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[ January 18, 2018 ]

VIDEO Representative Scott Perry: I “Credible Evidence” of “Terrorist Infiltration Through the Southern Border” Related...

[ January 18, 2018 ]

VIDEO: “Palestinian” Muslims Beat, Torture and Threaten Greek Monks in Jerusalem

[ January 18, 2018 ]

Raleigh, NC Imam Warns: ‘If We Keep Sleeping,’ The Zionists Will Destroy Al-Aqsa Mosque And...

[ January 18, 2018 ]

L’Oreal Chooses Hijab-Wearing Muslima in New Hair Campaign …. no seriously

[ January 18, 2018 ]

Muslima former student sets 8 fires at St. Catherine University in Minneapolis

[ January 18, 2018 ]

Muslim beauty blogger refuses to accept a Revlon award from Jewish film star Gal Gadot

[ January 18, 2018 ]

Judge dismisses 1 charge in Michigan female genital mutilation (FGM) case

[ January 18, 2018 ]

India’s Modi Abandons Legacy of Muslim Appeasement

[ January 18, 2018 ]

Netherlands: 13-year-old Muslim tries to honor-kill his mother because “women are not allowed to divorce”

[ January 18, 2018 ]

Toronto: Muslim-only youth fellowship program begins in city government offices

VIDEO: Muslims Call for Genocide at Death March in Canada: Yell Heil Hitler at Jews, Police Do Nothing

This is the poison fruit of Muslim immigration into the West. Canadian blogger Blazing Cat Fur is mad as hell here. Our organization calls for the following:
– AFDI calls for immediate investigation into foreign mosque funding in the West and for new legislation making foreign funding of mosques in non-Muslim nations illegal.

– AFDI calls for surveillance of mosques and regular inspections of mosques in the U.S. and other non-Muslim nations to look for pro-violence materials. Any mosque advocating jihad or any aspects of Sharia that conflict with Constitutional freedoms and protections should be closed.

– AFDI calls for curriculum and Islam-related materials in textbooks and museums to describe the Islamic doctrine and history accurately, including its violent doctrines and 1,400-year war against unbelievers.

– AFDI calls for a halt of foreign aid to Islamic nations with Sharia-based constitutions and/or governments.

– AFDI denounces the use of Sharia law in any Western court or nation.

– AFDI advocates deportation hearings against non-citizens who promote jihad in our nations.

– AFDI calls for an immediate halt of immigration by Muslims into nations that do not currently have a Muslim majority population.

– AFDI calls for laws providing that anyone seeking citizenship in the United States should be asked if he or she supports Sharia law, and investigated for ties to pro-Sharia groups. If so, citizenship should not be granted.

– AFDI calls for the cancellation of citizenship or permanent residency status for anyone who leaves the country of his residence to travel for the purpose of engaging in jihad activity, and for the refusal of reentry into his country of residence after that jihad activity.

– AFDI calls careful investigation of Muslims resident in non-Muslim country who have obtained naturalized citizenship or permanent residency status, to ensure that that status was not obtained under false pretenses.

– AFDI calls for the designation of the following as grounds for immediate deportation: fomenting, plotting, financing, attempting or carrying out jihad attacks; encouraging or threatening or attempting to carry out the punishments Islamic law mandates for apostasy, adultery, blasphemy, fornication or theft; threatening or attempting or carrying out honor murders, forced marriage, underage marriage, female genital mutilation, or polygamy.

h/t to LRC

The old ideas of immigration have to be discarded. It is evident that today’s policy, here in Canada, certainly, is based solely on extremist political motivations, among them the means to provide corporate interests the ability to suppress wages as was uncovered in the TFW program scandal.

The immigration file has been so grossly mismanaged in Canada that we now have McDonald’s buying citizenship for its foreign workers from Snakehead human traffickers: “Actyl alleges that McDonald’s Canada had also agreed to pay the agency “a $500 CDN bonus” for “every successful permanent resident application” that was granted to its foreign workers.

Our government and that includes all of our political parties, cannot be trusted to act in the nation’s best interests on the immigration file.

After 9/11 on September 11 2001 our government decided it would be a swell idea to double Canada’s Muslim population in 10 years. Every year from 2002 through 2011 a new city with a population approximate in size to Brantford Ontario was added.

In part this is due to simple ignorance, they cling to the old romantic notions of Ellis Island style immigration which no longer apply. Misguided, “feel good” beliefs such as the corrosive policy of multiculturalism have to be called by their true name – cultural suicide.

It is clear that immigration policy is set with the most base of motives and by extremists deeply embedded within the Ottawa bureaucracy.

Immigration policy has be set by us – the people, we need Swiss style referendums.

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