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Walmart bows to Sharia, introduces halal meat after 50 Muslims sign petition


If 50 non-Muslims petitioned Walmart for anything — anything! — do you think Walmart would immediately cave? Neither do I. But when it comes to Muslims and the cruelty of halal slaughter, Walmart knew they would be facing headlines: “Islamophobia at Walmart!” “Walmart racist!” And who knows? Maybe even a visit from Obama’s DoJ would have been in their future.


“Walmart Just Bowed To Islamic Sharia Law To Appease Angry Muslims,” Mad World, November 13, 2014 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

As America veers towards Islamic Sharia law in order to cater to the demanding minority of Muslims, citizens are seeing not only an attempt to include and appease Muslims, but an infringement upon the rights of the majority.

With such a vocal group as that of Islam in the U.S., major corporations are making a shift toward including the brutal slaughter that is halal, and the newest addition to the list of Muhammad-approved businesses is the largest superstore yet.

The Miami Student reports that Wal-Mart has taken the leap into dangerous waters, approving the provision of halal meats.

With a petition, Oxford assistant professor Tareq Hasan Khan and the Muslim Student Association (MSA) of Miami University has pressured Wal-Mart into providing meats that have been slaughtered in a manner acceptable by halal standards, as per the Quran.

(Let it be noted that the petition garnered only 50 signatures while passed around the internet.)

According to the Quranic definition, halal livestock should be slaughtered by slitting the throat of the beast, bleeding the animal out by the throat, all while invoking the name of Allah in prayer. It’s often argued that halal slaughter is the most humane form of butchery, claiming that the animal endures as little pain and suffering as possible, but the documented videos reveal the ugly truth.

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  • Truth

    I will stop shopping henceforth in WALMART… no sharia USA….Muslim community is doing business using religion…..They want halal meat, products, like ginger garlic paste, biscuit, colgate paste, nescafe..most of them HALAL Certified..SHAUN MASALA packets…..
    The money which they get from this is used for benifeting there community…useless people do not understand anything….Christians/hindus/Sikhs should stop having all HALAL certified products

  • Chaimae

    Why is kosher ok? So many products in the store are kosher and that’s religiously affiliated. Look at all the pruducts with a u and a circle. Yoplait has kosher gelatin. Hebrew national hot dogs with kosher beef anyone!!!?? Are they indoctrinating ppl with the “law of moses?” Their meat is killed similarly to Muslims and they do not even use the hind quarters of the animal. People need to wake up.

  • Elle Jaye Slutzky

    Halal meat is no different than kosher meat, and the rules of slaughter are in the same set of rules you Christians keep shaking around to insist on killing homosexuals. In reality, the slaughter is usually more humane than that done in most non-compliant slaughter houses. How about getting upset about something that actually matters?

  • Sarah Alam

    How can those of you whom are criticizing Muslims for producing and eating Halal meat be so ignorant? I mean whether you kill an animal one way or the other, you are killing it, so those of you who critisize us for slaughtering animals differently than how you guys eat them, yet are NOT vegetarian, are being plainly hypocritical. And plus, I think injecting animals with growth hormones, which I’m sure none of them enjoy, is far worse than Halal slaughtering. Thanks

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