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North Carolina: Shocked Mom Calls TV News Station After Reading Answers on Her Son’s Islam Worksheet


The worst Islamic propaganda is being taught to our young children. This boy’s homework reads like the rhetoric spewed by the Islamic State, Al Qaeda and Boko Haram. Note that he got the answers right. Our schools have been infiltrated by the enemy and no one — no teachers, principals, superintendents have the spine to fight back. They just lay down like lemmings. They did nothing to fight for our freedom so its no skin off their back to throw it away just as long as their comfortable, bloated pay and healthcare packages aren’t jeopardized.

I have been receiving emails from parents on an almost daily basis now – many want to remain anonymous because it is their children who will be made to pay the price. And the schools know this but bend to the will of Islamic supremacists and apologists nonetheless.

One parent who spoke out received a threatening phone-call warning her that her “children would be strung up.”

This is what they are teaching our children — disarming them in what will be a war that will affect the biggest part of their futures.

–The children are taught Islam is a religion of peace. It is anything but. Islam is war.

–The children are taught Muslims’ faith is “stronger” than Christians. Why because they behead and slaughter  and conquer without hesitation in the cause of Allah? That’s what passes for piety in our public schools?

—The children are taught that Islam reemerged in the 1970s as a political for reform and revolution. First off, Islam is political – Islam is state. And using the euphemism “reform” to describe the changes Islam brings is the most depraved cynicism – the persecution of minorities, oppression, subjugation, misogyny is hardly “reform.”

—The children are taught that Islamic “fundamentalism” is a response to Western imperialism.

–The children are taught it is but a “tiny minority” waging bloody war in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Australia….. that’s a whole helluva lot of tiny.

–The children are taught jihad is a holy war — a personal internal struggle. Tell that to the hundreds of millions slaughtered in jihadis wars over the past 1,400 years. Tell that to the millions of Christians ethnically cleansed fro Syria and Iraq. Tell that to the Coptics in Egypt, the Christians in Nigeria and CAR, the Buddhists in Thailand and the Catholics in the Philippines.

There should be daily protests at this school. They are corrupting our children and softening them up for the final blows.

“Upset Mom Finds Herself Contacting the News After Reading the Answers on Her Son’s Islam Worksheet” By Jason Howerton, The Blaze, Nov. 12, 2014

A mother in Union County, North Carolina, told WJZY-TV that her son, a freshman at Porter Ridge High School, brought home a worksheet on Islam containing some questionable answers. She was upset enough over the assignment that she contacted the school and her local news station after reviewing the material.

The sentence that bothered the mom the most stated, “Most Muslims’ faith is stronger than the average Christian.”

Read some of the other answers from the world history assignment below:

Islam in the classroom

You can read both pages of the assignment here and here.

It should be noted that school officials have yet to provide a completed version of the worksheet to the news outlet. Though it appears that the high school has not disputed the content, the answers were filled in by the student and seemingly have yet to be verified as 100 percent correct.

“If you are going to do it, let’s do it right,” the mother told WJYZ-TV. “I really feel there is a spin on this.”

The mother, who asked to remain anonymous so her child isn’t singled out at school, said officials didn’t provide a clear answer when she asked if Christianity is being taught in the same fashion.

A spokesman at the Islamic Center for Charlotte told the news station that schools shouldn’t teach that Muslims’ faith is automatically stronger than that of Christians.

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  • Bethany J. Miller

    What..??? Okay, this raised up many concerns with me about my fellow Americans. If you read about Islam, you’ll see that it is in fact a religion that promotes peace in its sayings (with the exception of some parts regarding the executions for proved murders). And if you continue to do your research and live in an Islamic country for a year or two, yeah you’ll see many faults in the society with things like maybe women’s rights. Yeah, they should be fixed. But, the radicals do in fact make up a small part of the Muslim population. Not all Islamic people are made out to kill and murder in cold blood, behead non-Muslims, and starve their own people. Those who are doing this are unaccepted by true Muslims and, the ones I have spoken to at the very least, hate these Jihadists just as much, if not more, as any American or Christian out there.

    Personally, I don’t see this as propaganda at all to Islam with the exception of perhaps the Jihad part and the strength of faith. But that’s just explaining what Jihad means. It’s simply a term. I don’t believe that this part might be seeded into the student’s brain and feed them prospects that might make them become a Muslim. A student is learning about Islam, because to go against something, you must first understand it completely and see why.

    The part where it says most Muslims faith is stronger than Christians might be referring to the part that Muslims still follow parts of the authentic version of their Qur’an which prohibits them from sex before marriage, women revealing their bodies, praying 5 times a day, going to the Mosque everyday, fasting, and refraining from pork and alcohol. However, I do agree that this is prejudiced and shouldn’t be taught to students as a fact rather than an opinion.

    Yes, Islam has faults in it and of course some normal, every-day Muslims do as well. But, those working in Al Qaeda and ISIS along with other terrorist groups are not seen as Muslims by the Muslim people.

    Again… I am not attacking Christianity as I am a faithful Christian who goes to Church every Sunday and has a strong faith with God. But, this is really important to get across and you may take this as you will. I am only stating my opinion on this and in no way am I against the USA in the slightest.

    Proud American woman working overseas who has visited nearly half of all Middle Eastern countries and spoken to people of different ethnicities; all of whom may be Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, etc.

    Bethany J. Miller

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