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[ October 19, 2017 ]

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Morsi’s wife threatens to publish letters from Hillary Clinton, exposing “special relationship” between Muslim Brotherhood and Obama Administration


More revelations about the Obama administration’s treasonous collaboration with the terror organization, the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama’s axis of evil.

For five years I have documented Obama’s covert and later overt support of the terror group. Many MB operatives sit in key positions in the Obama administration. Obama worked early in his presidency to bring the Brotherhood to power, and he did just that. There is more about this in my book, The Post American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s war on America.

But this? This is high treason. And why all the secrecy if Obama believed that this was good for America? What is the point of all the hiding of his jihad collaborations? Because it’s treason and lethal for America, and he knows it. So the snake has to hide and Hillary, his Secretary of Sloth, has been pimping for jihad since she lip-locked with Suha Arafat.

Morsi’s wife threatens to publish letters from Hillary Clinton, exposing “special relationship” between Muslim Brotherhood and Obama Administration

Aug 14, 2014

Hillary Clinton, Mohammed MorsiThe wife of former Egyptian president Muhammad Morsi is the latest Muslim Brotherhood “insider” to threaten to expose the special relationship between Morsi and the Obama administration—a relationship the latter insists never existed.

Nagla Mahmoud, Morsi’s wife, is reportedly angry at some statements recently made by Hillary Clinton, including that Morsi was “naïve” and “unfit for Egypt’s presidency,” as reported by Arabic media.

In the words of El-Mogaz News, Morsi’s wife “is threatening to expose the special relationship between her husband and Hillary Clinton, after the latter attacked the ousted [president], calling him a simpleton who was unfit for the presidency.  Sources close to Nagla confirmed that she has threatened to publish the letters exchanged between Morsi and Hillary.”

The report continues by saying that Nagla accuses Hillary of denouncing her former close ally, the Brotherhood’s Morsi, in an effort to foster better relations with his successor, Egypt’s current president, Sisi—even though, as Nagla laments, “he [Morsi] was faithful to the American administration.”

Earlier, the son of Khairat al-Shatter—another top ranking Brotherhood member who was arrested during the June 2013 revolution that ousted Morsi—made similar assertions, threatening to expose documents that would “undermine his [U.S. president Obama’s] political future and land him in prison.”

Despite all these similar threats from Brotherhood insiders, and despite all the other evidence, the Obama administration insists that its relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood was no more special than its relationships to other Egyptian parties.

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  • Steve

    Hey, I just hope nagla doesn’t send them to hillary’s email or “progressive” media!

  • EdmundBurke

    They’ve threatened this before and nothing came of it. Release the information NOW!

  • David Barrett

    Hope she does – then Oren can write another chapter for a reprint of his book

  • David F Mayer

    I keep reading all of these exposes of Obama, Clinton, etc, but nothing ever comes of them. It seems that they are no more than scuttlebutt. I would like to see some serious references for these.

  • JP cline

    Publish first , Talk Later …. I want to see these letters , and I hope Morsi’s old Lady has just the right kind of “Hell hath no Fury” to do it too

  • Mileaway

    More fake threats, PUBLISH if you have them.

  • Jimmy Crackorn

    Black Lies Matter…Brotha HOOD.time for Americans to see our Government for what it has become…

  • Ncrdbl1

    There is so much fear in Washington that Trump will win. Both parties are covering up for each other because of all the skeletons in everyone’s closet. Remember soon after being elected to office hundreds of FBI files were sent tot he Clinton White House. Fear of what is in those files keeps everyone in line. Trump would not give a rats ass about those files and would actively go after members of BOTH parties who have done wrong.

  • Susie Haynie

    If such letters exist, then just publish them already! Why threaten to expose? Just do it.

  • cbodi

    Please persuade her to do so!

  • Judylynn

    Eqypt has issued arrest warrants out for Obama and Hillary for Aiding and Abetting Terrorist ! If this is true what human being with a Soul would keep this quiet. This should scare the hell out of you….it sure scares me.

  • Judylynn

    I want to say just one more thing, Remember Jade Helm ? All the trucks, jeeps, tanks and out buildings. There were miles of trains filled with all of them. Where did they go ? How can one believe they are not going to be used against Americans ?

  • antoniathatcher

    She better watch her life.

  • BRING ON THE LETTERS and let us remove the corrupt administration NOW! Even Wiki Leaks is faltering in their quest to dethrone the queen!

  • Lois Hertog

    Wonder if these were the new 300 emails the FBI just received? FBI reported it came from a private server hmmm…

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