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Egyptian girl shoots herself to death after refusing to wear hijab


The sharia; empowering girls  ….. to kill themselves.

America,  a nation obsesssed with "bullying," ought to be on the forefront of the fight against the sharia — the most bullying and supremacist legal system on the face of the earth. Instead, we are told to respect it and the few who speak against it are vilified, demonized and rendered radioactive.

The real tragedy is that under Obama, America has made it the cornerstone of our foreign policy to install these vicious, repressive anti-freedom sharia regimes.

"Egyptian girl shoots herself to death after refusing to wear hijab" Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Al Arabiya

A 15-year old Egyptian girl who rejected her family’s pressures to wear the Islamic headscarf, known as the hijab, shot herself to death using her father’s hand gun, Egyptian reported. The girl, identified only as Amira , was subjected to “violence” by her family after she removed her hijab. Preferring death to living under violence, Amira reportedly “sneaked” into her father’s room, took his gun and opened fire on herself, an investigation found, according to Youm7.The girl’s suicide, which took place last week in an area of the Giza province, was reported by the popular Egyptian news website Youm7

The girl, identified only as Amira was subjected to “violence” by her family after she removed her hijab

  • Laure.

    Those muslim women who say that the hijab is a choice and a right should also support those who make a choice not to wear it

  • fern

    Poor child x
    But did she kill herself or did the violent thugs they call ‘family’?

  • InfidelForLife

    “There is no compulsion in religion” ~ Mo, the bearded buffoon.

  • Defcon 4

    That’s an ugly and cogent thought. And, after all, Egypt is an islamonazi state, so the all scuzzlum police force would probably be sympathetic to a fellow scuzzlum male killing his recalcitrant daughter. And really, who’s to say the US is any better? In Tampastan a muslime woman beat herself to death and the authorities bought into the lie and covered up the crime. G-d only knows the kind of islam0nazi bullshit that goes on in Dearbornistan.

  • SSmith

    Now considering all the honour killings and misogyny rampant in Muslim hell-holes, and hearing the testimonies of Egyptian Coptic and ex-Muslim friends …..this is the question.

  • Arlie

    Wil Coley, is a muslim convert & his wife Farah have infiltrated the tea party in Tennessee.
    Stealth jihad in Tennessee! – Beware people, interfaith is Apostacy and the muslim brotherhood is mastering the art of coalition building with other faiths through stealth jihad. These numb-skull American churches are leading their congragations straight to hell. Sayyid Syeed, Director of ISNA office of interfaith has stated, “Our job is to change the Constitution of America”.
    What will it take to wake people up? **** BEWARE of Religions for Peace USA***** They want to destroy America.

  • Larry S

    Amira may have pulled the trigger- we only have her family and Egyptian authorities to rely on, but let us take them at their word.
    So officially Amira’s death is a suicide. If so, it was a suicide driven by … by the dictates of Islamism (Islam?). So this religion- or some variant of it- is culpable in the death of a young girl who simply wanted to live her life as she saw fit. The apologists for Islamism (Islam?) also have the blood of this young girl on their hands.
    RIP, Almira. In any just world, your wishes would have prevailed. It is a tragedy that such a fiercely independent young girl would be born into a society fit for those better adapted to slavery.

  • allahobama

    MOST LIKELY, (YAHSHUA forgive her), it was the LEAST horrific death, instead of being raped, tortured, and beheaded by her family.

  • LVRich

    You are right. She is a hero. I cannot comprehend Muslim women who come to this country and refuse to give up that disgusting symbol of sex-slavery and oppression. And this young girl would rather die than wear it.

  • LVRich

    Absolutely. But that’s not the mentality. The mentality is one of control. The women are a big part of the problem of their own oppression, constantly imposing on each other the horrible things done to them. They accept it for themselves and impose it on their daughters…generation after generation. Things like letting their daughters be used as restitution for debt, selling their very young daughters to old men, taking their daughters out of school at puberty, consigning their daughters to lives of drudgery and oppression…the cycle has gone on for thousands of years, and it’s incorporated in the Koran and Sharia law.

  • harbidoll

    like a fetus choosing “pro choice:.

  • Robert C. Laity

    Obama is a Muslim who has usurped the Presidency during time of war.
    Obama helped his “paternal Cousin” Raila Odinga, Prime Minister of Kenya to introduce Sharia into Kenyan Law. Odinga is an enemy of the USA as is Obama.

  • Robert C. Laity

    We must BAN Muslim immigration to this country completely until such time as Islam reforms. We do NOT need a transfer of the DISEASE of Sharia from Muslim Nations to here. That is PRECISELY what Obama,usurper of the Presidency and Muslim Supremacist is doing.
    Obama was instrumental in helping his “Cousin: Raila Odinga,PM of Kenya do it there.

  • Thats really sad!! I hope things could be more relaxed…

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