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Sweden: Police lured into ambush in Muslim area, stoned by hundreds

I have been reporting on this islamization of Europe, the US, and Canada for ten years, and it’s getting worse, and only going to get still worse. My colleagues and I may be blacklisted from speaking in media, academia, etc., but you will not be able to hide this terror from the people for much longer.

Europe will either descend into civil war, or more likely, will go willingly into the night.

“Sweden: Police lured into ambush in Muslim area, stoned by hundreds,” By Nicolai Sennels, Jihadwatch, August 1, 2014


Stockholm’s suburb of Rinkeby)

Via, translated from Avpixlat:

Tonight the immigrant population in Stockholm’s suburb of Rinkeby was awakened by riots. Around 200 people took part in throwing stones at the police; cars were set on fire and shoots were fired.

Police received the first alarm shortly before 11pm on Wednesday night. A car had been set on fire. When police arrived to the area, they were met by stone-throwers, prompting them to retreat and wait for reinforcements in order to go back into the war-like zone again. The police do not know what caused the unrest.

“The common thread has been that car drivers refused to stop when the police ordered them to. Once they stopped, people gathered around the cars and attacked the police.

“The police have been forced to retreat and call for reinforcements. When they got back, the crowd prepared themselves with stones and went on the attack again,” says Peter Hered.

According to DN, one police officer was injured when a large rock was thrown through the window of a police car. He was, however, only slightly injured. During the night, a helicopter was deployed. One person was arrested, but several hundred are suspected.

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