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[ January 21, 2018 ]

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American Jailed In UAE For ‘cyber slander against Islam while on US soil


This is a reflection of the diminishing respect and power of America across the world under the post-American president. A reflection of the decaying state of freedom across the world under the Obama presidency. The American president said, “the future does not belong to those that slander the prophet of Islam.”

The jailed American’s fiancee said, “I never heard of anything like this before.” That is because the media scrubs, whitewashes and censors the horrors of sharia from Americans. Persecution and criminal penalty for criticizing or offending Islam is commonplace in Muslim countries.

Under President Obama, Americans are no longer immune.


The Tampa Tribune brings us the amazing and outrageous story of local helicopter mechanic Ryan Pate, who worked as a contractor for a company called Global Aerospace Logistics, headquartered in the United Arab Emirates. Pat was arrested in the UAE for an offending Facebook post.

According to Pate, he began suffering back problems and, with a recommendation from his doctors in the United States, wanted to leave the company’s employ. This turned into an ugly dispute in which he was summoned to the UAE for further medical testing, and his pay was frozen. Angered by these developments, Pate vented on his Facebook page – something that has become a remarkably common end to jobs around the world. Pate was arrested and thrown in jail by Abu Dhabi police when he arrived in the United Arab Emirates, charged with violating their speech codes by making “cyber slander against Islam, cyber slander against the UAE, cyber slander against his employer and cyber slander against management.”

He spent ten days in the Emirates slammer – following a booking procedure that involved making him sign Arabic paperwork he couldn’t read, and some rather suspicious “confusion about his nationality” on the part of the police – before the U.S. Embassy tracked him down and got him out on bail.  He is scheduled to stand trial on March 17, facing up to five years in prison and a $50,000 fine, even though the “slander against Islam” and “slander against the UAE” charges were dropped. He has already incurred hefty legal fees, leading his fiancee Jillian Cardoza to set up a GoFundMe account to ask for help. The couple’s savings have already been wiped out.

A bit of reading between the lines is necessary to glean exactly what Pate said on Facebook that raised the ire of his UAE employers and their government, but evidently he said some “disparaging racial remarks” about “filthy Arabs” and was highly critical of Global Aerospace Logistics, warning readers of his Facebook page not to work for them. Pate says he got a break on the charges of insulting the United Arab Emirates because they decided his insulting remarks were a “generalization” against Arabs and not a direct slam on the UAE.

“I fully understand the laws of the UAE regarding social media and respect the sovereignty of your kingdom to defend and uphold its laws,” Jolly wrote in a letter to the Attorney General in Abu Dhabi. “However, the Facebook messages that were posted by Mr. Pate were written while he was residing in the United States. Under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, Mr. Pate is protected under U.S. law to freely express his opinion regardless of the content. As such it is deeply troubling that Mr. Pate now faces judicial proceedings over an action that was done legally in his home country.”

Jolly asked for clemency and permission for Pate to return to the United States. He has also written to Secretary of State John Kerry to ask for the State Department’s assistance.

Pate is still in the Emirates at the time of this writing.

This story is about an American citizen typing up something offensive in the United States, and getting sandbagged by foreign speech enforcers. As Cardoza pointed out, he was not even aware of the Orwellian speech codes he was violating – he was lured into the clutches of the enforcers by traveling to their considerably less free home turf. Cardoza said that her first priority was to keep her fiancee out of jail, but added her secondary goal was “for people to understand the laws over there. I never heard of anything like this before. Even the U.S. Embassy was confused.”

Nobody should be confused about freedom of speech and America’s unwavering commitment to it – not here, and not in any benighted corner of the unfree world. Employers are certainly entitled to sever their relationships with employees who insult them or damage their operations; legal redress is available for libelous statements and breaches of contract. What Ryan Pate is dealing with is absurd. Speech control is a contagious virus, and if we keep offering such laws respect they do not deserve, we’re likely to catch it.

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  • Walter Sieruk

    With this news story it should be reiterated that Brigitte Gabriel who is the founder and head of and the author of the book entitled THEY MUST BE STOPPED was on television of FOX NEWS and she was right in the mark when she stated “Obama is more interested in protecting the image of Islam then in protecting the safety the American public.”

  • Walter Sieruk

    Lets face it , Obama has a strong case of denial concerning the reality of the violent and deadly nature that is so much part of the essence of Islam. Therefore Obama is and will continue to be useless and worthless in countering the dangers and threats of the militant and murderous jihad of Islam. The scholar Thomas Sowell, had stated it well and had a good and valid point when he wrote “We will be lucky to get through the remainder of Obama’s term without a major catastrophe from which we might or might not recover.”

    • Jonathan Dunkin

      He’s not in denial. He is extremely familiar with Islam and he knows exactly what it is. The problem is that he sympathizes with it.

  • chris wolf

    Not that I needed one more reason to NEVER set foot in any islamic sewer state anywhere. Now, if only islamics would stay in their own backward countries where backward people like them belong — including “obama.”
    We, Americans would be a lot better off.
    We wouldn’t even recognize how better off.

    • If the people of the USA do not wake up soon, you could be in a Islamic state
      in the near future. Without even leaving the USA.
      Everything Obama does is against the liberty of the people in the USA.

    • Nathan

      I have to ask… where will you go? :-D

  • Xmun

    In my opinion Obama is clearly Radical Muslim and hates America, so anyone that says something that is not within the context of the regime he will be thrown in jail to show the Obama has the Power. We are in global war on terror against our own citizens.

  • conan_drum

    I am appalled that anybody of sound mind (that excludes Muslims of course) would have anything at all to say in favour of Sharia, which is in fact in direct contravention of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which many Islamic states have not signed.

  • Bro. Nick

    As a ‘Bible believing CHRISTian’, I believe exactly what “the word of the LORD” warns about – to those few who will listen – in these extremely perilous times in which we are living – that are going to get more – and more – and more EVIL:
    “Woe unto them that call EVIL good, and good EVIL;
    that put DARKNESS for light, and light for DARKNESS;
    that put BITTER for sweet, and sweet for BITTER!
    Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!”
    (Is 5:20-21 [KJB])

    “The heart is DECEITFUL above all things,
    and desperately WICKED:
    who can know it?”
    (Jer 17:9 [KJB])

    “The WICKED walk on every side, when the VILEST men are exalted.”
    (Ps 12:8 [KJB])

    “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice:
    but when the WICKED beareth rule, the people mourn.”
    (Prov 29:2 [KJB])

    Most fortunately there is true hope – for:
    “The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness;
    but is longsuffering to us-ward,
    not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.”
    (2 Pet 3:9 || also 1 Tim 2:4 | Ezek 18:30-32 [KJB])

    • Cede

      BLABLABLABLA….Religion the ultimate weapon of mass destruction!

  • Laura

    Muslims can travel the world at will but westerners enter Islamic countries at their peril.

  • Glen Benjamin

    Lesson learned, do not work in evil Islamic countries. Continue to bash ISLAM but stay clear of those countries.

    • Betty4440

      what it is that attracts AMERICANS and other country’s. going to these Arab country’s is the money they can make going over there.but in the long run it cost more than they ever make. one cost loosing your freedom.

      • I guess that some people have to learn the hard way Betty. I do feel sorry for this man; but he did have a choice. I still have a problem with those who use facebook and other social media sites. I get e-mails every day from facebook; and I just ignore them. Nice to see you Betty and I hope that all is well with you and your Family.

  • Grey Wulfe #WR

    Hey, why not mention the Jews who pull the strings behind the USA, and the influence over the elections there? Once the Jews get kicked out, our American brothers will have more sovereignty. 14/88 Love from Australia.

    • Grey Wulfe #WR

      The confused silverback Obama, the mentally challenged Bush family, the idiot Clinton, etc., have all led the USA down to Hell with them.

  • arishsahani

    In india and bangladesh and pakistan local mullahs are busy asking each muslim family to give away one son for islam many children disappear and shame no leader or no parents talk about hese mullah who in each neighbor hood are working against the nation and of ISIS. Local mullahs are key to big chain of all terrorisum.

  • Any kuffar (infidel) who goes to a Muslim country either as a visitor or as a foreign worker is an idiot.
    How many horror stories are known about the savages? When will infidels learn?

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