such qualms with Piss Christ, Dung Madonna etc. If they didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all.

  • Pray Hard

    “Still, “I think decent people would say: ‘Why would you need to do that?’ ” Beirich said.”

    That is exactly the question that these mentally ill and evil leftists need to be asking Muslims about their incessant violence, not Pamela.

  • Steven Pudlo

    the protesters at kent state knew what they were doing, and were provoking the national guard. no one syays they ‘got what they asked for’

    • RonW

      What are you talking about? That’s not in any sense a valid comparison.

      Would-be mass murderers storming a peaceful private function are equivalent to student protesters?


      • empiresentry

        I get what you are saying: Kent State Troops do not compare to mass murderers but the comment is about the other end of the stick.
        The Dim apologists are using the Short Skirt excuse:”they had it coming”.
        Applying the same dim logic:
        “Peaceful protestors” at Kent deserved it because they were provocative and using their right to free speech.
        “Peaceful artists” should not draw any picture and have been meeting since they are provocative and using their right to free speech.
        Does that help?

    • obamediawatcher

      The thugs in Baltimore were provoking the cops last week and not a peep from the Marxist media.

  • guitta Dabe

    Kudos to the Wapo for running Pamela’s editorial. It took guts to do so, in the best tradition of open journalism, as she skewers them most effectively. There is very little she says that is not absolute truth.
    Will the Wapo and the rest of the media stand up to the radical Islamist bullies and their cheerleaders, or will they CONTINUE to collaborate with them just like the French did with the Nazis after France fell in WWII? History will be watching, and the journalists’ children will be asking them. Will they look at their life’s work with pride at the sacrifice they gave for freedom, or will be ashamed that they played a role in the destruction of free speech and submission to Sharia Law?

    • 4True

      Journalists children might not make it ,if their horrible parents keep betraying them

  • guitta Dabe

    How many episodes of mayhem, violence, murder, and genocide have to happen before the term “Islamophobia” is retired due to the evidence? How can it be a phobia when the consequences of getting on the wrong side of certain Muslims are very real?

    • Pray Hard

      It’s just a newer word liberals have learned to say, you know, like when a baby learns to day “da da” and repeats it over and over.

  • farflung

    FOLKS, WE NEED TO BE BACKING THIS DARING LADY. Get behind her, get the message out to friends and neighbors. Everyone on your iist of contacts. We are under siege, at war and yes we shall all be in the streets before this is over.

  • Sherab Zangpo

    The WaPo is just a subversive paper and the subversives are supporting islam against the West and against Freedom. Don’t even use it for a birds cage, it would be toxic to the birds.

  • Dave Quilty

    The ad hominem attacks only work on those already in willful denial. The message is getting out. Any discussion about Islam is good as its failings are apparent to anyone that spends just a little effort in educating themselves. The more the issue is raised the more people will question and do their own research. My guess is 30% of the people are complete moonbats and are beyond reach. 30% really don’t care about any of these issues. In the remainder are those that can be reached and that can make a difference. I think many new c

    I dont recall any public figure being subject to the ad hominem hit pieces that I read in the WAPO and CNN. As they say if you are catching flak you must be over the target.

    • empiresentry

      to be fair, lets include NBC, CBS, MSN and Huffpoo on the list.
      Their only existence is to attack anyone who does not stay inside the lines they redraw on a daily basis.
      There is a long list of public figures and Blacks who left the Dem Plantation only to be trashed by this string of Dim pets.
      You are correct: the more people know about it, the better we all are. Awareness is key.

  • vlparker

    Do these traitors at Wapo sit around and work for hours on these stories so that they fit the dhimmicrat party line or do they actually believe what they say so deeply that it just comes naturally?

  • Duck

    I’m with Pamela on this. Stay strong.

  • Chrissakes

    This is the quintessential evil: Muslims try to commit mass murder, and the WaPo tells us that Muslims are ‘nervous and scared’

    True. It’s always about them. This has been going on for while. When the attacks of 9/11/01 happened we were instructed — by the mainstream media — that the Muslim community was at risk. There were SJW loons wearing Islamic garb in solidarity FFS.

    • michaelwarden

      Going back to 9/11, here in the UK (and this is 14 years ago), hundreds if not thousands of people were out in the streets cheering the news that almost 3,000 people had been murdered. They were not Methodists.
      After the London bombings, the first thing the Labour government did was to “assure the muslim community that there would be no anti muslim backlash”.

  • Jeri

    Thanks Ms. Geller for your courage. Not many people inspire me today. You do.

  • Henry Hawk

    WTF. I’m to say ‘sorry for trying to kill me’
    What did the Nazi’s say to the Jews that were lead to the gas chambers.
    Naw, fk Muslims and their PEDOIPHILE MooHameed, civilized people can’t coexist with Islam (Islam is a mental disease)

  • Makesmegiggle

    I am disgusted with MSM and have made an effort NOT to tune into them. I will not reward them with ratings for being bought and paid for by radical ideals. I am sick of where this country is headed and we have the media to thank for it. They are no longer journalists, but paid puppets and mouth pieces.

    • 4True

      Bury your TV and avoid MSM on radio and internet. You will be less uniformed.

  • Veritas Serum


    ISIS the US trained and funded boogeyman.

    U.S. Senators : We’ve been funding ISIS all the time.

    “Everyone on the national security team recommended arming ISIS”
    – Senator John McCain

    “I know these people intimately, we tall to them all the time”
    – Senator John McCain

    “We’ve been funding people who are allied with ISIS, ISIS is stronger because we have been funding rebels in Syria”
    – Senator Rand Paul

    U.S. Airdrops Weapons to ISIS as Iraqi Army Makes Gains

    West training Syrian rebels in Jordan

    U.S. Trained ISIS at Secret Jordan Base

    Militant Islamic Group ISIS Trained at U.S. Base in Jordan

    U.S. Trained ISIS Forces At Secret Jordan Base

    AIDING ISIS: Israel Bombs Syria For Fifth Time in 18 Months, Gives Arms, Medical Aid to Militants

    Turkish military says MIT (Turkish Intelligence) shipped weapons to Al-Qaeda/ISIS

    Turkey caught smuggling weapons to al-Qaida

    Official says CIA-funded weapons have begun to reach Syrian rebels

  • pdxnag

    If the Muslim goal of worldwide conquest by the sword is not an ugly thing then it must be a beautiful thing.

  • Cate

    Stay strong, Pamela! The MSM wimps are craven cowards. All they care about is their ratings. You are making inroads, that is for sure!

  • Gareth Jones

    This Woman is nothing more than self serving & attention seeking. Organising “Events” in the name of free speech, that she knows is going to offend and upset the majority of the muslim community in order to get airtime. She should either be ignored or have her “ideas” challenged. But I don’t think that happens in the US?

    What happened or rather could have happened is awful but that does not excuse Ms Geller from her own responsibility in this. Free Speech is all well and good but it does come with responsibilities too.

    The test to see if something is offensive or not is to change the subject type. So instead of drawing pictures of mohammed, lets look at this from a Neo Nazi prospective. What if an “Event” was organised to draw pictures glorifying nazi oppression ETC of Jews. The Jewish community would would be rightly offended and upset, and to say it was all done in the name of Free Speech would not hold any water.

    • St. Michael Defend Us

      Phooey. This morning my husband was vegging out on the sofa watching some stupid movie called Zombie World. I was in the kitchen and not paying too much attention, but he drew my attention to a part of the movie in which Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, creating the first zombie. Mayhem ensued, but, only in the movie.
      I haven’t heard of any riots or murders as a result of this movie. Should this movie have not been made because it is going to offend Christians?
      You need to get right on that.

      • Gareth Jones

        I’m not sure what your point is, in fact there is no point in there what so ever, apart from some nonsense. Of course the film / movie should have been made but there are plenty of examples of films that have been made but have been banned or the authorities have decided not to show the film due to local sensibilities.

        The Life or Brian and the Passion of the Christ spring to mind.

        Now, can we get back to a sensible discussion on the lack of responsibility this woman is showing.

        • St. Michael Defend Us

          According to your logic, the makers of Zombie World are self serving and attention seeking. The movie makers have a responsibility not to offend Christians. ” Free Speech is all well and good but it does come with responsibilities too.” to quote you.

          • Gareth Jones

            No, point here is that the movie would either be banned or be stopped from showing, if there was a possibility of upsetting or offending a large section of the local community in which it was to be shown. This is called censorship, which would be made by either the cinema owner, the local authority or in extreme cases the police or government, if law and order were in jeopardy (I.E Riots ETC).

            This woman has shown no remorse or responsibility for not only putting her own life at risk but also the others that attended the ill advised “Event”. She went ahead with this “Event”, knowing full well that the “Event” was controversial and most likely to stir up trouble. If the worst *HAD* happened then some blood would be on her hands too.

            I know I’m most probably a lone voice on what is her major mouth piece but I think that these things need bringing to light.

          • St. Michael Defend Us

            The last time you posted was 4 months ago, but you crawled out of the woodwork to complain about Miss Geller and the art exhibit. Must have really struck a nerve, Were you waiting for your troll license?

          • Gareth Jones

            No, I feel really strongly about this issue. I feel that she is stirring up trouble for her own self interest. That’s all, no axe to grind other than that.

          • St. Michael Defend Us

            You serve your muslim masters well. Best wishes to Britaniastan. Do you go to Tower Hamlets very often?
            I do have to say, I’m glad it made the news in the UK.

          • Gareth Jones

            Oh you have me so wrong, I was wondering when this would come up. :-)

            Lets put some things straight here, I’m a 47 year old Gay man, with no religious beliefs. My family has been in the UK for the past 1,000 years (give or take a decade or two). I serve no master but myself.

            The only reason it made the news in the UK was the fact that you had a close escape (See the BBC web site).


            As a decent human being, I would never upset a whole community just for the sake of getting media attention. Especially when there are a small minority in that community that are easily stirred up and could put other peoples lives in danger.

          • defcon 4

            Moslems don’t need cartoons as an excuse to kill anyone — incl. gay men.

          • Gareth Jones

            Another sweeping generalisation, not all muslims are out to get you!!!

          • haveittodayray

            There are no moderate Mosques or Muslims that follow the Quran. Islam is not and never will be a religion of peace. They will never adapt to our values and customs but rather want to force Islam and Sharia upon us all.

          • Gareth Jones

            Obviously this is the place of hate and just as bad for spreading mis information, fear and anger as the idiots on the other side of the fence.

          • Demsci

            Oh, please, look everywhere, here, on the other side of the fence, in neutral medialand. Most of us have done that.

            But what should we call you if you deliberately shut yourself off from hearing what we have to say, after a short visit, probably without extensive research on this site.

            At the very least your credibility about describing Pamela, us, our information and motives would be very low

            It makes you look like a professional habitual debunker.

          • Demsci

            Oh, you looked on the other side of the fence? So you know, as we do, that on the other side of the fence, there is much hate, propaganda, and it is directed against, well, Westerners, Jews, Pamela Geller and friends etc.

            You know this, can’t stop it. And YET, when “our side of the fence” responds to it with it own criticism, yes, it’s own hate, propaganda, THEN you want to discourage THIS side, even when you cannot, and many Muslims will not, discourage the other side.

            I say, you discourage both sides or none. You are now trying to create an unbalance.

          • Demsci

            But also, NOT NO Muslims are out to get you. Only a few are enough to intimidate. And the religion and other Muslims prophit from it, because now the pesky critics are silenced and only praise, support or silence for the religion is presented.

            Pretty soon Muslims will say; See, there is no criticism on Islam, while there is plenty of criticism on the other religions and lifestyles, doesn’t that mean it is the best religion?

            Why don;t you smell the foul play?

          • Cate

            I am reminded of our forefathers, who were also considered troublemakers. The townspeople of that time in the colonies were split on what to do – some wanted freedom, but others wanted the status quo. Those that wanted the status quo were happy living in the colonies, they liked things just as they were, and they didn’t want to stir up any trouble with England. And we all know what transpired.

            You can say whatever you want. But you live there, and we live in the USA. In THIS country, we are not going to shut down our freedom of speech for anyone. Our protections under freedom of speech are EXACTLY what this discussion is all about. There are no issues when everyone agrees. But, when something is controversial is when freedom of speech truly comes into play. Controversial speech is a protected right here in MY country, and we will NOT abridge our freedom of speech in this issue.

          • Gareth Jones

            I am not after appeasement but understanding that YOU have muslims in YOUR community here and now. “Events”, such as this is going to inflame the situation and make life in YOUR community worse.

            Treating everyone in the muslim community the same as the few idiots is not helping more like throwing petrol / Gas on a smouldering fire.

          • Demsci

            We know that, but we could as well react as follows;

            The Mormons; Hey, the Muslims no more get insulted and we still get ridiculed a lot; OK, now we are going to respond with violence too, but only by a few of us of course.

            And then the Scientologists ad a little more violence, kill a few critics, apostates, see that is works, intimidate some more.

            I am sure that the Nazi’s and the Communists in history already employed such tactics.

            Yes, what will it take for people like you, to realize that you should never, from no one, let intimidation be successful?!

          • Demsci

            //”As a decent human being, I would never upset a whole community”//

            maybe you don’t, OK. But plenty of communities and persons and groups are being upset all the time. And the vast majority of people accept that, chuckle over it, take part in it. And why not if it is balanced by more positive attitudes too?

            If you are gay, plenty of offensive speech is coming your way too. And definitely also, but not only, from a part of the Muslims.

            And you would never dream of reacting violently, not to the vilest, but non-violent provocations.

            OK, fine, let there be no more gay parades, and no more gatherings, exhibitions. I am sure a small part of the Islamic community or perhaps some other potentially violent group? get’s easily stirred up by it and that it may provoke disastrous reactions from them.

          • Demsci

            What SHE was bringing to light was something far more important: All followers of all other religions/ lifestyles, and almost all Westerners, Jews, Kuffars do NOT respond with violence on something non-violent, legal, but only disturbing their feelings. In a world where everybody’s feelings are hurt sometimes, even many times, isn’t that true?

            And you should THANK the followers of all other religions/ lifestyles for their restraint. Because if Christians, Atheists, Buddhists, Hindoes, Mormons etc. would also react with violence, even if only a small fraction of them did it, threathened it,

            where would THAT leave us, and you?

            But here you are, ACCEPTING that Muslims constitute the major sole exception. They alone of the major religions/ lifestyles react, threathen, in part, with violent reaction to non-violent offensive speech/ pictures.

            You/ we should NOT accept that!

        • St. Michael Defend Us

          The Life of Brian and Passion of the Christ were both released and are available anywhere.
          What do you mean by “local sensibilities”?
          You think Texas is a muslim nation?

          • Gareth Jones

            I think you will find that the Passion of the Christ was banned in Ireland and the Life of Brian was banned in some parts of the UK. Now can we please get off this side road of discussing movies, after all that’s what IMDB is for.

          • St. Michael Defend Us

            We are not in the UK. We are in the USA. We do not have the censorship you seek. Anyone can make any movie they want, or have any art exhibit they want. ALL the attendees at the art exhibit chose to show support for Miss Geller and were willing participants and knew the dangers. She didn’t hoodwink anyone into attending.

          • Gareth Jones

            Yes, I am well aware that you are in the Ex British Colony of the USA.

            I will say it again this woman needs to shoulder some responsibility of what has gone on and look deep into herself regarding the possibility of what *Could* have happened and think long and hard about what she is doing. Would the lives of the people attending the “Event” be worth her little ego trip with the media.

          • ted1959

            Ok, now I understand…you think we should all be thanking Ms. Geller for helping sponsor the event, which in turn allowed for two Haji’s to meet their virgins. Gotcha. Thanks PG! How’s that?

          • Gareth Jones

            No, You should be thanking your lucky stars that the situation was not worse than it was.

          • ted1959

            I see, and briefly on above we don’t think all Muslims want to kill us, only about 300 million give or take.

            If my lucky stars were real, I would not have been unhappy if our side dispatched with many more.

          • Gareth Jones

            Ted, I think you are a lost cause to your own paranoia.

          • ted1959

            Your “thinking” will likely be quite different when you cling, whimpering for help, at my (or other sheepdogs) ankles, when the time comes and the shtf. You don’t need to thank me or anyone, we know that others ((aka sheep) need our help. Love you too!

          • Gareth Jones

            No my thinking will always be the same, I will never thank you rather I pity you for your thinking.

          • ted1959

            Ah, famous last words. We will still stop and help you when you are in desperate need whether you like it or not. You see, we have compassion. We don’t need your thinking or compassion or thankfulness or pity, we understand and know that your ilk simply don’t know better. It’s ok with us.

          • Lilithwept

            So you think that we should allow a group,pf people to use force and violence to prevent other people from drawing an and exhibiting their drawings? To permit a group,of people to immigrate to this country and set about changingbit, changing the laws, to suit themselves, their culture and religion? And not just ANY law, but the law that is at the base of our way of life, a law that has been the bedrock for America and was one of the main reasons America fought for i dependance from England?

            I am profoundly offended at some things like Piss Christ but my holy book tells me that I shouldnt commit violence. That to do so is a sin and displeases God. What would Jesus do? He certainly wouldnt kill anyone.

            Muslims are offended at a drawing of Muhammed and their “holy book” tells them to go kill the persons who drew Muhammed. Their “holy book” tells them this is an extremely good thing, it pleases Allah and that the most perfect example of a man did the exact same thing, killing people whom”disrespected” him, so all pious Muslims should follow the example of the most perfect man and do the same thing.
            What would Muhammed do? Just what the 2 terrorists did in Texas.

            I refuse to have my freedoms abridged using violence by a group,of people, whos beliefs I do not ascribe to. I refuse to have their beliefs forced on me, their exaggerated “respect” for Muhammed and the rest of the tenants of their religion.

          • Gareth Jones

            You are all certifiable, do you actually believe that EVERY single person of the muslim faith is out to kill the people of the USA?

            You have muslims living in YOUR community, and the sweeping generalisation that you are making are so dangerous they may be islamist fundamentalist but I get the feeling that you are Christian one.

            I’m not knocking anyone’s religion but hoping to point out that extreme views from any side is dangerous. To use an old saying, “You should not tar everyone with the same brush”.

            I don’t think I am going to get anywhere as this seems to be a site full of people who have the same warped point of view as yourself.

          • Lilithwept

            Oh wow, thank you for the laugh! Me, a Christian fundamentalist! Nope, far from it. I hate zealots of any kind.
            Of course I am not saying that every muslim is a terrorist. I am saying Islam is a terrorist.
            You never said if you had read any of the Islamic texts. Have you?
            The basis I have for saying that Islam is a terrorist, a political ideology disquised as a religion is I have read the Islamic texts and they say so plain and simple.
            Any muslim who is NOT doing what ISL is doing is, as defined by Muhammed himself, a hypocrite.
            Everything ISL is doing is either something Muhammed did repeatedly and therefore is Sunnah, following Muhammeds example or it is somethimg that is encouraged/allowed by the Quran.
            In Muhammeds day there were people who didnt want to go fight ,to raid caravans for booty or to raid a villiage telling the inhabitants fight, convert or die!. These non fighters came up with all sorts of excuses that told Muhammed, sickness, family obligations and so on. Muhammeds was furious with them, cursed them, told them Allah hated them and they would go to hell.

            Now not every muslim does what ISL does, but their Holy book tells them to, and they believe that that book is the literal word of god, written by god and never wrong. And Muhammed was the most perfect example of a man, that following his example in everything he did is what every muslim should do, that doing so would be a path to heaven.
            All muslims may not do what ISL does, some would never do violence.
            But, and here is the huge BUT,how can you tell which ones are the ones that would never be violent and which are the Muslims that decide to start taking their religion seriously, to start doing what the Quran and Muhammeds example tell them to do?
            It all boils down to this The ones that are not violent are not dully following the Quran and Muhammeds example, that no matter what they may do, its their religion that tells them that to be a true, Quran obeying Muhammeds example following muslim, you should be doing violence. Its like seeing a bomb on the street and saying ” No, its safe, see it hasnt gone off……but you dont know when it will go BOOM!”
            We see this over and over again, a muslims is a peaceful, person, has a job, maybe he even drinks and is a womanizer, then one day he is in the news for shooting up his workplace like the Air Force Officer did. Or he is a convert to Islam, starts going to mosque often, spending alot of time reading the Quran, grows a beard , talks about how sinful the West is, then there he is on the news, killed for cutting off a British soldiers head in the street in broad daylight.
            And the Quran isnt just a historical account of some stuff that happened along time ago, what the Quran says about fighting and killing isnt limited in time and place to Muhammeds time, it is intended to be in effect for all time, until judgement day or every person on earth is a muslim, whichever comes first.

            Its not the people I have a problem with, its that ideology, that it can never be changed or reformed.
            The ideology that tells its followers that the only acceptable form of goverment is Sharia or Allah’s law that is based on what the Quran says, not democracy which is man made and a blasphemy.
            The Ideology that tells its followers that they and their religion are superior to everything else and they should keep fighting by any and all means until there is no other religion on earth but Islam.
            Go read the Quran, the hadiths, the Sirat Rasul Allah, ( you can find these in English) those are the primary sourses, used by Muslims themselves. There are bios of Muhammed easier to read than the Hadiths and Sirat …. I just finished “Its all about Muhammed” by F. W. Burleigh and its factual and a good read besides. The Quran is arranged, not in chronological order but in order of size of chapter, and there is a lot of repetition. Its very hard to,understand without knowing what was happening in Muhammeds life. Start with ” Its All About Muhammed” then read the Quran.

          • Gareth Jones

            You are so full of hate and misinformation it is outstanding. Well done done!!

          • Demsci

            She is not, but what IF she is full of hate + misinformation, what then would be the problem? Hate against something bad CAN be good! and it only hurts feelings! And are you sure she is misinformed? Maybe you are not receptive, open enough.

            She never wants to resort to violence, she only wants to talk, and she only may hurt a few feelings.

            That is the bottom line; We only hurt feelings. some of the Muslims hurt bodies. Big difference! And please at all times use the same standards for all concerned!

          • Lilithwept

            You never answered if you had read the Islamic texts.

            The things I said in my above post are straight from those Islamic texts…..If I am ” misinformed” then tell me where I am wrong, citing those same Islamic texts to back you up.

            So far all I have heard is insults and your opinion.

            Its so obvious that you havent read the Islamic texts because if you had, then you would have read about all the hatred ……..towards polytheists, atheists, Jews and Christians, those that laugh at or make fun of Muhammed, those who diagree or question Muhammed or Allah, and more….

            I could fill a page with direct quotes from just the Quran that illustrate the hatred towards non muslims, but you arent going to believe anything I say just because I am saying it.
            And I have better things to do than do your research for you.

            If you are going to come on sites like this and insult people you should at least
            read the Islamic texts if for the only reason so that you can prove to people like me, that Islam means Peace, is really ” a religion of peace” and all those terrorist acts and murders by muslims screaming Allahu Akbar! have nothing to do with Islam.

          • Demsci

            It seems to it is your own prejudice that Pamela Geller, and visitors on this site “tar all Muslims with one brush”.

            Frankly, is there any legitimate criticism, offensive speech even, on Islam and on a part of the Muslims that you would NOT characterize with: “Generalization of all Muslims”, “tarring all Muslims with the same brush”???

            Tell us what you think then is something we REASONABLY can hold Muslims accountable for that REASONABLY bothers us, makes us concerned?

          • Demsci

            Oh, I think she thought much longer and harder than you on the subject. before she put her life, privacy and reputation on the line.

            For instance, what would be the consequences and the death-toll if no one acted like her? You seem to think that would save lives,

            but I am convinced that bullies (which some of the Muslims are, and because of some of Islam’s holy texts) will only encroach further when you do not stand up to them. And get their feelings hurt and react violently to then smaller offensive speech. When no one had dared to speak up we would probably have much more intransigent behavior from Muslims. Now at least they try to accommodate Westerners on minor points.

            No, she is right, we should all the way within the law, and only draw the line at violence or inciting it.

        • Cate

          The point is very clear. There have been no riots or murders because of something that is offensive to Christians. There have been no riots or murders because of the Piss Christ exhibition, or the exhibit of the virgin Mary done in elephant dung. Are they offensive? Yes. But WHO CARES. Muslims need to get over it. That is what the draw Muhammad contest was all about. And if MANY of these kinds of events went on this country, and the media wasn’t afraid, it would likely help to ease Islam into our current century. It’s WAY past time Muslims drop the 7th century savagery and overhaul their ideology (I cannot even call it a religion.)

          • Gareth Jones

            For crying out loud, stop with the generalisations not every Muslim is out to get you.

          • Demsci

            “not every Muslim is out to get you”. No, but some, many ARE, in response to offending speech and picture. And so, some intimidate (and with that help their religion and the rest of Muslims).

            In contrast virtually NONE of the other followers of religions and lifestyles “are out to get you”.

            Why do you insist in making Islam and the Muslims the EXCEPTION?

        • Demsci

          This woman, and her people, the Jews, and quite a few of her values, were very, very heavily provoked by offending speech. She perfectly demonstrated her responsibility by NOT reacting with any violence at all, or inciting it among her people, friends.

          She gave the right example of reaction to offensive speech and SOME Muslims gave the bad example of reacting with violence or inciting to it among their co-religionists.

          Please use single standards for Pamela Geller and her people and Muslims.

        • PhilLC

          did you see any riots in the streets of London when the Life of Brian was screened? Pleeeze…absolutely no comparison…Islam’s entire creed is based on intimidation and terror, humiliation etc…such a sick ‘religion’ that the only way it can impose itself on anyone is by fear initially and then brainwashing one to believe that its righteous. Do some real study from neutral sources!

    • 4True

      If you can understand such things, everything you said is hypothetical. We are at war with Islamic attacks NOW. Syrian Christians are NOT drawing Mohammed and dying awful deaths any way. They are also killing daughters for talking to boys or wearing jeans. Will you help them keep their girls in chains in the basement? Don’t want to upset them do you?.

      • Gareth Jones

        That does not excuse upsetting a whole community in the name of self interest and media attention.

        • ted1959

          Right, because appeasing those who want to strip us of our freedoms, if not outright kill us, is a solid plan. Yep, that’ll work.

        • Demsci

          Oh but upsetting a whole community is perfectly legal, even if done in the name of self interest and media attention.

          The disadvantage? Only hurt feelings. Not one right infringed, not one body hurt.

          And if you are into trying to spare feelings, and try to do it globally, not only for the Muslims, but also for who some of the Muslims in turn hurt the feelings,

          those of Jews, Kuffars, you face a hopeless job, But in order to use single standards and not be hypocritical, you cannot limit your protection to Muslims only. So give it up.

          Offending, hurting feelings really sometimes can have great advantages, people with hurt feelings may well change their thoughts for instance.

          Moreover, many westerners, including you, the president, are very KIND to the Muslims. That should make Muslims give good feelings about Westerners too.

          And Pamela has much better motivations than what you describe to her on top of that.

        • Lilithwept

          I came back to this discussion to see if you had answered me.
          I asked if you had read the Islamic texts.
          And I asked you if I was so misinformed, that since I used the Islamic texts for my quotes that you use those texts to prove how misinformed I am.

          And Just as I thought, you come to sites like this, where we have read those Islamic books, and we use citations from them to prove our point that Islam is an political ideology and it promotes violence and you say we are mistaken or misinformed. And all you offer is your opinion. I’d say everything you know about Islam comes from the media or apologists that use known abrogated texts to try and prove how peaceful Islam is.

          I feel so sorry for you as a gay man living in Britian…… The Muslim situation there will only get worse as their population grows. And you are a target for their hatred.
          Not all of them will attack you but those that dont will stand around watching you being beaten up, possibly even killed and they will not raise a finger to help you or a voice in protest.

    • Lilithwept

      There is such an event held…….in Iran. And it is not in the name of free speech but in the name of anti semitism and denial of the Holocaust.

    • Demsci

      Probably a good test, an event glorifying Nazi’s. God knows that already happens on the internet, under Stormfront. But anyway: The Jewish community however would NEVER react with violence or inciting it.

    • Demsci

      Well, you do not so much challenge her ideas as using ad hominem attacks. Ascribing the motive and airtime to her like that. Her ideas get challenged all the time and in often in a very insulting way.

      And SHE get’s provoked a lot. But no one expects HER, or Jews, Westerners, Kuffars to react violently. Yet when Muslims react violently you see the fault with the “provoker”.

      Why this blatant double standard?!

      Let us test and change the subject type. If YOU had known that Pamela Geller was prone to come after you to kill you if you had offended her, would you have written the above comment?

  • Louise from Canada

    I thank God that you Mrs Geller and all of your supporters were able to return home safe. The two killers also went home: in HELL FOR E T E R N I T Y !

  • IronMaidenaregods

    Those misrepresenting you are evil, Ms Geller.

    The left is driven by hatred of human life, at root.

  • St. Michael Defend Us

    I suppose they want an apology from Lee Rigby, too. And they look for an apology from Palmira Silva and Colleen Hufford. These people owe the muslims an apology!

  • 4True

    These people are so despicable and cowardly, it will be tough for the rest of us to pity them if they are ever attacked. Do the morons think Daniel Pearl..could have apologized his way out his murder? They just want to hear how frightened you are before they kill you.

  • John Smith

    The media is trying to self impose a Heckler’s Veto on anyone that’s critical of Islam.

  • ted1959

    Thank you Ms. Geller, Where can I volunteer to join your security detail? I don’t need to be paid. I have my reasons.

  • Turbo

    Can you believe this sh*t lately? I mean can you believe it?? NO is the resounding answer of course. None of us ever imagined things could get THIS twisted and sick, so quickly. And we’re still heading down, even much further down, down, down..

    Thank you Pamela!! And Robert, and Geert, and.. (many others). And a huge thank you to the Garland, TX PD!

  • Steve Cusick

    This oft-quoted Southern Poverty Law Center. What do jihad and sharia law have to do with poverty in the south? Anyone?

  • Reflx

    The left lost their minds in the 70s, maybe starting in 1968, due to mind altering drugs. (I am *not* making up a joke.) I left the left in the mid 70s because I saw then what they are nowadays. Anti-Israel, anti-Jewish, anti-American, anti-Constitution (dead white guy laws), anti-Bill-of-Rights. I saw, even then, that they were coming to the opinion that evil was good, and good was evil. Also, I read the Koran and Haddiths in 1969, so I’ve been waiting for Jihad to come here ever since. Was not surprised at 911, and knew who was responsible immediately after the second plane crash. Thanks to the Wright Brothers it is not possible for them to make the trip in one day. For decades I have felt that I was alone in all this knowledge. There are still few of us who have read about and understand Islam, even less who understand the wayward mind of ‘liberals.’ Take care Pam and Robert, and all you few who understand the grave danger of Islam. May St Michael guard you and protect at all times from the evil of Islam.

    • Reflx

      Correction: “Thanks to the Wright Brothers it is not possible for them to make the trip in one day.”
      Sratch out “not”
      Boats took too much time. Once airlines took hold in 3rd world countries, it’s been “Katie bar the door.” Having Islam in this country is like having alien eggs nest, like in Sci Fi movies. Their communities are just hatcheries. We should have amended the Constitution to outlaw Islam. But then one have to have read the Koran and Haddiths to understand why, and as I said, there are too few of us who have read them and understand them.

      • Lilithwept

        Refix, you are so right!!! For me the murders of artists, cartoonist hits a nerve as I am an amateur artist. The idea that I can be killed just for drawing an older Arabic man and saying that is Muhammed ( because no one knkws exactly what he looked like) just boggles my mind!!!
        So I began reading all the Islamic texts I could find in English and lurking on pro Islam sites to see what I could learn. I am still just shocked that ANYONE could read the Quran and Biography of Muhammed( with all the raids, murders, rapes, taking female sex slaves, underage marriage,, death for apostates, assassinations and the built in command that Muslims keep doing all this violence until there is no religion on earth but Islam ) and be so appalled at the political ideology disquised as religion that you would do most anything to keep your country from falling under Islamic rule!!!
        I read the apologists posts and I am wondering ……Have you read any Islamic text? Do you REALLY know what Islam is and what its goal is? Why are you not shocked and disgusted by the violence Islam says is a good thing, pleases God and urfes its believers to do!

        I am so frightened by what I can see coming. And I am so afraid that those of us who know what Islam is will not be able do enough to stop it.
        I have been trying to think of some way to deal Islam in this country…….It can not be reformed. And how do you tell a non violent muslim from a muslim that hates America and is just waiting to do some act of terrorism?
        And what do we do with the muslims that are already in this country?
        Is it possible to remove Islam from the protection afforded it by the Freedom of Religion Amendment and proscribe it, outlaw it as dangerous, a cult that is incompatable with American culture and way of life?

      • ted1959

        May God bless you my sheepdog brother, keep up the good fight! Keep the faith and finish the race. We will win.

    • IronMaiden

      Its interesting you note your expectation of the coming jihad as far back as 1969.

      In 1993 I studied under a then PhD candidate, in Muslim studies, from the University of Sydney in NSW, Australia.

      I was actually studying a course on Western history and philosophy at the time in a worldview school he co-delivered, with a political scientist from the ANU (Australian National University).

      It is only recently however, that I recalled his dire warnings, like you, of a coming global clash between Islam and the rest of the world.

      As far back as 1992-93 he found himself threatened, with beatings and had to flee, on several occasions, the violent aggression of Muslim students, when he made any remarks or exercised any critical reasoning to examine the veracity of the ‘truth’ statements they claimed, based on the teachings of Mohammed in the Koran.

      As many here probably already know highly pedigreed (I use the term loosely) Islamic leaders and scholars have sought, for decades to furnish the reemergence of the Caliphate. So too, these students, who violently reacted to any opposition of their stated supremacy of the religion of Islam in the early nineties.

      However, recent commenters on this blog have attempted to chide contributors here for not seeing the issue of Islam Vs the world from a Marxist, class warfare framework. Instead they would have us believe nasty capitalists (i.e white Americans) have manipulated innocent Muslims into bastardizing their own religion.

      They will then quote, ad-nauseum, a wide array of factoids to evidence their assumption, including statements regarding Western military and economic interference in the Middle-East, in order to justify the assertion that nasty capitalists have created a violent version of Islam, that hitherto never existed.
      Thus greedy capitalists are the root source of the problem and devout Muslim adherence, to the religion of Islam, has nothing to do with it.

      What is missing in this simplistic and bigoted analysis?

      1) Acknowledgement that violent Islam preexisted the development of modern capitalist economies by centuries
      2) Acknowledgement that violent Islam is hegemonic in it’s nature
      3) Failure to note that most cited capitalist boogeymen are not truly capitalist – they are in fact collectivists and socialists who depend on big bureaucratic government to legislate trade protections and the redistribution of wealth for protection from real market forces (i.e. tariffs & bailouts)
      4) A clear and reasoned perspective on the complex history and competing bases of power for world hegemony
      5) Analysis of the history of Marxism, the role of Engels, his internationalist agenda, his relationships with other well-known international collectivists and the supremacist and eugenicist notions of the socialist left, toward global population groups.
      6) A failure to recognize that many religious systems of thought also espouse different classes of humans that have nothing to do with capitalism (Islamic teaching regarding the superior status of Muslim’s to Infidels or the Hindi caste system – both of which long predated capitalism)

      Anyway I could go on but my point is this we must resist every effort of those who would seek to excuse the violence, bigotry and slaughter of Islamic supremacists on anyone other than violently devout Muslim’s themselves!

  • haveittodayray

    There are no moderates in Mosques or otherwise that follow the Quran. All they want is for islam to be the dominant religion in America, and will stop at nothing to accomplish their goals. They will never adapt to our values or customs but rather want to force Sharia upon us all. Do not ever let that happen.

  • J P Sundharam

    WaPo is a dhimmi Kafir organization that has capitulated completely to Islam. May be they should be politically correct and call themselves an Islamic newspaper.

  • Drew the Infidel

    By that logic why should I attend anyone else’s funeral? They are not going to attend mine. It was wonderful strategy though. Provoke your enemy to smoke them out and when they show up to kill you then blow their ass away. Priceless.

  • notme123

    apologize for what? have any of those who have beheaded Christians apologized!

  • maria

    Pam, if you need help, just ask…there are multi-millions dying to do something to stop this train wreck our country is heading for!!!

  • Chaim, USA

    Dear Ms. Geller:
    Please, PLEASE, have your/AFDI great lawyer, Mr. Yerushalmi, file a LIBEL/DEFAMATION suit against this low life of an “author” and, possibly, WaPo itself.
    I would be happy to make contribution to help cover expenses associated with such suit.
    Most importantly: Please stay SAFE – yourself, Mr. Spenser et al

  • HansonBro

    God bless you Pam.

  • AL Tru

    Pamela Gellar, Agent Provocateur. Albert Pike called for three World Wars in 1870. the last to be Islam vs Xtians. sound familiar ?

  • Roma Lynn Starling-Gerle

    I commend you for standing up to this politically correct nonsense. Prayers

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