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[ October 23, 2017 ]

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Obama Appoints Vicious Antisemite James Zogby to Commission on Religious Freedom


Obama's record on the subjugation, persecution and slaughter of religious minorities is matched by some of the notorious and autocratic leaders on the world stage. The abandonment of religious minorities under the sharia has become a
hallmark of the Obama presidency. Hundreds of thousands of Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, Christians in Egypt, Indonesia, Thailand, the
Philippines, Lebanon, Malaysia et al are victims of oppression,
subjugation and ethnic cleansing. President Obama did nothing. Worse,
President Obama went so far as to remove the sections covering
religious freedom and religious persecution from the Country Reports on
Human Rights that the State Department releases because the numbers under his reign are obscene.

Now this. Last week, the White House quietly announced the appointment
of  James Zogby to the U.S. Commission for International Religious
Freedom (USCIRF). Zogby is quite the notorious figure and classic Middle Eastern antisemite. James Zogby has referred to Israelis as “Nazis,” and calls Israel’s actions against the PLO “a Holocaust.”

Zogby has a history of supporting extreme terror organizations.

NEW YORK-   Pro-Arab lobbyist James Zogby, head of the Arab-American
Institute, has publicly urged the Arab nations to refrain from
normalizing relations with Israel–thus further shattering the myth that
Zogby is "moderate" or "seeks peace with Israel".

The web site ArabicNews.Com reports that Zogby told the Moroccan daily Al-Alam that "a drive towards normalization of relations with Israel" would be "dangerous."

In previous statements, Zogby said  it was time "for the
Arab League to reinvigorate its stand on the boycott"
against Israel.

 Zogby accused Israeli Prime Minister Shimon
Peres of "state sponsored terrorism" by striking at Hezbollah terrorists
Lebanon  Zogby hailed Hezbollah as "the Lebanese
armed resistance."

Zogby called Israel "Nazis" and denounced Israel's
anti-terrorist actions as "a Holocaust.

Apparently scrubbing reports of ethnic cleansing, genocide, subjugation and oppression under the sharia is not enough. Now he is replacing the watchdogs with his lapdog and sharia stooges.

Obama Appoints Zogby to Commission on Religious Freedom Michael Rubin, September 10, 2013 (thanks to the Atlas readers who sent this in)

But is Zogby the proper person to fight for religious freedom in the
Middle East at a time when minorities are under the worst siege since
the expulsion of Jews from Arab lands in the wake of Israel’s founding?

 Alas, the answer to that is no. Zogby
has at times demonstrated an apologia which undercuts his ability as an
advocate. Take, for example, an incident a decade ago in which Harvard
University decided to partner with the United Arab Emirates’ Sheikh
Zayed Center, an institution which sponsored Holocaust denial and
promoted blood libel. The indefatigable Tom Gross catalogued the Zayed
Center’s activities here. Zogby, however, who currently is also a visiting professor in Abu Dhabi, rushed to Zayed’s defense. From the CBS Evening News on May 19, 2003:

“That’s wrong, that smacks of a witch
hunt,” says James Zogby, President of the Arab American Institute. Zogby
says the center does bear the sheik’s name, but so do a lot of things
in his country. Zogby believes the sheik did not know about it. “There
is no relationship between Sheik Zayed and the center,” says Zogby. “He
knows who’s there,” says [Rachel] Fish. “There’s no way he does not
know.” Harvard refused our request for an on-camera interview, but in a
statement, called some of the center’s activities “repugnant and
indefensible.” It said it is “carefully investigating” any links with
Sheik Zayed.

Zogby was also a featured writer for the Arab Voice at the time that paper was excerpting the notorious anti-Semitic forgery, Protocols of the Elders of Zion
(Zogby responds at the base of the article, which is followed by a
follow-up article casting doubt on parts of his explanations). He accused Israel of waging a “Holocaust” against the Palestinians. More recently, he embraced political polemics if not conspiracies regarding the Iraq war. And most recently, Zogby accused Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of being an “Israel firster,” an anti-Semitic trope.


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  • Not an eloi

    I know the Obama did outreach to the Jewish community to help back his “foreign policy” , whatever that it is.
    At the same time he asks for Jewish support he is kicking Israel to the curb. His secretary of stateless ness forced Israel to release murderers.. He asks for concessions from Israel when the neighborhood is on fire. Reduce your borders. It’s worked out do well for you. We are never going to end anti semitism. It is embedded in the culture on the left and the right. It is however wrong to appoint Zogby, a vocal anti-Semite and Hegel who is known for his anti-Israel rhetoric. Hegel seems lost and disoriented and certainly has not helped to convey American credibility or resolve. Just hating Israel is not a credential for high office. Even Carter ran to the podium to criticize the demise of American foreign policy. That is truly a low blow.

  • Mac-101

    What % of American Jews STILL support President Obama and this administration?
    Also, a few years back I read the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” and was struck with how similar many of the points were that compared to the 18th century points of the Illuminati and Marx’s program to eradicate Western Civilization. Also many ideas were straight lifted from Machiavellian instructions to his young Prince. Has anyone else noticed it?

  • MJ

    ‘What % of American Jews STILL support President Obama and this administration?’
    They are not Jews, they are Communists.
    Please note

  • Linda Rivera

    Appointing rabid Jew-hater, devout Muslim James Zogby, terrorist supporter, to the U.S. Commission for International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) is Obama’s declaration to the world of America’s utter abandonment of non-Muslims who suffer severe, daily persecution from violent Muslim infidel-haters. And it spits on the graves of the hundreds of millions of non-Muslims who died because of Islam and the many slaves taken by Muslims.
    Obama and his people are determined to DESTROY the great Judeo-Christian nation of America and transform America into a ruthless, sharia-compliant, Islamic state.

  • Mac-101

    Good point. We have a foreign policy ran by either NeoCons or NeoBolshevics. No LOL!

  • Isn’t all of this scrap another dot in the matrix of the deranged? The method is to invent false narrative, displace reality, all this consistent with Tea Party folks are ‘racist’ and some invented ‘whiteman’ issue is, “Extreme” and the other reliable, “White Supremacist”. Regressives use language as propaganda, rhetorical devices, condition weak thinkers, and nudge objectives which otherwise would be strenuously rejected. Just decoding methods. Hope this is clearly described. Agenda is everything. Scapegoats have their uses. (Regressives have marketed themselves as, thoughtful, accepting, patient, high intellect; none true. ~~ The virulent despotism, and stupidity, hangs out clearly: “Hey! It’s Bush’s fault………..”)

  • This is just the latest in a long line of Jew hating appointments by this President. When will the Jews in America wake up and see this creep of a President is a lethal menace.

  • sam

    mr zogby is entitled to his own views not everybody can be pro-israel…..we see the results of the last election..extreme pro-israel candidates alan west joe the plumber rabbi shunley and joe kaufman were all soundly defeated by the american people…and husein obama who was elected just 7 yrs after 9/11 was reelected despite attacks from limp-baugh hannity savage spencer and geller..the american can see right thru hate campaigns

  • Zogby is gutter trash. Too bad we Americans don’t believe in jihad against our enemies. We could use less Zogbys.

  • For what it’s worth, James Zogby is the brother of veteran pollster John Zogby.

  • KLKL

    stooge-in-chief id not interested in helping the religious minorities under Islam. he has even abandoned American pastor Saeed Abedini in prison in Iran. he claims “Al Qaeda is on the run” hen in reality it is stronger than ever and spreading its alliances. eh has given terrorists rights while taking them AWAY from Americans!
    [Israel’s actions against the PLO “a Holocaust.”] sick. Israel does everything it needs in order to prevent civilian causalities but the terrorists WANT civilian deaths in order to earn points with the easily fooled world. there is no “holocaust except against the minorities under Islam.

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