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Sharia in action: Eight-year-old Muslim bride dies of genital tears and internal bleeding on wedding night in Yemen

Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 10.38.54 PM

But in 2009, a Yemeni law that set the minimum age of a bride at 17 was repealed as lawmakers deemed it un-Islamic. Above photo of  "Inspired by Muhammad" ad campaign running in the UK by Islamic supremacists.

A lttle Muslim girls dies on her wedding night. The groom was five times her age. This is the sharia. Muhammad married his favorite wife, Aisha, when she was six and he was 51, and consummated the marriage when she was 9 and he was 54. Muhammad is the "perfect model" for Muslims, which is why child marriage is permissable under the sharia. 

Above video is of a young Muslim girl who escaped her husband (more here).

"Death of eight-year-old Yemeni bride causes anger" Nine MSN, September 9, 2013 (thanks to Robyn)

Yemeni activists have called for action after an eight-year-old child
bride died of genital tears and internal bleeding on the first night of
her arranged marriage.

The groom was five times her age, Kuwaiti daily Al Watan reported on Sunday.

The death occurred in the tribal area of Hardh in northwestern Yemen, which borders Saudi Arabia.

Kuwaiti bloggers are now calling for the girl's family and groom to be punished, Gulf News reports.

Blogger Angry Man posted that the groom was "an animal who deserved to be punished severely for his crime".

Another blogger, Sad, posted that the marriage shouldn't have occurred, "even if some tribes believe that it is a good custom".

Activists hope the case would be used to help put an end to the practice of marrying very young girls.

2008, a Yemeni eight-year-old bride had her marriage annulled by a
court after running away from her husband and filing for divorce.

But in 2009, a Yemeni law that set the minimum age of a bride at 17 was repealed as lawmakers deemed it un-Islamic.

In 2010, a 12-year-old died three days after her marriage from internal bleeding, and a 13-year-old died during labour.

video released in July by human rights organisation Middle East
Research Institute shows an escaped 11-year-old bride-to-be who spoke
out after her family was forcing her into an arranged marriage.

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  • We_know!

    This is just so incredibly disgusting. Poor poor child. Beyond my comprehension. What I would like to do with pos like him is not printable.

  • Castrate them! Put them in prison!

  • louis

    Put this so called human in a prison with sex starved men.


    OMG! How can someone do that to a young child! Makes me so angry! I don’t want the family or groom to get a couple of years in jail, i want them in there for life!!

  • fred

    “The rights of a woman are sacred”. Perhaps they mean that the man’s right to a woman are sacred?
    Where are we, bizarro world? That we still have the topic whether it is fine to marry and have sex with a child? What kind of society pardons this? And why in the world do we even talk with these people on equal footing?

  • Ajay

    How could he force himself onto the little girl.
    My conclusion:He was my age and the bride was my daughter’s age????????? . What kind of religion allows that ? What kind of father was the man who allowed this to happen to his daughter ?
    Thank God I am a hindu and he show due respect to women and love our daughters.

  • prestigio

    fgm is ok
    why don’t we
    cut off the cocks
    of all male muslims
    open season

  • InfidelForLife

    What kind of father? A pious Muslim. The difference is that you are civilized and this man (and many, many more of his kind) is not. Only a savage, an animal would do this. And get away with it, likely. After all, The Great Example of the Perfect Man did it too?

  • InfidelForLife

    It is Islamophobic to pose such intelligent questions. And the Greatest President Evuh, Zero, has made it his duty to protect Islam in his inaugural speech.

  • Betty

    Ajay these people are savages they could care less. could have been his own daughter. would have been the same ending no respect for women of any race. this child was a muslim. still he did it to her. he will just find another to rape and maybe kill. and it just keeps going on,and on,and on.

  • Juliett13

    ALL Muslims are sex starved men. There are no female Muslims only female slaves to Muslim men.

  • YH

    They’re not humans; they’re hideous brutes.
    They, including her parents should go to hell!

  • Young Nada has the kind of grit I expect of Western men. If Westerners don’t rid the world of Islam, who will?
    God bless this little warrior. May she continue to expose Allah as Satan.

  • KLKL

    how sad. but no surprise. the “prophet” married a per-puberty girl so why can’t other Muslims? probably the men responsible will be held to no account, given Islam’s view of women.
    “But in 2009, a Yemeni law that set the minimum age of a bride at 17 was repealed as lawmakers deemed it UN-Islamic” of course. everyone knows it is.
    “In 2010, a 12-year-old died three days after her marriage from internal bleeding, and a 13-year-old died during labour” that’s Islam. putting men before women and even before girls’ own psychological and physical well-being.

  • fred

    When I get in an argument with cultural relativists, I always ask them why this should be fine, and the great cultural gem of eating albino’s or pygmees in Africa is banned.
    I think the proper response to these things are what Napier said in regard to widow burning in India: “Be it so. This burning of widows is your custom; prepare the funeral pile. But my nation has also a custom. When men burn women alive we hang them, and confiscate all their property. My carpenters shall therefore erect gibbets on which to hang all concerned when the widow is consumed. Let us all act according to national customs.”

  • Brian Canada

    And if our politicians don’t pull their heads out of their a###s this could be one of our great grandaughters

  • Lynn

    Dear Nada,
    Thank you so much for sharing your terrible, but inspiring story. I am an
    older American woman and have a family like yours.
    Together we can stand up and speak out against women and children being sold
    to someone they do NOT want. We can address the issue of men owning women and
    children like property. We can stop men from terrorizing women and girls.
    You are a brave, courageous and intelligent young lady. You are an inspiration
    to me. Thank you Nada.

  • Ralph

    These Barbaric Idiots are and will always be like they are. Why? I will tell you why; God Said, “Hagar you will have a boy and his name will be Ishmael and he will be as a Wild Donkey and his hand will be against everyone and everyone’s hand will be against him.”
    So all of the descents of Ishmael will always be as Wild Donkeys and f you ever see wild donkeys across the land; they act just like the muslims… They fight against each ‘herd’ and the ‘males’ treat the females just like the muslims, killing each other male and capturing the females and fornicating. This way of life is Animalistic Barbarisms which goes along with what God said to Hagar…
    ISLAM; Sick, Sick, Sick-o LIE and will never have PEACE or be in GOD’s Grace; there allah is nothing more than the moon god that they worshiped in the Paganism Arabia 3,000 years ago; until their so called mohammad came along and made up all of the rules so that he could have his way with women, money, and anything that HE wanted…

  • Watcher87

    She opened wishing ALLAH’S mercy and blessings upon you….???????????????????????????????

  • Kuffar
  • Mohamed

    This is so untrue about Mohammad. Some Muslims scholars lied about Mohamed to put forward their vile agendas. Just like the 4 books in the last testament were written/forged to suit the political situation of their time, so the hadiths reporters, experts have forged many hadiths to support their vile intentions and acts.
    This is not Islam. I am Muslim. Not all Muslims believe in this SH!T. Many are fighting to bring the truth forward. You will find this kind of thing happening in tribal areas where these people are controlled by some freaks with beards pretending to be scholars.Sadly some educated Muslim men are falling in their traps. They find their pedophilia inclinations satisfied by those kind of lies and they can sleep without any remorse.

  • Quran 4:101

    Mohammad fucked his 8 year old bride. He said it, Aiysha said it, chroniclers said it. Deal with it Mudscums.

  • Quran 4:101

    Mohammad’s dick was so small he couldn’t cause Aisha to die, but he was still a pedophile. Fact. Maybe you should read the Haditha that are ascribed to be the highest of genuine in which Aisha herself says she was 8 years old when they consummated.

  • Yeah, she’s still a little confused. But she clearly has no use for Islamic rules.

  • bb

    Anything that allows such a heinous crime is no standard of morality or any comparison to Christianity and Judaism. If this is sharia law, it is straight from hell. That is why Salmaan Rushdie is running for his life; he exposed the satanic verses for what they are. He showed the true nature of this beast religion.
    There is rumor that it was invented by the Jesuits as a way to start wars and conquer the Mideast. It is a shame that so many fall for this scam and are forced to live by it. There is not quality of life with this type of thing going on. Most Muslims are miserable people.

  • kate b

    Eloquent little girl, but will the multi-culturallers listen to her? Nada speaks for all little girls, as kuffr too must be humiliated, and converted.
    This message is for the world, especially for the ruling classes.

  • 198273461928746198246

    Muslims: please take your cult and shove it up your ass.

  • dad

    Call Eric Holder. His firm defended the likes of this. Thats a real cracker-hater!

  • Ismael

    hahah you are stupid
    1/5 Pedophilia In ISLAM? Pédophilie Muhammad and aisha mariage?
    see also 2/5 ,3/5, 4/5, 5 /5

  • Ella

    I wish everyone would remember that the anger they feel over this horrible crime should be aimed at the criminals who were responsible, the “groom” and the father of the little girl and the “law” that allows it. I doubt very much if the mother had any say at all. Likewise many Muslims are against this practice and are fighting to end it so we should not brand all Muslims as pedopiles. There are unfortunately many Pedophiles in all walks of life but, that doesn’t make everyone in that walk of life a pedophile does it? Generalizations are a problem in any dispute or discussion. My heart goes out to the little girl and an innocent life lost once again in the name of religion!

  • “You will find this kind of thing happening in tribal areas where these people are controlled by some freaks with beards pretending to be scholars.”
    Do you call those at al Azhar U. freaks w/beards? How about the “revered” Ayatollah Khoumeini? (Actually I do; but then again, I’m not muslim.)
    You can decry it all you want; but I’ll bet that you don’t decry it in public, because that would make you an “infidel”, and you might then find yourself with a price on your head. Why not really read the Koran and Haddiths to find out what is “acceptable” islam? The Wahabbis have it right. I suggest that if you are a decent person, you ask our Creator God to show you His truth. He will; and from that point on you will find it hard to cling to islam, because your eyes will have been opened to the hate, misery, suffering, human degradation, rape, misogyny, pillage and death that islam begets. As it has for 14 centuries.

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