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[ October 22, 2017 ]

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UK: Muslim Labour councillor’s son among 9 Muslims arrested trying to join Islamic State


“In a statement, Rochdale councillor Shakil Ahmed said he was ‘shocked, worried and extremely upset’ to find out his son, 22-year-old Waheed Ahmed, was one of those held by Turkish authorities.” He is shocked! Shocked! He said: “My son is a good Muslim.” Of course he is. That’s why he was trying to join the Islamic State.

In Britain, the barbarians aren’t just at the gates. They’re not just inside the gates. They’re the gatekeepers.

Muslim family and police

“Rochdale Labour councillor’s son among nine Britons arrested trying to reach Syria,” by Ben Farmer and Ruth Sherlock, the Telegraph, April 2, 2015

One of nine Britons arrested trying to get into rebel-held Syria is the son of a Labour councillor from Rochdale.

The group – all members of the same family, including four children – will be deported back to the UK where counter-terrorism police and social services are waiting to question them after they were seized at a Turkish border post.

Police in Manchester said it was “obviously concerning” that adults were taking children aged as young as one into the war-torn country.

In a statement, Rochdale councillor Shakil Ahmed said he was “shocked, worried and extremely upset” to find out his son, 22-year-old Waheed Ahmed, was one of those held by Turkish authorities.

Mr Ahmed added that he thought his son was on a work placement in Birmingham.

He said: “My son is a good Muslim and his loyalties belong to Britain, so I don’t understand what he’s doing there. If I thought for a second that he was in danger of being radicalised I would have reported him to the authorities.

“He’s studying a degree in politics and sociology at Manchester University and has a good future ahead of him.”

The five adults are aged 21, 22, 22, 24 and 47 and four children, aged one, three, eight and 11, are believed to be related and currently live in Rochdale.

All were arrested at a paramiltary outpost in Reyhanli, a town that borders rebel held parts of Syria, as they tried to cross into Syria….

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    • David Wilson

      What’s it doing, are you a pimp or something?

    • Politically Accurate

      You’re a f u c k i n g parasitic piece of s h i t. Take your spam to ISIS-held territory, you pathetic fraud artist.

      Everyone should flag this POS.

  • Gonzoidzz .

    I wish they would all go to join Islamic State, they are a disease in Britain.

  • JacktheRipper

    More chips off the old “moderate” block. With islam the rain never stops, the clouds never leave. Not while we have “moderates” living in our midst.

    Multiculturalism is failing. For peace and nation, stop muslim immigration.

    • JacktheRipper

      And one more thing before I eat this doughnut and coffee. If these muslims are so determined to kill for allah in Syria, how can we think they wouldn’t do the same here in our own nations? Of course they would, and they will when their moment of opportunity comes. You can bet your kids lives on it.

      • sandra schmidt

        They should be encouraging them to go to ISIS. Self-deportation is the least expensive option. Send old dad along with his good Muslim son.

        • JacktheRipper

          That’s right, and bar them from ever returning. Once they decide to kill for allah they lose the right to live in our society. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

        • Bernadet Rodakowski

          Sound so callous… But I Like it! Let parents, family & the ummah be fully accountable for what comes from their system of belief.

          • sandra schmidt

            Well, we will have to do something before their numbers grow so great in the West that they can threaten our civil society and start cutting off our heads. Remember, it is a belief system, not an indelible trait like race, gender, etc. If they want to believe in shariah law (devout islamists) they do not belong here. Those who come here for freedom and accept our system of tolerance and decency will have to disassociate themselves from the mosques (which Erdogan calls their barracks).

          • joker

            It may sound callous but you look drop gorgeous.

        • SubSumeYou

          And daughters, don’t forget them, remember, three teenage girls trying to leave for Syria, not too long ago.

      • SubSumeYou


      • Jack,
        The West is going to erupt with those types of murders. Islam rising– and so many of our leaders at every level are enablers.

    • SubSumeYou

      Totally agree. Muslim immigration must come to a full stop.

  • sandra schmidt

    If this “councillor” can’t even control his own spawn he has no business leading Britons. Deport. Them. All.

    • SubSumeYou

      EXACTLY. The people must rise up and get rid of the phony public servants.

      • Guest


  • ReaganAK47

    Why on earth won’t they be allowed to go? They need to excercise their right of free movement. This is the only way of reducing the number of muslims in the UK. Let as many as want to go go as long as they get killed and don’t come back.

  • ReaganAK47

    How can a snake give birth to a dove?

    • SubSumeYou

      You would do well to remember: no matter how many times a snake sheds it’s skin, it is still a snake.

    • milt w

      By eating it first?

  • SubSumeYou


    • JacktheRipper

      You mean “BAH !” don’t you? you forgot the exclamation. ;) lol

    • SubSumeYou

      Shakil Ahmed, shocked? BAH!!

      • JacktheRipper

        Much better. :)

        • SubSumeYou

          Thank you, comrade : )

  • michaelwarden
  • Phil Carter

    Can someone tell me WHY we have to have these scum-sucking filth BACK into Britain? If they want to get blown to bits/shot/beheaded by the vermin they want to join, LET them!

  • St. Michael Defend Us

    If authorities believe that ALL the people in the group are somehow related, then that means that they are all related to Wakeed Ahmed. Since Wakeed Ahmed is related to (the son of) Shakil Ahmed, then isn’t Shakil Ahmed related in some way to ALL the people in the group? And, they ALL live in Rochdale, where Shalil Ahmed serves as councilor? And Shakil Ahmend expects everyone to believe he has NO IDEA what is going on in his district and his own extended family?

  • roger

    Shakil Ahmed has brought up his son well, very devout, following the true tenets of the doctrines of Mohamed, why, even Hussein Obama would be proud of him.
    Shocked ? shocked ?, no secretly proud, imagine what his friends behind closed doors are saying.
    When the chips are down, and they will be soon, sooner than we think, there wont be a moderate Muslim that will not go with their own in the war with the Infidel.

    • JacktheRipper

      Ya know, you put that rather well. Every indication is that these wannabe jihadis had every opportunity the West has to offer, a home, good schooling, health care, freedoms they could only dream of in their own crap hole. But they’d rather fly yonder and kill for allah. And that’s because, I believe, their religious indoctrination and hateful traditions will always be the greatest influence in their life, infidel be damned. And this is why we know they will destroy if given the chance. Any other conclusion is a pipe dream.

  • Mr E

    I guess that the appeal of Allah’s whorehouse in the afterlife was just way too tempting for these ersatz Jihadis to pass up.

    • Guest

  • tpellow

    ” It’s madness to let these ISIS traitors back home ”



    Read more:

  • Luke

    I love how the father is just adamant that his son was such a good boy with such a bright future in front of him. Reminds me of our black baby-mama’s in the U.S. who wail and shriek when their sons are shoot down while committing violent criminal acts…he be such a good boy, helps me with my other childrens, it be bad influences on my boy that be making him did what he do…etc. etc.

    • JacktheRipper

      That sounds a tad racist, albeit in a funny sort of way. ;)

  • logdon

    “My son is a good Muslim and his loyalties belong to Britain”

    Obviously schitzophrenic.

  • Gufo

    Why would you put them in jail? Enough free board and lodging for the scum! Deport them, they sucked up so much money, and so much from a country they evidently despise and seek to destroy, why are they allowed to get back in???

  • milt w

    Saw a mooslum moderate female breeder aged on the cbs liberal news site last night crying for money from the government that will enable the moderate morons to track and report other terrorist moderates they already know are on line because she has personally investigated some of these hate sites?

    My question would be:

    If you know a website involved with teaching naughty things to the brain dead impressionable young moderate terrorists mooslums already why not take a minute and use your computer to email the local police,terror squad ,newspapers ,hell local priest or Rabbi ,ANYBODY and let them have the address and content for free as any citizen is requested to do when they know of a criminal act or persons with Mental Problems that may hurt others? Every civilised country has a 1-800 tip line or crime stoppers where you don’t even need a name.

  • Peggy

    So how much was this young jihadist disadvantaged and had to join a terror group? We are told that the reason for joining was because these “misguided kids” were not accepted, had no money and felt isolated. If a person who has a father like this is isolated and disadvantaged then we are all just about to join IS.

  • Lords50000

    No surprise, this son of the ‘MP’ is an honest guy like Anjum Chudrey. Unlike his dad who is probably called a ‘good’ law abiding citizen.

    Here is one American doctor DrM who blogs as DrMaxtor and whose real
    identity is said to be Dr Rushdi Cader, of Umma Clinic who was deported
    from Israel Muslim activist and founder of the UMMA clinic Dr Rushdie Cader

    Dr Rushdie Cader is the founder of a Muslim clinic in California and he teaches police in self defence

    He is heavily active in online anonymous Jew and Israel bashing. He has a nazi like blog
    promoting typical Muslim conspiracies centered around Jews and Israel and he makes up stories and lies to discredit reformist Muslims.

    Since joining Loon Watch DrM has not updated his own blog. He now posts
    regularly at Loon Watch.

    DrM has been cited approvingly at many Islamic and anti-semitic sites including

    • No Quarter

      Lords thanks for this info. It is always interesting to see the web of islam. I hope the other folks on here click on some of the links for educational purposes.

  • tpellow


    “UK ‘jihadi’ linked to group PM tried to bar:

    “Labour councillor’s son believed to be member of extremist group which advocates global Muslim caliphate”

  • apollodr

    Leave them there and cancel their passports. Arrest them if they try to sneak back.

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