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UK: Grieving Family Face Horror of Exhuming Their Grandfather After Muslim Family Complains About Relative Being Buried Next to Non-Believer


The body of a popular member of the community faces exhumation when a Muslim family who owned a plot next to his grave complained to cemetery bosses about their loved one being buried next to a “non-believer.” The cemetery should have kicked these vicious ghouls out — but instead, a beloved figure faces exhumation. Death apartheid.

The UK is gone. My banning pales next to what we are witnessing in that once-great nation. Either they will just go quietly, subsumed by Islam, or there will be a civil war.

I suspect the former. The family whose body faces exhumation actually said, “I feel for the Muslim family …..”

Burbage Cemetery: “Regulations and Management Rules” makes no mention of segregation or separate areas based on religion. And yet they mean to enforce seventh-century apartheid and sharia in the UK?

It’s like the world is under some sort of evil spell.

“Grandfather’s body could be exhumed after relatives of Muslim buried alongside complain he was an unbeliever,” The Telegraph, February 10, 2015
Local authority in Leicestershire tells the family of Shadrack Smith, 89, he might be moved to another plot after complaints from a Muslim family

A grieving family are facing the horror of exhuming their grandfather and moving him to another plot because the relatives of a Muslim man buried alongside complained about him being a non-believer.

Shadrack Smith, 89, died on January 13 after breaking his hip on New Year’s Eve and developing pneumonia.

More than 400 people paid their respects to the retired horse trainer, who was also a popular figure in the Romany gypsy community, at his funeral on January 30.
Shadrack’s son Sean with his wife Tracey (NTI)

His family paid £2,500 for three plots at a multi-faith cemetery and had his grave facing towards his home – a Romany tradition.

But they were left shocked when a Muslim family who owned a plot next to Mr Smith’s grave complained to cemetery bosses about their loved-ones being buried next to a “non-believer”.

Just two weeks after his funeral, which was one of the largest ever held at the cemetery, the family have been warned Mr Smith’s grave may have to be moved.

The local council, who run the award-winning cemetery, will meet on Wednesday to decide whether Mr Smith’s grave will be exhumed and moved to another area of the cemetery.

His distraught family, which includes eight children, 25 grandchildren and 40 great grandchildren, have vowed to fight “tooth and nail” to stop any exhumation taking place.

His daughter-in-law, Tracey Smith, 46, said: “This whole thing has devastated our family.


Over 400 family and friends attended his funeral

“We were told when we bought the plots that it was a multi-faith cemetery and it is, but the council has been so unsupportive.

“I feel for the Muslim family because they obviously thought they were going to only have other Muslim families buried around them, but that’s not our fault, or our mistake.

“We have been in the right, and yet the council has tried to bend over backwards to please the Muslim family.

“We have been told we might have to exhume Shady if the council decide to side with the Muslim family.

“My mother-in-law found a plot which faced their home, which is a Romany tradition, and it was perfect.

“So we paid, but to then have the council trying to get us to move when we have done nothing wrong, it’s disgusting.

“We have not been able to grieve because of all this drama, and it’s been awful.”

Four days before the funeral, Burbage Parish Council received a complaint from the Muslim family who own the neighbouring plot.

Julie Perrin, principal officer of the council, wrote to Mr Smith’s family and asked if they would consider moving Mr Smith to an alternative plot but they refused.

Mrs Smith, from Aston Firs, Leicestershire, added: “On January 26 Julie Perrin said we should find another site but she didn’t even apologise to us.

“The next day our undertaker phoned saying the she had been on the phone to them to see if they could use one of our plots to plant a hedge as a kind of barrier.

“But the bodies will still be together six feet underground so what is the point?

“I just feel they should have stuck to the rules (being a multi-faith cemetery) from the beginning, instead of deeply upsetting us just to please the Muslim community.

“The council received our payment through the undertakers, but they haven’t put our cheque through yet for some reason.

“There is no way Shady will be exhumed, if they suggest it we will take them to the highest court in the land. We will fight tooth and nail to stop the grave being dug up.”

On the Burbage Parish Council website, a document titled “Burbage Cemetery: Regulations and Management Rules” makes no mention of segregation or separate areas based on religion.

Another council leaflet regarding the cemetery states: “So that people of all denominations can use Burbage Cemetery, the graveyard ground at Lychgate Lane is unconsecrated.”

Chairman of the parish council, Councillor Richard Flemming, said: “Burbage Parish Council provides an award-winning cemetery for the benefit of the whole community.

“Unfortunately the parish council has recently received representation from two families regarding the allocation of adjacent grave plots within Burbage Cemetery.

“The parish council is sympathetic to the feelings of both families concerned and is committed to working with the relatives and the wider community to reach an amicable and acceptable solution.”

The council said on Tuesday that the family of the Muslim man may have mistakenly believed his grave was in an Islam-only section of the cemetery.

Principal Officer Julie Perrin, said: “There was a huge level of complaint so the correct procedure has been followed.

“There appears to be an assumption or misunderstanding on the part of the family complaining because there is nothing in our policy documents about there being any segregation.

“Any application for moving a body would have to go through the Home Office if a family wanted that doing.

“There will be a meeting regarding the policy (of segregating graves depending on faith) where I hope the majority of the 20 councillors will attend but the families will not be represented there.”

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  • mapleleaf444

    They should make the Muslims move their corpse if they don’t like the situation.

    • John Urban

      Or just make the Muslim corpse “disappear” – problem solved. From what I read, Gypsies are more than capable of that

      • Jenda

        Or even better … make the family requesting special treatment disappear. I bet the rest of the town would be relieved.

  • I do not think I can bear to watch the UK train wreck anymore. Sorry, will have to stop coming here for a while. It is just too incredulous for me to see how pathetic the Brits are.

    • diyguy6

      it ain’t the Brits that are pathetic its the common purpose EU centred government, most Brits abhor this pandering to religious minorities who deliberately create issues where there shouldn’t be.

      • So sorry. I would hope you would have a huge protest in front of cemetery. This is where I can’t bear to watch. No one wants to stand up. If not now, when? If not you, who? Best.

        • Bigj

          Would love to know where you come from! I bet same sort of crap is going on there also. At a guess I shall say the US in which case have a good look at your leader.

          • GENUG

            yeah, but we own over 1,000,000,000 guns. Brits don’t. bummer for the UK.

          • Bigj

            Give it time…Gun control seems to be winning. I really hope that it does not but then again the future does not look pretty.

          • Don’t buy barbaric halal food

            Trust me, nobody in the UK wants the daily carnage created by your love of guns. We are a heck of a lot safer here without the threat of guns than you are there. Gun crime here, and shootings are very rare – front page news. In the US it is commonplace. Would not swap our gun free society for your gun obsessed society any day.

          • sandra schmidt

            Don’t expect our help then, when the islamofascists are turning your daughters into sex slaves, you pansy ass.

          • Bigj

            Wait till all your guns are taken from you through false flag ops like sandy hook. Enjoy the Fema camps because fact you visit this website means you got the wrong sticker on your mailbox.

          • Betty4440

            well sorry to tell you we are not the only country with Fema camps. I bet you got a sticker to right.

          • sandra schmidt

            You sound rather paranoid. FEMA camps are for natural disasters. The Supreme Court will never overturn the Second Amendment.

          • Mike McCormack

            UK is already “gun free” or close too it… Oh yeah .. explains why an officer was butchered with an axe or meat cleaver..

            Don’t insult the Muslims .. they will kick your UK butts ( cause you let them)

          • Betty4440

            sorry the sex slave thing is already happening. over 1400 cases and they turned a blind eye to it because afraid of being called racist. call you believe that. Children’s live are being destroyed and they are worried about being called racist. GOD IN HEAVEN HAVE MERCY ON THE CHILDREN.

          • SonofLiberty7

            Then enjoy your coming Sharia, you pathetic excuse for a Briton. Your veterans are hacked apart alive in broad daylight, but you cannot bear the thought of those around you exercising their God-given liberty to defend themselves.
            God save the Queen from fools like you.

          • Don’t buy barbaric halal food

            Good idea, resort to personal insults and name calling. You keep your guns and the horrific stats that accompany them. As for Sharia law, unless the civilised world begins to understand that the muslims globally are gradually gaining ground everywhere as we allow them more and more concessions then it is coming to us all. America is not excluded, especially when the people are stupid enough to vote in a muslim twice, and when schools there are having schools promote islam with their “wear a hijab” days, and “design a prayer mat and memorize the shahadah” lessons. You are no better off than we are but at least when I leave the house I know I will not be shot by a criminal or because I annoyed someone and they lost their temper and pulled a gun on me.

          • IslamHater

            Well, I wish I was allowed to carry a Hekler und Koch handgun between my trouser belt, with a few clips. Unfortunately in Europe that is not possible. The Muslims are very lucky because any of them puts one finger in my face will get a bullet in the head.

          • Don’t buy barbaric halal food

            And you will spend 20 years of your life in jail. There are more gun “incidents” in one US state than the whole of Europe put together. No child here accidentaly shoots a parent either

          • Betty4440

            no the children have to spend their time fighting off muslim rapist. and no law will step in because of being called racist right?

          • fulljacket

            If you were prescribed medications for delusion, please take them. If not, please see a mental health physician for them. You’re making things up.

          • Betty4440

            some guy shot 3 muslims in Chapel Hill N.C. today. think he killed all 3 not sure though.

          • Neanderthal76

            A lefty atheist guy with no chin. Parking dispute.

          • Monique Ritz

            Holland is also a “gun free” country, but this only translates in guns being owned by gangbangers and other criminals. Daily shootings in Amsterdam are common place. And yes, shootings in England are rare….they prefer to use large knives to kill their prey. Feel safe my friend. I prefer my gun.

          • Betty4440


          • Don’t buy barbaric halal food

            Knife crime here is also pretty rare, usually the perpetrators and the victims are gang members. The American obsession with guns results in massive gun crime, let’s face it, to shoot someone from a distance is a lot less personal than plunging a knife into someone standing in front of you. How anyone can think that everyone walking around with a gun can make a country safer is beyond me. Gun crime, and violent crime in general is far less in my country (England) than in the USA. We don’t have regular gun killing sprees in schools, universities, shopping malls, we don’t have accidental shootings due to gun ownership by ordinary citizens, we don’t have the heat of the moment shootings when an arguments gets too intense. An argument here might end up with someone getting punched, the same argument in the US is likely to end in a shooting with someone dead, the other in prison for life. If you feel that the huge difference between violent gun crime in the US and in the UK makes you feel safe then good luck to you, you will doubtless need it

          • Milwaukee

            You really need to get out more. Check out this video.

            Number One with a Bullet

          • Monique Ritz

            The problem of these mass shootings, is that they occur in gun-free zones. Anyone can kill if they want to. Mass killings occur because the perpetrator can commit his crime unstopped. Almost all gun owners, myself included, do not walk around the streets with loaded guns. We have them for home protection. Now, I also have one for when things go sour (which it undoubtedly will). If Hurricane Katrina was any indication, many will resort to looting and pillaging should the chance arise. I wish you many happy hours enjoying your halal lifestyle in the UK, and send the same luck back to you.

          • Bigj

            .0021 knife attacks per capita in the UK and .0011 knife attacks per capita in the USA.

            .00018 gun attacks per capita in the UK to .00062 gun attacks per capita in the USA.

            I hope you feel safe with your gun. Statistics dont lie

          • empiresentry

            Since you apparently know so little, we will enlighten you. The cities with the highest gun crimes…. are the cities who have laws outlawing any guns.
            The UK folds over like a lawn chair in a storm and people like you are the cause.
            Perhaps you can outlaw kitchen knives next? Those apparently are a big problem in the UK and the favorite of beheaders and kidney stabbers everywhere.

          • Don’t buy barbaric halal food

            What a pathetic response. Check the figures yourself, massive gun problems in the US, next to no gun problems here. Very little knife crime also. You live in a violent society fuelled by the gun obsession you have there. Check also the number of beheadings and kidney stabbers you refer to. The beheadings are solely a symptom of the muslim problem, other than them it does not happen. I have no idea where this kidney stabbers thing came from but the fact remains that our violent crime level is a fraction of yours.
            Our gun free society gives us a far safer everyday life, so rather than be rude and tell me that I know so little perhaps you should do a little research and educate yourself about levels of violence.
            I have read so many posts from Americans saying that they would put a bullet in any muslim who does this that and the other. Well great, one less twisted islamic mind on earth, but of course anyone doing that would spend the next 20 years in prison. Check your prison stats too, a far higher prison population per capita than here.
            Guns keeping you safe is a myth, they only keep you safe because everbody else has them. Without them you would all be more free.

          • Milwaukee

            Hey why you don’t you post some actual data, instead of your beliefs? Or maybe links to sources with this data? In the US of A the most violent crime is in major cities with strict gun control laws. We say “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.” Historically this is accurate. New York city started gun control laws with the Sullivan Act. The impetus for this is the gangs complaining to corrupt city hall about victims shooting back. They got the victims disarmed.

            One theory for why the French Revolution stopped at the Channel is the Wesley Brothers were active. Another is that English yeomen were required to be trained with longbows: every Sunday afternoon. The aristocracy had a healthy respect for their people.

          • Bigj

            Isnt this because you have gun control within a city where its easy for criminals to get guns from outside that city? Perhaps it works in the UK because its harder to get a gun.

          • Mike McCormack

            How big is the UK … and how big is the US.. .Duh it’s easier to get illegal guns into the US ..

          • Mike McCormack

            Banning guns does not deter crime.
            Venezuela banned private ownership of guns.. Has 5 times the number of gun deaths… Hope your borders are secure and you can keep the smugglers out.


            Don’t go by posts.. best sources is federal crime statistics..

            Yes the US has higher prison stats.. we also have the highest number of immigrants in the world and an open southern border with no Federal law enforcement of immigration laws.. The US government gives the best chances for ISIS to enter the US.

          • Milwaukee

            So jihadists can hack your soldiers to death in broad daylight. In the UK about half of home invasions are when the people are at home. In the US of A it is about one-in-six. So you trade your freedom for safety. You’ll end up with neither. (That’s a paraphrase of an American revolutionary. See what I did there?

          • fulljacket

            Hey genius. The violent crime rate in the UK is eight times higher than here in the US. Try again.

          • Don’t buy barbaric halal food

            If you believe that then you are even more stupid than I first thought. Where did you get such a stupid idea?

          • Mike McCormack

            fulljacket is correct.. yes violent crime where a cricket bat is used as a weapon… I much rather be shot than hit with a cricket bat.

          • Mad Dog

            “We are a heck of a lot safer here without the threat of guns than you are there.”


            I can walk anywhere in my community at any time day or night and feel safe. Can you say the same? I know you can’t if you live in London. And in the unlikely event someone does attack me, I can fight back without fearing arrest for defending myself. And I can speak freely, knowing I won’t be arrested because I hurt some Muslim’s feelings. You’re pathetic sheep. You just stand there and do what you’re told. More and more, the people telling you how to live your lives are Muslim. As this article shows.

          • Mike McCormack

            Daily carnage in the US of guns?? Maybe your opinion .. fact serves you have a better chance getting hit by a car walking down the street than shot in %99 of the country.. Guns are needed to keep the globalists and government in fear of the people. Second thing is .. criminals (including some angry Muslims) don’t care about EU or UK laws.. and they know your unarmed ;-)

          • Joseph Flannagan

            And your muslims can buy and access those same guns. There are KNOWN to be several jihad training camps throughout the USA and probably others not yet identified. And just what have your billion guns done to stop ONE man from destroying the credibility of your country and in six years turning it into a laughing stock among the shitholes of the world – Libya , Iran , Saudi Arabia , Iraq ,etc. Your army has run away from bunch of scumbags in Somalia , left Iraq in a vacuum for ISIS to exploit and the same will happen in Afghanistan in a few months with the Taliban taking over. You have isolated Egypt and Israel the two MAJOR US allies in the region and are allowing Iran to acquire nuclear weaponry. Good luck with your guns !!. And by the way I am NOT a Brit and I do NOT live in Europe.

          • GENUG

            true that. we wait for Imam Obama to leave office and we are about to call a Convention of the States for amending the Constitution to get the scumbag royals out of our gov’t . We still have a collective memory of a civil war which cost 700,000+ dead. no one really wants to do that again….but it may be coming. If it does, I shudder. and if it does, we are ready.

          • Bigj

            I wish you all the best with it. Would be nice to see your country back to being the moral leader of the world.

          • David Daisy May Boldock

            Actually it is over 3 Million guns so nearly one apiece for every man, woman and child. Makes you feel secures doesn’t it?

            Time you lot bailed out of the Wild West era and joined the 21 St Century!

      • GENUG

        then let the “Brits” start a nationwide soccer riot and burn out the muslims.

        • Bigj


      • alyn21

        If they are against it as you say then why do they keep voting for it?
        The British are just plain stupid. They turned against their greatest leaders of the 20th century Churchill and Thatcher and allowed themselves to be dragged down to the level of dhimmis in a muslim society for that is what Britain has become. Perhaps the dhimmis govt in Britain will set up special segregated concentration camps for dead British to be buried in. I’m sure that would please their muslim masters enormously.

        • Don’t buy barbaric halal food

          At least we didn’t elect a muslim president – twice!

          • sandra schmidt

            Really? Your leaders seem to toe the Muzzy line pretty well.

          • SonofLiberty7

            Yeah, that’s going to take a while for us to live down. I have little doubt that when people around the world hear “American” they think “idiots who will buy anything based on the label and slick packaging,” in a word, “Suckers.”

          • IslamHater

            That is not true! The today’s British government are probably more Muslim lovers than Ataturk was (and he did not like them that is why the Muslims hate him).

          • alyn21

            You elected David Cameron and Tony Blair. What is the difference? Both have sold out the British to the muslims. At least in America they have a strong opposition. In my own country Canada we elected Stephen Harper’s Conservatives which makes us the only country left I guess with the possible exception of Australia, that is not being swallowed up by the muslims. And when it gets to the point where you are digging up dead bodies to please the muslim masters in Britain that is grotesque,

          • Betty4440

            we didn’t ether it was stolen for him. this man has never won any thing in his life. by hook and crook.

        • diyguy6

          I have to agree with you mostly but with one exception, which is, “the Brits” may have voted badly for some long time now but one “has” to take into account the ubiquitous Govt led propaganda machines which subtly, imperceptibly, sneakily, cunningly, weave their twisted message of the day to the masses via their various channels of indoctrination. ie; all media, news broadcasts, advertising etc etc. All of which slowly and irrevocably brainwash the intended audience to think the way the powers that be want them to. Big Brother has nothing on them !
          Unless one has the insight to see through their BS, as I humbly report I usually have had for most of my life, the masses will always, to one extent or the other, do what their masters want them to. Which is why now, I will never vote for the existing main parties that have dominated and ruined British politics for decades.

          • Natesse

            Agreed. I still reel from the fact that we Americans allowed Obama to be voted in twice. It seems a large part of our fellow citizens are exactly what Gruber claims-stupid. I take no pride in saying I am not among those who voted for this charlatan, however, I certainly understand the complicity of all my countrymen, myself included, in allowing this once great nation to sink to the depths we have now. We have no business chastising the Brits when our own dhimmitude lurks just around the corner. Looking back on our history, I would say that we traded our birthright for a mess of pottage long ago. The fruit of the subtlety of the serpent is beginning to ripen on our tree, too.

          • alyn21

            You make some valid points. And I will concede that the problem is not confined only to Britain although Britain is further down the rat hole then America or even my country Canada.

      • empiresentry

        I guaranteeeeee that the Romany gypsies, who are frowned down on, scapegoated and laughed at, will be forced to move.

      • Mike McCormack

        EU centered government… Sigh socialists that think if we all can get along there will be no need for wars or fighting.. Hahah looks like EU is going Islam.. your all screwed.

    • Santos2

      You can keep coming here, just don’t read the articles about the UK. For instance, France is always good for a laugh in the old lunatic dhimmitude category.

    • smithmr

      I am not Brit. But I am married to a Brit. I am from continental Europe. I just “raided” Hinckley and Bosworth Council facebook page with a message and then with videos by DR. Bill Warner. However, I see what you are saying. I feel the same about them. To phlegmatic for my disposition!

    • jon wright

      this is a little out of the story but show how despicable the Brits. are.HOW THE BRITS “SCREWED” THE ISRAELIS OUT OF MOST OF THEIR HOMELAND. The land on which Israel is located contained only a fraction of the Palestinian mandate originally dedicated to the Jews as their homeland,incorporating the Balfour Declaration. The League of

      Nations and the British had designated the land called “Palestine” for the “Jewish National Home”-

      east and west of the Jordan river from the Mediterranean to Arabia and Iraq,and north and south from

      Egypt to Lebanon and Syrla conforming more or less to what the Koran and Moses proposed. But in a strategic

      move the Br. government felt “the need to assuage the Emir’s (Abdullah’s) feelings”he being one of

      the royal sons of the Hjaz(Saudi Arabia)which helped the English against the Turks. So the plot, I

      call “stealing” from Israel’s National Home, involved the then Colonial Secretary Winston

      Churchill,Prime Ministe€r Lloyd George,and

      Palestine High Commissioner Sir Herbert Samuel, was for the Brlts. to install Abdullah in the land of

      the Br.mandatory of eastern “Palestine” in what is now Jordan. Britain quietly gouged out roughly

      three quarters of the Palestinian territory mandated for the Jewish homeland into an Arab

      emirate,while the Mandate ostensibly remained in force but in VIOLATION OF IT’S TERMS.So what we are

      saying here is that Britain wanted Israel “to assuage” the Emir’s feelings by giving him three- quarters of their

      homeland. SHEAR INSANITY! How would the British react if this happened to them ? I say, violently! In 1946 (two years before Israel gained its statehood on one€ quarter of Palestine) Jordan was declared an

      independent state on 3/4 of the Palestinian territory mandated for the Jewish homeland.

      The British never attempted to legalize these actions. Today the British are attempting to again steal

      Israeli homeland in favour of Islam,for the cult that is ready to turn this despicable country into Britainstan. I

      feel no empathy for this country. This will be payment for your mal treatment of the Jews during

      2000 years,and still today! In fact, I regret that our military came to die (during WW2) for your country. You’re a nasty bunch! A country of classes,ranks and hate.

      • Bigj

        Last time i checked your shit stinks too. Its ok being a troll but why dont you try write something constructive

        • jon wright

          Sure kid! As they say:the best defence is an offense. The truth is painful sometimes, right kid?

          • Bigj

            sigh… your replies bore us.

      • linxi

        They are just fanatics there are fanatics everywhere in the world look at all the worlds history…………….Peace and love to everyone as that is what is needed in these times.

    • rnot

      The Brits were about as disgusting before WWII too.

  • If the family paid for the burial sites then it is their property, and property rights insue. This is a classic ‘go pound sand’ moment.

    • Peggy

      That’s probably why they haven’t cashed the cheque yet. It is not paid yet. Maybe this is a technicality that will save the cemetery.
      Idiots, nothing will save them if they cave in now. Just tell the Muslims to move. They are insulting us all by saying they can’t even be next to us dead and still this stupid council bows to them.

    • Betty4440

      get some pigs blood and pour a line in between the 2 graves. that will fix the problem then every body get pigs blood and go pour it all around the cemetery and you will never have that problem again. fight fire with fire.

  • Alice PD

    Time to start pissing on Muslim graves

  • IslamHater

    Basically the bloody Muslim is the non-believer! Just pretend Britain is in a bad dream and will wake-up very soon.

  • Patti York

    The world IS under an evil spell. This will change, in the twinkling of an eye, though.

    • Skydog1

      Yes it will Patti, and it won’t be very long.

    • diyguy6

      do you know something we don’t? never have I wondered so much about the twinkling of an eye :)
      IMO if they’re so worried about being buried next to an unbeliever they shouldn’t be living in an unbelievers country. fact is the Only thing they care about is subjugating every country they target and UK is the bullseye now.
      prayers are with the grandfathers family and hoping the council doesn’t follow the governments example and blindly appease those who mustn’t be offended !
      disgusting !

      • Patti York

        It’s not so much what I know, but who I know.

        • diyguy6

          ok you got my attention. care to elaborate? please? :)

          • VV


          • Patti York

            Yep we are on a first name basis.

          • diyguy6

            no disrespect but have you taken your medication today? I don’t recall Jesus helping the thousands / millions that have been slaughtered in the name of that evil cult so far, so what makes you think we are any different? much as I’d like to entertain the idea.
            there is only One answer to this madness and that is voting the evil bastards that put us in this mess, out of government but there is still a huge stubborn block of unenlightened ignorance in UK public owing, in no small way, to the mind boggling barrage of anti-UKIP propaganda within media, schools, social media and any other form of mass brainwashing you can think of…..
            Good example of which being some (all?) students are being taught that the Crusades never happened (after 400years of Muslim rampaging across Europe) and that England was Nazist back in those days !?!
            There are breathtakingly evil accs on social media, which are either EU/Govt or Islam backed, there specifically to trash UKIP ‘s reputation in really impressively diverse ways and the really sad part is there are droves of head strong ignorant sociopathic morons that soak it up. They will will wale up when its too late.
            If there is evil in the world, the tip of the iceberg is where you find activists calling UKIP ignorant fascist bigoted racists when in reality, it is clearly those who are deviously forcing their anti-freedom death cult on UK who fit all those over used terms.
            I’ve always been a proud Tory voter until a few years ago but the rot that was subtly planted decades ago has become apparent. The EU is not the best place for the UK to be. IT NEEDS US, WE DONT NEED IT !
            Personally I hope I live to see the EU collapse as the evil, corrupt dungheap that it is. The employment and trade question has been exaggerated to suit their desperate needs and even if it was a more pertinent issue than I believe, it is still not worth the terminal decline in what used to be the worlds most respected Nation state.
            The concept of a one Europe state with no borders is misguided, deadly and inhuman in its predictable outcomes.
            liblabcon have proved themselves to be untrustworthy, underhand, criminal even. The Green Party are equally dangerous with their mind bogglingly stupid policies on terrorist organisations, borderless states, defence, drugs & poor council records. Bunch of irresponsible nutters!

          • Mo86

            @ diyguy6

            “no disrespect but have you taken your medication today?”

            That’s not disrespectful, eh?

            Take your wall of Christophobic text elsewhere. You too will bow before this Christ you so hate. You can do so willingly now and receive forgiveness, or you can do it later – when it’s too late. It’s up to you.

            Now, address ISLAM, the point of this post.

          • diyguy6

            Christophobic? what planet are you on?
            you’ve proved to me in an instant, that you have a deeply embittered attitude towards any respectful and realistic criticism of Christianity, which precludes any further interest or respect on my part towards your views.
            For you to suggest that I hate Christ is just about as obnoxious a suggestion as anything that emerges from ISIS. Simply not so and very offensive.
            I retain the inalienable right to suggest that the concept of Christ or the Good Lord intervening in any future demographic imbalance and predictable subsequent Islamic takeover here in the UK is nothing short or comical. The likes of which I have never even come across on Twitter, where you can find bizarre opinions from one far extreme to the other.
            The mildly disrespectful opening to my post wasn’t even in proportion to the degree of absurdity in your suggestion so please don’t try to claim offence there.
            Anyone remotely relying on divine intervention to save their necks in the reasonably assured forthcoming conflict needs to spend some time in counselling and I say that in full respect of the validity of Christianity.
            Religion isn’t there to drop a miracle out of the sky when little Mo86 wants it, it doesn’t work that way. It is there for many reasons but not as a universal military force on tap.
            It IS there however, to act as a source of spiritual guidance, strength, support in times of trouble and general life direction etc.
            I think this convo should end right there, as I have no inclination to be banging heads with religious fanatics of any description. Have a nice pious life, while you can.

          • Patti York

            I truly feel sorry for you diyguy, like I do anyone that lacks blessed assurance.

          • diyguy6

            and what blessed assurance did Lee Rigby, or any other innocent victims of the murderous brainwashed savages have ? …. there is no answer to that and I do intend on going to bed tonight so Islam is too big a topic for now.
            you and your friend seem to wrongly think I have a problem with Christianity. you couldn’t be further from the truth, I frequently and very reverently kiss my crucifix in humble respect for Christ our Lord but shockingly to you perhaps, i dont expect him to make an appearance on earth or suddenly after so many millenia, create miraculous outcomes to defeat the result of evil governments & leaders who are working towards a One World Government, starting off with the one europe state. Goodnight !

          • Santos2

            And Patti’s reply……….tumbleweed.

          • Patti York

            and therein lies your problem, you reverently kiss your crucifix yet don’t expect him to keep his promises,,guess what,, He will.

          • Paul Topham

   I hope this helps. C S Lewis “The problem of Evil”

          • Every time something bad happens, say a school shooting or a massacre of Christians by ISIS terrorists, people say, “Where was God? Why didn’t He protect them?”

            The answer is easy: Besides the fact the God was kicked out of the classroom in the 60’s, resulting in an increasingly Godless and nihilistic society, God wants us to learn to care for each other, to protect the weak and defend the defenseless.

            It’s usually those same people who ask, “What would Jesus do?” in response to horrific acts. Well, I always like to remind them that fashioning a whip and chasing assholes around the room while shouting 1st century expletives is within the realm of possibility!

            There is no negotiating with Muslim terrorists. They feel as if when they are cutting the head off of an “infidel,” when they burn an enemy alive, when they rape and enslave women, and when they crucify and tear Christian children limb from limb, they are doing the will of their god Allah.

            Muslim apologists say that Islam is a “religion of peace,” but the truth is that Islam is THE most violent religion on the face of the Earth. Even the Sunni and Shia sects of Islam have been at each others throats for the last 800 years, usually murdering their opponents while they are on their knees in prayer.

            Again, since negotiation in good faith is an impossibility, I would submit that since violence is the only language that radical Muslims understand, we must respond fluently. We must fight violence with greater violence, react to carnage by causing greater carnage, and answer terror with a terror so horrific that the survivors will talk about what we did for the next 10,000 years.

            I am going to be sending cases of Silver Bullet Gun Oil to Christian militias in Iraq and Syria to use in their fight against ISIS. I wish I could be there myself, but just knowing that those cockroaches will scatter when they realize “The Crusaders are coming with their Hell Oil! warms the cockles of my heart.

            SBGO is also available for use in the US. ISIS has threatened to come after the families of American military in the US. Let’s give them a warm greeting shall we? Learn how you can score a free bottle in the video below.


          • Betty4440

            thanks just ordered me a shirt and the iol. thanks again.

          • uksnapper

            worth reading your comment,well said.

          • SonofLiberty7

            We are His hands. Do a search on keywords Voice of the Martyrs.
            We may not be able to prevent it (yet), but we can ease the suffering and comfort the grieving.
            As to divine intervention, ….be careful what you wish for. None of us is without sin.

          • diyguy6

            I have every respect for religion in principle, especially those that inspire the best in us rather than the worst. I wouldn’t go as far as wishing for D.I. because I don’t believe that is what religion is there for. It “may” have been back in the Biblical times, we can only surmise but in all the many centuries since, in the strict sense of the word, Miracles such as we may have witnessed, have not been proven to be of Divine origin and definitely have never overthrown huge armies to defeat evil in favour of good kind Good fearing folk. peace!

  • Louise from Canada

    This is actually happening and I think there are no better words: “It’s
    like the world is under some sort of evil spell.” Yes indeed, EVIL SPELL.

    like the world is under some sort of evil spell. – See more at:

  • Diana Michelle Bailey

    Well if I were part of the non muslim family I would say that they were the non believers andwant the other removed. Need to start playing their game.

    • Excellent idea. Turn it around…on THEM.

      • diyguy6

        except there isn’t a council in the country that will take a blind bit of notice about any non believers claims on religious grounds! it will never happen!

  • Guest

    This is RIDICULOUS at its best. Just reading this really makes my BLOOD BOIL. This is so ludicrous and incomprehensible that I’m truly beginning to feel that Great Britain is no longer so Great. FIRST of all if they don’t like that an ‘non-believer’ is being buried close to one of their buried dead, then THEY SHOULD MOVE THE GRAVE OF THEIR DEAD TO A MORE ‘SUITABLE’ LOCATION. How dare they write a letter and REQUEST that they relocate their ‘non-believer’. Who do they think they are ?! The Queen ?! SECOND, THESE PEOPLE BOUGHT THIS LAND, IT BELONGS TO THEM, NOT TO ANYONE ELSE and what they decide to do with it IS ENTIRELY AND UTTERLY THEIR UP TO THEM ! This Muslim Family are not an AUTHORITY over what kind of people should and should not be allowed to be buried next to their deceased loved ones AT A MULTI-FAITH CEMETERY FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! AND FINALLY, what LEGITIMATE reason do these people have to request something so OUTRAGEOUS ????? Does the very action of a ‘non-believer’ being buried next to a ‘believer’ (according to this Muslim family) somehow dishonor their dead or offend them or something ???? I just don’t understand. It’s INFURIATING AND I HOPE they bury their Grandfather exactly where they originally intended !!!

    • N Chew

      It makes my blood boil too.

    • Dolly Cann

      The Smith family should write a letter of complaint to the home office and insist the muslim be exhumed, as it offends their faith, because whilst Mr Smith and his family had/have a valid faith/religion, the muslim was a believer of a political islamic ideology, which offends the Smith family.

      • Betty4440

        no if the muslims don’t want to be buried next to a non believer they need to dig up the muslim and ship him to the desert. for witch he came no one ask the rag heads to leave their desert homes. so don’t complain they the muslims more than likely didn’t even pay one penny for that land they stuck that carcass in any way.

  • Ampbreia

    UK Muslims being disgusting supremicists again. How dare they make such a demand? It’s ridiculous!

    • Peggy

      We are so repulsive to them that they can’t stand being near us even when dead. They are telling us openly and we still respect them.
      Now, who are the idiots?

  • Don Briscoe

    The muslims should bury their garbage under old outhouses where humans can go and leave their respects to the goat shaggers but remember to wipe afterwords.

  • modal

    Dig the muslim up and ship him to Syria.

  • SweetMarmot

    The Gypsies are in the right here. If the Moslems don’t like it, they should be the ones typo move, not the Gypsies.

  • Arjay

    I see too often people who get almost “flippant” in regard to Western Europe’s Islamization. So what! The media and governments that operate in these natiosn DESERVE what they get. Well, sadly… there are a lot British, Swedes, Belgians and Dutch who do not support this Muslim take over… who are having problems saving their nation. It is these people who DON’T want Islamization that I feel sorry for.


    There are still colonies of European nations. If nations/governments go Islamic and Muslims control the military… then the British Virgin Islands (UK), Aruba (Netherlands), Martinique (France) in the Caribbean… would become Islamic. Near the Western Hemisphere nations. Then there are similar colonies in the Pacific.

    During WWII… the ALLIES took over certain colonies so they wouldn’t become Nazi or under Japanese control. Would Canada take over Europe’s Caribbean lands? Or would Australia take over France’s Pacific Islands?

    France and the UK are nuclear weapons powers… and Sweden and Norway and France have a vast Nuclear UTILITY/ENERGY PLANTS… all this along with NATO armies and NATO HQ and bases being under Muslim control.

    Europe has modern infrastructures, laboratories, factories, merchant navies… everything will be shifted towards the Muslim world…not partially, not “some” but 100%.

    Pamela Geller months ago reported how British museums are altering ANY Israeli artifact or art work or archaeological treasure as “Palestinian.” What about other art galleries, architecture, historic buildings, scientific specimens?

    Europe prides itself on being eco friendly and for the nature conservation that takes place there. Knowing the environmental record of Islamic states… Europe’s wild places are in trouble.

    Business, cultural traditions, education, everything in Europe faces destruction if a complete Muslim take over happens. And who cares if Europe has “gay rights” because a Muslim Europe will not… and gays will face a horrendous situation. Who cares that Europe has “equality for women” in government, the professions and society… as Islam spreads in Europe… women’s status will go downhill.

    I could go on and on and on… though my big fear is the take over of European militaries and European nukes under Islamic control. Slavery exists in modern Muslim states… example Saudi Arabia. Will Europe once again be a place of slaves? The European families will probably flee or face execution.

    Islamic France with its nukes…. Islamic Britain with its nukes…

    A civil war will be needed… but with Europeans won’t fight for themselves… and a PC America won’t help… would Eastern Europe or Russia step in to save Western Europe from Muslims? If so… will Russia then “occupy” Western Europe?

    The future of an Islamized Europe is bad… very, very bad.

    • famouswolf

      You are thinking it through, and you are right…the whole world will be like dominoes falling if Europe falls. Also, the moslems’ incursions in Europe are largely sunni, and when Iran gets it’s nukes…after they torch Israel and the rest of the West they will start torching each other. The world will go up in nuclear flames.
      Very, very bad on so many levels.

    • kononwa

      Australia? You kid me not? We’re also controlled by spiky-haired overall-wearing lesbian leftard “sociologists” who want to impose their narrow-minded perverted paradigm as universally-mandated law.

      Just another Dhimmistan on the way to Mecca.

  • roccolore

    Muslims cause trouble everywhere they go.

    • famouswolf

      Trouble? They are the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. War, famine, plague and death.

    • Santos2

      Including 6 feet under.

  • dongee

    Two words: internment camps

  • Rmic

    Past time to stop caving into islamomaniacs. The Burbage Parish Council should be ashamed of themselves !

  • Omai Bhakurtz

    Patty York is right. The world IS under an evil spell…and sooner than people think, it will all change in the twinkling of an eye.

  • IsThisAmerica

    Tell the muslims to take a hike. Quit being polite to these non believers. They are all demons from he!!. Never let a muslim get one over on you.

  • Allan Johnson

    The only thing more despicable than the Muzzies is the ass likers on this town council. You can bet if it was one of their relattives it woul be a different story.

  • Michael David Wasiljov

    Here in the US, it’s very hard to get someone exhumed. I believe in most states you need an order from the state attorney general and they are not given likely. Perhaps the muslim family should have bought plots in a muslim cemetery.

  • Bob

    So the Muslims own Britain now? After Hussein Obama, it will now be Cameron and Co. Fack the Muslims

  • Al – the sky is falling – Gore


  • wildagreen

    britain is doomed…the people who fought the krauts in ww2 are mostly dead and gone…what is left is a pasty, feeble, incompetent socialist horde who doesn’t care about anything except the next welfare check and their wonderful health care system that for years was the laughing stock of the western world…the brits are doomed. finished…the mudslimes control everything that the europeepees in brussels haven’t taken control of…in britain everything that is not forbidden is compulsory…and it’s coming here except for one major difference: we are in a position to reject it and even the scum demoncrap party under the great muslim obummer cannot do anything about it.

  • Jenda

    Let me say it in nice simple words. The Islamic scum should be fucked up their asses with a white hot rod and sent to the desert cave they crawled from. With all due respect to the idiots that let them into the country.

  • Tarantula2

    Not “like”… The world has fallen under an evil spell. Just like in the 1930’s.

  • Dr. Doomsday

    Take Grandpa out, and bury a pig there instead. That ought to make their freakin day. Maybe a new chain, the Flying Pig Cemetaries LLC. Pigs buried at every corner of the land.

    • Betty4440

      love it way to go. fight fire with fire or should I say with pigs.

  • Lynn Henry

    I say dig up the goat humper and find him another burial plot…maybe in Iran.

  • Neanderthal76

    The thing to remember is that these are the “moderate” Muslims; the ones who aren’t actually blowing things up or chopping off heads. These are the ones that politicians tell us represent “true” Islam. And what do they want? Total dhimmitude on the part of “non-believers”.

    So let’s just get over the notion that Islam is compatible with freedom. It is not. There are some Muslims and some Muslim states we can, or must do business with, but the notion that we can import large numbers of them to the West without very dire consequences is insane.

    • Betty4440

      why must we do business with these muslims? we made it before any one did business with them. and with the GRACE OF GOD we can and must do it again.

  • Makesmegiggle

    Common sense? The man has been buried already. Why not accommodate the Muslim family and ask THEM to move, as they are the ones objecting?

  • Saka Moko

    This is just beyond the pale.

    • Santos2

      It’s in the pail.

  • John John Ambrose

    Let This Deceased Gentleman Rest In Peace.Let This Moslem Family Move There Plot Elsewhere. The More We Give Into These Fanatics The More To Excess Theyll Go. Wake Up Peoples Of The World The New Would Be Rulers Are At Oue Doorstep. St. Michael Defend Us In The Battle. John Ambrose Carmelite Hermit

  • Peggy

    If the Muslim family doedsn’t want to be near anyone other than a Muslim then it’s them who have to move. Why aren’t they being asked to move?
    That’s why Muslim Albanians are destroying Serbian cemeteries in Kosovo. They can’t stand even dead Christians. So why give in to them. Tell this stupid family that if they don’t like the neighbours they are welcome to move.

  • IInAwe

    Looks like the Brits have made their choice clear as to their preference of Muslims over Gypsies.

  • Lucie Ke

    dig up the muslim dead and move them instead!!!!

  • Radegunda

    “The parish council is sympathetic to the feelings of both families concerned” — the feelings of one family being “can’t we just get along” and the other family being “get those filthy kuffar out of here!”

    That’s “infidel”–Muslim relations in a nutshell.


    get the Jews out of the UK, pull our nukes and let the savages kill each other. At this point, the UK Christians have thrown their lot in with the muslims. To me, they are all the same, save for Pat Condell. Get him out as well.

  • WingMann

    A “non-believer” in what, barbaric behavior commanded by The Religion of Satan?

  • Patriot1791
  • Douglas Hendry

    a few gallons of pigs blood may help them decide to move the real offensive ones..

  • Shasta1

    Why do you feel for these Muslims? This is one of the reasons you are losing what was once GREAT Britain.

  • Terry101

    And this is when Muslims are less than 10% of the population. What happens at 20%, 30%, 40%….

    • diyguy6

      at the rate they are haemorrhaging through Calais and reproducing, that will not take long.

  • Malerik Decimus

    just bury part of a pig with him. then the ground will be “unclean” and they’ll want their body moved instead.

  • Sammi De La Cruz

    Tell the Muslims to build their own cemetery and let that be the end of it. If they do not want to do that them move their love one as they are the one who are complaining. I pray that all the countries with Muslims living beside them will realize that the Muslims will not be pleased so they must fight them and throw out of their country the ones who will not live in peace with them.

  • madcapfeline

    So, the Muslim guy was there first, the family was told ahead of the burial that there was a complaint, refused to choose an alternate site, and the check hasn’t been cashed yet, so they technically haven’t even paid for anything. Yeah, talk about first world fucking problems. Whatever, I really don’t care anymore. Keep on hatin’ haters. It’s all you got.

    • kononwa

      Nothing feline about you – you’re just a plain old bitch! Show some compassion or go troll somewhere else, you f***en sociopath.

      • madcapfeline

        Keep on hatin’. I need to show some compassion? You need to re-examine your priorities. I’m not going to show compassion to those that are incapable of doing the same. Golden rule and all, or the inverse at the very least. I’m also not going to demand that I be catered to in a situation, just because my skin is a little less brown or because my sky bully looks different from their sky bully. Also, unpopular opinion=/= trolling.
        present participle: trolling
        informal “make a deliberately offensive or provocative online posting with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them.”
        Judging by the reactions in the comments, the “article” itself could be considered trolling, so watch where you’re pointing fingers.

        • IslamHater

          I believe you have many issues but this is not the right platform to address them.

          • madcapfeline

            Might as well address it here. We both know you won’t say anything from beyond the relative anonymity of the internet.

  • Rajivi

    Adopt the Gandhian way of Satyagraha..Protest exhuming of the body..Kick the person, who complained out..If this is neglected, you have to see more and more of all this.

  • smithmr

    I just “raided” Hinckley and Bosworth Council facebook page with a message and then with videos by DR. Bill Warner.

  • sandra schmidt

    Non-Muslims should take a clue from the gay community and Bash Back!

  • notme123

    why did the muslime buy a plot in a mixed religion cemetery if not to cause problems. Make them move. It will only continue to be a problem for the caretakers as there will always be another body to move or if they leave the plot empty, how about the one next to it, and so on….enough of this BS….they are JudeoChristianophobes.

  • veen

    this is why you dont tolerate muslims, you kill them!

  • Julia

    I really think the Country has gone to the muslims they don’t seem to say no you will have to put up with the plot you have in the cemetery and respect the fact the British people could be in the next grave get over ii or leave the country

  • Christene Bartels

    Muslims are forbidden to bury their dead in cemeteries that have non-Muslims, therefore, no devout, practicing Muslim would bury their dead in a multi-faith cemetery.

    Since the family in question opted to violate that tenat of their faith by choosing an inter-faith, then I would assert that they also lost their right to be offended. Their demand to have the family exhume their grandfather and move him is rather ridiculous, don’t you think??

    So it’s kind of a no brainier. Grandpa stays. If the other family suddenly had a religious epiphany, then it’s their responsibility to move.

    • Nocturn

      “A sudden religious epiphany” , great way of putting it.Yes, Grandpa’s grave should stay .RIP!

  • MammaDukes

    This is where we need to Ban together…things are going way to far. …and they wonder why we Hate them?

  • Ed

    I don’t get it….if the Muslim family doesn’t like the situation that they bought into, why don’t they move their loved one somewhere else? Why must the Smith family suffer for following the rules?

  • Prim

    Please find below a statement issued by Burbage Parish Council:


    10th February 2015

    In response to the article published in The Hinckley Times (5th February 2015) titled: Dispute of grave plots after burial of Gypsy, a spokesperson for Burbage Parish Council said:

    “An inaccurate, divisive and inflammatory article printed in The Hinckley Times appeared to indicate that Burbage Parish Council has considered the exhumation of a person recently interred at Burbage Cemetery – this is totally untrue and without foundation.

    “A number of years ago the Parish Council received correspondence from a Burbage resident requesting that provision be made at Burbage Cemetery for Muslim Burials. The Council were able to accommodate this request by facilitating swift arrangements for burial, providing a particular orientation to the grave and providing a larger size grave plot. The first Muslim burial at Burbage Cemetery took place several months ago.

    “More recently a non-Muslim family with special requirements, which could be met by the provisions already put in place, were allocated the next grave plots within the same area of the Cemetery. Unfortunately a number of complaints followed and the Council initiated their correct procedures and considered the matter carefully.

    “Burbage Parish Council has sought to resolve this matter in a fair and transparent manner and has had extensive dialogue with both families concerned. We have also taken extensive legal advice on all matters associated with the issues raised.

    “Burbage Cemetery is a non-denominational, multi-faith facility and requests from all communities living in and around Burbage will be treated equally and fairly in line with our policies and the law.

    At a meeting held 10th February 2015 the Council’s existing policy was confirmed.

    “The Parish Council regrets any distress.”


    And there you have it!

    • Dee Slade

      Have what!!!

  • Ihatemuzza

    I’d shit all over the muslim grave

  • rodulfo-tardo


  • Betty4440

    the stupid muslim is this point what difference does it make. he is in hell with his 72 virgins. so he is happy. so these stupid muslims just need to get over it.

  • Andy Hopkinson

    if this happens what goes around comes around …know what i meam arry

  • Screaming Scarlett Black

    plots at a multi-faith cemetery – that is all!

  • Natesse

    All I can say is…wow…..

  • Chuck Cottom

    Simple just splash some pig blood on the gravesite


    The Council should tell the Islamics to move. People need to learn what Islam involves.

  • Cross Kris

    Brits, is it getting through to you that this going to be getting worse from year to year?

  • Dee Slade

    Is there a petition we can sign

  • ron44

    this will new america in the next two years under this progressive movement..they brits are sold a bill go goods for cheap labor and this is the result,..they are infested with parasites from the third world..

  • anestat

    Don’t do it !! Leave Grandpa where he is. Muslims complain about everything. Let them dig their relative up and take him back to the middle east where they belong !!!

  • Blanche

    Totally unacceptable for this kind of pandering to a family that has no respect for the deceased. One more push of the envelope. . To frigging bad, pack up the diddy bag & go back to the village. when will some one have the balls to stand up to this kind of disrespectable behavior?

  • fulljacket

    How bout the village idiots go there in mass numbers carrying shovels and picks, dig out the muzrats soiling sacred ground, toss them in a garbage truck and haul em off to the landfill.

  • Audrey Railton

    move the muslim if they dont like where he buried

  • Mad Dog

    Leave a dead pig on the Muslim grave with the bloid soaking into the earth. I think his family will be agreeable to moving him then.

  • Joe

    When are people going to wake up and realize they are being bullied and pushed around by this vocal minority that has no desire to assimilate into British society?

  • F_This

    I wouldn’t move a damn thing. Matter of fact, I think you should lay a pig over the muslim grave and slit its throat so that it bleeds into the soil

  • Paul

    Bleh. 2 seconds of research. 2 seconds. More than Pammy did. So glad we banned her.

  • Dan Malek

    SCREW THEM TOWELHEADED BASTARDS!!!! They don’t like a non believer being buried next to there plot get another plot in a TOWELHEAD ONLY CEMETERY!!!! If the council allows this to happen they are totally wrong!!! Hope the family of Mr. Smith fights like they promise they would. THESE ANCIENT ASSWIPES ARE TRYING TO TAKE OVER EVERY WHERE THEY NEED TO BE STOPPED!!!!!

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