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FBI: Michigan Muslim ‘refugee’ lied about Islamic State ties


An Iraqi refugee living in East Lansing is facing charges for allegedly lying to federal officials about returning to the Middle East to fight with Islamic fighters.

Obama is bringing them over in the hundreds of thousands.

How many more Al-Hamzah Mohammads have we got running around this country? I bet a couple are speaking at Obama’s CVE summit.

FBI: Mich. Iraqi refugee lied about Islamic State ties
Mark Hicks, The Detroit News, February 18, 2015 (thanks to Mark)

refugees welcome

An Iraqi refugee living in East Lansing is facing charges for allegedly lying to federal officials about returning to the Middle East to fight with Islamic extremists.

Al-Hamzah Mohammad Jawad, 29, who has a green card, was scheduled Tuesday to fly from Detroit Metro Airport to Amman, Jordan, according to a criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court.

When U.S. Customs and Border Protection interviewed him on the jet way, personnel “became alarmed when Jawad could not explain his future travel or why he purchased a one-way ticket one day prior to his departure.”

They escorted him to an interview room and contacted an FBI special agent, the court document said.

During an interview with the agent, Jawad initially said he was traveling to visit his mother, a professor in Amman, but within minutes acknowledged his ultimate destination was “Iraq to conduct jihad” since a childhood friend recruited him to “join, train and fight with the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in Iraq,” the complaint said.

That friend “had a uniform waiting for him” and claimed to have “killed many Shia and Kurds in Iraq,” authorities wrote.

Despite having told the FBI that he had sworn allegiance to an ISIL leader in a video on his cell phone and had emailed the friend about training, Jawad couldn’t show evidence on the device, nor was any found on a thumb drive in his pants pocket, the affidavit noted.

The FBI agent called Jawad’s brother, who said “he did not think he was radical or a supporter of ISIL” and was unaware of the friend in Iraq.

Also, Jawad’s sister-in-law, who accompanied him to the airport, “is a Shia and … resided in Kurdistan for several years prior to arriving in the United States.”

Still, Jawad’s roommate told the agent that the refugee “had been acting strangely over the past several weeks,” the court filing said.

When pressed to support his account, Jawad said he invented it, the report said.

“Jawad could not provide an explanation for why he had fabricated this story, stating only that his home life was messy,” the criminal complaint read. “Jawad would not provide any further information.”

Federal officials said Jawad entered the U.S. as a refugee on March 18, 2013.

They claim he violated a U.S. code involving making false statements to a federal official.

Jawad is scheduled to appear Thursday in federal court, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Detroit said.

Staff Writer Robert Snell contributed to this report.

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  • Roger in Republic

    Confiscate his green card, put him on the terrorist watch list, warn him that if he tries to reenter the US he will be imprisoned, and send him on his way. Adios, Jihadi.

  • iprazhm

    Arrest him, then give him a death sentence.

  • Charlotta Jones

    And now all those Syrian “refugees” that Obama wants to bringing to the US–Jihadis colonizing by stealth

  • oldwhiteguy

    let Islamic countries take Islamic refugees or let them stay where they are. we do not want or need them.

  • St. Michael Defend Us

    Let him go! Why stop him? When he goes, he loses his green card and we have one less potential jihadi to deal with here. What’s wrong with that?

    • grayjohn

      Yeah. Let him go, from a helicopter at about 5,000ft.

  • Patriot Girl

    Nothing new here.. These murderous savages LIE every time they open their mouths! So who of Pamela’s readers are surprised at this revelation?! (Crickets..) Yup just what I thought no one! My god the insanity is this: we hand out benefits to these savage scroungers.. We need to STOP ALL FORMS OF welfare, section 8 . Medical, EBT, you name it and put a ten year memorium on Those scroungers who come and immediately apply for benefits! It should be law that anyone immigrating has to wait ten years and pay into the system that entire time before ever coming eligible. I can bet you that would stop the flow if savages coming I’d they knew before hand only american born citizens would get the goodies and not immigrants who arrive in last 5 years or more! This is the most cost effective way to stop this madness without firing a bullet! Same with our dreamers across the border..if we stop ringing the never ending dinner bell they will stop coming!!

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