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EXCLUSIVE: Hillary Clinton’s Lesbian Affairs Named in Secret Emails


This won’t surprise longtime Atlas readers. Atlas reported this story of Hillary’s lesbian affair with Huma Abedin when it was all the NYC gay scenesters could talk about back in 2007 — here and here. 

Anthony Weiner is a beard — a very necessary cover when rumors of Huma and Hillary’s love affair were rife. Which is why Huma didn’t give a fig when Weiner was texting his weiner to scores of college girls. Or when Bill was raping Juanita Broaddrick or inserting cigars into Monica Lewinsky’s vajayjay.



Published on: April 15, 2015
Photography by: AP
Hillary Clinton Lesbian Lovers Secret Emails

Hillary Clinton isn’t just caught in a political scandal over her missing emails from her stint as secretary of state – she’s also terrified of personal revelations about a secret lesbian lifestyle!

Now a world-exclusive investigation by The National ENQUIRER reveals that some of the presidential candidate’s famously “deleted” emails are packed full of lesbian references and her lovers’ names.

“I don’t think she’s so concerned about emails referring to her as secretly gay,” said a Clinton insider. “That’s been out for years – her real fear is that the names of some of her lovers would be made public!”

The ENQUIRER learned the list of Hillary’s lesbian lovers includes a beauty in her early 30s who has often traveled with Hillary; a popular TV and movie star; the daughter of a top government official; and a stunning model who got a career boost after allegedly sleeping with Hillary. Hillary made the huge mistake of mixing public and private messages while using her personalized email server – before risking a massive scandal by refusing to make the documents public.

“That’s clearly why she went to the extraordinary step of deleting everything,” the high-ranking source told The ENQUIRER .

Hillary is particularly concerned about intimate emails to longtime aide Huma Abedin – who married U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner in a ceremony that many ridiculed as a political arrangement. Anthony later resigned over extramarital sexting scandals, after porn star Sydney Leathers said that she believed he was in an open marriage.

“I think a lot of the time when we were speaking, Huma was probably with Hillary,” she charged, at the time.

One exchange between the women had Hillary mistakenly responding to political correspondence with an email that seemed to be about decorating.

Added the insider: “That makes you wonder if any sensitive information was sent to her romantic partners!”

The scandal unraveled in March, when Hillary revealed she deleted over 30,000 emails, insisting the messages were just “things you typically find in inboxes.”

  • When Bill Clinton won the White House, didn’t some woman at a sexual deviant rally in D.C. get up and announce “At last, a First Lady we can f***?” If Hillary’s straight then I’m Bonzo’s uncle.

    • MJ

      She wasn’t straight then, this goes all the way back to her days in Arkansas. She was caught with women at that time

  • T. F. Gumby

    Pamela. The National Enquirer? Really? Please re-think this post and delete it before you start to lose credibility.

    • jy kelly

      The National Enquirer usually is better at these type of stories than the MSM is. That’s because they have NO agenda other than to sell papers ..

      • Mr. Mentalo

        That’s right! Sure, they go for sensational headlines, and no, they’re not the paper of record…but they have been right more times than I care to admit, esp. recently.

        Sadly, it’s come to The Enquirer being a credible source and the NY and LA Times being propaganda rags. Pathetic.

    • Carol Miller

      Maybe, at one time, long ago. But, recently, The National Enquirer has been “on target” and out there way before the mainstream liberal media could dare to be. Billary may be a dyke….a fraud and a bogus opportunist. None of that matters….because she is totally INCOMPETENT to be POTUS! She needs to go away, permanently. Sick of that old worn out hag

    • TheTexasPaul .

      The “Blue dress”

      John “the Hair” Edwards’ love child while his wife was dying.

      That pig has found two BIG acorns that the msm ignored, and all it does is build on existing beliefs. These emails will turn up just before the real Democrat nominee will arrive “save” the party

      enjoyable read Pamela!

    • John Allen Dickinson

      Geller is an attention wh***.,

  • old motorcycle enthusiast

    The National Enquirer is a far better source when compared to MSNBC, HuffPo, Vox, Salate, Salon, TIME etc.

    • bitterlyclinging

      Amen! Johnny “Two Americas” Edwards getting his male appendage caught in his zipper “Something About Mary” style when National Enquirer reporters sought to understand why he was where he was.

    • Everyone Else

      I once went to a meeting for free-lance journalists wanting to sell work to The Enquirer, and they wanted 3 separate sources for every item. They know they’re under a microscope and are very careful about publishing material they can defend.

  • Charles Martel

    Look, I despise these two women in an endless way, but how did the Enquirer get emails that were deleted? Are they published somewhere? If they are real, the Enquirer does not risk a suit for libel. But where are the emails?

    • Lee Roggenburg

      Charles, there are TWO sides of an email. Just because you delete one side the recipient still has their copy. Lots of potential blackmailers out there.

      Including one Valerie Jarrett . . .

      • sandra schmidt

        Yes, that is a real problem for Hillary. There would be many opportunities for blackmail, especially from foreign recipients who may not have the best interest of the US at heart.

        • scott

          How about the opportunity for blackmail by the convicted pedophile that hosted Bill on the trip to that island with the underage girls??

    • D Brown

      Anything transmitted over the internet can be traced and copied. The i.p. address is attached and the transmission of each communication usually passes through a number of mainframe servers before it arrives at it’s ultimate destination. Data collection companies can track emails, not necessarily the contents, and each company is selective with regards to the legalities and ethics of a request.

      • IslamIsFascism

        Do you really think the emails Shillariah sent to her islamic-nazi masters or alleged lesbian lovers had an email address that indicated they were from Shillariah? She has an expert IT staff that undoubtedly made sure her personal emails were send through proxy servers using bogus email addies known only to the recipients and Shillariah. I always wonder if the L, in the LGBT community really think that Shariah law is compliant w/their lifestyle choice.

        • sandra schmidt

          I don’t. There are lots of gays and lesbians who do not approve of this administration and its islamofilia.

        • Lee Roggenburg

          Now that you’ve read about who the IT expert staff was do you still feel that way?

      • ebyjeeby

        Emails on mainframes? Seriously? Data collection companies would only collect data when paid to do so. I’ll bet the NSA has the metadata at least, but would never admit it.

    • palintologist

      It was either Snowden or another uber hacker in NZ who claim they’re going to use the Breitbart “Drip, drip, drip” method and release what they have — which is considerable.

  • Skeet NSSA

    Disappointing that National Enquirer has been used as a reference.

  • John Trapp

    Good god, if I was a lesbian why the hell would I want to go to bed with that freakin’ bag? Shall I use the dildo or my finger Mrs. Rodham? WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAAKE!??

    • hurricanepaul

      For the same reason Rosie O’donnel (gag me) gets the HOT lipstick lesbians: They’re super rich and famous. Thousands of Hollywood lesbians would gladly have sex with Hillary Clinton for the financial rewards.

      • stan broniszewski

        Having sex with Rosie O’Donnell is comparable to having sex with a water buffalo.

      • Teebar TotemPlaster

        …and Hillary would like to try and accommodate them all if only to surpass Billy-Boy’s bimbo score.

    • Radegunda

      For the same reason that Georgina Chapman married Harvey Weinstein. And pretty much the same reason that Miss Catherine married Rush Limbaugh.

      • VN VET

        Who is or was Miss Catherine ? Besides marrying Rush ?

    • sandra schmidt

      I am queer as a three dollar bill and I can say without a doubt, that if Hillary were the last woman on earth, I would join a convent.

      • disqus_HlH4Faibhw

        I’m hopelessly heterosexual and I feel like joining a convent any time they talk about celebrities or “public figures” at all these days. They all make me gag.

      • Michael Garfinkel

        This is a refreshing post.

        There are smart, funny, and decent people who are gay – and there are vicious phonies like Hillary who are also gay.

        At this point, what difference does it make?

      • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

        You are as refreshing as Florence King!

      • blackcatmendoza

        Errr, “if Hillary were the last woman on earth”, what would you do in a convent? It would be very, very lonely, and you’d have no-one to spend your three dollar bill with . . . .

        • sandra schmidt

          Good point. I hadn’t thought of that.

        • Jim Fox

          You think there’s no girl-on-girl action in a convent??
          Just like no Catholic priest has ever bummed a choirboy??

          • believe


          • Jim Fox

            My comment was sarcastic…

          • Vic Bailey

            AND Pedophiles, Perverts and Sick minded people. Semper Fi.

          • Teebar TotemPlaster

            The celibacy policy of the Catholic church, originally designed to keep families like the Bogias from taking over with a dynasty of relatives, is no longer necessary with modern communication: it’s time to eliminate this once useful policy. If revoked, the result would likely cause a dramatic rejuvenation of this dying cult’s membership which is suffering from a revulsion against priestly sodomy.

          • ladysmith

            My ex-catholic husband says the reason for the required celibacy of priests is to avoid having to provide a wage to priests sufficient enough to support all the families of Priests. The Bible plainly commands all to never require anyone to remain unmarried, so the Catholics blatantly purposely ignore Gods words. ( A sin) And scripture also says it is better for one to marry than to burn in their lust.

          • stan broniszewski

            And each convent has a ‘Mother Superior’. Obviously that’s the Catholic way of saying Madam. They arrange the trysts between nuns, along with the Monsignor for the male clergy having arrangements with the nuns.

          • usaok59

            You are pretty sick, Stan.

          • stan broniszewski

            Just telling the truth.

          • Farmer

            so, you’ve been living in a convent as an undercover sister of the cloth …. that’s how you know this?

          • VN VET

            I agree, remember ALL of the court cases that has been appearing in the media over the last few years ? All cannot be wrong or could they ? Remember earlier when someone posted that the truth can be stranger than fiction ? So, yes anything is possible.

          • Teebar TotemPlaster

            Such behaviour today would consist of individuals carefully cloaking their actions. Back in the Medieval/Middle ages, however, there were some notorious activities between neighbouring monasteries and nunneries. Remember the fact that families deposited surplus young unmarried daughters there to avoid the costs of maintaining them. These girls were not “devout” but definitely horny…

          • Farmer

            You have a vivid imagination …. I only hope you also write novels for the idiot masses to read and the liberals …..

          • michaelwarden

            Read “Clochmerle”.

          • stan broniszewski

            If a video camera were to be snuck into a convent, & recording the ‘action’, you could blackmail the parish, as well as the Diocese. A small fortune awaits.

          • VN VET

            While I agree with your comments, the very same thing could be said about the Clintons, especially their bedrooms, parties and their escapades. Just think what you may be able to learn by being a fly on the wall (as the saying goes ) ? Would you believe black mail material ? Have a very nice day.

          • Teebar TotemPlaster

            …and as soon as you tried to use the blackmail material you would decide to commit suicide.

          • ladysmith

            In the basement of several Catholic churches and convents, the skeletal remains of small babies have been found. Presumably murdered upon delivery. The result of nuns and priests hiding their sexual activity.

      • carlos

        Thank you for your post, Sandra. I have several gay friends, and all are horrified at many of the things being done in “their” name.

        • believe


      • Teebar TotemPlaster
        • wilypagan

          OMG, nooooooo!

    • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

      Michael Sam’s ‘boyfriend’ is a famous ‘Power Bottom’ (i.e. gay whore VIP class). This is common knowledge on gay sites but the MSM will never give you a clue.

      • durabo

        So Michael Sam’s partner is in the same league with Barack Hussein Obama, who made a name for himself Chicago’s “Man’s Country,” giving BJs for coke money, eh?

    • Patti York

      I just threw up a little when I saw this.

    • durabo

      I agree: What self-respecting good-looking lesbian could ever couple with that big-arsed, cackling, foul-mouthed, evil-tempered Hecate? Yechhhh! Names. We want names!

      • Christian Nelson

        Hillary’s vagina probably is withered, stinks of urine and has teeth…

        • VN VET

          So it has been said in more than 1 article, and that she carries a very foul odor around with her. Not my words, but words of different articles written about her, just like the ones about her wearing depends.

    • MPAcosta

      I read a story written by one of her assistants, stated she had been forced to perform on Killary. The story promptly disappeared off the internet…

      • VN VET

        Your comments does not surprise me in the least, have read a lot of similar articles saying the same thing. Do you happen to remember the name of the article ? Just like the articles ” Trance Formation of America ” , https:// you tube/6-4s1Pca5mu or Hillary-Clinton-lesbian-demon-pedophile-child-rapist/ just to name a few. Have a nice day.

    • VN VET

      I have heard rumors that is the reason that Hillary has to wear depends, she can not control her bowel movement due to excessive use of “L” dildos. In an article posted on the internet very shortly after she was late getting back from the rest room during that one debate. In the article, it was said that she can not control her bowel movements due to excessive use of dildos over the years and the muscles can not contract. She also has a very foul odor, when ever she is around or when being next to her. How true these different things are or could be, I do not know, since I have never met or even been in the same room with her and neither do I ever plan on doing so. Have a nice day.

    • ladysmith

      Podesta said in an email about Hillary…”She smells of urine and boiled cabbage”. YUCK!

  • Mr. Mentalo

    The bottom line is this: America has fallen so far, would this matter even if it were true? Aren’t homosexuals the most vaunted class in the country right now? Every prime-time TV show has at least one homosexual couple prominently on display. Lesbians have talk shows and are loved by millions. Kids are taught about homosexual behavior (taught that it is just fine) starting in grade school.

    So how is this a downside for Granny Clinton? If she were smart, she’d come out ASAP. Have a “Babes For Butch” campaign strategy.

    Really, I’m only half kidding. The only, absolute, unforgivable political sin anymore is to be a white, Christian conservative who doesn’t believe in “climate change”, homo “marriage” and wealth re-distribution.

    • ssol4569

      The problem is she’s a liar and a manipulator.

      • FranciscoCanales

        All we want from our representatives and our President is the truth. The truth we set them free from any political persecution. Lying and deceiving the people that voted for them is a betrayal. We want in our government people that we can trust.

      • Larry Velasco

        Don’t forget, “MURDEROUS BITCH”. She should be HUNG as an example of what a woman should not be. She is PATHETIC.

    • Heart and Soul

      ” Babes For Butch” LOL! put a pic of Hillary on a T-shirt and have that saying under the pic>>Solid Gold<<


      If she’s gay, then the democrats will continue to support her, it’s a democrat tactic. Use the gay people to support you so that you can sell out the country to Islam!! They are playing the gays like pawns to set us up for jihad attacks and the gays are falling for it hook line and sphincter

    • ladysmith

      It seems masses of people missed the Wikileaks email from George Soros to Al Gore offering money to fake Global Warming. As we know, he accepted.

  • Sam McGee

    Hillary Clinton, Cackling Hag.
    I’ll bet she is a Muztard just like Oblabber.
    She will use the lesbian title positively. The voters will not care. Half of them will think it’s a positive thing. If she were filmed, in broad daylight, on the White House lawn doing it with lesbians and donkeys the libtards would still vote for her. They are THAT stupid.

    • John Allen Dickinson

      Jesus was a pedophile.

      • LindaRivera

        Jesus Christ was Absolutely Good, Pure and Holy. I advise you to repent of your absolute filth and satanic wickedness. You’re going to stand before Almighty God on Judgement Day.

      • watcherofolde

        On the contrary the one time Jesus spoke about a death penalty was when he said,”If anyone lead one of these little ones into sin, it were better he had a millstone tied about his neck and be drowned in the heart of the sea.”
        So you don’t know what you are talking about.

      • John Allen, I guess you honestly mistook Jesus for Mohamed.

        • believe


        • Teebar TotemPlaster

          Mohammed was given a female child as a bride when she was six years old. Mo, however, waited until she was a ripe nine years of age before raping her, which is why it is perfectly acceptable in muslim society to emulate this crime without fear of recrimination. Such marriages are immensely popular in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, the two most socially warped countries on the planet.

          Jesus (Yeshua bar Yoseph) was a straight-forward Jewish male of his times and thus married and had children. He would have been regarded as “queer” had he not done so. As he was from a normal family, he also had many brothers and sisters. One brother, “”James the Just”, was a far more important personality than Yeshua during his lifetime.

      • believe


        • stan broniszewski

          Speaking of satanism, I heard from a reliable source that John Kerry is a Satanist. No, not the type that wear hooded robes sacrificing cats to the devil, but a bona fide student of the teachings of the late Anton LaVey. Very possible. Afterall, truth is stranger than fiction.

          • VN VET

            I agree with your last comments ” Very possible, after all, truth it seems is always stranger than fiction”. That is why I can usely believe anything published about the Clintons and 99.9% of any of the other politicians in Washington DC. Maybe 2 that is one of the main reasons that Wilaleaks (misspelled) is so believable, wouldn’t you agree ? Another thing that I keep wondering about, since the AG and DOJ will not do anything where the Clintons are involved or anything that they do will not be investagated, if it is now GOD’s work that is causing both of them their ill health ? I have always heard that “GOD” works in strange ways. Have a very nice day.

      • Marti Leopold

        @John, Man you are a fool! Your hate will damn you to hell for eternity.

      • wayne8734

        John Allen Dickinson,You’re a sick SOB!!!! STFU!!!!

      • boys3rsk

        When you DIE, tell him that at your JUDGEMENT.

      • polly

        I would repent if I were you.Jesus is such a loving God He will forgive e you because he knows you have been deceived.He is LORD and you will bend your knee one-day .

      • Farmer

        Oh boy Johnny boy …. you’d better hope someone hikacked your email account … ’cause if you believe what you just said ….go out right now and buy some asbestos undies

      • yorkees1

        YOU probably are a pedophile, and you are certainly a PUNK. STFU asshole!

      • VN VET

        Are you saying that you have proof of that and not just hear say ?

    • VN VET

      Just think, if Hillary were filmed on the WH lawn doing it with lesbians,donkeys and even other animals, not only would her supporters and backers still vote for her, but she could very well turn it into a #1 best seller by selling it to the same people that voted for her. Wishing everyone every a very nice week end.

  • joker

    I would not mind to bed her, I mean the Muslim whore.

    • Harvey Fenwick Lung

      I have wondered if Huma underwent Female Genital Mutilation.
      She is a muslim. isn’t she?

    • Commieobamie

      Really? That islamo is donkey UGLY.

      • John Allen Dickinson

        Jesus was a pedophile, you know.

    • John Allen Dickinson

      Better to be a Christian whore like Bachmann and Palin are?

  • Prinz Eugen

    Such a scheming, disgusting inhumanlike creature perhaps also queer? The US citizenry has really blinded itself …. between the Bushes, Slick Willie, and sultan Barry’s dissolution of the nation, now Hillary feels ENTITLED to continue the destruction!

    No opposition from the GOP{ leaves the march to totalitarianism on schedule!

  • juanmeden

    That’s not how you spell vag***.

  • Paulla

    But, Huma Abedin had a baby with Weiner a couple of years ago! Poor Huma is apparently (if it’s true) doing double-duty — or is that too depressing to think about?
    BTW, did you know that the official who officiated at the Weiner-Abedin nuptials was Bill Clinton? That guy, marrying anybody when he made such a mockery of his own marriage….

    • sandra schmidt

      Yeah. That’s what I don’t get. How could she be a lesbian if she is sleeping with and having a baby with Weiner? Maybe bi, but that’s a different animal altogether.

      • Terri DeBruler

        or maybe it was done invitro…..

      • Michael Garfinkel


        Perhaps you’re an authority on human sexuality and homosexual behavior – but I suspect this is not the case.

    • Michael Garfinkel

      Bill Clinton and Anthony Weiner – a serial rapist, a serial flasher.

      Clinton was impeached, his license to practice law revoked; Weiner resigned his congressional seat in disgrace.

      Their wives, homosexual and dishonest, each with hidden, deeply layered agendas.

      Huma Abedin, of the Muslim Brotherhood, and Obama – working tirelessly for the Mullahs in Iran.

      Say hello to the modern Democrat party!

      • Judy Catton Ramsey

        Michael, Clinton was suspended from practicing law in Arkansas and paid a $250,000 fine because of the Monica Lewinski incident.
        The Paula Jones inciden cost him $850,000
        He was also disbarred from practicing law in front of the Supreme Court.
        But Bill Clinton was not impeached, the House of Representatives did vote to start the impeachment procedure. Which is about the same as someone being charged with a crime. For him to be impeached the Senate would have to vote to convict him, they aquitted him and the impeachment was dropped.

        • Michael Garfinkel

          It’s true that the House forwarded Articles of Impeachment to the Senate, which held a trial in which Clinton was acquitted – a conviction requiring a two – thirds vote to convict.

          The failure in the Senate to obtain a conviction, however, does not mean that Clinton “was not impeached.”

          • Petula9271

            Yes, Clinton was impeached by the House for lying under oath.

        • stan broniszewski

          The reason Bubba never did face impeachment changes from the Senate was because they knew if Clinton did actually get impeached, Al Gore would be President. Can’t say I blame them.

      • falmouth1

        very impressive post !!!!

  • whatisanoath?

    Shocking!!! She sets up a dangerous situation by demanding that Stevens go to Benghazi. He asked for help numerous times over several months. He was ignored. Other countries warned of the danger and they were ignored. The compound came under attack and despite live cameras and numerous phone calls to her and to the admin, nothing was done. Barry took a nap (if you believe that nonsense) and Hillary was very quick to offer the video excuse that continued for 2 weeks. And the coverup still continues. They are abetting murder and treason.

    And we’re worried that this scum is having lesbian affairs? Our priorities are really screwed up.

    • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

      Stevens was Gay, he was loyal to the progressive mob, he was ‘interested in sufism’ and tried to relate to Islam…. and they left him screaming for help, murdered and his corpse buggered. These scum Hillary Obama etc. are loyal to NO ONE.but themselves.

    • Judy Catton Ramsey

      Whatisanoath, It’s nothing new!!! Hillary has been in Politics for decades. Elected NY Senator, Appointed Sec. of State. Can anyone, including her, name one thing she’s done that remotely resembles an accomplishment. Cutting a ribbon for an opening of a new store doesn’t count. She thinks being a female and a grandmother qualifies her to be Commander-In-Chief. What scares the hell out of me is the clueless waterheads that agree with her. Vote for Hillary, she’s a girl!!! Hillary committed her first felony at age 27. After Zeifman fired her from Rose Law Firm, his exact words were. “She’s an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.” Then there was the Whitewater Scandal and then her and her “ADVISOR” did a little inside trading. What is an ‘advisor’ ? It’s a person careful not to make the same mistake after spending several years in prison for his first inside trading conviction. For years the Clintons’ have destroyed countless careers and lives right up to the deaths in Benghazi. What do you mean LESBIAN AFFAIR!!! We can’t have someone like that in office. I can’t for the life of me figure out why our country’s in the shape it’s in. God help us all!!!!

  • balafama

    i really dont believe this story .will not except i see a video ,not even pics will do.

  • EJO

    Marsupial: Pertaining to, resembling, or having a ” marsupium.”


    (mär-so͞o′pē-əm)n. pl. mar·su·pi·a (-pē-ə)

    1. An external pouch or fold on the abdomen of most female marsupials, containing the mammary glands and in which the young continue to develop after leaving the uterus.
    Check this out.
    “Everyday Americans” specifically included “everyday Iowans” when Clinton traveled across the heartland in her Scooby van with Huma Abedin, who clings to her so tightly that their relationship could be called marsupial.

    The duo stopped at a Chipotle near Toledo, Ohio, for a burrito bowl, which is an everyday meal. At another point, Clinton suggested a fondness for bowling, which is an everyday sport.

  • GracieZG

    I’m not a fan of Hillary, but this article reminds me of Harry Reid accusing Mitt Romney of not filing income tax for ten years.

    • Terri DeBruler

      Except this is true !! Everyone has know it for years !! Why on earth do you think Billy Boy has been sleeping around since the 70’s ?? they are nothing more than a political powerhouse.. Money and Power,

  • romain reuter

    Well, Pam this article is a blow below the belt! This blog should be too precious for that!

  • Lia

    Sad. ‘Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive …’

  • Pathfinder0100

    You’ve got that right OME!!!

  • “What does it matter?”

  • Gamal

    The National Enquirer was right about quite a few scandals. See


    as First Lady, to make up for the failure of Hillarycare, was letting her unfaithful husband drive her into a life of sexual perversion. Now she wants to be President so that lesbians can shout from the housetops ‘We have a President in the White House who we can f–k.’ That would be lovely, really lovely.

    Click for an Obama lie about Iran that will have you fuming.

  • Merchantseamen

    A MILF she is not… in fact she gives me the creeps. I figure her “partners” are getting paid. Huma must just sort of lay there and Hildebeast does all the work? I amsorry I should not talk about people that way. I am going to pray…again.

  • John Allen Dickinson

    Why do right wingers spread the goddam lies they do? Probably because nominating a Christofascist like Ted Cruz won’t win an election.

  • Bill Thompson Webb Hubbell is a bigger story

    • durabo

      Chelsea’s papa, who transmitted his big-lipped genes to her? At least, she had her lips thinned surgically.

  • paendragon

    Hillary on the Libyans: “What difference does it make!? (What – I thought you said LESBIANS!”)


  • Joe1938
  • Joe1938
  • rickyc

    A long time ago either Bill told one of his whores or one of her Hill’s lovers summed it up for me. I can’t look at her with our thinking of what was said – “Her pussy stinks”.

  • Anticonservative

    So Hillary is gay? Now if only she were to let it slip out she was once a guy fathered by a black agitator and has recently converted to Islam with a live time mission to destroy America she would easily win the next Presidential election.

  • tpellow

    More on Hillary Clinton’s Huma Abedin-

    “The Abedin ‘Affairs’ with Al Saud”

    (14 page pdf)

  • tpellow

    “Will a ‘feared’ book damage Hillary’s presidential hopes?”

  • tpellow
  • Mundus

    When Carl Bernstein was interviewed about his authorized biography about her, he was asked a question that received the following answer: he said he really liked her,
    but she is incapable of telling the Truth. Hearing that answer, one never forgets it.
    The other point is, somewhere along the line she, or Bill, are going to be in a position if she becomes President, that will make her vulnerable from , at least, one of the individuals on whom they ran their game, who could blackmail her, effect our National Security, threaten our economy, or attack us. Either she is completely open , or she could, seriously, jeopardize our country. I’m afraid, we are going to have to just watch as she runs headlong into the wall, or off the cliff.

  • I think the least of the problems with the Clintons would be if Hillary is really a lesbian. There are way much bigger issues concerning them.


    We all know Hillary is gay, and who cares. What matters is she is a Daughter of Hecate practicing witch. And regardless if you believe in the dark arts or not, she does and she isn’t just dabbling in it either like she has previously said.

  • neversink

    I have no problems with homosexuals, lesbians, gays. I am good friends with many and have a few in my family who have raised wonderful children and are hard working. One even served in the military in active duty in Iraq as a pilot.
    However, Hillary is an out and out manipulator and a liar, from pretending, with her affected laugh, that she and Chelsea were attacked by mortar shells when they landed in Bosnia to forcing her way into a crowded US Senatorial Democratic primary in NY and eventually running unopposed after the Clinton machine demanded through threats, and possibly payoffs, that all contenders drop out of the US Senate primary.
    What a charlatan and a total slime Ms. Clinton is. I don’t care about what her sexual preferences are, but I am alarmingly concerned that she is completely unethical and yet might become the next POTUS.

  • Jack Adams

    Why doesnt any reporters ask her point blank if she is a queer.

  • carlos

    Hillary is no real friend to the LGBT community. She was probably the last progressive to support gay marriage, and only when it was finally “safe”.

  • Mitchell Waylett

    Years ago, Bill said ” She likes p*ssy more than I do”






    WIthout the names this story is just a puff of air…Names ?

  • RickWasHere100

    No!!!! She using the lesbo card!! If people think she hiding the fact that she’s a carpet muncher they won’t investigate further!! She doesn’t want people to know she’s supporting the Muslim Brotherhood!!!!

  • believe


  • dave

    The National ENQUIRER…. bi+ch please

  • TexanForever

    This should be apparent even to a blind person. The entire WH is filled with everything from a doper Kenyan queen, to a screaming transvestite. So why not ex-Secretary of State Hillary and Huma? And yes, perv Weiner is Huma’s beard.

    And let’s not forget faggy Justice John Roberts, who didn’t want to be outed by O, who has the proof, so he returned his absurd blackmail ruling that Obamacare is a tax. Also, let’s not forget the poufe ex-ballet dancer (“never let a crisis go to waste”) Rom Emannual, ruining Chicago as Mayor godfather.

    This crap is why America, both Dem and Republican, is finally fed up, and Trump, thank God, is running.

    Look for Hilda’s recovered rug munching emails to be released one-by-one until the nasty bitch finally throws in the towel.


    I could care less who Clinton is sleeping with. I do care about who she accepted bribes from, what she promised to provide in return for the bribe money, why she left the Benghazi team to die and what classified material she compromised with her political server stunt.

  • Keith Cameron

    “The scandal unraveled in March, when Hillary revealed she deleted over 30,000 emails, insisting the messages were just “things you typically find in inboxes.” ”

    Things not typically in Hillary’s “inbox”?


  • Wil

    You people are disgusting! Geller is the worst!

  • NYCFiredog

    I knew this from the 90s, sourced by a well placed Manhattan Lesbian hair designer. Common knowledge among the Lesbian set back then.

  • scott_wallace

    Come on Hillary be courageous ! Come out of the closet. You’ll advance your cause. Be true to your VSG (Vaginal Support Group- the Dems) sister.

  • wayne8734

    Let’s see now,Hellary is a liar,a cheat,manipulator,traitor and now a closet lesbian! What’s next?????

  • stan broniszewski

    Gotta just love the names porn stars assume – ‘Sydney Leathers’. Have to admit, it’s creative.

  • Russ Billedeaux

    Huma Abedin is a Islamic. Boy is she bad I hope ISIL doesn’t get a hold of her. three or four stories is a long way to fall

  • George Williams

    This may be true but I wouldn’t cite the National Enquirer as the source of how the Earth orbits the Sun.

  • polly

    First she is a liar,then a thief and now gay.Are these qualities that are necessary for a Presidential candidate?People are deceived and so blind.They do not want to hear about righteousness but are quite happy to support evil

  • The item discussed, authentic, or not, is nor surprising, would not be a problem in real life, it would bring some questions in the work environment, but not terribly serious; Huma, and Hillary, have fun!

  • Pumbah

    I don’t care if she’s a lesbian, and I think the reason she won’t out herself is how that would practically convict Bubba of all the allegations on him. What concerns me is that she would be the final dagger in our country’s heart.

  • apache

    Hillary lied to bill about chelsea. He is not the father. Janet reno is

  • Roger

    good morals for our children .

  • Aquaman66

    One of her lovers is described as “wife of a politician”, I’ll bet you anything she was making lez-lez with old Barbara Bush. Can’t wait to see that sex tape, or cave painting in their case.

    I doubt it was a true lesbian love affair, there are a number of spells in witchcraft the require sex magick, so Hillary was just learning some ancient crone wisdom from Bar, after all it’s fairly common knowledge that she is the daughter of renowned British Satanist., Aleister Crowley the result of Barbara’s mother being in his Satanic cult back in the 1920’s.
    Google it, hard to believe but totally true

  • Used to be that deleting 30,000 pieces of evidence under subpoena would get you jail time, let alone mixing top secret info with personal mail on a home server.

  • Seriously

    Well with so many more Lesbians that we have out there nowadays which Doesn’t surprise me at all.

  • Darcy Lewis

    I don’t care what she is, she is still a liar, thief, traitor, and wants to lead this Country down a path to destruction. I couldn’t believe when she stated we are not building a wall, instead we will offer jobs to everyone who wants one. No mention of the debt or protecting the homeland. You would have to be insane or just plain stupid to vote for Hillary Clinton.

  • me

    the biggest secret on the hill is hillary is a lesbian

    thus the reason she does not care if bill sleeps around

  • Truth

    The way she looks really Doesn’t surprise me at all that she goes both ways.

  • Truth

    Most of the Lesbians And Whores will be voting for her anyway unfortunately.

  • disqus_JNTzup5QKD

    hillary pushed huma into marrying weiner and get pregnant . this was done to give cover to the 2 having a lesbian relationship .

  • kenny mack

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  • John John

    hillary ‘ THE CROOK’ clinton is a globalist-sociopath. She has been lying for so long that she no longer has a conscience. This kind of sick sociopath would be extremely dangerous and destructive in the white house.

  • God Help Us For Real

    God forbid if this Lesbian Low Life Loser Pig wins.

  • ladysmith

    And Hillary has been raping young girls since the 80s. Google Linda O’Donnell and Cathleen Obrien. Ex-head of the FBI, Gunderson, continued investigating the Clintons after he retired and collected massive evidence against Hillary who was Satanist and most probably was present when a “brown baby” was cut up as a sacrifice to Satan in a Satanic ritual. There were always little girls and boys who had been abducted available for sex during the rituals and a little girl described the scene in which the baby was murdered.

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