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Iran: The ‘Americans Are Begging Us for a Deal’: ‘Iran prepares itself for war with global powers’


This is Obama’s groveling — at the command of the most dangerous woman in the free world, Iranian Valerie Jarrett.

Jim Kouri wrote here:

…despite her never being elected by the American people and never being confirmed by the U.S. Senate. According to the Examiner’s inside, anonymous source, a top law enforcement official, Jarrett doesn’t even have a job title nor does she possess a written job description. […]

For example, at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, Secretary of State John Kerry made certain to avoid offending or disrespecting Muslim terrorists such as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). He told the attendees at the forum that the U.S. government will never rush to judgment regarding the nature of the Islamic State: “We have to keep our heads…the biggest error that we could make would be to blame Muslims collectively for crimes not committed by Muslims alone. Crimes that the overwhelming majority of Muslims oppose… Religions don’t require adherence to be raze villages and blow up people, its individuals with a distorted and an even ignorant interpretation of religion who do that.”

According to the Examiner’s anonymous source, those were not the words of Kerry, but were the dictates of Valerie Jarrett, who had been born and raised in Iran, and has always shown sympathy for the fundamentalists in the Islamic religion. While a student at Stanford University, Jarrett admitted her loyalty to Islam and continues to object to any negative statements aimed at any part of her “religion of peace.”

Farsi-speaking Valerie Jarrett, the senior advisor to Obama, his right-hand woman was born in Iran. She also has ties with terrorist William Ayers, and her father-in-law, Vernon Jarrett is a card-carrying communist party member and associate of Frank Marshall Davis, the controversial Communist Party activist who was Obama’s childhood mentor. Davis is mentioned many times in Obama’s autobiography.

That is why the Americans are begging the world’s largest state sponsor of terror for a deal.

Iran: The ‘Americans Are Begging Us for a Deal’ By WFB, February 5, 2015

‘Iran prepares itself for war with global powers’

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 3.35.40 PM

A top Iranian military leader claims that U.S. officials have been “begging us” to sign a nuclear deal during closed door negotiations with Tehran over its contested nuclear program, according to recent comments made to the Iranian state-controlled media.

Mohammad Reza Naghdi, the commander of the Basij, a paramilitary group operating under the wing of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp (IRGC), recently claimed that the “Americans are begging us for a deal on the negotiation table,” according to comments published in Persian and independently translated for the Washington Free Beacon.

Naghdi added that American officials routinely “plea” with Iran in talks and that the United States is negotiating from a position of weakness, according to his comments, which follow earlier reports claiming that Iran’s leading negotiator “frequently shouts” at U.S. officials.

The military leader’s remarks appear to jibe with new reports that the United States is conceding ground to Iran in talks and will now allow it to “keep much of its uranium-enriching technology,” according to the Associated Press.

Iran, the AP reported, “refuses to meet U.S.-led demands for deep cuts in the number of centrifuges it uses to enrich uranium, a process that can create material for anything from chemotherapy to the core of an atomic bomb.”

Regional experts say that the Iranians feel that they are in a position of power in the talks and believe that the Obama administration is desperate to ink a deal.

“Iran feels the administration needs the deal, and this belief is supported by the way the administration is acting,” said Saeed Ghasseminejad, an Iranian dissident and associate fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

America’s “hostility toward its traditional allies in the region, Israel and Saudi Arabia, is at its historical peak and the Obama administration either supports Iran to expand its influence in the region or at least does not oppose it at all,” Ghasseminejad explained. “Iran feels as long as the negotiation is going on, it has a green light to do whatever it wants in the region, so why should they bother to sign a deal?”

Sen. Mark Kirk (R., Ill.) said a bad nuclear deal would endanger the security of America and its allies.

“The Iranian terror state continues to show its true nature as it sidesteps the international sanctions regime during negotiations, and expands its threat into Iraq, Syria, and Yemen. Worse, the administration’s reported nuclear concessions to Ayatollah Khamenei will only keep Iran at the threshold of getting nuclear bombs. A bad nuclear deal will further empower Iran and endanger the security of America, Israel, and other allies in the Middle East.”

As the nuclear talks continue, Iranian leaders have stepped up their rhetoric against the United States, with top officials declaring that “Iran prepares itself for war with global powers.”

Hossein Salami, the deputy commander of the IRGC, celebrated a recent attack on Israel by the Iranian-backed terror group Hezbollah and promised that Tehran is readying itself to go to war with America.

“Iran prepares itself for war with global powers, and the Israeli’s are much smaller than them,” Salami was quoted as saying by the state-controlled Fars New Agency (FNA).

“The response of Hezbollah to the Zionist regime shows a quick reaction, clear will, and their iron-like strength, resistance, and power,” he added.

Salami also reiterated Iran’s commitment to fund and arm Palestinian terror groups.

“Opening up a new front across the West Bank, which is a major section of our dear Palestine, will be certainly on the agenda, and this is part of a new reality that will gradually emerge,” Salami said in a recent television interview.

Similar remarks were made by Mohammad Ali Jafari, the IRGC’s commander, who celebrated Hezbollah’s “martyrdom” and vowed that the “fight against Zionists would not be brought to a halt.”

While U.S. officials have claimed multiple times in recent months that progress is being made in the talks, Iranian officials deny that this is the case.

Abbas Araqchi, a top Iranian negotiator, said in recent days that it is too early to say that progress has been made.

“We still are not in a position where we can say we have had progress,” Araqchi was quoted as saying by the FNA. “It is still too early to judge.”

“If the counterpart shows realism, political resolve, and good will, we believe we are not so far from reaching an agreement,” he said.


UPDATE: Here is a 1979 column Jarrett’s father wrote about Muslim countries funding “black activists” (ie Gaddafi funding Louis Farrakhan)
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