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[ October 22, 2017 ]

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China: Devout Muslims attack police with knives, 17 dead


Relentless. Unending.

Muslims in China, Uighurs, are waging jihad in China for an Islamic state.

china islam

“Hacking, shooting incident leave 17 dead in Xinjiang’s Aksu prefecture,” Radio Free Asia, February 20, 2015:

A clash in China’s northwestern Xinjiang region killed 17 members of the country’s Uyghur minority, including four policemen who were slashed with knives, nine attackers who were shot to death and four people killed by police gunfire, officials and witnesses said.

The Feb. 17 incident in Aksu (In Chinese, Akesu) prefecture came during house-to-house searches by police, who were attacked by a group of more than 10 people gathered in a house 150 meters from the police station in the town of Yaqaeriq. (Yingairike) in Bay (Baicheng) county.

“When they entered the house, there were 10 or so people in the house. The chief ordered them to disperse, at this point they rushed all together and snatched the rifle and handgun from Qasim Imir’s hand, then slashed him with the knifes and axes,” Yaqaeriq Deputy Mayor Turdahun Tohti told RFA’s Uyghur service. Qasim Imir was the police chief of the town.

“Because the rest of the police were auxiliary police they did not have guns, so they ran for their lives, and the suspects chased them. When they closed up on them as they approached the police station, the armed police stationed there came out and started shooting,” Tohti added.

The showdown ended with Imir and three auxiliary police dead from knife and axe wounds, nine suspects shot to death by police and four passersby who were hit by police gunfire, he said.

Among the slain passersby were a man named Qul, head of the local hospital, and his daughter who, Tohti said, “ran so they were confused with the suspects and police shot them.”

Two local farmers were also mistakenly shot dead by police, he said.

Strike hard campaign

A Yaqaeriq policeman name Yaqupjan told RFA that “most of the guys who were in the house were family members of those who were arrested and sentenced during last year’s strike hard campaign.”

China has in recent years launched a series of “strike hard” campaigns in Xinjiang in the name of the fight against separatism, religious extremism and terrorism. The targets of these campaigns, the minority Turkic-speaking, Muslim Uyghurs, complain of pervasive ethnic discrimination, religious repression, and cultural suppression by China’s communist government.

“The good thing is that they did not know how to use the guns,” Yaqupjan said of the group of men who snatched firearms away from the police chief. “If they did, all of us might be dead.”

Two of the assailants, listed on arrest warrants as Azadem Nur and Abliz Abla, escaped with a firearm, the policeman said.

Omer Imin, head of number 3 village in the township, said two of the dead suspects were female and two of the men killed by police were younger brothers of men jailed last year and were closely watched on a list of “focused families.”

Uyghurs say they chafe under strict police scrutiny and controls on their movements and violent clashes with police are not uncommon.

“The strike hard policy exceeds the prescribed limits,” said a worker in Bay county, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

“For example a farmer who helped tend his jailed friend’s corn field was sentenced to three years as a ‘terrorist.’ He does not even know why he was sentenced,” the worker told RFA.

“Right now everybody is living in fear. There is no guarantee that they will not be arrested on bogus charges as well.”

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  • Telstar

    China is the last country I would expect to tolerate the Muslim filth. I hope China kills every stinking Muslim in the country.

    • Nathan

      Me too, but even they have problems…. what will it take to rid a country of islamic scum… If even China doesn’t want to go there… China.

    • Nikki Carlito

      China has a history of organ “donations” from those who end up in prison.


        I wish the American “Left” would stage a demonstration in China.

      • Upaces

        Good for them.

  • Fairness_in_Education

    No matter what country…The ideologies of political Islam constantly leave a trail of maiming, woman abuse, child sacrifice, untimely deaths and destruction.

  • The Chinese will deal with Islam. They do not like foreign ideas or invaders.

    Islam will loose in China.

    The rest of the world needs to watch what the Chinese do. It will not be politically correct.

    • Nikki Carlito

      I think you are right on that. The Chinese will not handle them with kid gloves as BHO does. Every one of them will be captured and have their organs harvested.

      • BHO does not handle Muslims with kid gloves. BHO is a Muslim and handles Muslims like any good Muslim would do.

        BHO uses the presidency of the US to promote the spread of Islam, just like a good Muslim is suppose to.

    • David Whitmore

      Oh well; too bad for the Muslims

      • Upaces

        They just never learn, do they!!

    • ZKhan

      Islam is the only religion which exist in China and Practice freely in spite of any ban…….See the Condition of Christians where churches are destroyed even without notice and million of Christians are forced to go underground to hide their faith and practice their religion..Also see the condition Tibet where everyday clashes took place and thousand of have been killed but no report..

  • mang_andres

    give commie china war. they longed for it

  • Keshav

    As an Indian I know for a fact that China won’t take this easily and by the way these attacks are response for China making the Imams dance on the streets…If anyone can do it,It’s China although we have Modi with us now but still we can only do things democratically!


      Informed, un-PC brainwashed people know that Islam is also at War with Hindus and Buddhists too.

      • Keshav

        We are the worst victim of Islam 80 million Hindus and 10 million Buddhists were massacred by the Mughals and millions were forced converted by sword…

        • Troy

          Don’t forget Sikhs too. They suffered terribly under control of muslims.

          • Keshav

            Yes but during the Mughal invasion the Sikhs were Hindus at that time but yes after that they have been persecuted a lot in Kashmir and Pakistan..

        • Upaces

          I am sooo sorry that happened in your country.

          • Keshav

            It’s okay it happened 700 years ago but we lost much of our land/temples/Monasteries/Statues like Buddha of Bamiyan and countless lives and still we are suffering…Another genocide which many haven’t heard of because their weren’t much people left to speak for them are the zorastrians who ran from Iran to India because they literally slaughtered every zorastrian from Iran and the same goes for the Jews….Now I fear for the Christians of Lebanon and Yezdis of Iraq!

          • Upaces

            I don’t know if you knew this or not:
            Army Vets, Other Westerners Join Christian Militia To Fight ISIS



          • Keshav

            I know for a fact that it will only get more worse until it get better and unless you have eliminated Islam you can’t eliminate terrorism which is just one symptom of Islam,Many people have this misconception that Islam only produces terrorism but it does many other evil things to which go unnoticed like persecution of minorities in muslim countries or imposing Jizya law on non muslims which is of many ways in Morden world like welfare,Subsidies and if it’s not provided to them then they snatch it away from the ‘Kaffirs’ like robbery,kidnapping and even piracy many people don’t know but Somali pirates are again Jihadis which loot the non muslims…Then their is force conversion of people everywhere by the hands of muslims through rape,Sword or by their taqqia…Producing fake currency to derail a countries economy(which Pakistan has tried with us) and sending drugs to our countries to kill our youth is all part of evil Islamic agenda so our fight isn’t only with muslims but the dhimmis who support them too..

        • ZKhan

          There were around 1 million of Hindus in China in 1990 now only 64,000..where the Hindu Population gone…Either they are persecuted or converted…Why Hindus are not going to China for work instead of thousand going to Arab Countries for cleaning their toilets..

          • Keshav

            Most of the south Asian people that go to Arab countries are muslims and just like the ISIS jihadi the south Asian muslims love cleaning their Arab masters toilet as it’s written in Sira that south Asian muslims are second grade citizen while Arabs are the first grade since you all were forced converted either through rape or by sword by Mughals But don’t worry we hate muslims equally whether it’s south Asian or Arab..

          • ZKhan

            But nowadays Hindus don’t get the Job to clean the toilets in India so they are moving to 6th Century Arab Countries to clean their toilets….As European don’t allow Hindus in their Country to clean their toilets…The Question raised why Hindu clean toilets as they are born inferior Pigs from bharat mata..The question is that who is responsible to make bharat mata Pregnant….Mughals or Arabs

          • Keshav

            Lol that was really lame comeback and if you think that it will hurt me somehow then you are mistaken because the last time I checked Europeans hated muslims that’s why the Germans and French are protesting against Islam not the Hindus not the Jews but filthy Islamic pigs who act like just their Prophet a caravan looting pedophile..The Arabs except from the Gulf countries(Which are really backward and hated all around the world) are themselves really poor living in war torn country and dying like rats from explosions and suicide bombings in Palestine,Libya,Iraq,Syria and Egypt and hope more of these are sent to their to Allah to bring peace to this world..

          • ZKhan

            Truth words never hurt Hindus as they knows they are born inferior pigs from Bharat mata… Regarding killing of Hindus which are Killed in Millions without noticed by UN or any other organization….Srilankan Buddhist army have killed, Kidnapped Raped and slaughtered thousand to million Hindus without any notice….Bhutanese army on the other hand silently killed thousand of Nepalese Hindus are thousand of them expelled and other living in Camps….In c Country like Cambodia where 2 million Hindus exist in 1990s Persecution of Hindus took place and they were butchered like Pigs silently by Sutapa Hindus……Thailand and Myanmar prosecuted in such way that no Hindus intend to go there….What about Hindu Naxals and Hindu Maoist killed thousand of Indian soldiers and Civilians like rats and Pigs without any Coverage…

            Why Durga and Kali are they not able to save those Hindus…Are they busy in sex
            with pigs and Dogs or Shiva Lingam is busy in Raping Saraswati and Lakshmi………..

            Europeans only invite Hindus to clean their toilets and lick the Pussies of bharat mata…
            ……Arabs Muslims don’t come to
            India for work You Hindus used to go 7th
            century Arab countries for work…for
            cleaning their toilets…Hindus are so shameless Comparing their Poverty to them where 800 million or 80 Crores India live below international Poverty line of 1.25$ per day…where a Country like Iraq have maintained a Poverty rate of 12$ Per day…So Shameless Hindus can only be Compared to Pigs and Dogs who are your ancestor Gods…

  • Phil Harrell

    When you wish the commies luck in killing millions something seems wrong but it’s not.

    • Sam McGee

      The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

  • Nikki Carlito

    Damn, Pamela. Into how many more countries is this Islamo plague going to spread?


      Kick out islamofascists and, especially, socialists.

    • David Whitmore

      How many countries are in the UN?


    If Code Pinko tried any of their crap in China or Russia, they would turn Code Pink into Code Pink Mist.

  • Darrell Standing

      Mecca’s future – if Fascist Iran gets its way.

    • Clare

      I can’t imagine that Russia or China would mourn the loss.

  • Lysy2

    Are the Chinks getting wobbly in their knees when it comes to dealing with the muzz?

  • This proves that Islam is a threat to everyone. All the people saying how religion is a problem should shut up now. There is no religion is a communist country so why the unrest? Islam, that’s why. Islam is the ONLY dangerous religion.


      Socialism is a “religion” too, with Socialists.

  • Special Operations Executive

    Now who would ever think that we’d be rooting for the Commies? I guess they’re completely different to the Commie in the White (out) House.

  • BonniePrinceCharlie

    What’s the problem? These were simply random attacks by people claiming to be Muslims who didn’t have a job. Ask President Obama. He’ll tell you. In fact, he’ll tell you any lie that suits his narrative.

  • popopo

    I think uygurs got fed up, actually just like Tibet China has also taken over uyguristan and uygurs want freedom from them soooo I think this is more of a political based crime than religious one

    Uygurs are mostly muslims

    • pamelageller

      One of the first jihadists released from GITMO was a Uyghur — that’s a long way from China.

  • Dave

    Islam is not a religion for peace. This is not true. All they want to destroy other religions.

  • Anticonservative

    Now this is one culture Islam doesn’t want to piss off as it’s justice system is a little more swift and meaningful that what we have in America. You don’t spend years and years appeal after appeal waiting for your sentence in China. They had better stock up on virgins – they’ll need them.

  • Even China has to contend with Muslim barbarians. The West and the East needs to confine and curtail the evil that is Islam. Fight Islam now before that cancer spreads across the planet.

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