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Muslim Costco employee refuses to touch pork; sues after getting transferred to different department


Bear in mind that Costco was completely reasonable. The Muslim cashier refused to check out people with alcohol and pork, and so they transferred him to another position. That should have been sufficient. But he is suing. Apparently he wants Costco to have to check-out lines, one for Muslims and one for kaffirs.

These demands for special accommodation are everywhere. Back in 2011, I reported that Hertz had was forced to suspend 35 Muslim workers because they were abusing their extra special “prayer break times” and refusing to clock out when praying. There was no way of knowing when their Muslim workers returned from their lengthy prayer breaks — five times a day. Muslim workers officially filed a lawsuit against Hertz.

This is exactly the pattern that I meticulously document in my must-read primer, Stop the Islamization of America.

Demands for accommodation result in ….more demands. Take for example, the Heinz company. Heinz has bent over backwards to accommodate these Muslim workers: they have prayer rooms, prayer times, etc. They just don’t want them leaving work to pray outside of scheduled break times. Mind you, they could easily pray before or after work, but no. This imposes Islam on everyone else. Now Muslim workers are suing Heinz, demanding to be allowed to say prayers in the workplace at the time of day specified by their religion.
You’ll notice that big companies are always targeted. Costco and Hertz, as well as Heinz, Target, Wal-Mart, Disney, etc. Why? To set precedents.

“Muslim Costco employee refuses to touch pork; sues after getting transferred to different department,” by Carmine Sabia, BizPac Review, March 2, 2015:

A Muslim former employee has filed a lawsuit against Costco accusing the the wholesale giant of discriminating against him because he refused to handle pork or alcohol products.

The man, Jean Camara, told ABC 7 New York that he was moved from cashier’s assistant to gathering carts outside when he informed his employers that he couldn’t work with pork or alcohol due to his religious beliefs.

“Just because you have a different belief, that doesn’t give anybody the right to treat you different,” Camara said.

“We all share different beliefs so we all should be treated equally no matter what belief we have,” he added.

According to Camara, his superiors at the Brooklyn Costco never told him why he was reassigned — although it’s strange that he couldn’t figure that out on his own after complaining he couldn’t handle certain products.

He said he asked his bosses if he could work in the electronics department but his request was denied.

Camara filed a human rights complaint against the company and was fired 16 days later for “insubordinate conduct,” according to ABC 7.

“I think that as the case progresses in the trial we are in now, I think the facts are going to come out and they’re going to speak for themselves,” his attorney, Chauncey Henry, said.

“It’s not OK to discriminate against someone for their religion. It isn’t OK. It isn’t OK to treat them differently from others because of what they believe in,” Henry added.

“I think that everyone is entitled to the same treatment. I think that’s what this case is about.”

  • Xavier

    Every business in the U.S. should be modifying their applications and interview procedures.

    “We work from xAM to xPM with a single lunch break and two other short breaks. Can you meet those requirements?”

    “Do you have allergies or other issues that would preclude you from handling any of the products here?”

    • K V McCaslin

      YES, I did work that way all through high school and college. And the two short breaks weren’t law until I hit college.

    • Zaba

      Nice try.
      That’s just too dang restrictive for our muzlim workers…….

    • rhcrest

      Employers just need to not hire anyone that looks muslim or has a muslim sounding name or bears any resemblence to a muslim

      • Craig Spurr

        Employers need to stop giving jobs to any foreign workers.. No wonder our economy is in the state it’s in when local businesses are hiring paki’s.

        • OmaJohn

          Craig, they aren’t all foreign workers. There are millions of Muslims in America.

          The problem is giving these jackasses jobs you expect they can do. Simple jobs. And then having them turn it into a giant legal battle because they can’t do the job they were hired for, and they don’t want to do the job you placed them to do.

          It’s like the gay people who ended up torpedoing the cake bakers, which the government awarded $150,000. They aren’t suing because it’s morally wrong. They aren’t suing because they can’t find another place to invest their efforts. They’re suing because they want to have power over someone else.

          And our government lets them do it.

          • OmaJohn

            By ‘these jackasses’, I mean all victims of modern American society who don’t want to be productive and don’t want to be part of American culture. Not just Muslims. But basically all liberals.

            Anyone who feels they can use the government to bully people who are trying to get work done, I guess.

          • patricia crevier

            Look at that guy,
            he looks retarded. Should never have been hired. Businesses are just asking for a law suit by hiring these animals.

      • Tom Osborne Sr.

        Would be nice, but I don’t support that. Where does it end – don’t hire anyone who is a Christian, or don’t hire someone who is Jewish? If you want them to respect your rights, you need to respect theirs (up to a point where it is un-American).

        I like the idea where they know up front they will be doing something they might not like, and sign a statement to that effect. If they can’t do what is required of the job, they don’t get hired.

        Don’t think they should wear Burqa, though. I’d walk out of a store if someone waited on me wearing one.

        • rhcrest

          Employers should not have to hire anyone that they don’t feel comfortable hiring and being part of their organization. It’s wrong to force them to hire people they don’t want to hire. And I would not want to be served by a muslim. I would also walk out or ask to be served by someone else. I don’t want them anywhere near me.

  • deimos19

    it happened to me in a grocery store, the muslim clerk wouldn’t touch bacon so I called the manager over, he said someone else would ring it up and I told him he could restock everything and I would take my business else where. I almost picked it up and handed it to her but I was in moonbat central and I knew I would be charged with a hate crime.

    • Super Marsupial

      I would open it & throw it to the ground. Then they’d have to smell it too

    • Raymond Alan Riddell

      Yes, the Super Haters would pull out the pack of Victim Cards. You’d end up with a criminal record. Doesn’t matter if they offend you though.

      • Sammie Jo

        They’re quicker with the victim card than al sharpton is with the race card.

    • Bacon is always packaged by the time it gets to the cash register so how was this Muslim going to touch it anyway?

      • Zaba

        No news article ever mentions that point!

      • pen44

        They won’t touch the bottles/cans that have alcoholic beverages in them either…………smh

        There was a big brouhaha about Somali taxi drivers not allowing people with guide dogs, or those with alcoholic beverages, even in their luggage, in their taxis at the Minneapolis/St. Paul airports, a few years ago. The Metro Airports Commission put the kibosh on that real quick…..don’t be picky, or you don’t drive taxis at the airport.

        • Sammie Jo

          No problem I wouldn’t get in a cab with a somali anyway.

          • JSebastian

            Me do you know they aren’t going to kidnap you for ransom or that they’re all hopped up on ghat?

      • Sammie Jo

        That’s exactly right, they’re just stirring the pot.


      Find out what car they drive and spill the bacon juice on the door handles.

    • rhcrest

      Good for you. At least you made a statement

    • Ted I Lewis

      Should have done it anyway! If you are afraid to do something that simple? And not worry about what they do? What are you going to do when they won’t allow you to buy anything but their crap! Might want to get you a copy of the Quran now ! And learn to be a good little muslim !

    • Sammie Jo

      Good for you! The customer has to waste their time and wait for a mgr because the muslim won’t touch a product! No way!
      If more people did what you did, we’d see a change in hiring practices.

  • truthdareisay

    Islamic chutzpah strikes again!

  • He doesn’t have to work at Costco. Unless the judge is also an idiot, he’ll be told to go get a job tending goats!

    • Super Marsupial

      They can’t be trusted unless the goat wears a chastity belt

    • Keith

      I agree with you completely but I bet he wins and Costco have to pay out.

      • OmaJohn

        Sick, sad truth.

        Even if he loses, Costco will have a fortune invested in legal fees. It’s costing their business massive amounts to be labelled ‘racist’ by idiots, and be dragged through our corrupt ‘justice’ system.

        Even if they win the case, he wins, because we set our government up for this crap.

  • You don’t know me

    Costco did a good thing. It’s getting tiring having to give into these idiots. If someone can’t handle the job they were hired for, then they need to be fired! Give the job to someone else that needs it and they can go live in a muslim country.

    • Buster Keaton

      Buy nothing at COSTCO or TARGET or anyone who employs haters.

      • James Pflager

        are you retarded? costco fired them. did you even read the damn article?? no wonder you use a fake pic and a fake name posting stuff like that. id be worried all my friends and family think im braindead too, if i posted like you did.

    • freebritton

      really he should be sacked for taking the job under false pretenses !

  • JacktheRipper

    This is muslims trying to impose sharia on the rest of us, to force us to bow before their god and prophet. If you want to see how this story ends, just go look at the pics of the tortured, raped, and murdered, simply because they were of different faith. I’m sure you know like I do, that these muslim tactics in the workplace, schools, and politics, are all same-flowing currents in the river of death that Islam is, the same river that destroys, murders, and rapes, the innocent. If we don’t stop them now, the immigration, their influence, the river will become a flood, the flood an ocean, and we will be lost forever.

    Don’t bow to their blood-thirsty god! Stand tall for freedom!

    • JacktheRipper

      Maybe title VII of the Civil Rights Act of ’64 needs to be adjusted for those religions that declare us their enemy, are subversive against our nation, murder our citizens (9/11) and other innocents for religious reasons. Gosh, I don’t think that’s bending the spirit of the law tooooo much, do you? Cripes.

    • Raymond Alan Riddell

      Never Give Up. Take Back What Has Been Lost To “Political Correctness”.

    • Kenny Rogers

      You are exactly right. Just take a look at what they have already done in the UK and Hungary. Their method is to over populate and take over. Indonesia is a perfect example.

    • This is all about Muslim power. They’re allowed to handle and even SELL pork and alcohol. Muslim cashiers in Arabic states do it all the time! They own liquor stores! They sell alcohol to tourists! This is just a way of FORCING their beliefs on us.

  • Rmic

    Funny, some of those carts he was gathering must have had pork products in them before he picked them up. Maybe COSTCO and other businesses in islamomaniac cross hairs should start filing counter suits.

    • Linda

      So the idiot didn’t stop to think he might be handling port before he applied? What a sham. These muslims are going to be a really big thorn in our side from now on.

      • marco820

        He knew that he would be handling pork. All of this was done on purpose to slowly impose sharia on us. He’s no fool.

      • Raymond Alan Riddell

        He probably meant to make waves right from the start.

        • Sammie Jo

          He’s a ringer!

      • They have ALWAYS been a thorn in someone’s side. Just spare a thought for those suffering people from the Balkans who have been living with them for centuries. Then they get bombed for defending themselves. The truth has finally arrived. A bit late but it’s here now. No excuse for not backing the Christians there now if another war erupts.

        • bob rivers

          Clinton was a fool for bombing the serbs who were just trying to protect themselves from the muslims. Milosevic was right.

  • josephistan

    Of course the muslim isn’t actually touching pork, he’s touching plastic wrapping & styrofoam. But that still isn’t good enough to prevent a meltdown.

    • Buster Keaton

      Let us start a movement here and now to spray every US currency bill and coin, every ATM and every knob on every door with pork grease.

      • Kenny Rogers

        I already do and bury pork everywhere and pour pig blood everywhere I go

        • Lickylick

          That’s truly the best way to get rid of them permanently. It really is.

          • Sammie Jo

            It won’t be effective unless they know after the fact that they touched it.

  • llanfair

    You guys are just watching the beginning of Islamization. With Hussein at the helm these radicals are going to make the most of their Islamization of USA.

  • Stephanie Baird Davis

    These are all major liberal companies. Don’t feel a bit sorry for them. This is what they get for bending over backwards for the muslims.

    • Raymond of Canada

      Liberal or not, it will cost us.If your business handles food, alcohol, transports infidels (they are sure to be carrying something sometime), just DON’T HIRE MOSLEMS! But then, that will cost us too. You can’t win with Moslems. (Apparently, m-o-s-l-e-m is an offensive way to spell, but then what isn’t offensive to them?

  • William Fuzi

    So Muslims want segregation. One line for Muslims, and one for Kaffirs (another form of the N word but used for non Muslims) Sounds like racism to me.

    • ilhunter

      Logic Alert!!!!!! If you don’t understand this, please put your head in the oven and turn on the electricity.

      • William Fuzi

        You are going to have to be more specific, to get the desired effect. If they don’t have logic, or common sense, all you will get are a bunch of people with their heads in an oven, trying to flick the light switch.

        • DVult

          I have a gas oven.

    • Raymond Alan Riddell

      It’s ok if They Say It.

    • Raymond of Canada

      N word — iNfidels

    • colin

      so what about all the muslim shops that sell alcohol,no problem there then,

      • OmaJohn

        Islam allows Muslims to make any exceptions they see fit. It’s only in subjugating the lesser peoples of the world that the laws suddenly become rigid.

        • James Pflager

          im not quite sure you have any clue about what youre talking about. in fact, im positive.

    • Decaniman

      It is!

  • jb1907

    He should stated this in the interview so he would have been hired. Now they will ask everyone interviewing and be sued for discrimination.

  • Ray1547 @ teapartyorganizers.n

    The fact is islam is Sharia law and Sharia law is Islam. They are inseparable. Islam is not a religion. It is the law of the land in Muslim countries. We need to define Islam for what it is and ban it Because it is subversive and incompatible with Western culture. Http://

    • Raymond Alan Riddell


  • Diana Michelle Bailey

    Crawl back in your hole please before I have to get thw roach spray out on you.
    To say costco is prejudice against him is also to say he isn’t fitting his apparent job description for a cashier. A cashier job is to scan items ( no matter what they are) , bag items, take money from customers and give change when appropriate.
    I don’t think it says in that description that you have to be the police on what people are allowed to buy, in effect projecting your beliefs onto customer in order to sllow them to make purchases.
    I think the makers of products he will not handle should sue him directly for prejudicing their product. In fact I think all the customers he has denied them or attempted to deny them of their choice in purchase should also sue him for obvious prejudice against their choice in purchases and then should also sue costco foremploying such an idiot or at the very least boycott the store.

  • Diana Michelle Bailey

    He is in effect slandering pork and alcohol products and should have to face legal actions for costing those companies money.
    If costco crumbles and settles they to should be sued by the companies of products obviously deemed bad by thw muslims direct prejudice of product.
    They can say that at least one person was effected by the muslim belief. Therefore slandering the product.
    Play the same game they are playing. Who is his attorney? He to should be stonewalled.

  • Sherie K

    Why aren’t companies asking these basic questions on job applications? If you can’t touch or be near certain items, than you can’t work here, plain and simple

    • Raymond Alan Riddell

      That’s against their Right To Be Assholes.

  • Chris Lansbury

    That’s like taking a job as a fireman, then saying you can’t be around smoke!

  • tom4423

    not OK to discriminate against someone for their religion. It isn’t OK.
    It isn’t OK to treat them differently from others because of what they
    believe in,” Henry added.

    “I think that everyone is entitled to the same treatment. I think that’s what this case is about.”
    ++++++ UNLESS you are a muslim discriminating against those who drink alchohol and eat pork.

    • Kenny Rogers

      Go over there and do a tour. Your dumb ass will have a different tune to play I’ll bet hard cash on it.

      • tom4423

        Done my time fuckwit now re read my comment and understand what i wrote

        • Rick Captain Redtyde Robinett

          What can you do Tom…he’s named after a defunct chicken restaurant. Speaks volumes.

          • Kenny Rogers

            You are stupid as you look.

          • OmaJohn

            I’m glad this conversation is progressing and getting more thoughtful as it continues on.

          • Kenny Rogers

            You are stupid as you look. What’s the cup for your pencils and nickels? You would love to have some of my chicken now wouldn’t you?

        • Kenny Rogers

          Wasn’t calling you dumb ass was agreeing with you calling the person you quoted a dumb ass sorry for the misunderstanding

          • tom4423

            My apologies to you as well Kenny’ Its so easy to take comments in the wrong context.

      • Rick Captain Redtyde Robinett

        You must have been in the Army retard and you went a “Leave no kid behind” Libtard high school. SMFH

        • Kenny Rogers

          The Army is for pussies. Try again draft dodger.

          • Rick Captain Redtyde Robinett

            There was no draft when I voluntarily joined the United States Marine Corps. We won the 4 wars I participated in shit for brains. Btw as for the pirate garb…as a disabled/retired Veteran I donate my time to children’s charities and they think I look great and I don’t give a shit house rats ass what you think.

          • Kenny Rogers

            You snap judged me on a misunderstood post simply because of my name. Call me names and judge me and don’t even know me from Adam. Simpler Fi Marine I success but will not apologize until you do. Oorah.

          • Kenny Rogers


          • Rick Captain Redtyde Robinett

            Aye…I make redress for me previous slander. I declare parlay and beg you pardon my good Sir. I may ‘ave had too much rum and be shootin off me pie hole. Mind ye it be for medicinal purposes. I reproach meself and offer my penitence. Semper Fi. May your seas be calm, your draft be low and full of booty and a stiff wind guide the bosoms of ye masthead to ye most glorious aspirations. I will be seein ya in hell or Davies locker me brother.

        • Kenny Rogers

          The Army is for PUSSIES. Try again draft dodger.

  • Lola in SC

    Maybe the loss of their bacon will finally wake up more kool-aid drinking liberal Obamaroids to the vipers that they are embracing against their breasts…after all Charlie Hebdo, ISIS atrocities, Fort Hood massacre, Boston marathon bombing, the Lindt Massacre, and even 9/11 didn’t get any message through their thick skulls.

  • James hegarty

    All part of trying to change America. Fundamentally of course.

  • Ampbreia

    Honestly! If you feel you can’t touch pork or alcohol or associate with nonMuslim and require other special accommodations for your religion then maybe you should seek work elsewhere. You’re unqualified for the job! Get over yourself!

    • Seek work in another country.

  • Raymond Alan Riddell

    I think he’s an A- hole trying to make points with other’s like him.
    Even looks like one.
    Totally Out Of Line.

  • sooner4ever

    They’re as militant as the homosexuals. Perhaps they should join forces.

  • Gufo

    What part of the contract will he be using to sue? Was his contract sharia-compliant when he signed it? Was the location of the job supposed to be in Saudi Arabia? Lesson for civil employers: NEVER HIRE MUSLIMS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, BOYCOTT THEM IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAY. Let them find a job in their sharia-compliant countries, where the options are: young girls’ raper, be-header, suicide bomber, pedophile abusive imam, genital cutter, kidnapper, murderer, torturer, church/synagogue arsonist, and more career opportunities for all muslims!

  • fish1552

    “Just because you have a different belief, that doesn’t give anybody the right to treat you different,” Camara said.

    Like the cashier that refuses to check me out because I have pork or alcohol? Yeah, guess this is a one way street.

  • handgunnar

    He’s not being fired for “being different”. He’s being fired for being an asshole.

  • christine

    GOOOO BACKKKK TO YOUR OWN COUNTRY!!!! and try to get a good paying job there. oh yeah, isis is hiring-i think you might be qualified!


      He can be an ISIS beheading test dummy.

  • Gene

    Wait a minute, I shop at Costco. All pork products are wrapped in plastic packaging and alcohol comes in bottles or boxes, so it is physically impossible for the check out clerk to touch it. In fact it would be illegal for the moron to sell it after he put his dirty hands on it.

    What someone should have done was open the package and beat the moron with a pork chop so he would know the difference between plastic and pork.

    The lesson to be learned here is that you should not hire a Muslim in the first place, otherwise you are going to get this sort of stuff. This may seem harsh and unfair, but until Muslims start acting like decent human beings and respecting others, it may be the only course a business owner can take.

    • sandra schmidt

      The best way to avoid hiring “problem people” is to have your dogs present at the job interview. If the interviewee fails to pet and dote on your canine friends, do not hire them.

      • Keith

        Not just dogs, have a pet pig in there and offer a glass a beer or some other alcoholic beverage. That should solve any problems.

        • disqus_HlH4Faibhw


      • disqus_HlH4Faibhw


  • Tatonka

    I wouldn’t even hire these idiots,..It is by now well known that all they cause is trouble

  • Bobbi Brown

    His attorney says “it’s not okay to treat them differently” well, Aren’t they the ones asking to be treated differently?

  • colin

    This of course is the muslim scam you hear about it every day,a few years back in the UK,a a very modern young lady wearing revealing clothes,short skirt makeup applied for a hairdressing job,she was offered the job ,Monday cam in walk a full burqa clad lady ,yes you get it it was her,cut a long story short ,she was told to leave and change she refused and then sued the owner,an employment tribunal,found in her favour,and awarded her £14,000 for hurt feelings,like I said a well rehearsed muslim scam,

  • Werner

    religion should have no place at work —

    • Linda

      That’s right, not beyond the hearts and minds of the believer.

  • Excellent reason for not employing Muslims. The old “Thank you for applying but at this time you were not successful” letter is good enough. A more suitable or qualified applicant has won that position is all that is needed for rejecting an application.

  • KVMcCaslin

    But they did accommodate him.. They placed him where he didn’t have to handle pork or liquor. No where does the law state they have to give him his job position request.

  • Decaniman

    Actually I see it in reverse….. as discrimination from the muslims towards the big companies. When you demand your religious practices over the mainstream, are you not discriminating against everyone else?

  • Brad Moyse

    Then I guess all the other employees get 5 extra breaks a day too.You get a job you do it.The pork is wrapped and the alcohol is in a bottle.Loser is just trying to cash in.

  • jb1907

    Nobody was asking him to be a meat cutter and you never “touch” pork, It is wrapped up in plastic. You touch a glass bottle, not the actual alcohol. Just do your job.

    • PI by Nature

      He wasn’t working in the meat cutting department. Camara was working the registers.

      • jb1907

        I know that. But he wasn’t “touching” pork when it is in a plastic wrapper.

  • moraywatson

    That’s funny. He seems to think that everyone should be treated the same even if they have different beliefs, but he doesn’t think that rule extends to his treatment of Costco’s customers.

  • Buster Keaton

    Open an all-Muslim branch in Baghdad, transfer all Muslim employees there, give them the pink slip after one week. Place them in the no-fly list. Close branch in Baghdad. Problem solved.

  • St. Michael Defend Us

    Years ago, when Catholics were not supposed to eat meat on ANY Friday, I had a waitressing job. Another job I had was cooking burgers. It NEVER occurred to me that I should not cook or serve meat to others on Friday just because I would not be eating it myself that day. It NEVER occurred to my parents, either. My mom and dad would have been angry with me if I had used that as an excuse not to work on Friday!
    This guy is just bogus. And, he is “too good” to collect shopping carts? Boo-hoo.

    • disqus_HlH4Faibhw

      Yeah! And they probably would have been allowed to fire you if you came up with that nonsense!

  • donna

    right everyone should be treated equal.which means NO where in the handbook does it say hey all you Muslims get 6 breaks to pray and let all us Americans pick up their slack…..I don’t think so, they don’t like it they can go back to the hole they crawled out of

  • Simon Ayres

    “Just because you have a different belief, that doesn’t give anybody the right to treat you different,” 100% correct and if you cant do the job you where hired for you should be fired, he was lucky he got moved to a different department.

  • hurricanepaul

    What if someone’s “religion” insists on “prayer breaks” 30 minutes long, every hour?
    Should employees grant them their wish to “practice their religion” while still being paid for 8 hours of work?
    And besides, this guy knew ahead of time that part of his job would be to “touch pork products and alcohol” yet he took the job anyway?
    He should have not taken the job the minute he found out he would be handling pork and booze.
    Treating everyone the “same” means firing any one you want, when you want.

  • Michael_Brennick

    The ultimate aim of this jihadist is to have a checkout line where he could remove the heads of infidels.

  • Cate

    NEVER. HIRE. MUSLIMS. If you do, this is what you will get from them.

  • James Odonnell

    Guess the employer must counter sue because the mussie is trying to negate its secular beliefs and natural law believes, I pay you so you do what I tell you… After all its not ok to discriminate against someones religion..and that includes secular atheism…

  • Michael Wallis

    Get thee to a Halal butcher shop, bacon-phobe!

  • art

    they wield their faith like a axe its crazy work and religion should be separate could you see what would happen if all religious people had to pray 5 times a day give us a break

  • PI by Nature

    Many workers who handle money wear disposable gloves at work to avoid touching dirty money. The easy solution would have been for him to buy gloves or request that he have gloves available (which most cashiers would likely desire as well) so that he doesn’t directly touch the port or alcohol. Even in a liberal area like NYC, I don’t see this lawsuit going anywhere…especially when there is a solution that costs less than $10.

  • bejocy

    Sounds to me that he thinks he SHOULD be treated differently from others.

  • ELB

    If a Christian who didn’t believe in drinking was working there, would they assign them someplace else? Maybe, but chances are they would be fired for not wanting to do all aspects of the job they were assigned to do. The man was not “touching” pork, he was touching the wrapping, no one asked him to drink the alcohol, only touch the bottle which is like touching any other bottle. You cannot discriminate in the hiring process, but I’m here to tell you this, if it were me doing the hiring, I’d add the following questions to the interview – Do you have any issues with touching or handling the following products – Pork products including lunch meats, bacon, etc to include any products that MAY contain pork, alcohol – this includes any and all alcohol products intended for consumption by adults. I would also add that there is a strict dress code that includes no provisions for items that cover your head or face unless you work in a department that requires a head covering that the company provides. Also I would inform any prospective employee that they are entitled to one half hour break during an eight hour shift and any other breaks are up to the discretion of the on duty supervision – any violation of these rules will result in termination – and once these rules are explained, have them sign a copy, date it and put it in their personnel file. Then if they complain, too bad, they signed it and if them get fired, too bad, so sad.

  • Benji0804

    That’s messed up he can discriminate against non Muslims.

  • bambi hussein

    He should be forced to clean the toilets with his tongue.

  • Robert Gamble

    If they do not stop making concessions for these muslim workers trying to impose their laws onto all of us then there will be no end. The cashier who does not want to check people out with Alcohol and pork will keep getting worse, they will not want to check out women who are not dressed “Correctly” to not wanting to help customers who look “Gay” are wearing Crosses or Jewish head dress, there will be no end to it and is killing America and our way of life, they do not want this “Life” they want death, death to America, death to Israel, and death to everyone who does not follow their worshiping of their god exactly. Take a Stand, do not fall for this Pig Sh)t.

  • sickofit

    If our kids can’t pray in school, why should anyone get to pray at work?

  • freebritton

    they are not allowed to consume drink or pork. touching bottles or plastic wrapping does not affect is just another way of pushing the limits to see how far they can go!

  • if the cashier is a muslim I will go to another till or just walk out leaving everything on the counter. Don’t do any business with them or surrender, there is no other choices.

  • Gina

    They could always move to a muslim only country….many to choose from…if they don’t like the American work force.

  • Zaba

    I’m wondering if there are any discussions on hiring muslims out there in the business world, It’s becoming a common occurrence, some one is taking note……

  • taylor

    He knew exactly that he would be handling them products….. so why even go for the job

  • Bubba

    Just curious, how is this any different than Christians trying to impose prayer in public schools in the US?

    • JacktheRipper

      A dull knife across the throat. Can you see the difference now?

    • disqus_HlH4Faibhw

      Actually it’s atheists being anti-prayer and this bastard being anti-non-halal. Neither of them want anyone to do anything they don’t want to do. So in that sense, you’re right it’s the same, except for what Jack says below… A dull knife across the throat.


    Perhaps this Muslim should open his own store so he can make his own prejudicial and racist rules so an employee who doesn’t agree with him can sue him. What a putz.

  • roger

    ” It isn’t OK. It isn’t OK to treat them differently from others because of what they believe in,” Henry added.
    Strange, isn’t that what Mr Camara was doing by not serving those that wished to purchase pork or alcohol ?

    • sandra schmidt

      Exactly. Costco should have written him up for religious discrimination against non-Muslims.

  • Kenny Rogers

    We heard that a mosque was going to be built in our neighborhood and that it was run by known radical anti American sect of Muslims. Hard as we tried the property sale couldn’t be stopped. Mysteriously three 55gallons drums of pig blood and urine and waste was spilled on said property. They abandoned the property and sold it for less than half of what they paid.

    • JacktheRipper

      Must have been some sort of accident. I can’t see anyone doing that on purpose. ;)

  • Dee

    if you can explain how a religion bases their ‘heaven’ on sex with 72 young virgins all of whom remain virgins even after intercourse, clearly shows how distorted and troubles this religion is. yet our governments keep compromising our values and beliefs as a country to accommodate their needs. hasn’t anyone realised there trying to impose the very same tradition of which they escaped their countries as refugees for! why are we accommodating these people?? refugees have more privileges and belongings then our very on citizens living on the street! the amount of crimes committed by this religion is beyond control… they come into Australia, rape and abuse women and children and get away with it by saying I’m not from this country, our values are different, i didn’t know it wasn’t accepted to brutally rape or abuse a women dressed like a tramp, our culture believes she deserves to be raped if she’s not covered from head to toe. everyone needs to open their eyes and realise the true nature of this religion. ISIS is the way of islam, why do you think their killing muslims who don’t follow the true way of islam!?!? you can’t choose to believe parts of your religion yet deny other parts, the most important characteristics of the religion!

    another story of where a muslim employer had to introduce the right for muslim employee to pray at any time of the day due to their religious beliefs. the employee accommodated this, then they took advantage of it, didn’t clock off when praying, stayed in the room for longer then usual, and expected to be paid for it.

    so the more we accommodate for these people the more our country will turn like the ones there escaping from!

  • Kaka M. Azad

    Muslims who practice Islam, can not be trusted…They are a bomb waiting to explode. Be aware of their danger….A Muslim is a good person only when he does not practice his religion, when a Muslim starts to practice his religion he becomes a possible member of Al-Qaida, ISIS, HAMAS, Huzib Allah…a terrorist.

  • Kaka M. Azad

    I will never go to a cashier with an ugly or dirty face….. A disgusting beard without mustache or a sticking veiled head…. wake up America the cancer of Islam is spreading in USA through these germs.


    Slowly they Creep!! Wake Up effing America!!!!

  • borderraven

    Camara was demanding special treatment because of his religion and got equal treatment regardless of his religion.

  • dingoatemybaby

    the guy even look like a whiney little he bitch

  • Cynthia J. McCoy

    This is bull crap and is getting out of hand. Nothing is keeping them here in America?????? Go to a country that lines up with that crap, we DO NOT!!!! And shame on those who try to make it that way.

  • rhcrest

    We all have to take matters into our own hands and refuse to go into the line of a muslim cashier. I saw one handing out samples at costco the other day and no way would i ever take food from a muslim. Demand another person and not a muslim take care of you if you are the customer. They can’t do anything to you as the customer. Don’t do business with these barbarians. Shun them as much as possible. All these demands etc. are just more proof that muslims don’t belong in this country

    • TwerkinWitSyriettes

      How did you know he was Muslim from lookin at him?

      • rhcrest

        It was a her – she was wearing a hijab. I have gotten pretty good at being able to differentiate Arab muslim men from Indians from India as well. They have certain facial features. Indians are incredibly nice people. Muslims not so much

  • Lickylick

    The lawyer just lost his case with his statement, “I think everyone is entitled to the same treatment. I think that is what this case is about.” Damn right employees should receive the same treatment. That means no preferential treatment for any single or group of employees just because they choose to believe something different. Anyone can believe what they want but those who’s beliefs interfere with how the company runs its operations either need to accept being transferred if the company is even willing to do that. Myself I would have fired the worthless complainer the first time he complained about his position the company was gracious enough to offer him for fair compensation.

  • Sammie Jo

    This makes me so angry. Since when does the employer have to make religious accommodations for an employee? If your job interferes with your religion, then stay home.
    Heinz deserves to be sued because they accommodated them in the first place and now it’s not enough.
    Remember the old saying, “give them an inch, and they’ll take a mile.”
    The companies should turn around and counter sue them for fraud, because I will bet they didn’t bother to inform the employer that they would not touch pork while checking people out. They took a job under false pretenses.

    Ooops, didn’t mean to “like” my own post. lol

  • Glen Saunders

    I think his lawyer needs his head lopped off also. It’s obviously useless. There are no brains in it….

  • Flower

    He should have been immediately fired for refusing to do the job he was hired to do. PERIOD.

  • Flower

    Jews don’t eat pork, but don’t make a big broohaha out of selling wrapped packages of it!

  • Kathleen Newton

    he says just because you have diferent belifs or religion you should not be treated differently , well isn’t that just what he is doing to the costomer by refusing to cash threw the sales of pork or alchole , he is treating that costomer differently because he as diferent belifs than he as . wen push comes to shove hes being paid to do a job not practise his religion . if because of his religion he cant do the job fully he should leave and let someone who can have the job

  • littlebit43

    Fire his A**. There is a thousand reason you can come up with to get around this issue. I have owned a number of businesses and I guarantee you within a week I could come up with a legitimate reason to fire anyone. Better yet never hire one. Set all interviews up for the time of prayer. If they don’t show up, don’t hire them. Who is to say why you hire one person over the other. Reasons are a dime a dozen.

  • squiggly64

    …..if this is allowed to stand.. every devout christian and any other religion who works for these companies needs to demand the same kind of accommodations. to your beliefs… as most of you do not believe you should handle or sell contraceptives and other such items then you should be treated the same and if they don’t want to do that… you all need to sue them for discrimination based on freedom of religion as they have opened the door to this. in catering to islam… christians aren’t supposed to eat meat or handle meat on friday’s.. jews have their own restrictions. come on people fair’s fair. if ya gonna cater to one group ya need to cater to them all.. even the stupid scientologist can get in on this,, target, costco, ya better think about what ya letting ya self in for in this. how stupid are you companies??????

    • disqus_HlH4Faibhw


  • drdias

    Simply let him and his family, go back to their beloved homeland where they came from, where they surely will be welcomed with opened arms and unspeakable tyranny for becoming westernized!

    Islamist seem to be inflamed about everything in any civilized culture!

    Islamist always feels they are above the Law and should be compensated by everyone who do not believe in their Islamic Male dominated ideology of death and enslavement.

    Islamist are overtly offended by very our way of life, our culture, our ethnicity, and our religions which is hastily brought about by their conspicuous self-compelled obedience to this male dominated ideology of Islam whose Qur’an, the Hadith, the Surah, and Sharia Law broker death and enslavement upon the Kafir’s (infidel= us) and other members of differing Islamic sects.

    If these Muslim’s are so disgruntled, so distressed, so tyrannized by their depraved Islamic Male Dominated countries??

    Why the overt haste to come to our Civilized countries in order to destroy our culture(s), our ethnic heritage, our religions, and our very way of life that we all hold so dear??

    So what drives this Islamic Male Dominated ideology to be so preoccupation to overtly induce everyone else on this planet to be as discontented, disgruntled, enslaved, and tyrannized as they are back in their homeland of the Male Dominated Islamic paradise?

  • Autumn7112

    two words “wear gloves”

  • Frank Pucillo

    I guess if he refused to bake a cake for a gay wedding he would be given a pass.

    • disqus_HlH4Faibhw

      UNDOUBTEDLY…. and probably given a RAISE.

  • Physiocrat

    Let him sue, he will end up with massive costs.

    • Atikva

      His lawyer wouldn’t have accepted the case pro bono if it wasn’t backed up by CAIR or any other muslim group advocating for the islamization of America.

  • JoJoJams

    “Give them an inch, they’ll take your country…”

    • Keith

      Don’t let the PC crowd hear you say that. You will be accused of Islamophobia!

  • jon wright

    As Islam is a cult. Costco should ignore this Muzzlem as this is the way they infiltrate institutions, just a little at a time. He can continue touching pork if there is no way out for him as long as he acknowledges it to himself, that it is wrong. He cannot eat pork but if earns his living where he has to touch same it is alllowed. Limits have to be placed on Muzzlems as before one realizes it they have taken over. This is their M.O.

  • Griff Griff

    find it potentially hazardous to my health to work near anyone who
    might go bat-shit-jahadi at any moment! Does that mean I can sue if the
    company fails to provide a safe and harassment free work environment?!

  • Mark Wilder

    The very last sentence says it correctly, ” It isn’t OK to treat them differently from others because of what they believe in,” Henry added. Makes perfect sense to me , NO PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT>.I dont want others promoted to better jobs just because they wont touch pork which is in a package, or wine which is in a bottle. Fire them NOW. Then send them to a sharia compliant country where they wont feel offended.

  • honeysuckle40

    To bad get a job where you don’t have to handle anything. Now he has the excuse to sue. What else is new? Good bye.

  • BonniePrinceCharlie

    “It’s not OK to discriminate against someone for their religion. It isn’t OK to treat them differently from others because of what they believe in,” – unless, of course, that person is not a Muslim. Then it’s OK to discriminate against them by refusing to serve them with products which their religion allows them to eat.

  • marshmouse

    Tie him down feed him pork pour a bottle of jack down him then kick his ass out of the country.

    • disqus_HlH4Faibhw


  • disqus_HlH4Faibhw

    The fukking bastard is using his “religion” as an excuse to force Costco to ban non-halal items and because they wouldn’t transfer him to a job he wanted. Same thing happened at the Costco by my sister’s. We went to the meat department and one of the employers there said they didn’t handle butchering and he didn’t know why. I knew immediately they were either accommodating veganism or islamism.

  • RedBaron77

    Muslim scum. Enough of this religion.

    • Atikva

      It’s not a religion, just another totalitarian ideology.

  • Atikva

    Dear Mr. Camara,

    In America, most Americans eat pork and drink alcohol. You don’t have to, but it’s no reason to prevent others from doing so. If you don’t want to handle these items, why did you choose to work in a non muslim store that sells them? Did you seriously expect that the store would change its whole operation just to accommodate you – maybe by creating a separate cashier line “Halal food only”? Why did you choose to live in a country that is predominantly Christian anyway?

    And by the way, who introduced you to your lawyer and how are you going to pay his fees, from your salary or your unemployment compensation?

    I hate to break the news, but we are not fooled by these tactics to try and islamize America through these frivolous lawsuits invoking the same freedom of religion laws that your muslim world rejects. But if you insist, fine, we will sign petitions in your favor as soon as Christian and Jewish employees everywhere in the muslim world are allowed not only to live, but to wear symbols of their religion at work if they so wish, are exempt from covering their heads or faces, are exempt from working on Saturdays or Sundays and are allowed to openly celebrate all Christian and Jewish holidays. What do you think, wouldn’t it be a fair deal?

  • David Mulloy

    I think this case is about setting precedents: Just as The LGBT first demanded “Equal Rights”! And they should have “Equal Rights”, just like anyone else; But then their crusade demanded “Special Rights” and the Government gave in to them!
    Now the Islamists are demanding “Special Rights” too…. And our President intervenes, and gives them anything they want!!

  • Fallenangel

    If you can not handle certain products then you should not work in retail. Whatever happened to When in Rome do as the Romans do?? If you do not approve of our way of life then get back on the plane and go home. Do not try to impose your way of life on us. I believe in freedom of religion except when it comes to shoving your religion down my throat….well put that thought right out of your head. The sooner we stop “accommodating” these people the better. If that is not good enough for you then go home and don’t let the door hit you on the ass as you leave!!

  • BK37

    Religious freedom. It works both ways.

  • Levance West

    Hey, this is the inevitable outcome of all the bigoted “religious freedom” laws so many of you are applauding. Don’t whine when it doesn’t just work for your benefit.

  • Levance West

    Jesus wasn’t against using your mind and reason.

  • obamalied

    never hire a muslim, I can always find a reason to not hire a muslim.

  • Williamnot

    Next they we be asking for side walks that are only for muslims.

  • Obama

    Why are they thinking they are so special, is people like people and this idea of having a better God is totally stupid.

  • Craig Spurr

    If a employee (White, Black, Pink, German, Muslim Whatever) fails to full fill the needs/criteria of the said job through choice, damn right cheekiness (and/or some cases disability) then it’s obvious that the employee in question is in the wrong profession.. The fact is:- ‘If they choose not to do the work and not carry out the duties that they were initially payed to do then they should be finished on the spot for misconduct, Ignorance, failing to stick to their contract etc.. one who thinks he can call the shots thinks they can do as they please will be replaced, replaced by someone no doubt very grateful given the chance/position who fully understands the job description and what is required from them and finds it no problem. No employer wants the fuss of having to hire more workers to carry out a simple task – why would any boss want a worker with that attitude anyway someone who knowingly puts more strain on other work colleagues happily. There is folk out there cueing up to give it their best shot and work hard, smart punctual, dedicated skilled and with a positive working attitude A chance of meeting a true asset for the company/organisation rather than a boss thats bullied by workers, this stupid government is own worst enemy, they are ignorant, don’t listen to a word what we say, our views on what WE want (as True ENGLISH Citizens) they would rather collapse our entire economy by employing foreign workers to (if not over here already) to come from their country of origin and take up the jobs in factorys and positions that should be for the English, and the ones that take our local jobs get payed and send huge amounts back to their own country of irigin, hence thats why the pound is becoming more worthless as days go by, our government has knackerd us up sooo much by not taking us seriously, not listening to the countries own folk, spending Tax Payers Cash on utter rubbish and supporting absolute foreign strangers from other countries, ‘Delinquent-no-nothing-fools’ with No qualifications, not skills or trade whatsoever… How the hell does that benefit us??? the ones that get invited over here that chose not to work get given fully payed accommodation to stay (paid for by Me and You ‘The Taxpayer!!!’) whilst they multiply, lap up our FREE NHS (paid for by Me and You ‘The Taxpayer!!!’) Sponge every bit of benefit(sss) they can, Income Support, Tax Benefits, Family Allowance, JobSeekers Allowance, Stupid pointless training courses (all paid for by Me and You ‘The Taxpayer!!!’) They get special rights over us, get treat better by our so called government than the countries own folk and coming second, Call me a racist or what you like I don’t give a sh1t!! Me along with MANYYYY OTHERS ARE SICK OF THE WAY THINGS ARE, they are ignorant, Disrespectful, they show no sign whatsoever of been thankful or grateful whatever we do, The bottom line is:- ‘They are a ‘guest’ here in OUR country, Yano… I’d feel well awkward if I was the one took in and gave priority over their own people.. Them..? Nah.. they don’t even acknowledge what we do/done and continue indicate their ungratefulness by attempting to bring over their stupid deluded belief’s and change our English Law and order (that has been around for centuries) to the Seedy guidelines a dirty old nonce made up and wrote between messing with children (as young as 9) and beating womwen, Ha!! Sharia-Law ”’WILL NEVER EVER BE IMPOSED IN THE UK…. NOT EVER!!!””

    I know one thing The UK is printing money in the hope to rescue itself out of debt.. but really in fact all that is doing is making the pound even more worthless.. Yano.. I can tell you that our stupid government does exactly what they like, a set of monkeys from the zoo could run this country better than they are, it’s the shady low ripping off things they do behind our backs that is quite alarming.. for instance ‘Our coins of the realm.. a coin used to be worth it’s face value to approx what it is worth in pieces of gold, Well, 2p’s classed as copper, 2 Pence worth of copper, after 1992 all 2 pence coins are made from steel and coated in copper, the price for scrap steel is at the minute £65 a tonne against the copper at £3000 a tonne, 5p and 10 Pence coins have been also weighed in too, in 2012 all new 5 an 10p coins made from Nickel Plated Steel (£65 A tonne Scrap Steel) and the old ones weighed in.. Test em with a magnet… They make me sick!!!

    Can sense one thing.. I think it’s only a little matter of time before the people of the UK turn on their own government and take the law into their own hands, I said this a few year ago but still nothing has really ever come of it so…? There is a lot of things that need addressing, They think they are sooo chuffing clever.. putting stoppages on stuff, don’t do this – can’t do that, the rise in anti-social behaviour, binge drinking, nowhere for kids to go and do exciting stuff like off-road scrambling etc, when they restrict they are failing to make room elsewhere, for instance there is not hardly anywhere to go on quads n bikes, not legally without a pig on ya ass trying to keep up trying his best to apprehend ya and confiscate ya bike (Section 59) It’s a right load of bollock5 It’s even illegal to play ball games in the street ffs! What are kids of today supposed to do.. Like I say.. It’s only a matter of little time before people say:- No, you had your chance in sorting this country out and made a right fcuk up of it, new laws, new police powers.. Pffff.. I mean when all else fails then new tactics maybe.. Can’t jail everybody… In reality I think it will be domino effect – once a few make that stand saying enough is enough I reckon others will follow, Together We Stand – Divided We Fall… (And falling we are) :-(

  • Manualdemise

    He has no case. Anyone who has studied Islamic and Sharia law knows that Muslims can touch pork with no religious or political repercussions if they are not living in an Islamic state. Get educated people instead of just reading crap like this. You must all learn what Sharia really is, and the mission of all Muslims. They are already changing laws in America because even our leaders are ignorant. Part of the plan is to keep them ignorant. Take control.

  • Livingforward

    If this is truly about everyone being entitled equal treatment then as a zealous Muslim man would he deny a Christian the equal right to keep their head for not converting to Islam? I think the Muslim doctrine would supersede and Christians will lose their heads and yet this form of unequal treatment may not be fought if our most liberal laws continue to be ridiculed.

    How very close we are to losing the real freedoms outlined in our battered and bullied constitution whose strength has been abused from the top down.

  • Dawn Almond

    TRUE, it is NOT OK to treat them differently because of their religion…& TRUE it is NOT OK to treat them differently because of their religion! You see what I’m saying!? Everyone gets treated the same regardless of gender, race, sexual preference, religious beliefs, etc. No one gets special treatment because of any certain reason… Example: Just because some people may smoke, doesn’t mean they get smoke breaks when they want… most smokers can’t even smoke on campus where they work anymore… If you don’t like the rules go somewhere else.

  • Muslim Bullshit

    Mr Camara looks like a converted Nigga but wants a separate line for muslims and kaffirs, but actually they are one and the same and yet around the world and a specially in Africa, Kaffir is a derogatory term for a African-American or any black man from African descent who by the way nearly all eat pork and drink alcohol when given the chance.

  • dochood

    I’ve got a job for him… how about Costco Greeter?

  • Maurauder

    How about he go to an all muslim nation and leave the USA. That would solve his problem without inconveniencing law abiding citizens.

  • Gail Maizel

    Like other immigrants Muslims must learn to adapt to our laws and customs. Soon every religious group will want a change. Where does it end?

  • Teresa Yoder

    it’s what comes out of a man that defiles him, not what goes into him Jesus said. Part of being a good employee is listening to your boss and going according to their rules. It’s the humble way to be and the right way to be.

  • Lockhart Tactical

    Screw that guy and everyone like him.

    Play by the rules everyone else follows, or they should take a trip back to their sand huts and terrorist filled, 3rd world countries.

  • orbearider66

    Funny that he didn’t seem to have a problem handling dog food even though dogs are considered unclean.

  • Bill Wyko

    So, when are Muslims going to treat Americans with equality??????

  • nigel

    he needs drowning in a vat of pigs blood tbh

  • PapaRob Bluesman

    To bad. That’s the job. You knew it when you took it. Buck up or hit the road.

  • drdias

    Islamist always feel that they are offend, that they are above the Law and should be given Special compensated by everyone who does not believe in their Islamic Male dominated anti-feminist ideology of death and enslavement.

    Any private employer has the right to terminate for just cause or for not performing your assign work duties, in other words a private employer can terminate you for not doing a large part of the job that they are paying you to perform.

    Islamist are always victims, even when they cause, instigate, and commit the crimes against us!

  • Ixnay66

    This reminds me of the woman who’s refusing to give out marriage licenses to gays because of her christian faith. She should be shown the door also.

    • drdias

      Yes, she has the right to do what ever she wants!

      Not as a Civil Servant, she has duties and obligations when she took the job!!

      If she can not fulfill those duties she can be replaced!

      There is a separation of church and state under the Constitution!

  • London friend

    Europe is suffering a mass invasion by millions of Muslims at the moment, but it’s presented as our fault because Racism.

    An idiot puts his family in a blow up dinghy, at night, with no life vests, and it’s our fault when his poor little children drown – only to be photographed in some dreadful, snuff movie manner to blame us, because Racism.

    Here are Muslims, fleeing Muslims, safe in Muslim lands (Turkey) killing their innocent toddlers by stupidity, but WE are to blame!

    The west is being led to destruction.

  • thebarejew

    Its time to stop giving religious practices special consideration. Those who wish to express their faith should do so at their own expense and bear the inconvenience themselves. If one does not wish to handle pork, don’t apply to work at a business that sells pork. If your religion dictates “modest dress”, don’t expect Hooters’ to change their business model to accommodate you.

  • granniesgrunts

    This guys doesn’t want anyone treated differently ..but he denies the customer the right to buy what he wants and the Store to sell it ONLY his rights matter….uh..He wants to dictate everything to Costco..or as the other do to Hertz..Heinz..The company owes you a DAYS pay and you OWE then a Days work .That is IT..if you can’t do That move on..

  • Kenneth Barten

    Look it’s REALLY simple to understand this concept..
    You KNEW Costco sells ALCOHOL…
    You KNEW Costco sells PORK.
    You were hired to do a job. If you are unable or UNWILLING to do your
    job, you will be transferred into a job you can do. otherwise, if
    you’re going to use “religion” as an excuse to NOT do the
    You get FIRED,, just like the rest of the work pool here in America.
    If you’re NOT going to do the job you were hired to do, or UNWILLING
    to do it, you have committed the crime of falsification of your
    application and should be sued and sent to jail for committing a
    crime you asshole..

  • Dave Goodwin

    If these stores cant handle pork and alcohol then don’t let the cash and carry outlets sell it to them, then you will see how long these corner shops survive . Most of these establishment are only doing this to either rock the boat or see if they can get a pay out at the public s expense, these scams have to stop. Boycot the stores, bound to be other stores that will gladly take your money…..

  • Tom Osborne Sr.

    It’sjust starting. Wait until Christmas gets here and Muslims won’t sell Christmas stuff. Why is it that most employers cow-tow to Muslims, but Christians are not even allowed to wear a T-shirt with a Christian theme or wear a cross.

  • efesgirl

    These people offend me and the rest of the civilized world. Time to take out the garbage before it really begins to stink.

  • maturner

    Unbelieveable that we are putting up with this crap.

  • This must not be allowed to stand! I demand that Congress put an end to this farce! Tell the EEOC this was and is a Christian nation and if they cannot understand that they will be defunded and closed!!

    In case you have forgotten your American history: Many who fled to America in colonial times did so to practice their protestant faith, having been oppressed by the Catholic Church or the Church of England. I do not recall any believers in Islam being mentioned!

    Those who would now like to interpret the 1st Amendment in terms of freedom to practice Buddhism, Taoism, Islam etc should be reminded of the above. American laws come from the Bible and the Ten Commandments not the Quran. The American judiciary needs to be reminded of this inconvenient fact!

  • Sylvia Mason

    As I have said previously, don’t move to the USA or Canada if you want to impose your religion on us. Go back to where you came from – no separate lines for different faiths – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! It is time that all Americans and Canadians take a stand and not allow different faiths and nationalities to DICTATE how we must live in our own countries. Stay where you are and worship and live the way you want – but just know that it won’t be in our country!

  • bill_buckley

    If you are hired to do a job and you cannot do the job, then you get fired. It is not the employers responsibility to accommodate. If a Christian took a job in Saudi Arabia and refused to work on Sunday because it the Sabbath, do you really think that request would be accommodated?

  • Jean Emerson

    Their attitude seems to be..”hire me ..”…then once hired they think they have become the bosses? They will only do what they want…when they want. Since when is a business responsible for their eating, praying and behavioral needs? If they want the job…do the danged job..they don’t get to redefine the way the job is to be done…like more lines (and ultimately more employees).

  • disqus_b3gwsSWZi6

    I’m tired of the Muslim demands. Deport all of them.

  • patricia crevier

    It is not okay to hire someone to do a job in a specific dept and then he refuses to do it. Costco accommodated him by putting him in a different dept. This was a kind consideration,not discrimination.Good they fired this a**hole.

  • wdmulanaxjr


  • Joyce A. King

    They are constantly suing–and winning–to see what all they can get away with. We are LETTING them take over our country! It’s absolutely ridiculous!

  • john stewart

    As a muslim, I see this guy no different than all the other scums trying to take advantage of the courts or the welfare system and trying to take a free ride of hard working Americans. His behavior is egregious and cannot be condoned but equally it is very disappointing to see these comments become a magnet for comments stereo typing all muslims. America is better than that!

  • James Pflager

    equality means he shouldnt get special perks and benefits over his peers. his lawyer just blew the case with his own words.

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