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Florida: Another public school forcing kids to learn/recite Islamic prayer, make Islamic prayer rugs


Once again, under the guise of “World History,” children across the country are being proselytized and recruited to Islam. Children being forced to say the shahada is a form of abuse and a violation of their religious rights. Further, reciting the shahada is required to convert to Islam. The public schools are indoctrinating our children into Islam.

The father is grilled in this News 9 video, but he does a very good job. Kudos.

This is going on in public schools across the country. We are under siege — and our children are being held hostage by the left/Islamic elites in our taxpayer funded schools.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 1.37.45 PM

Of course, you’ll note,  the media goes directly to terror group CAIR operative Hassan Shibly for comment, who invokes our freedom …. to kill our freedom.

“Dad protests Islamic lessons at school,” WFLV, February 9, 2015 (thanks to Creeping)


A history book used in school districts across the state is sparking controversy in Seminole County.

A parent called 9 Investigates after finding out his son was learning too much about the Islamic religion in a public classroom.

Ron Wagner read from part of his son’s world history book, “There is no god, but God. Muhamad is the messenger of God.”

Raw: Dad discusses thoughts on Islamic lessons

Raw: School district spokesman storms out of interview

Raw: Full interview with school district

Wagner is not reading the Five Pillars of Islam from the Quran, but rather his son’s 10th-grade world history book from Lyman High School.

“Students were instructed to recite this prayer as the first Pillar of Islam, off of the board at the teacher’s instruction,” Wagner claims.

Wagner, who is not religious, said he had no idea the public school was teaching so extensively about religion until he spotted a text on his son’s phone from a teacher reminding him to complete a prayer rug assignment and study an Islam packet.

“For it to be mandatory and part of the curriculum and in the textbooks, didn’t seem right,” Wagner said.

Inside of the book is a chapter dedicated to the “Rise of Islam,” including prayers and scriptures from the Quran. What’s more disturbing for Wagner is that the first 100 pages discussing Judaism and Christianity are missing. The district blames a manufacturer defect in 68 books that are only a year old.

According to Wagner, Dr. Michael Blasewitz, who oversees the high school curriculum, said, “The Pillars of Islam are benchmarks in the state curriculum.”

Wagner’s concerns prompted a district investigation that found the teacher never tried to indoctrinate or convert students.

Some other students interviewed by administrators said they were not required to recite the prayer aloud. They did discuss a video played during class about the religion, but Blasewitz got frustrated and stormed out when 9 Investigates asked whether the district is considering changes to the curriculum.

“You’re just going to walk away from our interview when we’re trying to get information,” said investigative reporter Daralene Jones.

Before Blasewitz walked out, he further justified the curriculum, saying students learn specific Judaism doctrine, the Bible and its scriptures, in earlier school years.

“If anything, it’s a little imbalanced toward Christianity and Judaism,” Blasewitz said.

Federal law allows schools to teach aboutreligion, because it’s part of history. But public schools may not teach religion.

“There’s a difference between teaching of the significance or the impact of a religion and teaching the specific tenets of a religion,” Wagner said.

9 Investigates was told the district will reconsider this book when the contract is up in three years. Some districts in South Florida have requested the publisher rewrite portions because of the controversy.

WFTV received the following statement from the Council on American-Islamic Relations Florida:

“In a diverse society, young people should be taught about a wide variety of beliefs, cultures and faiths, and particularly about a faith practiced by millions of Americans and more than one fifth of the world’s population.

“Denying all students access to vital information based on the biased political or religious agenda of Islam phobic groups or a handful of misinformed parents does a disservice to our school system, our state and our nation. History is not kind to those who censor information or ban books.”

— Hassan Shibly, executive director

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  • Clare

    Here we have CAIR pontificating to the United States about a “diverse society” and what that society “should be taught”. All I see is red. Mr. Wagner is right. A state sponsored religion has surfaced ladies and gentlemen.
    “The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) were developed by the states through an initiative of the National Governors Association and the council of state chief school officials. Their plan was to develop one common set of goals and standards focusing on essentials skills to be used across all states…”.

  • Tatonka

    That is just maddening.
    Now if they would teach them kids the ugly side of Islam like FGM and Stoning women and chopping of heads of unbelievers and all that other filthy crap that comprises Islam then i would be all for it!.
    We need an massive public uprising in our countries if we want to win the fight against Islam.

    • Dave from San Antonio

      Give classes on sharia, too…and all the wonderful penalties that go along with it.

      • honeybee

        Have them behead kittens and puppies for practice.

        • marlene

          They will if they are not stopped NOW.

        • Dave from San Antonio

          My avatar resents that…and is “offended”…;)

    • marlene

      Good, Tatonka. Read Betty4440’s comment and join forces.

  • William Fuzi

    I would have my child make a prayer rug with pictures of pigs all over it. Then I would call a lawyer, and wait to see what the fall out would be from the rug. The minute the teacher complained, I would sue the hell out of that school.

    • Dave from San Antonio

      Put a “Star of David” on it, too…

      • honeybee

        Another Texan

        • Dave from San Antonio

          …and put the Flag of Texas there, too…now that I think about it.

          • honeybee

            The Flag of the ” Men of Gonzales”. Do you Castroville, La Coste & Devine.

    • Rob Porter

      You have the right attitude. What I want to know is where the hell are American parents while this is
      going on? Why are they not out organizing and telling their children’s
      schools to go to hell on this issue and demanding that a stop be put to
      this rubbish. What is occurring is insane. For the sake of their children, the country’s future and their liberty they need to wake and act. Crush this Islam-promoting scheit.

      • Patricia

        Absolutely Mr. Porter. No ifs, ands or buts about none of it. Where the hell are the Constitutional Defenders?

        Aaaaaaand, where the hell are the worthless politicians?

        • Rob Porter

          Patricia, Individuals have got to wake up and realize that this fight is now up to us. Politicians are failing us, possibly not wanting to alienate Muslim voters and clueless liberals who fail to recognize the dark night closing on Western societies that right now are sleep-walking into Islamization. Parents have have got to move out of their comfort zone, set aside moments when they’d like to relax, go talk to others, find others of kindred spirit and organize to fight back against a great evil that is occurring.

  • Lu

    “History is not kind to those who censor information or ban books” – this is the most asinine, sickening and outrageous statement from Mr. Shibly’s communication. Oh yeah – history is not going to be kind to those who slander the hard-won freedom of the West, allow me to paraphrase that.


    Parents of the students Protect the USA by publicizing this latest imperialist islamofascist assault on the USA.

  • Jade

    Can you make a prayer rug with a Christian cross on it??

    • honeybee

      Why not ??

      • Dave from San Antonio

        I like the way you think…maybe silk-screen a Charlie Hebdo cartoon, too.


    The evil MusliMust. be immediately stop in their .tracks..or all of us will be calling Mom-Ham-Mid..The messager God

  • Lisa

    Clearly this is some idiotic liberal idea to try to make these kids more “sensitive.” Which is hilarious. Let’s round up the females involved in this and ship them off to Saudi Arabia.

    • harbidoll

      Follow the money

      • marlene

        You’re right. Educators today are paid pimps for the government.

  • ursulamargrit

    When my son was in grade four twenty years ago, a native shaman came to his class to teach them about his religion. But he made them participate in his rituals, wafting smoke towards them (my son refused), and then having them lie down, darkened the room, telling them to empty their mind and open it to the prayer he would say in his language. At which point my son walked out of the classroom.
    His teacher ran after him, asking him what he was doing. He told her that the only God he was willing to worship and pray to was Jesus Christ, and to find him in the library when this man was done.
    I was extremely proud of him for standing up for himself that day, especially because he was a rather shy child.
    This is what ALL those kids should be doing when told to participate in prayer to Allah (who is Satan). They can’t kick all of them out of school!

    • Michael Ejercito

      Your son was a hero.

      (you did not mention if this was a public or private school.)

  • Dave from San Antonio

    Seems as if islam is fast becoming the “State religion” of the U.S. Isn’t there “something” about this in the Constitution? Christians need to push back…hard…and demand “equal” time in schools…that are NOT supposed to be teaching religion anyway.
    IF they want to include islam in the school…they should show a film on FGM…in sex education…and explain “exactly” what it is in detail.

  • h

    Now that all the kids said the shahada, are their lives threatened if they reject their newly confessed religion?

    • Dave from San Antonio

      According to islam…yes. Once you say it…you belong to islam for life. You don’t even have to understand what you said.

  • Laura

    Is it beyond the bounds of possibility that parents could instruct their kids to refuse to co-operate with this garbage?

    • Betty4440

      I am in Fl. and I have told my grand daughter if they start on her about this crap she better come straight home and let us know. and if they try to make her do any thing with in this cult she is to call home and refuse to do it . she is 12 and we will not put up with this crap. and when nanna speaks she means what she says. she has been told from the beginning she is not to say that prayer. out loud or to her self and it is better if they don’t even read it. when it comes to this evil crap we don’t want any part of it. I have showed her pictures of what they do and they are evil people.some are good I am sure. 1 out of a 1000 maybe. and don’t want any part if islam. but you and I both know what happens if you leave islam. we are Christian. and we stand by our faith and we stand with Israel.

      • Laura

        Well said Betty…I have told my grand daughters that if they try to sneak this up on them, to simply get up, leave the classroom and come home.
        Bless Israel.

        • Betty4440

          good for you Laura. guess it is going to take the old folks to teach the young ones. right.

      • marlene

        Bless you Betty from all of us. You sound like a leader. Apply for a government grant to form a posse of professional protesters to motivate and energize the parents of these poor vulnerable schoolchildren to descend upon these unconstitutional government schools and demand removal of all subversive materials, teachings and teachers responsible for this travesty. Our future generation depends on it. Thank you.

  • notme123

    since the school board won’t listen to the parents (they should be fired) the kids should get together and refuse, burn the books and prayer rags, oops, rugs.

  • Diana Michelle Bailey

    The first 100 pages of history of Christian/Judaism are missing in 68 books. Interesting. Ibet the whole ssection of islam was there. Also why is religion being taught in public school.
    I had to go to college, something I paid for to learn of world religions and they were all equslly studied. I am Catholic. I am a proud christian. Never have I expectef the schools to educate my children in catholism. They would need many many semesters to teach our history but really. Parents should be able to decide what religion a child studies. Of you are going to teach islam make sure you add the part about rape, murder and all their other fine attributes. So sick of dealing with these barbarians.

  • MannieP

    According to islamic tradition, by reciting the shahada, (There is no god but allah, and mo is the prophet of allah,) the students converted to islam. Any good moslem is authorized or required to kill them if they revert to their old religion.

    The teacher should be charged with a count of felony child endangerment for each student so exposed.

    When do we teach the students to recite the Rosary, and do the Stations of the Cross?

  • Arthur Larason

    So where are all the “Separation of Church and State” people on this one?

    • honeybee

      The Constitution does not say ” separation of mosque and State”.

      • Western Canadian

        It also does not say separation of church and state….. that is a common myth.

    • Betty4440

      it has to be separation of mosque and the 50 states in this case. follow the money. to Rick Scott’s pocket. he said he wasn’t going to have common core in Fl. and he lied the few millions he got for the state and I am sure he got a good cut from it to. and old Jeb Bush is all for common core to. so Jeb Bush is a no go come voting time for me. Jeb wants all the illegals in this country to stay in this country no matter who they are or where they come from. we are loosing this country and freedom faster and faster.

  • Jason Buckwheat


  • Randy Davis

    Name The School This is Not True in Florida Public Schools, (Maybe Private)

  • marlene

    How to turn American public schools into madrassas. No christian or jew may apply. I’m still awaiting the full force outrage by parents storming the school and demanding, loudly and clearly, the end of this indoctrination and the removal of all school personnel. Then a very big lawsuit for the irreversible mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual damage and confusion suffered by most of these children. And I wait…

  • Patricia

    WHY IS THIS **bleep** HAPPENING??? How in hell do these muslims get a green light on their religious indoctrination to OUR KIDS and Christians are persecuted for trying to have an after-school Bible Club/Class??? Who is giving these invaders the green light?

    WHERE IS THE EQUALITY that is protected by our Constitution? Why aren’t more people raising hell about this?

  • Malerik Decimus

    The reason this is happening is because only one dad complained. The only other complaints are posted here or on facebook. If people actually did something, like actually call the school district, write actual letters, or took any actual steps rather than just complain on a forum, it might make a difference.

  • Jeff Sorensen

    So why don’t they sue the school just like everyone else does?

  • triangle whip

    There is no such thing as 5 pillars of Islam. That’s a liberal make up. But if you want 5 pillars here ya go. 1 Intolerance. 2 Woman suffrage 3 Brutality 4 Slavery 5 HATE..

  • Beverly Evans

    You parents must stop this, you are the only ones that can. They are brainwashing your Children. Pull the kids out untill it is removed from schools. Get the press involved. Protest in front of the schools untill they remove it. Islam is getting them set up for them to take over. YOU MUST FIGHT. satan is at your door.

  • Amerigo Eagle

    Mohammed was a pediophile. Maybe that is why they need to teach this to kids.

  • Amerigo Eagle

    Why isn’t this teachers name published? Why is she/he texting kids? Another pediophile like mohammed?

  • Juanita

    This report is both informative and frightening. Apparently, foiled plots are not routinely reported to citizens whereas those carried out cannot be avoided from disclosure but then the fact that they are perpetrated by Muslims is covered up if possible.

    The excuse in Florida that the sections on Christianity and Judaism were missing from textbooks through manufacturer defect has been used before in at least one other area of the country. Interestingly enough, in that case and apparently in the one reported here, the manufacturer did not supply a supplement update to rectify the error.

    As is clearly noted here, there is a difference between learning about religion and being given religious instruction. One question that is not readily addressed with regard to the indoctrination sessions is how many Muslim children are in these classrooms? Most likely very few, why then is Western Civilization being given short shrift in favor of Muslim “history”? Another question is how many times does a child have to repeat something to learn it as opposed to having to memorize it? That which is memorized is inculcated. Finally, what would happen if the children were required to repeat the Lord’s Prayer every morning? The school would be charged with violating the separation of church and state as the law has been interpreted by the US Supreme Court. Why then is requiring a child to repeat Muslim prayers permitted as teaching World History?

    Can I get a witness or better still can I get answers?.

  • freakneck

    Some crazy woman pointed me to this article as proof of Islam being forced upon students…

    …but before that, I found this article.

    ..which actually explains the mis-information you were given.

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