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[ January 19, 2018 ]

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[ January 19, 2018 ]

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[ January 18, 2018 ]

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[ January 18, 2018 ]

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[ January 18, 2018 ]

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Hamas: We bring our kids up “on love of Jihad and Martyrdom-death”


Obama is working with these savages.

We are living in a state of unreality — of evil.

Hamas Interior Ministry: We bring our kids up “on love of Jihad and Martyrdom-death”

by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik


does not intend to foster peaceful relations with Israel. Hamas’ Ministry of Interior posted a photo on its Facebook page of a little boy, no more than five years old, posing in military uniform and holding an automatic rifle. The text beside the photo explained that children under Hamas rule grow up learning “the love of Jihad” – religious war for Islam – and aspire to die as Martyrs for Allah:

“These are our lion cubs.We have brought them up on the love of Jihad and Shahada (Martyrdom-death)”

[Facebook page of Hamas’ Ministry of Interior, April 10, 2015]


Hamas’ Ministry of Interior is part of the unity government formed between the PA and Hamas last year. However, in practice, the PA and Hamas have been acting independently in the last few months.


Palestinian Media Watch has shown that similar to Hamas, both Fatah and Fatah’s youth movement this year have released statements supporting Martyrdom-death:

The [Fatah] Culture and Information Commission: “We believe that Martyrdom-death (Istish’had) for Palestine is a destiny we assume willingly and serenely, for a free and dignified life for our people in the paradise of the eternal homeland.”

[WAFA (the official Palestinian news agency), Jan. 7, 2015]

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  • toedeladoki

    love of Jihad and Martyrdom-death

    on request you will get it.

  • MattBracken

    Islam: the parasitoid wasp of religions.

  • Sickofliberallies

    Animals treat their young better than these fkn cretins!

  • To lead children into hatred, death, and sin is something that the one, true God hates deeply:

    “It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.” Luke 17:2

    This is one of the evils that the followers of Allah will ultimately be judged for. Satan’s face is no more clearly seen than in the treatment of women and children in Islam. He has special animosity for both groups, and his followers follow his intructions regarding oppression and death to the letter.

    Peace with Israel? There is no intention by any Muslim anywhere that that should happen. Israel is in a bad place of still rejecting the Messiah, but they do value life and peace currently regardless. Islam is a culture of death and Jihad, regardless as to the form it takes, and the only “peace” that Allah will accept is the death of anyone that opposes him.

    Israel is no exception, so there will never be peace in the Middle East until Christ returns, eradicates the Islamic armies of the Mahdi, and is recognized and accepted by Israel.

  • Al

    There can never be reconciliation between Islam and and non Muslims. No mystery, just a fact. Islam is here to make this planet free of any other people, period. So knowing this what dose a non Muslim to do

  • Walter Sieruk

    These above pictures are an example of Islamic child abuse and exploration too the extreme. This is totality unconscionable. The adult Muslims who brainwash and use these children a tools for the jihad do indeed ,as the Bible teaches, have “their conscience seared with a hot iron.” First Timothy 4:2. [K.J.V.]

  • Juliet Amy


  • HoundOfDoom

    Well, if they want war, I say give it to them.

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