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[ October 22, 2017 ]

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Israel Approves $46 Million Plan To Absorb All European Jews Following Muslim Terror Attacks


Obama has made no such allocations for Jews or Christians under Islamic attack. But he is importing hundreds of thousands of Muslims from jihad nations.

Israel Approves $46 Million Plan To Absorb All European Jews Following Muslim Terror Attacks, NTEB, February 14, 2015

Benjamin Netanyahu made a stunning announcement today as he issued the call for all of Europe’s Jews to come home to Israel.


The Israeli cabinet on Sunday approved a $46 million plan to finance the arrival of thousands of Jewish people expected to immigrate from Europe, following a number of anti-Semitic attacks on the continent in recent months.

Announced just hours after a gunman in Copenhagen, Denmark, fatally shot a man outside a synagogue as part of twin terrorist attacks, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said his country was ready to welcome Jews “home.”

“I would like to say to all of Europe’s Jews, and Jews everywhere, Israel is the home of every Jew,” he said in a Facebook post.

While much of eastern Ukraine has been left devastated by civil war, France and Belgium have been the target of anti-Semitic attacks in recent months. In Paris last month, four Jewish men were killed inside a kosher supermarket by an Islamist gunman, while four people were killed at a Jewish museum in Brussels in May, 2014.

“This wave of attacks is expected to continue,” Netanyahu told his Cabinet. “Jews deserve security in every country, but we say to our Jewish brothers and sisters, Israel is your home.”

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  • Peggy

    Europe, US and the rest of the western “civilised” world, bow you heads in shame. For such a progressive and civilised society you have become just as barbaric as the Muslims for you look on and allow this to happen AGAIN.
    People of Europe and the US must rise up against their governments and lock those traitors up. You are not only fighting for the Jews, you are fighting for your own survival too. Stop allowing invading barbarians to make you that way too for if you don’t defend your freedom you will be enslaved too. Jews are targeted again and it seems that you have not leaned anything from history.
    Shame, shame, shame on you all.

    • Eric Guilbault

      You are wright and I am ashamed of my country as well…. I will move to Israel myself if it continues even I am not jewish! I can promise you this if ever I am somewhere and I see muslims attacking jews I will charge to fight them!!!

    • hyena

      Just as Judea and Samaria and the rest of Israel is not a place to colonize for moslems, Europe is not a land to colonize for the Jews. Moslems must go, one way or the other, but the relationship with the Jews doesn’t work for us ether. It never did.

      • How so?

        • hyena

          How so what? Aren’t you aware that there were problems wherever Jews arrived? That the violence against Jews in the last 1000 years is not something that springs up randomly and without reason wherever they are? God had shown Moses where their promised land is. It’s not in Europe. European coexistence with Jews should be based on separation. Just because there is moslem problem like there was jewish problem before, doesn’t mean that all is forgotten and everything is cool now.

    • Roy C

      Our Muslim leader works hand in hand with the Iranians to facilitate the completion of their nuclear program and most Americans could hardly care less. That this despicable man was twice elected is indeed shameful. Republicans will do nothing to stop this man. Our military leaders cower in fear of being fired if they speak up. Israel is in deep trouble and it appears to be too late to do anything to stop a nuclear Iran.

  • Billy Buck Bodine

    If I were a European Jew (or any other kind) I would prefer to live in Israel. Things are going to get alot worse in Europe. It appears the only recourse is for the people to rise up and overthrow their governments. The Leftists and the corporatists are destroying Europe.

  • Commieobamie

    That’s just COOL, about ISRAEL wecoming ALL JEWS! The END TIMES are here and now. And those CHRISTian COPTS murdered today are described EXACTLY; under the ALTER of GOD in REVELATION.

  • Homer

    Only Jews..can protect Jews

  • PPs43

    To my eye, accustomed as I am to seeing government programs costing billions or trillions of taxpayer dollars, this hardly seems adequate. Maybe a dollar goes farther in Israel?

    • barrdad

      Ya think?

      • PPs43

        So, today:

        1 American Dollar =
        3.88896 Israeli New Shekel

        Still seems like small potatoes for a Gov’t program of this potential magnitude.

        • barrdad

          It does…I would like to see the end figure as this has got to be an estimate.

  • Guest

    Bibi defends his country. We have muslim charity providing funding for unvetted syrian refugees coming to the U.S.

    Charity has ties to terrorism.

  • EJO

    Jewish cemetery vandalized in eastern France amid tensions

    Feb. 15, 2015 / 3:20 PM EST

    French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said in a statement Sunday that a criminal investigation team is at the damaged cemetery in Sarre-Union, near the German border, and authorities will do “everything” to pursue the vandals.

    Jewish and Muslim gravesites and places of worship in France see sporadic but frequent vandalism. The incident this weekend was of an unusually large scale, and hit a cemetery that has been vandalized in the past.

    Local media reported that about 200 grave stones were knocked down, and a monument to Holocaust victims was damaged.

    French President Francois Hollande said in a statement that “France is determined to fight relentlessly against anti-Semitism and those who want to attack the nation’s values.”
    “We need stand together in Europe and in all the world wherever jihadis try to threaten democracy,” said Sacha Reingewirtz, president of the Union of Jewish Students of France.

    • Steve

      There is going to have to be more than a feeble case-by-case reactionary response to obvious islama-crime. There is going to have to be a proactive approach by european society if it wants to root out the evil and survive. In fact the islamics have already provided a way to handle their problem. They like being isolationists in their no-go zones so it will be much easier to round them up and deport them instead of allowing decent law-abiding citizens to leave their country. Those leaders allowing this sort of thing to go on with appeasement will be the next to go as the islamazation of europe continues.

  • cmh

    I wish Canada had a leader with some vision and determination to make Canada a country governed by the majority wishes of its English, Christian people like it used to be before the Supreme Court began running things in the ‘European/UN values’ way. Is this move by Israel part of what is foretold in Christian scriptures? it seems to ring a bell….

    • Harper is the Best for Canada!

      Harper is an amazing friend to Israel. He is smart and the economy is good. Re-elect Harper or Canada will go the way of Europe. Justin Trudeau is a mentalcase.

    • Alissa

      I’m Canadian too. Harper is a good brave intelligent man…especially when you compare him to other current world leaders. I too love the values/principles of traditional British Christian rule but unfortunately the old WASP culture who were the very people who stood for those values are now the biggest champions of political correctness….that cancer that is causing our society’s destruction. Multiculturalism, Islamaphobia and every other ridiculous idea pushed by aggressive arrogant people are given more respect now days than the Christian values and principles that were the foundation of our great nations. Not that we were or are perfect but we don’t stone people or cut off limbs. No one gets their head cut off; we don’t doused anyone with gasoline and burn them alive. We don’t throw acid in the faces of those who break the Commandments, etc. etc.

      Regarding scripture and the return of Jews to their homeland,
      Isaiah 43:5-6,21 – “Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west. I will say to the north, `Give them up!’ and to the south, `Do not hold them back.’ Bring my sons from afar and my daughters from the ends of the earth…”

      My prayers are with Jews and Christians everywhere. I am sure we are firmly in the End Times. We all need to solemnly consider what that means and consider our future and as a Christian I hope all will come to Christ.

  • Alissa

    Surreal. Jews leaving Europe en masse! Longstanding European traditions like the carnival in Germany being cancelled due to terrorism! Beheadings of Christians nearly a daily occurrence. Thousands of young girl’s lives destroyed by rape gangs. Has it really come to this? Could somebody please pinch me and wake me from this nightmare. What happened to our civilization? Where did it go?

    • Steve

      I was just watching the movie Defiance showing the nazis carrying out their genocide and with little imagination you see the same thing going on with the isis islamanazis. The so-called muslim “moderates” harbor many amongst them who in a moments notice regularly go rogue and become just like isis but they claim as a whole they are not the same. That becomes a lame excuse seeing statistically how many of them support extremist views. These are indeed surreal times!

    • Islam is a Sham!

      The answer: Obama – One more year of tihs asshole! G-d help us. Islam is a sham.

      • Alissa

        How that buffoon has escaped impeachment I will never know. All the hoopla over Nixon for years. The man was thoroughly demonized for far less and the media says nothing about Obama. Obama is an absolute traitor and should be serving the rest of his life behind bars. I don’t believe he was born on US soil and I do believe the last election was rigged and it’s concerning what the muslim brotherhood is up to behind the scenes to enable the continuation of their agenda knowing that Obama’s term is coming to an end. They will be working on something.

        • Obama is Plant

          I agree with you 100%

        • Peggy

          I fear they will be working on how to keep Obama in office past his due date to leave. The only way is to have a war in which case the President stays in the office for duration.
          Provoking a war with Russia would do it. Ukraine is a very convenient excuse.

    • peterliberal

      one word answer Islam nothing more nothing less just plain old Islam

    • oldwhiteguy

      the people have allowed their civilization to be corrupted, and the muslims will continue to punish every country that was stupid enough to allow them to live there.

  • dingoatemybaby

    its funny that people I know condemn the people in Europe and around the world back in the 30s for not doing anything about the jews back then.
    I just shut a lot of them up by explaining the same thing is happening now and nobody does anything.
    funny how history repeats isn’t it?

    • jon wright

      Here’s how the Brits “Screwed” the Israeli Homeland.The land on which Israel is located contained only a fraction of the Palestinian mandate originally dedicated to the Jews as their homeland,incorporating the Balfour Declaration. The League of

      Nations and the British had designated the land called “Palestine” for the “Jewish National Home”-

      east and west of the Jordan river from the Mediterranean to Arabia and Iraq,and north and south from

      Egypt to Lebanon and Syrla conforming more or less to what the Koran and Moses proposed. But in a strategic

      move the Br. government felt “the need to assuage the Emir’s (Abdullah’s) feelings”he being one of

      the royal sons of the Hjaz(Saudi Arabia)which helped the English against the Turks. So the plot, I

      call “stealing” from Israel’s National Home, involved the then Colonial Secretary Winston

      Churchill,Prime Ministe€r Lloyd George,and

      Palestine High Commissioner Sir Herbert Samuel, was for the Brlts. to install Abdullah in the land of

      the Br.mandatory of eastern “Palestine” in what is now Jordan. Britain quietly gouged out roughly

      three quarters of the Palestinian territory mandated for the Jewish homeland into an Arab

      emirate,while the Mandate ostensibly remained in force but in VIOLATION OF IT’S TERMS.So what we are

      saying here is that Britain wanted Israel “to assuage” the Emir’s feelings by giving him three- quarters of their

      homeland. SHAMEFUL AND SHEAR INSANITY! How would the British react if this happened to them ? I say, violently! In 1946 (two years before Israel gained its statehood on one€ quarter of Palestine) Jordan was declared an

      independent state on 3/4 of the Palestinian territory mandated for the Jewish homeland.Reparations for Israel are in order.

      The British never attempted to legalize these actions. Today the British are attempting to again steal

      Israeli homeland in favour of Islam,for the cult that is ready to turn this despicable country into Britainstan. I

      feel no empathy for this country. This will be payment for their mal treatment of the Jews during

      2000 years,and still today! I believe in the old adage “One can’t teach an old horse new tricks”. In fact, I regret that so many of our Canadian military died (during WW1&2) while helping Europe. They’re all a nasty bunch! Old countries of classes,ranks and hate.

    • Mlady_Raka

      There is one difference tho… This time there is a HOME LAND for Jews to welcome them! :D

    • Alissa

      Very true! I can hardly believe this is happening after everything we know from recent history. We cannot let that abomination ever happen again. God judges countries by the way they treat Israel. The first step is to talk about it to everyone we know and create awareness because the media will not do it. Brigitte Gabriel said there is a saying among muslims…First comes Saturday (Jewish Holy day) then comes Sunday (Christian Holy day)…meaning they will kill the Jews first and then the Christians and no doubt they will if we let them.

  • disqus_HlH4Faibhw

    Great that all Jews can go to Israel. Of course, that leaves everyone else with shitstorm parasites. Well…we asked for it. Too busy making nice-nice with the wrong crowd and worrying about who we’re “offending”.

  • Benjamin Netanyahu

    Benjamin Netanyahu is the best prime minister for Israel.

    He is the protector of Israel and its citizens. He has the guts and integrity to go to Washington and speak and warn about the dangers of Obama’s insane stupid deal with Iran even when being pressured by leftwing losers and Obama ‘s anti-Israel and & anti-Semitic administration.

    This is great news for European Jews and they are safer in Israel than France, or Belgium.

    Israel Forever!

    • Alissa

      I agree totally. He is a great man. He deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.

    • Sam

      I completely agree. He is promoting awareness of the evils of the world that the rest of the western world is too scared to confront, all while protecting his citizens, and Jews around the world. He truly serves to be an incredible role model for the rest of the world.

  • GibbyD

    amazing to see prophecies fulfilled before our very eyes

  • Jim Fox

    First they came for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up, because I wasn’t a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up, because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up, because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time there was no one** left to speak up for me.

    ** Not even Obama…

  • Richard

    Wrong move. The Jews must stay in Europe and fight, not run away. That 46 million would be better spent defending the Jews where they are.

  • Germanic Blood

    Not at all ashamed. Good riddance of bad rubbish!

    • paleswine hater

      shut up you ignorant putz. Move over so your dad can take your sister up the ass for awhile – that is, IF you can get him away from sucking away on your donkey’s putz for a second. it’s no wonder the men of your fershtinking damned religion prefer to have sex with dirty animals than with your dirty and UGLY women!!!!!

      • Germanic Blood

        Well, don’t tell me what you do with your daughter, and what your grandpa did with your mom. In fact, it’s you who’s an ignorant jackass. Sorry to say this, but it’s the Jewish women who are ugly and dirty.
        You don’t even know my religion, and you’re releasing your family secrets. The award for The Biggest Retard of the Century goes to you. Thanks for playing. Though you’re a loser, you get the award. Just confirm your address. Is it still?
        9/11, Mossad street,
        Hasbara perfecture,
        Porn City, Pissrael?

  • peterliberal

    Obama would be pleased with the latest shootings squirming with delight actually

  • John Voysey

    BIBI if all your Jewish citizens return to their home land which i think they may do, it will make it a lot easier for Iran to wipe out more of your people with tactical nuclear weapons, so for Israels sake and for us Christians around the world i pray you can stop the USA pandering to Iran and stop Iran producing weapons grade uranium.

    • George Uproar

      bravo! you are exactly right. that is the hidden plan for the jews sad to say.

      they killed all of their prophets. they killed the son of god. they have no more covenant. because jesus came and tried to restore the covenant also; they killed him. they will unfortunately suffer a great deal…

      There he came to a cave, where he spent the night. But the LORD said to him, “What are you doing here, Elijah?” Elijah replied, “I have zealously served the LORD God Almighty. But the people of Israel have broken their covenant with you, torn down your altars, and killed every one of your prophets. I am the only one left, and now they are trying to kill me, too.” 1 Kings 19:9-10 NLT

      “O Israel and Judah, what should I do with you?” asks the LORD. “For your love vanishes like the morning mist and disappears like dew in the sunlight. I sent my prophets to cut you to pieces–to slaughter you with my words, with judgments as inescapable as light. Horsea 6:4-5 NLT
      But like Adam, you broke my covenant and betrayed my trust. Hosea 6:7 NLT
      However, if you do not obey the LORD your God and do not carefully follow all his commands and decrees I am giving you today, all these curses will come on you and overtake you:

      You will be cursed in the city and cursed in the country.
      The LORD will send on you curses, confusion and rebuke in everything you put your hand to, until you are destroyed and come to sudden ruin because of the evil you have done in forsaking him.
      The LORD will strike you with wasting disease, with fever and inflammation, with scorching heat and drought, with blight and mildew, which will plague you until you perish.
      The LORD will turn the rain of your country into dust and powder; it will come down from the skies until you are destroyed.

      The LORD will cause you to be defeated before your enemies. You will come at them from one direction but flee from them in seven, and you will become a thing of horror to all the kingdoms on earth.

      You will become a thing of horror, a byword and an object of ridicule among all the peoples where the LORD will drive you

      The foreigners who reside among you will rise above you higher and higher, but you will sink lower and lower Deut. 28:43********

      therefore in hunger and thirst, in nakedness and dire poverty, you will serve the enemies the LORD sends against you. He will put an iron yoke on your neck until he has destroyed you. deut. 28:48******

      You will live in constant suspense, filled with dread both night and day, never sure of your life.deut28:66*******rockets fired into israel everyday every hour…

      this is all in deut. 28 ‘the curses of disobedience’ i know how all of this sounds. completely crazy. if it is god’s will. it will be done. there will be no way to stop it but to slow it. if it is god’s will; it will be done no questions…

  • logdon

    So in essence the EU and it’s leftist cohorts are managing to do what even Hitler couldn’t manage.

    They even have the temerity now to create housing developments for Arab Muslims within Israel itself in Area A which under the Oslo Rules is controlled by Israel.

    Bibi has ordered them to be demolished!

    Any other British people out there, vote UKIP to rid ourselves of this scourge.

  • Jaem

    I wish Netanyahu was the President of the USA. I love that man. He is brave and honest in the face of unbelievable deception and propaganda in the west.

  • MAS

    Please listen to Bibi European Jews! Time to put aside your politics and intellectual excuses for the tyrants, and their supporters, you are living among. The Israeli government is making provisions to save you from the next holocaust. The alternative may mean your family and you losing your heads instead of the ovens this time.

  • Darrell Standing
  • George Uproar

    ah. um. i have some terribly bad news. this all isn’t about bringing jews in mass home. this is purely a political move. every year more and more muslims are moving into israel and voting against jewish leaders for liberal leaders. i know that sounds crazy but israel’s government is democratic also. if they don’t get more jews in there quick; in a few years the muslim population of israel will outnumber jews and help ruin the state of israel. there are many jews who work against israel and it’s number is outstanding……

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