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What is Owed to the Serbs


On March 24, 1999, Bill Clinton unleashed a disastrous NATO air campaign against Yugoslavia, against the Christian Serbs, against a sovereign nation that did not pose a threat to members of the alliance.

The bombing campaign was the second major combat op in its history, following the 1995 bombing of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The US involvement against the Christian Serbs was astonishing. Fifteen years on, we see the poison fruit of Clinton’s war, including the ethnic cleansing of Sarajevo (now all Muslim), while paving the way for an Islamic state in the heart of Europe.

Much thanks to Julia Gorin, who reminds me to mark this black day: “A day that means nothing by now to the forgetful American mind, but a day that will live in infamy more than any other in my mind and in those of others who remember.

This was the day, 16 years ago, that our supposedly anti-war president (still a shock to call him that) Bill Clinton announced to the world that NATO planes were in the skies, bombing our ally of WWI and WWII, Serbia. Talk about a “rush” to war, as the right was accused in the 1.5-year run-up to Iraq. (Even a month before, in Feb. 1999, Weekly Standard, for example, had not one article about a possible war in Yugoslavia, or mentioning Kosovo. Yet, like foot soldiers, as soon Clinton pulled it out of a hat in March, everyone was on board.)

Anyway, I just wanted to forward these few paragraphs, written today by Aleksandra Rebic—a onetime neighbor of one of the 500 American pilots sheltered from the Germans by Mihailovich’s guerrillas after crashing in Yugoslavia–marking the day.”

WHAT IS OWED TO THE SERBS. / By Aleksandra Rebic March 24, 2015

One of those moments you never forget: Before the dawn on March 25, 1999, I stepped outside the door to find The New York Times there on the ground with the headline announcing that NATO had begun its bombing campaign against the Serbs in the former Yugoslavia on March 24, 1999. I remember looking at that front page of the paper before picking it up and thinking – “They are really doing it. It’s no longer a threat. It’s real. It’s real. What a mistake. What a mistake.” Then I picked up the paper and went back inside. So began a 78 bombing campaign which included the time span over the Easter holiday and my family’s Christian Patron Saint’s Day – our Krsna Slava, St. Lazarus Saturday – which falls a week before Serbian Orthodox Easter.

I love America. Always have. Always will. But that bombing campaign in 1999, yet another horrific mistep in American foreign policy against the Christian Serbs that had spanned throughout the decade of the 1990s, beginning with the break-up of the former Yugoslavia, was a mistake of GIANT proportions. The Serbians had always been one of America’s most steadfast and loyal Allies and certainly her best friend in the Balkans for sure. What hurts the most is that now so many Serbians no longer consider America a friend or an ally and have no wish to be either of those to America. That is the real tragedy. The WRONG people were targeted. The WRONG people were punished. The WRONG people in the Balkans were alienated.

The NATO bombing campaign of 1999 against the Serbs stands as one of the most unjust acts of aggression in the history of the world. I can only hope and pray that, at the very least, some day there will be a public act of contrition in the form of a public apology from America, regardless of whether there is one from her NATO allies or not, and that this apology will resound for all the world to hear.


Aleksandra Rebic
Chicago, IL
March 24, 2015

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  • DVult

    Why did that stupid dumbass Clinton attack the Serbs anyway? He seems to have been just as much of an ignorant poseur as Obama and despite his portraying himself as an intelligent man apparently knew absolutely nothing of Balkan history. What a jerk.

    • Everyone Else

      The answer to your question is democracy.

      The leadership ricochets from one “dumbass” learning on the job to the next. By the time they’ve figured out what’s going on in the world, and how they’re being exploited by those playing a long game, they’re out of office.

      It’s a crap system, but so far the least bad.

    • Warren Raymond

      The Klintoons made more than 200 million dollars just from ‘speaking engagements’ from the Arabs, right after they left the white house. On one of these occasions slick Willie was asked about the Motoons in Denmark and the worldwide riots. He said the cartoons should have never been printed.

      • James Williams

        true, but the idea that the president actually sets policy is laughable. The president is a figurehead for other power interests. When presidents differ, they end up dead. Presidential assassinations are a staple in US politics.

        Someone wanted the muslims to take Kosovo. The same people are behind the relentless pressure to import millions of Muslims into mainland Europe. It is not too hard to figure out who it is, just look at who is lobbying for mass immigration.

  • Lee

    More than almost anything in the world at this moment I want the next American president to send the Clintons and every member of his administration to Serbia to be tried for war crimes. This is what should happen and nothing less would an adequate act of repentance and apology.

    • 4True

      Yes only if current admin is likewise tried for crimes against humanity (Egypt, Iraq, Syria -take your pick) Don’t forgot Fast & Furious deaths.

      • Guest

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    • JuliaGee

      Exactly, Lee. In a recurring daydream, I see them all in the dock at their very own Hague, the illegitimate international “court” set up and funded by NATO countries to retroactively justify their crimes, via “forensics” that would inspire TruTV to create a spoof called “Forensic Files the Musical.”


    • salty2012


  • Jean Robertson

    what a travesty! And don’t think for a minute that Putin hasn’t spoken of this.. (look up his speeches)… and that this NATO business in western Ukraine etc. is not gearing up to give away another chunk to the mohammedans

  • ap

    Just as Clinton colluded with Iran to destroy Yugoslavia and the Serbs, Obama is now colluding with Iran to destroy Israel and the Jewish people.

    Uncanny, isn’t it?

    “…the Adminstration’s Iran-Bosnia policy were laid out in The Los Angeles Times’ April 4, 1996 report breaking the story:

    “President Clinton secretly gave a green light to covert Iranian arms shipments into Bosnia in 1994 despite a United Nations arms embargo that the United States was pledged to uphold and the Administration’s own policy of isolating Tehran globally as a supporter of terrorism, according to senior Administration officials and other sources….The operation continued until January of this year, even after nearly 20,000 American troops began to be deployed as peacekeepers in Bosnia, Clinton Administration officials said.”

    Ultimately, the entire covert operation involved eight flights a month packed with thousands of tons of arms and ammunition either originating in Iran or purchased and shipped with Iranian backing.

    …press reports currently suggest that as a result of the Clinton’s Administration’s policy Iran stationed 3,000-4,000 Revolutionary Guards in Bosnia, of which some 200-300 still remain. […]

    And Iran’s influence is not limited to Iranians coming to Bosnia. The New York Times on March 3, 1996 quoted a senior European military officer as stating that his government had evidence that Bosnia sent troops to Iran.”

    But it wasn’t just Bosnian troops who traveled to Iran. It was the Islamic Bosnian leadership, coming and going, regularly and often.

    In 1992 the New York Times reported that the Bosnian President Alija Izetbegovic himself made an official state visit to Tehran where he met with Iranian leaders and, while appearing on Iranian television, threatened to use poison gas against the Serbian people.”

    Obama is just carrying on the Clinton Legacy.

    • Peggy

      We can’t forget that Bin Laden had training camps inside Bosnia and many Arab fighters have received Bosnian citizenships and have stayed there making sure that Wahabbi villages spring up. That’s all we need, a base for Islamic terrorists in Europe. Now we have two of those thanks to the US, Bosnia and Kosovo. Great job Clinton and the rest.

    • James Williams

      Given that the ADL and other Jewish groups have been the major sponsors of third world muslim immigration into the USA and Europe, shouldn’t you have some cognitive dissonance here?

  • Guest

    Obama is being accused of interfering in Nigerian elections where David Axelrod is working with a muslim candidate who locals are not fond of.

    Obama is being accused of blocking strikes against Boko Haram.

    • Your Friend Clem

      Barry and Axelrod have a LOT of blood on their hands. Throw in Val Jarrett and you have a triumvirate of Evil.

      • 4True

        Waiting for Judgement Day. Will be wild rejoicing by the multitudes when they get what is coming.

        • LindaRivera

          A lot of people have been waiting for Judgement Day. Only God will give the proper punishment deserved.

  • Your Friend Clem

    The war on Serbia by NATO and the western forces was a very very bad mistake. definitely a case of supporting the wrong side. As a result of that conflict , here in Australia we accepted refugees from Bosnia. Muslims. Some of their children ended upt at a local primary school. The young boys were, apparently , animals …and the parents walking talking horror-shows. Impossible to deal with, nasty nasty pieces of work. And this is a general opinion of the Bosnian refs in this country after over a decade of settlement.

    • LindaRivera

      There were horrifying pics on the internet of the satanic atrocities that Muslims perpetrated on Christian Serb innocents. Instead of taking in the VICTIMS – Christian Serbs, Western nations took in large numbers of hostile, anti-Infidel Muslim God-haters.

      • AddisonDewitt

        I visited Serbia not long after we bombed them. I had friends there and went with a church group. The Serb guards on the trains examined our passports and seeing they were American threw them on the ground. It was quite nerve racking crossing borders when the border guards (Serb border) were armed with rifles and we knew they had such a well deserved disdain for Americans at that time, who could blame them. I was told by one woman that Serbs has been impaled through the rectum on sticks-propped up and left to die…their blackened corpses were later found.

        • LindaRivera

          During World War Two, Christian Serbs saved the lives of hundreds of downed American and allies. The greatest rescue behind enemy lines. An entire village of heroic Serbs died a terrible death rather than divulge the hiding place of the Americans. And this is how America paid back our Serb Christian brothers and sisters. I participated in a street demo to protest the US/NATO evil war at the time. Until I breathe my last breath I will never forget the treachery and evil of US/NATO. I’m filled with anger and great grief thinking about it right now. Rest in eternal peace with the angels, beautiful Christian Serb brothers and sisters. On Judgement Day, our Precious Creator, the Just Judge, will give back to the evil ones the terrible things they did, or ALLOWED to do, to others. Bible: Proverbs 12:14 The deeds of a man’s hands will return to him. Romans 12:19 VENGEANCE IS MINE, I WILL REPAY, says the Lord.

          Some of us have been waiting most of our lives for God to punish the evil ones.

          • SealaO

            What a hate filled heart you have You sound no different than those you condemn.

  • Radegunda

    I’ll never forget the criminal stupidity of Madeleine Albright saying how great it was for global politics that the United States was taking the side of Muslims against Christians. I have to wonder if that was the real reason for bombing Serbia — to be able to say, “Look how tolerant we are! We’re favoring the Muslims!”

    • Peggy

      One of the reasons for it was to break Kosovo away from Serbia, put in second largest US base there and start buying companies for next to nothing. The Trepca mine is one fabulous resource they want to get their grubby hands on but since not everything is clear cut Serbia will sue anyone who buys these resources without permission. Telecommunications and the like are also to be bought by these “freedom delivering politicians”. People like Ms Albright and Wesley Clark would love to buy up what they can.
      Then we have a huge base there which is in a great spot to upset the Russians too. Many reason for that war but none have anything to do with democracy.

    • Warren Raymond

      Criminal stupidity, the Klintoons and madame Albright.What an idiotic circus that was.

      • UncleVladdi

        You’re being too kind with them, Warren! Idiots – by sheer chance – occasionally get some things right, but evil people (Clintons) never do.

    • kikorikid

      This is NOT a History Class and I am not going to cite references BUT
      Islam has marched thru the Serbian areas before. Each time murdering
      thousands upon thousands and more thousands. Serbs were rounded
      up and summarily “Beheaded”, by the Thousands. OH, did I mention
      the tens of thousands of Serbs murdered by “Islam”?
      Serbs are Slavs. In the Spring of 1941 the Serbs conducted an “Uprising”
      and Hitler sent several hundred thousand troops to quell the uprising.
      Hitler had to delay “Operation Barbarossa” for many weeks because of
      these circumstances. The “delay” put the Nazis OUTSIDE of Moscow
      when a very severe Winter set in. The Nazi Armies could not stay because
      they were simply not equipped for Winter-War. Russia still owes the
      Serbs for the “delay”.

      • Kon

        It was actually the greeks that held off the nazis long enough to derail hitlers Barbarossa plan…the Serbs slowed them down unlike the Croats who aided and abetted the nazis…/

        • Mosa

          no it was the Serbs. Regardless 1.8 million Serbs were slaughtered during WW2. Look at Europe’s 4th largest concentration camp JASENOVAC!!!!

          • Kon

            What are you arguing about? How many courageous Serbs died at the hands of the nazis and Croatian ustace?

        • xo

          You are so good in history man. Where did You read about it?! In some alternative history books. Read about Jasenovac, read about first resistance movements in Europe? All Croatians and Muslims ware on Hitlers side on start, till 1944 when Hitler was blown away. Shame on You, and start educate yourself!

          • Kon

            Don’t be a malaka, history has shown and even the Russians thanked the Greeks for keeping the blitz bogged down…I am not diminishing what the Serbs did, they fought the nazis unlike the Croats and Muslims who sided with them, but Yugoslavia like today was fragmented this allowing the nazis a less resistance…even the Italians thought within days they would be in Athens and we pushed them back deep into Albania thus necessitating hitler to postpone the invasion of Russia to come to mussolinis defense…even then the Germans now thought they would be in Athens within weeks but took them months to secure all of Greece and the islands this screwing hitlers plans and now the Russian winter as well as the Russians would be hitting the Germans….if you look at old videos you will see the nazis in summer clothes dying in the Russian winter…hitler , Churchill and Stalin all mention the Greeks, as well as the courageous fighting the Greeks did they were allowed to disarm and go home during the occupation…history will also show that we surrendered to the Germans not the Italians much to Mussolini’s and the Albanians chagrin…
            You need more history lessons happy to help you

  • famouswolf

    I have always thought it one of our very worst moments.
    The last two decades have been disastrous for us as a nation and as a people. I have grown ashamed to call myself American, and that’s a fact.

  • Dennis Tsiorbas

    Yugoslavia, as with Nazi Germany wasn’t cooperating, thus and despite Hitler’s war with Russia and England he thought an easy trust would get rid of this gnat, but not so easy, and the Europeans didn’t want to wait until a major war broke-out to repeat that mistake:

  • Warren

    I had spent a lot of time on the street protesting Clinton’s war on Serbia, but unfortunately it did no good what so ever. Clinton delivered Kosovo to the Islamic Caliphate. I also believe he had launched the bombing attack on Iraq for the purpose of heading off the impeachment process.
    Every two years I am on the street with the Tea Party campaigning against the likes of Jerry Brown, Barbara Boxer, and Diane Feinstein. It is very discouraging because these efforts never seem to do any good in California.

    • LindaRivera

      You obeyed God.

  • Oswald

    Not being American myself I still almost cried back then at the criminally ignorant stoopidity of Clinton and Albright in this sorry business.

    I still recall it as being another example pig ignorant disastrous foreign policy from the Administration falling over itself to offer military support for Muslims who hate America.

    The previous example had been the clueless Charlie Wilson under Carter and Reagan arming the Mujahadeen and thereby teaching them that they could defeat a superpower. Back then I’d exclaim at the TV “Don’t those fools realise what they are doing here!”.

    It continues to this day under (Mu)barak Hussein Obama where it is not just willful blindness this time but out in the open.

  • ConcernedCitizen999

    Thank you so much for this post, What is Owed to the Serbs.

    Bill Clintons attack on Serbia and his alliance with Islam is one of the greatest outrages of all time, because it was a massive betrayal of the West to Islam and because it may eventually be seen as one of the first steps on the way to WWIII.

    Here is a good, and long, explanation that allows one to understand how Serbia, a tiny piece of the puzzle, fits into the larger picture. Even though it’s written from an admittedly Socialist perspective and I may not agree with the conclusion of the article, much of the explanation is factual.

    Why is NATO at war with Yugoslavia? World power, oil and gold

    Basically the author presents the proposition that Bill Clinton’s war against Serbia was a small part of a larger project with the ultimate goal of dismantling Russia and bringing all of Russia’s natural resources under control of the US. Essentially Serbia was a pawn in “The Great Game 2.0”.

    Here is another in depth article along the same lines as the link above. The purport of the article is that the war against Serbia was part of a plot to bring Caspian Sea and Central Asian oil into Europe through Western controlled oil pipelines, and to make sure that access to that oil was not under the control of Russia.

    Afghanistan to Bosnia: Jimmy Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Bill Clinton and Sept 11

    Bill Clinton’s war on Serbia and his support of the invasion of Europe by Islam was an act of treason to the West but it’s significant to remember that Bill Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar and Cecil Rhodes purpose in creating the Rhodes Scholarship program was to educate leaders who would be able to bring about his plan for a one world government. Bill Clinton’s war on Serbia was one in a long list of wars to bring about that one world government under US control.

    For what looks like an exhaustive list of links to articles that support the proposition that Clinton, the US and NATO supported the cause of Islam in Serbia see this link
    NATO Backed Islamic Terrorism In The Balkans


    the Islamic world (and radical terrorists like Osama bin Laden) by showing how much he cared for Moslems and felt their pain in Bosnia and Kosovo-by attacking and killing Christian Serbs (our WW1 & 2 allies)-bin Laden and al Qaida unimpressed went ahead with their monstrous plans for 9/11. And now Clinton and his lying, lawless, incompetent wife (who turned the Benghazi consulate into a 9/11 death trap) want to return to the White House? The 9/11 Benghazi attack was a sign and reminder to the nation of Clinton’s responsibility for 9/11; and how he preferred killing innocent Christian Serbs (defending themselves from Moslem aggression) to protecting the homeland by going after bin Ladin. The Clintons can’t be trusted with our national security. Returning them to the White House would be a catastrophe.

    • ap

      This goes well beyond appeasement, or, as some have mentioned, a struggle for resources. Yugoslavia was playing ball with the West. It was NOT a member of the Iron Curtain. Tito resisted Soviet domination.

      Yugoslavia also happened to have the 3rd largest military in Europe at the time, with a proud successful history of fighting the Third Reich. The Serbian people in particular had centuries of experience resisting Islamic – Turkish occupation and enslavement.

      Just as now — just as during World War II, the Germans were also involved in the Balkans. With the fall of the Berlin wall, Helmet Kohl was right there with Clinton working to arm and train the Fascist elements in the former Yugoslavia, to take down the nation, and destroy the Serbs.

      Almost immediately, Germany began to “repurpose” the East German – Soviet armaments that came into their possession with the country’s reunification. Guess how.

      “Between 1992 and 1994, GERMANY EXPORTED $320 MILLION of military hardware–including MiG fighter jets, surface-to-air missiles, and later model tanks–to CROATIA, despite the United Nations ARMS EMBARGO forbidding such commerce. Convoys of up to FIFTEEN HUNDRED MILITARY VEHICLES from former East Germany were discovered en route to the Balkan farrago. Germany also trained Croatian pilots and provided intelligence reports in an effort to vanquish their mutual enemy [the Serbs]. Heleno San, an expert on German defense issues, commented on the psychological underpinnings of this policy: “In their ‘historical consciousness,’ the Germans have resented the Serbs since World War II, because despite the fact that Hitler sent in THIRTY DIVISIONS, he was unable to defeat the antifascist guerrillas led by Tito” (The Beast Reawakens, pg. 299)

      • Very good. Thanks for the worthwhile history lesson.

      • James Williams

        uh, the croats sided with the Nazis and provided manpower. What do you mean ‘yugoslavia’ had fought the third reich, if croatia was part of yugoslavia?

      • Kata

        Just to add – the first Allied victory in WWI – the Serbian victory at the Drina River – the famous Battle of Cer in August 1914, and a military strategy masterpiece – the Battle of Kolubara – never forgotten by Hitler…. The Serbian Chetniks under Draza Mihailovic (posthumously awarded the Legion of Merit by United States President Harry S. Truman) were among the first in the world to take up arms and stand against Hitler. I guess Germany has never forgiven us for that… We had been natural allies with the USA until 1990s… It is sad when a once great nation turns against its allies.

  • dingoatemybaby

    I was shocked to see this come up on this website
    I for one was guilty of being anti Serbian in 94 95 96 I fell for the hype the anti Serbian propaganda feeling sorry for the people of Sarajevo Kosovo and a few places I swore I would never remember.
    I realise now what a huge mistake I made in my thinking how idiotic I was I swallowed what the tv told me hook line and sinker and it didn’t matter who said different serbs bad muslims good.
    well hindsight is 20/20 back then I was on the wrong side.
    I wont make that same mistake again

    • Peggy

      So glad to hear that. Better late than never. How many people we have here in Australia who fit into never category? Too many.

  • NATO has continued its insanity in Ukraine against Russia also.

    • Derek

      Yeah, we should definitely appease the fascist Putin… Coward.

      • Putin does big biz w/ Israel.
        Putin is not my despot, Obama is.

        • Hy Feiber

          At least Putin doesn’t hate white people.

          • Andy_Lewis

            Pssstt…maybe Derek lives the alternative lifestyle. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

          • SO true

          • random

            Oh do some tiny small research. Please.
            In which place of russia he get most % in elections?
            i will give you a hint ……in place where is almost no actual russians left.

      • Peggy

        You have obviously not been paying attention.
        Just because the loser on TV tells you to hate Putin, you do. Listen and learn something.

  • Derek

    Yugoslavia was not a sovereign nation in 1999 nor was Yugoslavia ever a nation. Seeing as one: Yugoslavia was a multi-national state, and two: the State (not nation) of Yugoslavia was disbanded in 1992. You later mentioned “Serbia” which was not a country until 2005. How can anyone trust your analytical abilities on such issues when you make such simple mistakes?

    • James Williams

      I have to agree. People here are making some basic errors.

  • David, Thailand

    Must be Bush’s fault.

  • Ghost

    In general, an exceptional thread. Of special note are the comment sections by “ap,” below. Just as Clinton stationed and armed Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and major arms shipments in Serbia, where several hundred still remain, so too is Obama stationing and making arms available to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard right here in America.. Hundreds, rather, thousands of them are here, waiting, all over the country, able to easily procure weapons and ammunition from the thousands of unsecured government sites and administrative offices around the country. And two nuclear weapons are still missing, taken and moved by the president, under his orders and against regulations and standard protocol. This is so alarming, and a set-up of such magnitude, it’s almost unfathomable–but look at what “Slick Willie” pulled off for Iran and Turkey in Serbia just a decade ago. If you look up “crucified kosovo” online and scroll diwn, you will see a series of photographs documenting the destruction–most under the “watchful” eye of NATO troops standing around doing nothing as the moslems rampaged, destroying history. As for the Criatiins? Well of course they helped against our ally Serbis–they were allies of Hitler in WWII.

    Thanks to Pamela Geller and all the commenters for telling and preserving the truth about Serbia and American foreign policy–which is increasingly becoming more and more a policy of promoting the Iranian/Turkish islamic takeover of civilization so the elites can keep power. It would read like a bad comic book. Sadly, it’s true.

    When contacting Hillary Clinton regarding this anniversary of the Serbian tragedy, her only comment was “What does it matter anyway?”

  • chris wolf

    This reminds me how ignorant of the scourge and unimaginable truth about islam I was at that time and how only one person — a Serb — tried to wake me out of my secular American mainstream media-induced fugue.
    And for this reason more than any other how disgusted I am that I ever voted for Bill Clinton. And how I probably would have voted for Hillary in ’08, unaware of her close personal and political associations with the islamics.
    I’m grateful I was never so thoroughly duped as to vote for “obama,” and I will never vote for a Democrat ever again. The lethal, spreading infection our society and nation by the invasion of evil islam is the essential and overriding issue facing us and all Western Civilization for the far distant future.
    Get on an airplane piloted by a muslim?
    That’s as crazy as electing a muslim president of a Judeo-Christian nation.

  • CrystalDawn0603

    You can bet on the fact that if an American President who describes himself as peaceful decides to intervene in a situation, they will get it incredibly wrong. See Clinton & Obama.

  • Merchantseamen

    A young Christian girl came to live with neighbors because the muzzis had murdered her Police officer father and mother. That is when the “scales” fell off my eyes and discovered the Clintonistas were on the wrong side of history. Granted being at sea for many months I had great gaps in my world knowledge but being a conservative, I should have done a better job in keeping myself informed. I am still sad as to what happened in the Balkans. Thank you Pamela for reminding me. Another prayer goes out.

  • pk

    I remember that ‘day of infamy’ well. I was horrified that this is how we treat our former ally. Also, as a Jew, I was horrified at this attack on the Serbs who were there with us against Hitler. Also, you would think that the Christians would credit the Serbs for having been the very strong, last line of defense against the Islamization of Europe. But, no. I was a dotcommer in Silicon Valley at the time and not one of those $120K/yr 20-somethings or their $200K/yr bosses around me said a word about it, and I only got blank looks when I mentioned it. Do we really want a ‘democracy’ of people who know nothing & don’t want to do any homework?

    • James Williams

      That’s funny, I don’t recall any Jewish organizations standing up for the Serbs at the time.

      Helping out Jewish people is like giving crack to an addict or food to a dog. They have no gratitude, because they consider you their servants.

  • Tell it to the Vietnamese. They did the same thing for us in WWII and hoped, vainly, that the US would back them in their struggles for independence from colonial France. Look what we did to them.

    • Elroy ’68

      Good point. All for Johnson’s money interests too… George Washington was at first the hero-example of the revolution, but we sided with stupid France–which forced the communist choice.

      • It wasn’t Johnson who got us involved in Vietnam, it was the Kennedys.

  • used_to_be_a_liberal

    Well this is food for thought isn’t. I wonder how many people knew that it was a Christian/ Muslim “thing” or even cared at the time. I certainly don’t recall any news reports indicating that it was a Christian/Muslim “war” Now 15 or 16 years later we are seeing the results, and it is still not over, in fact it is renewing itself.
    So now we are being asked, “what is owed to the Serbs” Well hind-site is said to be 20/20, but not always. It can be argued that U S / NATO interference was justified to prevent genocide, whether that argument is to be believed or not is yet another question. So after the fact, and the results that we are now seeing, and living, I would think that the bigger question is “What Do We Owe Ourselves? ” besides a good swift kick in the butt, and a slap in the head, for a wake-up call.
    It matters not, whether you are Christian, Jew, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Atheist, Agnostic, or anything else, excluding Muslim/Islam. It is time to stand up against Islam, it is time to call it what it really is, and that is, a political agenda hidden under the guise of a so-called religion. I say so-called, because it fits every definition of a cult. Take your Political Correctness, your Political Cowardice, your over-tolerance, your feeeelings, then shove them where the sun don’t shine. Then rid ourselves of Political Prostitutes, also known as some politicians. There will be those that will attempt to say that all religions are “evil” they are only partly correct, in that the “evil” comes from those who through out history have controlled, distorted, subjugated, bastardized, any religion. There will be those that will say I want freedom from religion, I want no part of any religion, I am not religious, so this is not my problem. To them I say, because of where you think you stand, this problem this war to come, is very much your problem, as a person with a belief system can adapt, a person with no belief system, who relies on government for protection, and so-called entitlements, well you could very well end up holding your head in your hands faster then you may want to realize, as it is your government that is slowly turning against you. You may think that bashing Christians and Jews is going to get you brownie points, it will not. This is your fight too.
    So, what do we owe ourselves, we owe it to ourselves and others to stand up hard against Islam.

    • UncleVladdi

      I remember the leftist news reports sneering at the Serbs for demonstrating their Christianity in public! The Serbs couldn’t understand why the Americans were bombing them and supporting the Turkish muslim jihadi terrorists from Albania who were invading Kosovo, SO they wore HUGE CROSSES around their necks to illustrate their Christian solidarity with America. And that only got them compared to the nazis, because of course they also wore Western-style army uniforms, while the muslims wore robes and sandals, pretending to be ‘civilians’ which the idolatrous image-mongering leftards chose to see as harmless hippies!

      • used_to_be_a_liberal

        Thanks for pointing that out.

  • LindaRivera

    Dear Aleksandra, I protested with others in a street demo against the EVIL US/NATO war against Kosovo’s Christian Serb innocents. For 78 bloodstained days of hell, US/NATO waged a ruthless war for their adored Muslims, the KLA Muslim terrorist organisation. America and all NATO countries owe the Serb Christians a public apology and more, but far more than that, they need God’s forgiveness for 78 demonic days of mass murdering Christian innocents. The terrible deed is recorded in Heavenly Books. The guilty will never be punished in this life. They will be punished in eternal hell. I urge all Western military involved in this crime against humanity to seek God’s forgiveness and give your heart and life to Beautiful Savior, Jesus Christ. During the war I discovered an internet chat room with Serbs and Europeans. To my great sorrow, the voice of the Serbs became no more. I dreaded what had happened to my Christian brothers and sisters at the hands of cruel Muslim savages. Serb Christian brothers and sisters, rest in eternal peace with the angels.

  • Maranatha

    Worse than that was to come and it’s happening now: all over the Middle East and soon in Europe and America.

  • joker

    It only takes one Western so-called Lone Wolfe to take out the US President. And that day is very nahe.

  • LimeyAL

    In the bombing campaign against the serbs ( Churchill called them our noble allies during WW 2 ) Britain and America dropped cluster bombs on serb civilians, that was a war crime, that lying cheating bastard Bill Clinton would never have used such weapons on muslim civilians.

  • LimeyAL

    The BBC and USA mainstream news organisation kept us all in the dark about the true facts of the war in former Yugoslavia in fact it was the beginning of Islams assault on Christianity and the left wing media and Bill ( have you got a cigar ) Clinton decided to bat for Islam.

  • pete1589

    It is an exacting proof of how liberals have picked the wrong group to take the guilt. Islam has for 1400 years or so been the unilateral antagonist toward wester civilization, again and again invading and attempting to overthrow our culture. Why wasn’t Serbia supported in what today is the imminently complete victory of overthrowing Europe? Because liberals love ANYone who promises to destroy the European race and culture.

    This situation is a mathematical certainty as 1.3 births per family puts the European race on an impossible to reverse path to self annihilation, while Islam, at 8.4 births per family GUARANTEES complete demographic and theological reversal of what western civilization has given the world.

    Hedonistic liberals, comfy in all the luxurious benefits they enjoy, conditioned by the Skinner boxes of TV, radio, tape recorders, Walkmen, CD players, Cassette players, DVD players, desktops, laptops, IPads, IPhones and all the decadent rock ‘n roll (Peter the “rock” upon whom Christ built His Church and “roll” satan’s mockery of the Eucharist) pouring into their ears and minds along with hearty helpings of Internet porn destroying the family by the millions, who can deny what Christ said about satan being the prince of this world?

    Liberals and complicit “conservatives,” if there be ANY authentic post Reagan, you have done us in by the unchallenged dictates of the direst enemy of western civilization, Barack Hussein Obama. And there is now NONE to challenge this denizen of Hell whose unresisted plan of remaking the demographics of the US by massive abortion murders and open borders to completely thwart the power of the vote to gain dictatorial power in what was once government by the people, of the people and for the people, which is now vanishing from the face of the earth.

    Social suicide, the Source and Summit of liberal satanic thought, in order to drive worldwide society into Islamic chaos, so obvious the standard of Middle Eastern national identities.

  • ArentIpretty

    Serbia should sue Christiane Amanpour for slander and libel.

    • Peggy

      Chelsie Handler should be the first to be sued. She is a vile piece of work.

  • James Williams

    Canadian general Lewis MacKenzie stated that ‘we bombed the wrong side’. He was correct.

  • salty2012

    It was such a sad, sad, day for America. I could not understand then, how our Congress (or the world for that matter) would let Clinton get away with it. I felt like the Serbs were pro American.

    • Mosa

      last time I checked they were in WW1 and WW2. They were pro – west but when you are pro-west and against Islam well I dont have to tell you how things turned out. You cant challenge the Muslims or otherwise you’ll be seen as racist!

  • 101Truth101

    Lee, wishful thinking. No matter which president rules, they’re all cut from the same cloth. The Clintons got away with murder and continue on their merry way, of course until Judgment Day.

  • Star

    The 78 days of bombing Serbia with 23,000 tons of explosives was not a mistake. Unfortunately. It was a premeditated looting by the group that led the war and an attention diversion by the scandalous president who engaged in adultery in the Oval Office of the White House. Proof is in the pudding. Gen. Wesley Clarke, Madeleine Albright and others are reported to be chief owners of the most prized property in Serbia: mines in Kosovo-Metohija, Telecom…

  • Mosa

    In 1939 Hitler said: “I have three enemies, the Serbs, the Jews and the
    Communists.” The Serbs in Croatia were forced to wear the Cyrillic letter “P” for
    Provoslavets, or Orthodox, just like the Jews who were forced to wear the Star of
    David during World War.

    Please read the following.

    Because Croatians were so cruel towards Serbs there was a saying among Germans which states: “God save us from plague, hunger and Croats”. You have to understand the whole spiel in that region- Croats and Muslims Bosniaks sided against Serbs in the 40’s and in the 90’s. Though as off right now you have Kosovo a Muslim state, Albania a Muslim state, half of Bosnia (Federation side aka state) and potentially Sandzak which is a Muslim providence in southern Serbia. It has been seeking independence considering they dont want to be associated with the Christian Serbs. You could potentially have 4 Muslim countries. Then again things arent any better in England, Sweden, France ect.

    The fact that the Serbs and the Jews were among the last peoples that you could claim were racists or fascist was a small obstacle.

    The history of the Serbs (and the Jews) is a history of moral courage. No other people can lay claim to a more dramatic record of fighting racists and protecting minorities. In World War II, nobody in Europe defended their Jewish compatriots more bravely than the Serbs, treating them as their own flesh, and dying along with their Jewish compatriots in concentration camps by the hundreds of thousands. Why? Because, as they chanted in the streets of Belgrade, they preferred death to slavery; they would not collaborate with Hitler’s Final Solution.- Ted Belman

  • Mosa

    Over 150 Serbian Christian churches have been destroyed some dating over 1000- years old by Albanian- Jihadist/Mujaheddin.

    Good article on what had happened in former Yugoslavia.

    • AddisonDewitt

      this makes me wretch

  • Serbians are a valiant and noble people who stood by our side in WWII. We repaid them by bombing the crap out of them and siding with the scum bag muslims and allowing the moslem trash to partition Serbia. Albright and Clinton should be facing war crimes in the Hague along with Nasser Oric. Thanks to Clinton and Albright the Serbs as well as the Bosnian muslims hate the US.

  • Bia Nka

    I understand that no one wants to see its country being bombarded and this is a sad thing to whoever happens. But I suppose you know about the cruel genocide serbs was doing against the people of Kosovo in 1999 and what happened in Belgrade was a response to this malicious things serbs were doing. Of course you care only about what happened to your country but the truth is that what serbian army did those times in Kosovo has comparison to what the bomb caused in Serbia. And there are well-documented facts for it…I hope to see a letter of some people from Kosovo about what Serbia owns to Kosovo. It would be a very long and sad one.

  • xo

    And maybe You dont know but Madeleine Albright was saved and hidden by Serbs in second world war as a Jew, persecuted by nazis. They hide her risking they own lives to protect a little Jew girl, who was a main promoter of bombing Serbs. You can find on YouTube videos about how much she hate Serbians calling them “disgusting Serbs”. Why? Probably for shares in Kosovo companies she has today.

  • Hannah Montcolly

    Make sure no-one ever forgets what USA did and how NATO members followed lapping at their heels – let no-one ever forget USA is no friend, it is an evil and malevolent killer.

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