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Islamic State in Libya shoots three accused homosexuals in the head


Every day I publish reports of Muslim oppression of gays under sharia. And every day I publish stories of another gay group attacking counter-jihad initiatives in support of Islamic groups.

Gays supporting Gay-hate.  Gay groups  Islamic law.

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“Three men accused of homosexuality executed by IS in Derna,” by Ayman Amzein, Libya Herald, May 1, 2015 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Benghazi, 1 May 2015: Three men, accused of being homosexual, are reported to have been executed by the Islamic State (IS) in Derna yesterday.

They were shot in the head at the town’s main Ateeq Mosque following afternoon (Asr) prayers. They were reportedly seized some months go.

The three have been named as Naseeb Al-Jazwi, Faraj Al-Shewi and Saad al Fahakhri. .

Following the creation of a Sharia Court in Derna last year, IS has imposed rigid Sharia law in the town. There have been public beheadings, people have been lashed for drinking alcohol, and a fortnight ago, a man accused of stealing gold had his hand cut off.

Its rigid interpretation of Islam in the town, has also included a ban on smoking and strict gender segregation similar to that imposed in Afghanistan during the Taliban era.

However, many see in its imposition of such action, a reign of terror designed to maintain its rule in the town.

In November 2012, 12 men said to be homosexuals, were arrested by the Islamist Nawasi Brigade in Tripoli at a transvestite party. They were supposedly released a few days later by this was then denied. They have not been heard of since.

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  • Commieobamie

    Gays love to do it moHOGmad style.

  • Ron Cole

    “What you fine mu%%ie chirrens bees doin'”?
    “We ara bees shootin’ preverts* momma”.
    “Dat bees alls riot* – jes don’t fight”.

    * prevert:
    This fine neologism comes compliments of Colonel Bat Guanno
    (Kennan Wynn) from “Dr. Strangelove” referring to commie qu%%rs.
    Should Bat update this he would define them as mu%%ie goat lovers.
    Footnote: The MFC has banned “right” from it’s Dictionary.
    It has a mandatory replacement of “riot”. Right elicits nasty visions of old white anarchists drawing images of ole All&ah.

  • JacktheRipper

    Say what you will about the homosexual lifestyle, but their right to life should be inviolable. Islam is not fit to be the world’s moral guide. Any intelligent and compassionate response to homosexuals cannot include the threat of murder. Murder does not teach sexual purity or the blessings of heterosexual love. Civilized people know this, islam does not.

    This is characteristic of islam, to use its demented moral system as a means of quashing diversity and individual liberties. Whatever does not conform to their fascist ideology must be destroyed, even if it desecrates basic human rights in the process. I’m not a defender of homosexual love, I am a defender of the right to life as the wiser choice over bigoted murder. And I consider any person or ideology that advocates murder as the wiser course to be evil and morally deranged. Such is islam.

    When muslims murder homosexuals they defame themselves before the world as pitiless destroyers of good morality and sacred human life. I don’t want their evil teachings in my neighborhood or my country! Get out!

  • Alan

    like women lib homo or should I say gay lib ( I prefer to call myself homo,thats what I am) turn a blind eye and stick their heads in the sand when it comes to old Mo and his gang of millions,till they are dragged from their hide-outs and killed like the rest.

  • Keshav

    Funny thing is that most liberals comprises of Gays and LGBT community…Feel sad for the homosexuals though that they are hated by conservatives while the liberals support Islam which is much more brutal towards them!

    • St. Michael Defend Us

      The “fact” that the right hates gays is a fabrication of the left. The left invents many “bogey man” with which to influence the public to be against the right.

    • phoenixkevin

      I think gays intensely dislike social conservatives. Why not, social conservatives call for their extinction. One should respond appropriately to those who condemn them

  • 426 HemiCuda

    This will be the future for the Gay community in the United States, but their to full of HATE for Christians and to stupid to see their future!

    • phoenixkevin

      One can love Christians, and still hate the bigots within the Christian community.

      • 426 HemiCuda

        They’re bigots in all communities, being Christian doesn’t mean we don’t have the same character flaws as everyone else.

        • phoenixkevin

          Bigots do exist in all communities. Which goes back to the point that some Christians are bigots, most are not, some homosexuals are bigots, most are not.

  • kostas.lacon

    All the gays I know hate islamic law and they don’t like Islam , but it’s true that the leftist gay organisations support the muslimfriendly Left …so these organisations play a stupid theater about Islam .Obviously they are traitors of the homosexuals – killed and tortured – in the islamic countries. Shame on them .

  • David Fieldman

    Who will eventually shoot these savage shooters?

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