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Temple Mount: Young girls leap in front of Jewish worshipers, screaming “allahu akbar,” “the Jews are dogs”


Training their children in hatred and savagery, while the UN and Obama harass and condemn…Israel.

And the Israeli police arrested the Jews who were being harassed. Shame on them.

“Waqf’s New Weapon: Screaming Girls,” by Gil Ronen, Arutz Sheva, February 3, 2015:

The Temple Institute reported on its Facebook page Tuesday that the “Muslim supremacists who dominate the Temple Mount” have come up with a new weapon against Jewish visits to the Mount – in the form of young girls.

“Their latest gambit, paying men and women to inhabit the Temple Mount during the hours that it is open to Jews and follow the Jewish worshipers every where they go on the Temple Mount, screaming curses and allahu akbars at the top of their lungs, got a flat tire when the Israel police and security services shut down the organizations which were funneling the money from Hamas to the agitators,” explained the Institute.

“The newest Islamic projectile aimed at the heart of Jewish worshipers on the Temple Mount is little girls. Young, pre-pubescent girls can now be found aplenty on the Temple Mount. Because they are Muslim, young and female, the Israel police won’t touch them. The young girls, following the instruction and encouragement of their elders, feel free to leap in front of Jewish worshipers, screaming in their high pitched voices ‘allahu akbar,’ ‘the Jews are dogs,’ and whatever else comes to their innocent minds, while at the same time jabbing their fingers in the faces of the Jewish worshipers.

“Sometimes the little angels get so wrapped up in their game of ‘harass the Jews’ that they even begin pushing the Jewish worshipers.

“What is a self respecting, dignified human being to do in response?,” asks the Institute. “Push the little things back? Pull on their pony tails? A group of six Jewish worshipers [Sunday] did what they thought was the responsible and appropriate thing to do: They called on the police to intervene. The police did, arresting the Jews and holding them in custody for more than 24 hours.

“All this goes to prove the wildly successful effectiveness of the Muslims latest weapon in their ever improving arsenal in the war against the Jews on the Temple Mount.”

Waqf flips finger, police arrest Jews

The Jewish youths who were arrested were represented by the Honenu civil rights organization, which said that the Jews were arrested in response to their demand that police arrest the Waqf men who had harrassed them.

Honenu’s lawyer filed a motion with the Magistrates’ Court to free the Jews Sunday but the motion was denied. He then appealed to the District Court but the judge said it was too late at night to hold a session and the Jews remained in custody overnight.

The Magistrates Court criticized police for keeping the Jews in lockup overnight when they had already stated that they did not object to letting them go free. The judge determined that regarding three of the Jews, there was no basis for a claim that they had committed any offense whatsoever. She released then unconditionally. As for the other three, their only offense was to stand in place when they were urged to keep walking, and to demand that a girl who harassed them be arrested. These three were released on the condition that they stay away from the Temple Mount for 30 days.

The videos, which were shown in court, show Muslims harassing the Jews on the Temple Mount Sunday – before the Jews were arrested. In one, an officer in the Muslim Waqf repeatedly gives the Jews the finger.

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  • mksharma62

    Either destroy all places of worship [including the Al Aqsa Mosque] on or in the vicinity of Temple Mount or ensure free access to all religious communities to their respective places of worship at all times and without nuisance and disturbance from the other religious groups or persons. Fence out various places of worship and regulate the proceedings strictly.

    • sandra schmidt

      I agree. Why those those foul followers of the pedophile have possession and control of the Temple Mount? Time for an eviction and remodeling.

  • Dcreighton

    DoubleDutch1971 because they will never be Muslim the same with Christians , and they need them to be distroyed and distorted in order to take over the world ! The Christians and Jews know who muslims fallow. And it is not God!

  • Rob Porter

    This Temple Institutes and police who force Jews to retreat are a cowardly disgrace. Since when does one allow anyone to stick fingers in your face and push you, without retaliating – with interest? My advice to the Jews: Be less “self-respecting”, push back, jab fingers into the face of these Muslim vixens – they understand this ‘language’ – and then some more gentle advice, it takes about 7 lbs of pressure to seriously break a person’s foot! So stamp down hard across the bridge of an assailant’s foot and watch the results.

    Every time Israelis are handled in this manner and forced to retreat, the Muslim provocateurs regard it a victory to themselves. No doubt the Muslims also regard the Israeli police as cowards for forcing their own people to retreat.

  • quietlyspoken

    The hand gesture that this man is making is the crudest expression possible , and it is the most disgusting possible….involving the honor of the Mother of his audience, and I SPIT on this PIG !!

    • sandra schmidt

      It would be nice to see him gently warmed with a flame thrower.

  • sandra schmidt

    It is time for the Jews to retake the Temple Mount and send those stinking interlopers to Hades.

  • Resist_We_Much_10

    Mohammedan are subhuman scum.

    • disqus_HlH4Faibhw

      You’re being WAY too nice.

  • I would suggest that the Jews bring their kids along and tell their kids to start kicking the shit out of the Muslim kids. Maybe their parents would learn that they are not so protected. It’s kids on kids so who is going to get charged?

    • Sophia Ostritsky

      jewish kids and (mostly!) their jewish parents will be punished, of course. didn’t you realise the logic of this life yet, dear friend? :)

    • DoubleDutch1971

      Only Muslims enjoy AND teach putting children in harms way, no-one else will stoop to that kind of behaviour

      • Peggy

        So what do you suggest they do then? Calling the police only gets them in trouble.

      • disqus_HlH4Faibhw

        It isn’t “stooping”. It’s the only language those assholes understand. They need s taste of their own damned medicine. But since ANYONE gets arrested for even complaining about the bastards I’d conk ” the little things” on their heads myself. Yeah…. I’d YANK on their fucking ponytails alright…. Yank them into whiplash.

  • Radegunda

    Muslims really have a stunning lack of self-awareness. They behave worse than animals, and teach their children to be monsters — and then scream that the manifestly more civilized Jews are “dogs.”

    Of course, dogs are generally loyal and loving creatures — unlike Muslims.

    • DoubleDutch1971

      Yeah, thats another thing, why do Muslims hate dogs?? Of all the things Muslims want to destroy, I loose track

      • sandra schmidt

        Anyone who hates man’s best friend deserves a quick and certain death.

        • DoubleDutch1971

          Well there is hate and hate in this case, my husband really doesnt like em, but he wouldnt hurt them in any way. There are people who hate all dogs because they have been bitten by one..But again Muslims hate them for no sane reason whatsoever, just another superior intelligence that must be destroyed. And of course plenty of other people who just hate life and love destruction, animal abusers come in all shapes and sizes. So there is hate and there is hate + abuse, the latter does deserve something very violent an final.


    The Tomb of the Patriarchs is shared, so too should be the Temple Mount be shared.

    • DoubleDutch1971

      In theory yes, but Muslims dont share, they are like dangerous spoilt children, if they cant have it they will destroy it. Regardless of whether they were supposed to have it in the first place. Everything they own/claim they have stolen, thats the Muslim way, lying and stealing

  • ninetyninepct

    Nostradamus said the Devil will rise from the East. The devil is rising. Arm yourselves.

    • Peggy

      He said that a man in a turban will invade Europe. WW3 will start from a small country in Europe. It will be Christianity against Islam which is basically Jesus against Satan.

  • AnneM040359

    I would have said, you worship the devil!

  • Rosen Otter

    Why are Jewish visitors being referred to as ‘worshipers’? Jews aren’t allowed to worship on the temple mount.

    • Flower

      Perhaps they worship privately. If I visit the Temple Mount, I will worship. And I’m a Jew.

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