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[ August 23, 2017 ]

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ISIS E-BOOK: ‘HOW TO SURVIVE IN THE WEST’ Guide teaches Muslims how to live ‘double life’


ISIS is advising Muslims in the West on how to behave. It sounds dangerously like the Muslim Brotherhood project followed by MB terror groups like CAIR, ISNA, MSA — and we see how well they have succeeded.

ISIS will, too. Obama has been importing hundreds of thousands of Muslims from jihad nations. They will reach critical mass in no short order. Things are going to change on a dime.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 4.10.11 PM


“Why ISIS Advises Western Jihadists to Carry Nerf Guns and Condoms,” By Bridget Johnson, PJM, April 20, 2015

“Hide your Islam as much as possible” and reap government benefits: Inside an ISIS manual for becoming a “special services secret agent.”
A guide for jihadists in the West issued by ISIS late last month urges followers to train with Nerf guns and watch Bourne films as part of their under-the-radar preparation for terrorist attacks.

“Many Muslims are putting alot of effort into showing the world that we are peaceful citizens, we’re spending thousands of Euros to do Da’wah (invitation to Islam) campaigns to show how good we are in society, but we’re miserably failing. The leaders of disbelief repeatedly lie in the media and say that we Muslims are all terrorists, while we denied it and wanted to be peaceful citizens,” the manual, How to Survive in the West, says. “But they have cornered us and forced us into becoming radicalised, and that will be the cause of their defeat and be the cause for the conquest of Rome.”

“…Those who go on the offensive earlier on will learn how to react in different situations, and will more likely receive martyrdom (shahadah) instead of long-term imprisonment.”

The author of the book is only identified in the foreword as a male who “has been studying the global Jihad for 10+ years.”

Converts to Islam are encouraged to “hide your Islam as much as possible,” such as quickly leaving after Friday prayers instead of mingling at the mosque. Goatees are encouraged to “fulfill the obligation” without growing a full beard. Women are told to wear colored hijabs instead of black ones.

They’re told to alter their first name — “Al instead of Ali, or a neutral name like Adam” — or make up an alias, as jihadists in the Islamic State “are not allowed to tell their real name to anyone in case their friends are captured and interrogated and reveal the real name of the brothers to the tyrants.” Plus, they argue, an alias with a non-Muslim name would come in handy if they want to get an “important position” such as work in a power plant.

Then comes the question of cold, hard cash: “Before any real Jihad can be fought, Muslims require money.” Conveniently, “in cases of necessity and for survival, Muslims are permitted to get money from ways which are not normally allowed.”

“If you are an expert in credit card fraud, paypal/ebay scams, Phishing, hacking, or you know the secrets of a big company, then take advantage of your skills,” the book advises, emphasizing the crimes in bold. “If you can claim extra benefits from a government, then do so. If you can avoid paying taxes, then do so.Taking out a loan you’ll never repay and using the money to immigrate to the Islamic State is encouraged, but if you get caught doing this or other scams don’t say you were raising dough for jihad, the guide cautions.

Followers are instructed to keep their Internet and social media history “clean” by using a secure TOR browser and catching up on their jihad news via sources like Al-Jazeera. “Do not engross yourself with too much info or constant browsing. Otherwise you will always have it on your mind and talk about Jihadi events in front of your family and friends.”

Communications tips include writing “lemon ink letters” with code words.

Since “mujahideen run for a few hours, daily, on mountains before having their breakfast,” Western jihadis are advised to run in the park in “three quarter jogging trousers,” learn to jump off walls on Wikihow, and join a climbing club. “If you keep jumping off your back wall, your neighbor might think you’re doing something suspicious and report you to the police, so small things like this are better avoided to bring the least amount of attention to yourself as possible,” the manual states.

And to train on shooting? “You should buy Toy guns (Nerf guns), or Pellet guns or Paintball guns for target practice” — preferably through a kid who won’t raise suspicion. Then, become a gamer. “Playing games like Call of Duty gives you knowledge of techniques used in warfare on different terrains.”

They’re encouraged to move up to “primitive weapons” such as crossbows, hiding them “like treasure maps,” and go camping for survivalist experience, carrying condoms because they hold a liter of water.

The e-book covers how to make six types of bombs, with tips previously published in AQAP’s Inspire magazine: Molotov cocktail, nail bomb, microwave airbag bomb, gas canister bomb, remote controlled bomb, and car bomb. “Practice them with trial and error on a small scale first to make sure you are doing them right.”

Jihadis are cautioned to see if they’re being tailed by intelligence or law enforcement agencies. “You have seen plenty of spy movies in the past, it’s now time you implemented some things you’ve learnt from them. If you don’t know of any, then watch the Bourne Films (Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy, Bourne Ultimatum) for tips,” the book states. They’re warned not to get caught in a sting operation: “The answer is quite simple: if someone recruits you or any of the learning youth and commands them to do an attack – you should leave him and not do it.”

And ISIS jihadists in the West shouldn’t call themselves lone wolves, but an ISIS “special services secret agent.”

They’re encouraged to take advantage of symbolic dates for attacks, to target places like synagogues and gas pipelines, and embrace one- or two-man operations like in France.

If one needs to get the heck out of Dodge and can’t make it to Syria or Iraq, “he can escape to the Islamic State in Libya, or Khorasan (Waziristan in Pakistan), or in Nigeria (under Boko Haram territory).”

“Yes, it is difficult to reach them lands, but it is also difficult for the enemy to be confident enough to search for you there. If a Muslim is in them lands and is caught by non Muslims, he can say he is a freelance journalist, but if he is caught by Muslims – he can prove to them he is a Muslim searching to join the Mujahideen,” the book says.

“Secret Agents have to be masters of disguise. If they are a girl, they may do makeup in a style which makes them look totally different (i.e. to make their face look fatter or thinner). They may wear a different colored hair wig due to the necessity of the situation. They might put a prominent beauty spot or fake freckles on their face with a pen which makes them look totally different to who they really are. They will change their clothes style.” Guys can use bushy fake moustaches. “All this can be done in necessity until you can find refuge and safety and the media attention goes away from you. Once the person is safe in the Islamic State, they might ring the cell phone detonator and the car might explode. But they can’t catch you now.”

As a final word of advice, ISIS followers are urged to share the manual by renaming the file first — “something else safe (i.e. How to make cake).”


    ISIS needs to totally annihilated, wiped off the face of the earth, fascist iran too and its nazi ayatollahs.

    • lovezion

      THIS, is what I’ve been saying from the very first moment, but so many people are such “chickens” who thought I was too drastic, etc. That’s the religious training for you. There’s NO OTHER WAY than to annihilate all of them without leaving a single seed. they are worse than machines. No rational human can converse with them. They are the illness itself. Attacking without talks. I’d rather live with roaches than with one of them, even a so called moderate muzzie. KILL THEM!!!!!!!!!!! ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Eagleclaw 1

        the only good one is sleeping permanently.

  • Rick Smith

    “Hide your Islam as much as possible”
    And for the stealth, or, non-military wing of the ummah …… “Hide Islam’s true intent as much as possible”.

    • lovezion

      they’ve been doing it from the start, witness, CAIR and company! They are not only sanguinary beasts, they are shrewd manipulators!!!!!!!!!

    • Eagleclaw 1

      Read the Qur’an in English. It tells them in there. Also, Sharia Law for non muzzies.

  • Walter Sieruk

    All those jihad scheming by the Muslim villains of ISIS should make us remember two things. First,all Americans need not live in fear of be afraid to go different places of to do different things. For we really should keep on living out own lives and feel no fear. For the be afraid the make the Islamic enemy happy. Second, even though we ,as Americans, should not feel fear we nevertheless need to keep aware of our surrounding and be on the outlook for anything that seems not to look quite right. As in “What’s wrong with this picture ?” Then is something wrong is seen then go a tell the right person about it. As for example thew Tee-shirt vendor at NY.NY. who saw some smoke come out of that parked van and then went and told a police officer about it. As it has been said “If you see something, say something” Furthermore, the wise words of Thomas Jefferson may, very well, apply even more today then they did in his own time. For Mr Jefferson had stated “Let the eye of vigilance never be closed.”

    • lovezion

      YES! Especially since one may be having a nice neighbor….who’s a cutthroat!!!

    • jon wright

      and of course pack ur heat, legally. active cells soon to appear thanks to Ayatollah Buraq Hussein O.

    • littlebit43

      Lock and load.

    • IslamIsFascism

      What do you think would happen if you were to report any jihadist activities to the musswein authorties in Dearbornistan, Michigan? Would you be arrested? Or the jihadis?

  • Steve Brown

    Michael Savage may be right. There might be a another US civil war

    • Sam McGee

      Lookin’ forward to it.

    • cougar 64

      No might about it. There will be another U.S. civil war. Cannot wait to purge this country of progressive scum.

  • Myriam

    If it wasn’t so serious this ridiculous manual would be hilarious! It’s like something out of a really bad movie – are you sure these guys don’t have shares in Hasbro (the Nerf manufacturers)? I feel like I’ve just entered the twilight zone….

    • Lia

      No, the cuckoo’s nest, in which all the patients are afflicted with the same mental illness, called islam.

    • lovezion

      I feel that way about the whole sad situation in which the savages (and those who are indifferent) have put us…and the uncertainty in which we all live, where we don’t know whether tomorrow we’ll die in a bombarded public building, or, indeed, have our throats cut off….. :o(

  • borum

    All western people need a guide for how to kill all suspected moose-lamb-pigs and get away with it.

  • Luke

    Whats the point of teaching girls about disguises when they just wear full covering? DUHHH!?/?

    “Do not engross yourself with too much info or constant browsing. Otherwise you will always have it on your mind and talk about Jihadi events in front of your family and friends.” – I do that! lol

    • lovezion

      Well, if you are a human being with reasonable concerns, then you should engross yourself with this matter to see what each of us can do to help this terrible situation. If nothing more, to open other people ‘s minds. I know so many liberal democrats who, while intrigued/confused by what’s happening, still hang on to their demo-liberal position, simply because they’ve been that way all their lives and also because do not read what we read. I’ve imposed on myself to send them all these articles, sometimes with a little comment from me.. Some of them opened their eyes. Some are still intrigued but a little closer to surrender to the truth I send them. This is too little but, better than nothing, no? :o)

    • Mike

      Yea, right, like full coverning would be so “hidden” in our society that everyone would be like totally unable to see any difference! Stop and think.

  • Sam McGee

    I know our congressional Republicans want immigrants for cheap labor, and DumbocRATS want them for votes; but just for the sake of argument, assuming they grew brains, a spine, and balls, couldn’t Congress declare “There shall be no more legal immigration to the USA”?
    If this is possible, WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY WAITING FOR? Write your imbecile, I mean congressman.

    • lovezion

      Unfortunately, they aren’t imbeciles, they know what they do and what they want. What they want is to keep their good, easy over remunerated jobs and will go to any length to get it. Hence the changes in their statements and behaviors…Living recent example: old Hillary C.

    • Mike

      Nice slip.

  • Tom Nguyen

    Their told to lie to strengthen islam. Don’t be blind folks.

  • Lia

    I take it that every Western police, security & safety force, plus the immigration department officials are given the book to study?

    • Jaem

      Let’s hope they do.

      • Lilithwept

        Of course not, they have been infiltrated by Muslims. And Muslims would never let something bad happen to a ” brother or sister” if there is any waybthey can help,it!!!!
        Stealth Jihad!!!!

    • Mike

      I’m security. I’ve not got one yet. Of course, I’m also a Constitutionalist so they might think that I was planning a terrorist attack.

  • faraway

    Jihadists are not very bright but that makes them all the more dangerous;you can’t reason with stupid people.

    • lovezion

      I wish you were tight. They aren’t stupid, they are very shrewd and very stubborn where they ‘ll never give up their diabolic pursuit…. :o(

  • Ron Cole

    My advice for these fascist muzlims is to avoid the South and West especially hunting clubs, posted property, and open fields.
    Another piece is that the curtsying bath house queenie hussien *.* aliases plans soon to make all 69* states no go zones.

    * The queenie was not sure how many states there are but it likes that number.

  • Christopher Citty

    And, while they plan and train for this stuff, Washington sits on their butts, and lets it go on. This needs to be dealt with. Today. If they can’t do it, we need to vote every one of them out. No more putting up with these non-committed morons. Treat it like a corporation. Vote out the people who will not do the job of representing our interests.

    • Mike

      It’s nice to think we could vote people out, especially when we are angery. But the matter is really who can we vote in? It doesn’t work any more.

  • littlebit43

    And we are importing thousands. This ain’t gonna be pretty.

  • Vijay Shalton Serrao

    This reads like a comedy…… Serious!?… Mustache disguise?…. Let me guess… Best version…. Groucho Marx?

  • Mxpctlk

    It’s not so much that America is asleep – it’s more that most pols don’t understand it and those who do – lie about it. Forget for a moment the ideology driving it, these are straight-up guerrilla war tactics being waged right here, right now. .

  • FYI, the screenshot link is broken.

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