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[ August 23, 2017 ]

Dutch JIHAD TERROR: Rock concert evacuated as bus loaded with GAS BOTTLES found near venue

[ August 23, 2017 ]

Child Slavery and the Practice of Camel Jockeying in Muslim Countries

[ August 23, 2017 ]

Boko Haram Child Bombings in Nigeria Quadruple Between 2016 and 2017

[ August 23, 2017 ]

Pope Francis Faces Backlash for Migrant Demands: ‘Italy Cannot Support Everyone’

[ August 23, 2017 ]

1 Million Facebook Fans Can’t Be Wrong

[ August 23, 2017 ]

France: Charlie Hebdo accused of “Islamophobia” for Barcelona cartoon

[ August 23, 2017 ]

Crooks and Liars Stokes Leftist Outrage Over Pamela Geller Protesting Ban From PayPal

[ August 23, 2017 ]

Christian Teenager Who Survived Muslim Raid on Substation Faces Death Sentence — For Blasphemy

[ August 23, 2017 ]

UK lawyer: ‘Zionists should all be shot, Jewish refugees bombed — NOT disbarred

[ August 23, 2017 ]

Hindu Youth Stabbed to Death by Six Muslims in Delhi Mall After Minor Scuffle

Watch Savage VIDEO: The Islamic State releases BRUTAL video showing TWENTY-ONE Christians BEHEADED


The Islamic State has released the video of the news report I published on Friday.
There is a video every day now. Every day. Where is the media? Attacking islamophobes, of course. And clucking with joy over Obama’s latest selfie.

This would never have happened under Qaddafi. Obama has yet to answer for his Libya intervention. I warned as early as March 2011 that Obama was backing al Qaeda in Libya.


libya christians

Obama say, Islam is peace.
Weighing in on a parking dispute that turned deadly;
Obama say, “No one in the USA should ever be targeted because of who they are or how they worship” (non-Muslims? not so much).
Obama say, Islamic State is not Islamic.
This evil clown is going to get us all killed.


Christian hostages beheaded in Islamic State video, reports say, USA Today, February 15, 2015
Islamic State released a video Sunday that purports to show militants beheading Egyptian Christian hostages kidnapped in Libya, reports say.

The video shows 21 people dressed in orange jumpsuits forced onto their knees and beheaded, Reuters and Associated Press reported from Cairo.

The video was posted on a social media site.

In the video, the men are made to kneel and one militant addresses the camera in English before the men are simultaneously beheaded.

Thousands of Egyptians have traveled to neighboring Libya in search of jobs since an uprising at home in 2011, despite dangerous conditions.

Before the killings, one of the militants stood with a knife in his hand and said: “Safety for you crusaders is something you can only wish for,” Reuters reported.

The makers of the video identify themselves as the Tripoli Province of the Islamic State group — the Islamic militant group that controls about a third of Syria and Iraq. Militants in Libya claiming affiliation with the Islamic State group had been holding 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians hostage for weeks.

The Associated Press said it could not immediately independently verify the video.

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 4.50.46 PM Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 4.45.48 PM

  • Lysy2

    And where is pope calling for the true Christians to avenge them! There used to be real popes before…like Urban 2nd…

    • Pray Hard

      Not this Pope …

      • Lysy2

        funny…you are Right-handed Crusader and I am left-handed Crusader! :)

        • Pray Hard

          Either hand with a sword is good for Muslims …

        • mh

          CATHOLICS of the church aren’t Christian. Jesus is king of Jews The same blood line as Jacob. And cause Jews rejected god we now live on earth with 2 gods of the gentiles..Islam and Catholic. The true god is king of Israel. This is Armageddon and 7th vial of Revelation. Buckle up herotics

          • Lysy2

            I recommend Prozac…

          • mh

            2 Corinthians 4:4King James Version (KJV)

            4 In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

          • John Doe

            Funny how difficult it is to make your point (assuming that you actually have one) using gibberish….isn’t it?

          • Nocturn

            and which church compiled the Bible?Big mystery to me ,is it Lutheran, Anglican,Mormon,Baptist church,etc. ?Oh wait I know it must be Trinity United Church the one Obama used to attend.

    • gerard

      Urban 2nd did not call for revenge but for forces to help protect those living in the Holy Land. The Crusades were defensive not offensive.

    • A Chrisitan

      We do not seek nor desire revenge. We desire justice and for those who committed this barbaric act to be held accountable for this blood bath. We believe in defending ourselves. NEVER in revenge. Christ is the example we all strive to follow. To forgive and to love our enemies, to turn the other cheek no matter how hard it can be at times.

      • So how will you know who is responsible? The ones who carry out the act are not the masterminds. The ones who carry out the acts would not be able to do so without the support of their community and family. So who are you going to punish?
        Most of them want this and support this one way or another. The ones living in the west insist on Halal everything so they are guilty too because they force us to pay their tax and that money goes to the executioners.

        We have to fight them all because we cannot tell who is who there.

        • Redeemed

          Fight Islam. It is a cult of death, but love the people. Seek to free them from this hideous religion, not to kill them in it.

  • marco

    Momma Obama and the insane left secretly cluck with joy when they get news like this. They hate Christians. Imam Obama is a one man destruction derby.

    • Pray Hard

      The left lives out its murderous rage vicariously through this sort of thing.

      • jon wright

        how true that is!

        • BonniePrinceCharlie

          And don’t forget the Nazi in Germany were the National SOCIALIST party – something that the left doesn’t like to admit.

          • mark

            to bad the nsdap was a right wing extremist party you dumbass XD

          • Bonnie Prince Charlie

            Are you suggesting that they were right-wing extremist SOCIALISTS? If there were so right-wing, why did they include any reference to socialism in their name?

          • Jürgen Pijahn

            To bad that this is something you would like to have and enforeced to be against you fight against communism and now it is all returning to you. I am laughing my ass off. I am only sorry for the millions of mexicans fighting you righteous war right now. Yeah, that guys earning the money none of their sons is serving. Why should they? I wouldn’t argue about that little political sight you have. You both were fucked. And you will be in the near furture. Trust me my friends, I am a guy who has been shot at on battle grounds, I have seen things. And now you get you democratical elections. Imagine a train running towards an abyss. And now imagine you are not allowed to change the speed of the train or the dircetion the train leads toward. Only the guy who is in charge of the train. That is democracy for us all…or better let us call it captilism. I what cabaret from a guy called Volker Vispers. And now enjoy your discussion about SOCIALISM….

          • trev


          • leatherneckga

            too bad you don’t know what you’re talking about dumbass

          • pearson

            You couldn’t be more ignorant… The National Socialist party was as socialist as democratic was the Democratic Republic of Germany or is the Democratic Republic of Korea, you moron. Don’t trust how propaganda names itself. Educate yourself before posting anything

          • BonniePrinceCharlie

            Now why would they call themselves socialist if they weren’t socialists? Next thing you’ll be telling me that Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam. It’s just a name they chose out of a hat.

            And have you noticed that I’ve responded to you without using ad hominem insults which I’ve always regarded as an indication of lack of education?

          • trev

            im a non believer so can use the mythical mans name in vain but god your stupid,infact opposable thumbs were a wasted evolutionary treat for yourself

          • BonniePrinceCharlie

            Spelling errors. Grammatical errors. Incoherent statements instead of sentences. Ad hominem insults. They all add up to proof of a low intellect and lack of education. Don’t tell me you expect anyone to take your comments seriously. That would be delusional.

          • trev

            love the beard, im guessing 70 year old virgin,a quick grope off your local vicar when you were 7 doesnt constitute full s**

          • BonniePrinceCharlie

            Your contribution to this discussion? Just more ad hominem insults, more spelling and grammatical errors, and incoherent statements – further proof of your low intellect and lack of education. Your mummy must be very proud of you.

          • trev

            do you sit at your keyboard fiercely typing away because of the loss of your one and only true love tibby the tabby cat,charlie your tragic loss of tibby happened in 1968,please don’t let this tragedy ruin the rest of your life, let go of your grief invest in a rubber doll,maybe make it up too look like mary magdela
            I know you normally find s** a sordid thing with all that money changing hands but go rubber charl you wont look back

          • BonniePrinceCharlie

            More of the same. Don’t you feel embarrassed about the fact that you have no proven intellect, that you can’t write English property and you can’t contribute more than insults to a debate?

            I don’t know why I’m wasting my time on you – so I won’t in future. Bye bye, trev.

          • trev

            ta ta charlie its been emotional

          • Ant Don

            They werent socialists they were liberated and just enjoying the actions they were taken. It was all done in vein, obviously. The left had nothing to do with it. This here is a ridiculed phenom of what they are portraying. Only we can justify such a cause. We aren’t emblems in this society. The hierarchy was not built to lead us into a path such as this.

          • BonniePrinceCharlie

            You’re not related to trev by any chance, are you? Because you display the same lack of intellect and coherence and inability to express yourself in the English language.

          • tailpipe05 .

            the use of vulgar statements and insults actually shows higher intelligence. Look it up. FuCkTarD

          • tailpipe05 .

            the use of vulgar statements and insults actually shows higher intelligence. Look it up.

          • trev

            1 i had a teacher at school who used the phrase the ad hominen more than is necessary to make himself feel better about his ridiculous belief in a fantasy figure ie anyone who questions stupidity and more importantly certainty, will be called a man of low intellect.

          • tailpipe05 .

            he was gay too wasnt he. Grammar fairies crack me up !

          • tailpipe05 .

            the use of vulgar statements and insults actually shows higher intelligence and passion— Look it up.

          • tailpipe05 .

            i agree with you — but — the use of vulgar statements and insults actually shows higher intelligence. Look it up.

          • leatherneckga

            the moron is you dumbass. The National Socialist Party WAS in fact, socialist. People claim that nazis are the far right and communists are the far left. If that is the case, then they are both so far to either side that they are butt buddies on the back of the circle. But there’s virtually zero difference between the 2. Study your history instead of spouting off your flagrant ignorance. You might learn something.

          • wkstark66

            Exactly – so why cant we ban the practice of islam. they are the same as the Nazi.

          • yes because all people who believe in socialism are murderous psychopaths, just like all white american right wing christians are members of the KKK right?

          • Toni Brunner

            U fucking asshole, go abuse ur childs and grandchilds, u fucking moron. old motherfucker i hope u get asscancer.

          • BonniePrinceCharlie

            Thank you for your erudite contribution to this discussion. Democrats must be very proud of you.

      • arcturus

        A thought came to me as I read your post. Look at the types of movies, tv shows, and other forms of entertainment that the liberal left has spewed out in the past sixty years or so. A never-ending bloodfest of murdered and mutilated young women, violent video games, continuous wars that become worse and worse, vulgar and ugly “popular” music and its performers. Are we desensitized yet?

    • Gary

      Right now he’s busy meeting with Awad and Hooper from CAIR over the Plans to build a 13 storey Mosque at Chapel Hill next to the mass slaughter of muslims to help build bridges to the non-muslims and end the islamophobia.
      It’s CAIR’s 9/11 that have prayed for and finally got their Martyrs for islam as Poster People to fight the fabricated hate-crimes and islamophobia. Obama will use his Pen to make a Remembrance Day of mourning every year ( November 10th) and have a Stamp issued as well with ” Muslim lives matter” on it.
      Plus , Streets named after the 3 Folks that died .

      CAIR has the nerve to now want to work with the FBI on the Chapel Hill terrorism when CAIR has issued booklet telling muslims to NOT help the FBI when the terrorists are their muslims brothers.

      • Gary

        Just an add-on

        What if these flyers were handed out to neighbours in Chapel Hill to inform them of their Right to NOT help the FBI when they come for you .

    • Milan Sime Martinic

      ??? What you write is not based on anything at all but hate, and blinded to the fact that these barbarians were initially funded by Bush to create a counter to the Shia domination from Teheran to Syria crated by the overthrow of Saddam Hussen, this is a matter of public record. And now those crazy bastards have learned they can get more recruits from publicity and so they do these things because they crave the publicity of these postings

      • Peggy

        Bush started it but Obama is going to finish it unless Americans wake up.

        • Edward C Anderson Jr.

          how can you say that bush started it…you have to remember they came here and attack us on 9/11/01

          • Mr Dickcheese

            It started in 1949 when UN created Israel …

    • trev

      i hate christians and so does my wife

  • Pray Hard

    Apparently, individual beheadings just aren’t enough for these blood-lust Muslim ghouls. Mass burnings next …

    • jon wright

      Lets pray that we dont see Kazoak a practice from the Ottoman Empire.

      • kostas.lacon

        The Greeks we know well this .

      • Guest

        Can you pls explain what “Kazoak” is? I’ve never heard of it before now. Thank you.

        • jon wright

          A very hot iron rod is shoved up the length of a person thru his rectum until above and missing his heart and comes out of his body.the hot rod prevents the blood from draining so actually this “unfortunate” could live for about 2 days in terrible agony,usually in an upright position. It seems the Ottoman turks used this frequently. Who else but the Scat of the world would employ this kind of thing?

          • Guest

            That’s gotta hurt. Thanks for the reply.

          • Thanks Jon. If I had schroled down a bit, I would have had my answer.

      • Please explain what Kazoak is Jon. I’d like to know.

    • rabrooks

      It’s like any addiction. At first just on every now and then. Just weekends….then it progresses to beheadings in dark alleyways. After that , you gotta go to beheadingss with two, women, then homo’s you end up with doingit on tv with your whole life being about beheadings. An intervention is needed! We have the cure for this disease!

    • Their lust for blood just gets bigger. Evil has completely consumed them.

  • Danny Verey

    Video has been removed again, please get a valid link. Thankyou

    • Pray Hard

      Go find it and supply it, DV.

    • Commieobamie

      I just watched it.

  • Lysy2

    just a JV-team… nothing to see here…

  • Millionmileman

    The world needs to wake up because this includes Bethlehem and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, amongst all the other Holy Sites. This treatment of Christians is beyond reprehension. Wait until Iran goes nuclear.

    • jon wright

      the left does not give a damn about Xians,Jews etc they want to change the world order thats all. they like Islam because Islam is trying to do just that!

      • Millionmileman

        I hope Christians are now waking up to this as do a 30% minority of politically conservative Jews. The atheist Left and this bunch have the same mindset.

  • chris wolf

    obama is the turd that landed on America.

  • Paul

    The ‘evil clown’ Obama is kind of bombing them. Bombing them like mad.

    Does anyone have any better ideas?

    I like this blog. I think I’ll make it my new home. Unless Pammy bans me. Like we banned her.

    • Commieobamie

      The islamo clownboy does limited bombing of empty targets, he fully supports his islamo buddies like you. allah is pig dung and maHOGmed is his maggot!

      • Paul

        We – that is to say, our former Nazi leader. Tony B. Liar, and .yours, rootin’ tootin’ Geeeorge Doobya Bush – did the mass bombing thing in Iraq. The shock and awe thing. AND LOOK WHERE IT GOT US.

        You can’t carpet-bomb Islamism. It’s a multi-cellular hydra. That’s why its so effective at what it does. Soooo… time for a rethink.

  • sifter

    Sadly, this is becoming normative while the West grows indifferent. Where is OUR outrage? How come 10000 Jews and Christians arent overturning THEIR cars and shattering THEIR store windows? Like Nazis, they are either at your throat or at your feet. We are permitting them our throats.

    • Redeemed

      Because we must love our enemies. We oppose their religion–that is our duty. We expose it for what it is. But we love the individuals with the love of Christ.

  • Commieobamie

    You can’t supply me enough bullets to shoot these pig SLIME moHOGmedians to pieces. obuttboy and his Reich fully support Satan and his puppet and these SLIME.

  • michael

    these Christian victims will rise to judge these demonized debased disciples of satan. if I were a little younger, I would join with mercenaries and come to your filthy muslim countries and exterminate as many of you as possible, every last man woman child.

    • Paul The Home of Extremism.

    • Lord Wrath

      Michael… Keep dreaming… These “christian victims” are dead… They won’t be judging anyone… The score for this inning is,,, muslims 21 – christians nothing!!!

      • Sandy

        That is where you are wrong “Lord Wrath”. Judgment day WILL come and YES, those Muslims idiots WILL be judged by God and they will stand accountable for their wrong doing! You can bet on that.

        • TheOtherSide

          Genesis 2 and 9. Commandment #2. Understand it, practice it. “Criticize yourself before you criticize others”. Who knows what awaits on the Day of Judgement. Only accepting the undifferentiated singularity of the Supreme being. Catholic trilogies mock the second commandment. Orthodox trilogies are based on a different system.

        • s.k.

          Sandy, let’s hope it soon! My speculation is that the Canucks(Canadian People) won’t hold back to much longer. We’re sick and tired of these Quaranimals.

        • binky

          Don’t you ever take a step back and look at your religion and go ‘ah, what a load of medieval balony!’. Grow up. There is no god, no afterlife and there is no such thing as a soul or spirit and I bet you judgement Day will never come either. It’s time to get rid of your primitive superstitions and live life to the fullest.

          • Howard

            Are you ready to burn in hell? Because that’s the path your traveling my friend

      • jaybone

        Your virgins have already been fucked

        • RtH

          There’s a misunderstanding here, probably as a result of an incorrect translation: there are no ‘virgins’, only ‘virginians’.
          I thought it would be good to warn potential martyrs.

      • garyrock99

        Egypt just martyr’d off 64 of these muzzie barbarians. Better update your score card a wipe.

      • Shannon Lee

        The only difference is Christians have God on there side,the true nature of “allah” that the muslims worship(this so called god) is displayed in their actions…allah is NOT the same as GOD.People say we worship the same God,but NOT my friend The “god” muslims display is exactly like the devil in all ways,they just call him a different name.

        • Howard

          Agreed Mohammed and Allah are dead they are not alive they are in the same grave as our the trash that believes in them

      • Howard

        Haha you won’t be saying that when we’re following Jesus back down to earth for his millennial reign

      • Daybara Ferguson

        Yeah, Sorry to say you are wrong. We already one the battle. JESUS BEAT DEATH ALREADY , THEREFORE SO DID WE! They are with Jesus and my father now..Alive ;D <33

    • Sandy

      Michael I would go with you if I were younger as well. The book of Revelations is playing out right in front of us.

      • Sam

        I am 20 years old . I used to live and work in Libya most the time it was difficult to me as a christian but now I live in in UK there is no difference to me. When I go to park to play football the local muslim says “you r christian you warship satan you will go to hell and Europe will be Kufars free after 20 years you have to embrace Islam.” – Long in short : why you need to go Middle East while people in your land scared for his faith .

        • allyson122

          Muslims who kill will come back as pigs. This is why they don’t eat pork. They are pigs now and will return as pigs . I’m really stunned at the intensity of their evil hearts.

          • Daybara Ferguson

            That’s sin. & that type of evil is the same type we were all born into. There is hope for these murderers.. PRAY FOR THEM!

        • Roy C

          Sam – Sad to say but your local Muslim has it right. This unholy alliance with Islam and the lunatic left both in Europe and America will be the end of freedom. Read ‘America Alone’ by the great Mark Steyn and get a glimpse of a very scary future. Demographics really is destiny.

        • tailpipe05 .

          Grow some balls ! Work out every day and learn to fight ! in 6 months you will know more and be stronger than 95% of the population. Join or start a gang of like minded people , go to that same soccer field and BEAT THE crap OUT OF THAT MUSLIM pig and All of his friends and tell them mohommed sucks pig balls. Or not. That is just what i would do as an AMERICAN

      • Kathy Brown, Esq.

        And as I watched this I wished I were a man, so I could get armed and go kill these demons in righteous war.

        God bless and protect our brave military, and all vets here! God allow them to endure a ‘Commander in Chief’ vomited up from the very pit of Hell!

    • James Braid

      There must be some Muslims near where you live Michael, no need to travel far !

      • Redeemed

        And if there are, it is your duty in Christ to love them regardless. Hate Allah. Hate the religion that has so blinded them, but love the people. They too are victims of the devil.

    • Mike_W20

      The World needs to go after the heads of the Islamic Hydra.
      Destroy the leaders of every Islamic state and the imams, destroy Mecca and Medina; then the average mohammedan, without leadership and demoralized might be open to conversion to Christianity.

      • trev

        or we could just go for a pint

    • Redeemed

      As these brave martyrs’ bothers and sisters, it is ours to forgive, not to avenge. It is for Christians to love their enemies such that the world is bewildered.
      As free men and women, it is also our responsibility to defend the innocent and the weak, but would you who claim the name of Christ stoop to these murderers’ level? Would you carry out a slaughter like they did? Would you kill the innocent with the guilty?
      Our greatest weapon is the gospel. Tell me, which would be a greater victory: to see that man in the grey who gave the threat speech lying dead at your feet or to see the same man throw himself in repentance at the feet of Christ?
      Sorrow for the suffering of the church, but let it drive you deeper into the love of Christ rather than let yourself fall into hate.
      Pray for those who follow that false god of bloodshed. Win them to Christ.

    • stewart

      michael, is this what Jesus would want you to do? Christians are not to act in revenge. I understand your anger. These people are pigs, and islam is the devils religion. Islam is the enemy of God.
      I feel sorry for people deceived by the lies of islam.

    • tailpipe05 .

      Most in the USA under 30yrs old will not fight and were raised by their mothers only after divorce. They were raised to be sissys. Luckily those of us in our late 30s and 40s are STRONGER than ever and will rise up to save our country regardless of the COWARD obama and his liberal robots.

    • Howard

      I wish you all could join. But whether or not we slay them all God will reign with power and might

    • Daybara Ferguson

      Let God judge them….Pray for them….some of those murders might turn to our father as well.. Love the enemies…. Also, I love our martyrs around the globe .. Pray for this world…

  • Lord Wrath

    I believe I heard the comment, “We will conquer Rome”… Most probably… There was a time when christians had testicles,,, but I am afraid that time is long past… Your weak, turn the other cheek doctrine, has made sniveling cowards of you… Do not depend on your imaginary sky friend to save you… Save yourselves…

    • White Hand

      I don’t believe you are right Lord Wrath, maybe in Europe this is possible but that’s due to a big decline in Christian faith. Any radical islamist groups try to do this in America (Both Continets) and they will have another thing coming to them. I hope however that this never reaches neither shores.

  • Paul

    I think that, like ISIS, you Americans are a savage, primitive, backward but ultimately God-fearing people, and, as such, I can’t find it in my ever-loving Christian heart to hate you. Like the snake on its belly in the grass, you know no finer feelings, you know not love, and have only the instinct to strike out at whatever comes near you to rely on.

    Come to the UK. You’ll be safe here. I promise.

    • Paul

      No, not you, Pammy. You’re barred.

    • s.k.

      Must be a Liberal!! huh?

      • Paul

        I’d say more of a socialist. I’m not keen on liberals. They’re wimps.

    • jon wright

      The land on which Israel is located contained only a fraction of the Palestinian mandate originally dedicated to the Jews as their homeland,incorporating the Balfour Declaration. The League of

      Nations and the British had designated the land called “Palestine” for the “Jewish National Home”-

      east and west of the Jordan river from the Mediterranean to Arabia and Iraq,and north and south from

      Egypt to Lebanon and Syrla conforming more or less to what the Koran and Moses proposed. But in a strategic

      move the Br. government felt “the need to assuage the Emir’s (Abdullah’s) feelings”he being one of

      the royal sons of the Hjaz(Saudi Arabia)which helped the English against the Turks. So the plot, I

      call “stealing” from Israel’s National Home, involved the then Colonial Secretary Winston

      Churchill,Prime Ministe€r Lloyd George,and

      Palestine High Commissioner Sir Herbert Samuel, was for the Brlts. to install Abdullah in the land of

      the Br.mandatory of eastern “Palestine” in what is now Jordan. Britain quietly gouged out roughly

      three quarters of the Palestinian territory mandated for the Jewish homeland into an Arab

      emirate,while the Mandate ostensibly remained in force but in VIOLATION OF IT’S TERMS.So what we are

      saying here is that Britain wanted Israel “to assuage” the Emir’s feelings by giving him three- quarters of their

      homeland. SHAMEFUL AND SHEAR INSANITY! How would the British react if this happened to them ? I say, violently! In 1946 (two years before Israel gained its statehood on one€ quarter of Palestine) Jordan was declared an

      independent state on 3/4 of the Palestinian territory mandated for the Jewish homeland.Reparations for Israel are in order.

      The British never attempted to legalize these actions. Today the British are attempting to again steal

      Israeli homeland in favour of Islam,for the cult that is ready to turn this despicable country into Britainstan. I

      feel no empathy for this country. This will be payment for your mal treatment of the Jews during

      2000 years,and still today! I believe in the old adage “One can’t teach an old horse new tricks”. In fact, I regret that so many of our Canadian military died (during WW1&2) while helping Europe. You’re all a nasty bunch! Old countries of classes,ranks and hate.

      you have to be kidding! This is how the Brits” screwed” the Israeli Homeland.

    • tedh754

      UK? Not sure what the U stands for the soon enough the K will be the Koran, and the Koran only. All in the interest of social cohesion. How are things in Rottherham? Or whatever that shithole’s name is.

    • John Doe

      Top ten countries with the highest number of crimes per capita in the world UK is #6…..ahead of the US.

      • Steven

        Crimes in the west are indictable offences. Crimes in Islamic countries under the BS of Sharia law are encouraged you fool. The safest place and most law-abiding place for an Arab in the Middle East is Israel where the rule of law applies to all of its citizens – Arab, Jew, Christian, atheist, bush Baptist etcetera.
        Bloodthirsty Arabs love killing Arabs – maniacal lunatics running amok where Sunnis murder Shiites and Shiites murder Sunnis in the ecocidal, detonated mess they call the Middle East.

        • John Doe

          Not sure why you’re calling me a fool…I actually agree with everything you just said…either you have not read any of my posts, or you are just being a asshole….here’s an example, explain to me how this makes me a fool…..
          This is islam at work…..

          Islam, the religion of peace…what a crock. Islam is the ‘religion’ of the professional liar, murderer, rapist, pedofile, misogynist and dangerous lunatic of every stripe. It is an organization of zealots whose activities include the destruction of antiquities, the subjugation of other religions, the subjugation and relegation of women into the role of second class citizens, the mass murder of political opponents, the sexual enslavement of children as ‘child brides’, the public torture and beheading of innocent civilians….and the list just goes on and on.

          Where is the outrage from the Left? If a woman is depicted in a magazine ad or article in an unflattering way, the voices of the ‘feminist’ Left are raised as one to demand justice…..where are these voices on Islam? Genital mutilation, beatings, forced submission into a role of indentured servitude, NO women’s rights, honor killings and a list of other restrictions under Sharia law. Yet, the shrill voices of the ‘feminist’ Left are conspicuous by their absence….cowardice, hypocrisy or just some vague sense of allowing religious freedom to run it’s course? I would say it’s all of the above. I guess that if these things are being done to some woman…way over there…where customs are different, that it is then OK. But how about when these things are done here….and they are. Then what? Do the big, brave, ‘feminist’ fighters for women’s rights speak out? I’m still waiting…….

          I’m also waiting for the race baiters Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to comment on the destruction of an entire African (Black) community by the Boko Haram….and yet again silence reigns. Perhaps Sharpton and company haven’t yet figured out how to make money off of the situation, or perhaps he just doesn’t want to say anything bad about the Islamic murderers of Boko Haram because they are Muslim or Black. Probably busy planning his next foray out against the ‘racist’ US law enforcement community. I mean it certainly couldn’t be because he’s a coward, and fears possible retaliation against him by the Islamic community, could it?

          • Steven

            My bad John Doe. Humble apologies from down under. Steven.

          • John Doe

            No problem, mate….hopefully Oz will catch on quicker than some of the countries in Europe…..which are pretty much getting overrun.

    • Lucy Johnson

      The standard of living in most of the US is much higher than the UK. The UK is a disgrace.

  • Paul

    Today I learned that the US has a higher rate of homicide than Egypt. LOL. Egypt. Imagine that.

    I just wouldn’t feel safe in somewhere like America.

    • Paul

      It’s higher than India’s too. And Vietnam’s. AND the Ukraine’s. Though I imagine that one might be creeping up there – now that its officially a warzone again.

    • Paul

      Know where’s safer than America? Turkey – that’s where. Oh, and Bangladesh.

      Actually, lots and lots of places.

      I’d hate to live there. Brrrr. Must be a nightmare.

    • SJS

      There’s a lot of imbeciles where you come from. You’re not, though, being the Christian one, of course. And a socialist, on top. They should make you Pope.

      • Paul

        Superb, but we’re not actually talking about any of those things. We’re talking about where’s safe.

        Answer: lots of places. But not America.

        I lied about being a Christian. I’m just a warm, kind-hearted, superb human being. I’m kind of like Christian+. But without the Christian bit.

        • SJS

          You’re not unique. Go away.

          • Paul

            I didn’t claim to be! Nor, as far as I’m aware, is it any kind of entry requirement. You just have to love Pammy. Which I do.

            Still glad she’s banned from the UK though. We’re a peaceful nation and, much as I love her, she’s a hate preacher. As such, it was right and proper to ban her. I feel like the UK is safer for it.

          • John Doe

            Sorry, pal, but you’re simply a whiny little bitch…posting inflammatory shit on here to try to get the attention that your parents never gave you… such, nothing you post on here has any real relevance to anything , so your little rant about how unsafe you would feel in the US just gives us all a bit of a laugh….especially since the violent crime rate in the UK is almost double the rate in the US…….and you can simply Google that information.

            So you can peddle your pathetic self-righteous, I’m so cool BS to someone else.

          • Betty4440

            Paul what in the world are you smoking?

          • Nocturn

            Your UK might just go down with sharia in a few years ,and it won’t be peaceful .Your gov’t is mistaken about banning Pam and Robert S and they will realise it in time to come…..

            …….thousands become the brave and loyal soldiers of the faith: all know how to die but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith……W.Churchill @1899

    • tedh754

      Nobody wants you here anyway.

    • Betty4440

      does that mean we want be seeing you face in the news for being nuts.

    • Lucy Johnson

      Most of those murders are carried out by Blacks and Hispanics. Mostly gang/gun crime.

      A lot of white areas of America have very little crime.

  • GT

    Lots of Obama-hate and plain old ignorance here, not much intelligent commentary. I challenge all commenters to this game: if you were the president, the Commander-in-Chief, what would you do in reaction to ISIS?

    I won’t check to see if anyone responded, because I expect no insightful responses and no meaningful discussion. Besides all these comments are irrelevant, including mine, because none of us can actually DO anything. Except vote for a candidate you like the next time you have a chance.

    • Kenyan Mocker

      I would paint red lines then run like hell for the cover of my minions in the MSM so I’d never have to answer to any of my cowardice.

      Now you want to talk ignorance? Go to the VA hospitals and make your feelings known of how you will protect Obama the idiot to those missing limbs and worse. You, like Obama, have no integrity.

  • coon

    Anyone who does not speak out to condemn these islamic acts of evil will face the same hell the killers will face. Pray for their souls as JESUS CHRIST IS OUR ONLY HOPE

  • Prince of Hell

    I am an atheist , whatever they do , its against Quaran ,
    They wanna scare the rest if the world , Ma country Sri Lanka is also in the ISIS map along with India , Well if these guys bad we gotta be demons,
    Coz we will rip these muzies apart and eat them like fry chicken,
    If they ready we are 100 times ready, Bring it on ISIS , u too soft :)

    • Sandy

      You say you are an Atheist? Why do you not believe there is a God? You my friend would not be alive or here today without God.

      • Paul

        Yes he would. His mum and dad crawled out of the primordial slime. Then had sex with monkeys. That’s what atheist mum and dads do.

        • John Doe

          Geez, what a christian thing to say……I’ll bet your mom would be right proud of you, boy.

        • peterliberal

          f’me retard!

    • Guest

      What they’re doing is NOT “against the Qur’an. In fact, their every word and despicable deed is evidenced by their quoting from (“authenticated”) Islamic sources including that book.

  • majicmahon

    Hey you crazy waste of skin, bone & blood. Come to Buffalo, look across the lake and you’ll see Canada. Why are we on the opposite end of the spectrum to your lunacy? Answer; we don’t dare have shit brains like Pamela Geller here. They wouldn’t last an hour.

  • Paul

    Jeebus, cayn u heeyuh me Jeebus? Its mighty dark in here and I cayn not find me the light switch LOL.

    Sigh. Jesus is gay.

    • Paul

      Jesus is gay and Americans are dumb.

  • rajveer

    politics and diplomacy causing the millions of people brutally murdered. i can’t understand, why don’t other powerful countries join hands to end these savages.

    • Guest

      This isn’t about “politics and diplomacy”. It’s only about what Muslims have been ordered to do in the Qur’an since the 7th Century.

  • kikikins

    God damn you murderers…

  • disqus_HlH4Faibhw

    21 Coptic Christians who got murdered by terrorists who have nothing to do with islam. Yeah….that’s why the targeted Christians….because they have nothing to do with islam. That’s why they hate Jews…because it has nothing to do with islam. That’s why they made the comment about “Crusaders”…because they have nothing to do with islam. I still haven’t gotten an answer about what it DOES have to do?

  • kostas.lacon


  • Michael

    All this was prophesied by the Apostal John .Christ is coming soon he is coming to destroy Islam and throw allah (lucifer)into tjhe bottomless pit.

    • kostas.lacon

      The muslims behead and slaughter the christians 1400 years .Read History .

  • Pale Rider

    Those filthy murderers got another coming on the contrary “Jesus” will be coming again to destroy every filthy Muslim on earth and completely annihilate every vestige of Islam over the all world. and his mighty angels will cast every follower of the deceived Mohammed into outer darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. Oh Muslims you are on the wrong side! you deny the cross!, you deny Jesus!, so he will tell you all ..”I never knew you depart from me”

    • peterliberal

      dream on rely on Jesus is like saying the tooth fairys coming to destroy Isis


      This is truth. May The Holy Spirit be revealed to these possessed puppets of the devil and cause “Saul to Paul conversions” JESUS IS COMING BACK FOR HIS PEOPLE SOON! GET IT RIGHT OR GET LEFT!

  • jaybone

    Your virgins have been fucked… the crusaders will privale and destroy your family’s … R.I.P …….. cowards that dnt show there faces

  • Steven

    Again Islam’s despicable cowards conceal their evil faces. Meanwhile, the west has become an irrational blancmange, quivering in whatever mould Islam chooses to pour it.

  • Richard

    “Egypt ‘bombs IS targets in Libya”

    Sisi is the new leader of the Free World. He takes on traitor Obama.

    But what I fear is – will this be very popular in Egypt? Muslim bombs Muslims for killing Christians.

  • I forced myself to watch this sickening video. Why? This video shows what this enemy is capable of and strengthens my determination not to shut up about the Islamic threat! Even though I’ve lost client after client because of my outspokenness.

  • LimeyAL

    Christians turn the other cheek and you will die. No God will come and help you, carry on like this and the evil slime will spread over the earth. Forget religion what we have here is an evil retrograde force slaughtering the civilised and the leaders of the civilised world are doing nothing to prevent it.

  • peterliberal

    obamas peace partners

  • Duncan Oliver

    These are nothing but cowardly thugs who attack innocent people and cant even show their own faces. I predict that the 21st century will see the downfall of islam completely.It is nothing but a barbaric and backward way to live and has no place in a modern world. The sooner humans waske up and realise gods are nothing more than figments of imagination the better off we will all be
    There is no possible way they can rule the world, I’d like to see them change India or China, They are nothing but dangerous delusional folls, they will all die eventually, including the prick in the camoflage

    • IslamHater

      Indeed the prick in camoflage. He probably still goes home because his mother is cooking and needs a siesta.

  • Duncan Oliver

    The Prophet is a prick

    • And so is obozo Duncan.

  • Rickert John

    “Lord Wrath”… that’s cute.

  • raeline

    They removed the video!!!!!!

  • Milan Sime Martinic

    We can always count on Pamela to be the purveyor of such filth, helping ISIS by giving publicity to their atrocities, but for Pamela, as long as she can use it to hurt OBama, there are no limits at to how low she will go…

    • weneedleaders

      She is putting her life on the line to share information.
      If anything is innacurate you can bring it up with her and she would concede if she made an error.
      however, she is simply showing us the truth.
      deface the messenger if you wish, however the message remains unchanged

    • Kenyan Mocker

      Yes it would be much better if we hide the real atrocities of the barbarians.

      As for hurting Obama, you jest I’m sure. Nothing hurts him, he is not capable of understanding. He has already shown he could care less by going golfing after an American was beheaded. Just look at his comments then his actual actions after welcoming the caskets from Benghazi.

      I can only wish him a very long life of total torment by those that see him in public with never having a day of peaceful existence.

      • Milan Sime Martinic

        Your hate for Obama is remarkable, albeit uninformed and foolish, but it should not blind you to the fact that these barbarians do these things for publicity and denying them the publicity will likely deny them the incentive to go out and kill someone else just to have some fool like Pamela post it and distribute it for them online…

    • Betty4440

      obama bed buddy are you? shame on you.

  • LindaRivera

    The Quran tells Muslims to perpetrate satanic atrocities, mass barbarically murder non-Muslims and the mass capturing of female non-Muslims for sex slaves. The Christians are all young Egyptian men. They died martyrs. Rest in eternal peace with the angels, Christian brothers. Your heartbroken families will always hold you in their hearts and cherish their memories of the precious time they spent with you forever.

    Psalm 56:8 Put my tears in Your bottle. Are they not in Your book.

    On Judgment Day, God will give the barbaric Muslim monsters the punishment they deserve. All eternity spent in hell. The angels will say: They deserve it.

  • Scarface13

    Satan’s animals

  • Scarface13

    You can tell how much hate the satanists have for Christ and his message of peace and love….the Islamic evil must be stopped.

  • John James Corsino


  • Somebody needs to drag Barry off the golf course and make him watch the news..

    • Betty4440

      wander if the little o watched that video? and if he did wander what his reaction was? humping for joy, giving out candy and sweets to children and other nuts in the white house.

  • zinn21 zinn21

    This is going to end badly. The world has two options. 1. Exterminate all of Isis NOW.. 2. Wait until they obtain nuclear weapons then the only alternative is to Nuke the entire mid east back to the stone ages.. As brutal as the former option is it pales in comparison to the latter option.

  • OneTime

    Former 91BV5 and 18D20 here, that’s Ranger(Aiborne) and Special Forces to you civilians; we’re coming for you assholes…the innocents you beheaded, you’re going to be their bitches, their slaves in the afterlife, no 72 virgins for you.

    We’re coming for you and you’ll know it… or not. Your ISIS is nothing but an upstart and when and if you reach my door I will take great pleasure to dispatch you back to the earth from which you came, but Allah will not have you, because you are evil. You use ‘his honor’ as an excuse, he will not honor you. I experienced your barbarity toward innocent civilians for nearly 4yrs of my 8yr military career, almost gave my life twice; your death is required, not ours’.

    Conversion to an ideology (yes, not only your religion) through fear, coercion, or perceived dominance is not true conversion… you will never have those souls. This may attract the few sick and ignorant individuals toward your cause, but not the masses. Your martyrdom of innocents only strengthens our resolve to eliminate you. It is coming

  • peterliberal

    I know it’s a terrible thing to say but I can’t help but wonder if Obama’s planning in secret the assassination of Pamela, Robert, and others who oppose his beloved Islam?

  • bsometer

    Pig excrement be on them. Hell is too good for them. This is their idea of religion?
    I think their religion sucks.

  • Kenyan Mocker

    Islam needs to be eliminated from this planet.
    If the moderates really care they will first terminate the radicals, then convert.

  • rodulfo-tardo

    napalm will purify the mohammedan blood lust even the ashes will be purified and memories of the sickness can then be properly filed away.

  • purity

    is there any teaching about love? any where in your scriptures?!!

    • Lucy Johnson

      Only towards Muslims of the same sect.

  • Jimbo

    This is the reason why all leftist liberal and muslim scum in the United States have to be expelled, outlaw islam, and outlaw sharia. but first we’ll have to deal with the leftard liberroid scum in the US first.

  • Ben

    narrow minded, high on testosterone, ignorant scum.

    people killing other people over religion / land / money.

    I knew I shouldn’t of watched this video, I feel physically sick, not from the gruesomeness but of the pure hatred of some human beings, how can people be so closed minded and brain washed to think this is the right thing to do?

    To take another mans life over his or her beliefs, if you want to believe something that’s fine but why do you feel the need to spread your word and kill people that don’t have the same beliefs as you?

    Believe in what you want to believe and leave everyone else alone.

    Absolutely disgusting power hungry scumbags, “my religion is better than your religion and my god’s bigger than your god and if you don’t agree well I’ll chop your head off or if we’re the bigger country well we’ll blow your shit up”

    what a ridiculous world we live in, and you know what if I met these murderers I wouldn’t want to murder them – I’d pity them, which where I come from means a whole lot more than just ending someone’s life.

    you human beings make me feel sick and yeah I’m a human being too but I feel like I’m a fucking dolphin in an ocean infested with cannibalistic, territorial, testosterone high, drug induced, psychopathic sharks – best I could come up with forgive me it’s early.
    We are all the same – human, now go kill your fellow human beings because your ideology is clearly better than someone else’s.
    PS: I’m fairly certain all this conversation over this situation can only make things worse – including my own input
    Rant over.

  • rav

    Maybe OFF-TOPIC but … these kind of things happen all the time in Mexico between drug cartels, political parties and some innocent people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time, with the -only difference- that here they don’t record them … I really see this almost like a marketing strategy and not from Islam but from other kind of people. I don’t think real islamics are doing this. I think there is a master plan to drive attention far away from what is really happening. “They” (I don’t even know who are “they”, -but seriously sick people-) are building some meticulous actions to get something to happen. And the average people without much knowledge, culture or intelligence are believing it.

    • rav

      so the thoughts and feelings that are generated as a result of what people see in these videos are worse, because these people are not reasoning and thinking with cool head, that it really is in the videos … in fact may even be video montages … is like a bad Hollywood movie combined with Pepsi bad advertising that works on the target audience they are trying to reach

  • mfsfslk

    these are innocent people. why behead them?

  • mamayake


  • hanoun aqeel

    islam is pain!

  • Guest

    Who is the enemy of the U.S.? OK….not these barbarians, and Christian Russia.

    • Lucy Johnson

      Of course these barbarians are the enemy of the US.

  • Виталий

    Who is the enemy of the U.S.?& OK….not these barbarians, and Christian Russia.

    • Lucy Johnson

      These barbarians are the enemy.

  • Open Toffee

    Barack Obama is POISON to the United States and to its people. Some day he too will be held to account for what he and the liberal, leftist, Islamic loving DEMOCRATS are doing to this country and he too will be made to pay the price for his hatred of this country and the destruction that he has brought to so many decent, hard working and God loving Americans.

  • An Egyptian

    From a former muslim you can hear it, Islam doesnt believe in freedom of speech, not democracy and allows enslaving people and allows buying women specially if they are not muslims, yes I dont like any of that, but one thing I love is Egypt my home country, which is a muslim country that doesnt apply any of the teachings of Islam even with our current problem with freedom of speech and expression, so be you sure that not all muslim countries are just bad and they have to live like you to be good, no Egyptians dont live like you, but one thing we believe in is citizenship the blood of a christian citizen will move us same way as the blood of a muslim or even an atheist one, we will defend our citizens even aginst you if we had to (for people saying we must go clean all muslim countries) you believe in whatever you want but those 21 citizens were declared martyrs and the state declared 7 days of mourning for them, all that happened by Egypt (The muslim country), we bombed Islamic state in response and killed of them as many as possible and will continue, bottom line is Egypt one of those muslim countries you are talking about has avenged those martyrs while not a single leader of your so called Christian countries even mentioned them in one of his speeches. We do more for Christians than you would dare do, so anyone trying to come here justifying his actions aginst us in the sense of “you are muslims” I (an atheist myself) along with all people of Egypt (muslims and Christians) will make sure he doesn’t go back to wherever he calls home.

  • Yonatan Moya

    Islam at its fundamental origins

  • the dog of rome

    Im not muslim…but i defo want some of this killing action…i wonder if isis will let me join just to do a few killings…

    • Lucy Johnson

      Seek help.

  • A human being

    Whoever thinks that because Qur’an has some verses ordering people to fight or so then Islam is a religion of war and violence needs to take a little look at his bible or even the Torah, you will find stuff even more despicable than those you can find in the Qur’an, Im not defending Islam, im simply underlining how stupid human beings can be somtimes.

    • Lucy Johnson

      Other Religions have ‘love thy neighbour’ at their heart. The do not order hatred and murder throughout , their prophet did not rape, murder and marry a six year old girl and they do not say peace will only be acheived when the whole world is dead or a member of that Religion.

  • KJV believer

    I dont understand their faith with their false god who just wants every none believer to convert or be killed. But those 21 faithful coptic christians are going to be with our heavenly father for they were trial yet kept their faith. Their physical body is dead, but their spiritual body is with the father, the son, and the holy spirit (trinity).

  • TheJacob

    “In Penny Lane there is a Barber showing photographs / of every head he’s had the pleasure to know”

    With this line – the first in Penny Lane – we begin a series of musical releases that end up delivering the following profound message —> The anti-Christ will come from Islam.

    Barber is a variant spelling of Berber, which is a Northern African people. What is interesting is that they are 99.99% Muslim, or Islamic. So , with this in mind, reading the first line in Penny Lane takes on a whole new wonderful – and accurate – depiction of life as we know it today. But, there is so much more to see.

    The Beatles began the Sgt Pepper recording sessions on Nov 24, 1966 and for the next 1,260 days created music around one general theme – “we are the two witnesses and inside the 69 or so songs that were released by us over the course of the next 1,260 days are prophecies that will prove vital to the survival of the western world one day in the somewhat near future”.

    The jury has been out for quite some time regarding who or what the two witnesses are, were or will be. Now, with the release of The Good Guise: The Beatles, the Bible, Michael, and Mary, located at thegoodguise at wordpress, we find that discussion about who the two witnesses are all about is now a settled matter. Of course the cost of reading the book is zero.

    If you don’t know that Jesus is the Son of God, if you can’t concentrate for more than eight minutes, if you are the center of your universe, if you have everything all figured out…besides being extremely lost you will also find that you will be unable to see the two witnesses so don’t bother. However, if you feel you might qualify as a person that might just be able to grasp the contents of the book all I can say is that the reward in the end for understanding them and acting upon their prophecies will be greater than you can ever imagine.



    If you want to write with questions I will answer them all. You can contact me through the site the book is posted at.

  • Sudhakar Sane

    Devil and his children doing all that they can agiainst G_D and HIS people. These and all shall suffer in HELL after the Judgment day including mohammd

  • Jackus

    Islam is fake. Why must I follow such a sinful cult. Are we to judge each other or God is the overall judge. May God bless these gallant 21 who committed no crimes but have to suffer in the hands of these heartless and sinful terrorists.

  • King Prince

    Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do

  • raj

    Well.. I have faith that.. No religion in this world be changed by scaring n killing..

    Religions were created to attain peace according to people’s believes..

  • martyn

    That would not hav happened in lybia if gaddafi was still alive & in power.. fact

  • payi me

    Y viejo ROTOOOO…

  • Ben Lovis

    The production value is rather surprising….

  • no matter who

    The new Nazism.

  • Kristin Simon

    I can’t believe this

  • John muslim

    This people are not muslim they are just lot of insane people who gather together in Syria and Iraq, They are just spoiling name of islam around the world. I am a muslim i would never do such kind of thing even if i know my place will be heaven, because there is no place in heaven for such kind of people the only place for them its Hell is waiting for them, For understanding this no need to read Karan just think the deference between Hell and Heaven, in heaven only people whit clean hearth and soul can be placed how can such kind of people think about heaven, whit so much sin their place is only Hell they will understand that when they reach there but that time it well be late to bring it back, i am sure those people who were beheaded they are in peace in Heaven, My Allah keep them in peace..

  • Dan Thom

    Once again, big brave muslims kill people with their hands tied behind their back…

  • Zack

    I’ve never been so mad in my life towards anything until I watched this video. I’m a Christian and to see my brothers get slaughtered like this makes me unbelievably mad towards Isis and its not really mad it’s an inner anger that I now have that won’t go away. As a young American I now feel obligated to go do something about the Middle East.

  • dada

    Islamic state is not Islam. Allah said in his Koran”lakumdiinukum waliyadiin” this ISIS what they did is not written in the Koran. Now Islamic is increasing all over the world. This behind by Jewish. When they know that Muslims increasing they started fighting against muslims mentally. Jewish pay much funds in orders other Christians hate islamic religion. This is wel known.

    • Lucy Johnson

      STOP this horrendous denial and start condemning.

  • This is shocking and disgraceful. How dare these madmen call upon the name of Allah to commit such atrocities. This is not the work of Muslims. This is not a representation of Islam. This would be condemned by the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). This is the work of the devil haters who wish to corrupt the idea of a peaceful Islam. May Allah have mercy on those brave souls who stood before the devil and did not fear. May the go into paradise with the blessing of Allah PBUH. Fi Amenallah Insha’allah.

    • Lucy Johnson

      I sincerely hope you have not been brainwashed into this evil by Taqiyya lies. Leave before it’s too late.

  • Gautam Chandara Sarkar

    The more the carnage of beheading will be done by the ISIS, the more we will become aggressive and bloody on them in stead of being afraid of. Actually, the ISIS have been dealing in human valuable limbs/organs for ‘individual financial benefits in the name of the pious ”Koran’. The full name of the ISIS should be ” Infernal Spirits of Inter-sex Islamic States”.

  • Patrick Mason

    I am a white American male and I can absolutely understand the cause of those ISIS militants. Christians and Jews have been murdering Muslim children for centuries, so now it’s time for us to enjoy the taste of our medicine! I wish the best of luck to those brave ISIS fellas!

  • Rechile Azares

    Oh yeah!if you are true to your religion?eat ther brain and suck it until you finish it!you hot dog brain!!!!why did you do that?you have no right to take there live’s,every single person you kild there do you think?they dont have family waiting of them at home?what if?that thing do to you?you cracy chiken brain….fuck your mom crazy dick head’s…

  • JosBlow

    Obviously this short video shows the Islamic religion is all about peace and respect of humanity ! Allow muslims in your country and this is what you can expect in a near future.Remember that they are in the third attempt to be the rulers of the world as prescribed in the Coran. Apparently, this type of conduct pleases Allah !

  • shubham

    this is really very bad to see such that type of things are happened in the world..those peoples who kill the others very brutally…if there fathers and brother were killed like that then…they they found joy in killing. tell….tell


  • WaveRunnerMN

    Chechnyan… trained by Saudi and US MI6 intelligence groups and infiltrated into Libyan invasion to assist in the overthrow of Kaddafi. The Hallmarks are everywhere. True Muslims are not the enemy of Christians whether Coptic or not. True Christians are not the enemy of Muslims. German J3ws are not true Semites.

    • Lucy Johnson

      Isis are following the Quran to the letter. Try reading it.

  • kostas

    i will go with a fucking shotgun and kill all of those motherfuckers

  • wkstark66

    There are 3 Kinds of Muslims. The Fanatics,
    Moderate & Intellectual. The fanatics wants to behead Non-Muslims. The
    Moderate Muslims want the Fanatic Muslims to behead you & the Intellectual
    one are those sponsoring the above 2 categories financially to ensure that the
    above is made possible

  • wkstark66

    I don’t know why Islam cannot be banned on the basis it is HATE PROPAGANDA.

    In Canada:

    I do not know why we just don’t “ban the practice of islam” in Canada. the Human rights charter – grants to everyone, among other things, freedom of conscience and religion, and freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media. Section1 restricts the granted freedoms by making them subject to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.the criminal code of Canada – section 318 – hate propaganda means any writing, sign or visible representation that advocates or promotes genocide or the communication of which by any person would constitute an offence.I am pretty sure the teachings of the koran – subjection of non-believers and turning our women into sex slaves, and all women non-believers being less then cattle – fall into this realm.what I am proposing is:- islam promotes hate of non-believers by the use of the koran- islam promotes the hate of people based on their sexual preference – kill the homosexuals- the koran should be treated as a hate document – similar to mein kampf- therefore the practice of islam should be considered criminal – therefore no more public displays of islam such as mosques (all to be torn down), public praying, clothes such as the niqab or other traditional clothes.I am not proposing we get rid of muslims, just ban the practice of the religion. If the koran is amended to eliminate all the hate passages then the ban can be lifted.

  • trev

    YOU TALK SO MUCH S””T THAT I CAN SMELL IT THROUGH MY KEYBOARD THIS EXTREMIST DESPICABLE STUFF WAS STARTED BY THE GOOD OLD USA AND THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION instead of venturing into the most corrupt and despicable country in the world SAUDIA ARABIA where extremists Who BOMBED YOUR COUNTRY WERE BROUGHT UP simple george w bush was informed that if the saudis pulled there money out of america you would collapse in a week ,you non entities went into iraq with the help of us non entities and have created something so toxic that our children wont see peace again in there lifetimes GOD BLESS THE USA because no one else will

  • DDW

    Every time a coward murders an innocent they demonstrate their own fear and weakness.

  • 속시원할듯ㅠㅠ원망스런세상ㅜㅜ

  • John J.

    Even handcuffed you can work together and fight. I would rather die fighting than on my knees in chains. Come see us, we are waiting here for you, masked cowards.
    Barbarians each and everyone. If you don’t see this as a barbaric religion , you are blind or evil. That makes you the problem.

  • Serge Clement

    The sons of Imaël are having fun but for how long this insanity will last ?

  • hi

    Burn in hell , all of you IS bitches! Anyway can you do some movie without your pants? I would like to see your big monster hard dicks, l wish to be there like your pussy, you should fill my ass with your cream from all of you IS men.

  • Ibn Talal

    Bande de fils de pute!!!!!!! Vous faites honte à ma religion. J’espère de tout mon coeur que l’on vous fera la même chose mais ce serait vous faire plaisir… J’espère et Allah en est témoin, je prie que l’on vous mette hors d’état de nuire et que vous croupirez en prison jusqu’à la fin de vous jours, bande de lâche que vous êtes. Vous n’êtes même pas capable de montrez vos visage…

  • zek


  • jkl

    Hope they all kill themselves brain washed idiots!!!!!!!!

  • Toni Brunner

    Nuke this fucking IS

  • no Religion just Live

    Why Why kill Vathers Why you kill Mothers or Daugthers Why you kill Sons Brothers Why you kill Friends.
    Why Why you kill your Brothers or Sisters,

  • JosBlow

    A good example of what Islam is all about for the pleasure of Allah !
    Apparently Muslims are crazy about their religion to the point where they easily become zealous psychopaths.

  • PT

    Disgrace!!! humans killing humans..what kind of world are we living in…Quran Bible Gita, none of these preach these…There definitey exists god in the form of Allah, Jesus, Shiva..and the same god will never forgive anyone for such brutal acts..

  • 여긴천국인가아아아아아아!!!

    so why the orange peole die…?

    • TheTruth

      They called out in a loud voice, “How long, Sovereign Lord, holy and true, until you judge the inhabitants of the earth and avenge our blood?” 11 Then each of them was given a white robe, and they were told to wait a little longer, until the full number of their fellow servants, their brothers and sisters,[a] were killed just as they had been

  • Shannon Lee

    Gods prophets are already speaking concerning this,ISIS WILL END.

  • Shannon Lee

    The “GOD” I serve is loving and forgiving,and would even forgive anyone of these muslims in the video above in a second of them repenting,The God i serve does not count man as an enemy,although man can choose to side with the real enemy(who is not flesh and blood) any muslim reading my post,i urge you to repent and turn to the true God who Loves you and will forgive you even after doing such horrific things,if you are isis or “whatever” jesus died for all of your sins,there is no sin he has not paid for,believe and receive,if you want proof of jesus,ask him to reveal himself to you and he shall in his yime and way,then you can believe for your own experience and not my words.

  • Hassan

    verse of Matthew 10:34, “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.” show me a single verse in Islam where it is said in that kill regardless of who is in front, by the way, where was this ISIS in early 90’s???? and where is the all time famous Al-Qaida now???? where is the most hyped Talibaan are??? u all idiotic Christians never use ur head..there r 1.7 billion Muslims in the world out of which these handful of fanatics constitutes about 0.000000001% and it makes u hate to the entire community…bravo…respect to whatever u have in ur head…i don’t know what happened to Muslim right after 90’s. BTW Muhammad Ali, was a Muslim, Yusuf Estes (born Joseph Estes, 1944) is an American preacher from Texas who converted from Christianity to Islam in 1991. mike Tyson, Cat Steven and thousands of others who accepted Islam, are not radicals and have brain obviously, the only thing u do not have they had. go start Gyming, arrange like minded people, and BANG…Idiots.

  • Retard

    What’s the point, life is temporary also pain is. Maybe some brain cells think it’s fun… well.

  • Augie Janke

    Do not worry brothers and sisters! VENGENCE IS MINE SAYS THE LORD! These evil and wicked men will suffer for ALL ETERNITY. I know my brothers are in heaven with our savior Jesus feasting at the table he has prepared for us.

  • Christina O’Rourke

    The media, like any business, are selling a commodity, for us it’s a perverted distorted view of Islam. It’s a juicy story, effective and convincing but totally untrue. Please come off the internet, do yourselves a favour and study Islam from books. Take the time to read the whole Qu’ran (not selected quotes to suit a premature opinion) and read about the 5 pillars of Islam, not for any other reason than to educate yourselves. It’s shorter than the Bible by the way.
    These shocking videos (as above) are horrific and savage terrorism, filmed under the mask of a madness that calls itself “Islamic State.” It’s all a Kodak moment. It’s selling you a lie and doing it very well. IS was created to divide muslims. It is a symptom of the chaos during a time of war. These dangerous individuals swooped in and grabbed control in Libya and Syria. The level of ignorance written in these comments is shocking, and by the way, very un-Christian. Please be bothered to read something useful. Where are all the other ‘normal Muslims’ ? They are busy praying, working and living normal lives like the rest of us. It appears we conveniently forget that, and focus on the bad bits. Shame on us. Pray for a better way, and don’t meet hate with hate. It’s not very Christian and won’t help anyone in the end. May God help us all in this devastating world and guide us to better days ahead. Amen.

  • Lucy Johnson

    Kill all these evil savages.

  • Angel

    This is satanic, and the black they are wearing resembles Satan, the darkness they are worshipping. Why don’t they just shoot their victims in a normal way ? If they really must … This is what you see psychopaths do in horror movies.. Enjoying the pain and slaughter they are delivering.. This goes further then just killing. Taking somebodies life is already evil.

  • Ian

    These evil Islamic bastards are evil their God that vile evil monster they pray to is really the Devil, this vile backward evil race should never be allowed to infiltrate the west and their wicked country needs a massive nuclear bomb drooped on it, to wipe out this vie evil stinking filthy race of sub human monsters, then we kick out of our country all of the stinking Islamic monsters and send them back to their vile country where they can die from radiation, we destroy all of their filthy mosques and destroy all of the vile evil satanic filthy religion of Islam. They are a virus of evil and we should have nothing to do with them at our borders guards need to be armed with machine guns to mow them down as they try to enter our countries, they are a parasite and need to be stopped. I hope a massive earth Quake magnitude 13.8 rips through their county and destroys every one of these evil bastards.

  • a christian

    For christ our Lord we stand for the Lord we stand together we will fight we will worship the true lord

  • Daybara Ferguson Brothers and sisters stay encouraged! We win! Keep pushing the kingdom!

  • Ian

    The demons who do such crimes will be put into eternal prison for ever.

  • Abdullah

    To all you filthy Christians and Jews burn in hell same with you Michael I will find you behead you rape your children and wife bone them and then burn you filthy dogs Islam is the only and true saviour,inshallah ameen and an la illah illaha Muhumadur rasoola Allah

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