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Mayor De Blasio to Close NYC Schools for Muslim Holidays


Fourteen years after 911, Mayor Bill de Blasio, nee Warren Wilhelm, caved to Islamic supremacist demands and added Muslim holidays to the school calender. The only Muslim holiday that should have been added was September 11th.

The city is far too diverse for schools to observe every holiday. NYC has a huge Hindu population. Why weren’t the Hindu holidays added?

The education is sub-par as it is; the last thing NYC kids need is more time off from school.

This is but another device in which Islam is imposed on the public school. The Islamic curriculum in the public schools do not include the 1,400 years of jihadi wars, land appropriations, cultural annihilations and enslavements.

CNN quotes people like Islamic supremacist “Palestinian” far-Left activist Linda Sarsour, giving them the imprimatur of legitimacy, while voices of reason are silenced. The argument made by Islamic supremacists is that Muslims shouldn’t have to weigh school vs. religious observances. Nonsense. You have a holiday, you take the day. No biggie. When I was young, I took off Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur from my schools. My school didn’t give Jewish kids those days off. My family, my community never thought twice about it. But we never sought to impose our religion on others.

Their objective is much bigger than school holidays — it is to impose Islam.


“New York City public schools to have Muslim holidays off,” By Greg Botelho, CNN, March 4, 2015

(CNN)New York City public schools will now observe two Muslim holidays, officials announced Wednesday, making the district — the nation’s biggest — one of the few to put Islamic holy days on its calendar.

Under the change announced by New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and city Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina, there will be no class for Eid al-Adha, also known as the Festival of Sacrifice, starting next September 24. Another Muslim holiday, Eid al-Fitr — a festival marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan — will become a holiday for those in summer school starting in 2016.

“This is a common-sense change,” de Blasio said Wednesday, “and one that recognizes our growing Muslim community and honors its contributions to our city.”

The decision affects some 1 million students in New York City. While it’s not known exactly how many of them are Muslim, City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito said that almost 1 million of the more than 8 million people in the city’s five boroughs practice Islam and a 2009 Columbia University study found that roughly 10% of New York City public school students are Muslim.

The move isn’t a surprise, given de Blasio’s campaign pledge to alter the school calendar with Muslim families in mind.

“Muslim students and their families who observe Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha shouldn’t have to choose between an instructional day and their religious obligations,” said Farina. “This new addition will also enable a teachable moment in the classroom for our students to learn about religious tolerance and the societal contributions of various cultures.”

Linda Sarsour, executive director of the Arab American Association of New York and the parent of three public school students, said a plan in which students wouldn’t have to choose between education and faith “a win for our children and for future generations in this country.”

“Muslims are a part of the fabric of this country,” she said. “We make our country proud, and today, New York City made us proud.”

New York City joins school districts in other states, including New Jersey, Massachusetts and Vermont, that similarly observe Muslim holidays, according to a news release from Farina’s office.

And Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha join other religious holidays already on New York’s public school calendar. In addition to holidays like Easter that always fall on a weekend, students already have Christian holidays such as Good Friday and Christmas off, as well as the Jewish holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

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  • Neil Hyams

    Even you, Pamela, give the chazerai too much breathing space, You actually agree to have an intellectual discusion with those who deny so much to every single Jew? Why bother and what’s the point? You will never win any argument and it’s not because you are wrong in any way. Old Chasidic saying…’ Never Explain’. Read more Leon Uris to understand Arabim. XX

  • Dr. Doomsday

    Maybe TheBlahzio should have Hitler’s birthday as a holiday too, for all the skinheads in NYC? What a jerkweed.

  • Wouldn’t expect anything less from this scumbag, DeBolshevikio.

  • US.Patriot1776

    NYC will soon be a “no-go zone” for Christians and Jews.

    • dragontech64

      Considering that these so-called “No-Go” zones don’t exist ANYWHERE currently, what makes you think NYC will be adding them?

      • Bonnetierre

        Keep your head buried ostrich.

        • dragontech64

          The ones who have their heads buried are the ones who believe this sort of crap like “no go zones” that originate in the lying bowels of Fox and the other Right wingnut propaganda sites.

          • Bonnetierre

            I’ve been to Europe over 30 times over my life. How many times have you gone?

            Fly to a no-go zone yourself and let me know how it works out, thanks.

          • Have you been to Dearborn lately?

          • Justin Newman

            I LIVE in Dearborn, my wife, my family, my in-laws, most of my friends, and myself are all Christian. We all still have our heads, and an omnipresent police force. Maybe YOU should visit Dearborn sometime!

      • Gary Smith

        From an article published in August:

        “As one police chief told the German press, the governments may deny it, but everyone knows these no-go zones exist, and “even worse, in these areas crimes no longer result in charges.” The Muslims are “left to themselves. Only in the worst cases do we in the police learn anything about it. The power of the state is completely out of the

        • dragontech64

          Source? Or is that another Fox piece of bullshit?

      • livingengine

        Dragontech64 — please go to “Loonwatch ia Propaganda Hate Site” for a collection of videos proving that “no-go zones” are quite real.

    • Exactly what I was about to say.

  • Neville Chamberlain

    Maybe if we appease the Muslims enough they’ll stop bombing us. Let’s just give them everything they want, then we can have peace in our time.


      Give ’em MORE NAKBA.

    • disqus_a1qzhygng0

      Aah Yes….the appeaser, “he who feeds the crocodile hoping it will eat him last”..Winston Churchill

  • Nathan

    Bill De Blasio…. shame on you. What have you gained…. nothing. They will move on to the next thing. Shame on you, shame.

    • Bonnetierre

      His offshore bank account is being filled as we speak; a la Hillary Clinton.

    • jon wright

      It would seem normal that having screwed up the country by electing the Ayatollah Buraq POTUS the people elect another “dud”. What is it with the electorate, they seem to be suckers for pain or just gullible to the crap he handed out. “Another good one?”

  • maxprkr

    Game over. Kafirs are doomed.

    • JacktheRipper

      No, we still have years of politicking left. And then there’s the civil war that’s
      bound to come. Maybe if we have to fight for freedom all over again we’ll
      appreciate more.

  • livingengine
  • Beagle

    Will he waive the laws against animal sacrifice in the streets?

  • truth seeker

    What Muslim contributions? I guess this goes with the fact that the 9/11 memorial is UNDERGROUND!

    • Bonnetierre

      Population reduction. Something Hilary Clinton agrees with.

  • Ghost

    Righteous Jews, Christian friends, good people in this fight–keep faith and keep strong. It’s Purim. Read the Book of Esther. And for some encouragement:

    The Purim Song

    What Does Haman Say?

  • Ghost

    Don’t forget the “Crash Course on Purim” by Rabbi Avraham Goldhar

  • Alex Live

    How to fight this thing, why no Hindu, why no Russian ethnic holidays? How to fight that? Only 9/11 must be holiday for them. Wilhelm is a piece of crap.


    Taken to its logical conclusion secular leftists like De Blasio are paving the way for all religious groups wanting an official holiday for themselves. .And the chaos it will cause will be so great that the solution will have to be the collapse of all religious holidays into a single day of celebrating all faiths or ALL FAITHS DAY.

  • Ex New Yorker

    Big Bird De Blasio right back at it with the pandering BS!


  • CJP

    I think if religious people should get a day off, then atheists should get a special day off too, like maybe Darwin’s birthday. If I were a teacher, I would hold class anyway on that day for something and give extra credit for those who attended.

    • Betty4440

      and it is getting to the point in NY. just close the stupid schools and take a life long holiday.

      • Warren

        Just close the stupid schools and let parents choose the private sector schools that rush in to fill the vacuum.

  • Sam McGee

    Thanks to PC ass wipes like De Blasio scenes similar to, and worse than, the Boston Marathon bombing will become commonplace in the USA. I can’t say what needs to be done but we all know what it is.

  • Rocinante44

    the fools in new York deserve to get what they want

    • Bonnetierre

      NY is avoided by many businesses, travelers, and now families.

      Good riddance. Call me when you get your state under control!!

    • Clare

      Yes, but Pamela Geller is the opposition and represents conservatives in New York. Every major city needs her; please send a Pamela Geller clone to Seattle.

  • Your Friend Clem

    They certainly contributed by providing a singular piece of urban redevelopment. Linda Sasour is truly noxious. De Blasio shows yet again how useful the truly committed useful idiot can be.

    • Patriot Girl

      How right U r Clem … That hideous Linda sansour is a Baghead worth all our collective hatred! She is self seeking, “muslims will rule the world” mouthpiece but even she is totally expendable in their world.. A loud mouthed uncouth woman would never survive in a real muslim world… Being as strident as she is I know why they use her but I know she will be the first to get her head chopped off if these maniacal muslims come to power.. Anywhere here… It’s happening now!!!

      • Your Friend Clem

        Where goes Islam , there follow the five pillars : death, destruction, desolation, despair and domination.

        • Clare

          Thumbs up. The Mujahadeen Books Bad Jihadii war cry: “Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh” (read ahahahahallahuakbar.) The five D’s of the Princes of Sandland – the means by which they set hell on earth through their Mahometan Slaves of Satan.

    • Clare

      Whenever De Blahzio makes some Socialist Anti-American pronouncement, there is Sasour, representing Obama’s America. Why don’t these bastards move to Cuba?

      • Your Friend Clem

        Think about this : when India was partitioned and the Muslims were given the choice of TWO countries into which they could emigrate, a
        number remained behind in India, where they felt they were so poorly regarded. Why did they stay? To create havoc and chaos, that’s why. They are trained into being malignant sh*theels from their infant years.

        • Clare

          Yes, their appetite for the five D’s drives whatever they do. (I really like your five pillars… the true foundation of this vile warlord ideology.) I have observed Muslimas in grocery stores with their little boys. There is no discipline for the boys yet the little girls are demure and cling to their mothers. These boys are the Muslim men we see now taking up space.

  • conan_drum

    The Muzzies have got the politicians running scared so they keep appeasing them to make sure they get their votes

  • Waiting…

    I suppose the cruelty to animals this festival exercises has nothing to do with Islam. As well as the way animals are treated in UK Halal abattoirs.

    I’m reading the history of Jihad, and I don’t want to spoil it for anyone but history is repeating itself. As Islam becomes stronger within our communities, the more
    “extreme” Islam will become.

    I’m disgusted.

    • JacktheRipper

      History may be repeating itself, but we can rewrite the last chapter, with new leaders who are equipped to handle the unique threat that Islam is, and new laws to deal with islam’s racism, militancy, and sharia. But most important, reduce muslim immigration to a trickle. If we don’t, everything else would be of little value.

      • Waiting…

        I don’t know how we can rewrite the last chapter. Reading about Islamic history, what I’ve come to see is that it can only get worse. There is no other option.

        I do believe that its about weakening Islam by closing down Mosques, putting a ban on Halal, closing Islamic bookshops. Laws that reduce Islam the way Christianity is reduced in the Middle East.

        Islam is ‘peaceful’ when its in a weak state. As it begins to grow, Muslims become more organised and Islam becomes more ‘radicalised’.

        • JacktheRipper

          As the reality of Islam’s menacing intentions become more clear and obvious our better natures will rise up and meet the challenge, I really believe this. The struggle for freedom and equality has come too hard for us in America to just allow Islam’s nazi ideology to enslave us. The wounds of the past are healing slowly but surely. I’m talking about the unjust treatment of blacks, women, and minorities in general. Not to mention a shocking civil war and two world wars. Millions have died for these freedoms. We know we’re not perfect. But we’re perfect in our hopes and aspirations. Sappy it sounds, I know. I don’t care, it’s true. Call me old fashioned, but I’m still proud of my nation, with all its bumps and bruises. I KNOW we are the better people, the better nation, and I don’t care how grave the threat. I will never surrender, and I know you won’t either, not to barbaric islam–never.

          • jon wright

            Very well said! The talk and feelings seem to be well directed, but that does not suffice. Words without action are useless. I would blame the Ayatollah POTUS for digging the trench across the road. I have a feeling this has been part of his plan right along.


    Behind Christians, Jews and Moslems New York City has a large Hindu (Indian) and Buddhist (Chinese-Korean) population. Why shouldn’t De Blasio consider their religious sensitivies and close public schools in observance for Hindu and Buddhist holidays? And why stop there? Why not special holidays for Mormons, Wiccans, Native Americans, Satanists, atheists (Christopher Hitchens’ death day when he became nothing comes to mind) and Jehovah Witnesses? Taken to its logical conclusion secular leftists like De Blasio (whose real religion is Progressivism worshipping the State as God) are paving the way for all city religious groups wanting an official holiday for themselves-with this eventually spreading to Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas and Los Angeles, etc. And the cacaphony and chaos this will cause locally and nationally will be so great (with children missing too many school days) that the solution will have to be the end of all religious holidays and their collapse into a single day of celebrating all religions called:


    • JacktheRipper

      That’s a brilliant suggestion. Of course the muslims would object to that equality and want to kill us, but who cares? they’ll always want to kill us anyway.

      • You’re exactly right. I posted your comment on my blog.

        • Thumbs up!


        • I have your website on my computer Apollo; and I agree with your comment.

      • dragontech64

        So you see his Reductio ad absurdum as a brilliant idea? Wow.

        • JacktheRipper

          You really are straining with that one. I’m sure if you create a diversion and slip out the back nobody will notice.

          • dragontech64

            You kidding? I brought popcorn so I can sit and watch the Right Wingnut dipshits spew their ignorance.

    • dragontech64

      Frankly, since it’s PUBLIC school, paid for with PUBLIC funds, it should be 100% secular – NO religious holidays off, and that includes winter break for christmas and spring break for easter. School should run all year, with only Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day and Veteran’s Day (holidays of national meaning) off. We pander too much to religion, ANY religion, in America.

      • Why should our public schools be “100% secular” when the Congress of the United States isn’t?

        • dragontech64

          Because Congress SHOULD be! We have NO need in the 21st Century for a Bronze Age myth.

          • So the God Idea was born during the evolutionary period of mankind known as the “Bronze Age?” Is that your theory? Meaning what? That prior to the “Bronze Age” or “Copper Age” the God Idea was unknown and yet to be invented? That during the Copper Age mankind was pure, untainted and uncorrupted by the belief in supernatural things? Is that what you believe? Does that mean then that your mission in life is to rescue mankind from Bronze Age thinking and consciousness and restore the godlessness of the wiser, older, more enlightened Copper Age? If so where then does that leave the “Iron Age” in your scheme of things? Was that even freer from the God Idea than the Copper Age? Is it the Iron Age mentality that Congress and our classrooms need to return to? Please clarify.

  • Terry101

    Unspeakably evil, I hope NYC voters will demand a clear commitment to rescind this horror from prospective candidates.

  • fedup

    We’ll give them their holiday when they stop taking Easter, Christmas, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, presidents day, and Fathers day off. Muslims that work also do not get holiday pay for NON Muslim holidays (Christmas, Thanks Giving being big freebie days for them and atheists).

  • JacktheRipper

    Let’s honor the religion that want’s to destroy the rest. Good move De Blasio, good move.

    • JacktheRipper


  • Suna Aoimori

    Shame on you Blasio for respecting other peoples religion, Shame on you for treating muslims equal. SHame on you for igniting this overtaking of Islam by allowing holidays to seen equal. How dare you treat these people the same. Admittedly the most muslims are attacked by these terrorists more so than “kuffars” but still lets hate all iof them.. Disgusting woman this Pamela Geller..

    • JacktheRipper

      Maybe you should change your screen name to Neville Chamberlain, it would be far more consistent with your message of appeasement for the religion of death and its people.

      • Suna Aoimori

        Because people have never commited attrocities in the names of other religions right ?. Because millions of muslims commit attrocities daily right ? save your bs crap to fear mongering nutjobs

        • JacktheRipper

          First, the immoral acts of other faiths is no defense of Islam, that’s a moral defense without morals.

          not millions, but thousands of muslims are committing atrocities by
          acting according to Islamic strictures. And MILLIONS of muslims agree
          with their efforts and perpetuate this cult of death with their
          propaganda, and that’s really what the Islamic faith is, propaganda.
          It preaches hatred for Jews, death to non-believers, and future
          supremacy over all. It’s an aggressive ideology that is ripping the
          world’s peace asunder, just as did nazism about 75 years ago. Don’t
          think for one minute you can hide that mountain-sized beast behind your
          tissue of lies. Those days are over.

        • Barry Niven

          Of course, then, murdering people is justifiable because others have murdered in the past ?!?! Bravo Suna, you are a classy Islam Apologist. Have you read the Quran? No, of course. I did. What a wonderful book of threats, murder and hatred towards everything non-Islamic. Well, the later verses when the prophet was a hate-filled warlord…

          I mean, you did read that your god is so full of Hate, he tortures HIMSELF dead souls that have warranted his anger – burning and replacing skins for eternity… What a nice guy. And you adore that torturer ???

          Are you friends with Jews or Christians Suna? If so, are you lying? Because according to your book, you can’t be friends with non-Mulsims… Al Wala Wal Bara ring a bell Suna ??

          What a vile ideology your cult is… and you’re a sheepish follower SIMPLY because you were born into it.

          • Suna Aoimori

            You are so full of BS, the verses you speak of in the Quran have a context of war and the has to be seen in perspective. You idiot the same like verses can be found in the bible as well as the tora. But no, you’d rather demonize 1 religion

            And to claim Bil Blasio is trying to impose Islam LOL ? ridiculous fear mongering simpletons. I have read the Quran and theres not much difference than any other fairytale book you love to read and claim to be the sole truth.

          • Bonnetierre

            Don’t spit in my face and tell me it’s raining.



            FCUK (sic) your prophet of Satan you call Muhammed.

          • Demsci

            //”the verses you speak of in the Quran have a context of war and the has to be seen in perspective.”//

            This is called being “essentialist”. You now presume to tell us what Islam is or is not, proscribes and prohibits, and what texts mean and how their contexts is to be seen. Much like Muslims blame counterjihadists of doing.

            It presumes that Quran-Hadiths-Sira, MIG (Most Important Guiding) Texts for 1,6 billion Muslims, are essentially clear, having only one meaning.

            But we might present the case that Quran-Hadiths-Sira (QHS) are not up to a standard of good enough Clarity, Completeness, Constistency, Contemporanity as our MIG texts (Constitution, laws) are.

            Instead QHS are highly ambiguous, unclear, incomplete, obsolete (and immutable). This means it is all up to the interpretation of the followers

            and here the difference is apparent with Bible-followers; the Islam-followers are arguably nowadays much more prone to being violent, supremacist, totalitarian, anti-Democratic etc. than the Bible-followers.

        • Demsci

          Yes, other people have often committed atrocities, in the names of other religions. And no, it is not as bad as millions of Muslims committing daily atrocities.

          BUT because the non-Muslims may well have something that is a better alternative to Islam, with society and gender-relations etc, something they consciously choose over Islam when their ideals and Islam contradict.

          And non-Muslims may want to defend themselves and loved ones and their preferred societies. And in a case of danger to these it is considered reckless, negligent of duty to “relativist”, and, against all information and common sense, deny and ignore danger. By democratic citizens. If the situation were reversed, then the Muslims would be concerned, wouldn’t they?

          People like you and Neville Chamberlain will in such cases, when it is too late, be blamed. Are you prepared for that?

    • Barry Niven

      Suna, religions deserve NO respect. None at all. What respect does Islam warrant exactly? In fact, I’d treat all religions the same: Out of our schools, out of our government, out of public life altogether. Religions should be STRICTLY limited to homes and places of worship. That’s it, that’s all.

      Now, Suna, let’s petition the NY school board to include ALL freaking religious holidays as days off. You do agree right? Now, we are offending Buddhists, Sikhs, Jews, Taoists, Shintoists, American Indians, etc… I hope you do not stand for that !

    • Demsci

      //”Admittedly the most muslims are attacked by these terrorists more so than “kuffars” but still lets hate all iof them.”//

      That is such a strawman argument! Not at all what Pamela Geller is saying!

      But we can hate a bad religion can’t we? and we can regard a religion as a person’s choice, can’t we? Islam seems to have MIG (Most Important Guiding) Texts, that in part are directly to our own MIG-texts (constitution, laws, values), ideals, like democracy, freedom (of speech among them), human rights, golden rule. Or at least a part of it’s followers think and act that way.

      Don’t bother so much about hate, please. Or do, but then not only the hate OF our side, but also the hate AGAINST our side, in Islamic countries, even in the Quran itself. When you detest Pamela, why don’t you detest MOhammed? Just because the latter lived earlier and has more followers? Please don’t measure with double standards.

      We say; either let them all at it with the “hate”, because hurting FEELINGS (on the internet that is) is allowed. Just put the red line at hurting BODIES and inciting to that.

  • JoeGoldner

    This is a disgrace! Honoring the so called religion but really a cult who killed thousands of Americans and millions around the world in the name of the profit.It is time to home school your children or take them to private school. DeBlasio must go!

    • jon wright

      You got it right JOEG. the only thing he is and was is a “loss” not a profit to civilization

  • Apu Nahasapasapeemapetalon

    Great idea; lets celebrate and pander to the ideology that caused the biggest atrocity in the city ever, if not the whole country.
    Funny how as a society we’ve got to the point where patriotism is demonised but a religion whose sole purpose is to have everyone be the same is celebrated and pandered to.

  • Vernon Woodard

    This is a spiritual war. Christians are filled with the Holy Spirit, Muslims are filled with àn evil spirit . This war will not end until Jesus Christmas returns. The only thing that came save a Muslim is the love and salvation of Jesus Christ. We will be in this battle until He returns. Socialists follow a different spirit as well, their god is government and self-pleasure. They places themselves above God Almighty, just like satan, the real god of all who follow these various spirits, they are full of pride. No country that turns against Yahweh will flourish. If you want to know the real truth behind our country’s continuous fall from grace, read “The Harbinger” and “The Mystery of the Shemitah” by Jonathan Cahn. What you will learn is that there is only one God Almighty and He decides what nations rise and which nations fall. Then do the right thing and call on God our Creator and turn your life and eternal salvation over to His Son Jesus Christ, and the scales will fall from your eyes and He will show you the truth behind all things. In Jesus’ name I pray you at least take time to research this. Peace is only found when you completely turn to Him. The time of organized religion is fading, now is the Holy Spirit filled ones who follow only Jesus Christ time to step out and follow Him and Him alone. Boldly.

    • on U like Ugly on a Ape

      The scales have not fallen from your eyes if you believe Jonathon Con.

      Reality 101…

      1st the veil was rent in two, BY GOD. – Matthew 27:51

      Thus because of the importance of the veil – -> No More Judaism

      People (like you) didn’t / don’t believe that,

      so, a short time later, the DESTRUCTION of the Temple, also by God.

      No veil


      No Temple


      Judaism is become a false religion.

      Making the words of Jon the Con, lies.



      Now therefore why tempt ye God, to put a yoke upon the neck of the disciples, which neither our fathers nor we were able to bear? – Acts 15:10 KJB

      For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all. – James 2:10 KJB

      Wherefore the law was our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ, that we might be justified by faith. – Galatians 3:24 KJB

      But after that faith is come, we are no longer under a schoolmaster.
      – Galatians 3:25 KJB

      • Vernon Woodard

        Dear Ape, there was no discussion of the law, you replied very angrily, I pray you turn to Jesus and repent and be filled with the Holy Spirit. Jonathan is a Christian who God has used to reveal the judgment coming upon America because we have turned from the Christian roots our country was founded upon. We are electing officials who are turning our country further from God each day, thus bringing us under further judgment. The scales I spoke of are blinding unbelievers into thinking government or some leader can change things. God reveals things to His prophets before they happen in hopes of us listening and repenting and returning to Him. It is not too.late for you or our country to repent. I pray you and our country do so today. Read your Bible, its all there.

        • on U like Ugly on a Ape

          Jonathon Con discusses the law, you promote the Con

          Add it up.

          • Vernon Woodard

            You just want to argue and you really are just revealing your anger against God. Talk to Him, He is your only hope. I am done with you. Have a nice day.

          • on U like Ugly on a Ape

            You have no Biblical answer for anything.

            You parrot ignorant men about “our country”

            And there is nothing Biblical about what you say.

          • on U like Ugly on a Ape

            ignorant and cowardly is no way to go through life


            ignorant, cowardly and appeasing – Socialism in a nutshell.

        • on U like Ugly on a Ape

          ***God reveals things to His prophets***

          You believe this happens today?

          Prove it, Biblical answer only.

        • on U like Ugly on a Ape

          ***turning our country further from God ***

          You believe this nation is chock full of Christians in various states of apostasy.

          This nation is, as ALL nations are, populated by unbelievers (the MANY)

          and believers, (the FEW).

          Your version is Americanianity – a CULT

  • Zach Riti

    No you guys are right, the minority Muslim group is going to undo 200 plus years of constitutional law and impose their religion on the country… not irrational at all

    • JacktheRipper

      Well, it took only 19 muslims with box cutters to kill 3000 innocents, change the course of history, and destroy the world’s peace indefinitely. I’d say the threat is very real.

      • Zach Riti

        great argument dude… real great. Those are the same thing, blowing up a building and systematically changing a culture and rule of law that has been around for 200 years in a country of 330 mil people. You are right tho, giving all New York kids 2 days off for a holiday is going to ruin the fabric of America. It’s a naive childish view of how societies work, “I dont like or understand you so your views are invalid”. The funniest part is a lot of these comments on here are extremely anti American Values

        • JacktheRipper

          Thanks for that response. You saved me the trouble of having to respond.

  • Xavier

    Make every day a Moslem holiday and let them stay at home.

  • O2BDRZ

    Wilhelm MUST be RE-Called and REmoved !!! This is America, people come here to be Americans … Let them go back where they came from if their Raghead holidays mean so much to them, and let them take Wilhelm with them …

  • Patriot Girl

    This is just beyond pandering.. It’s blantantly unpatriotic, left wing crap! Muslims are not AMERICANS …. They choose not to integrate except to send their feral young to our public schools, collect welfare food stamps while hoping and silently cheering on ISIS …. Then there are the ones who actively plot to kill Americans that are here in record numbers too…so to recognize these beastly blood soaked “religious holidays” where beating yourself bloody or cutting the throats of animals to watch them suffer is considered a religious holiday is about as unamerican as it gets… This mayor should be hung for being a traitor! Pam, how did this monster get elected ??? Certainly there couldn’t be THAT MANY MUSLIMS IN NYC THAT VOTED HIM IN OR ENOUGH TO SWING THE VOTE??? Say it ain’t so that they’re becoming a powerful voting block ?! What the hell is wrong w New Yorkers?! They watch this mayor disrespect the police, race bait w Al sharpton and with his own narrative … Now openly pandering to muslim masters ?! I would think of any city NYC would protest this just in principle to 9/11? We’re in bigger trouble than I thought.. And two more years of an openly muslim terrorist supporter in the whitehouse… God in heaven how do we survive.. I’m loosing hope..

    • Zach Riti

      Clearly misunderstands real American values and is a fake patriot

  • Rather upset.

    We. Don’t need to prepare for civil war We do need to hold to account those we vote for. In your life.Do the right thing.(or try).Ta.S.Lee. Just do the right thing .Have faith in the human race. I do.

  • jonodough
  • chris wolf

    Those statistics being thrown at us by the criminal attorney general and compliant MSM about race, arrests and Ferguson PD are in reality unremarkable and just what would be expected for a municipality being reportedly 64 percent black.
    We know that blacks commit all manner of crimes from minor to serious and violent, excluding so-called white collar crime, at disproportionately higher rates. So if blacks are 64 percent of Ferguson it’s no surprise they comprise 80-some percent of arrests. This is simply a statistical analysis of a police department doing it’s job — that is, protecting the lives and property of a largely black community.
    If blacks in Ferguson get pulled over at a higher rate that whites, that again is the result of the police department doing its job, enforcing the rules of the road, which blacks are, not surprisingly more likely to violate, by driving erratically and under the influence of drugs and alcohol,, to failing to keep their licenses, registrations and insurance in force, to driving mechanically unsound vehicles, in addition to the PD’s responsibility to keep illegal guns out of the hands of criminals and in so doing enforcing a de facto “stop and frisk” policy of the kind that reduced violent crime significantly in New York — before the fool and weakling De Blasio put a stop to it.

    • Zach Riti

      CLEARLY a racist, or just didnt read the DOJ report

  • drdias

    What about the other religions that are also present within the NYC schools?

    Where and how are their religious rights to be honored???

    • W_R_Monger

      They don’t count. I’m starting to think that the Biblical flood wasn’t a raising tide of oceans but a flood of people who displaced previous inhabitants and utterly erased the former from memory. 40 days and 40 nights have often been a metaphor for 40 generations. Muslamists have.shown to be more effective in erasing prior cultural inhabitants than what mankind had ever witnessed before in its entire history, much of which has been lost forever…

    • Zach Riti

      Clearly has no comprehension about how school Holidays work

      • Zach Riti

        possibly lacks the ability to read…

  • W_R_Monger

    “and honors its contribution to the city [of New York]”. You mean like the “contribution” muslamists made to the city on 9/11/2001? Where muslamists contributed to the horrifying deaths of about 3,000 people? Give me a break… More islamification of American children. Work out the numbers, 1 million out of 8 million people comes out to be 12.5% and that’s well over the threshold established by muslamists to consider the land they occupy to be muslamists land holdings. What started as a trickle will quickly become a deluge. A plague of locus have nothing on what islam does to those they conquer whether through all out warfare or political subterfuge.

  • Ghost

    Really disappointing and alarming. Moslems make up only 1%–ONLY 1%, people–of the NY City population, which means 99% either don’t care or find it offensive. With 17% listed as secular, Blahbio should’ve instituted Seinfeld’s “Festivus.” THAT would have been more fair…. AND more popular!

    • Zach Riti

      Clearly can not spell… probably uneducated

  • Jaem

    Everyone is a “big part of society”. It is wrong to add their holidays and not add Jewish or other religious holidays it it is indeed to include those who are a big part of society.

    • Zach Riti

      Obviously doesnt read or understand how school Holidays work

  • Adam Vant

    More of Warren Wilhelm’s nonsense. Man oh man were New Yorkers stupid to elect this fool.

  • Richard Smith


  • Blake

    some interesting pictures


      Blake AKBARRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Blake

        why thank you good sir:)

  • Warren

    NYC should just shut the public school system altogether and let the private sector rush in to fill the vacuum.

  • Clare

    No religion in public schools. None. Eliminate ALL deference to religion in public education. This would eliminate any and all religious teaching and field trips and holidays. If parents want religious instruction, send your children to religious schools and/or home school them. (All kinds of Christians, even of modest means, are ditching public for private and home schooling.)

  • Anticonservative

    Just another example of extravagant spending on the part of a Mayor and Council that is intent on bankrupting their city. Implementing holidays is a very costly move and yet again the tax payer is left paying the bill for a man that is out of control with the public purse. If muslims want their holidays off- then take them off nobody would care. They haven’t earned the privilege of having America recognize any of their religious holidays. For that matter they have given Americans more reason not to recognize anything pertaining to their religion than the other way around. Contrary to what our President may think we are at war with the ideology of Islam and muslims represent everything our country has fought against since the beginning.

  • wildoutlaw4440

    why don’t they just go back where they came from.

  • Pierre Savoie

    The word “née” is feminine in French (the extra e), and so only for a woman. If you want to say what name a man was born with, just say “born”.

  • Michael L

    …because Islam is so respectful of other
    religions, right?

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    De Blasio will leave NYC looking like the last scene in the original Planet of the Apes.

  • Al White

    This is so wrong! The only way to get Mayor De Blasio to stop being the liberal snowflake he is and to have him stop kissing muslim butt and wasting more tax payer dollars is to have every Jewish person for the last twelve years that was in school to sue, yes, sue the State of NY, the City of NY, and Mayor De Blasio for discriminating against the Jewish faith and recognizing Jewish Holy days/Holidays by not closing NYC and NYS public school! If you give preferential treatment to the islamic faith, then you should have been doing so all along for the Jewish faith! Maybe after DeBlasio has to pay, he won’t be so quick to give into Muslims and their demands!

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