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[ November 20, 2017 ]

Kerry Praises “Palestinians” for “Non-Violence”

[ November 20, 2017 ]

Greek island has been turned into a Muslim migrant hell, residents go on strike, stage...

[ November 20, 2017 ]

College asks NYPD to use bathrooms out of sight from students

[ November 20, 2017 ]

Sweden’s Rape Jihad: Sexual Offenses Reach Record

[ November 20, 2017 ]

Islam in the West: Armed guards, concrete barriers, metal detectors at CHRISTMAS markets in the...

[ November 20, 2017 ]

The end of Merkel?

[ November 20, 2017 ]

SAVAGES: Woman accused of adultery is caned in Sharia punishment in front of cheering mob...

[ November 20, 2017 ]

Pamela Geller for Russian television Channel One

[ November 20, 2017 ]

UK: Muslim teen accused of planning ISIS-inspired jihad massacre probed security at Justin Bieber Cardiff...

[ November 20, 2017 ]

France Seeks to Ban Muslim Street Prayers in Paris After Clashes

BBC Chief: We must not call Charlie Hebdo killers ‘terrorists’

This is a perfect example of the sickness in the media that I rail against every day. Sanitizing savagery. Whitewashing Islamic jihad.

My G-d man, they are beheading journalists. Why is the BBC sharpening the dull blade at their own necks (and ours)?

We are under siege by the jihadists, a siege made possible by their their step and fetchit errand boys on the left.

This is why Atlas Shrugs is so critical. SUBSCRIBE HERE TODAY. It’s free. It covers the news the media scrubs, sanitizes, whitewashes or just won’t cover.

The BBC, slaves to the Muslim world. Kafala should thrown out on his حمار.


“We must not call Charlie Hebdo killers ‘terrorists’, says BBC boss,” The Telegraph, January 25, 2015
Tarik Kafala, the head of BBC Arabic, says using the term ‘terrorism’ is too ‘loaded’

.”………..The value judgements frequently implicit in the use of the words ‘terrorist’ or ‘terrorist group’ can create inconsistency in their use or, to audiences, raise doubts about our impartiality. “It may be better to talk about an apparent act of terror or terrorism than label individuals or a group.”
When reporting an attack, the BBC guidelines say it should use words which specifically describe the perpetrator such as “bomber”, “attacker”, “gunman”, “kidnapper” or “militant”.


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