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CIA Director: Islamic State is Not Islamic, They’re ‘Psychopathic Thugs’


Considering Brennan’s irrational jihad denial, one could make the case that he is the “psychopathic thug.”

And why isn’t Brennan taking this fantasy of his to the millions of Muslims who understand Islam in the exact same way as the Islamic State, Al Qaeda, Hamas, et al? These are devout Muslims who live and die by the Quran and the sword, and no amount of finger wagging or mental gymnastics is going to change that. Just because John Brennan knows Muslims who are not waging holy war is irrelevant.

Video here.

CIA Director: ISIS Not Islamic, They’re ‘Psychopathic Thugs’ Mediaite, March 13, 2015

CIA Director John Brennan today stood by the Obama administration’s decision not to refer to ISIS as “Islamic extremists.” He echoed President Obama in saying the U.S. shouldn’t be giving the terrorist group “legitimacy.”

He called what ISIS is doing “inconsistent” with how many other Muslims view their faith, and said they’re more like terrorists, criminals, and “psychopathic thugs.”

Brennan argued that using words like “Islamic” to describe terrorists have resonance and it “does injustice to the tenets of religion when we attach a religious moniker to them.”

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  • ReaganAK47

    I think he knows islam more than the isis henchman who holds a PhD in islamic studies, Al bagdadi himself.

    • Demsci

      Of course Baghdadi and his circle of leaders and followers are the much better informed about Islam.

      Brennan is so political-correct, but he, as Obama’s government, still reflects, what the majority in democratic countries seem to think (because of lack of interest mostly and presuming innocence until proof of guilt, but that combined with the lack of interest in the overwhelming evidence of guilt).

      Brennan is trying to appease both his governments voters and the Muslims with this.

      It is to our comfort that he, many voters, and ostensibly the Muslims, now at least accept that a wedge is driven between those hardliners among the Muslims and at least many other Muslims, even like those in Egypt, Jordan, UAE and those living in Western Countries.

      As ISIS keeps on with their PR about being really Islamic, this will confuse and hopefully divide Muslims more and get more and more Western citizens interested and informed about Islam’s tenets and lack of uniform clarity, consistency, completeness and so muli-interpretability of them.

      Hopefully one day a 51 % majority of Western citizens, so also politicians, will hold Muslims accountable for choice of religion and being follower of such UNCLEAR, AMBIGUOUS but nevertheless MIG; Most Important Guiding texts

      without effort to form a CLEAR acceptable interpretation which should be demanded being “binding” for Muslims in Democratic countries.

      Our 51 % majority should one day reject all Muslims not prepared to be bound to such a Clear Acceptable Interpretation of Quran-Sunnah.

      • roger


        First Brennen is a Muslim, he converted on a trip to Saudi Arabia , see

        Secondly Islam is Islam and those so called “moderate Muslims” that live in western countries are one day going to make a choice, that is to stand with their community against their non Muslim peers and associates or stand with the non Muslims against their own families friends the Imams. And guess what, they will do what they have always done in every country where they have had to make this choice.
        In towns all across Iraq Christians and other minorities had their Muslim neighbours turn against them, sometimes people that for all their lives, counted as friends.
        Islam is not here to live in peaceful coexistence, if you still believe that then I guess you have had too much exposure to the indoctrination that is so heavily preached now in schools, Universities and PC government interfaith nonsense.

        • roger

          How are you going to get a clear and unambiguous interpretation of texts in the Quran such as :
          Surely the Jews are the most evil of peoples etc.
          The last day shall not come until the Muslims fight the Jews with a great slaughter and the rock will call out “Oh Muslim there is a Jew here, come and kill him”.

          • Demsci

            That verse about the last day and the Jews; Your Question to Muslims is very good. It is also now MY question for them.

            For Muslims; how they can reconcile obeying both Allah/ Mohammed AND the Constitution of the Democratic state they live in. And yes, we can confront them with their MIG-texts. (Most Important Guidelines).

            You see, Roger, I want us eventually to challenge the Muslims. Because they pretend there is no problem with Islam or them, that we infidels make all the mistakes, wrong assumptions, islamophobia and what not.

            But the 2nd problem is that true loyal democratic citizens like many here are not the majority. And can only try to devise ways to let the real majority accept SOME challenge to the muslims, who up until now are still PROTECTED by OUR majority.

            Which can only be persuaded by some “huge massacres” or by challenges that sound reasonable enough for them

          • Well Done

            Your President has stated he will side with Islam. Why is America so compromised? It seems too stupid.

          • Demsci

            President Obama basically is neutral and political correct.
            If Muslims are “protagonists” and counterjihadists are “antagonists” then there is also in Western Democratic Countries this “neutral majority” which is what chose and still supports Obama and which he represents and reflects. Which is your real problem, not this reflection by Obama.

            I often think the neutrals are stupid. But who knows, maybe there is some higher good in what they bring about. Above all I retain deep respect for the wisdom of the crowd. And thus by extension of it’s representatives.

            Maybe through their imperfect stance Islam and Muslims are held off long enough for it to be eclipsed, by other idealists, high technology, widespread apostasy, who knows? Which force will conquer or keep the world? Can the Muslims still be overall succesfull? or is there a writing on the wall for them too? About AI perhaps?

            But… we could also try to formulate our ideals for the future, and then we would become Protagonists and the Muslims Antagonists.

            And in such a case there also are these numerous neutrals. And when war breaks out, we should abandone them until they choose for us, or otherwise leave them and much territory to the Muslims.

            We can only win decisively if our group, which knows what it is FOR, not only AGAINST, has 51 % or more majority, in our countries, even if this is in reduced territory in Europe.

            Or so I have come to think.

        • Demsci

          //”And guess what, they will do what they have always done in every country where they have had to make this choice.
          In towns all across Iraq Christians and other minorities had their Muslim neighbours turn against them, sometimes people that for all their lives, counted as friends.”//

          You may be surprised, but I wholeheartedly agree with you about this and have no illusions on this.

          I just don’t know if it is inevitable, and if my strategy or more blunt or more appeasing strategies are better to find a way out.

          In optimistic scenario’s even Muslims can reinterpret their UNCLEAR INCOMPLETE AMBIGUOUS texts, ignoring the more problematic ones. Or maybe there will be mass apostasy.

          In Worst case scenario; war, terrible bloodshet,loss of territory,

          but also remaining countries and cities with majorities of true loyal democratic citizens who finally challenge Muslims as they should be challenged; adapt to and in our way or leave!

        • p

          Thats why obola gave him a job. I hope he likes eternity in hell. He surely deserves it.

  • Guest



  • Brennan makes the conceptual mistake of confusing the billion who are enjoying the sausage now from those way back when who bloodily made the sausage. After all, one can’t see history, one has to study it. If he thinks Islam is beautiful etc. when will he convert and join them? If he doesn’t want his grandchildren to be Muslims he has to take a strong stand now, or his own children will be the meat for the sausage makers, sorry.

  • Commieobamie

    OK, just play the obuttboy islamo Tequila Jedi mind trick: islamo State is not islamic, IT’S moslim!

  • Susan Borden

    Brennan is a leader of a sneaker cell, just as his boss.


    Mr. Brennen. Driven into madness by the psychopathic Koran and its mass murdering Islamo-psychotic author.

    Click to celebrate the 76th anniversary of the Nazi domination of Czechoslovakia-which opened Neville Chamberlain’s eyes 23 week after Munich.

  • roger

    If the limp wristed girlymen leaders in western countries truly believed that terrorists were not real muslms then they would not give them religious paraphernalia and halal foods in prisons.

  • pdxnag

    This creepy dude is like an animatronic character, an updated version of Max Headroom, spewing computer generated nonsense deflections on behalf of Islamic conquest, the slower version. Do not believe what you see is real, see? It is not real, just like John Brennan is not real.

    • paul

      You insult Max…….

  • Tatonka

    Actually Brennan is right, They are not Islamic extremists.
    They just do what normal devout Muslims are supposed to do and as such do exactly what Qu’ran and Muhamed commands.,..nothing extreme about it.

    Cats are by nature predators and kill mice for a living.(Muslims)
    Most house cats these days are to fat and lazy to go after mice.(secular Muslims)
    We don’t call cats that do kill mice “extreme” predator cats now or do we

  • pennant8

    Before Brennan became head of the CIA he was Obama’s counterterrorism czar. It was he who signed off on letting Muslim Brotherhood termites rummage through government counterterrorism manuals and delete whatever they found objectionable. For all I know Brennan probably even supplied the bottles of Wite-Out.

  • Maranatha

    Taliban in Pashtun means students.
    Students of what? islamic studies in madrasas.

    What about them.


  • Joseph Flannagan

    Yes , they ARE psychopathic thugs , BUT it is ISLAM and the KORAN that made them such !. They are strictly following the koranic exhortations to violence , death , destruction and suppression of other faiths and religious symbols. They are following the example of their prophet and repeating actions that he carried out personally or ordered to be carried out. ALL of this is very well documented over hundreds of years and the actions of ISIS are reflective of the action of EVERY muslim conquering force in history right up to the Ottomans. To claim that they misunderstand the true nature of islam or that they are misguided is naive , idiotic and frankly SUICIDAL !!!. Where then are the VAST MAJORITY of so called moderate muslims decrying ISIS ??? – inbreeding sons and daughters to join the fight !. And WHY ?? – because they have the same goals and aspirations as ISIS , Boko Haram , Al Shabab etc – i.e. to establish muslim rule and sharia law EVERYWHERE and by any means. It sickens me that our political leaders are so stupidly obtuse that they continually fail to recognise this .

  • Agent Brady

    Because Islam in all its forms does not allow for a peaceful co-existence with those of other faiths or no faiths at all,they are clearly a dangerous extremist cult which generates the seeds of strife and division everywhere they are planted. the best thing for America and the West is to deny Islam any legitimacy, because they deny any other faith or lifestyle is legitimate except Islam. this is their creed and confession.and they are working in underhanded subversive ways to take over every race and nation they come into. they are like parasites or a deadly disease which metastasizes in time and threatens all life itself. there is no middle ground for Islam, there are no moderates they’re all seeking to supplant and take over every religion and outlaw that religion once they gain Political and judicial powers. if you think I’m kidding just look at France and the UK. where so called moderates reside in great numbers and where now radical Muslims are tolerated in their speeches which threaten and terrorize the those nations.

  • Well Done

    Brennan is a moslem or at the very least has moslem sympathies.
    Another way of stating that is “Brennan is full of shiite”

  • Емилия Димитрова

    He is wrong! Islamic state IS Islamic!!! Islam, itself, is psycopathic Doctrine!

  • DVult

    One does not preclude the other.

  • Gordon Miller

    No, they’re Muslim zealots who are all psychopathic thugs. Brennan is just spewing the Obama party line.

  • Mackie

    What part of the call to jihad approximately 164 times in the Qu’ran do our :”so-called leaders” either not understand, have not read,or simply refuse to acknowledge out of fear of offending Islam? Maybe if the Islamic World had printed out pictures, or cartoons in the Qu’ran describing the true and existing vestiges of jihad they would better understand it. America and Western Nations need stalwart leaders who call it for what it clearly is.

    Egypt’s General Sisi knows it’s there in the Qu’ran,and he’s a Muslim who dared to tell Egypts Imans, and clerics that Islam need a reformation against the archaic teachings of Islam that our killing thousands of Muslims and infidels yearly.

  • oifmack


    Stop kissing obama’s azz…. you cannot be that stupid….


    It is highly apparent you do not brief the prez of yours, he briefs you….. what is your purpose??

  • paul

    sounds like our boy NEVER read the Koran…… I would not want to speak about a book I never read, only a moron would do such a thing. Someone tell him!

  • kbs55

    When it comes to the psychopathic plagiarizing perverted satan worshipping pedophile mohammed, how could anyone believe what he dictated after sexually abusing a nine year old.

  • RationalFearOfTerror

    CIA director on ISIS: They aren’t Muslims – they’re “psychopathic thugs”

    “psychopathic thugs” so many in the one place with millions around the world supporting this specific form of ‘pathology’ the CIA head I know for a fact is playing from the World Health Orgainsation (WHO) script the ‘Harm minimisation violence program’ which has been developed for pragmatic reasons because the reality which psychology informs humanity as the truth means holding the so called Muslim liberal-moderate (reflecting in decreasing degrees Others own ethics and values) end of the Muslim behavioral variance who are the actual source of these very same “psychopathic thugs” and “hate preachers” who “brainwash” them into such a state to account.

    What is the truth which the CIA Head is very well aware of as he must have at least one social psychologists on the CIA payroll:

    “Without the ceaseless pulsating heartbeat of our “categorization engine”, we would understand nothing around us, could not reason in any form whatever, could not communicate to anyone else, and would have no basis on which to take any action.”

    “every culture constantly, although tacitly, reinforces the impression that words are simply automatic labels that come naturally to mind and that belong intrinsically to things and entities” who provides the “basis on which to take any action.” . The reason utilized by an individuals actions are sourced from where?

    “Culture uses artifacts, rituals and text to develop and reinforce a shared sense of identity among members. It is the filter through which we see and understand our current reality (Edgar, 1980). These are the structures of identity that help people organise and make sense of everyday life (Wark, 1997). They also establish boundaries between groups (Oyserman & Lee, 2007)”
    Psychology Burton, Western, Kowalski, 2012

    Cultural codex – a cultures “artifacts, rituals and text” form the basis for a cultures a categorization which seeks to form “precise and sharp boundaries” for adherent action.

    Clearly something must exist in the Islamic Muslim cultural codex which enables these “precise and sharp boundaries” enabling adherent “action” for good or evil. Otherwise the Muslim terrorist ‘would understand nothing around them, could not reason in any form whatever, could not communicate to anyone else, and would have no basis on which to take any action.’.

    How is it possible despite the evidence these Muslims are being described as “aren’t Muslims – they’re “psychopathic thugs”” this is how it is made possible it is the same as always as humans we will tend to look for anything which will excuse our behavior or someone elses if it is not perceived to be in our ‘interests’ at the time to face the truth:

    This is not a conspiracy theory it is simply how the world as it stands works

    How is it these Muslims act as they do, for the same reason they have since the seventh century

    Have I sinned? What is a Genocide Construct of Other and Why it is formed?

    Social psychology would inform a reality terror is to continue because the mental schema for terror are developed within the liberal-moderate end of the Muslim behavioral variance – so if these ISIS members are “psychopathic thugs” what pray tell are the families, communities and institutions which will consistently constantly produce them – ahhh yes ‘Not Culture’ – not possible is it?

    Certainly from a Western rational model the Muslim behavior looks insane and CIA director surely you have at least one systems analyst on the payroll to tell you this is not unusual for Other to see another cultures behavior as insane even psychopathic compared to their own but it does not mean they are irrational under their own rational model – am I getting through to you?

    So will facing the truth solve this problem or basing it on assumptions which clearly one would hope are known to be completely false? No critical thinkers on the CIA payroll – surely.

  • Reta Mae Cherry

    I apologise for this long report, but feel it’s worth the read. But they are Islamic Muslims! And they are coming to America in droves, joining our churches, clubs, and blending in and pretending to be just like everyone else. Remember how Obama pretended to be Christian, till he got in as POTUS? They may not kill you, but they want their jihadists to kill you, so they can have your homes, lands, properties etc. Another Hitler history repeat. As they case our joints, learn our habits, and report the lay of the land back home to their jihad warriors, we look more and more like the fools they take us for! And our libdim in Washington DC do our value our lives any more they would a dog! It’s all about the oil. The rich arab oil trade. We American Christians, and other Christians are being sacrificed in our blood for the sake of the oil; just because the politicians know that neither the Islamic terrorists, nor the Muslims are going to be tolerant of Christianity. Notice how our politicians are bowing and kneeling to Islam, and refusing to acknowledge they are not the terrorist criminals that they are? Claiming that ISIS is not an Islamic group? Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is using organ harvesting as a way to finance its operations. Taking the body parts from the victims they slaughter, and selling them. Wonder how many billionaire arabs are donating to the programs of the liberal progressives? It is against the laws of the constitution to favor one religion over another, ( ) so the American Christians are being sold out, and it will be another repeat of a Holocaust. It will be bigger than the 6 million jews Hitler killed. More murders than my Native American ancestors on the trail of tears. But Islam, and Muslims make their own choices. In describing the character of Jack, Golding wrote how the boy began painting his face and the mask was a thing of its own, behind which Jack hid, liberated from shame and self-consciousness. The boys who challenged and refused to be taken in by the evil understand only too well the liberation into savagery that the concealing paint brought.…/26/Jihadi-John-Identified-FBI” Jihadi John, once an aspiring British rapper, committed some of the most ghastly crimes imaginable while hiding his face behind his evil black witch mask. Hooded Hamas executioners who were themselves once just innocent children grew up to be monsters, able to freely murder dissidents in broad daylight, knowing their masks would both conceal their identities while simultaneously striking fear in those who would challenge them. Evil flourishes when concealed. Brutality thrives in fog. Ahhhh, but if only the white witches (those who claim to be good witches) could see the faces of those, who hide their own faces in fear; these monsters of HATE, rechant and recant their spells of hate, back into their black heart of crime, and cancel a lot of their evils. Evil knows, why it hides it’s face, to keep from being held accountable. But all evil, either here, or hereafter will stand before our only mighty God the creator of all things, and his son Jesus, who became the sacrifice for our sins. There will then be no hiding place as we will all be held accountable. Muhammad and Alah will have NO POWER in the hereafter.

  • TruthWFree

    Brennan converted to Islam while stationed there per John Guandolo. He and his boss are closet Muslims. The enemy is inside the gates!

  • HOMERBEAR911 the brother of Satan…His Lucerian…children is trying to destroy the world. .Their name is MUSALANMAS!

  • dad1927

    He is against America, but is a muslim

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