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Report: Obama threatened to shoot down Israeli jets


When I wrote my book, The Post American Presidency, The Obama Administration’s War on America, I warned that Obama’s antisemitism would have grave consequences.

The Bethlehem-based news agency Ma’an has cited a Kuwaiti newspaper report Saturday, that US President Barack Obama thwarted an Israeli military attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities in 2014 by threatening to shoot down Israeli jets before they could reach their targets in Iran.

He doesn’t even pretend anymore. And the terrible reality is that there are so many on the left who love this — The Democrats have become the anti-Israel party with the anti-semite-in-chief.

It’s worse than we know.

“Report: Obama Threatened to Shoot Down IAF Iran Strike,” INN, March 1, 2015
Kuwaiti paper claims unnamed Israeli minister with good ties with the US administration ‘revealed the attack plan to John Kerry.’

The Bethlehem-based news agency Ma’an has cited a Kuwaiti newspaper report Saturday, that US President Barack Obama thwarted an Israeli military attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities in 2014 by threatening to shoot down Israeli jets before they could reach their targets in Iran.

Following Obama’s threat, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was reportedly forced to abort the planned Iran attack.

According to Al-Jarida, the Netanyahu government took the decision to strike Iran some time in 2014 soon after Israel had discovered the United States and Iran had been involved in secret talks over Iran’s nuclear program and were about to sign an agreement in that regard behind Israel’s back.

The report claimed that an unnamed Israeli minister who has good ties with the US administration revealed the attack plan to Secretary of State John Kerry, and that Obama then threatened to shoot down the Israeli jets before they could reach their targets in Iran.

Al-Jarida quoted “well-placed” sources as saying that Netanyahu, along with Minister of Defense Moshe Yaalon, and then-Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman, had decided to carry out airstrikes against Iran’s nuclear program after consultations with top security commanders.

According to the report, “Netanyahu and his commanders agreed after four nights of deliberations to task the Israeli army’s chief of staff, Benny Gantz, to prepare a qualitative operation against Iran’s nuclear program. In addition, Netanyahu and his ministers decided to do whatever they could do to thwart a possible agreement between Iran and the White House because such an agreement is, allegedly, a threat to Israel’s security.”

The sources added that Gantz and his commanders prepared the requested plan and that Israeli fighter jets trained for several weeks in order to make sure the plans would work successfully. Israeli fighter jets reportedly even carried out experimental flights in Iran’s airspace after they managed to break through radars.

Brzezinski’s idea

Former US diplomat Zbigniew Brzezinski, who enthusiastically campaigned for Obama in 2008, called on him to shoot down Israeli planes if they attack Iran. “They have to fly over our airspace in Iraq. Are we just going to sit there and watch?” said the former national security advisor to former President Jimmy Carter in an interview with the Daily Beast.

“We have to be serious about denying them that right,” he said. “If they fly over, you go up and confront them. They have the choice of turning back or not. No one wishes for this but it could be a ‘Liberty’ in reverse.’”

Israel mistakenly attacked the American Liberty ship during the Six-Day War in 1967.

Brzezinski was a top candidate to become an official advisor to President Obama, but he was downgraded after Republican and pro-Israel Democratic charges during the campaign that Brzezinski’s anti-Israel attitude would damage Obama at the

  • Commieobamie

    Yep. I remember that commie islamo in the whut threatening to shoot down the Israelis. Why this is now NEW news I don’t know, unless the SLIME in the whut is threatening Israel again.

  • Pray Hard

    O’Mamba the coward …

  • disqus_AtF6T98fj0

    sounds like Obama doesn’t back down from the Israeli war machine. Never had a gop figurehead with the balls to stand up.

    • Richard


    • Ganesha_akbar

      If true, this latest conspiracy to commit treason (planning an act of war on our ally with malice of forethought) is an impeachable offense.

      No wonder Obama and his minions are terrified by the prospect of Netanyahu’s imminent speech. Netanyahu is bringing this indictment (and his chutzpah) to the American people.

      The only balls Barry uses get driven around the golf green.


      Obama is in the pocket of the fascist ayatollahs and their war machine.

      • Germanic Blood

        What a joke!

    • famouswolf

      Your ignorance is showing, big time. What, exactly did 0 not ‘back down’ from? You think our best ally in the world is acting like it’s going to attack us, even with 0 abusing the relationship and Israel’s sovereignty at every turn? What the HELL are you talking about? It’s 0 threatening Israel with OUR war machine for daring to do what needs to be done, not the other way around! 0 has no balls.
      War machine? You refer to the IDF, the Israeli DEFENSE Force, without which the moslem jihadis would kill every man, woman, and child in Israel? You think they should just lay down and wait to be beheaded, raped, burned alive, or whatever horrible death the raghead sobs feel like inflicting on them?
      As for ‘gop figureheads’ having the balls to stand up, ever hear of Ulysses S. Grant, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Eisenhower, Reagan, among others, asswipe?
      You are too gods damned stupid to live.

      • disqus_AtF6T98fj0

        you have absolutely no idea who your enemies are. you have absolutely no idea about much of anything that hasn’t been spoon fed to you. Land of the free indeed.

        • Germanic Blood

          In a way, I agree with you.

        • sandra schmidt

          We know our enemies. Islamofascists and their collaborators.

          • disqus_AtF6T98fj0

            yeah, that’s it… be a good little American and drink the kool aid. Who arms and trains these “islamofacsists” anyways… oh it’s America isn’t it…

          • sandra schmidt

            Do you realize that Christians and other minorities who have lived in the ME for thousands of years are being genocided? Do you care?

      • sandra schmidt

        Preach it wolf!

  • chris wolf

    If the collaborator mainstream media don’t demand and get answers in specific detail they should all be impeached and incarcerated.
    “obama” obviously needs to be on trial for his life.

  • Yes, Obama is clearly and enemy of Israel, and always has been. Having an outright Muslim in the White House, opposing and threatening our only real ally in the region, is dangerous beyond compare.

    The scriptural warnings regarding nations and leaders who choose to be enemies of Israel is clear and unambiguous. Nations that have historically opposed and attacked Israel have been violently judged, and the U.S. is quickly following down their ruinous path.

    Many have mistakenly believed and taught that such judgements will fall on any individuals that don’t fully support Israel, but such is not the case. The Word refers to nations and leaders that would be judged, not those that fail to approve of every act and direction that Israel pursues.

    On a national level, Israel must see to her own defenses, as the Islamic President continually shows his hatred and lack of support for her best interests. Israel will endure to the end, as the Word declares in Joel (as well in other verses), but if the U.S. continues down this type of road, it simply will not prosper, and will probably join the other past empires that ceased to exist in any meaningful or powerful way.

  • CWS

    I seem to remember them making that threat quite publicly several years ago, during Obama’s first term…?

  • Have you ever seen a Muslim jihadist with a weapon he would not use?

    When the Iranian mullah fruitcakes get a bomb. They will use it.

    Obama is a closet, taqquia spewing, Muslim doing what he can to help the spread of Islam.

    Obama hates Israel because the Koran preaches hatred of the Jews.

    How the hell did this traitor get into the presidency of the USA? Thanks liberals, you are setting the seeds for the downfall of Western Civilization.

    • Alex Live

      Obozo and mooch are antisemites at heart. Obozo is not responsible for anything because he is virtual person: no social security number, no marriage certificate, no housing in chicago. Mooch is his sister on documents, no kids…. Why to listen to him, Israel could fly thru Saudis. Why to listen to virtual obozo?

      • ΔИθᴎЎϻɸᵿƧ

        Yes, what America has today is its first illegal President. It’s likely that the House of Saud helped bring him to power, knowing how easily the American electorate can be fooled.

        The SSN he does use isn’t his because he couldn’t get his own, and therefore, he’s ineligible to work in the U.S., much less become President.

    • jini belton

      Do you really think they give a rats %%% what these freaks of nature care for what they have done, they are bumping fists and smokin de crack pipe, homey…justa hopin de joos are all leavin dees world

      • jimi belton

        There is only ONE hope for Israel and G-ds Chosen ones, that are scattered all over this earth, Turn back to Jehovah G-d, Embrass the Son, Kiss the Son…Psalms chapter 2

        • kktex12

          Embrace the Son.

    • Vince

      Bob Smith…you’re dead on. Finally someone else see’s that Obama, the muslim, must obey the Koran which is to hate Israel. He knows he has to answer to his Allah one day. As a ‘christian’, he never read the part where ‘they will gather on all sides of MY city and I will destroy them with fire from heaven’. Satan is hard hard hard at work on these camel jockeys.

    • dad1927

      Saudi funded it….All the way from the senate funding. It was a joke to see if they could.

  • cmh

    Even though this news is historical it is great that a new generation of people are reminded of it and of the filth of brzezinsky’s morality.

    • Steve Smith


  • ken callus

    Looks like the ape is a total schizo…..

  • VietVET

    the HALFrican is the biggest threat this country has……

  • Mordy

    Enemy of America. Enemy of Israel. Enemy of Holiness.

    Even the presidential seal and his teleprompter committed suicide rather than endure another second in his presence.

    And the flies, the flies…attracted to excrement, symbolic of death and Satan…they know one of their own.

    Like Queen Esther, P.M. Netanyahu broke protocol and also will not be silent in the face of an existential Persian threat to destroy the Jewish People.

    Coincidence immediately after the speech Jewish people worldwide observe the Fast of Queen Esther and Purim?

    • Underzog

      >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Like Queen Esther, P.M. Netanyahu broke protocol and also will not be silent in the face of an existential Persian threat to destroy the Jewish People.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

      Haman had big ears, too. Just like Obama's. It isn't for nothing that I call Obama the affirmative action Hitler. I realized his Hitler like tendencies from the hysterical faces that appeared at his 2008 rallies. Just because he wants Iran to do the dirty work of killing 6 million plus for Jews instead of himself, as Hitler had done, doesn't mean "the Messiah" isn't abysmally evil, too.

      • Mordy

        Nice catch!

        And of course there is hamentashen or in Israel, Oznei Haman, literally “haman’s ears.” They will be even more delicious this year.
        Poster MillionMileMan points out: obamatashen. Beautiful.

        I realized his Hitler like tendencies from the hysterical faces that appeared at his 2008 rallies.


      • Bonnetierre

        I will start calling Obama, Dictator Haman.

        • Underzog

          Obama has Haman’s big ears (like hamentashin), Maybe the Purim celebration should mention Obama instead of Haman.

          • Millionmileman

            Now we are both talking. 0bamaTashen!

          • Bonnetierre

            Sounds good to me!

    • Momma

      He did not break any protocol. More lies. Should get interesting, though.

  • WarEagle82

    I always wondered why nothing happened after all the highly publicized IAF massive, long distance, training flights last year. Now I have a plausible explanation.

    The Republic has been overthrown by Marxists.

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  • Obama, the Chief ISLAMIC terrorist, code named Trojan Horse, is just doing his job, doing whatever he can, using the power at his disposal that he has usurped, to support the development of Iranian (i.e. Islamic) nuclear weapons.

  • Cate

    Not surprising. He supports terrorist goals. By joining most Muslims who remain silent on terrorism, he is complicit. I can fully imagine if he didn’t have the power of the WH, he could easily be hacking off heads with the rest of his ‘brethren.’ Its obvious as he’ll he hates Israel.

  • Ganesha_akbar

    If true, this latest conspiracy to commit treason (planning an act of war on our ally with malice of forethought) is a blockbuster revelation. Perhaps his Kuwaiti allies are trying to blunt the force of Netanyahu’s indictment before Congress this week?

    This treasonous conspiracy isn’t the first time Hussein conspired to shoot down allied forces. After impeaching Obama, this Congress should appoint Colonel Alan West as a special Deputy Marshal to the House Sergeant at Arms– then have him personally frog march Hussein to Gitmo under Navy SEAL guard.

    Agonized parents, widows and orphans of our brave SEAL Team 6 heroes (betrayed by the Obama regime’s Extortion 17 cover-up) may then bring testimony against Obama before military tribunal. Obama’s traitorous offenses are meticulously outlined in “Betrayed: The Shocking True Story of Extortion 17 as told by a Navy SEAL’s Father.”

    Willfully blind Leftists must be reminded (over and over and over again) what their Murtad-in-Chief has been desperately hiding.

  • Evan3457

    I definitely believe Obama would do this. On the other hand, the news source is Islamic, and I don’t believe them.

    So I am confused.

    • Obama is a Scumbag

      Do not be fooled or confused my child Obama is an anti-semitic madman. He is out to destroy the US and Israel. But G-d will stop him.

  • Obama is a Madman

    Obama is the most anti-semitic and has the most anti-Israel administration the US has ever seen.

    Diane Feinstein a Jewish democrat was on on CNN today and said what other option is there other than a deal with Iran? Well dumb Diane how about keeping the pressure, keep the sanctions.

    Charles Krauthammer said this is Obama’a usual false choice manoeuvre. It’s either appeasement or war. A deal with Iran is the worst possible choice. Iran will get a clear path to the bomb and sanctions lifted and Obummer is giving Iran international legitimacy. Obama even gave them a sunset clause.

    Stay strong Netanyahu the world and Israel needs you. Benjamin Netanyahu will deliver and G-d will help.


    • Bonnetierre

      Calling Obama anti-Semetic is like calling Ahmadinejad anti-Semetic. It’s the wrong framing of the person. America is viewing not Obama as the plant, not as the traitor that he is…

      He was sent and put in place by the enemy to ruin us.


    to put the fear of God into Obama is “Shooting down our jets Mr. President would leave us no choice but to exercise the Samson Option and nuke Iran, as a last resort.

    • dad1927

      No! He awaits the 12th imam

    • Momma

      Love It!!!

  • Millionmileman

    To enlighten the masses, both Susan Rice and Samantha Power (wife of to the left of Trotsky Cass Sunstein) are both appearing at this week’s AIPAC Convention in DC. Remember she was in favor of the UN taking away the administrated territories from Israel. I really believe this story because President Nixon actually called Brezhnev on the hot-line at the end of the 1973 Yom Kippur war The Russians had a 150,000 paratroopers that were going to drop on us to save the beleaguered Egyptian 3rd Army. They were give 20 minutes to turn their planes around or face 2 aircraft carrier loads of fighters, in the Eastern Mediterranean.This Purim I have a new recipe for 0bamaTashen!

    • Bonnetierre

      Susan Rice is a bigger anti-Semite than Obama. It is a crime for her to hold a position of power.

      If Bibi is pulling all stops to make this speech, he knows something is imminent. The fate of Israel is at stake.

      • dad1927

        What about Valerie Jarrett? See the snicker when that guy burned? This is one Iranian that could have been Hitler in drag

        • Bonnetierre

          Yes, the Iranian with the American name. I would not be surprised in the slightest if she had regular dinners with Ahmadinejad.

          As a whole, Jarrett / Rice / Obama are running defense for Iran long enough for them to get them nuclear bomb. After that, it’s a game changer and the whole world will know what it’s like to live under Islamonazi rule.

  • John Dolby

    American Jews it could be said have gotten high off of their own poison of race mixing, multiculturalism and whatnot. This rift between American and Israeli Jews will only lead to future conflicts. What is bad for the Jew is usually good for the white man, so these new developments must be looked at with an optimistic yet cautious eye.

  • Isahiah62

    If this is true USA is not the only ones with traitorous idiots: “….unnamed Israeli minister who has good ties with the US administration revealed the attack plan to Secretary of State John Kerry, …”

    why tip them off? if you know they are enemy?
    stop being stupid ISRAEL, stop trusting USA

    to JEWS in USA- AIPAC today proves it cares more for 0bama than Jews in Israel-
    read Esther 4:13
    Happy? Purim – do not forget the lessons therein

    • dgala

      Would it be that today we could have an Esther to rid us of our Haman who now goes by the name obama.

      God Bless Israel! God Bless America!

  • Rocinante44

    another reason why the next president needs to fire every military officer above the rank of captain. the officer corp has been abducted by obola, and those that have not been fired by obola are loyal to him, not defending the constitution, no different than the german officer corp in 1933. that the US military would have officers who would even consider obeying such a command is sick. the Israelis must have realized that the our military has been hopelessly corrupted, or they would have flipped off obola and done what they needed to

  • EJO

    The Motto of The Obama Administration Should Be:

    “You Can Never Have Enough Evil” or “The More Evil The Better”

    Check this out.
    AUDIO: Mark Levin Caller Reveals Obama’s TASK FORCE PLAN For Illegal Aliens To TRANSFORM America

    Heritage Foundation (via RightScoop) offers more on Obama’s “Task Force on New Americans” along with some questions for Obama—such as:

    Is the Administration’s view that we are a “nation of
    groups,” and is this the vision that will be instilled in the new

    Heritage notes how Obama (and the Left) not only ban words such as “illegal aliens” (law-breakers from the start), but Liberals no longer allow words such as “assimilate” or “melting pot” or “legal immigrant” policies.

    • Bonnetierre

      If you like your evil, you can keep your evil.


    Obama must be the secret mahdi Fascist Iran speaks about.

    DEATH to Fascist Iran!
    HANG the ayatollahs!
    HANG their revolutionary gestapo!


    • Germanic Blood

      LOOOOOOOOOOOOL… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha……

      You Israelis are a joke a minute. I seriously wonder, if you have anything inside that head of yours, to believe in bullshit Islamic propaganda.
      If Iran farts, you’ll fly. Thank God parasite Jews are leaving Europa. We’ll get rid of the Muslim scumbags easier that way. Proud Pagan #NS #WR #1488

      • Atikva

        And get rid of that “Germanic” pseudo, it’s an insult to that country.

      • sandra schmidt

        You aren’t very nice, you old fascist. Somehow I think you are Muslim, not a native German. Most real Germans in the 21st century agree that genocide is a bad thing.

  • wolfen244

    The Muslim-in-Chief was voted for by liberal Jews….anything wrong with that picture?

    • Atikva

      So what? The Jewish American population of voting age turns around 1.2%, meaning that if 75% of them voted for Mr. Obama, they contributed for only some 0.9% of the votes that put him in the White House. The remaining ones came from Black Americans and White American leftists, so if you want to talk about “something wrong”, look at them instead.

      Anyway, these misguided 1.2% JINOs are really hurting Israel much more than America, where their numbers make them rather insignificant when it comes to votes.

      • sandra schmidt

        The point isn’t how he got elected, but why Jews would vote for someone who obviously does not have the best interest of their community at heart. The first time is excusable, but a second vote for Imam Hussein Obama brings them awfully close to kapo territory.

        • Atikva

          It was Wolfen244 who raised the point of Mr. Obama’s election, not me.

          I am not Jewish, therefore not qualified to answer your question, but Ben Shapiro did it in his Frontpagemag article entitled “Why Jews Vote Leftist”, on Feb 12, 2015. Personally, for the reason cited above I believe there are a lot more relevant and pressing problems in America than this one.

  • conan_drum

    USA started by getting rid of dictatorial rule it is time to get rid of it again

  • Melveta

    Atraitor is leading…. We must stand beside Netanyahu….Call your congressmen early tomorrow…. Demo’s that don’t come to Speech Tuesday…needs thrown out of Congress….they have an obligation to be there….OR DON’T COME BACK TO OUR SACRED HALLS….

  • Drew the Infidel

    It is interesting to note that commiecrats JFK and LBJ got us into Vietnam and Republican Nixon had to get us out, whereupon a commiecrat Congress refused to appropriate the funds necessary to keep South Vietnam alive. And now this?

  • Lia

    Is this ‘unnamed Israeli minister’ in prison for treason against the world?

  • Ganesha_akbar
  • Germanic Blood

    Finally, Obama did something worth appreciation! Thank God we don’t have the risk of another Iraq or Libya in Iran! False flags no more!

    • Germanic Blood

      Israel DELIBERATELY attacked USS Liberty in 1967. It was a false flag to trigger a war. And now they plan it on Iran too.

      The Free World led by Russia will not surrender to Israel any longer. Long Live Europa! Thank God the Jews are leaving in large numbers, we can get rid of the Muslims easier that way. Proud Pagan. #NS #WR #1488

      • Atikva

        Stop the booze and the fooling around, wake up and try to concentrate if you can.

  • Prinz Eugen

    If this story is true (from mullah Barry’s many islamic supremacist rantings and his aid to the moslem brotherhood and islamic terror groups it probablty is), then Bibi
    should CONFIRM this before congress tomorrow!

    As many of us have noted for a long time now, the mad mulatto mullah in the WH is not merely “sympathetic” to islam, but IN CAHOOTS with islam — iran , the MB, Hamas, Taliban, etc. My fear was that if iran does not develop their nuke in tune with Barry’s time table, he would give them some of ours so they could get on with their destruction of Israel sooner rather than later.

    Problem is — we have a silent, servile do-nothing congress. Too may windbags, but far too few backbones! Impeachment ??? GOP has already indicated carte blanche for the remainder of Barry’s term (soon to be indefinite, without end).

  • Millionmileman

    I wake up early in the morning and I like these old movies on free TV. I cannot believe the coincidence of this movie, called, “The 49th Man.” THIS IS NOT A DRILL!

  • John Richter

    I just read on IBD Obama just issued an EO banning all AR 15 ammo.

    • Flower

      He’s also making AR 15 rifles illegal to own. That is happening now.

  • John Richter

    This story has been debunked by not only Israel, but by sheer logistics. We had no way to intercept Israeli planes. The only way would be to notify Iran. But retired Israili generals have already said there was no such attack taking place. This story is just more noise to either make Obama look like he does not like Israel, or to discredit Netanyahu as a warmonger that had plans in place to attack Iran.

    • Flower

      No it hasn’t been. It’s been all over the news sources. Whether or not America can intercept Israeli planes doesn’t mean Ozero wouldn’t threaten!

  • RevRoy

    When will someone put O’bummer to the ultimate test and smuggle a pig into the Whitehouse ? Or a bunch of little baby pigs and let them run loose. Man, would I like to see a video of that.
    Oh well, might as well smile a little. The REAL KING is coming and all this mess will soon be cleared away.
    Hallelujah !!!
    Rev. Roy….<

    • disqus_HlH4Faibhw

      Actually.. That’s a really good idea. Would settle the muslim question once and for all.

  • From the September 2009 installment of The Complete Obama Timeline:

    “The Israeli-hating Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was an advisor to Obama during
    the campaign, suggests that the United States
    should shoot down Israeli jets if they fly over Iraqi air space en route to Iran to take
    out its nuclear facilities. ‘Well,’ says Brzezinski, ‘we have to be serious
    about denying them that [flyover] right. That means a denial where you aren’t
    just saying it. If they fly over, you go up and confront them. They have the
    choice of turning back or not.’ An unnamed source in Israeli Prime Minister
    Binyamin Netanyahu’s office says, ‘We will not dignify Brzezinski with a
    response.’ Regrettably, Brzezinksi’s attitude is not out of step with most of
    Obama’s foreign policy advisors—or Obama. (Brzezinski served as National
    Security Advisor to the anti-Semitic Jimmy Carter, and was instrumental in encouraging America’s betrayal of the Shah of Iran—which led to the Islamist revolution in 1979,
    the takeover of Iran
    by Ayatollah Khomeini, the 444-day American hostage debacle, and the
    eventual rise of the Islamofascist regime’s nuclear weapon-seeking Mahmoud
    Ahmadinejad. Brzezinski has written that ‘Marxism represents a further vital, and creative
    stage in the maturing of man’s universal visions.’ Obama likely met Brzezinski
    in the 1980s, when he attended Columbia
    University. Brzezinski
    claims he did not meet Obama until the summer of 2008, yet one year earlier, on
    September 12, 2007, Obama praised Brzezinski, calling him ‘an outstanding
    friend, and somebody who I have learned an immense amount from.’)”

  • Esteban Sperber Frankel

    I have to ask, are the US jet fighters pilots ready to attack the IAF?, I doubt, becouse the USAF will never attack any country if the US is not in danger, Obama could be inpeached as traitor using the USAF to attack any Air Force without the US is in danger.

  • Esteban Sperber Frankel

    Is Livni came with the gossip to her dear friend Kerry about the IAF strike to Iran?.

  • NebbyMan

    Ah yes of course the government hates Israel. That must be why they use their veto in the UN Security Council left and right in order to protect Israel! Oh, wait…

  • fred schneider

    What I don’t understand how this foreigner who is a anti israel hater and anti Semitic (brezinski) who compares the deliberate downing of israel planes to a mistake proven by usa(liberty) is actually involved in political discourse with the administration.if you bring these kind of haters in you are just as bad as they are.our country is sinking lower and lower by having these foreign born anti Semites in this country.

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