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NYC subway motorman calls for Islamic State (ISIS) attack in rant


This fella has a job, so how is the State Department going to explain this one?

NYC subway motorman calls for ISIS attack in rant

By Rebecca Harshbarger, NY Post, March 17, 2015
NYC subway motorman calls for ISIS attack in rant
Robert Bennett — who operates F trains to and from Coney Island — lashed out at riders in an ­F-bomb-riddled diatribe that called for an ISIS attack on the transit system. Photo: Gabriella Bass ; Chad Rachman

He’s off the rails.

A disgruntled subway motorman who despises his job wants riders to suffer, too — so he posted a Facebook rant wishing for an ISIS attack on the transit system, The Post has learned.

Robert Bennett, who operates F trains to and from Coney Island, lashed out at riders and his limited break time in the ­F-bomb-riddled diatribe.

“F–K THIS PLACE, F–K THE MTA, F–K THE UNGRATEFUL GARBAGE WE CALL PASSENGERS,” wrote Bennett, who lives on Staten Island.

“I hope Al Shabah, ISIS or Al Queda [sic] attacks the subway,” he wrote, referring to the terrorist organizations al-Shabaab, ISIS and al Qaeda.

“2 hours on a f–king train and I have 17 minutes before I get on another to go back to Stillwell,” he griped.

The Stillwell Avenue station is a terminal for the F, D, N, and Q subway lines.

The MTA has placed Bennett on restricted duty and launched an investigation. A police spokesperson also said the case is “under review by our Intelligence Bureau.”

“He’s been removed from service right now, pending outcome of an investigation,” the MTA said in a statement.

Despite being on restricted duty since the Feb. 23 posting, Bennett is still earning $33.83 an hour, but is not allowed to operate a train.

A transit source said Bennett regretted putting up the post and lashing out, and he took it down two hours later. His account is private, but a Facebook friend alerted the MTA and he was pulled off the train mid-shift.

Straphangers said Bennett went way too far, no matter how tough the job gets.

“He might be stressed, but you still don’t say that,” said Mario Tantillo of Brooklyn.

“That’s just stupid,” added Erick Aguilar of Brooklyn. “I know the MTA sucks, but that doesn’t mean you have to kill people.”

Bennett’s neighbors described him as a gentle soul with two small dogs that he dotes on.

They said he has been grieving since his girlfriend passed away three years ago. She called him “Little Bear” and he called her “Little Cub,” they added.

“He’s been kinda down in the dumps since then,” said one neighbor. “He is just a solid, quiet guy. I guess he must have snapped, got really heated up about something at work.”

  • Brooke

    Interesting. I’m thinking he had a break down and has not attended to getting mental health advice he is in great need of. Three years is a long time to let something stew, and not get help. He needs a good therapist, to start with. Most men do not get help, unless they have a loved one who cares enough. Though, hopefully he is investigated very well to see what the issue really is

    • Sam McGee

      Today a person cannot go in for mental health counseling. If they do they will be stigmatized and denied basic rights for the rest of their lives. They will lose their right to purchase a firearm, will have any firearms they own taken by the police, no right to do this job or that job, etc. Because their medical records are on computers, they will eventually be hacked and everyone will know all their problems – they’ll be phucked for life. Only an idiot would go in for mental health counseling today.

      • JacktheRipper

        Ya know, I’m going to disagree with that. Oh, sure, there’s some truth in what you say, but only in limited circumstances. A person’s medical info is private. I owned a gun and went to counseling for suicidal depression. And my psychologist knew I wanted to blow my brains out. I didn’t lose my job. Nobody came knocking on my door. I wasn’t stigmatized. I simply got the help I needed, slept with my therapist, and I was fine. No, I made that last sentence up, but I wanted to, she was hot!

        In regard to this time bomb here, the damage is already done. He could only benefit from getting his head examined.

        • Brooke

          Blessings to you JacktheRipper!! I know so many who attained the same counseling, it is not public info, nor are you stigmatized. It’s amazing how many people can chime in on a board and talk a bunch of smack. Though, I disagree that the damage is already done. I know enough therapy professionals who have seen great strides and turn arounds, with good therapy, this guy was stewing for some time, and then blew, as he was not getting any help. Everyone needs to stop wishing to hang someone, because it just may be their own situation one day. The investigation will tell what the situation is. It’s just like all the “hangings of the past”, let him have his day in court

      • Brooke

        That is the biggest crap I have ever heard of. I lived most of my life in NYC, and I am well aware of how the system works. You have no clue what so ever. That is just a bunch of junk you are saying. You obviously have no idea what you are speaking about. I know of enough people who had sought out counseling, got what they needed and went back to their jobs. In NYC you can’t have firearms, anyway, you brought that up not even knowing this obviously. It is IMPERATIVE to get mental health counseling. Sad that you would even think that way.

  • sifter

    Tough job?? Asshole is making $70K a year driving a train, poor baby! Charge him with formenting terrorism.

    • Brooke

      What a nice person you are lol I guess others would say the same, if it was you. Oh wait. The guy gets a hearing and thorough investigation. Time will tell everything, don’t throw the guy under the train just yet, ;-)

      • JacktheRipper

        You’d think the guy after that would be damaged goods beyond repair. Could you ever trust him again after that? I mean, what do you say to him? “As long as you promise real hard to neeeever express thoughts mass murder again, then I guess it’s okay we place the safety of thousands of people in your hands. Now you gotta promiiiiiise!”

        No, put him on janitor duty, and let him work his way back up to sanity. And I think that’s good advice.

        • Brooke

          Good thing you are not doing the investigation. Though, those who are professionals will figure it out. It’s just amazing how “everyday” folk, think they know best.

          • JacktheRipper

            It was just an opinion, friend, just an opinion. Hey, what do you know! this is a forum where ppl share their views! Go figure.

        • sandra schmidt

          Yeah. Agree. He needs serious counseling and should not be allowed to operate dangerous machinery pending a clean bill of mental health.

    • NorseWarrior

      And the piece of crap is still getting paid!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • sandra schmidt

      It really does sound like he was overwhelmed with grief and just spouting off.

  • Beagle

    When discipline is paid vacation, no wonder government sucks at every level from state to federal.

  • disqus_HlH4Faibhw

    Still getting paid? One of three choices: union, black or muslim.

    • Brooke

      Good thing you are not prejudice ;-)

      • disqus_HlH4Faibhw

        I always try to keep an open mind:)

    • No Quarter

      Sadly HIH4F, I think you are correct. Brooke you need to get a clue.

    • sandra schmidt

      Union I would guess.

  • conan_drum

    Well people do ‘lose it’ and ‘go postal’ sometimes,nothing to get excited about. Maybe the prospect of terrorism on the subway preys on his mind. Actually I feel sorry for bus drivers just driving the same route all day and it is worse for the train drivers as they do not see daylight or their passengers ‘happy’ faces

    • JacktheRipper

      Not a bad perspective.

  • David Fieldman

    Perhaps all the hours of staring down the subway tunnel with the tunnel lights flashing by as well as counting the rail bed ties finally cracked his brain.

    • JacktheRipper

      For 70 grand a year I think I could learn to adjust. lol

  • Phil

    leave the man alone, we have all said stupid things even against our own kind when we are frustrated and angry enough. Or at least I have.

    • No Quarter

      Sorry phil can’t agree. He thought it, he posted it (said it), and what do think the next step might be phil??? Action? Duh? What moronic reply would you have if it played out to death and destruction? Yes we have all said stupid things but when you post crap on face book, private or not, it is for the world to see.

    • JacktheRipper

      Leave him alone? Apparently you don’t ride his train.

    • sandra schmidt

      Get him counseling and remove him from operating train until he has dealt with his issues.

  • Jack

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day Mr. Bennett you stinking Irish-American pig.

    • No Quarter

      Jack whats up with the Irish-American slam?? WTF does that have to do with it? The guy is a feckin nut regardless of heritage. Keep you eye on the prize, islam. islam=death, regardless of the heritage of the muslim.

  • AlG

    Driving that train / high on cocaine / Casey Jones better watch your speed ~

  • Pod

    People calling for this jack@ss to be fired don’t understand public sector unions and the inability of management to deal with poor performers, slackers and even threats. This moron could use his entry key card to let ten armed ISIS murderers into the train yard through the back gates, and the MTA could at most place him on “paid administrative leave”.

  • oifmack

    Find that Son of a 8itch motorman, and shove him back into the womb from which he came.


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