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Counterpoint to “Anti-Islam” Muni Ads:
“It echoes the message of our AFDI ads”



The comedy continues from the clowns in San Francisco. This is the same city, the west coast mecca of the gay community, that condemned our anti-hate ads highlighting Muslim oppression of gays under the sharia. They issued a resolution against me (the first of its kind!). Yes, self-righteous clowns, indeed.

"It echoes the message of our AFDI ads" Geller said, "We are a human rights organization dedicated to freedom of
speech, freedom of conscience and equality for all before the law."

A silly group has posted a new campaign, "Hate Has No Place in Our
City: San Francisco Embraces Diversity and Acceptance, Not Hate and
I quite agree. And the sharia is racist, bigoted and oppressive. Which is why we ran the ads — because we love the individual and we fight for each unique human being's individual rights.

If these self-absorbed little monsters put their energies into the real battle for freedom and truth, the world would be a whole lot brighter.

Gay ad

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 9.56.48 AM

AFDI ads we ran in San Francisco

Our ads are not anti-Islam. They are pro-human.

SoMa Billboard Put Up As Counterpoint to Anti-Islam Muni Ads By Vinnee Tong, KQED, August 6, 2013

Earlier this year, ten San Francisco Muni buses featured Islamophobic ads that upset a lot of people.

Now a San Francisco resident has used a crowdfunding campaign to
raise money to put up a billboard intended as a counterpoint to
those ads.

The billboard went up on Monday on 10th Street in the
city’s South of Market neighborhood. It reads: “Hate Has No Place in Our
City: San Francisco Embraces Diversity and Acceptance, Not Hate and

The billboard is nearly 50 feet wide and was funded by $3,000 raised from roughly 100 people across the country and overseas.

 Christie George is a co-founder of the crowdfunding startup Louder.
She started the campaign to fund the billboard and says it’s intended
to answer the hate in the Muni ads with something positive.

“Our hope is that people are reminded of how much opportunity there
is to celebrate the diversity of their neighbors and their friends,”
George says.

The Muni ads were funded by the controversial group American Freedom
Defense Initiative, which is backed by conservative blogger Pamela

"It echoes the message of our AFDI ads" Geller wrote in an email to
KQED News. "We are a human rights organization dedicated to freedom of
speech, freedom of conscience and equality for all before the law."

The ads, which appeared in March, were denounced by local politicians
including Mayor Ed Lee, District Attorney George Gascon and seven city

A lawsuit in New York seems to have established the ads are protected
as free speech, so city officials say they felt they had no choice but
to run them. UPI has reported that Muni will give the $5,000 in revenue
to the city’s Human Rights Commission.

The new billboard is scheduled to stay up for a month. It’s estimated it’ll get more than 200,000 views a week.


Pamela Geller's shocking new book, "FATWA: HUNTED IN AMERICA" is now available on Amazon. It's Geller's tell all, her story - and it's every story - it's what happens when you stand for freedom today. Buy it. Now. Here.

  • Patti

    Oh Pam,, who do these insects think they are impressing?

  • Well Pamela in fairness we are anti-Islam because Islam is anti-non-muslim. It’s a bit contradictory to claim we’re for freedom but at the same time say we’re not against Islam, when in fact we are.
    Perhaps it’s a tactical move on your part, but I don’t think it does us any good not to be against Islam, when we clearly our. It confuses those who might agree with us and want to join the anti-Islamic movement.
    Would you say the same about Nazism, we’re pro-human, but not anti-Nazism?

  • Larry S.

    I wonder if the dipsticks behind this ad would consider marriage between a nine year old girl and a 50+ year old man to be an acceptable practice within their diversity guidelines. I mean, embrace diversity, and after all it is their culture- we want to be inclusive, don’t “we”?
    I read a book review today in the print edition of National Review that made me think of Pamela. The review, by Charles Crawford of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth office, was of Charles Moore’s authorized biography of Margaret Thatcher. The comment that made of think of Pamela was:
    In confronting such orthodoxy, Margaret Thatcher came across as annoying, naive, and immoderate. It was not only that her ideas were trivially extreme and doomed to fail; she was downright vulgar in asserting them so enthusiastically.
    When Crawford says “vulgar”, I’m sure he meant it in the sense of being common, plebian, not “vulgar” in the sense that some people are when they speak of Pamela. In any case, Pamela, you are in good company, following in the proud tradition of Lady Thatcher! I cannot help but think she would approve.

  • mzungu

    San Francisco residents want to be sex slaves to Islamic men. So let’s let them. May all the new mosques be built in San Francisco and may all the Imams reach out to the gay men.

  • Infidel

    These ads are much more Islamophobic than AFDI’s. But they are accurate. The hateful practices of Shari’ah do not belong in San Francisco.
    This is like the Seattle situation. AFDI should just reprint their ad exactly: “Quranic hate has no place in our city”

  • Radegunda

    If that billboard speaks for “Our City” = San Francisco, why did they fund it in part with money from people who live in other cities and states and countries? Any guesses as to which other countries are so very concerned about whether SF shows “diversity” and “acceptance” (of Islamic barbarism)?

  • The flower children, and todays children of the flower children, will never be able to crawl out of their mental cocoon, they are way too comfortable in it, and the ever increasing availability of hallucinogens has long eaten away what was left of their degenerated cerebrums.
    There is no cure for these people. Not even when the soldiers of allah start beheading and stoning them to death in the streets they will change their delusional state of mind.
    We must not seek allies among them because they don’t exist. The degenerates will not stand for anything but their own delusions.

  • hutchrun

    Obviously Christie George has her suicide vest ready.
    Meanwhile, it would be a good idea for the cops to interrogate her in case some gays are reported missing.

  • Rick

    So, they say they don’t “embrace” hate and bigotry. In other words, they hate the haters and the so-called bigots, and anyone else who doesn’t “embrace diversity and acceptance.” So, they are encouraging hate, while trying to give the appearance of denouncing it. A contradiction.
    This is the collectivist vision. Accept and embrace “everyone,” without regard to how depraved they are. Murderers, rapists and pedophiles are just as good and as moral as the rest of us. They want evil to be defined as straying from the collective.
    What we need is clear moral judgment. Western culture IS better. Life IS better than death. Those who don’t initiate force ARE better than those who do. So, yes, we do not accept everyone. Yes, we judge based on what they themselves tell us they believe. Yes, we even hate ideas and people who are evil:
    Islam, the religion of depravity.

  • Alisia S

    At this point, I have come to believe that the uber Left share a common goal with the Jihadis: the destruction of the West. This POV is the only one that makes sense at explaining Leftbot behavior.
    Liberalism is a mental disorder. — Michael Savage

  • tim

    People are so confused and ignorant. They know nothing about Islam or muslim culture, yet keep defending something they have never experienced or even researched.
    “Hate has no place in out city”. They need to display that outside the mosques.

  • “Hate has no place in our city”.
    – So what’s Islam doing there then?

  • InfidelForLife

    EXACTLY. (I heard crickets…)

  • InfidelForLife

    Their deluded, imbecilic followers. And unfortunately, there are billions of them.

  • shrugger

    So How do we contact these people to THANK them for carrying on Pamela’s message?

  • shrugger

    Good explanation as to how exactly we’ve been manufacturing these idiots.
    Understanding How Modern Liberals Think

  • Walter Sieruk

    The top picture of that sign that reads “Hate has no place in our city” only shows that the left just doesn’t get it. All the real hate that is felt is the hate that so many Muslims have for non-Muslims. Be they Christians, Jews etc. All the acts of violence that are done in hate against Christians in Pakistan, Egypt and other countries are acts of hate inspited by the teachings of Islam. Furthermore the Quran even call the Jewish people “apes and swine”[2:65:7:166;5:60]that’s not only racism but also hate.

  • KLKL

    “hate has no place in our city” do they mean ISLAMIC hate and oppression of women, non-Muslims, apostates, “heretics,” and “blasphemers” and what not “has no place in our city?” of course not. they mean truth-telling about Islam has “no place in our city.” if the truth were told people MIGHT learn about the nature of the biggest threat in our world today and try to do something about it.

  • InfidelForLife

    I’ve seen that video several times. It’s brilliant!

  • Rainer

    Someone who wants to ban “hate” from “his” city, has no right to speak of any American city as his or their (“our”) city.
    North America was apportioned to be the country of North Western Europeans in the ages that followed the Renaissance. North Western Euopeans happen to be WASP with a small Jewish minority. The American West is apportioned to be the country of the East Coast aka Atlantic Americans. And the important cities of the land have to be ethnically identical with the rural population of the land and not places for people from teh world over.
    San Francisco e.g., is meant to be a city of WASPs not a city of people of every origin available and it is meant to be a descent city of moral heterosexuals and not the cesspool of openly queer folk of all kinds it actually is.
    If there is opposition to the state of San Francisco and this opposition is dubbed hate, so San Francisco is a place for hate. No city council has a right to declare there to be no place for hate in the city. Rather the opposite. There’s no place in the city for all those men and things the city is actually abundant of: non-East Coast non-European origin folk, queer, environmentalism. Pluck bow against you occupiers!

  • I’m sure Jon Stewart will post that on his Daily Show to demonstrate the laughable irony…like never.

  • tedh754

    I live across the bay from SF and I avoid that sewer of stupidity as much as I can.

  • Uzoozy

    We Muslims love humanity as a whole. No place for hate in our hearts.

  • Uzoozy

    Display should be outside the Churches too for people like you.

  • Uzoozy

    Islam is religion with faithful followers and have distaste for injustice.

  • Uzoozy

    You have no idea of Sharia law, worse stuff written in the New and old testaments, but who read the Bible?

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