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“Muslims ‘Hurt’ by AFDI Ads”


Headline:  “Muslims ‘hurt’ by new SEPTA ads.” That’s what passes for journalism these days. Muslims should be hurt by the chaos their devout are causing in Kenya, Mali, Nigeria, Congo, the Central African Republic, Iraq, Syria, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, et al. Muslims should be “hurt” by the creed apartheid, gender apartheid, Islamic Jew-hatred, misogyny, etc. enshrined in Islamic text and teachings.

Devout Muslims stormed a university campus in Kenya last night and slaughtered and/or held hostage the Christians while releasing the Muslims. Do these Muslims feel “hurt” by that?

The reporter neglected to add my comments, but did update the piece when I wrote to him asking why they had been excluded.


“Muslims ‘hurt’ by new SEPTA ads,” Metro, April 2, 2015

On Wednesday SEPTA buses first began rolling with ads the transit agency was forced to run after losing a legal battle on First Amendment grounds.

“Islamic Jew-hatred: It’s in the Qu’ran,” state the ads, which feature a picture of Hitler.

Eighty-four articulated buses operating out of three depots will carry the ads, SEPTA said.

That message doesn’t sit well with local Muslims.

“That’s wrong,” said Amira Muhammed, 30, of Northeast Philly, of the ad, after she got off a Route 33 bus carrying the new advertisement. “That’s not in the Koran. It says we have to respect other religions.”

Yes. It’s in the Quran, Ms. Muhammad.

Muhammed was shocked to learn that SEPTA lost a legal battle with the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), which paid $30,000 for ad space, and that SEPTA is required to run the advertisements.

“What we need to do is go in front of CIty Hall and say that this needs to stop,” she said.

Other commuters were troubled as well.

“It’s not true,” Jahliel Washington, 27, of West Philly, said of the advertisements’ message — that the Muslim faith dictates hatred of Jews.

“Our peoples’ land and language are practically the same,” he said, pointing out that the word “Salaam,” meaning “peace,” which Muslims use as a greeting, is similar to “Shalom,” the Hebrew word for peace, which is also used as a greeting amongst Jews.

“They’re trying to divide us,” he said. “It’s just sad.”

John Phillips, 26, an activist, said he was “disgusted” by the new ads.

“You allow Pamela Geller [head of AFDI] and her group to spread hate against us?” Phillips asked. “This is not freedom of speech. This is hate speech.”

Phillips said the Muslim community to an extent already feels targeted, isolated and unfairly associated with violent extremists.

“As Muslims we’re told we’re anti-American,” Phillips said. “A lot of us enjoy the freedoms here. A lot of us fled fascist countries to come be here. What did we do? You call us terrorists.”

Geller responded via email to say that the ads are not inaccurate.

“No one can honestly claim that Islamic Jew-hatred is not in the Quran, and so they make false statements about our ads to make them seem inflammatory — i.e., that they are akin to Nazi propaganda,” Geller said.

“Islamic antisemitism is growing worldwide and is not being addressed. … If these Muslims find my ad so offensive, do they find Islamic antisemitism offensive? Instead of attacking me, they should be working for genuine and sincere reform of Islam and a decisive Muslim repudiation of antisemitism.”

The AFDI previously called their legal victory over SEPTA a win for “freedom” and the First Amendment, but that victory may be short-lived.

In response to the ads, SEPTA changed it’s [sic] advertising policy in October to forbid political and issue-advertising.

Any attempt to extend the AFDI advertising beyond their four-week contract will be denied for violating that policy, said SEPTA communications director Jerri Williams.

Geller said she intends to renew the contract.

Note: This story was updated to include a response from Geller submitted after print deadline.

Pamela Geller's shocking new book, "FATWA: HUNTED IN AMERICA" is now available on Amazon. It's Geller's tell all, her story - and it's every story - it's what happens when you stand for freedom today. Buy it. Now. Here.

  • ClaudeinSocal

    Dr. Phil could make boat loads of money over the Muslims hurt feelings.

    • JT

      This Dr. Phil is the one on TV with his weekly show???

  • RalphB

    The link to is not connecting at this writing but you can find the evidence in the articles linked from here:

  • SarahKentucky

    Who cares if they are hurt, period.

  • famouswolf

    They are hurt?
    I wish.

  • JacktheRipper

    Actions speak louder than words, I’m not impressed by their denials. The shocking evidence is an every day occurrence, not only their antisemitism but the unceasing intolerance for the “infidel,” and their cultural depravity. These ads serve a very good purpose, and that’s to highlight antisemitism and hate in the islamic world. In the face of so much evidence for these evils it’s tantamount to a holocaust denial to say it doesn’t exist.

    Face it, muslims are a bad experience. And their constant denials make clear, they have no intention of changing, or of making any tangible effort to confront the real issues that threaten peaceful relations between us and them. Apparently In their minds islam can’t be fixed cuz it ain’t broken. I beg to differ.

    • JT

      You put it perfectly, thanks.

      • JacktheRipper

        You’re welcome, I did it just for you. ;)

        • jt

          Hey! I am flattered…

  • Jonathan Dunkin

    Muslims are hurt by the ads, but I am hurt by the stories and images of innocent children slaughtered in the name of Islam. Weigh the two against each other and frankly, the Muslim hurt feelings aren’t worth shit.

    • mezcukor

      Exactly. Good way to express it.

  • Fritz Kohlhaas

    Islam delenda est!

  • As a nonmuslim, What is written in the Koran hurts me deeply.

    • JT

      It DOES hurt ALL OF US!!! It is nothing but INSULTS.

  • Dave from San Antonio

    I’ve noticed that “the truth” about islam…always seems to “hurt” or “offend” muslims. Too bad…get over it. How about all the “hurt” inflicted by islam on all their victims and their families…in the name of allah…and the “advancement” of islam? You hear muslims who call themselves “moderate”, but…the problem, there, lies in the fact that qur’an states there can be NO “moderate” believers in islam…period. It’s either…”all or nothing” and…those that call themselves “moderate” are considered worse than the infidel…and are to be treated as such. To all those that call themselves “moderate”…nice day for a beheading, isn’t it.

    • JT

      I agree, and many others as well.
      Moderates provide support, so the radicals can do the “job”.

      • Dave from San Antonio

        Yep…they provide support by looking the other way…and not doing or saying anything, except…”we’re moderate”. They should, being moderate, stand up and say jihad is wrong, ISIS is wrong, but…if they did that…they would be getting a death sentence. Well, at least we know they support islam…all the way.

        • jt

          Yes, many of them would die (murderd) in the action of cleaning islam, but that is the price one have to pay for freedom.
          NO, 400 muslims attended the funeral of the multiple murderer of Charlie Hebdo staff. The messag is clier: we have to be murdered first so they can rein.

        • rabrooks

          Actually the one that hides the knife, after a beheading, is the moderate.
          Where radical mudslimes will behead you if you don’t look pislam enough, moderates will at least ask if you are a Christian first.

    • rabrooks

      Under sharia law, here is the crime of “slander”. To them, slander is anything about some person, that they don’t want known. Truth or lie doesn’t matter, only if they don’t want it known!

  • Betty4440

    hate speech ? only when the speech is made by non muslims this applies right ?. they hurt me by being in my country.

  • Prinz Eugen

    Moslems hurt by words? Then they should remove those vile comments from their mad pedophile’s arabic edition of Mein Kampf!

    When will the caliphate crusading beheaders feel the weight of daisy cutters?

    Yes, actions speak louder than words — is there a sane adult in the USA who still has any doubts that sultan Barry is in cahoots with iran and islam?>

  • got243kids

    “Phillips said the Muslim community to an extent already feels targeted, isolated
    and unfairly associated with violent extremists.”

    The ignorance of sheep will never cease with wolves like Phillips feigning shock and disgust.

    Wolves despise sheep dogs. Keep up the great work Pamela!

    • milt w

      Another interesting point- MoseHamebo was able to self teach himself in a cave where he stayed for 30 years. You wonder HOW – no other smart enough rag tops to visit him for lessons?

  • Joe1938

    Yeah, Colleen Hufford “hurt” for a few seconds over in OK when a raghead took her head.

  • milt w

    Seems like these Moderate mo-slums need to study their own Qumran rag.
    or there is truth to the adage that “TRUTH HURTS”.

    As for the working towards genuine reform because they all say it is our problem and not the religious order of piss then perhaps they should just immigrate to some moslum paradise/slum where they can be happy which is anyplace where you awake with the pleasant sounds of the camels and other lovers .

    They will only have to stay there for as long as it takes for all the Jews and Infidels to learn how lonely it is on the block without the merry sounds of prayer screeching out at dawn.

    • rabrooks

      Never happen. Over there, most cannot read or write their own language, let alone arabic, so they go on what some”imam” says. Here, most are too lazy to read, so they go on what they are told or “tradition”. Does arabic fashion really have a place in western society?
      Ask them for their opinion. First is “Is that in the koran?”(they really don’t know) next, comes the “talking about my religion makes me angry…”
      End of story. Things will never heal if they aren’t examined. However, any examination/question about pislam, could be punishable by death! Hell, I’d stay stupid too.

  • sakovkt

    Actually, a policy against politicizing just about everything, these days, isn’t a bad idea, at all.
    That would include politicizing Chick Fillet sandwiches and our latest Lefty stab at a “homophobe” pizzeria.
    The question is, who decides what’s political in current American society which seems to have lost all its moral bearings outside of politics.
    Wanna bet, that SEPTA denies renewal of the AFDI contract but continues with propaganda from the Homo-Muslim liberation front?
    And it’ll all be grounded on what SEPTA considers political?

  • Metatrona

    The newspapers and the politicians seem to want to protect the decapitators, rapists, kidnappers, and torturers rather than the victims. Is this Alice in Wonderland?

  • Mandy Molly

    Good! the truth hits hard and hurts and it will certainly weaken them, that’s what we want. Islam is not inspired from the true GOD. it came from the agency of demonic angels. it is full of self contradictions, cruelty,fear, strife, chaos,murder, all the bad and rotten fruit of falsehood. The GOD of Abraham and Moses and JESUS never spoke those Koranic dictations to Mohammed, rather a wicked spirit did.

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