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[ September 23, 2017 ]

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VIDEO: White House Dawah Summit on Countering jihadViolent Extremism Opens With Muslim Prayer – No Other Faiths Represented


This is not a counter-jihad summit, this is a come to Islam summit. Dawah at the most executive level of the US government. This is an official surrender to Islam, with all the pomp and circumstance of the Executive branch.

This is Islamic supremacism on steroids. A summit on defeating jihad is proselytizing for Islam. Insane. Obama is disarming the American people in the gravest threat to our great nation. We are under threat within and without.

Photo above: Imam Sheikh Sa’ad Musse Roble

White House Summit on Violent Extremism Opens With Muslim Prayer – No Other Faiths Represented, By Penny Starr,, February 18, 2015

A Muslim prayer was recited at the start of the second day of the White House summit on “Countering Violent Extremism,” but no other religious text was presented during the portion of the event that was open to the press.

Imam Sheikh Sa’ad Musse Roble, president of the World Peace Organization in Minneapolis, Minn., recited a “verse from the Quran” following remarks by Obama administration officials and Democratic members of Congress.

Apparently it was Quran 47:4, “So when you meet those who disbelieve [in battle], strike [their] necks…”

Imam Abdisalam Adam of the Islamic Civil Society of America offered a translation of the verses:

“In translation those verses of the Quran mean ‘Whoever kills a soul unless for a soul or for corruption in the land, it’s as if he has slain mankind entirely, and whoever saves one life, it’s as if he has saved mankind entirely,’” Adam said.

He is deliberately is parsing the quote taken from verse 5:32 of the “Holy Koran.” But he is ripping it out of context and perverting its meaning. The full passage in the Koran applies to the “Children of Israel,” not to Muslims. And it’s followed in the Koran by 5:33, which calls for “execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land” for those who “wage war against Allah and his messenger, or spread mischief in the land.”

“Mosques serve as (sic) beacon of hope,” Adam said. “While imams’ provide moral compass for the Muslim community in navigating life.”

80% of mosques in America teach, preach and advance jihad.

Adam said “religious leaders” want to have “dialogue” with the U.S. government about “issues of concern” and said that Muslim imams have spoken out against terrorism.

What is “terrorism” under Islam? Non-Muslims are not “innocent” under Islam. Therefore killing them is is not terrorism.

“The peace, safety and security of the United States are of fundamental importance to the Muslim American community, and we oppose any form or shape of violent extremism that threatens peaceful coexistence,” Adam said.

“We believe in the right of all people to live in peace and security,” Adam said. “Muslim imams have condemned and continue to denounce anyone who tries to use the religion of Islam to support terrorism.”

What is “terrorism” under Islam? Non-Muslims are not “innocent” under Islam. Therefore killing them is is not terrorism.

Roble spoke in English on behalf of his organization, asking people to “make peace.”

“Make peace in yourself, in your family, in your friends, in your neighbors, in your state, in your country and of the war because you are brothers and sisters,” Roble said. “And God bless you.”

The press has had limited access to the event, which wraps up Thursday.

  • OakesSpalding

    Re: “Apparently it was Quran 47:4” Is that what he’s reading in Arabic? So are you saying he read 47:4 in Arabic and then translated it as 5:32?

  • Everyone Else


    The USA today signed a deal with Turkey to train and arm Syrian rebels. The USA claims it’s to fight ISIS, “but Turkish officials have suggested that the trained rebels could also target the Syrian government of President Bashar Assad.”

    Assad ran the only inclusive regime in the mid-East, and has respected a covert peace deal with Israel for the last 40 years.

    This newly announced USA/Turkey alliance will turn against Assad, and Russia will be dragged in to help Assad. The USA hopes this will weaken Russia, so NATO can continue its expansion eastward into Russia.

    In the mid-East this means all of Syria will become a failed state, and the Sunni shock troops of ISIS will take over Syria and Iraq. It’s payback against Iran for taking over Yemen.

    The net result of this mess is that Israel will be left alone floating in a sea of failed states, and the Caliphate – like the Brotherhood in Egypt – will be the only force organized enough to take power.

    As Leonard Cohen said, “I’ve seen the future, baby; it is murder.”

    • Lia

      Check the Psalm 83 coalition as it is being formed.

    • Patricia

      EE – you stated, “Assad ran the only inclusive regime in the mid-East, and has respected a covert peace deal with Israel for the last 40 years.” Close quote.

      And how do you know this?

      • Everyone Else


        “The Constitution of the Syrian Arab Republic that was passed in 2012 guaranteed religious freedom in Article 3 and Article 33. Article 3 stipulates:“The State shall respect all religions, and ensure the freedom to perform all the rituals that do not prejudice public order; The personal status of religious communities shall be protected and respected.”

        “Syria’s eighteen million population is a mosaic of ethnically, culturally, and religiously distinct communities. Ninety percent of the Syrians adhere to an Arab identity; another roughly nine percent is Kurdish, Armenian, Circassian, and Turkomans filling out the mix. It is estimated that Sunni Muslims make up seventy-four percent of Syria’s overall population. As such, Sunnis provide the central symbolic and cultural orientation. Of these, a minority are of the Yazidi faith, reducing the core Sunni Arab majority to roughly two-thirds of the populace. Approximately another sixteen percent of the population, while Arab in ethnicity, consists of a few Twelver Shi`a, and various offshoots of Shi‘a Islam – Alawite, Druze, and Isma’ilis. The ‘Alawis are by far the largest community in the category of non-Sunni Muslims. Their number is estimated at eleven percent of the overall population. Christians, of various Orthodox and Uniate traditions and the Latin Rite, along with a smattering of Protestants, make up ten percent of the population.”

        “Membership in the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood is illegal, as is membership in any “Salafist” organization, a designation in Syrian parlance that denotes Saudi-inspiredfundamentalism.”


        Despite the occasional belligerent statement neither Syria nor Israel have attacked each other since the 1967 war. This is remarkable since Syria is also allied with Hezbollah and Iran. Even when Israel was at war on other fronts, such as Lebanon and Gaza, Syria did not jump in. This covert peace can be seen in actions, not words, as both countries have respected each others’ territories.

        If there were no Islamist-mandated hatred polluting the public arena, it is likely the Golan and other disputed areas would have been turned into natural parks and shared water resources, as can be seen for instance in the following USIP Report reflecting the situation on the ground at the time Obama took office.

        It is a tragedy that potential Arab partners must hide their willingness to cooperate with Israel when mutual good is a possibility.

        Even over the past three years, as Assad was forced into a bitter and hugely destructive war with Islamic shock troops trying to destroy his moderate and inclusive regime, he never attacked Israel.

        Amazingly, Obama publicly acknowledged this a couple of weeks ago when saying at the State of the Union that those who want to see Assad destroyed should try to imagine the even worse consequences that would result from his demise.

        • Patricia

          Thank you very much.

  • Charles Martel

    OakesSpalding asked my question. I am confused. Is that what happened? Imam Robes offered sura 47:4 and imam Adams translated 5:32? If this is a fact, it is preposterous, and needs to be made public in all fora. I find it hard to believe, but someone with good command of Arabic should be able to clear all doubts. Please, Pamela, find a way to confirm this. This is offensive, and treason at the highest levels.

    • Beagle

      I think Pamela was joking. The prayer utilized the old chestnut 5.32, one of the go-to ayats of Islamic apologists though it applies to Jews and is undercut by the huge exception in 5.33.

      I doubt he quoted 8.12, 8.60, 9.5, 9.29, 9.111, etc., either.

      • pamelageller

        Yes, I was joking about 47:4

        • OakesSpalding

          On my blog I often write or link to parody news items that a few people invariably mistake for real news items. This serves me right. :)

        • livingengine


  • Clare

    Insanity works – this is mental derangement in one who formerly had mental health. He may never have had mental health formerly. Lunacy is extreme folly so maybe insane lunatic. Psychosis are mental disorders in which the personality is seriously disorganized – as in lying and deception? Delusion is belief in that which is contrary to fact or reality due to a mental disorder. This could be why he is hallucinating about Islam, about our history, about his grandeur, and so on. Maybe insane lunatic and delusional psychotic is close to the mark…. And Democrats like DeBlasio are in an uproar because his boss was described as a person who ‘does not love our country’; Obama’s following is similarly disordered.

    • Pray Hard

      You bring up something I’ve been thinking about … Maybe Islam’s biggest weapon is simply having to deal with them and their insanity on a daily basis, causing mental/emotional breakdown and life burnout.

      • Clare

        Yes, really. Big drama queens, in your face. Continuously drawing attention and energy to themselves and we are forced to “deal with them…”. The followers of Islam create a bottomless pit of antagonism, disruption, and negativity.

      • harbidoll

        They also demand our hard earned wealth.

      • dgala

        The only “burn-out” for me will be multiple bullets burning thru their body if they want to screw with me or mine.

        Maybe we need to start thinking “preemptive” here on our on soil. Like the 1776 version.

        • Patricia

          I’m likin’ THAT!

  • Rocinante44

    this is good. the democrat party wants to be the muslim party, go right ahead

    • Brooke

      Well, when one is liberal, one can not see more than an inch in front of
      them. No haters please, it’s the truth, if you think differently, you
      are part of the problem. So, now, liberals are calling it, “mental
      illness”, isn’t that the biggest cop out, ever? Most would agree, the
      Muslim faith is everything false, that is not mental illness, that is
      being stupid and following a total moron, who said they were their
      prophet. A prophet, is one with the greatest guidance, and not a killer.
      Mohammed had to have poisoned those people, with hate so, he himself
      can rule the world and they are still trying and looking like they are
      on their way… the W. H. has no problem with it all…… :(

  • Pray Hard

    Those guys in the photo … They’re from the circus, right?

    • Clare

      What American in their right mind could seriously attend this farce? I scrolled up to revisit the photo and I had to laugh…it is a circus. Thank you.

      • Patricia

        So did I :D

  • OakesSpalding

    Well, I’ve been trying to compare available audio readings of the relevant verses in the Koran with the prayer, and the farthest I’ve gotten is this: It does seem that “Mohammad” is mentioned early in the prayer, yet “Mohammad” does not appear in either 5:32 OR 47:4. However, it does appear close to the beginning of 47:1. I might be able to do an audio translate with my Mac. Surely there must be an Arabic speaker out there… :)

  • This “summit” is one of the most blatant moves to bring Islam and Sharia to the U.S. It is clearly a pro-Muslim gathering, in which only a Muslim prayer was used at the outset. The real purpose is clear, use this as a wedge to open the door a bit wider for the acceptance of Islam in all of it’s Jihadist doctrine in the States.

    Combine this with Obama’s upraised finger Islamic salute to representatives at an African conference, his five years spent excelling in Islamic schools, and many other actions and words that deny the true Jihadist nature of Islam (while he knows full well what the three documents of Islam promote: the culture of Jihad and death), and you get a fuller picture of his real agenda. Yes, he is a devout socialist, but he is also a devout Muslim who is furthering political and cultural Jihad.

    Be aware of those who have made themselves to be our enemies, that you are not surprised or deceived when their agenda moves forward.

    • Clare

      Plus, the press has had limited access. It just reeks of evil intent.

    • Patricia

      . . . and the Award for Best Comment/Atlas Shrugs (2/20/2015) ‘a day ago’ IS . . . .

      (the envelope please) Mr. Lee Hicks, for stating outwardly and bravely the true agenda of the alleged Barack Hussein Obama.

      An Iraqi cab driver told my hubbs today, Quote, “We respectfully laugh at Americans, who believe their President is a Christian”, as he stares at him thru the rear-view mirror.

      “We know he is muslim c***s***er!”

      Hubbs changed the subject to how long he had been in USA.

  • Commieobamie

    “Oh worship Satan (allah) and his pedophile puppet MoHOGmed (pile of Hog dung be On him), and allah give obama the maggots of Hell to comfort and eat his dung and then mature and fly into his facial orifice. We hate the Israelis and American and CHRISTians and disire to chop their heads off then eat them like the halal PORK we love but are denied by the pig faced allah and his puppet MoHOGmed (pile of Hog dung be On him). We are so PIECEful, that Heads are severed from the body and fags are squished from falling 100 meters from a tall building. Oh Satan allah, we worship the rock , the idol, that represents you in Mecca.”

  • Fifth of November

    At least Zero had the courage to link ‘violent extremism’ exclusively with the religion of I-slam-planes-into-buildings!

    • Clare

      Euuwwwww. Barry Soetoro overtaken by Barack Hussain Obama.

  • EJO

    Who knew?
    Hyperbolic Maddow Guest Claims Muslim ‘Kids’ Being Executed in US

    By Jack Coleman | February 19, 2015 | 11:56 AM EST

    Hardly a week passes that we don’t learn of another mass execution committed
    in the Mideast by the medieval Islamist thugs in ISIS.

    But did you know that Muslims children are being executed in the United States? It must be true because I heard it last night on “The Rachel Maddow Show” and, no, it didn’t come from defrocked anchor Brian Williams.
    EJO: More islamic bullshit.

    We come to the US, 22 states with anti-sharia bills trying to ban us from practicing our faith, mosque oppositions, we’re fighting, you know, zoning boards across the country, our kids are hearing this rhetoric, we have people, mosques being vandalized, kids being executed, Islamophobia, leaders on national television saying that, you know, holy wars and these people want to take over America.

    I mean, it’s just, it doesn’t, for me, reflect what we do stand for as a country and the
    minority in our country who are the loudest voices are reflecting what we are, and that’s not who we are as a country.

    • Count Dracul

      maybe it’s time that we DO all that we are being accused of.

    • Clare

      Thanks for the link.

  • dingoatemybaby

    why cant his ass just be tossed out of office?
    such a pity

  • Dan Knight


  • Sara B

    Whatever happened to separation of church and state? I guess that doesn’t apply to mosque and state.

  • Prinz Eugen

    GOP should respond in kind — and never invite a moslem to open a session with a “prayer” for islamical caliphate supremacy!

    The DNC’s Hate-Amerika coalition is ready to convert to islam and mullah Barry
    has probably penned his executive order ( ‘fatwa” in his lingo ) to establish sharia in place of the US Constitution. If the GOP continues to balk, Barry will soon act —
    this must have been a longing since his youth. He has the moslem brotherhood groups running wild in the mideast and Africa, and the US is rotting and almost
    ripe for picking!

    When will the GOP wake up and respond to the treason afoot?

    • Patricia

      Legitimate question.

  • Harvey Nextman

    The terrorism and violent extremism they are referring to is not them mislabeling “innocents”. They are preemptively assigning terrorism and violent extremism to anyone countering the jihad. This is the entity the bible warns about changing the definition and meaning of words. Obama audience isn’t America anymore. .. it’s not even to Democrat leftists. His audience is muslims now.

  • Kelly

    Ok , like this is discrimination and favoritism to Muslims. sorry but America is not compatible with Sharia law. Muslims should leave and stay in their own country. Muslims want to take over the reigns of race and geographical lands. this is disgusting and unustified

  • Jellobiaffra

    This is the question that I keep asking: has the Muslim Brotherhood penetrated the entire U. S. government to the extent that no congressman or military personnel are willing to help oust the jihadist in chief? We are only told about six, but I’m sure there are many more. There has to be a way to stop him and his minions.

  • Patricia

    Someone must sound the shofar!

    • Flower

      Someone does – every Shabbat. Shabbat Shalom :)

      • Patricia

        Thank you for that! <3

  • jfbtx

    Deport all of Muslim beliefs from the US

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