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NY Times: Muslims “MUST BE MADE” to Embrace Gay Lifestyle ….. no, wait


These son of a bitches need to live under the sharia. I am so sick of this vicious and radical agenda against non-Muslims.

This is how the left destroys America: dismantle and trash the pillars of Americanism, paving the way for the totalitarianism that the left so dearly loves.

gay isis

Gay in Muslim country under shariagay thrown off building Gay in Muslim country under sharia gay sharia

NYT Writer: Christians ‘Must Be Made’ to Embrace Gay Lifestyle,” by Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D.8 Apr 20151859
In the wake of the Indiana donnybrook over religious liberty, which somehow was transformed overnight into a question of gay rights, it couldn’t be long before the New York Times weighed in against Christians.

Yet who could have expected the draconian measures the Times would propose? Either Christians fully embrace the gay lifestyle, or you will be coerced into doing so.

Op-ed writer Frank Bruni, onetime Times restaurant critic and a gay activist, has written that Christians who hold on to “ossified,” biblically-based beliefs regarding sexual morality have no place at America’s table and are deserving of no particular regard.

In one fell swoop, Bruni trashes all believing Christians as “bigots,” saying that Christians’ negative moral assessment of homosexual relations is “a choice” that “prioritizes scattered passages of ancient texts over all that has been learned since — as if time had stood still, as if the advances of science and knowledge meant nothing.”

In other words, if you still cling to your benighted views and your “ancient texts,” you are living in the past and your views merit no respect.

Bruni’s solution to the impasse is not some sort of goodwill compromise or a treaty of mutual respect, but a take-no-prisoners ultimatum to Christians to abandon their beliefs or else. When Bruni says that Christians’ understanding of sexual morality is “a choice,” what he means is that there is a way out without completely losing face: just embrace the new morality preached by mainstream liberal churches that see nothing wrong with any sexual arrangement you are comfortable with. Then we will accept you.

As a food critic, NY Times writer Frank Bruni was entertaining and occasionally informative. As an op-ed columnist he is adolescent and often repetitive. But as a theologian, he is simply abysmal.

Bruni takes it upon himself to explain how the Bible can be interpreted to read that God is really fine with sodomy and that all that antiquated stuff against adultery, fornication, and “men lying with other men” is a quaint vestige of an archaic worldview that went out definitively with Freud.

The scary part about Bruni’s essay is not his awkward attempt at playing the biblical scholar, but the undertone of evident disdain for Christians and his proposal that those who resist should be forcibly reeducated.

In Christians’ refusal to bend with the times, Bruni sees not faithfulness to God but willful obstinacy that must be broken.

“So our debate about religious freedom should include a conversation about freeing religions and religious people from prejudices that they needn’t cling to and can indeed jettison, much as they’ve jettisoned other aspects of their faith’s history, rightly bowing to the enlightenments of modernity,” Bruni writes.

But what if Christians don’t want to change? What if they don’t want to “bow to the enlightenments of modernity”? What if they are convinced that the modern worldview is not necessarily the most enlightened path when it comes to the ultimate meaning of life and death, time and eternity?

“Religion,” writes Bruni, “is going to be the final holdout and most stubborn refuge for homophobia. It will give license to discrimination.”

And thus it must be stamped out.

Bruni cites fellow gay activist Mitchell Gold, founder of the advocacy group Faith in America, as saying that church leaders must be made to take homosexuality off the sin list. “His commandment is worthy — and warranted,” writes Bruni.

So now government should be dictating belief to churches and enforcing theological orthodoxy? Now politicians and courts will be telling Christians what they are allowed to consider as sinful? Isn’t this what America was founded to escape from?

People are already talking about forcing churches to perform same-sex weddings, whether they like it or not, or get out of the marriage business. Christians founded America and yet now the minority gay lobby is trying to tell them they are personae non gratae and their beliefs are no longer welcome.

America has a grand tradition of tolerance and religious freedom, respect for a diversity of beliefs, and an honest engagement with ideas of all sorts. It seems that some would like to force all Americans to walk in lockstep, marching to the same drummer.

Sincere Christians have no problem accepting other people with all their sins, inclinations, and struggles, fully understanding that they are in no way superior to the next guy and no better in God’s eyes.

But attempts to force them to abandon their ethical standards and their principles reveal not open-mindedness or fairness, but intolerance, chauvinism, and hate.

These are the attitudes that have no place in America.

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  • BellaLovesIslam & Muslims

    Although homosexual behavior is very common in the animal world, it’s very uncommon that individual animals have a long-lasting predisposition to engage in such behavior to the exclusion of heterosexual activities.

    Geneticists, anthropologists, developmental psychologists, sociologists, endocrinologists, neuroscientists, medical researchers into gender, and twin study researchers are in broad agreement about the role of genetics in homosexuality. Genes don’t make you do it. There is no genetic determinism, and genetic influence at most is minor.

    One of the most common studies homosexual activists cite when they make the absurd claim that people are “born gay” was conducted in 1993 by pro-gay activist Dr. Dean Hamer and his team of geneticists. Hamer and his colleagues reported that a “gay gene” seemed to be maternally linked and could be found on the Xq28 stretch of the X chromosome (Which is a hoax that’s now all over the Internet). In the late 1980s and early 1990s, this hoax was designed to help homosexual activists legally obtain minority-class status (I will clarify that if you don’t know much about law). Homosexual activists believed that if they could convince the courts that they were “born gay” they would acquire protected-class status and could then legally challenge anti-sodomy laws in the United States.

    The omission of a control group in a scientific experiment is significant, because it essentially renders the experiment inconclusive. Why would a supposedly professional researcher like Hamer conduct an experiment in such an unacceptable and unprofessional fashion? Who knows… (^~^’)

    A November 1995 edition of Scientific American confirmed that Hamer was “being charged with research improprieties and was under investigation by the National Institute of Health’s Federal Office of Research Integrity.” Although the NIH never released the results of the inquiry to begin with, Hamer was shortly thereafter transferred to another section. In addition to lying about his results, he had done his “gay gene” research under a grant to work on Kaposi’s sarcoma, a skin cancer that inordinately afflicts men who have sex with men.
    Upon learning that Hamer’s “gay gene” study was a hoax, one might assume that if other researchers were to attempt to replicate his experiment, including his control group, they would fail to obtain the pseudo-scientific result that there is a “gay gene” This is exactly the case! The fact that Hamer’s study cannot be replicated confirms reports that Hamer lied about his results. It’s as simple as that, really…

    Hamer had already conceded that his pseudo-scientific study did not support a genetic cause for homosexuality, in the Jan. 30, 1998, edition of the Washington Blade. He also conceded that homosexuality is “culturally transmitted, not inherited,” and that “there is not a single master gene that makes people gay… I don’t think we will ever be able to predict who will be gay” he said.

    Homosexuality ain’t genetic at all, if it were, homosexuality wouldn’t have existed as of now. It would cause it’s own extinction over the ages, not to mention how strongly it contradicts the Darwinian natural selection theory. That plus the obvious fact that identical twins should supposedly share the homosexuality gene 100% of the time, this isn’t true however… As there’s no homosexuality gene to begin with.

    And before anyone replying with: “Not everything that is biological is genetic! Sexual orientation is biological even though it is not the product of a single gene!” (quoted from a homosexual supporter I last debated)
    This is not logical at all. If homosexuality were biological without having any genes, I can easily say that me loving Anime is biological without an “Otaku gene” being in there.

    Homosexuals aren’t born homosexuals, but they’re made homosexuals when they grew up. And as Dr. Hamer conceded, homosexuality is culturally transmitted, not inherited.

    Now let’s talk about homosexuality from a social perspective.

    I’m strongly against homosexual marriage, but you know what? In what way it’s considered marriage in the first place!? This denies the self-evident biological, physiological, and psychological differences between men and women which find their complementarity in marriage…

    Calling something marriage does not make it marriage. Marriage has always been a covenant between a man and a woman which is by its nature ordered toward the procreation and education of children and the unity and wellbeing of the spouses. You propose something entirely different. You propose the union between two men or two women. Two entirely different things cannot be considered the same thing.

    Marriage is not just any relationship between humans, It is a relationship rooted in human nature and thus governed by natural law.

    It is in the child’s best interests that he be raised under the influence of his natural father and mother. This rule is confirmed by the evident difficulties faced by the many children who are orphans or are raised by a single parent, a relative, or a foster parent. The unfortunate situation of these children will be the norm for all children of a same-sex “marriage”. A child of a same-sex “marriage” will always be deprived of either his natural mother or father, he will necessarily be raised by one party who has no blood relationship with him. He will always be deprived of either a mother or a father role model.

    On the contrary, same-sex “marriage” is intrinsically sterile; if the “spouses” want a child, they must circumvent nature by costly and artificial means or employ surrogates. The natural tendency of such a union is not to create families, therefore, we cannot call a same-sex union marriage and give it the benefits of true marriage.

    Same-sex “marriage” opposes nature. Two individuals of the same sex, regardless of their race, wealth, stature, erudition or fame, will never be able to marry because of an insurmountable biological impossibility. Moreover, inherited and unchangeable racial traits cannot be compared with non-genetic and changeable behavior. There is simply no analogy between the interracial marriage of a man and a woman and the “marriage” between two individuals of the same sex.

    Homosexuals are seeking a special right. They already have the same right to marry a person of the opposite sex like the rest of us have the right to marry a person of the opposite sex. Limiting marriage to one man and one woman doesn’t discriminate on the basis of sex or sexual orientation.

    It denies the self-evident truth of nature that male and female bodies are designed for and complement each other. Opposite-sex marriage is the natural means by which the human race reproduces.

    Homosexual marriage is as wrong as giving a man a license to marry his mother or daughter or sister or a group. Wait… It’s worse…
    Granting a marriage license to homosexuals because they engage in sex is as illogical as granting a medical license to a barber because he wears a white coat or a law license to a salesman because he carries a briefcase. Real doctors, lawyers and the public would suffer as a result of licensing the unqualified and granting them rights, benefits and responsibilities as if they were qualified.

    Homosexual marriage will devalue your marriage. A license to marry is a legal document by which government will treat same-sex marriage as if it were equal to the real thing. A license speaks for the government and will tell society that government says the marriages are equal. Any time a lesser thing is made equal to a greater, the greater is devalued.

    The biggest problem we have in getting the Western people to understand why marriage is devalued by the existence of a counterfeit is that much of the public does not value marriage at all. No fault divorce is tolerated. Absentee fathers and mothers devalue marriage. Unmarried pregnancies are common in the West. Fornication is “normal” in the West too… When we make the case against homosexual marriage, we need to speak against these other problems that devalue marriage too. As we acknowledge these problems we can emphasize that legalizing homosexual marriage will compound the problems, not solve or lessen them.

    If homosexual “marriage” is universally accepted as the present step in sexual “freedom”, what logical arguments can be used to stop the next steps of incest, pedophilia, bestiality, and other forms of unnatural behavior? Indeed, radical elements of certain “avant garde” subcultures are already advocating such aberrations.

    • Msw3681 sw

      Clearly, you have not done your research properly. There is no specific gay gene, but, epigenetics does prove you are born gay and no it is not an absurd claim. These studies are within the last 5 years. You seem very desperate to prove homosexuals are deviants, which they are not. Trying a big to hard love. Do stop. Religious bigots always make a beeline for the one study you mention to disprove all others and that gays are not human beings and perverts,……… Please stop with the religious bigotry.

      • MILAN68

        Stop with the religious bigotry.. does that include islam?

        • ServosT

          No. Wait, do muslims typically vote for Republicans? No? Then, no.

        • Ajay

          Islam is not a religion It is a cult, followed by cunts who beat their wives called moslems

      • Hatred is for moral midgets

        Actually it is more nuanced than that. I will grant you that some are born with homosexual tendencies. But many chose it. This includes victims of childhood sexual abuse who are more prone to choosing to have homosexual relationships, unattractive women and women who have been used and abused by men often just give up on men and “Choose” lesbianism. Some males who are extremely nervous around females sometimes take the easy road and maybe after getting drunk try sex with a male friend, and because virtually all sex feels good then are convinced that because they enjoyed the feel of sex and the relationship that they might be gay, and then there are books and sometimes teachers that teach that any consensual sex is acceptable. And I’m sure if i thought some more i could identify other reasons some choose to have gay relationships.
        Medical science confirms that anyone gay or st8 that rides the Hershey Highway has way more disease, infections, illnesses and a shorter average lifespan.

        • Msw3681 sw

          All are born gay. It is not a lifestyle choice. No one choses. You are who you are. Everything you mention that are the causes, are rubbish.

      • John Wright

        bisexual….. by its very definition means choice

        • Msw3681 sw

          Religious bigots always come up with that crap.

        • Bisexual means that gender doesn’t matter when it comes to relationships.

      • Belfast

        What’s with this bigotry BS?
        I am atheist, it has nothing to do with religion for me and millions like me.
        Gay sexual practices are unnatural. The anus was not designed for sex. The need for butt plus and kilos of Vaseline evidences that. It is unhealthy, big time.
        Gays talk about coolness rom doctors that makes them feel unwanted. But it’s not that, they are disgusted at self inflicted wounds.
        So stop with the bigotry nonsense.

        • Anal sex isn’t only for gay sex. There are plenty straight couples who enjoy it. I’m bisexual, but personally anal doesn’t sound appealing to me and so I’d never do it.

  • 426 HemiCuda
    • Deb

      Are there no police officers in sharia, just anyone can go around and accuse people and then dish out vengence themselves?

      • JohanPaulsson

        A caliphate has “sharia courts” – it’s up to these to decide, and they will judge you according to the Quran and Sunnah.

        Of course, it’s still simple power-hungry humans in control of these courts anyways. Many muslims believe sharia is the perfect way to rule, because it would lead to allah’s rules to be followed, which would mean no one but god would rule. But of course this is not true – since the power will have to be given to humans.

        And power corrupts.

        Look at Saudi Arabia, what a farce…

  • Martin Ellacott

    What a classy bunch these moslims are……welcome to the Third Millennium. Stop islamic immigration…

  • Kenyan Mocker

    It appears that the gay problem in the world of Islam is confined to males. Could it be because FGM used against women they don’t tend to enjoy sex enough to be homosexual?

  • Jeff King

    Remember when so called Christians believed that black Americans were not equal to white Americans and Republicans fought them on that? Put down the spears and just love the people in your society. Many countries have gay marriage and they are not killing people or having riots. Concentrate on those that are actually trying to behead you rather than those that are just being themselves. Republicans need to step up and be accepting as they were with blacks, women and so many other people. All force is wrong. The left loves to impose it’s will on the people, but not all gays are a part of the left, just as not all Jews or Blacks are. Step back and send out a good vibe and attract those that may dislike you. Let them get to know you. You don’t have to change your mind. All you have to do is love your neighbor as yourself.

    • Commieobamie

      No. I don’t remember that.

      • ServosT

        Me, either. But I was out of the country for about three months during the George H. W. Bush administration fighting the Iraqis, maybe it happened around that time frame and I just missed it.

    • MILAN68

      Can you list those countries.. Are they Iran,Syria,Saudi Arabia,Iraq,China,Japan where are these countries you speak of..

    • Hatred is for moral midgets

      All the bigots (and there were atheist slave owners and bigots too) had to do was read the Bible to see that all men and women are considered equal in the eyes of God. In fact it was largely a Christian movement to abolish slavery in England and America. The majority of Christians follow the teachings of Jesus and Christian moral doctrine and so don’t hate homosexuals. They just believe that like other sex outside of marriage, gay sex is also a sin. Jesus defined marriage as between one man and one woman. I think I’ll put more faith in what Jesus taught than what our corrupt elite class try to force on the citizens.

      • kwren

        All men and women are considered equal in the eyes of God? Maybe something someone made up when America began, but NOT in the Bible…
        Sorry. Actually there have never been any two that were exactly the same…

    • Sam McGee

      It’s the militant, “stuff my pervert lifestyle down your throat whether you like it or not” attitude of the gays that is causing a backlash. You are right about the Republicans standing up for blacks as explained in this video:

  • Warren Raymond

    ‘Acceptance is not enough’- now we see what the agenda really is. Homo zealots to rule over us. The problem is, if it is not stopped when it can be stopped there is no end to it.

  • traci94

    If they “make” Christians accept the homosexual lifestyle, then I want to see the Islamic faith treated in the exact same way, no free passes for Islam – Muslim bakers catering gay weddings, homosexuals attending mosques, imams performing gay weddings, etc. Why isn’t anyone bitching about that? or Obama supporting Iran when Iran hangs gays or throws them off the roof? or Apple doing business with Iran, too. The hypocrisy is just astounding.

  • Arnie FromBrooklyn

    Why not force muslims to live in gay enclaves as they do for white and black integration? I’m sure that gays will assimilate (as they should since they are so tolerant) in no time, flat!

  • Commieobamie

    Once the gays and LGBT perverts became militant is when I started calling them faggots! I’ve worked with many gays in my professional life, we got along great. But no more.

    • famouswolf

      Yeah, me too pretty much. The more they push, the less tolerance I have. I won’t be force fed ANYTHING.
      I defended a gay friend with aids once upon a time (co-workers had a petition to keep him from using the lunch room and restroom facilities, circa 1987). Not sure I would do that now. This little campaign to demonize and force their choices and opinions on the rest of us by lefties, ‘gays’, socialists and various enemies of what used to be normalcy and polite civilization is due a devastating and fatal impact with a brick wall. I lump them all in with the moslem scourge. All need to have their sorry butts kicked to the curb…as tolerant as I have been in the past, I am running out of patience and ‘nice’ now.

    • Warren

      Their treatment of the Memories Pizza was outrageous. They got their gay marriage. Now it is time for the gay mafia to get off our backs.

  • Curt Miles

    Here’s whats going to happen. WE THE PEOPLE aren’t going to do anything. We will just bitch and complain on the internet, a few will talk tough and then everybody will just sit and let whatever happens, happen. Nobody votes, nobody gives two steamy shits what happens, as long as it doesnt happen to them. We have become a nation of lazy, self absorbed, losers. Our great grandfathers, would have wiped these boy loving bastards of the face of the earth. But not this generation, hell no. We are too busy staring at our phones and playing candy crush.

    • Patriot369

      100% correct.

    • famouswolf

      Not all of us…
      But right now options are limited. Premature ‘wiping’ would currently be premature and a flash in the pan, as well as give the bad guys more propaganda ammo.
      Keep your powder dry and stay frosty. I think we’ll know ‘when’. Meanwhile, this is about what we can do. I’m not sure voting makes a tinker’s damn worth of difference any more. We voted in a bunch of ‘republicans’ the last two elections and they are doing a fine job of helping cripple the Republic, as far as I can see.
      This mess IS going to require ‘watering the Tree of Liberty’ imo.

      • Sam McGee

        Either WE THE PEOPLE will have to take the country back by force, or else a military coup resulting in a dictatorship will be required in order to get the nation back on track. I think a band of a few hundred or a few thousand well armed men, perhaps former special forces, could do the job if they decided to do it but I doubt they will. At least they might start a civil war that would allow us to open season on the libtards and others that are in dire need of being exterminated. Sad state of affairs, but true.
        As Curt suggests, I doubt WE THE PEOPLE will do it – it could happen but I don’t see it as very likely – same with the military – not likely. We’ll have one more shot at getting it back on track peacefully in Nov 2016 – if Republicans win a landslide takeover of all branches of government there would be a small chance of saving the nation; but I’d think that would be our last chance for a peaceful solution. As long as the libtards have a voice in government we’ll continue going downhill toward commie hell. The Republicans have their share of problems also, but at this point the goal must be to save the sinking ship. My prediction is the nation will continue on the current path and become a cesspool 3rd world nation.

        • famouswolf

          IF the infrastructure survives, assuming we survive the current path, there is a scarier possibility. What happened to Rome after their Republic failed?
          NWO, world Caliphate, whatever you want to call it our destiny could also be a despotic empire that dominates the world for a long time to come. I’m not sure whether I like that or the cesspool 3rd world nation less.
          No, it’s not likely we’ll get out of this in one piece, but we have to try anyway. The alternatives are bad and worse. There are a lot of vets out here, and it ain’t over until the fat lady sings. Let’s not give up without a fight.

          • I call it the #LeftIslamicAxis because it is a true axis.

        • Covadonga

          The real political battle is within the Republican party between the constitutionalist Republicans — Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Mark Levin, etc. — versus everyone else.

          The Establishment, RINO wing currently dominating the national party — Tammy Faye Boehner in the House, Meotch McConnell in the Senate, Karl Rove on every hour of Rove Vision (known previously as Fox) News — are in league with the Democrats.

          There are people behind the scenes running the apparent Democrat vs. Establishment Republican battle as puppet theater to distract us from the fact that they in the “Progressive” (actually, regressive) movement are quietly preparing to take over.

        • 4True

          The way the POTUS is sticking it to the miltary, time after time, he is really wanting a coup. Perhaps he thinks he can hide from them all. He needs to stop this now. I think he’s mad.

        • ItchyTheClone

          One is forced to wonder if you have really thought about what you are asking for. Any attempt to use force against this government will be met with a bloodbath. Lincoln was generally a good guy that cared about other Americans and look what happened there. Our current POTUS is looking for a provocation that he can use to wipe people like you (and I) out.

      • sandra schmidt

        I agree. What are the Republicans doing? I voted for them and encouraged my friends to vote for them and we all expected some action. It is a travesty that they won’t impeach, but they could at least pass legislation to secure our borders and deport those here illegally and let Obama veto that. That would make it clear which party supports Americans in the next election.

        It also wouldn’t hurt for the conservative contributors to their alma maters to keep an eye on the campus culture. Where free speech is being prohibited, money should be withdrawn. Recipients of Saudi money should be outed as the traitors that they are. It would be great if someone would start a webpage showing the biggest recipients of Saudi Funds. Then Americans would know which colleges NOT to let their children attend.

    • daledor

      Curt, this is the catch – our revolt has to be peaceful because if violence is used then we play right into the New World Order plans. Obama wants to evoke martial law, shut down the government, take full control of military and law enforcement and set up a total NWO state.

    • Jimi Belton

      speak for yourself….there are millions of us that will never bow our heads to Baal, or satan, for this sin…

      • Rastamek

        You may not bow but you won’t fight either.

        • Jimi Belton

          how do you know that I will not fight….I have fought before in an Asian war…

          • JohanPaulsson

            Fight what exactly? Gay people loving each other?

            Pathetic hate.

            Love thy neighbour, let the one without sin cast the first stone, turn the other cheek, pray for your enemy – these are Christian values I can agree with.

            Are you Christian?

          • Jimi Belton

            Actually my comment had nothing to do with this Muslem- Gay discussion…It is in error that you took it….I have my own thoughts about Gay anything, but I perfur not to seem to be Homo-phobic

          • Jimi Belton

            Yes I am a Born Again Christian, and God does forgive us ALL for our sins committed against each other and against HIM, but we have to confess our sins and repent of them…Is that your thought also….

          • Jimi Belton

            Can we get to heaven and lay hold onto eternal life and continue to flaunt evil before a Holy God that destroyed two cities, Sodom and Gomarroh because of the wickedness associated with thousands of ‘gays’ loving one another…..Sorry, I DON`T think so but this comes to you from the Holy Scriptures, not from me, necessarly…

          • JohanPaulsson

            This comes from people’s stories, who were clueless about the world. Eventually these stories ended up in a book consisting of 66 different books from different authors, many claiming to be “inspired by god” and many authors just being completely unknown.

            The bible is the understanding of god from people throughout the ages.

            We have accepted gays in my country for 50 years now, and we’ve been able to marry and register partnerships for decades. Is god a bit slow on the terror and punishment or does he need people like you for it?

          • Jimi Belton

            Johan, I was saved from my sins and ‘Born Again’ into the family of G-d on Aug. 22, 1971, 44 years ago, and I am now pushing 68, and I see more and more the horror and deceit, and the lasting blight on our lives, HELL is just as real as heaven, Jesus is just as real as Satan….Hell or Heaven for Eternity, forver and forever, torment, where a person would give the world just for a sip of water, to cool his tormented lips….Never an end to this….I am more sure of this than I am of anything else in this world….I am not someone that hates you or any of other people that may be living different from me….I am a sinner, SAVED FROM HELL BY THE GRACE OF G-D, and I am longing for eternity, but will patiently be here as long as G-d deems necessary, for me to Love a sinner and perhaps steer him or her to salvation through MY Lord and Savior Yeshua, Jesus

        • Jimi Belton

          why would you say this about me…you have no idea what i am capable of…and what I own….where do you hail from btw

    • joker

      You are spot on, unfortunately. But beware we are not all like that.


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    • JohanPaulsson

      Shame on you for promoting violence and hatred towards a minority. I will fight for your freedom when the time comes, but you would rather have me killed for being gay.

      Thank you.

  • bodica

    A handy law if you covet someone’s home or wife. Just accuse them of homosexuality and down they go! Meanwhile the Mid East is awash with perversions of all sorts – notably child rape, and the abuse of young boys justified by their belief that they are not male until puberty. Their abuse of young boys as ‘gifts’ to politicians, is well known in Europe, particularly the UK; very useful to compromise pols and dips…

  • JacktheRipper

    Christians are entitled to their views on sexual morality as long as they don’t break the law to enforce it. And if their knowledge and wisdom on the subject is truly from god, then they have done their best in simply presenting it to the world. In regard to islam, murder and hate make poor teachers. That’s why I know islam could not be from an infinite god of love, god would never teach love or sexual purity with hate, prejudice, and murder.

    I welcome Christianity’s voice on sexual morality. Sacred truths can pop up anywhere. I don’t want to be a fool that killed the goose that lays the golden egg simply because I didn’t like its feathers.

    • famouswolf

      Wise words, Jack.
      Modern Christians aren’t the bad guys.

    • Warren

      This is a true story. I had just finished a class on calligraphy at the local collage and was making a little money doing signs for people at work. One of my co workers wanted me to do a sign to hang on his workbench. He wanted the sigh to say “No n*gger jive spoken here!”. I refused to do that sign. My refusal didn’t have anything to do with religion.
      Should the government have forced me to do that sign? Did I have any sort of obligation to do that sign? I don’t think so. And I don’t see where someone not wanting to take part in a gay wedding or in any activity that they don’t approve of would be any different.

      • Sam McGee

        Quote: “And I don’t see where someone not wanting to take part in a gay wedding or in any activity that they don’t approve of would be any different.”
        Excellent point in that the cake baker is discriminating against the activity (gay wedding), and NOT discriminating against gay people. So claims that a cake baker or pizza baker are discriminating against gays is total BS. The bakers just don’t want to participate in gay activities. They’ll bake a cake or a pizza for gays no problem – but will not do it for a wedding.
        Why is this controversial? I guess there is a lot of truth to the Hitler video posted above. Apparently the gays, and their liberal supporters, are like Nazis.

      • St. Michael Defend Us

        If I were in business now I can think of a good handful of reasons why I might not want to do a job for a certain customer, NONE of these reasons having to do with race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.
        What are the options for the business person in these instances?
        Several years ago, my husband was self-employed, and, sometimes, he just didn’t want to work for someone.
        And, IF laws are passed forcing business to serve certain customers, how long before laws are passed forcing CUSTOMERS to patronize certain businesses?

        • Warren

          Laws have already been passed to force us to patronize certain businesses. Obama care is a good example of that as well as auto insurance and smog check laws. Perhaps the cost of these items would be less if these were not government enforced. I would love to have thousands of gut toting cops and hundreds of black robed judges enforcing my financial interests.

  • pslinger

    So if the war on Christianity is being waged at the point of a phallus now, it won’t be long before it is waged at the point of a gun.

  • Millionmileman

    This is what happens when the left takes over. Remember it was the Russians who called the Nazis “Right Wing.” They meant that they were just to the right of them on the cyclical spectrum, not linear. Hitler cannot get his cake baked!

    • Sam McGee

      Hilarious! But true.

    • Covadonga

      Everyone play that clip! It’s hysterical!

    • Warren

      They should go to a Muslim baker and tell him they want a wedding cake with two men on top of it. The Muslim baker would probably put a gallows on top of the cake.

  • Ghost Writer

    I have not read a thing in the New York Times in a long time. I consider the newspaper repulsive. It amazes me that the paper is still considered an important institution. On the other hand, maybe they are not important and only pretend to be.

    • 4True

      Big money pumped into the servile shells of media and other institutions that will put out for them.

    • Saudi money invested in it.

  • carrie

    We already are coerced to do so, but mussies are not Americans so we have to accept their culture(or lack thereof) …I think the libidiots oughta go on vacation to Iraq and do the coercing for their global initiatives with Isis..

  • Patti York

    Gay and FED UP with the left using my private life to club Christians over the head with.

    • daledor

      Patti, I can respect your stand. Christians merely say what the book says and seek to straighten out their own lives and sins that all are prone to. No chopping off heads or hate messages from most Christians.

      It is interesting how some ignore the total hate and intolerance of Islam while attacking Christians for standing up for their faith. We live in such an age of intolerance that heated arguments, hate talk, and even shoot outs occur when anyone disagrees with someone else.

      I do not approve of any sin in myself or others but do what Jesus said == which is essentially to hate the sin and wrong doing that I or others do while loving the person (sinner). Essentially sin is defiance to God and His will and divides us from God and each other. Glad Jesus is Lord of my life and not me, He is very patient with me – much more than I would naturally be with myself.

      The hate and intolerance is pushed by the left indeed. The controlled media is some of the worst in the world when it comes to propaganda and lies. I had a black friend years ago that almost in tears asked me, “what are we going to do about racism?” I responded, “shoot the media, they are the ones who always differentiate between and divide people.” He laughed. LOL

      The point is this that the New World Order uses people on the left and especially far left to create chaos in the desire to tear down America and make us dependent upon the NWO for the answers. This is similar the devil acting like your friend and when you look over the edge of a mountain bluff he pushes you into the rocks below. Just picture the ones evoking evil on us as the ones who try to hide in the background so that you don’t know they caused the problem and then emerge with the ‘solution’. The NWO solution will take away many freedoms we desire and the ‘right to choose’ that God gave us will be subject to surveilance and committees to prosecute or correct you if you get out of line. Nice guys that like to rule the world. Not! As a matter of fact the Georgia Guidestones speak of a goal to have a world population of only millions vs billions. Sounds like the book of Revelation to me.

      The NWO wants to close down and narrow ‘communication’. This is pressure to brainwash and close people’s thinking. I am an out of the box thinker and observe some folks like boxes and are very upset if you tell them there is a world outside of the box.

      Thanks again for your civility and recognition that people don’t have to agree on all issues but should not force others to comply to a standard pushed on society that destroys respect for our individuality. If I am wrong at something, I should be the first to admit it rather than hate someone for pointing out my error. And if we don’t or can’t agree then be respectful and ‘disagree agreeably’. Freedom of speech is a valuable thing, does not mean someone can’t be a creep – you just don’t have to let the creep control or ruin your life. Ha! “A bird can land on your head but you don’t have to let it build a nest.”

      • Patti York
      • Patti York

        The left does not see me as an individual But guess what they are wrong!

        • Peggy

          I am a Christian and I don’t have a problem with gays at all. I know that I am in the majority but the minority of Christians who oppose gays are no where near as dangerous as the Muslims. I respect their right to oppose anything they can’t accept but only if done in a peaceful way.
          What makes me angry is that there are gay lobbyists who are so in love with Muslims an are ready to back them 100% but don’t see what Islam is prepared to do to them. How can that be? Anyone gay is far safe with a Christian than a Muslim. This must infuriate you too.

          • sandra schmidt

            Preach it Peggy. I have had a great life in America as a gay person. Christians have a right to their beliefs (whether pro, neutral or anti gay), just as I have a right to live as I wish.

            There are many gays who are disgusted with the left and their constant whining. I was brought up to work hard, take care of those close to me, to respect police officers and the military and not expect anything from anyone. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that it is better for a child to knows its real mother and father, versus being told daddy was an anonymous sperm donor or mommy was a surrogate. Laws against sperm banks and surrogacy could stop these practices without any damage to gay rights at all.

            Unfortunately, the far right Christians muddied the waters of the “rights of the child” argument by making everything about their obsession with gay sex. If they had just let gays have civil unions and made them equivalent to marriage in the areas of pension and tax benefits that would have been enough. Instead they had to go on and on about how gays are sinners and to try to impose their religious views on their fellow citizens. They are not as bad as ISIS by any means, but they are still ugly and unAmerican.

            It would take about ten minutes for most of us on this site to work out a solution that is fair to everyone and allows us all the greatest of luxuries, the right to be left alone. Instead we have the far left haters and the theofascists duking it out. Sickening.

            By the way, I was raised Catholic and still consider myself a Christian, although I know that some fundies do not consider Catholics Christians. You know what, our country needs to come together – Americans should not be so divided.

          • BeourGuesthouse

            The activists took it to the schools and made it required learning for everyone’s children. That is wrong. They are small children with parents who have their own point of view. You start messing with people’s right to teach their children, you awaken the lion/lioness in any parent.

          • Jimi Belton

            Sandra, Peggy, I sense in your replies that we should come together and just love everyone and all will be nirvana if we could just do that….If a true Christian sees someone that is perishing, and fallen by the wayside, of life, and does not in love try to save that person from his or her wicked ways, then according to the Bible their blood will be on the Christians hands…There is religious sects out in this world that is clammering for everyone to ‘love ‘ one and another, and no one has any right to say this thing or that thing is an abomination to a Holy G-d, and you or I must repent of that sin or lifestyle, or that hate in our hearts for anyone else in this world. I have secret things and feelings in my life that G-d does not like, and He is always correcting me in these instances. I love you both in my Savior, Jesus, by His Holy Spirit…JIMI

          • sandra schmidt

            Jimi, I appreciate the sentiment. I have a very good Baptist friend who tells me “we are all sinners” and that Jesus does not reject us because of that, which sounds like the whole point of Christianity and Jesus’ sacrifice.
            What bothers me is the religious right’s unholy emphasis on gays. In Deuteronomy, one of the passages condemning male on male sex there are numerous passages that condemn everything from shellfish to adultery to pork to mixed fibers, to making love with a woman near her period. All you ever hear from the mouths of the religious right is how gays are evil.
            Here we are 2000 years after these passages were written. We have had a Reformation and people are not longer thrown on the fire for opposing ecclesiastical authority. The world is overpopulated and teetering on environmental and political collapse. Gays did not build that. Maybe it is time for heterosexuals to tend to their own garden, cut their 50% divorce rate to 0%, stop having children that they and the planet cannot support and leave the gays alone. I guess it is easier to judge, blame and condemn gays than to clean up your own act.

          • Deb

            I don’t like, as a Catholic, having my bible torn to shreds, my beliefs torn to shreds, childrens’ morals torn to shreds by teachers in class teaching babies about sexual acts, people having the nerve to call me names, people who live in glass houses should not throw stones unless they want some thrown back at them. Why don’t you live in your world and I will live in mine or we could agree to disagree. I wouldn’t have a problem with them either if they stopped harping about their rights all the time while messing with mine and making sure that theirs trump mine. Bull.

    • Sam McGee

      Well said.

  • RCCA

    You got this one totally wrong. This isn’t about destroying the pillars of Americanism, or even attacking Christianity. This is about ending ignorance towards LGBT in the US which is largely a Christian nation. As we all know, Muslim groups in the US strategically align with LGBT groups to avoid scrutiny, as if Islam is different in the US. Taqiyya works. That’s why Muslim abuse of LGBT is ignored.

    Rev. Dr. David Gushee…You’re hurting me with your Bible

    And: #BornPerfect: Survivor Stories & Survivor Network

  • I bet they want us to hang on to our “ossified” morals regarding murdering people who speak against us.

  • guymacher

    Agree 100%! Pam, I spotted a typo “These son of a bitches” should, of course, read These sons of bitches.

  • plb5678

    Time for the LGBT community to chill. If they don’t they will experience such a backlash that they will be forced back into the closet. Not a good scenario. be accepting of others beliefs and do not force then to accept yours. There is no “my way or the highway” rule here. Christ wants us to love each other but He did call sin sin when He came across it and His Word says it all. The Bible has brought us to where we are and without it we’d be in the desert believing in moon gods.

  • Dota Kaiju

    No one should be forced to do anything Gays want to force people to accept them. When people forcefully try to do something someone will always put up resistance. A person who runs any buisness should be allowed to pick and choose who they serve. Im not saying put no gays/blacks allow but if the manager explained his belifes you should respect them. If you cant respect what Christians believe in, then i can care less if your the ones they hate.

    • Peggy

      The way I see it is that bakery owners own their product and are entitled to sell it to whoever they like. If I own something I have the right to choose who I will either give it to or sell it to. A baker is not a hospital where you might be in a life or death situation.
      I personally don’t have a problem with a gay wedding but I understand that I have to respect other points of view just like I want my point of view respected.

      • disqus_HlH4Faibhw

        Ditto. If I were legally forced to do business with people I don’t want to do business with, I’d be sure the product is shitty. I don’t have a problem with gays either and several of my clients are gay. But if you don’t agree marriage can be other than a male/female I don’t see how you can be expected to work for the situation. I’m against people who have passles of kids they can’t afford. I refuse to do business with THEM, because the product I have to turn out for them is not worth my time and I have legal obligations thereto. And morally I can’t charge these people for all the time I have to take!

  • High plains Drifter

    Very well written Pamela,… Cheers!

  • Sam McGee

    Admiral James Lyons on Islam: (4 minute video)

  • Sam McGee

    Excellent article Pamela. You kicked ass, but I’d like to see these libtard goat humpers get their asses kicked the way Clint does it:


  • daledor

    Bruni is an idiot who probably wants to appease Muslims and ignore their intolerance of homosexuality (while embracing every other sexual deviancy and even marrying young children and as a reward for killing non-Muslims they get many virgins in their version of heaven) and his intolerance for Christians to peacefully not go along with the gay agenda.

    Moron! Probably on the New World Order paycheck, kissing up to the globalist scheme which wants a state run religion to replace all others (Islam fits their ticket as Luciferians) while making slaves of those who embrace the NWO and of course jail, reprogram, or kill any dissidents (like Christians who follow God and not state gods).

  • Tomon

    Bruni needs to go visit Iran or Saudi Arabia and state his views. He’ll find Christians are far more tolerant than the Islamic faith.

  • John Wright

    people can not see what is really happening it is all a matter of device an conquer and it has been on the agenda for some time and now that the time is close is now being staged

    but you have to see there are 2 different battles being waged at the same time

    1st battle the physical

    The fist step was to get rid of the moral majority that kept the balance
    by getting rid of them they could implement new laws that could not be passed any other way . so the started by legalizing Abortion . teaching evolution as fact , taking the Bible out of all public places and many other things . topping it off with the Gay agenda

    as the push the Christians more and more to the place they no logger have a say . then writing all new laws and changing the Constitution so they can implement the next step

    This in the physical is all about a new world order and to make that happen they must bring down America and its values .. so while all this is happening they are also creating division in Race by using the politically correct card . braking down the military so they can use the UN later to impose martial law . turn the stat police into a militarized Federal police force ,creating division in every place them can to break the country for they know united we stand but divided we fall

    2nd phase crash the world markets ,,, they know that when America falls it will take down every other country so by spending out of control and making the people dependent on them they know that when Americas market crashes it will bring down the wold markets and all they have to so is rebuild with a new world Government and a one wold money system .. and because the people all now are support by the Government by entitlement programs the people well except the new laws that will enslave them as something that is good ( with chaos in. all the lands ,and family’s with out food they will accept the new control, as something that is good )

    but they will need someone to clean up the mess that they have created , someone to rule the people with a fist of Iron , someone that give some type of a moral base that is totally controlling that is where the Muslims come in . they will fist get rid of what ever Christians they find and as a side benefit will also get rid of the gays . that is why the gays at this time can not legal even approach the Muslims and find legal backing by the government .. at the same time the Muslims will crack down on about anything putting the peoples into a form of slavery and at the same time thinning down the herd which is also a part of it
    you see those who are in control believe that we the people are no longer a valuable commodity and they only need enough slaves to supply their needs co any that know the truth , any that would cause a problem or fight against them any that are not valuable to them will be exterminated .
    for years they have added thing to the water and the food not for out protection but for control .. to make the people more complacent just look back 2 generations and understand our fathers and grandfathers would not have put up with all that is happening there is a reason we have become complacent
    all of this is for the one wold government

    and both parties are a part of it , as will as the UN and many other countries
    but now is the time it begins

    2nd part the spiritual side of it

    behind all the men that think they are in power and have tried to create this new wold system their father Satan is in the background pulling the strings

    for men it is about power but for Satan it is about doing away with Gods people the Jews and the Christians , it is the climax to the battle of Good and evil started at the beginning of time as we know it and we are seeing this part of the climax being played out in our dispensation of time all as the Bible foretold
    but in the end Satan does not win God does for it is God that is in control

    What is to happen will happen just as it has been foretold . We can not stop it and we can not change it but we all are a part of it

    We who are born in this generation were chosen to b born for such a time as this
    We are the wittiness of Christ and we are to stand as a testimony of our Father to the man of sin and a world of darkness

    life and death are noting , a vapor ,a door but our Spirit is eternal
    We were born that the wold may see Christ through us and that the world may know we truly are the Children of the one and only living God and that He alone is God

    • famouswolf

      Assuming you are correct, that moslem part…that would backfire on them big time, and probably lead to something they could not control and to which they would be meat as much as the rest of us.
      I think our situation, really, is too complex too assume an outcome that is stated as done. Sorry, I honestly doubt your scenario.
      Nothing at all would surprise me, though, except maybe space aliens.

      • John Wright

        if you look back in history about 100 years you can see how they used the Muslims before in a similar situation . Glen beck put out a video on the history of it that was very interesting
        it took me a while but i found it for you it is a little long but it will put a lot of peaces together for you ,,,, here is the ink to it

  • 4True

    I’m praying the Times and a lot of other deserving companies go under soon. May their memories be soon forgotten. They are nothing close to what they once were.

  • AmazonRedHead

    And so the end begins….


      The End of the Beginning….

  • Lia

    Dear Mr Bruni, you should wake up.

    • joker

      Sorry for my ignorance but who the heck is Bruni or loony?

      • Lia

        Mr Frank Bruni (I like the loony!) is the chappie who wrote the op-ed piece for the NYT. Actually he seems to be a food critic?

  • Warren

    Since I don’t believe that God exists about 90% of my objections to gays goes away. But there is still that 10% which includes getting me stuck with Obama care by reelecting that Yankee, blue belly, baby bayoneting, carpetbagger, Nancy Pelosi over and over again. But now that gay mafia is driving that 10% up to about 25%. They have become that intolerant monster that they were fighting against. They have got their gay marriage and now it is time for them to get off our backs.

  • roger

    If men getting filthy human faeces all over their penises that is rewarding them with the most horrific disease that leads to an agonizing death with blood oozing from their sunken eye sockets and hollowed gaunt faces, a disease with no known cure, then that is enough for me.
    I say if they choose to do this then let them do it away from me and my own, and never, never allow the adoption of precious children by them.

    • Jimi Belton

      many dittos to you

  • I stopped reading the Times a while back.It editorializes it’s news.The Times was losing readership and advertizements it needed to borrow money from this Mexican Billionaire.Anyhow many gays sympathize with the muslims

  • Bosch Fawstin said it himself: Islam is Teh Gheyest Cult of Death out there!

  • joker

    But on a footnote: how on earth do these Islamic fools know that they are gay?

  • Tiina

    Are we coming to a full circle back to the Roman times when pagan gays ruled and christians were slaughtered at the Colosseum?

    • famouswolf

      Not to be pedantic, but a bit of interesting historical lore…the Romans were not ‘gay’ as the modern understanding. They did indulge in domination, in every facet of their lives. They raped as a means of control. Men, women, it didn’t matter…as long as they did the raping. Also, it had not a thing to do with any gentleness, love or affection. It was pure power.
      This is similar to the moslems. It’s not a matter of full circle, that behavior never went away completely. Remember the reports about the last hour or so of the Ambassador at Benghazi? It wasn’t enough just to kill him.

  • disqus_HlH4Faibhw

    Notice how Christians who don’t want to accept things are bigots. But muslims who don’t want to accept the same things it’s a matter of “culture” or “religion”… And they need to be “respected”.

  • Nick Cameron

    One day, the Gay activist agenda (the Rock) will meet head on the Muslim domination agenda (the Hard Place). I wonder who will win then? I would bet on the Muslims when it comes because the Gay activists are not yet beheading their opposition. Who will the Gay activists whine to then. Oh right, they will all then be the enemy of Islam and be subject to be hanged.

  • Harvey Nextman

    Seems to me the reason they call it a sin is because sooner or later the homosexuals try to force acceptance of it….the impetus of that force has traditionally sided with elements that ultimately lead to the downfall of a society. Read: the homosexuals siding with Hussein Obama

  • the patriot

    This is a case of the ‘tail wagging the dog’…….. If we don’t stand up for our beliefs and faith in the Word of God in the Bible, we will be as guilty as those who oppose the Word of God. Apathy is complicity……. I am praying 2nd Chronicles 7:14 every day. Our country needs God’s forgiveness and healing… soon! This is the action we as Believers in Yeshua, the Christ, must take: to pray first and foremost, walk the talk, and share our faith wherever, whenever our walk in life takes us. Let’s not forget to read some Scripture everyday, no matter how little, it’s the practice of this discipline that will keep us sharp, obedient and ready for an answer….

  • John Velisek
  • John Velisek

    There is a fight to be had, and it will come soon enough. I have been posting on Twitter @sjspecialist, and there are a great many people ready when the time comes.

  • Gary Metzger

    Excellent article in every way.

  • BeourGuesthouse

    Oh my word, those poor men. And here in this country people are up in arms over pizza and wedding cake. Phucking idiots.

  • Christian Forever

    Christian already except gays because Jesus does, but we don’t push them off of buildings or hang them because only God can judge and not least I be judged.

  • PinkwAshingalert

    Pinkwashing at its finest! you’re ignorant and insane lady. good thing only people who already believe your conservative nonsense listen to you. your illogical fear-mongering doesn’t do a damn thing to advance your “cause,” (I shudder at even using that phrase). Also, you blocked me from your instagram, so much for that freedom of speech you prattle around so heavily about. bye bitch

  • Frank Pricken

    like I said before the only good Muslim is is DEAD Muslim

  • Deb

    Why don’t you go back into the closet and by that I mean that you should keep your opinions to yourself or tell someone who cares and it is immoral in my book.

  • I wish the article went more in depth about moslems not accepting gays. I dislike it when titles are not what one thinks they are going to read. An interview with the head of CAIR about “being made to embrace the gay lifestyle’ would have been really interesting, even if it was only the usual squirming and taqiyya.

  • harbidoll

    I understand from the Bible the 2 times Yahova said “enough” is when gays got violent. He ordered S & G destroyed,& the tribe of Benyamin was almost wiped out for wanting to rape & murder. Its also mentioned that gay lifestyle leads to murder. Seems we are getting close .

  • JohanPaulsson

    While I as a gay person think that Paulus and Moses were misogynic and homophobic people pushing their own agenda while writing books that was selected to enter the bible, and think that Christians in general should be aware of how the material for the bible was composed and that it was simply humans who wrote it, I also think that everyone has the right to believe in what they want.

    I am appalled by how people below talks about wiping people “like me” out. What have I done to you, personally, to warrant death and violence?

    I think it’s wrong to force churches to marry gay people – but I think it’s wrong to force churches and bishops that want to help gay people marry, to not be able to do so, also. Some Christians will be pro-gay, some not. It’s not for us to force our views onto others.

    And it’s not right for anyone to kill me for being gay, or to try and limit my freedom.

    I was born gay – even though I was raised and expected to be a heterosexual. I even expected myself to be a heterosexual and started dating girls first. But the dates were always brief because I didn’t feel what the girl was apparently feeling. I felt no warm sensation, no tingling, no strong emotion. So I quickly removed myself from these girls, because I couldn’t give them what they wanted.

    But just the touch from a man would give me all of that – it could just be sitting close to a guy on the bus, when I was younger and full of hormones.

    I didn’t chose this for myself.

    But for me to be happy, I need to live like this. And people have no right to take that away from me.

    I won’t try to force anyone to do things they don’t want. Freedom is the biggest and greatest ideal in this world – the freedom to be happy without infringing upon other people’s freedom. But this freedom also relies upon everyone protecting this freedom.

    This article is about that – that freedom goes both ways. Both protecting the freedom of people you may not agree with, and your own.

    Lets not bring conflict into this world, but instead maximize freedom for people and in so doing also create a better world, with a lot less conflict.

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