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BREAKING: Top Obama official calls for end to Israel ’50-year occupation’


The attacks from the Obama administration are not just daily now, but multiple times a day. Earlier today, I published reports that the Obama administration had abandoned Israel at the UNHRC, a veritable  snake-pit of antisemitism. Now this.

Today, White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough called for the end of Israel’s “50-year occupation.” It is also telling that the Obama administration chose to make these remarks before a viciously Jewcidal, radical left group, J Street, this century’s kapo council.

These statements echo the most annihilationists on the face of the earth, Herr Obama.

The J Street political action committee has received tens of thousands of dollars in donations from dozens of Arab and Muslim Americans, as well as from several individuals connected to organizations doing Palestinian and Iranian issues advocacy, according to Federal Election Commission filings. Additionally, at least two State Department officials connected to Middle East issues have donated to the PAC, which gives money to candidates for US Congress supported by J Street. (Jerusalem Post)

One might think the J stands for Jewish, but really it stands for jihad.

Top White House official calls for end to ’50-year occupation’
Chief of Staff Denis McDonough says that Israel’s government must match up ‘words with actions and policies,’ warns Netanyahu’s statements can’t be willed away
By Rebecca Shimoni Stoil, Times of Israel, March 23, 2015

mcdonoughDenis McDonough speaking at the J Street Conference in Washington on March 23, 2015. (Screen capture: YouTube)

WASHINGTON — White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough called for the end of Israel’s “50-year occupation” and doubled down on the Obama administration’s critique of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in a warmly received speech to the lobbying group J Street in Washington Monday.

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Speaking to to the dovish group’s national conference, McDonough became the latest in a series of Washington officials to highlight the administration’s displeasure with Netanyahu, while also talking up the permanence of US-Israel ties, repeating Washington’s commitment to continued military, security and intelligence cooperation.

“No matter who leads Israel, America’s commitment to Israel’s security will never waiver,” McDonough said.

At the same time, McDonough said later, “an occupation that has lasted for more than 50 years must end,” referring to Israel’s 48-year hold on the West Bank.

The statement represented an unusually harsh repudiation of Israel’s control over the Palestinian territories, using a term the administration has historically avoided.

The longtime confidant to US President Barack Obama said that the administration believes that “the best way to safeguard Israel’s longterm security is to bring about a comprehensive peace between Israelis and Palestinians.”

Washington, he said, “has long advocated direct negotiations” toward a two-state solution – a position he noted that Netanyahu embraced in his 2009 speech at Bar-Ilan University.

“That’s why the prime minister’s comments on the eve of the election [that] made very clear that a Palestinian state will not be established while he is prime minister were so very troubling,” McDonough said, referring to comments made by Netanyahu in a pre-election interview with the NRG website in which he seemed to take a Palestinian state off the table.

McDonough rejected Netanyahu’s claims that he had not changed his position, as well as Netanyahu’s explanation that conditions in the Middle East must be more stable for a Palestinian state to be established.

“We cannot simply pretend that these comments were never made,” McDonough proclaimed, receiving a standing ovation from the 3,000-person audience.

McDonough did not, however, address the first pre-condition that Netanyahu stipulated earlier this week for Palestinian statehood – that the Palestinian Authority renounce its nearly year-old alliance with Hamas.

McDonough denied that the basis of the current low in US-Israel relations was based upon bad personal chemistry between Obama and Netanyahu.

“Nothing could be further from the truth,” he said, arguing instead that it stems from the fact that “America’s commitment to a two state solution is fundamental to American foreign policy.”

“We will look to the next Israeli government to match words with action and to policies that demonstrates a commitment to a two state solution,” McDonough said.

McDonough said that “in the end, we know what a peace agreement should look like,” including borders based on the 1967 lines that are “secure and recognized” and that guarantee Israel’s security.

“In the end we know what a peace agreement should look like – the borders should be based on the 1967 lines, and robust provisions that safeguard Israel’s security.”

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  • Andy_Lewis

    Little-known fact about J Street: The “J” in J Street stands for “Jim Baker.”

  • El Cid

    How does this sound to Americans? There is no criticism of Iran and the Mullahs, but a focus on the perceived injustices done by an ally and a personal attack on a friendly Prime Minister.


    I predict that 50 years from now the Jewish population of the Jewish West Bank in Jewish Judea and Samaria will be a robust 700,000 plus Jews. And no one will remember you and the stupid things you said today to a group of stupid leftwing Jewicidal Jews.

    • Lia

      Thank you, Apollo Speaks: I agree re Israel, for that land has the man for the hour. Where will the USA be in 50 years?

      • Israel will exist forever. ” But Judah will be filled with people forever, and Jerusalem will endure through all generations.” (Joel 3:20) As for America: “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who treat you with contempt. All the families on earth will be blessed through you.” (Genesis 12:3)

        • Lia

          You’re right about Israel, but given that ‘treat you with contempt’ in Genesis 12: 3 is the same Hebrew word as ‘destroy’ where will the USA be in 50 years?

        • Warren

          If God is just, he will just curse the Obama administration and not the rest of America.

      • America is being third worlded by an idiot president with a third world name. From border to border, coast to coast 50 years from now we will be broken, busted, bankrupt Detroit (Obamaville).

        • Lia

          This breaks my heart. I’m not an American and I do not live in the USA, but there are good, solid Christian believers there, who stand with Israel. They should not suffer for this president, who is destroying their country and be undone because their president undoes their country’s alliance with Israel.

        • clearsighted

          Apollo, I love your posts but I disagree with this one. He isn’t an idiot. He isn’t incompetent. He is malevolent. Everything that is happening has been purposely planned by him and the forces that put this Manchurian Candidate for the Muslim Brotherhood POS in the Oval Office. Beware, these are the same forces that want Elizabeth Warren to run for President.

          • Elizabeth Warren?You mean Princess Ticklefeather? Bring her on!

          • Clearsighted

            Well, after the record-breaking snow this winter in Massachusetts, we understand that she is now claiming to be an Eskimo princess. I don’t understand what the big deal with her is anyway. I haven’t heard her say anything that didn’t sound better in the original German in “Das Kapital.”

          • The big deal is that she’s got more balls than Obama. She’s an honest straightforward radical leftist loon who speaks what’s in her heart and mind: raise the minimum wage to $30 per hour. Turn every business into a social welfare agency. Bring back the 90% WWII tax on top wage earners, etc. If she were the democratic nominee Repubs could beat her with Nixon if he were alive.

  • Dr. Doomsday

    Imagine FDR making a deal for Hitler to get the bomb, or Truman, wanting to give the bomb to Stalin after the war. What stupidity this is with Iran, and hating Israel.

    J. Robert Oppenheimer should have said, “… I am become Obama, the destroyer of worlds..”

    • harbidoll

      & the US would be “collateral damage” in his/their effort to destroy Israel!!!

    • Had Obama been president during World War II, I would be a lampshade and my Christian brethren would be speaking Japanese.

      • Kuner1

        One wonders, if that might not have been better…
        All jokes aside, a world run by Germans and Japanese is a better scenario than one run by Islam.

        • jy kelly

          TRUE that, At least the trains would run on time if it was Germany or Japan… The moslems have invented NOTHING ever… Except beheadings and female genital mutilations..

  • Nanaknows2

    Insanity and evilness

  • 426 HemiCuda

    I’m sick of the 6+ year occupation that this filthy Muslim and his disciples have had in my White House, it’s time for a change!

    • Cate

      Well said, and I couldn’t agree more!

    • Lynn Picciano

      Omg you are the BomB!! Touche Luv!!

      • Lia

        Everybody says. Who does anything?

        • oifmack


          • Lia

            Thank you, oifmack.

    • There are 595 days left until the next presidential election.
      I pray the USA can last that long.

      • Kuner1

        And then there will be Clinton or worse. Face it, the USA is dead. It’s time for white Americans to return to Europe and help us at least take back our ancestral homelands.

    • Darrell Standing

      Hey brother … sorry I keep missing you … good to see you fighting the good fight … stay safe! The biggest fight I have daily is with the quisling censors that are supposedly for freedom of speech! Thank God for Pamela Geller!

      • 426 HemiCuda

        Hi brother! It’s good to see you on here, Pamela Geller is a good site, so far nothing I put up has been deleted as of yet. I wish more so called “conservative” sites were more like this one. Well I’m going to let you go, I hope to catch you on here sometime :-)

        • Darrell Standing

          I have to remember to come over here earlier in the day! Certainly been an interesting news day! Yeah it is really nice to not have to mince words over here! The money I send to Pamela is the best I’ve spent in ages … she is soooo courageous … got to keep her voice around! Stay well!

    • toedeladoki

      A withe house squatter ?


    and one week before Pesach – how symbolic. Muslims LOVE symbolism.

  • Raphael Smith

    Hamas does not recognize Israel, it’s in their Charter. Obama is not calling for that to change, only for Israel in effect to give up its right to exist. Blood Moon effect?

  • VietVET

    the Kenyan halfricaner Kock$ucker won’t stop until Israel is attacked….he’s all but telling Iran…..have at them!!!!!

    • Custos Custodum

      Unfortunately, more and more people now think that Obama seeks the physical annihilation of Israel.

      What could be cooler to Obama’s Jew-hating Muslim backers and his adolescent fans (of all ages)? Obama vainly thinks that he would finally in his life find unquestioning acceptance as a Muslim of the first rank. (Dream on. The Arabs will always refer to Africans as “abeed” (slave).

      Ironically but perhaps fortunately, decision makers in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and others now understand much better than before that the end of Israel would be the beginning of much larger troubles as the fight for ultimate control of the entire dar al-Islam (and indeed the whole world) begins in earnest.

  • Bill Gregg

    Bibi needs to unleash the Mossad on our African queen.

  • Rick McCall

    The most racist world leader since WWII continues to spew coded language, sounding increasingly unhinged because Hitler didn’t finish the job.

  • Dennis

    Obama and his lackeys continue to establish themselves as fools. Their notion of fairness does not exist. How any comments can be made as reported in this commentary, without first stating that the Arab world must first accept the RIGHT OF ISRAEL TO EXIST, whether or not they are ever willing to accept Israel as a Jewish state, and that THEY REJECT THE REHTORIC THAT ISRAEL WILL BE DESTROYED AND ITS PEOPLE WIPED OUT, must be a precondition to any two state solution, boggles my mind. Clearly, this is what Israel must have before any agreements can be negotiated. Obama is so hell bent on a legacy of a fool, he, and his underlings, are not able to see the so-called “trees from the forest.” I would hope that our legislature stands up and states a policy position that America recognizes that these preconditions must be met by the Arab world before negotiation for secure borders can be discussed. To expect any country facing the wrath of the Muslim world, as does Israel, to expect less is the height of inanity, and is further proof that this Presidents conduct is so anti-American, that he should be impeached.

    • Betty4440

      does obama think for a minute GOD will stand by and watch him destroy Israel? I don’t think so. GOD HAS PLANS FOR obama and I don’t think this is part of GOD plan do you?

  • Wahab Khan

    I have just joined this website after watching Pamela debate so powerfully. I am very impressed with her reasoning skills and putting forward clear and coherent arguments against senseless nonsensical ramblings of apologists and extremists. I am from Rawalpindi in Pakistan and live in London, but completely agree that if we want to see long term peace and security we need to support Israel, there is no other way. It sickens me that the world community will support every others fight against extremism but will not support Israel’s fight against extremism. I know very much about terror as we had 150 children massacred by terrorists in a school in Peshawar, if I could join the IDF I would, it is sad people oppose Israel. Obama has proved himself a traitor to go against Israel and should be impeached before he does anymore damage in the next 2 years

    • jon wright

      Thank U Wahab for UR kind words. He has deconstructed the U.S. and is now after Israel.As a Muzzlem/Marxist he has an agenda for world change but to do that one has to know what to do. This golf/basketball idiot has no idea where is up or down. His place was as a Chicago community organizer and that’s where he should have stayed where he could do very little harm. He has become a catastrophe for this world. He’s far beneath and definitely not presidential calibre!That’s why most countries don’t rely on him.HE’S A BAD DREAM,A NIGHTMARE.

    • frankly speaking

      There are moments when one feels we are living in a waking nightmare…

      Obama has become the definition of a despot.

      The people of Israel have voted in a free and fair election and for this they must be punished?

      How dare they express their sovereign right to ELECT their OWN leader?

      How dare the people of Israel demand the full enforcement of international law per the San Remo Agreement? How dare they insist on the recognition of their ancient, indigenous rights to the land of Israel? How dare they demand secure and defensible borders so that their children might grow up without terror, might never know the awful pain of losing a father, a mother, sister, brother, a child in war — in a terrorist attack?

      How dare they not submit to Obama’s will!


      The Citizens of Israel voted, VOTED. As is their right! Can there be any doubt as to the seething contempt – the absolute lethal loathing — Obama feels toward the Jewish people?

      What more evidence of unadulterated anti-Semitism do people need?

      • Betty4440

        oh come on now. you know obama love having all that blood on his hands. and that go for the rest that agree with him. I pray GOD will intervene in this and take care of obama. he has caused so much pain and suffering not only in AMERICA but all over the world.

    • Larry S


      Assuming you are who you say you are (and I have no reason to doubt you), IU find your comment to be a truly stunning one: I find it amazing that someone from Pakistan would have the attitude you do, and I wonder at the origin of your attitudes. I have taken a bit of a personal stand to cease commenting on this site, but you have caused me to backtrack on that. Without, I hope, intruding, may I ask you some questions?

      1) Are you- or did you grow up as- a Muslim? I ask that only to ascertain whether or not you grew up “different” from almost everyone else in your society. If, for example, you are a Christian, that would me understand how you could develop a world view so at variance with that of your native culture. I think may Christian traditions do encourage believers to think for themselves and even to question their beliefs, but I do not think the same can be said of Islam.

      Of course, that is nowhere near a full explanation. For example, most distressingly, Christians in Egypt quite often harbor an anti-Semetic prejudice similar to that of their Muslim compatriots.

      2) At what age did you begin to realize the intellectual and moral bankruptcy that pervades “radical Islam”, or perhaps even Islam in general? Where were you at that age (e.g. Pakistan, the UK)? Even an independent thinker like Nonie Darwish had to emigrate before her lifelong uneasiness with her Islamic heritage could blossom into full blown apostasy.

      3) What personal characteristics do you think you possess that enabled you to develop views so strikingly at odds with majority opinion? I ask that because I doubt, had I grown up as a Pakistani Muslim, that I would have had the originality of mind to realize the absurdity of all I had been taught, and I salute those like yourself who can make that remarkable jump.

      4) How can we encourage other people to make the same kind of intellectual leap that you have?

      Thank you if you care to respond to my inquiries. I will slink back into “lurker mode” now, but you have earned my respect.

      • Wahab Khan

        Hi Larry,

        Well who you think I am is not important, it is however important for me to know who I am. I am more than happy to answers your questions even if they may not be entirely to your liking. So lets start with number 1.

        1. I am actually a devout muslim, but I would like to think a discerning one. I actually grew up in a fairly liberal household, you might be surprised at this but not most but many Pakistanis have not real affinity to their arab “brothers” as they treat them like dirt and think nothing of them and they certainly have no loyalty to Iran who is stoking an uprising in Balochistan at the moment (west pakistan). You cannot conflate religion and culture either in this instance, yes I agree I maybe at variance with the many but neither cultural or religious beliefs dictate my stance , this simply about what is right and what is fair and at its core a political stance I have chosen to take based on what is just and ultimately what will bring about a long term peace.

        2. Radical Islam is what we Muslims call the Khwaarij and Takfiri, these are the people you see in Syria/Iraq…..those causing mischief and terrorism, the problem is when a Muslim becomes religious they sometimes do so without the knowledge of the path they are choosing to take….one extreme is sufism (which is total alienation from the world and immersing oneself in total prayer whilst detaching themselves from everything that is worldly)…..the middle path is in my opinion the safest one (my path) religious without being stupid and the third path is that of extremism and turning into a khwaarijite and essentially embracing tribalism, my muslim brothers/sisters right or wrong.

        3. My personal characteristic …… that would be of persistence…… I realised very quickly in my mid teens that just because someone is Muslim they are not by default holders of all that is truthful, it was a need to separate my religious teachings from what I was witnessing in the world, maybe Jihad had to be declared on ISIS and the Taleban and it was not always about non-muslim, maybe the Jewish people were allies, after all they had sought alliances with Egypt and Jordan…… why was all the aggression coming from Muslim countries….. in the end it was nothing to do with my personal faith but more to do with human error and understanding who was right and who the real aggressors were.

        4. I think people can be shown the error of their ways, if you look at number 3, the answer is simple, keep your faith, but be objective and truthful to yourself, because that is what religion essentially teaches, if you are not truthful to yourself and are somehow absorbed by this false sense of loyalty to your corrupt co religionists you have already fallen prey to the takfiris

        I know you will not agree with everything, but I liked your questions they are intelligent and made me think

        • Larry S

          Thank you, Wahab, for a considered response. It would indeed be a pleasure to sit down with you and ruminate over tea (for you) and a beer (for me :~). Since that probably won’t happen, I’ll see if I can spice up our interaction a bit, and I may challenge your thinking and test your persistence!

          It seems to me you are failing to follow through on the precepts of the faith you claim to uphold. In that, I suppose I agree with many Muslims that you are not a “good Muslim”. There are many very disturbing beliefs and practices that are rooted in the holiest texts of Islam. It seems to me that your devotion to Islam, while maintaining your discernment, is a tribute to your ability to maintain your belief system while rejecting its practices.

          Our interaction might better be carried out elsewhere- this site can get rather inhospitable toward well-intentioned Muslims or those like myself who simply try to understand Muslims as human beings. Possibly could provide such a venue (in fact, if you are interested. I’d be willing to ask Robert Spencer if he would turn a thread over to us to carry on this discussion).

          But I’d like to challenge your thinking a bit more. Muhammad was a murderer, a caravan thief, and a rapist. Other than that, I’m sure he was an outstanding fellow. But he did, according to a reliable hadith (Bukhari), have sex with a nine year old “wife” when he was about 50. Muslims have followed that horrendous practice for centuries, and many young girls have paid for that hideous practice with their lives. Is this a man you can seriously call a role-model for all men? What kind of hideous “god” would choose such a pervert for his prophet?

          I think the canonical texts of Islam are wholly at variance with
          any notion of the independent mind or spirit. For example, again turning to a reliable hadith (Bukhari (52:260) – “…The Prophet said, ‘If somebody (a Muslim) discards his religion, kill him.’ ” I realize that punishment has been controversial in Islam, open to a variety of “interpretations”, but nonetheless Islam has sanctioned the murder of many people who renounced their faith. I also realize Christians have done the same- the difference being that Christians could not point to a sacred text to justify their actions. Muslims, however, can.

          The issue of slavery is a troubling one in Islam, and, of course, it is intertwined with Muhammad’s perverted sexual practices (Mohammad was quite happy to take women as sex slaves, and explicitly gave his followers similar liberty). In fact, the Quran seems to assume that many Muslims will be slave owners: Sura 5:89 states, “So its expiation [for breaking an oath] is the feeding of ten needy people from the average of that which you feed your [own] families or clothing them or the freeing of a slave.”

          I know of no other living religion that explicitly condones the monstrous practice of slavery. True, Christianity from its inception, tolerated the existence of slavery- well that was the world in which the early Christians lived, and St. Paul’s focus was on the next world, not trying to perfect this one. How can you, in good conscience, be part of a religion that embraces the enslaving of people?

          I find the Quran to be a hateful book that appeals to the worst
          instincts of humanity. Many Muslims openly embrace those instincts.

          For example, the God of the ancient Israelites, per Ezekiel 18:32, states that God, “has no pleasure in the death of anyone”. Allah, on the other hand, seems to savor and enjoy the torture of infidels: e.g. Sura 18:29, “We have prepared for disbelievers Fire. Its tent encloseth them. If they ask for showers, they will be showered with water like to molten lead which burneth the faces. Calamitous the drink and ill the resting-place!” If that’s not enough, Sura 4:56 adds to the torment: “Indeed, those who disbelieve in Our verses – We will drive them into a Fire. Every time their skins are roasted through We will replace them with other skins so they may taste the punishment. Indeed, Allah is ever Exalted in Might and Wise.”

          Although it is true that Christianity has its own awful vision of
          hell (I find Judaism much more restrained on the matter), the
          holy texts of Christianity do not revel in the torment of the damned as analogous verses of the Quran. [Please, do not respond as one ignorant Muslim did to me a couple of years ago, and point to Dante’s “Divine Comedy”, which is simply an acknowledged work of fiction). Moreover, Muslims (and the Quran) seem to me to glorify and luxuriate in the suffering of non-believers in a way that Christians (and the Bible) do not.

          I have barely scratched the surface of what I find so appalling in your faith. But from what little I have presented, I think the radical Muslims are very much in the mainstream of Islamic tradition.

          You present as man of good-will, imbued with and a willingness to think for yourself. I wonder how you can continue to embrace a “religion” that permits women to be sex slaves, girls to be raped, and people to be enslaved or murdered, not for their actions, but merely their beliefs.

          Finally, I will note that I am indebted to Robert Spencer for some of the thoughts contained in this post.

    • Vince

      Wahab, you seem like a very passionate and intelligent person. I would like to expand on whats happening in Israel. The ONE and only Holy Bible completely outlines the end times, thousands of years ago. It clearly states that all nations will come against Israel. God (Jehovah) will smite them personally. Its a very bad time to be a muslim. They believe they are doing the work of a higher power, Allah, but in the end…destruction. This lie started with Ishmael, the slave boy, vice the promised seed, Isaac. When Hagar was told by an angel that his son would be great, he’d also be stubborn and against his brother. The prophecy is unfolding exactly as the bible has foretold, and America, through its sin and arrogance, has chosen a jackel to do satan’s bidding against Israel. I’m amazed at the amount of people who go to church on Sunday’s and continue to suppoirt this proven muslim.

  • Bill7360

    I am 74 years old and never dreamed I would see a muslin/communist american administration led by a traitor.
    The entire Obama administration should be imprisoned for life or publically executed. It appears a civil war with blood in the streets may be necessary!

    • Obama is an agent of he muslim brotherhood and a traitor to the USA.

    • We know where our Hitler is; but where is our Churchill? We know where our Caesar is, but where is our Brutus?

      • Warren

        Our Churchill is the Prime Minister of Israel.

  • Jacqui

    I love the pic! Hilarious! Flies are always attracted to rot….

  • Go to Hell Obama!

    ISIS is on the move taking over, Assad is butchering people in Syria, while being supported by Iran and Obama is making a deal with Iran to provide cover so it will get a nuclear bomb. All muslims do is kill each other as we are witnessing in the mideast today, and Obummer wants Israel to go back to the 1967 borders so it can’t defend itsel. Obama is delusional and divorced from reality.

    Go to hell Obama.

  • David, Thailand

    McDonough said, “an occupation that has lasted
    for more than 50 years must end,” referring to Israel’s 48-year hold on
    the West Bank.

    The author got this horrifically wrong. Try to comprehend what he actually said, and then what he meant. In most quarters 48 years is less than 50 years, not more.

    ‘More than 50 years’ refers to 1948, not 1967.

    Obama and those around him believe Jews have been illegally occupying Allah’s lands since the British Mandate.

    • harbidoll

      I saw that too but couldn’t believe he meant it.

      • Oracle9

        Good catch. Telling isn’t it? Almost like the “57 states” slip.

  • NoTroll Zone

    Sure. Israel now should abide and end the ‘occupation’ with deportation of all so-called palestinians to Saudi Arabia and Iran.

  • SAnnSM

    I want the 6 years of Obama Hell to end and I want the UN out of our country. Our tax $$ are used to support this America hating group and I would love to see it rot.

  • Tanya

    Is it possible that we could ask for the Obumbeler administration to end its occupation of the White House?

  • Wildcard

    Lets just go with the end of the 6 year occupation of the white house #tcot

  • Lee Poteet

    I personally think that it is time for the West to insist that Muslims give up their 1392 year occupation of all Western and Jewish & Christian lands and pack all of themselves back into that sand dune known as Arabia. They are the ones who have stolen and occupy lands which belong to others and they all need to head back home.

  • Carol

    Reading some of the comments below it came to me, What in the heII will Obama do with that stupid pen on the way out of office? I bet his pardons will be shamefully scandalous. Like pardoning cop killers and known terrorists. Obama..ya nasty.

    • I think you are right on that.

    • CWS

      At the rate he’s going, I’m not even sure he’ll wait that long.

  • TJStokes

    I have to hand it to the brother. He is pure genius. He withdraws our troops. Wins a nobel peace prize just for saying it. He then gets the enemies of some of our allies to unite with our enemies in battle near their respective borders. Then Israel has to go in and clean up the mess shedding Jewish blood to fight our war. The plan is genius. He may even get another nobel peace prize for it. It is pure evil, but genious. Now that is how a community organizer thinks. He talks, then other people get blood on their hands. It is world politics Chicago style.

    Sorry Israel. You have to die to make Obama look good. Sorry muslims, Christians, and non-believers. You have to die along with Israel too. We have a presidential legacy to protect and another peace prize to win.

  • Dominic Manteca

    They’re seriously crazy that’s like pointing their finger into God’s chest and doubting everything he said about Israel and the land. those Palestinians and Hamas never were nation nor had borders until the state of Israel was created.Muslims are stupid and just inviting the total vengeance and wrath of God down upon them I can’t wait because in those days their will be relief and peace when the Almighty crushes all these cockroaches!

  • Darrell Standing

    Just when I think I can’t hate him any more than I do … his henchman (him) opens his mouth again! He needs a good knee to the groin just for starters! Who would pay to see that on pay-per-view … followed by him being hauled off to Leavenworth?!

    • jy kelly


  • omega2


  • Oracle9

    Obama is steadily gearing up for a devastating war in the Middle East. If he’s not the antichrist he’s awfully f’n close.

  • Jacqui

    This says it all really…..

  • Try to divide Jerusalem, you Jew hating filth. HaShem has made it quite clear what will happen to those who try to destroy Israel or harm the Holy City of the Jewish people for the last 3200 years.

    Obama ran on a pledge in 2008 that Jerusalem is the undivided capital of the Jewish nation of Israel and should always remain the undivided capital of the Jewish nation of Israel. SO TELL US OBOLA, WHO IS THE ONE WHO ACTUALLY WENT BACK ON HIS PROMISES, YOU STINKING LIAR.

    • Pale Rider

      Cheers! very well said friend. all Israel’s enemies will meet with a sudden and untimely wretched fate. it is just waiting for them.

  • hal8196

    What utter deception. Interesting that they want two separate countries putting Israel at a severe security risk, but the NWO elites want to eliminate the sovereignty of the United States by eliminating our borders for the North American Union, thereby putting the Americans at a severe security risk.

    • Betty4440

      obama doesn’t care. he has a bunker to hide away in with all his bed buddies. all the weapons and ammo all that food he has been hording for him and his. he thinks he is safe. but he hasn’t thought about what GOD can do. I guess he thinks he is above GOD. but we will see want we.and so will he. his satan worshiping rev wright didn’t tell him about the TRUE GOD AND THE PUNISHMENT HE CAN HAND OUT.

  • Lia

    I’m sorry for all these poor WH aides & slaves, from Miss Harf to this Mr McDonough: they have to dance to the pres.’s tune or lose their jobs. Honesty, principles, loyalty cannot be allowed in. But I’m worried about their end than their present: where do they spend eternity? With their president?

  • Saxon

    good luck, whores of Satan, but it’s never going to happen. Israel belongs to the Jews and Jerusalem will never be divided.

  • Somewhere in Hell, Adolf is smiling. What a grand celebration they are preparing, for Barak’s arrival.

  • Mladen_Andrijasevic

    The Orwellian Obama Presidency

    Under Mr. Obama, friends are enemies, denial is wisdom, capitulation is victory.

    Bret Stephens:” Here is my advice to the Israeli government, along with every other country being treated disdainfully by this crass administration: Repay contempt with contempt. Mr. Obama plays to classic bully type. He is abusive and surly only toward those he feels are either too weak, or too polite, to hit back.”

  • Wahab Khan

    Obama has deceived the American public, he played the “part” for the first part of his administration, but since then all he has done as ask for more and more concessions from BiBi…… why is this “leader” allowed to fight terrorists and try to expel ISIS from Syria and Al-Qaeda in afghanistan and Iraq…… why is even Jordan allowed to bomb ISIS, but they will not allow Israel to fight its own terrorists ? Why has the BDS not been banned yet ? Why ARE Israel the only country in the world that HAS to negotiate with terrorists, when this is not the policy of ANY country EVER…….. Israel should adopt the Daniel Pipes solution of completely crushing the enemy once and for all so that the muslims and jews can live in peace……. I am a muslim but I also have common sense and consider myself to be a fair person.

  • coon

    Those who speak out supporting this evil administrztion will reap what THEY sow. Ever idle word will be judged.

  • Joseph Rosen

    It is known that every leader of a country – and much more that the
    U.S. President – leaves his mark on his SPECIFIC period of tenure in office.

    What characterizes President Obama’s term is a great “effervescence” of the Islamic EXTREMIST movement that began under the beautiful name of …!

    Does anyone wish TO VENTURE to explain this Truth, which cannot be challenged?

  • Prinz Eugen

    When will congress and political pundits finally get the picture: sultan Barry Sotero is not confused, he is not fumbling about aimlessly — he is aid, abetting, arming, fund- ing, advocating and protecting islamic terror! He is IN CAHOOTS with the beheaders and caliphate crusaders, plain and simply. Until our cowardly congress wakes from its self-induced stupor, the US, Israel and west are doomed. There is no opposition — and so sultan Barry will not be leaving the WH any time soon .

    Sultan Barry is having our troop[s misplace arms shipments, and in Yemen they are leaving behind vehicles and munitions, again!

    That “deal” with iran will be more of an ALLIANCE — this is treason, but our cowards in congress prefer to keep their eyes shut and only deal with that damn pipeline!

    Sultan Barry has united the US-Hater Coalition (the DNC constituents) — the
    US Constituion is in shreds, & Israel has been on the beheaders hit list for
    67 years. Sultan Barry is approving and encouraging the worldwide attack on Israel and Jews!

    Sultan Barry intends to be islam’s messiah!

    Remedy: IMPEACHMENT!

  • Sideshowjoe

    To quote the world’s biggest A-hole…“I will stand with the Jews should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” No wait, that’s right-that’s what I said!

  • rdrev

    Please read and judge for


    Here is a word that is difficult for me to
    write. Do not judge me for this word, but test it like you should test any thing
    that a person says. If it does not come to past we will have more time. But if
    it does and you do nothing about it. Your blood will be on your head and not
    mine. I have been a Watchman on the wall since Aug.1978 when YHWH told me to
    tell His children that they will go through Hard times. Read
    Eze. 14 concerning what will happen when this comes to past. I did not
    get the word below, it speaks for itself. The only thing I received was
    concerning the Eclips of the Sun and the Blood Red Moons. Please view below.
    Please pray concerning this, only time will test

    I have other dreams that YHWH has
    given to me as a Watchman on the wall. I will send to anyone who desires to

    Time is short, please Pray and
    Prepare for what is about to come down.

    We may have about 12 months to


    Rich Riding

    Is this
    the timing of the destruction of the U.S.A.?

    or Word of Knowledge!

    C. Morton Pate

    Feb. 17,1974

    I, the Lord your God come quickly. As my judgment will be regarding
    your Nation, when
    it abandons

    Beginning 7 days there after
    and being complete 7 months

    The Tetrad
    in 2015

    Between Adar29/Nisan 1 (Mar. 20/21, 2015) and
    Sukkot, Tishrei 14/15
    (Sept. 27/28, 2015).

    YHWH gave me the understanding of the above Prophecy/Word of

    deals with Jewish persecution.

    The SOLAR ECLIPSES deals with the


    On Adar 29/Nisan 1 (Mar. 20/21, 2015) America will abandon Israel. When that happens
    JUDGMENT will start in
    7 days Mar.27-28, 2015 and last for 7 Months
    on Sept.27-28, 2015 On

    I have been waiting for 40 years for the completion of this Prophecy/Word
    of Knowledge.

    Things do come to those who wait.

    Praise YHWH and His Son Yahshuah

  • Rocinante44

    Read brett stephens in the wsj today (march 24) for a great summary of the lunacy of this muslim nut-case administration, who 50% of America apparently still loves. remember, the problem is us, not him. we desperately need to start the 2nd civil war

  • sjfter

    I agree with Dennis. End the occupation. Arabs out now!

  • Cappy1437

    This administration is beyond evil. Maybe this Denis McDonough thinks he’s going to get 72 virgins someday by working with this administration. We already know Obama thinks he is.

  • Glen Benjamin

    How about splitting Ireland in two. Protect ants and Catholics each get half. Mcdonaugh shoukd go back to IRELand and STFU.

    We win the war in 1967 and won back our ancient homeland. Someine needs to tell this potato eater to stick it.

  • Ghost

    They must have focus-grouped the number “50” –because it has no relation at all to any significant date (not 1948, 1967, or 1973). But the number “50” does happen to be the traditional “over the hill” age in America, and people tend not to like it–so the link to that nonsense number of 50 is for the “optics” value. As long as they nanner the phrase “Of course Israel has the right to defend itself,” they can tack on any phony monstrosity they want to–such as “the occupation”–which then totally devalues the statement about defense (i.e. you can’t rightly defend occupied land as your own…). What a total load of horse hockey. It’s only going to get worse. Meanwhile, lots of other horrors being perpetrated on the public, like Common Core in education K-12. All part of the same planned “fundamental transformation” of America. Dr. Khadar in israel had a great idea: turn the villages over to the various family clans as emirates–each clan decides for their village, Israel still manages security. It removes the interfering monolith Iran (Hamas) and the PA, and restores the original way of life in that area. I think it’s a win-win and could get traction with the Arab minorities there.

  • AIG

    Der schwarzfuhrer runs America like any African dictator runs any African hellhole.
    You can take the n-word out of Africa, but you can’t take Africa out of the n-word.

  • Noah Rosenblum

    I wish that our senate had as much guts today as the senate of ancient Rome did in 44BC.

  • Dr. Doomsday

    Gee, do we detect an evil trend here with the scum in this Administration?

  • dhd123

    I think it is high time that the made up race of people, the so called “Palestinians”, leave Israel!

  • Walter Sieruk

    What an ignorant man this guy is. For all this land of the State of Israel belongs to the Jewish people. Which included the West Bank. This is because the God of the Bible had declared so. As in ,for example, Genesis 28:13-15. 35:10-12. Deuteronomy 32:48,49. Psalm 105 :7-11 This land also belong to the Jewish people the historic rights . As shown in First Kings 4:20,21,24,25. 8:55,56. Furthermore, the Bible in Psalm 135:4. teaches “For the Lord had chosen Jacob for Himself. Israel for His special treasure.” [N.K.J.V.]

  • LindaRivera

    The Muslim/Marxist Obama regime is not just cursing Israel, the regime is cursing America. God has promised His divine protection on only one nation: Israel. God’s protection of America is surely being lifted. God judges nations and He judges individuals. How much time does America have left before God pours out His judgments and great Wrath on America because of her leaders? God’s judgements will horrify the entire world.

  • Barko_Polo

    I’m calling for “the END of OCCUPATION–by the SQUATTERS @ 1600 Pennsylvania Ave” !!
    BHO has turned the White House into the Muslim Brotherhood FRAT House–he needs to take THEM with him & VACATE the Premisses immediately—the sooner, the better !!

  • nirvana

    God tells us not to hate, but we have a muslim – loving pResident in the White House, causing chaos in the world – country by country. God help Israel, and us!

  • drdias

    Obama’s and now his wife show that their gestures, their sympathies, their very demeanor is overtly pro-Islamic!

    Obama is nothing but a cowardly cheap demented delusional Islamic overpaid whore!

    Now we Do know the Obama’s Sympathize lie with Islam and the Islamic terrorist leadership, Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Palestinian Authority, Hezbollah, PLO, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, UAE, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Algeria, Turkey, and Iran.

    The real Islamic face, of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Palestinian Authority, Hezbollah, PLO, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, UAE, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Algeria, Turkey, and Iran are the true face of pure evil!

    These Islamist will stop at nothing to murdered us, destroy our culture, our way of life, and to enslave our children, our daughters, our wives, our sisters without a second thought or a second of hesitation!

    These Islamists with their pure Islamic overt disdain for western culture, all other ethnic groups, and all other religions, all of which is hastily brought about by their conspicuous self-compelled blind obedience to their male dominated leadership whose ideological cult of Islamic books, the Qur’an, the Hadith, the Surah, and Sharia Law which harbor and promotes death and enslavement which can only deliver peace and tolerance to those it can enslave, traumatize, tyrannize, and murder in cold blood!

  • Merchantseamen

    I want to know what is holding this guy back. What is stopping him from imposing Marshall Law? So we go into a quasi civil war. The military has the trump card with air superiority, more like air dominance. They just starve us out anyway. 90% percent of the people say one thing but when confronted they curl into the fetal position. When they knock on your door at 3 in the morning what will you do? What will you do hmmmm? Nothing is my guess….Me? probably roll over like the rest of you and take it like a man. From behind.

  • George Snedeker

    Israel should go back to it’s borders as was in ancient times…there was no Palestine…take back what is rightfully there’s and show no mercy

  • Tong Chang
  • dvdkzk

    There is/was no occupation, Jews bought land for up to 10 times the value and Palestinians were more than happy to get paid for the rocky barren, unusable land that only miles away would have sold for a small fraction of the price. Rich, fertile land in the US was selling for about one tenth of what the Jewish were paying for the same amount of land.

  • Veracious_one

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