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[ January 20, 2018 ]

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[ January 20, 2018 ]

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[ January 20, 2018 ]

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[ January 20, 2018 ]

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[ January 20, 2018 ]

Elite German anti-terror unit to grow by third and move to Berlin

[ January 20, 2018 ]

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[ January 20, 2018 ]

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[ January 19, 2018 ]

Hugh Fitzgerald: Professor Ziedan on Saladin

[ January 19, 2018 ]

U.S. State Department Withholds Additional $45 Million From UNRWA

[ January 19, 2018 ]

Bangladesh: Man arrested for posting images criticizing Qur’an on Facebook

Must-WATCH VIDEO: Young Muslim Children being abused, beaten at school by teacher


Is it any wonder they grow up with such an appetite for violence?

Souhair Al-Qayssei (thanks to Kenneth)

Teacher hits children in primary harshly in my country, Iraq … where the Minister of Education ? Where are you?
Please, participated publication to voice our kids who beat up and humiliated

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 1.46.51 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 1.49.06 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 1.50.10 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 1.50.29 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 1.50.33 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 1.50.50 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 1.50.59 PM

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  • Commieobamie

    And that was only because they didn’t want to pet the goats at the petting zoo.

    • Pray Hard

      And that was because they were their daddy’s girlfriends.

      • dad1927

        monkey see monkey do, and the goat pays for it.

    • SubSumeYou

      Real funny, guy.

  • Henry Hawk

    they commit atrocities on their kids, and raise them to commit atrocities on others.

    • dad1927

      Now you understand the president…

    • Stefanovitch

      Just like Southern Baptists. “Spare the rod, spoil the child” right? And what about those Catholic nuns who abuse their students? Stings when you look at it truthfully, eh? Religion is evil period.

  • Skeeter McClusky

    I’d like to have 5 minutes with this big “man” to show him what being punched is all about – what a jerk…

    • Guest

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      • Pray Hard

        Go away, vermin.

        • Jim Fox

          FLAG him

    • guymacher

      I’d like five mimutes with the smiling prick in the suit.

      • dad1927

        strip him, out to the farm, tie him to a tree and let the calf out.

    • lgcamp

      That would not teach him anything. He grew up just like these kids did. And you punching him would be just more of what he grew up with. Violence teaches violence. That’s why America should NEVER allow a single muslim into the country. You will not be safe if you do.

      • JacktheRipper

        “…America should NEVER allow a single muslim into the country.”

        Too late for that.

      • milt w

        Then why did they rush out and elect 1?

      • Stefanovitch

        Looks like something that Catholics would do.

        • Sammy Spanks

          Stop trying to defend Islam you fucking moron.

          • Stefanovitch

            I am no defending islam you caveman. I am denouncing organized religion. Go back to sleep.

        • Sam Silverman

          Please post a link to a video supporting your sick claim Stupidvitch. There is a difference between discipline and abuse. Granted, the lines have been crossed by likely all religions. But pointing to past practices that have long been exposed and dealt with to comment on present abuses adds nothing to the discussion. It only shows your ignorance.

          • Stephen L. Wilson

            No link necessary. It is common sense. Sorry you don’t have any! lol

  • joker

    This guy (who is doing the abuse) and the one who is smiling has to be taken apart and shot on the spot

    • dad1927

      Looks like a Valrie Jarrett smirk, when she saw that man burn alive. You know, one of the sadists from Iran obola hired as an adviser

    • Stefanovitch

      Maybe the same should be done to Catholic nuns who humiliate and abuse their students, or southern baptists who “spare the rod and spoil the child”

  • Maggie Thomas

    I want to know what he was asking them . If this ever happened in the us the school better call out the swat team.

  • SubSumeYou

    SMH…in America, we have citizens who abuse themselves recreationally, over there It is your upbringing.

    Misery and horror of everyday life…damn. : (

  • Pray Hard

    Girls get to go to the front of the line for abuse, huh? They’re Muslims, what can you say?

  • vlparker

    Islam IS child abuse. They teach their children to hate from the minute they are born.

    • SubSumeYou

      I believe this.

      Can this be the same upbringing of the Boston bomber terrorist even though they lived in the USA, they still carry on , I’m not sure even to call it loyalty, that hatred feeling?!?

    • lgcamp

      Yes, they do. That’s why I don’t feel sorry for these children. When they come to American trying to get away from the oppression and abusing their countries, they try to bring their culture with them, even sharia law. They will force sharia law on American and they will kill Americans. So don’t think you can rescue all these children. They will hate you and they will kill you. It’s bred into them and despite what you might think, it will backfire on you if you allow these people into your country.

      • dad1927

        If you adopt one over 5, typically the kid attacks your wife, and he goes back. They are all dangerous.

    • dad1927

      Islam means submission. Dark ages, here we come.

    • Stefanovitch

      Seems like any religion. This could have been a Catholic Nun in America fifty years ago.

    Root cause: 9:111 “slay and are slain” for promised paradise “that is the achievement SUPREME.”

    • SubSumeYou

      The crazy race. SMH

  • winterdog1

    What a man what a man

  • sandra schmidt

    Someday a big 300 lb guy with giant fists should give this bullying loser a punch for each one of these innocent kids he has abused. Once he is beaten to a pulp, he should be fed to a group of lathered up German Shepards. After a trial, of course.

    • dad1927

      I would love to see him in a Texas jail. Lets see him slap someone in there.

    • slv

      no hungry wild boars.

  • Frappe

    Since this is what they do to their own, it’s not at all hard to imagine what they’d do to Yazidis, Christians, Jews, Hindus, anyone who doesn’t kiss their butts. Blow ’em all to hell where they belong. All it takes for people to do this is “permission” — this can happen here too, with white people… Psych studies following WWII were done to better understand the Nazi power, and the results were conclusive. If people believe the authority in the room wants them to do something bad or unacceptable, most will. Which is why Obama’s group is so dangerous.

  • Mr Micawber

    Watching this video, it looks as though these kids are used to this. I think it’s a regular thing. They know exactly what’s coming, and looks as if they know that if they cry or show fear, they will get more so they’ve learned to not show emotion. A few years of this and of course they think that brutality is normal. What a blot on humanity this Muslim, Satanic religion is.

    • mam646

      That was my thought. By their body language, some of the kids were acting ‘prepared’, you know? Truly disgusting video. Hey, I must’ve missed the ‘religion of peace’ video.

      • dad1927

        You misunderstood. Religion of PIECES

      • Stefanovitch

        Kind of like Catholic Nuns. At least they didn’t show him violating altar boys! lol

  • Whiteeagle

    THAT Man WOULDN’T Be Alive Today In The U.S.A. …. USA !! USA !! USA !! USA USA !!

    • dad1927

      That man is president of the USA, I think. Or at least they act the same.

    • Stefanovitch

      Unless he was a catholic nun, or a fundy religious member. He isn’t quite evil enough to be a catholic priest.

  • mollybee

    Sadistic bastard. If only someone would give him a taste of his own medicine AND SOME.

  • ReaganAK47

    Weird people!

    • Stefanovitch

      Yeah! Kinda like catholic nuns. Or members of hard-core bible belt religions. Not quite as bad as catholic priests, though.

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  • MILAN68

    some will become terrorist at the ripe ole age of 10

  • Gufo

    They love it! Muslims are all about that, seeing women and children crushed under their incredible, irresistible masculine power. It must be exhausting to always have to prove how manly you are, knowing that no matter how hard you try, every other man in the world will always be more good-looking, smarter, more educated, more respectful, and therefore getting more women than they ever will. That’s why they need to cover them _ so nobody else sees them _ they need to abuse them and keep them ignorant _ so they will never know that basically everybody else in the world makes a better partner than their men _ they need to uglify them, beat them up, mutilate them _ to make sure just in case that no other man will approach them _ they need to rape and brainwash little girls into submission _ or every muslim country would be inhabited by men only, or whatever they are.

  • Biff Henderson

    A society who models itself on a pecking order of violent subjugation. Respect the culture and avoid the mantel of being an racist Islamophobe.

  • MummyOfTwo

    Don’t they tell their parents!! Their parents not notice.. If my children came home with bruises or acting not themselves I’ll be up to their school in a heartbeat.

    • dad1927

      How does the father know it wasn’t from one of his sadistic beatdowns on his own child?

    • Stefanovitch

      Whew! Good thing you aren’t catholic, or a resident of Mississippi or a member of a hard-core bible belt religion! Otherwise you would have to visit schools and churches every time your kid acted up!

  • Betty4440

    I guess I would be in jail for murder. one thing to punish children in the right way. but slapping them in the face and up side the head like that? brain damage. no wander they are insane. hey that is what happened TO THE LITTLE o. he has brain damage for sure.

  • iprazhm

    I am in full support of corporal punishment. I believe it’s widespread removal from public schools is the number one reason disciplinary problems are at an all time high.
    But good grief, don’t hit them in the face. Not the face. And why punish what looks to be the entire class? What could they have possibly done to deserve, in the teacher’s eyes, a group action? I would be curious to know.

    • Stefanovitch

      Hey. Just because they don’t use a belt on the butt doesn’t mean that their version of hurting kids in the name of discipline is any different from yours. Face, ass – pain is pain. Suck it up, buttercup, and realize that western religion is no different from any other violent religion. Western religions want to eradicate other religions, they just use softer words in their holy book.

      • iprazhm

        Lol. It’s you who is the ‘buttercup’, the ‘snowflake’, the limp wrist and the enabler. If parents loved their children enough to make them obedient, we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in. Children, especially in the U.S, tell their parents what to do and run the household, unfortunately. They’re spoiled beyond belief and have no self control. This is not only harmful to children but makes for a miserable child. If you have a child that obeys without corporal punishment, then you are very blessed. Most do not, and many parents don’t have the moral fortitude or invest enough interest in their child to care. They consider, like you, discipline to be too much effort. It’s not easy doing the right thing, that’s why so many buttercups like you, choose not to.

        • Stefanovitch

          Jump to a lot of conclusions there, snowflake. None of your description of me makes any sense, nor is it accurate. And you never addressed the main point of my post – How is that any different than what Catholics and buy-bull belters do to children? Nice try at dodging the real issue. You must be republican.

          • iprazhm

            I don’t share your opinion that Catholic, Christian, Mormon or any American faith based community’s corporal punishment is in any way ‘wrong’. I am a bible believing Christian myself, but not all parents who know that spanking children is a critical tool in character building, are people of faith. They’re just parents with common sense who understand that raising your children requires love deep enough to do what’s hard, to achieve the best outcome possible for their children, their most valued treasure.

  • dad1927

    Looks like where obola went to school. Thats why they are such nice people.
    I would pay a grand to show him what I would do with that stick. If they were real men in islam, this guy would be visited and set straight. A good beat down would help him get his hate filled mind right.

    • Stefanovitch

      Good thing you aren’t catholic, or religious and living in the bible belt. You would see that this video is minor compared to the abuse dealt by myriad western religions in the name of god. Your ignorance is deafening.

  • JacktheRipper

    We don’t even treat prisoners that badly. This is so like islam, senselessly cruel, devoid of compassion. Any wonder why they grow up to be terrorists?

  • conan_drum

    *”Allah did not create man so that he could have fun. The aim of creation was for mankind to be put to the test through hardship and prayer. An Islamic regime must be serious in every field. There are no jokes in Islam. There is no humor in Islam. There is no fun in Islam. There can be no fun and joy in whatever is serious.”

    – Ayatollah Khomeini, 1979

    This the perfect definition of the harshness and brutality of Islam, is there any surprise
    that the Quran is taught with harshness and brutality? Learning the Quran by heart is itself a stultifying and stupefying experience for a young children.
    However the great leader admitted that men should have some pleasure on earth.

    “A Muslim male may have sex with an animal, however once he has finished he must slaughter the animal. He should not eat the meat himself nor should the Muslim sell the meat to anybody in his own village. Selling the meat to those from the next village is fine……..But if a Muslim should commit an act of sodomy (bugger/anal sex) with a cow, a ewe or even a camel. The animals urine and excrement become contaminated even its milk cannot be consumed. The animal should be killed as quickly as possible and the its body burnt. ~ Ayatollah Khomeni – The Little Green Book

    • mookergee

      wow excellent point

    • slv

      Then the same should be done to the man committing the sodomy as he too is contaminated by that convoluted logic.

  • Ric Atencia

    What they sow, they will reap. Hatred is always in these kids mind, and they grow-up theyu’ll be against the world (and still be misguided by that “belief”).

  • Barney Collins

    HAHAHAHA – Beat the little muzzies ! Must be fun ! I’d love to have 5 minutes alone with the teacher and one 2x4x36. I think the first girl was his wife. NUK”EM

  • Mr Paul Middleton

    Islam and Mozlems are about being uneducated by default.
    That’s why in Islam it’s always the biggest takes all and the devil takes the hindmost.

  • milt w

    Think this is more training then abuse. The kids all stand and take it with out flinching.
    And after their hit they stand and wait for more.

  • For hundreds of years, it has baffled us. Who is the devil? Does he exist? Or does it only exist in movies? Well we’ve found out on 9/11 and the years after that, that the Devil finally revealed himself. It is, of course ALLAH.

  • Hoek

    Is this really all that different to when the western world hit children with the cane? the smack across the face is a bit much though

    • slv

      no one is saying that the western world did not have issues, however, the western world recognized it as being wrong and has worked to correct it. These nut jobs want to return to that ancient time and incorporate it into the modern world.

    • Stefanovitch

      Haha! Candy coating religions by saying that this USED to happen only shows your ignorance! Catholic Nuns and priests commit abuse daily, sometimes even sexual abuse. And in the Bible Belt a common phrase is “spare the rod, spoil the child” and I have seen this as an excuse to beat kids. But noooooo …. that only USED to happen in the great ol’ religious ‘Murica! LOL

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