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[ January 17, 2018 ]

Germany: Bloody horror as teenager stabbed by Muslim migrant in train stop attack

[ January 17, 2018 ]

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[ January 17, 2018 ]

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[ January 17, 2018 ]

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[ January 17, 2018 ]

Chelsea Bomber Tried to ‘Radicalize’ Inmates, But Has ‘No Remorse’ For Crimes, Prosecutors Say

[ January 17, 2018 ]

Maine: Muslim police officer put on leave, charged with five misdemeanors, including assault and battery

[ January 17, 2018 ]

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[ January 17, 2018 ]

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[ January 17, 2018 ]

Mahmoud Abbas Reacts to U.S. Cut in ‘Palesetinian’ Aid by Slamming Trump: ‘Damn Your Money!’

[ January 17, 2018 ]

UK Muslim behind plot to behead Pamela Geller taught two Muslims to build bombs in...

UK: Pro-Hamas Terror Supporters Threaten Jewish Store Owners with Death

This Muslim bloodlust makes painfully clear why Jews must have a Jewish state. Jews have been hounded for thousands of years — and it’s at a rapid fever pitch with the religious component of Islamic Jew-hatred. It is in the Quran, and it’s not going away until the hate and genocide commanded under Islam are expunged from Islamic texts and teachings. That must come from within the Muslim world. I don’t see that happening any time soon, do you?  Not without a terrible war it’s not.

Mainstream media are not telling the real story of the current conflict — the rise of what is essentially a revivification of nazism. Instead, they are advancing the narrative of the new nazis and norming Jew-hatred.

The Jewish store owners in the UK can’t look to British authorities to effectively protect them. Those dhimmi quislings barred Robert Spencer and me from speaking against this very thing.

Pro-Palestinian Thugs Threaten Israeli Store in Manchester

Kedem cosmetics store a focal point for anti-Semitic violence; owners face death threats over operation in Gaza.

By Tova Dvorin, Israel National News, July 31, 2014

>Anti-Israel demonstration outside Israeli embassy in London

Anti-Israel demonstration outside Israeli embassy in London
Violent pro-Palestinian protestors have focused upon the Kedem cosmetics shop in Manchester to vent their rage at Israel, according to the Jewish Chronicle and Manchester Evening News – threatening the owners and Jews in general with death.

Owners and staff at Kedem have received hundreds of phone calls – at one point one every five minutes, according to JC – from callers threatening to burn down the store and beat or kill its staff.

Facebook posts express sentiments like “I hope he burns in hell like the rest of the Jews,” in a reference to the store’s owners, or other threats to decimate the store. 

Hundreds of Palestinian supporters rallied outside the shop on Saturday, with one later arrested for making a Nazi salute at the pro-Israel counter-protest. 

Meanwhile, pro-Palestinians told the Manchester Evening News that their intentions are to start (or expand) a cultural phenomenon against Israel. 

“I’m part of a movement that’s trying to show the British people and hopefully all communities that they need to get rid of the Israeli state,” Pia Feigh, a member of Jews For Justice for Palestinians, stated. “They need to put pressure on their Government, their companies and companies like Kedem.”

John Nicholson of Longsight and from Palestine Solidarity said: “we are here for the sixth day running to try and close down Kedem, a shop selling Israeli goods. We are here to say stop the bombing of Gaza. We are here to say if the Israelis want peace they should stop the bombs. They are bombing Palestine, women and children. And the US government and our government are doing nothing about it.”

Several local Manchester politicians have condemned the violence, as both “unacceptable to target law-abiding Brits” and “not advancing the Palestinian cause one iota.”

However, the sentiments have not stopped waves of anti-Semitism erupting throughout the UK since Operation Protective Edge began in Gaza 24 days ago, with 70 incidents alone reported in a two-week span between July 8 and July 24, according to the Community Security Trust (CST). 

Pro-Palestinian thugs demonstrating in London verbally and physically attacked Jews on multiple occasions, it said, along with mugging pro-Israeli protestors. 

Rabbis have been assaulted in Gateshead and London, according to the CST report, and several synagogues have been the target of anti-Semitic incidents. 

The CST said: “This level of violence from pro-Palestinian protesters is a worrying development. A pro-Israel organisation in London also received a telephoned bomb threat.”

Mark Gardner, director of communications at the CST, said: “These marches are in danger of inciting violence and intimidation. We have made the police forces aware of our specific concerns relating to PSC demonstrations.”

“We are sending out emails to schools, shuls and Jewish organizations reminding them of safety protocols. We are determined to do all we can to allow Jewish life to continue as normal.”


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