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[ August 23, 2017 ]

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The Islamic State Male-On-Male Gang Rape “Marriage” Jihad Blackmail



ISIS/ISIL’s Male On Male Gang Rape “Marriage” Jihad Blackmail, September 6, 2014, AINA,   (thanks to Ironic Surrealism)


(AINA) –In a documentary broadcast August 27th on the Kurdish station STERK TV, captured “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant” (ISIL) [aka ISIL "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” –VH] elements say the group has been raping men in a ceremony it describes as “marriage” and recording this to use as blackmail and force them to join.

ISIL uses rape, including gang rape, as a tactic of fear to intimidate populations it seeks to control, according to an August 28th report by the Firat News Agency, a Kurdish agency based in Amsterdam.

The STERK TV documentary records the confessions of more than 20 ISIL elements who were captured by Kurdish fighters in Syria and includes horrific footage of ISIL’s crimes, Firat said.

“The ISIL elements admitted that what they called ‘marriage’ was in fact rape. They said that every new member of the group was raped. The footage of the rape would be used as blackmail in the event of the new recruit refusing to participate in actions,” it said.

In the documentary, ISIL fighter Abdul Kareem Ibrahim Bazo said he had been blindfolded and raped.

“About a fortnight later they came and said I had to join. I did not want to. But they had the footage. They threatened to show it to my family,” Firat reported him as saying.

Ferhan Salim Unuf Safen, 20, described how he had been abducted and raped by “six or seven” ISIL elements and was ashamed to explain the things they had done to him.

“I fainted. When I came round they told me: ‘you are now with ISIL’,” he said.

Ahmed Hussain also described on camera how he had been abducted, drugged, tortured and gang raped by ISIL elements.

“They ‘married’ me 15 times. Then they washed my head and put cologne on me. They told me no one could join ISIL without being married,” Hussain said.

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  • guest

    Rape of man, woman, or child is the most dishonorable act one can commit. These individuals are forever dishonored and can never reclaim it. To their victims, your bravery is to be commended for enduring what my spirituality deems as an unforgivable cruelty against the human race. It is my sincerest wish that all who commit rape are brought to justice, and shown to the world for what they really are, cowardly wretches.

  • daud

    rape is wrong and done by men [male] . why is it that when a women gets raped its her fault but when a young boy or girl or babies get raped is it their fault for not wearing a hijab and covering their modesty and when a grown man gets raped was he really asking for it , was he dressed sexy or was he being flirty just like the young boys and girls even under the age of 8 and babies ? are they raped because they were dressed wrong or is it that men are perverted and use an excuse for raping women for the way they are dressed ? what excuse is for men to rape children male or female and men and babies there is no excuse they are just evil to the core. Men rape animals when they get a boner, but maybe the animal insisted or was drunk or flirted with the man (who knows) as men will justify it. rape is wrong and that is all. next time you see a cute baby or little toddler dressed a cute baby grow don’t rape it just he or she looks beautiful . to all you men out there rape is rape and don’t do it .

  • J. Neville Groff

    Then they hand these guys a gun and they actually go out and fight for them? Durkas are messed up.

  • They’ll also ‘marry’ your dog.

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