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[ September 25, 2017 ]

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Proselytizing Islam: The Islamic Curriculum Taught in the Metro Nashville Tennessee Public School System


Here is a look at the dangerous lies being taught to our children in the Nashville public school system. The Islamic lesson plan was written by Islamic dissemblers. It is rife with grammatical errors and poor English, but that is the least of it.

Parents in these schools must insist on a more informed lesson plan. Parents need to bring in Wafa Sultan, Nonie Darwish or Ayaan Hirsi Ali to speak to the children about life for women under Islam. Perhaps invite Bat Ye'or to speak to Islamic Jew hatred. And certainly ask Dr. Ashraf Ramaleh, President of Voice of the Copts, to speak to the mass persecution and slaughter of religious minorities under Islamic law.

Where are the lessons teaching Islam's 1,400 history of jihadi wars, land appropriations, cultural annihilation, and enslavement?

Parents MUST get involved and oppose this supremacist propaganda and proselytizing in our public schools. In the war of ideas, our children are being disarmed against the greatest threat to freedom and our very way of life.

Sharia Unveiled, October 1, 2013 (thanks to Claude)

Here is a look at the dangerous lies being taught to our children in the Nashville public school system. The Islamic lesson plan was written by Muslim supremacists. It is rife with grammatical errors and poor english but that is the least of it.

The following is a copy of the curriculum being taught in the Metro Nashville Tennessee Public School System.

It is entitled:  Presentation: Islam and Muslims 101 by,  Jeger Ali and Zied Guizani

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  • john galtboy

    Oy! You’d think the schools would at least proofread the textbooks they teach from.

  • Ralph

    The Tennessee School Master (ISD) works for Obama; the Muslim Brotherhood IDIOT.

  • James Linnstrom

    Perhaps the greatest lie is that Allah is the God of the Bible, the God of Jews and Christians.
    There was a time when Mohammed bowed down and prayed towards Jerusalem. But when Jews rejected him as a prophet, he decided to give up on Jerusalem and the God of Jews. He now told his followers to turn their asses towards Jerusalem and start bowing down to Mecca and to his tribal deity, Allah god of Mecca. ( Seen from Medina, Jerusalem and Mecca are in exact opposite directions! ) Also from then on he resolved to kill all Jews within his power. At the end of his life, he drove all Jews out of Arabia, his proudest achievement for his Allah god.
    Allah god is the supreme tribal deity of Quareish tribe. Mohammed’s father was named Abdullah – meaning, a slave of Allah.
    Even to this day no serious muslims would pray to ‘God’. They ALWAYS, ALWAYS pray to Allah. And they never ever pray towards Heaven above. They ALWAYS, ALWAYS pray to Kaaba temple of Mecca. Because that is where Allah god of Mecca resides.
    These Tenessee educational material is only to deceive non muslim students. Wars ( even cultural wars ) are won by deception and Mohammed and his followers are very well aware of that.

  • James Linnstrom

    Another favorite lie: “Mohammed was one of the most successful man in history”
    Well, he was also a major criminal. He was a slave trader, killer, rapist of captured women, armed robber, child molester, etc. Whatever major crime you can think of, Mohammed has done it.
    Why did he succeed in his many wars against his enemies? One, he was far more ruthless and cunning than his enemies. Also his muslim army was far more united than traditional Arabs because his followers all believed that Mohammed was a prophet of Allah god.
    Due to his ‘success’ his muslim followers waged 1,300 years long jihad battles against non muslims resulting in some 500 million deaths and many millions more enslaved ( esp. in Africa ).
    American children should learn the both side of Prophet Mohammed. His achievements in creating Islam and also his many evils.

  • magicflower

    Can someone explain number 5 to me please? Whose resurrection from the tomb are they talking about? I doubt they mean JC….but number 5 pillar is written in such a way (in this document) that misleads westerners to think it means JC….

  • St.Michael defend us

    I think they mean OUR OWN resurrection from the dead on the last day. Mo took that idea from Christians, and incorporated it into his new religion.

  • C Cooper

    What happened to Separation of Church (Religion) and State?

  • Canadian Neighbour

    You can’t do that….THAT may cause offense.(sarc)
    “Approximately 20% African (American) slaves were Muslims” Like they had a choice?
    The class needs a whole lesson on Muslim slavery.

  • KLKL

    i note they repeat the “7 million Muslims” myth for the USA but all the scientific or at least de-politicized estimates report numbers bellow 4 million
    just because Muslims “believe in Jesus as one of the prophets” is not the same as believing in Him the Christian way they even reject the crucifixion and resurrection the foundation of Christianity
    and “both teach love of God and people?” Islam only teaches Muslims to be merciful among themselves! and one does not “love” Allah but fear and believe in him Christians love God by obeying Him in response to grace and love others Christians and not as a part of that

  • Kiwi

    Love the ifo. under “Misconceptions of Islam”
    ‘Muslims are violent and terrorists’.
    ‘Nowhere does Islam enjoin the killing of innocents’
    Such a shame they have neglected to mention exactly who exactly the word “innocents” refers to. I believe it is only “muslims” who are innocents according to the Qur’an.

  • tim

    You don’t understand. The U.S. gov stopped collecting Muslim statistics several years ago out of p.c. reasons. The current Muslim population is suppose to be over 8 million according to Obama. Certainly Obama has access to data the rest of us cannot see.

  • Ajay

    How come these assholes forgot INDIA.
    India has one of the largest population of muslims.
    And they have been breeding like insects here

  • momodoom

    I tried to source this…. The Metro Nashville Public School system has NO “Student Services Department”…. and the authors, Jeger Ali and Zied Guizani, are not associated with the district, at least according to their website. They may just be claiming a connection, or hoping to get this presentation into schools; but I sincerely hope that NO American school district is dumb enough to use this!

  • DM

    I do not think that islam is actually a religion in the truest sense. Although they have at the root a belief in a god, the fundamentals of this quasi religion are formed around the the teachings /rantings of a warlord. The fundamentals of islam (Quran) are written more as rules of engagement for an on going war. Mohammed’s teachings are about war and subjugation and the most savage annihilation of all who oppose him and his teachings. It is no more religious that the writings of Sun Tzu in The Art of War who predates Mohammed by about 100 years. No one has taken up Sun Tzu’s writings as a religion but have used them as training material at many of the most prestigious military training academies world wide. The basic difference I see between Sun Tzu’s writings and Mohammed’s is that Mohammed advocates savagery for the sake of it and Sun Tzu does not. Mohammed / Quran had no writings about acceptance of other cultures or how to live in a time of peace. Mohammed does not write about how his god wants him to live in any but a state of perpetual war. This is not religion.
    Anyone who believes that Europeans are the ones who started the events leading up to the Crusades is mistaken. By 700 AD Islam (Moors) had waged war, conquering vast areas including Spain and working towards France. In 719 Charles Martel led troupes to drive the Moors out of France. His victory at the battle of Tours halted the invasion. Later others would drive them back into the middle east and want to claim Jerusalem as a Christian/Jewish holding since its occupation by Christians and Jews predated any claim by the muslims by thousands of years (by the Jews and Arabs). One should remember that not all Arabs are muslims. Thus began the Crusades.
    JMO — DM


    Notice the great grammar that they teach to children.
    Also, why don’t they teach who is father and mother are. you never know when that info may come in handy.

  • Bob Chaput

    The author apparently is ignorant and uneducated.

  • Jo Smith

    Bob, You mean the author of this site? Because the presentation is quite informative and accurate. It is a shame there are still such ignorant, disrespectful, and closed minded people in this country. Kudos to Zied and Jeger for educating the students of Nashville – hopefully they won’t end up like the woman writing this blog. We can only hope.

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