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Amnesty International: Palestinians Committed War Crimes, Killed more Palestinian civilians than Israel


Truth is irrelevant.
Truth is the enemy of evil, which is why there is a prohibition on the truth.

Amnesty International said Thursday that Palestinian rocket fire during the 2014 summer war in Gaza had killed more civilians in the Gaza Strip than in Israel. Such deadly attacks on civilians on both sides constituted “a war crime,” it said.

The damning report urged armed Palestinian groups to end attacks on civilians in Israel and to protect those in the Gaza Strip from the effects of such attacks. (here)

Like that might ever happen. It’s jihad — it’s what they do. The “Palestinian” people elected their murderers — that is how wide and deep their hatred of the Jew is.

Where is the UN? Where are the condemnations? Where are the resolutions? Where is the civilized man?

Muslim war crimes in gaza-

Amnesty International Alleges Palestinians Committed War Crimes

by IPT News  •  Mar 26, 2015

Palestinian terrorist groups violated international law and blatantly disregarded civilian lives by consistently firing missiles indiscriminately into Israel during last summer’s war with Israel, Amnesty International reports.

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  • AIG

    Wow. This admission makes up for AmnestyI’s three decades of abuse. Yeah, right.

    • FedUpLibBS

      IT’s a Start! But, USA Media will Never admit this!!!

      • Guest

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    • Brooke

      Eh. Nothings going to be done, it really means squat. It’s not a start. Its a bunch of B.S. The “P”s, will be back doing the same old thing, yet again, as they are killing daily, .. It’s a circle of hell. Until every last one is gone, then, and only then, will be a victory flag

  • JM


    > Amnesty International: Palestinians Committed War Crimes, Killed more Palestinian civilians than Israel


    > Amnesty International said Thursday that Palestinian rocket fire during the 2014 summer war in Gaza had killed more civilians in the Gaza Strip than in Israel.

    These do not match. Killing more civilians “than Israel” and “than in Israel” are different things.

    The title means: Palestinians killed more Palestinian civilians than the number of Palestinian civilians that Israel killed.

    The text about what Amnesty said means: Palestinians killed more Palestinian civilians than the number of Israeli civilians that Palestinians killed.

    Please get the story right. These kinds of details are very important. The title implies that Israeli killing of civilians was going on, when that’s not in the text.

    More commentary here:

  • wildjew

    OT: Pamela, I’ve been getting all these links to stories Andreas Lubitz (the Germanwings co-pilot) was a Muslim convert. I am in a bit of a hurry. Are all these based on conspiracy theory from a German news site? I’ve been listening to Sean Hannity this afternoon. He’s not mentioned this story yet.

  • 426 HemiCuda


    • iWildwood

      Sigh. Unfortunately, these kids are taught, from the cradle, to be terrorists.

  • Phil

    A good muslim is a dead muslim.

  • Gina

    Palis committed war crimes. Tell me something I don’t already know.

    • dad1927

      They kill their own kids… Use them for TV complaining about Israel, How about that?

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    has cost them hundreds and millions of dollars in tax transfers that Israel collects for them and is freezing. Now Lindsay Graham is threatening to cut off all US aid if the Palis go ahead and press war crimes charges against Israel. Soon we will hear that Amnesty International has sold out to the Zionists, and has become a propaganda arm of their oppressive apartheid state.

  • Alex Clark

    Well it is a step in the right direction.

  • SJS

    How was he going to accuse Israel of war crimes, his primary objective, and completely ignore hama’s rockets?

    Pretty slick, what he did there, this Amnesty Philip Luther guy. Throw a couple of accusations against the palestinians, and then revert to what warms his heart.

  • Elisheva

    I thought it was amazing that Amnesty International was saying this. They are always on the other side. What happened?

  • Ahmeed Atgeir Nyttingnes

    A big lie, and just stupid. Typical jewish media.
    It is understandable that Israeli media comes No. 96 on Free Press Index 2014 Lolz .. Nd Bye bye you Zionist Khazars who collaborated with Adolf Hitler during WWII, and killed almost all non-Zionists in the Holocaust!

    • dad1927

      Yes… If 2 fish fight in the Ocean, its Israel’s fault. Well, Mr hammer, not everything is a nail. BTW; there are pictures of one of your muff’s with Adolph Hitler. Didn’t see a Jew in the pic. What’s your Christian name?

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  • iWildwood

    Truth – has become irrelevant. Such truths as are pointed out in this article will serve no purpose (in my opinion) other than to inspire further pity and support for those so called poor Palestinians, who allegedly can’t afford far better and more accurate missiles with which they could, far more effectively, destroy the Jewish people.

    Any moment now, I fully expect some governing council (via the UN) to insist that more modernized arms be provided those “poor Palestinians” so that the people of Gaza might lessen the harm they cause to themselves while so fervently attempting to annihilate others.

    It’s all just so sickening.
    Cooperate with the UN?
    Abolish the UN.

    • dad1927

      If you abolished the UN, where would you put the OIC muslims? Homeland security? They are full up with muslims already.

  • Owen_Morgan

    These facts were readily available at the time (except for the claim about Israeli war-crimes, which was a lie then and is still). OK, there’s the analysis from the munitions expert, which may have required a bit of time, but the fact that the palestinian rockets were unguided has always been well-known. The terrorists launching these missiles don’t care where they land in Israel, as long as they kill or hurt Israelis, and plainly don’t give a d**n if they fall short, either, especially when a gullible international press corps will disregard the evidence of its own eyes and blame Israel for a disaster of the Palestinians’ own making.

    The same applies to the fact that hamas used schools and hospitals as locations for storing armaments, which means, by implication, that they also launched their rockets from such places, exactly as Israel said they did. The palestinian terrorists also forced civilians into known target areas; they were known, because the IDF declared its intention to attack a location in advance, precisely in order to avoid civilian casualties. If Eisenhower had conducted his campaign that way, European nazis would still be in ss-black, or hitler youth brown, rather than in isis-black, or those ridiculous keffiyehs.

    As long as this maladministration is in the White House, Israel is vulnerable. Partly, that is because of Obama’s muslim fixation, but it also translates into a loss of American diplomatic and military support. Obama has casually abandoned whole acres of hardware to islamic terrorists, but has threatened to deprive Israel of the means to maintain its existing equipment. That is combined with an insistence that Israel revert to its 1948 borders, which is obviously insane.

  • roccolore

    That’s a first for Shamnesty International

  • TracieRenkiewicz

    Who padded their pockets for such a report. They said a few days ago only 11 people were killed by friendly fire in Palestine now its more? What the F ever, I am positive Amnisty International had their pockets padded by Netanyahu and his people. FFFFFF Netanyahu AND HAMAS they’re both terrorists and the Palestinan people suffered. Netabyahu has already sajd he plans to take all of Palestine and he isnt interested in peace talks. He has who countries sanctioning and boycotting him and his country. I am boycotting Israel.

  • muslimandproud

    Lol this is the most biased hypocritical zionist funded anti Palestinian article I have ever read. Do you guys have proof for this? Let’s just say I’ve seen more rockets coming from Israel to Palestine then I’ve seen stars in the sky . Let’s just say I can count on all 10 fingers and 10 toes and the joints in them for as many Palestinians I have seen murdered from the Israel nazi style soldiers. No one in this world is as aggressive and abusive to a 2nd class citizen then the Israeli government is to the Palestinian people.

    • Stuart Taylor

      Durr! Your maths don’t work out ” more rockets … than stars in the sky.” Do you know how many stars there are in the sky? Probably not. The rockets you saw were probably retaliatory ones, after your hamas idiots fired unguided rockets, willy nilly, into Israeli cities, from the “protection” of a densely populated residential Gaza suburb. Who knows, you might have even been the terrorist yourself firing from a school ground. Why don’t you people honor your peace agreements, if you don’t like Israeli rockets showering down on your heads? Oh I forgot, you don’t have any honor in your souls, lying comes naturally to you. Your qoran says you are allowed to lie.

    • As you ask for proof you supply zero proof for your claims. The irony.

      You ever see a dog chase its tail?

  • Lisa Miller

    Save this for the next round when the bleeding hearts cry over the dead children and refuse to believe that the Palis and Hamas did anything. Curious about what they will say about Amnesty International!

  • dad1927

    The US abdicated its responsibilities, and these groups go wild in response. The “death to amerika” muslim in the white house has jammed homeland security with these Palestinian types, and hired things of evil like Valerie Jarrett and Kerry.
    2016 can’t come fast enough. Anyone hear mrs O wants to replace Columbus day with “Hug a Muslim” day? The weird is going off the scale as the O’s show us what a real left agenda is.

  • John

    It’s often unfair to criticize Israel’s actions when it is simply trying to protect its people and when it is quite clear that if Hamas and Israel’s positions were reversed – meaning that if Hamas had the military capabilities and resources that Israel has, that there would be no Israel. In Israel’s efforts to protect and defend its people against radical violent extremism oftentimes there will inevitably be civilian casualties. That being said, what the Amnesty International report reveals is that one Palestinian rocket killed 11 Palestinian civilians, which is more than the number of civilians killed by Palestinian rocket fire in Israel during the entire conflict. More Palestinian civilians were killed by Israel per day than the total number of civilians killed by Palestinians during the entire conflict.

  • Mega Kovalan

    There is no surprise here…it’s only media silence. The mistake in the title is “civilians”, I never heard any civilians intentionally killed by the Israelis. While Palestinian civilians wanted to kill Israelis. The title is giving indirect hint that Israelis are killing Palestinian civilians.

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