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Pamela Geller, WND: ISIS at Brooklyn College


Check out my column today at WND:

My latest encounter with Nazi-like Muslim thugs
Exclusive: Pamela Geller says, ‘Brooklyn College is not a safe environment for human beings’

I spoke last Wednesday night at Brooklyn College, if you can still call it that. Every seat was filled – 80 percent by Muslim students. If this is the future, it is murder. The sneers, the jeers, the laughter – my discussion of the most savage jihad acts was met with huge peals of laughter. It wasn’t a talk; it was a vicious circus: lawless and shameful.

From the moment I began to speak, the Muslim students were cackling and catcalling with Jew-hating remarks and jeers.

 Lord knows I tried to have a genuine discussion with them. I was patient, I was indulgent – but to no avail. If you watch the video, be sure to watch the Q-and-A as well. That will show you everything. A couple of fights almost broke out. Muslim students were reading questions off their phones, sent from their puppetmasters, about inane irrelevant things, such as what did I think of some Muslim basketball player and such.

There were many Muslim girls in the audience. I asked them where they were for Rifqa Bary and Aqsa Parvez and Noor Almaleki and the other victims of honor killing and oppression? Of course, in response there were just more jeers, more catcalls.

One Muslim student posted to Twitter a photo of Muslim students at my talk making the Islamic State salute in solidarity with savages. People are claiming this was just a show of Muslim piety (adherence to monotheism) and meant nothing in connection with the Islamic State. Yet when I posted the photo at my website, the Islamic supremacists who had put it on Twitter removed it. The deception continues. If it was a harmless gesture, why remove it?

And in fact, there was a lot of support for the Islamic State in the room that night. Even when I was describing ISIS videos and their atrocities, there were Arabic calls of praise: “Alhamdulillah!” (“thanks be to Allah”). Watch the video of this incident. Notice that none of the other Muslims in the audience say a word to contradict or rebuke the woman who shouted “Alhamdulillah” when I was speaking about the growth of the Islamic State.

There was a lot of calculated attempts at intimidation. Groups of Muslim men would get up for pee breaks or prayers breaks and walk right up to where I was speaking, walking by the stage/platform and then walking out all the way down to the back. This went on over and over.
Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 10.29.15 PM

Pamela Geller’s commitment to freedom from jihad and Shariah shines forth in her books – featured at the WND Superstore

The worst of it was one woman who stood up to thank me. She was the victim of genocide. Her mother was an atheist, her father a Muslim. She is married to a Jewish man. She describes herself as an “open-minded Christian.” And they went after her like vultures on carrion. I actually wanted my security team to make sure she got out safely at the end, because it was bedlam, but I wasn’t able to find out what happened. I said over their caterwauling, “You laughing and screaming and taunting and attacking this woman, this is what the Nazis looked like. This is a victim of genocide. You’re depraved and you’re soulless.”

As I left the venue, Muslim students screamed “Don’t come back!” and “Allahu akbar!” David Wood captured some of the frenzied Muslim mob and their leftist lapdogs bullying and harassing the Jews leaving my talk, screaming “Free Palestine!” Hundreds of people (from as far away as Yemen) have written me, shocked at what they saw on the video of my talk. But the video doesn’t communicate the wildness and lawlessness in that room. I am the only one with the microphone during the speech, so what was going on in the audience is barely audible.

After the event, Muslim fascist students began boasting and thumping their chests on social media, claiming that they shut down the event. This is, of course, a lie. I gave my entire talk and took questions. They shut down nothing. One wrote: “That b–ch deserves a brick to her f–-ing head.” Others lied brazenly, claiming I had said “Muslims are not human” and saying of me, “she deserves all the worst, and I hope she gets it.”

The Hamas-tied terror group CAIR had demanded “protection” for these students – from whom? Little old ladies? It speaks volumes that a talk on “Free Speech” on an American college campus required scores of police and plainclothes cops. But even the guards were afraid of the Muslim students. One attendee wrote that while I was speaking, “music was played low enough to not be belligerent but loud enough to be annoying. The guards heard. Comments were made that could have been reprimanded. I was threatened. The first guard did nothing. The second, a supervisor, let the kid walk out who passed right in front of us. The guards were passive. They were nervous. They wanted no confrontation.” The moderator of the Q-and-A said of one of the students: “While I was holding the mic he said, ‘I’m gonna smack you across the face.’ I asked a guard to pull him out, but he didn’t.”

There is now a petition by these goons and Nazi-like thugs to “ban hate speech” at Brooklyn College – so afraid are these thuggish students that the truth about Islam and jihad will be heard.

It wasn’t the belly of the beast. It was the beast’s colon. Brooklyn College is not a safe environment for human beings.

This event made it clear: Brooklyn College and our nation’s universities in general are not about learning, or about reasoned discourse, or about a search for truth. They are centers for fascist indoctrination. And the fascists were out in force last Wednesday night.

Pamela Geller's shocking new book, "FATWA: HUNTED IN AMERICA" is now available on Amazon. It's Geller's tell all, her story - and it's every story - it's what happens when you stand for freedom today. Buy it. Now. Here.

  • Solsticewitch13

    Information Age will be the Death of Islam

    by Eric Bell

    do not vandalize. We do not engage in hate speech. We have respect for
    the law. We do not harm our fellow citizens. We are slow to anger and
    when we finally get angry, we express that anger in a civilized way.

    Follower of Islam,
    I do not tolerate you. Your feigned or willful ignorance, about Islam,
    is no longer an excuse. I hold you personally accountable.

    I am
    offended by you. I cannot and will not tolerate a person, who follows an
    ideology, which teaches the inferiority of women, the killing and
    hatred of Jews, the execution of homosexuals, the silencing of free
    speech, forced amputations, the stoning of rape victims, genital
    mutilation, and the violent overthrow of all non-Islamic governments and

    Islam is Nazism with a god. And I cannot and will
    not “coexist” with Nazis. I will not patronize your places of business.
    I will not hire you. I will not buy your products. I will not support
    politicians who support you. I will not be your friend. And if I am your
    neighbor, I will always be suspicious of you and cautious. I want you
    to feel so uncomfortable in my free country, in my civilized country,
    that you renounce your allegiance to this savage and fascist ideology or

    ISLAM IS THE ENEMY of free speech, of human rights and of
    Liberty. If you follow Islam, you are my enemy. I encourage you now to
    leave Islam and take your place among the civilized people of this
    world. But if you insist on remaining loyal to the brutal savagery of
    Islam, your enemies will grow faster than can be contained, by an
    Islamic lobbyist group or the media or any government agency. This is a
    zero sum game and the Civilized World will win.

    WAR FOR 1,400 YEARS with freedom and all that is good. But my head is
    no longer hidden in the sand. I am at war with you. All people who value
    human rights, freedom and Liberty should be at war with you. And they
    will be soon enough, because the enemy of Islam is information and we
    are spreading information faster than you can keep up with. There is no
    way to put this genie back in the bottle now. The information age will
    be the death of Islam.

    Your 1,400 year reign of terror is coming to an end. And you, follower of Islam, are on the wrong side of history.

    is time for all civilized people to find the moral clarity and the
    courage to GET ANGRY and to BECOME INTOLERANT. You have the ability to
    do this in a civilized way. We must not become like the savages whom we
    oppose – otherwise they win. Islam is Nazism with a god. Islam must be
    stopped. When you support the followers of Islam, you support an
    ideology that promotes genocide against the unbeliever – as clearly
    outlined in the Quran.


    Tolerance is overrated. If you follow the Quran, you are the enemy of freedom and you are my enemy.

    • Fairness_in_Education

      Well written. Excellent analysis of the “islamic problem”.

      • Solsticewitch13

        I am posting all over the place,, everyone needs to use it,, it’s perfect!

    • IslamIsFascism

      EAB, where is he now?

      • Solsticewitch13

        he is quietly working away,, certain he will continue to do the excellent work he does,, BIG GRIN!!!!

    • Adam

      As a Christian, do you hold me accountable for Hitler?
      Treating innocent Muslims like terrorists will turn some to ISIS.

      • oifmack

        You have absolutely no idea!!!!!

        No clue!!

        Ho away!!!

      • Solsticewitch13

        The war against the infidel ideology of islam is what I hold accountable. Any muslim following the war lord mohammed is a terrorist.

      • Tom

        Muslims, the so called peaceful ones, will fall in line with the more murderous ones once the murderous ones take over. If they turn to ISIS they weren’t very innocent to begin with.

        Just keep telling yourself these little sophist lies. It won’t matter when they come for you. It won’t grant you any pardon.

      • Vivienne Wood

        Why would anyone hold you accountable for Hitler because you are a Christian? Hitler’s closest allies were Muslim. If you think that will turn some to ISIS you have not read the Quran. That is why they become terrorists. Nothing to do with us at all. I suggest you urgently read the Quran before making totally inane comments.

    • donaldducklovesyouassociation

      “BLACK PANTHERS ” Malik Shabazzvs ” vs “Pamela Geller” Black Panties (Malachi 4)

      HUSH HUSH if Ra & blah blah pam EL ahhh (two distant JEWISH SISTERS!!!)

      BLACK SABBATH we are FAMILY edidtion.


      What Is This Happening!!!?

      DARWIN PSYCHOLOGY: “We shall overcome”

      Interpretation of the Meanings of

      The Noble Quran

      Published by Dar-us-Salam Publications

      The Noble Quran has been translated into the modern English Language by

      Dr. Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din Al-Hilali, Ph.D. & Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan

      98. Surah Al-Baiyyinah (The Clear Evidence)

      In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful

      1. Those who disbelieve from among the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians) and among Al-Mushrikun,were not going to leave (their disbelief) until there came to them clear evidence.

      2. A Messenger (Muhammad ()) from G-D, reciting (the Qur’an) purified pages [purified from Al-Batil (falsehood, etc.)].

      3. Containing correct and straight laws from THE LORD.

      4. And the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians) differed not until after there came to them clear evidence. (i.e. Prophet Muhammad () and whatever was revealed to him).

      5. And they were commanded not, but that they should worship G-D, and worship none but HIM Alone (abstaining from ascribing partners to HIM), and perform As-Salat (Iqamat-as-Salat) and give Zakat: and that is the right religion.

      6. Verily, those who disbelieve (in the religion of Islam, the Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad ()) from among the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians) and Al-Mushrikun will abide in the Fire of Hell. They are the worst of creatures.

      7. Verily, those who believe [in the Oneness of G-D, and in HIS Messenger Muhammad ()) including all obligations ordered by Islam] and do righteous good deeds, they are the best of creatures.

      8. Their reward with their LORD is ‘Adn (Eden) Paradise (Gardens of Eternity), underneath which rivers flow, they will abide therein forever, ALLAH Well-Pleased with them, and they with Him. That is for him who fears his LORD.

  • Eric Guilbault

    Why do the security let those people behave like that? When I was in College there is no way in hell that security would have tolerated such behavior! What is going on here? Is everything relating to Islam ok? Religion of peace and tolerance my ass! Islam is the religion also called elsewhere satanism! They follow the devil and that is why they are getting stronger for now.. But in the end God will come there cannot be another way for these people are possess be the evil one! Only Jesus Christ can save them now! The time was so much better in the 80’s before we ad Islam all over the place! Really think about it they were discussions before in Colleges and even rough times but not this! This is the doing of Islam it is the same thing in Europe and Canada! All over the world Islam brings hatred but saying so makes you a racist and islamophobe! Well so be it then I stand by God and Jesus is our savior and Islam will bring the last world war.. God help us all. People please turn from Islam and come to Jesus for he is the way the light and he is peace..

    • Nathan

      It’s the government jerking our chain. Why do we need government you might ask? Well to protect you from scum like this! :-D

      When the powers that be decide to go to war in the middle east. Well we won’t mind a few reports on the TV about 1,000 of dead muslims will we? I won’t…. Not after another 10 years of this! They are setting up islam, by rubbing your face in it at every opportunity, going for all out total war…. or they aren’t and we’re f**ked!

      Don’t know yet, I’ll get back to you. ;-)

      • Eric Guilbault

        We might have a lot of deaths^ But let us hope that some at least will let go of their hate .. Man not to sound funny but it is like Star Wars! Hate leads to suffering and suffering leads to the dark side! Was Lucas warning us about Islam in 1977??

        • Nathan

          I don’t think so… more like the borg…resistance is futile! You don’t need to have a mind in the borg, you just do what you are told.

          What’s the point of having 1.4 billion muslims in the world if they all live in Europe and the USA. Why bother?

          I mean, we are the borg, but we all work for United federation of planets…. Not much of a borg army then, is it?

          • Eric Guilbault

            Yes you might be up to something here my friend.. They will make us the same it is called Sharia Law!!!!!

  • Honest Citizen

    What is striking is anyone who opposes radical jihad is treated this way by “moderate” mozlems. David Horowitz also has done similar events at universities and they were met with very similar actions by mozlem groups. His videos are also worth watching.

    ->> Something he touched upon but I think is needed.

    Create a sign or banner with 5-10 points you want to get out there so your words can not be twisted since they are written on a sign. For example, You support freedom of relegion, you are against mozlems who want to kill non-mozlems. Put these on a sign next to you when you speak so any photos or videos of you will show your sign, with your points.

    The tactics used by izlamofacists are the same, they have a playbook. Since their tactics to shut people down are the same across college campuses, take advantage of that knowledge of what their response will be at every level to present your point in a way that they can not shut down.

    • Nathan

      And some sort of air horn or high pitch squeak (but loud) that only under 20’s can hear. When they start going off, spouting their bile. It’s just a quick press of a button and humanity return to the room. You could call it ‘the humanizer’.

    • oifmack


  • joker

    Somebody could have walked in with a lovely Uzi and opened a bit of fire. With an attendance of about 80 percent of f…… Muslims. Most be killed would have been Muslim. Would have been a good evening.

    • Nathan

      They don’t fear death, only the truth.
      And they weren’t ‘real’ muslims only ‘kafir’ in fancy dress!

      • oifmack

        Either way!!! Damn!!

    • oifmack

      Damn!!! Missed opportunity……..


  • Proud Kafir

    Its disgusting to see that one by one they came & cracked jokes,used abusive words during Q & A in sacred place like College…without thinking about dignity & respect for a woman….I wish I would be there….I would have cracked some jokes on their pedophile Rapist Last Puppet Mo-Ham-Mad & would love to see their reaction and laugh on such jokes….It would have made their faces yellow & red with $#!T in their pant…..A kafir’s freedom of speech….;)

    • sandra schmidt

      Those slave rag headed women do not deserve the freedoms our forebears bestowed on us. They disgust me.

      • Adam

        You say they are prisoners of foul men but you want to hurt them worse than their evil pig husband’s do?

        • sandra schmidt

          No, I am saying I don’t want them to force our culture to change to accommodate them and thus demean our own freedoms. By allowing them to wear the slave rag here, we are abandoning them to the demands of their “evil pig husbands” to use your language. If the hijab is outlawed here, like in France, they can use that as a reason to live free and if their “evil pig husbands” try to force them, they can be arrested and deported. Get a clue, dhimmi.

        • oifmack

          What is it with you fraudulent intellectuals?

          Leave animals out of the equation. Shows both a lack of theological understanding and no ability to cross reference…

  • itna dahij

    Pamela – you are magnificent. A true-blue hero – The Statue of Liberty come alive. May God Bless you always:

  • snoozinglion

    The Muslims and Libs motto is the same… “free speech for me but none for thee”

    Both very, very intolerant groups…

    Kudos to you Pamela for helping to expose this intolerance..

  • cookie VanHeusen

    This has broken my heart. I attended Brooklyn College years ago. Pamela Gellar is my hero xo. Respectfully, my countrymen and women, I suggest that we all embrace the Second Amendment, support and encourage our local police (they are our troops on the ground), and feather our nests to make sure our families are provided for.
    I really hope that our leaders wake up and take some action against this hostile takeover (Muslim deportations, protection for apostates, cutting ties with foreign states that advocate/implement/do not stop Islamic human rights violations, i.e. child marriage, punishing the rape victim, human trafficking and sex slavery, killing gays and lesbians, honor killings=Sharia).
    In the case that our leaders are at best ignorant of the obvious danger heading for us, I suggest that we all find a defensible corner, put our tin foil hats on, and do a little prepping… I really hope I’m wrong, but I see some nasty things coming down the pike.

    • oifmack

      You are absolutely, 1000% correct. Our veterans, past and present, are our last line of defense, and truly, the whispers are out and about, from military, to municipal, state, and federal agancies.

      The word is out!!!!!

  • oifmack

    Pamela Geller.

    First and foremost, at some point, you have to recognize, that even you, will need to, essentially, shut up. Now, before you stop reading this post, please, continue.

    You have been thee most prominent American, speaking on behalf of ignorant America, you challenge the existence of islam and its deviency from ANY kind of nature. You call islam out, and each time you do, it is the same old rant and shout, “death to America” and “allahu akbar”.

    So, here comes Pamela Geller, a silhouette of beauty, inside and out. You are concerned for America, and yourself. That is the beauty. You are even challenged by those who claim to support you… You know, these computer literates on sites like yours, the armchair generals and intellectual wannabes. Then of course, FOX news and its band of idiotic fraudulents, as was proven with oreilly’s pathetic alliance with “peaceful islam”..
    But, the problem remains…..

    islam ignores you with a grin and a smile. Why? Because it has obama, and holder, and kerry, and clinton on its side. Not to mention, the toilet bowl residue, known as obamanation.


    Your efforts are to be applauded and respected. However, I deviate completely, from political correctness, and therefore, I kinda see you as a mentor, on top of my intellectual understanding of how islam, and the criminally corrupt in America, are cause for America’s demise.

    My goal, is to completely, and I mean literally, and eternally, suffocate and destroy islam and its muslim trash. Meaning mohammed must be flushed, and the koran be pissed upon, and set ablaze.

    I do not apologize. I am not obama and he DOES NOT speak for me. I speak on behalf of my country, The UNITED STATES Of AMERICA, her dignity, and the Patriotic value she mandates.

    Every single muslim man, woman, and child, from from one day old, to 120 years old, must go. In other words, we stock up on lime. No and’s, ifs, or buttocks, about it.

    Animals, our pets, dogs, cats, mice, and rats are of a value. My kids are my dogs and cats.
    islam in its best, could not even come close to the value of my spit. Point here? Stop using animals as a source of jihad against islam. That is lazy, and stupidity at its finest…

    Pamela Geller, it is obvious, that you are sailing this ship solo. The judicial system, while enhancing your right to free speech, ignores your plea’s of anti sharia and essentially, anti muslim. You are ignored when it comes to Pro Israel speech.

    You will disagree, but the time has come to begin a “match” for “judicial process”. That means that our veterans, and active military, our law enforcement on all levels which include municipal, state, and federal, to include intel agencies, will become our nations line of defense against these muslim, two legged trash cans.

    obama has completely destroyed any and all, working relationships with friends and allies, who by the way, no longer trust us. He has abandoned Israel, in favor of islam. He encourages africa (earth’s biggest toilet bowl), a continent of absolutely no value, integrity, or human worthiness. Any frenemies we had, are now more on the side of enemy, both economically and militarily. We had the opportunity for a geopolitical relationship with China and Russia, but ignored in favor of islam.

    College campuses in the United States, have become breeding grounds for islamic pathetics, to attract islamic ignorants. You experienced this. Yet, these idiotic portrayers of anti islam, anti sharia, anti muslim on your site, who post “writings” of support for you and your efforts, are mere supporters of “oorah”.
    Certainly, there are Real and True Americans who support you. Most are actually on the frontlines.

    These same people fail in their understandings of the past 15 years.

    *9/11 was a creation and action of al qaeda

    *al qaeda was in iraq before we went in; qusay hussein (saddam’s son) was head of iraq intel, and hosted talks, in baghdad, with two of bin ladens senior commanders, muhammed abu-islam and abdallah qassim, to set up a base and training facility. al qaeda was in iraq when we got there, they were known then, as the lavant.

    *no oil ever came back, in ANY Manner, with American or Allied forces.

    *recently, and finally, stories of finding NBC munitions and/or weapons continues to grow, as American and allied military forces documented locations and stockpiles…..


    obama’s wife, the first &*($$?, has, three times, since becoming the “first thing”, shown why she is most senior in the league of flatulent beings:

    * she makes a statement “all this for a damn
    * “for the first time in my life, I am proud of my
    * the “thing” hashtagging “bring our girls
    home/back” all the while, our veterans are
    being “systematically” killed, abused, and
    humiliated. Was she not the one who said she
    was gonna be the advocate for veterans?

    Filthy..Filthy.. Filthy……….

    America, you better get your thumbs out of your ass, be a Real and True American, stop with the phony BS. And if you arr gonna spit, do it in the direction of liberals and islam, for there is no difference.

    Israel, Real and True America has your six……

    Pamela Geller. What do you wanna do next??

    • joker

      That is talking!

  • Metatrona


    • joker

      In fact do not employ any Muslim at all.

  • BonniePrinceCharlie

    Pamela, your bravery and fortitude is a lesson and an inspiration to us all. Thanks. Such a shame that the disgusting way you were treated wasn’t exposed on mainstream media. I didn’t even see a reference to it on Fox.

  • Adam

    Maybe they thought she was telling a joke, considering it had little bearing on the truth.

  • zxcvbn

    Islam is better than other religions. If you’re against a certain population, do not attack all followers of the religion. I support that you are against terrorism, but making fun of the Prophet Muhammad is a hurtful attack against all Muslim people. You’re attacking thousands of innocent Muslim people. And if you think that this is freedom, then I have freedom to hate and berate you, Pamela Geller.

  • Harikat

    We are fools to allow Muslims to enter our country. We should immediately begin deporting them.

  • Irene

    This students didn’t seem violent to me, yes they were extremely disrespectful and disruptive, but they hardly seemed like violent thugs to me. Seemed more like they enjoyed making a mockery of your event.

    You might be overreacting just a bit Pam.

  • IC_the_future

    I saw the video and everything Pamela wrote is true, the Muslim guys walked right passed her, and I was amazed security let them. They were like kindergarten kids filled with jihad, the immaturity was only outpaced by their lack of humanity. More than that, it is clear this is what the USA is slowly turning into. No other immigrant population in the history of the USA came with the hopes to undermine and destroy it, except for the Muslims, who wish to make the black flag of ISIS and sharia fly over the White House. It is clear their first resort is to violence, they are not ones to hold public debates, they kill or beat to enforce sharia, its a simple approach and it is clear it works. They are attacking police on purpose, once fear is fully ingrained into the police, they will start to have “no go” zones, which essentially will be Muslim enclaves in the heart of the USA, this has been done in one European country after another. That is why they target the police first. It is their first step in conquering an enemy territory from within. So many people underestimate the enemy we are dealing with, the police are starting to show the intimidation, the media is fully intimidated, and its a slow descent to become a Muslim country, get ready to pledge allegiance to the flag of the Islamic States of America, and to the sharia for which it stands, one nation, under Al…..

  • Michelle

    Why aren’t these thugs thrown out of the college for hate crimes against the normal peace loving people there it’s disgusting and the student take up of 80% of seats by muslims should never have been allowed I the first place. The leader of the college should lose his/her job and the victims including Pamela compensated for this act of terror by verbal abuse and threats and the parents of these thugs fined that would teach them as they proved to be the True racist terrorists who back ISIS and the horror of the True Evil I this world right now! I wouldn’t want my child attending what is really an Islamic taken over college

  • robertkaren1971

    So they come up by the stage to intimidate and dominate …the exact same tactic muslims use across the world… differnt people same evil doctrine

  • robertkaren1971

    We should all learn the Modus Operandi of these people…..’know your enemy’. for example reading here on Pamela’s site – the french police stormed the supermarket when they realised that the muslim killer was ‘doing prayers’ that muslims do before they blow them selves up…. so they went in and killed him before he could blow himself up. We know when they shout out their battle cry ‘allah akbar’ or some such nonsense – that they are about to launch a murderous attack. We know that muslims lie to ‘protect’ their hateful religion ‘islam’ they call it “Taqiyya” and “Kitman”.

    Never trust a muslim – they cant tell the truth.

  • Stopredtape

    There is a brain wash in the Islamic teaching, they are totally blind ! And Muslims can not I repeat,…. can Not be free to think freely out of it with logic.

  • TB

    These students are idiots

  • WTHisgoingon

    What a disgusting display of what our future holds in their hands. Very scary.

  • Bill Jones

    Gee — I wonder if any bells will ring with the elected ‘representatives’ of the people before it is too late — or is it too late? This type of behavior is neither necessary, nor civilized, which speaks to something, and that this take place in an ‘institution of learning’ is insane. Had this taken place in other institutions of learning and the speaker was other than American, the ‘powers that be’ would be on it in a flash — openly apologizing and ensuring that actions are being taken to prevent anything similar from taking place again — but I see no report of any such happenings taking place with respect to this incident. Perhaps there is something wrong here?

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