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Voter fraud in Israel: Obama and his thugs must be in town


Voter fraud?  Where Obama operatives are? Say it ain’t so.

It looks as if Obama and his party operatives really brought the whole Democrat playbook to Israel.

“Police investigate 51 cases of alleged voting fraud,” By Ahiya Raved, Ynet News, March 17, 2015 (thanks to Todd)

Several voting irregularities were reported across Israel on Tuesay – ranging from impersonation, stolen ballots and threats against voting secretaries, 23 suspects were being pursued by police.

Police opened 51 investigations on Tuesday related to alleged voting fraud ranging from impersonation, stolen ballots and threats against ballot officials, and 23 suspects were being pursued.

One man was arrested for voter fraud and several voting stations were closed due to voting irregularities and fears of impersonation.

Photo: EPA, Reuters, AP
Photo: EPA, Reuters, AP

Several attempts to subvert the voting process were noted in the north – four voters who arrived at their designated voting stations in Nahariya, Kiryat Tiv’on and Kiryat Ata found that someone had already voted in their name. Local police began investigating each incident.


Police said that one man claimed that someone else may have used his lost drivers license to vote in his name. A similar incident was reported in Afula where a 19-year-old who arrived to vote found out that someone had voted in his name shortly before he arrived at the voting site.


IDF soldiers vote in southern Israel. (Photo: IDF Spokesman's Unit)
IDF soldiers vote in southern Israel. (Photo: IDF Spokesman’s Unit)


In another case of attempted voting fraud, a man tried to submit three envelopes into the voting box. At another voting location, a woman attacked a secretary of the Ballot Committee in the western Galilee after he refused to let her enter the voting booth with her mother. The woman was taken in by police for further questioning.


Natalia Goichman, who arrived at her voting station in Rehovot at 12:30 pm, claims she was told that she was registered as voting with two other individuals earlier in the morning. According to Goichman, her parents had gone to vote in the morning but she had not been with them. The Ballot Committee said that they had registered seeing her identification card and that they would not let her vote, and refused to investigate the issue further.


Goichman filed a complaint with the police. “I was there for about half an hour,” she said, “the policeman at the site made a phone call and so did the secretary of the Ballot Committee, but they did not let me vote in the end.”


The Ballot Committee’s spokesman said they would look into the issue.


In Beit Shemesh, near Jerusalem, a 23-year-old man was arrested after he pushed over the stand with the voting ballots. The incident revolved around a secretary of the Ballot Committee who accused the chairman of the voting station of entering extra votes. The man was taken in for further investigation.


Photo: AP
Photo: AP


In the vastly Arab populated Umm al-Fahm in northern Israel, a complaint was issued for suspected voter fraud. The chairwoman of the voting station was taken in for investigation after being accused of entering envelopes illegally into the voting box.


Complaints were filed Tuesday of illegal use of handicap ballots. Police said that they would look into the incidents and open criminal proceedings against those who signed false affidavits and unlawfully voted at handicap booths.


Election Committee members toured the disabled voting booths on Tuesday, including committee chairman Judge Salim Jubran, and witnessed young citizens who were voting at handicap booths for no reason. The committee members asked police to investigate the individuals.


One voting station in southern Israel already closed down by Tuesday afternoon after all the registered voters at the site, 72 residents, had carried out their right to vote. The votes were transferred to the central polling station.

  • YouDon’tKnowMe

    What a sorry way to live, having to wear black from head to toe on a daily basis. Have you ever been behind these people at a theme park? They were not covered this much and still stuuuunk! Nasty!

  • Dr. Doomsday

    When final judgement comes, people like Obama and his democrat party, and leftist, terrorist and lap dog media buddies, are all going to be very surprised.

    • SSM12

      You sound like a incredibly stupid idiot. Just like Pamela Gellar,

  • Rose

    I have been praying that all the fraud would be caught.
    I pray that Israel votes to survive as a Nation, and not to surrender to her Death.

    • sandra schmidt

      Don’t worry, Rose. God will protect the apple of his eye.

      • Paul__Revere

        Jeez, have you been to Israel? it is a very nice place to visit, but not the most modern country by any stretch. I would put it ahead of maybe 2/3 to at least half of european nations, but nowhere near the USA or Canada.

  • Walter Sieruk

    No matter how much Obama may meddle, interfere or scheme against the State of Israel, he and his Islamic friends of greatly overruled by the God of the Bible. For He is,very much, for Israel that that’s what really matters in the end. For example ,it is written “For the Lord has chosen Jacob for Himself. Israel for his special treasure.” Psalm 135:4. [N.K.J.V.]

  • Nat’s daughter

    An ARAB in charge of Israeli election! Check this out…

    • sandra schmidt

      He is a Christian Arab and well aware of the dangers of islamofascism. Don’t be racist. Speaking out against islamofascists is one thing. Painting non-muslim Arabs as seditious is another.

  • Tom

    I pray that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is re-elected and the obama backed slimebag isn’t elected. However, I’m also keeping in mind that God has His plans for us. I think we are very close to the End Times and if Prime Minister Netanyahu should lose to this obama influenced candidate, I will be even more convinced the End Times will begin in my life time.

    • sandra schmidt

      Let us hope not (End Times I mean). The Earth is such a beautiful planet. If only we had leaders up to the task of tackling violent islamofascism. Bibi is the only one I see.

      • Mickey

        Unfortunately I was killed in 1991. I was sent back here. I was told this is it. I hope I’m wrong. There is always hope, esp w/ folks like you guys & PM Netanyahu. Keep praying, maybe it will not come to pass. I was told I would be saved, but refused as its too much like a rat deserting a sinking ship. However I expect all the good people will be saved or resurrected somehow. The big guy can do anything.

    • iWildwood

      I agree Tom. All one has ever really needed to do in order to know the signs of the times, is to keep one’s eyes upon Israel. When all nations have gathered against her – then, there would be war as there has not ever been before; but once all is said and done:

      Zechariah 8:23
      Thus saith the LORD of hosts; In those days it shall come to pass,
      that ten men shall take hold out of all languages of the nations, even
      shall take hold of the skirt of him that is a Jew, saying, We will go
      with you: for we have heard that God is with you.

      • harbidoll

        Many believe that already happened ,twice! 1/3 perished. Visit Israel today (especially at Tabernacles) & see from every nation . & that’s “take hold of the tzitzis” not skirt lol

        • iWildwood

          “Tzitzis” gives it so much more meaning.

    • RalphB

      You would probably be a more effective force for good without that nihilistic belief in a malevolent God who, rather than caring for his created beings, is always on the brink of destroying them. Science points to the physical necessity of a cosmic end time known as the “heat death” of the universe, but puts it 10^100 years into the future. (Written out that’s 1 followed by 100 zeroes.) I suggest you give your God that much time as well — maybe He doesn’t like to be rushed!

      I’m no believer in the supernatural myself, but I have read scripture too, and much of it describes a benevolent God who listens to prayers — I call them aspirations — and inspires his created beings to work towards their own self-perfection.

      Take a hint from one who sees the benevolence of the natural universe all around and be thankful for your own existence and optimistic for the long-term survival of mankind in light of our mutual perfectibility through the use of our reason. Did you ever hear the expression, “It’s always darkest before the dawn”? Or, “You must draw back in order to spring forward”?

      Aristotle did not believe in personal immortality, but he did say that if anything of your soul survives your death, it is your intellect. How well do you suppose that nearly divine element of yourself will survive if you don’t use it to the limit of your ability while you live, but, by not lifting a finger, allow yourself to be the plaything of destiny, putting your life — and our lives — in God’s hands alone? What if His plan was for you to do the thinking and the work?

      • Paul__Revere

        Strange why you presume god to be supernatural. Why isnt god simply natural? If all things are created by god from nothing, then all things are created from god, therefore all things are derivatives of god…thus making the natural world and all the scientific expressions of it little more than measures or expressions of god.

        The funny thing about these “major” religions is they all are rooted in this concept of singularity. yet mankind has taken the folklore and distorted the philosophy to serve his own selfish needs for control and power (perceived). They all are based on the premise that the very fabric of the universe and the laws which seem to govern it are god in and of itself, that there is no separating the two just as there is no separating water from rain. Even the ancient eastern religions express this concept. It is weird to see you people so scared of the idea.

        • Mickey

          Don’t worry about the words to describe the ultra natural

        • RalphB

          Paul, I was responding to others who believe in a supernatural god/God. I am familiar with other conceptions of God, such as a God who is the life force immanent in all being along the lines of Spinoza’s God as understood by Einstein, not personal but rather “pantheistic”. And I am familiar with Aristotle’s God, the Prime Mover, who is not supernatural but inhabits the highest realm of nature and is not a person but “pure intellect” and that towards which all things strive. I think these views are mistaken too, but they are closer to my own views than the original despot god of the Abrahamic religions.

          Disclaimer: I’m sure that few adherents of the Abrahamic religions accept this view of God, and that the loving father as the model of God has also been at center of that tradition. But re-read the scriptures alongside the histories of middle-eastern kings and emperors if you never noticed God as despot.

      • Tom

        For some strange reason, you felt the need to offer a rambling discourse about your beliefs. Which are obviously different from mine. You also make a few assumptions that are simply incorrect and highly indicative of a superiority complex. With no information about me beyond my comment above, you made the determination that I’m the type of person who has spent my life withering away in prayer instead of dedicating my life towards helping others and ensuring the freedoms we enjoy in America are protected while ALSO praying.

        If you cannot accept that people believe differently, then perhaps you should reexamine your beliefs. I’m not judging you in the least. However, you’ve made a pretty good argument here that your beliefs leave you feeling insecure when faced with those of someone else who believes in Christ.

        Good day.

        • Mickey

          Met JC in ‘heaven’ .. D-U-D-E!!!!!!

        • RalphB

          Sorry, Tom, I should have made it clear that I was not attacking you personally — you may be the most effective activist out there fighting for human life in the world.

          But your belief in a God who will destroy his creatures or allow his creatures to destroy themselves because of some short-term political losses prompted me to offer a contrasting perspective of my own, slightly more rambling than yours, but heartfelt.

          I accept that people believe differently and I hope you can accept that my values are different from yours. I do admit to feeling that my world view is superior to your own but not that it is a complex. I have no need to build myself up by putting you down.

          I respect you as a person of good will. But you believe in Christ, who was incarnated to redeem mankind from original sin, which fortunately does not exist. All the evils of mankind are the result of their following their unexamined impulses — groundless beliefs, fears, desires, envies, hatreds, etc. — rather than acting on the basis of reason. I hope you accept my equal right to express my non-Christian world view. I am happy to listen to your views but I cannot keep silent if I think you are wrong. Please don’t allow that to leave you feeling insecure. Peace.

          • Tom

            Were you to make a comment that expressed your belief in science as a general way to express your worry, I wouldn’t feel some inescapable desire to interject my faith into your life.

            True enough, not all Christians are like I am in that regard. But then, the same is true for those who do not have a faith based belief system.

            You seem to be one of the more non-confrontational people who maintain your type of belief systems and I can appreciate that even if your deep seated need to express your displeasure over my faith led to you explaining what you think I should believe.

            I’m not one who has ever believed that science and faith must exist apart. Instead, I appreciate both because both do wonderful things for those who would use the knowledge in positive ways.

            As far as any insecurity I may feel in this regard, I can assure you it is based solely upon the free will of men to be self destructive and not in my faith.

      • Mickey

        Doesn’t matter. G_d is not malevolent. Dark forces are in control of the earth. We are living freely to make a choice either way. We are only in our infancy scientifically. But scientist already know about other dimensions. Scientific American published over ten yrs ago that we are supposed to all be using the term multiverse now, not universe. The paranormal exists. If you haven’t been thru such experiences then you don’t have the experience to comment on such as yet unquantified matters.


    Exit polls favor Netanyahu over Herzog 28 to 27 beating expectations.

    Will Bibi have an unprecedented 4th term?

    Will he be the FDR of Israel?

    It’s looking very good.

    • sandra schmidt

      When Bibi is done in Israel, we need him here in the States.


      comments on disqus saying that Bibi emasculated Obama long ago. And starting with the public slap down at the White House that’s true. Bibi has been circumcising Obama for six long years now. But with today’s victory Obama has nothing left to please his wife.

      • GUEST

        Ouch!! OWWWWWCH!

  • sandra schmidt
  • Iggy

    Fraud or no fraud, it looks like Obama will lose this one. Bibi is staying, and hopefully Obama’s head doesn’t explode anywhere near the Oval Office. It would be tough to clean up the mess.

  • Dr. Doomsday

    Its so nauseating to listen to the Western news reporting on this.. its so loaded with typical Obama-drone rhetoric. I heard the news Smokesperson ask a guy how he voted, and he said he made the “..rational choice..” -which was of course to vote against Netanyahu. What crap. Then another moron pipes up with voting against all the troubles in the economy etc.. all Netanyahu’s fault of course. It is sickening that so many people buy into that manipulative crap.

    I hope Benjamin wins and stomps Obama a new one!

  • Nanaknows2

    Photo ID is used in most civilized countries to prevent voter fraud – why not in Israel and the USA?

    • dad1927

      undocumented democrats need to elect the white house. Ask Kerry

  • Victory for Netanyahu!!!

    Benjamin Netanyahu Won!!!!!!!
    Thank G-d.

    Victory for Benjamin Netanyahu!!!

    It’s a miracle.

  • Brian Hockersmith

    My love for Israel and the fact that the Lord will not allow her destruction brings hope to the situation oblabla is just an unbelievable hypocrite I am so embarrassed by the simple fact he the leader of the greatest nation on earth and isn’t fit to work the fry station at Mc.Donalds I so hope Bibi wins so we can watch obungholes head explode please pray for our country to survive his remaining time on the golf course.

  • aposematic

    Whenever/wherever the DemoncRats are involved the corruption runs like water over the Niagara Falls, except when the Falls are frozen over do to Global Warming…

  • Richard Ashworth

    There are those who speak out the truth. Warning against these Persian and Arab Islamic invasions. Warning they will not stop till all that’s left is Rubble and chaos.
    Speaking up for principles such as preservation of liberty, reason, justice and order.
    But they are accused anarchy fascism Islamophobia, racism. And they are spoken of like this before the councils before the people and in the news.And they are called trouble makers. And these false accusers are often traitors. Why is Obama and others like him doing deals with these Persians.

  • Unapologetic American

    Obama’s minions will stoop to the lowest levels to steal an election, they succeeded here in the USA but have been bested by Bibi and his supporters.

    Yeah Israel!

    Call YOUR congressman, DEMAND the impeachment of the anti-American Muslim “messiah”, Barack/Barry Hussein Marshall-Davis/Soetoro/Obama/Al-Hawaii

  • EJO

    And then there is this.
    CNN’s Christiane Amanpour Attacks Netanyahu, ‘Right-Wing’ for Being ‘Racist’ Toward Arabs

    By Curtis Houck | March 17, 2015 | 6:07 PM EDT

    Appearing on CNN’s The Lead on Tuesday afternoon, chief international correspondent Christiane Amanpour slammed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, his Likud Party and “right-wing” allies for having, “a sort-of racist police towards” Arabs that has been “very scary for them” as the world awaited results from the national elections in Israel.

  • Millionmileman

    Today being St Patrick’s Day the Chicago River was dyed green. Today Chicago tried to turn Israel into Chicago! meanwhile in NY the “Old Gray Lady” just can’t help herself (Published at around midnight).

    Sick-O’Phant Press

  • Kenneth Sandale

    This is pretty funny–Likud engages in massive voter fraud, and the America-haters here blame it on the U.S. government.

  • Chet

    “The eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding the evil and the good” Proverbs 15:3 Holy Bible. “And be sure, your SIN will find you out” Numbers 32:23. Now, if Jews in America will awaken to the deceit and fraud of the Democrat party politicos and turn from this ideology everywhere. No more obligation to liberalism, it’s anti God and anti Christ and anti Jew… And now, praise the Lord, there will be no dividing of Israel, no parceling out of God’s land, as Jerusalem remains capitol of Israel…

  • Merchantseamen

    Not to get to far off track here but…..I wish someone would TRY to intimidate me at the voting booth, please oh please do so.

    • Chet

      Agree. I think, however, their approach is ls more on the order of lies, half truths and deceit. And in America, such incorporates giveaways of sorts to entice.

    • Mickey

      I know. Makes ya feel like goin for the jugular

    • dad1927

      You have not seen the black panthers. They act like the SS did in elections.,
      When you see them at a voting booth, call the local bike club to escort the old ladies in.

  • The Elderking
  • RobinRosenblatt

    Obama get involed with Israeli voting fraud goes up 100%. Usually it is close to 0%.

  • Bibi

    Gee I wonder whose these two freaks are voting for? I bet its not Bibi.

  • ltc444

    Bibi’s win can be a case study in how to defeat the left. Present a clear and honest policy and program.

  • Roger D. Griffin

    Our Government Declassified-
    The U.S Treasury Dept. received false information from the Illinois Veteran’s
    Administration Reimbursement Dept. from 1987 thru 2003 which allowed hundreds
    of thousands of dollars to be used to buy and sell drugs in the 24th Ward of
    Chicago. Millions were made placed in individual ($9,5K) bank accounts to be
    called upon in 2007 and donated towards kicking off the 2007 Presidential ad
    Campaign for the 1st Black African U.S Presidential Candidate (Barack H. Obama
    Public Reference:
    Mr. Franklin D. Turner
    Case: 2002CR1335501
    Disposition: 3/24/2003
    Class: 2nd Degree Felony
    ID Theft >$10K <$100K

    How do I know this? Because I not only provided the FBI with the mechanism of
    the scam and its purpose that convicted Mr. Turner, I'm the one who was
    authorized by the FBI to create the fraudulent material for Mr. Turner that he
    used to attach to VA Form 256. I unknowingly created the first invoice in 1987
    and in 1988 when the Mr. Turner received that US Treasury Check for over $3K
    the FBI not only knew about it they recruited me to create more false material for
    him and his friends.

    By 1993,
    I had infiltrated a very well sophisticated multi-million dollar
    criminal organization whose sole purpose was to acquire federal funds though
    one of our government agencies expedited those funds though the mean of narcotics.

    In 1994,

    after being kidnapped, blinded, beaten and threaten to be killed if I ever betrayed
    them, I was initiated into this criminal organization and became one of the chauffeur that drove these dedicated individuals to different banks throughout Chicagoland and suburban areas, five times a day, five days a weeks for over a year. I also resided on 1100 South Francisco Chicago’s in the 24 Ward dead center of this drug hub operation and witnessed hundreds of people buying drugs by the hours as police turned a blind eye. This drug operation was so big that after the community leaders finally got together with police to shut it down in June 1996, they tore down half the other side of the block to build a public youth center that still stands today.

    When Chicago Police do get paid their weekly $6K by slick gang members who run off with their booty, you can expect deadly retaliation

    Over $3.1 Millions dollars donated to kick off the 2007 Presidential advertisement Campaign that was created out of this 15 yr. V.A Fraud, so my question is what government agencies' fund are the Democrats pillaging from for their 2016 Presidential Candidate or do the American People even care?

  • Roger D. Griffin

    Declassified–Evidence exist in our public records that could links Barack H. Obama II to a 15 year U.S Treasury scam implement through the Veterans Administration Reimbursement Dept. From 1987 thru 2003 the FBI allowed fraudulent material to be attached to VA Form 21-256 and claims submitted for illegal reimbursements. Hundreds of thousands made on the street of Chicago’s 24th Ward Drug Lords were given a blind eye by police while hundreds of people brought drugs. Millions created to kick-off the 2007 Presidential Ad Campaign for the 1st Black President of the United States of America. How do I know? The FBI recruited me to create some of those fraudulent material and I lived on 1140 S. Francisco the center of drug villa and it was my criminal family perpetrating the scam! In 2012 our voting poles in several cites were fixed so that President Obama would win 100% of the votes! Remember August 6, 1945 they never saw it coming until it was too late, America will be destroyed from within!

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