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Litigation Jihad: Muslim Workers Sue Hertz Again, This Time for “Islamofauxbia”


Bear in mind Hertz has been exceedingly generous to their Muslim workers. And the Muslim response has been this endless war of litigation and attrition. Hertz provided prayer rooms, rugs and prayer break times. Not good enough.

Back in 2011, I reported that Hertz had was forced to suspend 35 Muslim workers because they were abusing their extra special “prayer break times” and refusing to clock out when praying. There was no way of knowing when their Muslim workers returned from their lengthy prayer breaks — five times a day.

Muslim workers officially filed a lawsuit against the Hertz rental car company.

Hertz rental car company, facing a religious discrimination suit by 25 fired Muslim drivers, said on Thursday it would “vigorously defend” itself in a dispute involving prayer breaks at its Seattle airport office.

Hertz says the drivers, all of them Somali natives, refused to clock in and out for the 10-minute paid breaks they took twice daily, as required under their union contract, and abused their breaks by failing to return to work promptly.

That was back in 2011. Now this. A bogus “islamophobia” lawsuit.

In a written statement issued on December 8, 2011, Hertz spokesman Richard Broome said, “this situation has absolutely nothing to do with religious or discrimination.”

“The employees refused to accept our only requirement — that they clock out first to ensure that when prayers ended they returned to work promptly, which wasn’t happening in many instances,” he said.


This is exactly the pattern that I meticulously document in my must-read primer, Stop the Islamization of America.

Demands for accommodation result in ….more demands. Take for example, the Heinz company. Heinz has bent over backwards to accommodate these Muslim workers: they have prayer rooms, prayer times, etc. They just don’t want them leaving work to pray outside of scheduled break times. Mind you, they could easily pray before or after work, but no. This imposes Islam on everyone else. Now Muslim workers are suing Heinz, demanding to be allowed to say prayers in the workplace at the time of day specified by their religion.

You’ll notice, big companies are always targeted. Hertz, Heinz, Target, Wal-Mart, Disney, etc. Why? To set precedents.


Hertz Ex-Employees File Discrimination Lawsuit
By The Associated Press January 13, 2015

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – Six former employees of Hertz at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport have filed a class action lawsuit against the rental car company claiming discrimination based on their ethnicity and religion.

The lawsuit claims the East African Muslims were regularly harassed for praying, treated disrespectfully, mocked and disciplined more severely. Nadif Ketibe says when the workers refused to sign a prayer policy, they were fired. Ketibe says he should not have to choose between his job and his religion.

Hertz says it does not comment on pending litigation, bu

Read More: Hertz Ex-Employees File Discrimination Lawsuit |

  • Bill Smith

    The funny thing is that if non-muslims tried the same in any muslim country, they’d be hacked to pieces within minutes.

    • dvdkzk

      Read the quran, you’ll find Islam is not a religion at all, it is a twisted cult like any other. It’s forced on children from day one, so they grow up knowing only cult life and barbarism, slavery, pedophilia and misogyny.

      • Michelle

        All they want is to take over by forcing Islam on everyone . Christians and others don’t impose conditions for working As it is a separate thing and we don’t force our religeon on others as we are there to work and grateful for that work so we can survive but all Muslims do is complain and whine, they don’t want to follow the rules therefore they don’t deserve a job when they don’t want to obey the company rules which they would have been told about before they started work there. I say sack and pack them back to the jobless desert where theres only sand to hear their whining and whinging and eat dirt

      • Bill Smith

        Yes I’m aware, I’ve also read the Quran and the history of Islam.

      • Lato Sensu

        First, the Qurâ an
        is alleged to be the revealed word of Allah.
        Second, Mohammed is alleged to be Allah’s
        Third, if a Muslim refuses to believe the words
        of the Prophet as recorded in the Qurâ an
        and in the Hadiths, he or she is to be treated as “dar-al-Harbâ that is to say, as if he or she is
        a part of the world at war against Islam.

        such individual must make his or her choice:
        Accept Islam as completely true, accepting
        without reservation all of the teachings of Mohammed as set forth in the Qurâ an and Hadiths, including the revelations as illustrated in the
        Islam Comic Book, or
        Reject Islam and the teachings of Islam as
        completely false and face the consequences of such rejection.

        that basis, and in compliance with the orders of the One True God (and Who is not Allah, and Whose character and Words
        have already been declared through the People of the Book, and Whose Book most Muslims have never bothered to read for the truths that have already been revealed therein), we issue the following fatwa to all Muslims and unbelievers
        Text of Fatwah Urging Conversion of Unbelieving
        Published in Mecca in the Islam Comic Book on May 11, 2005 believe it or else…

      • Penny Ling


      • Warren Capp

        Oh careful some might see that as cherry picking hatred.

    • Scott Eugene Soderlund

      Bill Smith, there is no such thing in the first amendment about separation of church and state, read it, it says that the government will not have a religion and make the people go to it

      • Bill Smith

        That’s false and I’ve read it-I’ll post it for your benefit since you’re obviously unaware-the First Amendment is clear about building a wall of separation between church/state (and not requiring a religious test to hold public office):

        [The First Amendment to the United States Constitution provides that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof …” and Article VI specifies that “no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.”

        —Jefferson wrote, “I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should ‘make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,’ thus building a wall of separation between Church & State.”[1]]

        • Well Done

          No, it is not. Your reading is a self-serving bit of fluff.

    • sharyn Wilson

      I agree wholeheartedly!

      • NoGattaca

        I know, Americans need to mobilize and sue Muslim organizations for discrimination. Where are the lawyers representing Americans that are being abused by Muslims. They are abusing our rights. I believe a business should be born to counter sue them NOW!

    • Alex Live

      Don’t go too far, if non Muslim tries in USA company he/she would be fired. One Jewish woman was hired by jewelry company Michael Fina in NYC and she requested to live early on Fridays, I believe she had that request in contract, I’m not sure, but when the Friday’s came the company start to give her hard time and eventually fired her. She took them to court. I don’t know how it was resolved in the court. The other day I was shopping in century 21 in NJ shopping mall and I noticed when I exiting changing room one Muslim worker in hidjub laying small praying rug in one of changing stall, I was appalled, I was so upset that their way of life creeping to ours and it’s slowly but surely.

      • Penny Ling

        I really do not understand why they even let Muslims into the western countries. They should just banned them from coming in to the f….ing country. They should just stay the fu… Where they are. By the way does the west look like a refugee camp to them.

    • NoGattaca

      Americans need to learn how to play this game better and manipulate them back. The disruption that the muslim religion causes in the workplace is not respecting the rights of the other employees who are not muslim. So in essence, the muslim political group (not a religion I agree) is discriminating against American companies and workers. We need to sue them back – counter suit for every suit to force the government to stop this insanity, throw our their BS, stop religious rights at work period. What people what to do in their own homes so as long as it does not hurt anyone else if find, it has no place at work. This is ridiculous. We need to send these vampires packing.

  • mksharma62

    Non-Muslims in Muslim countries cannot generally construct their places of worship even. This Obama and others who are queuing up to S. Arabia now should see whether there is a single Church there for any Christians or a single temple there for any Hindus. They can pray only in their own homes and that too without any public display.

    • Pray Hard

      Obama doesn’t care.

      • Carol G

        Obama is actively facilitating the rise of Islam in America.

        • Fred JARROLD

          If Obama is not doing his job and not respecting your constitution,then why is he still President.For God’s sake,America has enough proof of TREASON and other criminal chares to arrest and try the POS.or if that’s not possible, how about a good sniper doing what he does best.Moslems are taken over,don’t let them.

        • Karole Conaway

          So is the UN! They are sending a large number of Syrian muslims to the US this year. Not certain, but I think the number I saw listed was 90,000. Could the UN want the decrease in world population of 90 – 95%? Is the UN controlled by the elites… the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, etc.?

  • mksharma62

    Muslim workers should be told, they have to do their prayers only cutting into the general lunch or tea time intervals given to all workers and no special privileges or facilities will be given to them. Ah, if it is one day in a week or so, it can be understood but not this everyday nuisance.

  • mksharma62

    That way Indians [Hindus and others – other than Muslim Indians] in the US should be, and I think they are, grateful to the government and people of the US for permitting them to build so many temples, etc. and carry on their religious and cultural activities. But many of these Muslims in the US are an ungrateful bunch.

    • Karole Conaway

      Ungrateful is not the right term for it! Radical is what they are! They become more insistent on special concessions be given to them! It gives them a feeling of control and superiority over everyone else! Employers should make them sign a contract that they will leave their religion, including their prayers at home!

      • Carol G

        When the Muslim population is low in a non-Muslim country, Muslims keep a low profile. As the population of Muslims increases their requests for accommodation gradually increases. As the population increases to the point where they have power through their votes to influence politicians, they DEMAND more and more Sharia compliant accommodation (how many financial institutions are cooperating with providing Sharia mortgages?) As the Muslim population increases even more you will have violence, murder, rapes, terror (eg. France has the highest number of Muslims in Europe)! European leaders are caving to this intimidation (David Cameron says he looks forward to the day when Britain has a Muslim Prime Minister). Massive Muslim immigration is a euphemism for colonization. Obama (who has Muslim Brotherhood in his administration) is the facilitator. Good luck America!

        • Karole Conaway

          I have read the stages, and from what I see in America, we are rapidly approaching the end! With obama in the White House, the parasites in our congress, and the number of people in this country who do not see the truth, we need more than luck!

      • Penny Ling

        You are right. I definitely agree with you 100 percent. They should pray before they come to work or in their own places after work. Why should the American companies give them a praying room just because they are Muslims . What does the company benefit from these animals. Just wondering

    • Pray Hard

      Many? Don’t you mean “all”?

  • chris wolf

    Hertz or someone has to challenge the cynical, bogus and ultimately seditious manipulations of “religious freedom” claims by these flagrantly irresponsible ingrates who have proven themselves many times over in myriad ways unworthy and undeserving of the rights that we white Jewish and Christian people have thrived under for centuries. At some point surely the commerce clause can override this obvious abuse of the establishment clause and protect the future of a free nation and people.

    • sharyn Wilson

      well written

      • NoGattaca

        Agree…and if not, then non muslim employees should be able to either sue the same organizations for allowing a racist religion to dominate the work place and or sue the muslims for harassment – anyone thought of that yet. let’s sue them for being racist and for harassment. Also, go and try to get a job in a muslim establishment and sue their asses. Mobilize, make a business out of it the same way they are doing to us. The good news is that for today, there is a lot more of us than them and we have not had to be agitators in their faces and it’s about time that we learn how to do it right back but multiplied by our population.

  • MILAN68

    companies should DEMAND muslims pay for their prayer room and a toilet to wash their feet in

    • Penny Ling

      Why these companies hired Muslims anyway when they can hire a non Muslim for the job who can follow rules. Do they really wash their feet inside the toilet. Do you know how disgusting that is. Sorry I forgot they are not humans.

      • NoGattaca

        This would break the rules of hygiene in the work place and puts other people at risk and non muslim employees should sue them.

    • NoGattaca

      We should not be hiring any person that is disruptive like that and cannot acclimate to our way. They are a racist poetical group that cannot be tolerated. Americans have to stop falling for the leftist, guilt manipulation that these vampires are taking advantage of.

  • Karole Conaway

    The answer to this problem is to not hire muslims unless they sign a contract stating that their religion will be left at home… no prayer times in the work place! If they do not sign the contract, they do not get the job! PERIOD! islamophobia be damned!

    • Pray Hard

      Signing a contract is pointless. They will simply lie and act out their pathology regardless. Just don’t hire them, ever.

      • arcturus

        True muslims are above the law of the land.

    • AlanfromNY

      Let me correct that for you. The answer to this problem is NOT TO HIRE MUSLIMS EVER!! THEY ARE THE ENEMY!! They believe they are compelled to convert or kill US!! WHY WOULD WE AID AND ABET OUR ENEMIES??

      • Carol G

        Read the Quran. Muslims are mandated to convert non-Muslims or kill them. Their stated (in the Quran) goal is to establish a caliphate all over the world. The Quran states it is a acceptable to lie to a non-Muslim – “Taqqiya”. Why oh why would we keep accommodating our enemies’ demands? Their ultimate goal is our destruction!

    • Raymond of Canada

      Muslims sign a contract? . . . get real. They know nothing about honesty and decency.

      • Judi

        They are probably so illiterate that they don’t know how to spell their names on a contract. Where they come from, an X is probably sufficient.

    • fuxjers

      Stupid Americans. Prefer to import that kind of Muslim shit due the low rates they will get. Business is business. Muslims will fucking your entire family.

  • Craig Mcdonald

    Sorry, only thing I see here is people who refuse to follow the rules. Suspend their Work Visa’s and send them and their families back to Samolia. We really don’t have time for this shit

    • mjazzguitar

      They are probably citizens resettled by the refugee companies.

      • arcturus

        Canada pays refugees $29 000 a year.

    • ServosT

      all I see is muslims trying to force a free country to accommodate their hideous ideology.

      • arcturus

        To invent a new word, all it hideology.

        • ServosT

          I kill you

          – Achmed the dead terrorist.

    • sharyn Wilson

      Agreed! Stop wasting our time, energy and resources, get gone!

  • judethom

    Just do NOT hire East African Muslims to begin with!@ Do NOT hire them. EVER.

  • Pray Hard

    Give them a nanometer and they’ll take a light year.
    Death to Islam.

  • melfarmer

    Bill Smith…heck, let a Christian in America try to ask for Religious accommodations, it wouldn’t fly and, if they sue, they lose every time. Just look at the Christian businesses who don’t want to bake cakes or officiate weddings…they get sued and made to go against their religion!

    • roccolore

      The gay fascists will never pick on the Muslim businesses.

      • NoGattaca

        Well, we can start now can’t we! We can sue them the same way.

    • NoGattaca

      That is why employees need to sue the muslin for disrupting their work…it is a form of harassment.

  • Rick Smith

    A good lesson to those who are stupid enough to hire Muslims. I wonder if the human resources dept. has been has been properly thinned out?

    • They probably work in those departments now. Smart thing to do.

  • Jake

    The camel’s nose is under the tent!

  • James Patrick Wahroonga

    This would have never happened had they not been granted assylum status.

    What would they rather, living in a war torn country or cutting down on unnecessary prayer time to the sadistic allah.

  • Karole Conaway

    The problem with refusing to hire them is the number of lawsuits for discrimination the companies would face! Litigation seems to be their favorite hobby! Deportation of every one of them starting with obamass should be the first choice! And every muslim he has in his cabinet should also go! NASA should consider sending them to Neptune!

    • NoGattaca

      That’s right. Perhaps Elan Musk can donate a rocket to send them out. If not, I believe Google-Berg, Micro-Bucks, and Apple-Flix will step up to hire them. They can afford all of the lawsuits or special accommodations. And given that the CEO’s are so filthy rich that they have hundreds of acres of land, they can house them on their property until ship out. Didn’t Starbucks just say they will hire 10K refugees. Should be fun to watch them get all tangled up in that mess. I just sold all my shares of Starbucks and of any of these pro islam leaders that are committing treason against the American people.

  • roccolore

    And where there are Muslims crying, Hamas-CAIR runs to them.

    • Carol G

      And CAIR has millions to take their victim to court over and over until they break them financially! They use our own courts and democracy to destroy us.

  • mjazzguitar

    Somalis worked at meat packing plants and on second shift wanted to eat as soon as the sun went down during Ramadan. The whole line has to stop, so the other workers rightly wanted their break in the middle of the shift. The muslims sued and the company caved.

    • DVult

      No canned food for me if puslums are being given a chance to contaminate the food.

  • Never hire a muslim –101. There is a lesson here somewhere.

  • sandycm

    PLEASE, Hertz, stand your ground!

  • Joe Spennato

    this is the fault of the big companies for hiring these BUMS in the first place and then secondly, not telling them to suck a railroad spike when presented with these outrageous demands

  • kraftavilqa

    That’ll teach you never to hire musslimes they’re way more trouble than they’re worth, anyway you tolerate pisslam but does pisslam tolerate you?

  • Nelson Theodore Blaskie

    This is the society created under Christianity. It was never believed that a people such as muslims would exist with a religeous docterine that dictates they are to take advantage of cafers. Our good nature is biting us in the ass.

    • NoGattaca

      That’s right and we need to grow a pair and sue them back. Establish precedents, etc. They are disrupting communities, they are denying and infringing upon our rights as citizens and we need to sue. We need to sue employers that are giving them special treatment, we need to sue the government that are allowing a racist group in the work place in our communities and are committing fraud with Welfare Jihad.

  • Peggy

    Stop employing Muslims. If they are so difficult as employees then they won’t get jobs. Employer doesn’t have to explain why they didn’t get that job. All they have to say is that a more suitable candidate won the position.

  • Diana Michelle Bailey

    They are forcing there beliefs in the workplace since when did a company care about ypur religious rights. I guess ill have to start making sure there is a preist on staff to hear my confession and to give communion.
    Why don’t the non muslims sue the muslims for forcing their religious beliefs on them in the workplace and for having todo their work while they are at prayer.
    The same thing can be said with their little signs. “Respect me, stop forcing islam on me”.

    • NoGattaca

      That’s right…and Americans need to learn how to agitate right back where ever muslim are causing trouble. Go to their store, go to their Mosqu, go to their communicates and cry foul. Demand accommodation. Sue them when the won’t! Tie them up in court they same way they are doing to us. Manipulate them right back it’s the only way to fight back because our government clearly is not going to stop it.

  • Nicola Simionato

    Emmmmmmmm NO! the “respect” is something to earn, we gave them respect, we gave food to who came here on a boat, we went to recuperate the body of who is dead, we gave food, a roof on the head, money, a work, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, the cittadinanze,a school for soons and daughters… payed all with out taxes and work. But what we had in replacement, death threats, war, insults to our valors, our religion attacked, death, rapes, pedophilia,… no i am sorry but the time of the “respect” for the more for your “religion” is end the respect that you will have is a choose: or you will back in your motherland in peace or with the force, we not need more maws the feed that after will go to insult us, THIS TIME IS END!!!ult us, THIS TIME IS END!!!

    • SJS

      E finita la siesta dei Europei?

  • Warren Gamache

    Was chatting with a couple guys who used to work in Saudi Arabia.

    “Remember those lazy bastards? Minute there was any work to be done, wouldn’t ya know? Time to go pray! You just wanted to kick ’em in the ass.”
    “Knew a guy who did it. On a plane home an hour later.”

  • Sick of muslim pigs!

    VERY GOOD! Deal with it Hertz if you were STUPID enough to hire these muSLIME son’s of Satan! It’s going to be an example for other companies NOT to hire this muSLIME trash.


    until they’re in the driver’s seat owning Hertz, or driving into oblivion.

  • Lato Sensu

    These corporations are getting there monies worth. The ones doing the hireing have their head so far up their ‘okole. So don’t hire American Citizens – reap the wild wind.

  • Jean Robertson

    they are the invaders. They mean to be the bosses of the masses. work? shm, what’s that?

  • Well Done

    Someone needs to sit down with these people and tell them they’re not in Somalia any more, their religion destroyed that place, and we’re not going to let them do that to ours. They don’t have to like it… they can always lump it.

    • Cory Collins

      We unanimously nominate you to do that.

    • NoGattaca

      The problem is that the ACLU and other Muslim Vampire organizations have set up law shop to guide them on how to come in and agitate, manipulate, catch the host people in a perceived infraction, tie them up in the courts and steal their money. We need to set up something to counter this with counter suites every time – e.g. I feel that hertz, now starbucks is not providing me with a safe workplace because I have no way of knowing if that muslim is an extremist or now so all of the non muslim employees should create a class action lawsuit for their safety. There is a way to fight back with the law and we just need to find those loop holes the same way they have. They are counting on our bleeding hearts that we won’t do it and that will just continue to allow them to erode away our rights, our taxes, our laws, our land. We cannot let them keep stealing this great nation we sacrificed for so long from us.

  • Jerry Perkins

    So we need these people why? I have a feeling there is no one left in Africa, or the Middle East. They can basically move their whole population here without bound. Don’t get me started about Asians and South Asians.

  • Miss

    Million of American citizens are jobless if those muslims violate the rules of work place then fire them and hire those jobless citizen who’ll follow the rules, and laws.

  • Hello, Clarice…

    I think I might convert to Islam. Being a Dhimmi these days is just not worth it…

    • NoGattaca

      Well, we could fake it and beat them at their own game. Go to work in their businesses, agitate and sue, see how they like it.

  • peterliberal

    I hate this most vile self serving ideology

  • disqus_HlH4Faibhw

    Why should they get paid prayer time?? No one else gets paid holy days. Go the hell back to Africa.

  • romain reuter

    These people from Somalia should be in Somalia and not in Minnesota in the first place. They make nothing but trouble. In Minneapolis some somali taxi-drivers refused to take in Jewish people, some refused to take in blind people accompanied by their guide-dog (dogs are considered unclean in islam), some refused to take in people they perceived as gays or lesbians. If you hire muslims you might quickly come into troubled waters and the best thing to do for any president of company is to NEVER HIRE A MUSLIM!
    In France not so long ago a white young french woman-hairdresser went bankrupt after she turned down the request of a muslim employee to wear during working-hours a headscarve. The muslim woman refused to come back to work without her hijab and she sued the owner of the shop for discrimination on religious grounds. An a-few-years-long legal dispute followed which cost enormous sums to the young french woman, who only had started her business shortly before, and when finally the judge granted the muslimah a high compensation the young haidresser went bankrupt, had to sell her shop and she had to live on welfare benefits from then on!
    President of companies think twice before hiring muslims!

  • Warren Capp

    Our hearts bleed. Not!

  • Cory Collins

    Muslim protesters insult my faith, my intelligence and my Constitutional rights. Wonder how many of them are citizens.

    • NoGattaca

      That’s right and we need to learn out to sue and fight back.

  • Larry Price

    what next make the employer buy and provide goats for sex?

  • nwwapiti

    Ship their fucking asses back to where they came from, I’m sure their employers back in the Islamic countries will be more than glad to accede to their wished for praying to a pedophile created false religion.

    • NoGattaca

      Can you believe that Starbucks wants to hire 10K of them, seriously?

  • Guest

    How long are we going to allow muslims to misuse the our laws in endless and frivolous litigation!?!

    • NoGattaca

      We need to get smart about this and learn how to litigate back. This may be a good cause that is born that learns the law inside and out and then fight back with suits of our own. For example, I remember years ago when I was working for a large multinational, a repeat mechanic had gotten into the fabric and would fabricate workers comp issues every winter. One year, some bold, very smart, younger employees researched the HR Laws and their rights under harassment and went to a lawyer and were able to come back with a counter suit to this idiot, that he was disrupting the workplace, that he was causing them to be fearful at work and disrespected their accommodation to feel safe, etc. It was complicated but in the end, the countersuit won out. There is more here to explore for sure by those smarter than me but I think there is opportunity to assert ourselves as Americans under the constitution within the correct spirit far more than we have. It’s what it’s there for, the Vampires are using it so we need to learn how to use it back in order to take back our nation.

  • iprazhm

    How long are we going to allow Muslims to misuse our law in frivolous litigation!?! Are our leaders purposely blind to this scam?

  • Phylsingleton Phylsingleton

    Thes people are not assimilating into our culture. The are required to be responsible and not clocking out or returning to work promptly is the height of irresponsibility. They are mainly from somalia, so let them go back to somalia. Let them starve and live in filth and pray any damn time they want. Get out of this country. We dont owe you anything, you are a drag on society and deserve no special consideration. Muslims did nothing to found or establish this country

  • Blanche

    Seattle is a hot bed of Somali’s & they are the worst for making demands. Difficult to work with & to even understand. They have taken jobs that Americans would like to have at the airport. Talk about biting the hand that feeds them. Rude & inconsiderate of the public at the different stores & kiosks inside the airport. I refuse to ride in a taxi when I have a choice.

  • Rebecca

    sorry, Pam. I’m gonna have to disagree with you here (which is unusual)
    In the first instance- I think the company was in the right. The employees need to sign out. end of story. refusing to abide by the companies code of conduct and then crying discrimination is ridiculus.
    The second case is different. Asking to be allowed to pray at certain times, that the muslims need to pray as certain times of the day is a reasonable accommodation (although it’s very annoying). It’s something, that, we ourselves would want to be accommodated in. However, it does bother me that the muslims don’t grant us non-muslims these same rights that they demand from us. It doesn’t mean that we need to lower ourselves to their level. Religious tolerance is an ideal that we all hold sacred. although I, personally, wouldn’t demand it.
    I know many religious Jewish men, also need to pray during a certain time frame in the afternoon. Some ask for a break- but then they make up the time- ie: staying late. or they try to use their lunch break, if their able. You can ask to be accommodated, but not have an “it’s coming to me” attitude, or hold double standards (which is what the muslims do). Still and all, I do think their breaks at specific times should be honored.

  • mel

    if you cant follow company policies and procedures, then expect to be fired, regardless of what religious background you have. what a pathetic excuse. if you dont feel like your being treated like the rest of us aussies, THEN GO HOME. WE DONT NEED THIS CRAP IN AUSTRALIA.

  • AverageAussie

    If we dont stnd against them soon it will be too late

  • Warren Capp

    You never see this in Australia. Not with the Hazara people. Those who were once neighbours of mine actually wanted to work regardless of whether or not it fit in with their religion.

  • DaveM12

    Remember nothing is produced in muslim countries and this why no Western company can survive there. Read reports by oil company supervisors where their so called “workers” take off all through the work day for their prayers. Companies in Fort McMurray have the same problem with Somalians and their praying.

    I can’t understand why company executives don’t right up front say we don’t allow praying breaks. If you can’t accept that don’t apply here. Notice in Germany with its million and a half muslim migrants only 35,000 have jobs with its major companies

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